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We are thrilled to bring you the May issue of Globalish Magazine, which marks the beginning of a new season. This issue is particularly special as it breaks away from spring things and we get into summer vibes. Summer vibes for budget friendly travelers typically means all inclusive vacations, for not so budget friendly you may find a trip to Europe as the perfect vacation. Whatever your fancy, we have you covered in this issue. Our team has worked hard to curate content that reflects the spirit of this new season and we hope you will find it engaging and informative. Happy reading!

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Something in The Water Recap

Meet Shavelle owner of Solodyssey Squad

Caribbean, Jamaica Guide

Bahamas Beyond the Cruise Port

Tulum, Mexico Guide

Girlfriend of The Month

m a r c h 2 0 2 3 V O L 1 , i s s u e 4
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omething is definately in the water in Virginia Beach, VA where hometown native Pharell Williams puts on a 3 DAY Concert filled with the most diverse celebrity friends I will never know personally. This years sadly mimicked the firt year with wash outs due to Aoril showers in the resort area. Concert attendees await patiently as delay notifications appear via app notifying when it will be safe to arrive to the waterfront. Half the day was rained out on Friday but luckily stopped in time for Jasmine Sullivan, Wale, Kehlani and a few other artist to perform.

Saturday, a more promising day for concert attendees with sunshine and no rain. Artist like SWV, Coi Leray, Third Eye Blind, Latto, Kaytranda performed during the day. Much anticipation was on the eventing festivities as many were left debating which set to see; Pharell and Friends or Lil Wayne who went on a the same time. Pharell introduced this year a rather un popular secondary stage option with similar artist performing at the same time which made it hard for attendees to choose. Stategically placed rather far apart for

noise cancellation left many tired from excessive walking. back and forth, Modeling concert like Coachella with multi stages left many people passed out due to heat exhaustion. Day 2 evening cooled off many as they anticipated who Pharell would bring out this year as one of his mystery friends. Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Diddy were first year celebrities who made a return this year. M.I.A, ASAP Rocky perfomed as well. Day time acts like Coi Leray, Latto and Lola Brooke performed again which colloborative songs.

Day 3 unfortunately was a wash out but a message from Pharell seemed to lift spirits as he promised to refund 33% of the concert fees and change the date of the 2024 concert to a more favorable, less rainy month.

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B Boujee



Shavelle,aBrooklyn,NYnativeandaspiringtravel agent,hasrecentlylaunchedherbrandSOSSolodysseySquad-atravelbrandcatered towardssolotravelerswhocraveadventure.

Shavelle'spassionfortravelandherdesireto empowerotherstoexploretheworldhasledto thecreationofthisuniquebrand.Withafocuson safetyandcommunity,SOSaimstoprovidesolo travelerswiththetoolsandguidancetheyneed toembarkonunforgettablejourneys.

Whenitcomestogettingthosetripsoutofthe groupchat,Shavelleunderstandshowdifficult thatcanbe,hencewhyshestartedthe soloodysseybrand."Iwastiredofmissingtrips becauseofmyfriends"saysShavellethefearless travelerwhocontemplatedgoingwithouther friends Knowinghowdangerousthatcanbeand letsfaceit-boringsheoptedtodowhatmostdo; canceldespiteherownfeelings. But,since creatingherownbrandshenowencourages travelerslikeherselftoditchtheirfriendsand makenewonesandexperiencelife unapologetically

Shavelle'sdedicationtohercraftandher commitmenttohelpingotherscreatemeaningful travelexperiencesmakesheraninspirationto aspiringadventurersandfuturetravelagents everywhere

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We not waiting anymore on our friends, we catching flights not feelings this year!

Who is the course for?

Fromnovicetoexperiencedthereissomethingforall Novice(Newbie)-thiscourseisyourplatformtolearn withbeingaTAentails

Experienced-thisservesasarefresher;towardtheendof thecourseyouwillfindinnovativewaystomakemoney andelevateyourcareer

There'snobetterteacherthanworldtravel Whynotempoweryoutribetoexpandtheir worldviewwithtravel?You'llbeableto helpotherschangethelivesofthepeople aroundyoubycuratingamazing experiences

How to Get How to Get Paid in The Shade! Paid in The Shade! ONLINE 1-1 TRAINING COURSE Whyenroll? UnlimitedEarningPotential CompleteFlexibility Nospecialskillsrequired Getcertifiedinaslittleas48hours Nosleazysalestacticsrequired Norecruitingrequired Realwealthisfreedom!Bybecominga travelboss,yougettomaketherules,you createyourownscheduleandyoudecide yourearningsbasedonthetimeyouwant toinvest! AnnualRetreats MonthlyCheckIns AccesstoFacebookGroup TrainingfromtopearningTA's Vendor&SupplierTraining FAMtripopportunities AccesstoResources RegisterNow! Open Enrollment NOW!! Wearenotaffiliated,ownedoroperatedbyanyMLM(MultiLevelMarketingCompany).
EmpowerYour EmpowerYour Tribe Tribe MakeYour MakeYour OwnRules OwnRules PEER 2 PEER PEER 2 PEER Mentorship Mentorship IINDUSTRYCERTIFICATIONS NDUSTRYCERTIFICATIONS &CREDINTIALS &CREDINTIALS Uponcompletionofthiscourseandverificationofproperbusinessdocumentsfiledwithyourstatedepartment,youwillbeaffordedthefollowingindustryleadingcertifications.*Additionaleducationwillberequired. 5 | G L O B A L I S H ENROLL HERE!


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Color Color

& &

Color Coordination & Culture Appreciation how to blend and not offend

Girls trips have elevated in branding and popularity over the years as more and more women find unity in the shared experience. "There is nothing like a good girls trip" says owner of Global Girlfriends Travel. Girls trips are a great way to bond with your besties and create unforgettable memories One way to add some fun and unity to your trip is by coordinating your outfits and having themed parties Color coordination is a popular choice and on going trend as of late, allowing everyone to show off their style while also creating a cohesive look for group photos

Atheistically, it just makes sense and should be coordinated well in advance to get everyone on one accord My suggestion if you are planning on introducing this on your next girls trip is to first ask everyone their opinion on it Some may not want to purchase a different color from what they already have packed or in their wardrobe If this is the case, choose a color everyone has- like white or black

Environment and vibes will also help choose the right color for the vibes you are trying to create Tulum is earthy, so green, nudes, white or even a pop of color is pleasing and fitting Jamaica color vibes should definitely be colors of their flag because it just makes sense

When it comes to dressing in the attire of the natives the perspective can differ based on the group traveling and often times where you are traveling. Some may want to dawn cultural tresses of the country to feel in unison while others feel it makes you a target and an obvious tourist; and if not worn correctly blatantly offensive to the culture

Wearing cultural patterns in Africa and other countries can be a fun and innocent way to engage with local cultures However, it is important to understand that certain patterns and designs may hold significant cultural or religious symbolism that should be respected As a tourist, it is crucial to be mindful of these cultural sensitivities and avoid appropriating them for the sake of fashion or entertainment Failure to do so can result in unintended offense or disrespect towards the local community Ultimately, it is important to approach cultural exchange with a spirit of respect and understanding in order to foster positive relationships and promote cultural appreciation.

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Yea Mon! Everyting Irie!

Irie- in Jamaican English) nice, good, or pleasing (used as a general term of approval). "the place is jumping with irie vibes"

With its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and exquisite artisanal offerings, Jamaica offers an unforgettable ship-to-shore experience via five world-class ports Whether you are eager to explore beautiful beaches in Montego Bay, the lush rainforests of Ocho Rios, or Kingston's exciting music and arts scene, Jamaica has something for everyone.


MSC Cruise Lines

TUI Cruises

Holland America Line

Carnival Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line

Viking Cruises

World Cruises

Princess Cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Seabourn Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line

Celebrity Cruises

Plan your Jamaica Cruise HERE!


Montego Bay - Port (2022), this premier cruise port, is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and exciting activities such as zip-lining, river tubing, and exploring historical Great Houses.

Ocho Rios - A picturesque port town located on lamaica's north coast, Ocho Rios is famous for its stunning waterfalls, such as Dunn's River Falls and Konoko Falls. Enjoy pristine beaches, great shopping, and access to the largest number of marquee attractions in the Caribbean.

Falmouth - Caribbean's Leading Cruise Port (2022), this historic port town that was once a major hub for sugar exports. Falmouth now welcomes cruise passengers to experience its rich culture, cuisine, and colonialera architecture

Port Antonio - A laid-back and charming port town on Jamaica's eastern coast, Port Antonio is a hidden gem known for its unspoiled beaches and laid-back vibe

Kingston - Jamaica's capital city and largest port, Kingston, offers a unique blend of culture and history.

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Hotel Hotel Spotlight Spotlight

S Hotel is top tier when it comes to vibes aesthetics in Montego Bay Jamaica. Attracting many IG models, celebrities and young vacationers, S hotel does not disappoint. During my stay in 2020 I was able to relax at this boutique hotel and truly amerce in the private beach located behind the hotel. Front desk attendants were very friendly and knowledgable especially during the high of COVID There spa is exceptional and clean Staff were very helpful with suggesting tours to choose from (Chukka Tours) being my favorite with a varity of experiences to choose from I rate is hotel a 10/10 and highly encourage travelers, primarilty solo or girls trip to stay here. I would not suggest families stay since it can get very noisey in this lively hotel after hours.



Bahamas Beyond the port..

The territory of the Bahamas includes 700 islands and 2,000 rocks and cays spread across 100,000 square miles of the North Atlantic Ocean. Technically, it's not part of the Caribbean region. It is, however, a warm-weather destination on the edge of the Caribbean and shares many of its cultural traditions, cuisine and music The Bahamas has truly grown in popularity as the most touristy port attracting cruise lines sailing from the U.S. You are almost guaranteed to stop there whether its on a private cruise line island off the coast or the main land. There is so much to offer tourist who arrive such as Atlantis Palm Resort 1 of 2- Dubai being the second home. Cruisers also seem to dwell at the famous Margaritaville just outside the port entry But there is so much more to see and do here


In fact the resort island has several resorts to choose from BAHA MAR resorts is a truly all inclusive experience with three hotels to choose from. Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, SLS Baha Mar & Rosewood Baha Mar each gives guest options to choose from varying in style and personal preferences The famed resort has gained popularity recently with its showcase on PRIME TV "Mega Resorts". Check out the documentary as it goes behind the scenes of how this mega resort runs on a day to day. Many will be stunned at how eco friendly the resort is an its attention to not only customers needs but the needs of their employees too.


Nassau is a surprisingly diverse port. Beach lovers and travelers who enjoy water sports, diving or snorkeling will find a wide variety of excursions and activities to suit their tastes Nassau is also filled with historic sites and shopping opportunities Yet visitors are missing out on genuine colonial-era history if they don’t also spend time exploring the historic architecture and attractions located steps from the cruise pier.

The Queen’s Staircase or “66 Steps” are framed by lush gardens and link downtown Nassau with Fort Fincastle Ascend to the top of the staircase to reach Fort Fincastle, constructed in the late 1700s atop Bennett’s Hill Sweeping views from the fort’s bluffs encompass downtown Nassau, the harbor and the cruise ship dock.

Water sports- Nassau offers a multitude of activities focused around the archipelago’s beautiful blue waters and magnificent natural environment. This includes sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and encounters with sea lions, dolphins, stingrays and pigs (yes, swimming pigs)

Conch fritters: A Bahamian delicacy (and fortunately bountiful in local waters), the queen conch forms the basis of the territory’s undisputed favorite dish.

Conch fritters are bite-sized flakes of conch meat fried in batter seasoned with goat pepper, hot sauce and sea salt, plus common Bahamian vegetables

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Bahamas Beyond the port.. (cont.)

2. Rice & Peas: this traditional Caribbean dish, prepared in local Bahamian fashion, features deep brown pigeon peas and white long-grain rice seasoned with tomatoes, onions, thyme, tomato paste, goat pepper and salted pork or bacon The ingredients combine to provide the rice its signature brown coloring

3. Johnny cake: Made of flour, milk, butter, sugar and baking powder, this breakfast food is more bread than cake, with a texture that combines dense bread with a slightly sweet cake. As with other staple dishes, Johnny cakes are found around the Caribbean, with the Bahamas version traditionally baked in a large round pan until lightly browned then sliced and served in wedges


Nassau’s Bay Street retail district is steps of the cruise ship dock, but there are a few hidden shopping spots just a short taxi ride away.

Virtually adjacent to the cruise port is Festival Place, an outdoor bazaar featuring 45 vendors selling crafts, food and drinks. It’s ideal for folks seeking last-minute souvenirs and gifts just before they depart aboard their ship and for arriving passengers in search of shopping close to the port.

Once an open-air affair, Nassau’s long-running Straw Market is located in the center of the retail action on Bay Street and also offers Bahamian gifts, crafts and souvenirs Bay Street also features a proliferation of high-end, designer stores selling luxury goods including apparel, jewelry, cosmetics and fragrances.


MSC Cruise Lines

Virgin Voyages

Carnival Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line

Princess Cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line

Celebrity Cruises


Jet Skis

Historical Walking Tours

Hang out @ the Atlantis Resort (free entry to private beach)

Rum Tour & Tasting

Plan a tour before you arrive to Bahamas: BThereismoreto

Plan your Jamaica

Cruise HERE!

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Mexico: Tequila & Tacos in Tulum..

Where the heck is Tulum? And how do I get there?

Tulum , Tulum, Tulum- you would think its a new country the way young tourist are flocking the city in Mexico. Tourist of all ages are flying into Cancun but are not staying there, they are driving or hiring drivers to transport them 2+ hours to Tulum, MX. Tulum is arguably the most beautiful place prior to its heavy foot traffic as of late With increased visitation the beaches are becoming less blue and more polluted with trash

Once home of Pablo Escabar, Tulum was a well kept secret until 2020 when COVID hit and travelers from all over were stuck in Mexico for extended holidays with no way to return to their homes as many foreign airlines stopped operating entirely. U.S citizens however flooded the area as a way to escape the quarantine Myself included and well of course I convinced some friends to tag along to Tulum to check out the hype Indeed, hyped it was but also did not disappoint Pablo Escabar's mansion is a boutique hotel and also a beach club with a $100 per person entry fee- not at all worth it!

Since I saved you a few bucks on entry fees... here are a few other cost savings tips:

Stay on the strip- KORE TULUM is an all inclusive resort and in the middle of the action

Avoid the taxis - they are a complete rip off and not worth it, getting a car is actually cheaper.

Try not to stay in hotels too far away from Tulum (it may seem cheaper but not when you have to commute everywhere).

Tequila shots are like water in most resorts and restaurants- no need to buy bottles unless you want to.

Tacos are very cheap! Enjoy :)

Quick Info for Your 5 Days in Tulum

Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone (GMT-5)

Currency: Mexican Pesos (MXN)

Plugs: Type A and Type B (127 V)

Nearest Airport: Cancun (CUN)

5 Must-See Spots:

Tulum Archeological Zone

Cenote Dos Ojos

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Tulum Beach

Tulum Town

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Cruising for the first time....

What ship and cruise line where you on?

Carnival Sunrise out of Miami for Mother's Day Weekend 2023

What were you initial thoughts and overall impressions?

I didnt really know what to expect so I had high hopes of just having an overall good time, honestly. What I will say is I was very surprised by the cleanliness of the ship as a self proclaimed germaphobe. We sailed on a 4 day cruise to Grand Turk which was just the right amount of time for me personally. The best moments for me were the entertianment and comedy shows. The Lido deck quickly became my favorite place to be for relaxing and being social with other guests I went on the cruise with a girl friend of mine who is a seasoned Carnival cruiser One drawback was food options after hours- the only thing open was pizza I mean don't get me wrong I enjoy pizza but would have preferred options possibly healthier

Tanika's Carnival Cruise Tips

Research the ship you will plan to cruise on Carnival Sunrise was small and old Next time, I will book a cruise on a larger ship that goes more destinations

Always look at the deck plan when choosing a room If you have the option to choose avoid the very bottom of the ship and away from the lido deck for optimal sleeping

Try to arrive the night before your cruise leaves to avoid missing the cruise We flew in the day before and got to explore Miami for a night

When getting off at the ports always bring your passport! You never know what will happen and missing the cruise ship movement was not an option for me.

Get you a travel agent that can book all of this for you. I couldn't tell you espacially as a first time cruiser the preparation and skill it takes to book Carnival cruises the right way Sure, you can do it yourself but booking with a trusted agent will take the stress away for sure Also I learned that here are levels to this cruising thing, so your experience may be different each an everytime you go :)

Ahoy mate plan your Carnival Cruise HERE!

What was you least favorite part of the cruise?

I would be remise if I didn't mention the formal night. Oh! it was amazing and the photo my friend and I took was gorgeous, however I wanted a 5x8 size and not the 8x10 they basially force on you because its pre-printed. When I requested to only purchase the 5x8 I was told I had to purchase the 8x10 in addition That experience didn't appeal to me and I did not purchase my formal night picture I found it to be a waste of money printing 8x10 pictures in hopes that people would purchase instead of giving better purchasing options.

What is on thing you would suggest to Carnival from you first time cruiser perspective.

I would suggest making boarding passes electronic. We boarded with paper passes- like really its 2023 get with the times Carnival.

Would you return on another Carnival Cruise?

Absolutely, I look forward to planning Carnival possibly next year with Global Girlfriends Travel.

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@globalgirlfriendstravel @pharmasiss14

Carnival Cruise and Virgin Voyages offer unique and exciting cruising experiences. Carnival Cruise is a well-established cruise line that has been in operation for many years, while Virgin Voyages is a newer entrant in the market that promises to bring a fresh perspective to cruising.

Carnival Cruise is known for its lively and energetic atmosphere, with a wide range of activities and entertainment options available for all ages. The ships are designed with families in mind, with plenty of onboard amenities such as water parks, mini-golf courses, and kids' clubs The dining options on Carnival Cruise are also varied, with everything from casual buffets to formal dining rooms available.

On the other hand, Virgin Voyages is focused on providing a more adultoriented experience, with an emphasis on relaxation, wellness, and entertainment

Virgin Voyages ships are designed with a stylish and modern aesthetic, and there are plenty of spaces for lounging, sunbathing, and enjoying the ocean views The dining options on Virgin Voyages are also unique, with a focus on plant-based cuisine and a variety of specialty restaurants to choose from. When it comes to pricing, Carnival Cruise is generally more affordable than Virgin Voyages, although both cruise lines offer a range of cabin options to suit different budgets. Ultimately, the choice between Carnival Cruise and Virgin Voyages will depend on your personal preferences and what you are looking for in a cruising experience

If you are traveling with family and looking for a lively and energetic atmosphere, Carnival Cruise may be the better choice. However, if you are seeking a more adult-oriented experience with a focus on relaxation and wellness, Virgin Voyages may be the way to go.

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The difference is clear, as guests do not hesitate to leave the kids behind to be like a Virgin again...

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