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DearSubscribers, HappyNewYear!

Asyouembarkonthenewyear,wehopeyou’relookingforwardtofulfillingyour NewYear’stravelresolutions.Travelingcanbeagreatwaytoexplorenew cultures,experiencenewplaces,andcreatelastingmemorieswithfriendsand family.

AtGlobalGirlfriendsTravel,weunderstandthevalueoftravelandwestriveto makeiteasierandmoreaffordable.That’swhywe’reofferingexclusivedealsand discountsonflights,hotels,carrentals,andmore.

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Chaunai McKnight


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Brunch Of Besties

15 Girlfriend Approved Getaways

A Fearless Trip to Ghana

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F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 3 V O L 1 , I S S U E 2
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Our first annual brunch was held at Green Yard Grill in Newport News which commemorated our third year in business. This event was part of the official launch of Globalish – a travel magazine designed to engage and inspire women who love to explore the world. To celebrate our launch, we hosted a girls day at the brunch where we shared stories, travel tips, and delicious food.

It was a wonderful event filled with friends, both old and new. Some amazing ladies came to celebrate Green Yard Grill's success and to enjoy the wonderful food and atmosphere. The menu featured a variety of delicious dishes, including omelets, pancakes, waffles, and French toast, with the usual brunch staples— coffee, tea, and mimosas. Before long, everyone was chatting and laughing as friends who hadn’t seen each other in years were reunited and new friendships were formed. Everyone shared stories and experiences, and the brunch was a great way to start the new year. We enjoyed a fun photo booth to capture the moment and we also had a raffle. Several guests won gift cards and Airtags.

Ms. Regina Dyer, our January “Girlfriend of the Month” attended the brunch, and shared her travel experience working with Global Girlfriends Travel and events she plans to attend in 2023. Other VIP guests included Kiera Wilkins, a fellow client turned travel bestie who shared her experience in Jamaica on a signature girls trip planned by Global Girlfriends Travel. Overall, the event was a brunch of vibes.

At this event, Besties had the chance to get to know the Globalish team and meet like-minded women who love to travel. All attendees received a free copy of the magazine and got the chance to be one of the first to explore the world through Globalish’s unique lens.

Green Yard Grill is one of the best black-owned restaurants in Newport News, and we know they are sure to enjoy many more successful years.

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Welcome to the official launch of Globalish – a travel magazine designed to engage and inspire women who love to explore the world! To celebrate, we hosted a girls day brunch filled with tories, travel tips, and delicious food.

t this event attendees had the chance to get to know the Globalish team and meet like-minded women who love to ravel. We shared stories of our travels and tips we’ve learned long the way. Attendees also were able to pick up a free copy f the magazine and get the chance to be one of the first to xplore the world through Globalish’s unique lens.

The brunch also featured our Girlfriend of the Month of nuary, Ms. Regina Dyer. Regina was able to share her travel perience working with Global Girlfriends Travel and events e plans to attend in 2023. Other VIP guests included Kiera ilkins, who is client turned travel bestie. She shared her perience in Jamaica on a signature girls trip planned by obal Girlfriends Travel. Overall, the event was a brunch of bes.

Brunch February,2023
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PURCHASETICKETSONCOASTALVIRGINIAWINEFESTWEBSITE Galentine'sDay Galentine'sDay WineFestSocial WineFestSocial JoinOurMeetUpGroup forlocalhangouts!
115GirlfriendApproved 5GirlfriendApproved SelfCare SelfCare WeekendStays WeekendStays 6 | G L O B A L I S H February,2023

15 Black Hotels 15 Black Hotels

1. NOBSI HOTEL- New Orleans, Louisiana

This New Orleans-based hotel, which opened in 2017, is owned by Sheila Johnson, the co-founder of BET. Housing 217 rooms, the property offers numerous and spacious guest suites and dining options, including a rooftop bar called Above the Grid that provides an impressive view of the lively city.

2. Urban Cowboy-Nashville, Tennessee

Both charming and elegant, the Southern-inspired hotel, located in the heart of bustling East Nashville, is guided by one fundamental principal: have a good time. Featuring eight exquisitely-designed experiential suites, located in a Victorian mansion, it is designed for an 'adult' weekend away. All guests must be above twenty-one to enjoy the complimentary craft cocktails.


Akwaaba Mansion- NYC

This luxury inn, located in NYC, is part of an upscale collection of small properties owned by Glenn Pogue and Monica Greenwood, a husband and wife team. The unique property is a restored 1860's landmark that filled with antique treasures located in a historic Brooklyn neighborhood Even though you'll be nestled in the heart of the "Big Apple", the inn's extravagant touches such as fireplaces, a sun-lit porch, and jacuzzis in each room, may have you temped to not leave the property.


Hilton Cabana- Miami Beach, FL

Located just north of South Beach, this beachfront hotel has two pools and easy beach access, so you get the Miami vibe without the chaos of downtown. The property is owned by hospitality executive Thomas J. Baltimore Jr., a hospitality executive and President and CEO of Park Hotels & Resorts, Inc

5. Le Masion Midtown- Houston, TX

Owned by Sharon Owens and Genora Boykins since 2010, Le Maison Midtown gives guests the opportunity to be tucked away from major city roads but still close enough to experience amazing nightlife and amazing BBQ cuisine that Houston has to offer. The hotel also has daily Southern-style breakfasts and continental options for those on the go. As a bonus, the picturesque property has just seven uniquely decorated guest rooms that offer a private getaway.

6. The Ivy Hotel- Baltimore Maryland

Co-owned by Eddie and Sylvia Brown, this hotel can be considered one of the most well-known, luxe, and romantic hotels on our list, perfect for a romantic couples weekend. The Browns, who have been married for over 50 years, spent years renovating the property before opening in 2014. Amenities include, relaxing spa treatments, a private car service, a relaxing afternoon tea, cocktails, and top-tier culinary options, to name a few.

7. Oak Bluffs Inn- Martha's Vineyard


Martha Vineyard is known as a historic vacationing haven for an elite African American community. When it comes to closing a place to stay, this award-winning inn, owned by the Albert family for twenty-one years, is top of the list. At only a five minute walk from the beach, it offers easy access for exploring the rest of the beautiful beach town.

February,2023 SELFCARE
7 | G L O B A L I S H

15 Black Hotels 15 Black Hotels

8. The Slamander Resort & Spa- Middleburg, Virginia

Also owned by BET co-founder Sheila C Johnson, this Resort and Spa is nestled on a gorgeous, manicured property that has 168 spacious rooms and suites, a massive spa, hair salon, fishing pond, equestrian quarters, and more. There is a guaranteed activity for everyone in the family.

9. Clevedale Historic Inn and GardensSpartanburg, South Carolina

Built in 1913 by the Cleveland family, this historic inn has a rich history that is oozing with southern charm yet still modernized with recent renovations. For convenience, it's located less than an hour away from major cities like South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina.

10. Roberts Riverwalk Uran Resort- Detroit Michigan

Located on Detroit’s Riverwalk in the historic River Place District, this upscale boutique hotel property, is near major attractions along the east riverfront include parks, plazas, pavilions, pathways and open green space for kids to run around. It is owned by developer Michael V. Roberts.

11. Anguilla Great House Beach Resort in Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

Owned by W Fleming, Anguilla Great House has welcomed guests since 1985. The West Indian-style beachfront hotel features 35 spacious rooms, some with a garden view and others overlooking the ocean. Guests can create a personalized vacation experience with all-inclusive packages and special meal plans, taking the stress out of the trip planning process

12. Jnane Tamsna in Marrakesh, Morocco

Upon walking into the Jnane Tamsna, guests see Meryanne Loum-Martin's impeccable interior design, in addition to her husband and ethnobotanist Dr. Gary J. Martin's masterful hand at creating the hotel's nine-acre garden. Fusing traditional and modern elements of Moorish design, the 24 rooms are exquisite. The property is home to five houses, as well as five pools, a tennis court, and a private villa.

13. La Créole Beach Hotel & Spa in Gosier, Guadeloupe

Open since 1975, this luxury resort was designed to immerse its guests in an authentic French Creole vibe. Owners Daniel Arnoux and Patrick Vial-Collet are the clever masterminds behind the property, which houses more than 200 spacious rooms and suites.

14. La Maison Michelle in St. James, Barbados

Immerse yourself in Caribbean hospitality at La Maison Michelle, located on a hilltop with amazing views of Barbados' Platinum Coast. A husband and wife team, Guy and Michelle Jenkins, own this dual seven-suite villa that's ideal for a destination wedding, romantic getaway, or fun vacation with friends.

15. Ocean West Boutique Hotel in Nassau, Bahamas

The 10-room Ocean West Boutique Hotel offers guests breathtaking views of Lake Killarney to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the north. Exercise in the rooftop fitness center with ocean vistas; make an appointment for a massage and feel the stress melt away; grab a cocktail from the outdoor or indoor bar and relax by the pool; or take a four-minute walk and enjoy a delicious meal at Sapodilla, one of the newest fine-dining restaurants on the island

February,2023 SELFCARE
8 | G L O B A L I S H

Did you know there is a black-owned beach in Florida? American Beach was founded in the 1940s by Abraham Lincoln Lewis, the first black millionaire. This beach was the only one in Florida that welcomed black Americans during the Jim Crow era. It was the place to be during the summer as black beachgoers were able to enjoy recreation and relaxation without humiliation On your next trip to Jacksonville, take a stroll through the American Beach museum and learn all about his history and of the famed beach lady.

You’ll be delighted to get a personal tour from Mr. Ron “Mr. Millia” MIllerto who will drive you around the island and show you historical landmarks while recounting first-hand experiences and little known black history facts about the destination. Jacksonville was the birthplace of historical legends like doctor Arthur M White who founded the Clara White Mission. Clara White was a humanitarian, philanthropist and activist who dedicated her life to serving the needs of the less fortunate. The mission has been around for more than 100 years and is still serving the needs of the community and those less fortunate.

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**OFFICIALRSVPHERE:GLOBALGIRLFRIENDSTRAVEL.COM** Secure Your Hotel Now! What's Included: What's Not Included: Vacay NOW, Pay LATER! Vacay NOW, Pay LATER! January,2023


1 1 | G L O B A L I S H February,2023


MeetJenniferMays,thefearlesstravelerwhotook herfirstsolotripGhanaforAfrochella.


WhenitcomestospontaneityJenniferunderstoodthe assignment HerfearlessjourneywastoAccra,Africafor Detty-December2022

Followherfearlessjourneyassherevealesherdosanddon'ts whenItcomestotravelingAfricainaninterviewwithfounder ofGlobalishMagazine,ChaunaiMcKnight.

1 2 | G L O B A L I S H February,2023


Jennifer: Ghana and the west coast of Africa has always been on my bucket list. I definitely wanted to prioritize getting to the continent of Africa before I ventured into Europe. I was influenced by a girl on Tik Tok whose brother was one of the founders of Afrochella.

Globalish: Were there any other influences that sparked your desire to go to Ghana?


As a person walking through this country in a black body without having any close ties or roots to the continent of Africa, there’s always going to be some historic curiosity. I always love to prioritize exploring areas of the diaspora, and why not explore where the diaspora started? It’s a duty, honor and privilege to make the pilgrimage back to the Motherland. Fearless is an adjective that I’ve never used to describe myself but I’ll take it If you don’t do it you’ll never do it Since the Year of Return in 2019, the people of Ghana have been very welcoming There's an atmosphere of "come home, come back, you’re welcome here You can reassimilate into our culture " So no regrets there


Jennifer: Get your visa before you get there! I literally showed up at the airport in Ghana with a passport and a smile. I don’t recommend anyone else do that…the visa process can be intimidating but do it in advance. When you do attend Afrochella I recommend VIP if it's in your budget. It cost about $400-$500 more, but there was a separate entrance and seating.

Prioritize reconnection, make it happen! Book that ticket! I’m not a huge people person, but you have to build a network around yourself when you’re in places that are unfamiliar to you. You want to make sure that people see you. You want to make sure people know who you are. You want to be memorable because you’re in an unfamiliar country by yourself. Get out of your own way and just do it!

Globalish: What do you have to say about critics of Ghana and Afrochella?

Jennifer: You really can't go into every country with the same expectations that you have at home That is where people go wrong! Alot of negative feedback from Afrochella came from people with unrealistic expectations of Ghana "Ghana is just different" you have to adapt and go with the flow

Globalish: What's next for you on your travel adventures?

Jennifer: I plan to attend Afronation in Portugal in 2023.

Thank you Jennifer for being a fearless traveler and for paving the way for people who want to explore Ghana and Africa as a whole!

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#DettyDecember Here's Free Game!

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Afrochella- is an all night event, BRACE YOURSELF! You'll show up early and leave in time for breakfast.

Ghana is different! WHAT IS SLEEP?? You will party until 3 am, then go to another party until 7 am then go eat breakfast. Ghanaians aint playing no games.

That infamous photo you want at Black Star Square? GET THERE EARLY!! You and everyne else wants it too.

WhenvisitingtheCAPECOASTCASTLEleaveearly!Like4amEARLY Yourdriveralreadyknowsthedeal,trafficcanbecrazyandsoare crowds


Makola market is crowded and they know you are a foreigner, be ready to bargain .

If you want your nails done @polishedbeautybargh definitely make a reservation. Its called the Gold Coast for a reason Buy some gold!

Eat #fufu #banku #waakye and #kenkey is a MUST!

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Dr. Gladys West work

moves us closer to modern day GPS technology

Gladys West Gladys West, née Gladys Mae Brown was born October 27, 1930 in Sutherland, Virginia. Growing up, when not in school, she spent much of her time helping to harvest crops on the family farm—an occupation she knew many of her peers would continue into adulthood.

Gladys graduated Valedictorian of her high school and went on to receive multiple degrees in mathematics from Virginia State University. Over the next few decades, she helped change technology, according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

In 1956 Gladys was hired as a mathematician, as only the fourth black employee of the U.S. Naval Proving Ground, a weapons laboratory in Dahlgren, Virginia. There she met Ira V. West, another Black mathematician on the base and the couple married in 1957 and had three children. At Dahlgren, Gladys West was admired for her ability to solve complex mathematical equations by hand. She eventually transitioned from solving those equations herself to programming computers to do it for her. One of her first major projects was work on the Naval Ordnance Research Calculator (NORC), an award-winning program designed (via 100 hours of computer calculations, which often had to be double-checked for errors by hand) to determine the movements of Pluto in relation to Neptune

SShe began programming computers at the U.S. Naval Proving Ground to solve advanced equations. She helped finish the Naval Ordnance Research Calculator. And in 1978, she was put in charge of projects at Seasat, an experimental oceanic satellite surveillance system. Through all the calculations done at Seasat, it became possible to determine the exact shape of the Earth (called a geoid), which paved the way for accurate GPS calculations around the globe.

Like NASA mathematicians Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, West is often called one of history’s “hidden figures,” individuals, often Black women, whose insightful contributions to science went unrecognized in their time because of their race or gender.

In 2018 West was formally recognized for her contribution to the development of GPS by the Virginia General Assembly. That same year she was also inducted into the Air Force Space and Missile Pioneers Hall of Fame and named one of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s 100 Women of 2018, a list designed to honor inspiring women worldwide.

The next time you plug in a destination on your phone, you can thank Gladys West.

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Bessie Coleman Queen Bess Bessie Stringfield Queen of the Road

Bessie Coleman (January 26, 1892 – April 30, 1926) was the original " International Fly Girl" Amelia Earhart, Who? And guess what? She actually got her pilot license two years before Amelia did.

Born to a family of sharecroppers in Texas, Coleman worked in the cotton fields at a young age while also studying in a small segregated school She attended one term of college at Langston University Coleman developed an early interest in flying, but African Americans, Native Americans, and women had no flight training opportunities in the United States, so she saved and obtained sponsorships in Chicago to go to France for flight school

On June 15, 1921, Coleman became the first black woman and first Native American to earn an aviation pilot's license and the first black person and first Native American to earn an international aviation license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale

Determined to polish her skills, Coleman spent the next two months taking lessons from a French ace pilot near Paris and, in September 1921, she sailed for America She became a media sensation when she returned to the U S

She then became a high-profile pilot in notoriously dangerous air shows in the United States. She was popularly known as Queen Bess and Brave Bessie, and hoped to start a school for African-American fliers. Coleman died in a plane crash in 1926 Her pioneering role was an inspiration to early pilots and to the African-American and Native American communities

She set tons of records and was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean Had you ever heard of one of the most amazing black women in history, Bessie Coleman?

BBessie Stringfield (1911 or 1912 – February 16, 1993), also known as the "Motorcycle Queen of Miami" and often referred to as the ‘Queen of the Road ” Bessie Stringfield was the first black woman to ride solo on a motorcycle across the United States

She conquered this arduous task a total of eight times, before the introduction of the modern highway system. She took her trips on dirt roads. Bessie was self-taught and started riding at the age of 16

To raise money for her travels, she performed stunts at carnivals and also led parades Bessie was one to let her wanderlust lead her, she would toss a penny onto a map and go wherever it landed talk about bravery. During her travels she often wasn’t accepted by motels cause you know Jim Crow so she would sleep on her bike or find black people that would let her in

Bessie Stringfield was one of the most daring women of her time and her accomplishments are still celebrated today.

1 8 | G L O B A L I S H

Ruth Carol Taylor Fight or Flight

Ruth Carol Taylor was the first African-American stewardess in the United States. Ruth was born in Boston, Massachusetts on December 27, 1931 to Ruth Irene Powell Taylor, a nurse, and William Edison Taylor, a barber. When Ruth was young, her family moved to a farm in upstate New York. She attended Elmira College in New York and in 1955 graduated from the Bellevue School of Nursing in New York City as a registered nurse. After working for several years as a nurse, Taylor decided to break the color barrier that existed in the career of airline stewardesses. She was hired at Mohawk Airlines in December 1957. The following year, she made history on a flight from Ithaca to New York City, becoming the first African American stewardess in the United States. Ruth was rejected by Trans World Airlines before getting the job at Mohawk. But shortly after she made history she was forced to resign from the airline after marrying Rex Legall, due to restrictions imposed by airlines requiring stewardesses to remain single.

In 2008, fifty years after her historic flight that broke the color barrier for airline attendants, Taylor’s accomplishment was formally recognized by the New York State Assembly. Now using the name Carol Taylor, she is an activist and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Gotalonglayoverat JFKAirportor justwanttostayatauniquehotel..

TWAHotelattheJFKairportinNewYorkCityis atrulyuniqueexperiencethattakesyouback intime Assoonasyouenterthelobby,you areimmediatelydrawntoitsretrofeeland antiqueaesthetic Thereareplentyof interestingfeaturestodiscover,includingthe skydeckhotelpoolwhereyoucanwatch airplanestakeoffandland Youcaneventake somegreatpictureswiththeplane,although youcan'tgetinside Thehotelalsohasplenty ofotherInstagrammablespotsscattered throughout Theroomsthemselvesmaybe small,butthatistobeexpectedinaNewYork Cityhotel Ifyou'relookingforan unforgettablelayoverexperience,theTWA hotelisagreatchoice

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Boujee in Boujee in

8TH-14TH 2023

Pilot Testing Program

Follow the instructions on this page to start your application.

Create and activate your MyTravelGov account now.

To activate the account, you must click the link in the verification email you will receive after creating your account. Wait up to 24 hours for us to register your account.

After 24 hours, login and click on the "Renew Passport" button to start your application.

If you are unable to renew online during this limited release, we will open the portal again next month.


You can renew online if:

Your most recent passport is/was valid for 10 years, and you are age 25 or older.

Your recent passport was issued over 9 years (in 2014) but less than 15 years (in 2008) from the date you plan to submit your application. Your passport can be expired. You are not changing your name, gender, date of birth, or place of birth.

You are not traveling internationally for at least six weeks from the date you will submit your application. Processing times for the online renewal service will be the same as those for renewal by mail. We will offer both routine and expedited service. You are applying for a regular (tourist) passport. You cannot renew a special issuance (diplomatic, official, service) passport online.

You live in the United States (either state or territory). You do not qualify to renew online if you live in a foreign country or have an Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO) address.

You have your passport with you, and it is not damaged or mutilated, and you have not previously reported it as lost or stolen. Keep your most recent passport and do not mail it to us. You can pay for your passport using a credit/debit card or an ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment transferring funds from your bank account.

You can upload a digital passport photo (.JPEG file format). Go to Uploading a Digital Photo for more information.

You are aware that your most recent passport will be immediately invalidated (canceled) when you submit your application and you cannot use it for international travel.


As of July 2022, the processing times shared by the U.S. Department of State for a passport application are eight to 11 weeks. The processing time of a passport starts as soon as it’s received by a center or agency, not the day it’s sent in or applied on.

Applying for A New Passport

Non-urgent requests:

If you’d like your passport ready before the estimated 11 weeks, there’s an expedited process available. The expedited process, costs $60 and can take from five to seven weeks to process a passport. This saves you anywhere from 4-7 weeks.

Expedited process requested can only be submitted by mail if it’s a renewal and in person at a passport facility for new passports.

Urgent travel request:

In an emergency (serious illness, injury or death in your immediate family), you can request an appointment at a passport agency within 72 hours (three business days) of your travel day.

Renewing Your Existing Passport: Did you know you don’t need your passport to be expired to renew it? If you want a new book or a new card, you can submit the necessary documents in exchange for new ones.

You can renew your expired passport if it has been issued within the last 15 years. The original passport cannot be stolen, damaged or lost; you must have been 16 or older when the passport was issued, and the passport must have been issued in your current name or you must provide legal proof of a name change.

If none of these fit, you can apply in person using Form DS-11. Otherwise, you can renew your passport by mail using the Form DS82. All the conditions mentioned above must be checked to apply for renewal by mail. If you fail to meet all the above statements and meet only some of them, you must apply in person using the same form.

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T R I N A D A D & T O B A G O T R I N A D A D & T O B A G O 11 .. F E B R U A R Y 1 5 - 2 3 R D F E B R U A R Y 1 5 - 2 3 R D 2 . L A C A M P E C H A D A P U E R T O R I C O 2 . L A C A M P E C H A D A P U E R T O R I C O F E B 1 8 - 1 9 T H F E B 1 8 - 1 9 T H 3 . S T K I T T S & N E V I S 3 . S K I T T S & N E V S J U N E 2 2 - 2 4 T H J U N E 2 2 - 2 4 T H 4 . S A I N T L U C I A C A R N I V A L 4 . S A I N T L U C I A C A R N I V A L J U L Y 1 2 - 1 9 T H J U L Y 1 2 - 1 9 T H 5 . R E G A E E S U M F E S T J A M A I C A 5 . R E G A E E S U M F E S T J A M A I C A J U L Y 1 6 - 2 2 N D J U L Y 1 6 - 2 2 N D 6 . A N T I G U A C A R N I V A L 6 . A N T I G U A C A R N I V A L A U G 1 - 8 T H A U G 1 - 8 T H 7 . C A R I B A N A T O R O N T O 7 . C A R I B A N A T O R O N T O A U G 3 - 7 T H A U G 3 - 7 T H 8 . C R O P O V E R B A R B A D O S 8 . C R O P O V E R B A R B A D O S A U G 7 - 1 4 T H A U G 7 - 1 4 T H 9 . N Y C J O U V E R T & P A R A D E 9 . N Y C J O U V E R T & P A R A D E S E P T E M B E E R 4 T H S E P T E M B E E R 4 T H 1 0 . J U N K A N O O B A H A M A S 1 0 . J U N K A N O O B A H A M A S D E C 2 6 - J A N 1 S T D E C 2 6 - J A N 1 S T 1 0 F E S T I V A L S 2 0 2 3
2 2 | G L O B A L I S H

:A Black Diasporic Tradition

Without the incorporation of Africaninfluenced music and dance, Carnival would not have become the energetic, pulsating festival that we know today. An important aspect of Carnival is the act of freeing oneself of the inhibitions of everyday lives. Traditionally, class and racial divisions were somewhat invisible and allowed people to pretend to be something else in a fantasy world of their own creation.

Similar to Carnival, New Orleans’ Mardi Gras (celebrated on February 21st, 202) is a celebration of epic proportions that allows participants to leave their normal lives in favor of pretending to be anyone they can imagine. The tradition and name come from the French “Boeuf Gras” meaning “fattened calf.” Traditionally, the Catholic Creole families of New Orleans held irregular but amazing balls and parades during the 18th century.

While Carnival and Mardi Gras have been popular in the United States for decades, celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna have put Carnival in Caribbean countries like Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago on the radar of Americans looking for the true Caribbean Carnival experience. One of the largest Carnival celebrations in the world, Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival is known for its mashup of color, vibrant sounds and lots of skin.

Trinidadian Carnival begins on Sunday with j’ouvert which is Creole for “break of day” where participants cover themselves in mud, colored powder and oil in the late night and party to Calypso and Soca music until dawn. The Monday and Tuesday celebrations known as “playing mas” are followed by “wining it up” in the streets and competitions between the different bands with participants donning elaborate costumes of feathers and sequins and showing lots of skin.

The celebration of Carnival across the African Diaspora can be seen in areas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, New Orleans, and Trinidad and Tobago as well as Toronto’s Caribana, Miami, Brooklyn and London’s Notting Hill.

While the various traditions are vast and vary from region to region, they are all rooted in our common West African heritage. Carnival is a beautiful time often associated with becoming one with your own personal fantasy, but we consider reveling in the traditions of our ancestors an honor. We are grateful for their sacrifices and toast to another fruitful Black History Month.

2 3 | G L O B A L I S H

Thursday&FridaybeforeMLKDayyouwillhave5consecutive daysoff


Thursday&FridaybeforePresident'sDayyouwillhave5 consecutivedaysoff.




Thursday&FridaybeforeMemorialDayyouwillhave5 consecutivedaysoff






FridaybeforeLaborDay, youwillhavea4dayweekend


Thursday&FridaybeforeColumbusDayyouwillhave5 consecutivedaysoff.


ysafterVeteran'sDayand3daysbeforeThanksgivingyouwill have17consecutivedaysoff


daysbetweenChristmasandNewYear'syouwillhave10 consecutivedaysoff.

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Howto Howto yourPTO yourPTO iin2023! n2023!Max Max




For those holding onto New Year's resolutions, this island also prides itself on its healthy cuisine


There is nothing quite like Rome in the low season if you're looking to experience the Eternal City when it's mostly devoid of tourists


If you're looking to lounge on sundrenched beaches or snorkel in calm seas, look no further.


T&T's annual Carnival is one of the most essential Caribbean festivals for those looking for an immersive cultural experience.


An off-the beaten path beach town sandwiched between Cancun and Tulum, PDC offers high-energy nightlife and pristine beaches


Known for Carnival, delicious food and non-stop fun, Brazil's largest city is a must-see

2 5 | G L O B A L I S H

Add to cart Add to cart and select and select

SSezzle ezzle

Pay 1/4 of the Pay 1/4 of the price and the price and the remaining in 3 remaining in 3 equal installments equal installments

Zero fees and Zero fees and zero interest zero interest when you pay when you pay on time on time

USE PROMO: SELFCARE 2023 3419 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 50% OFF WEEKEND SELF CARE GETAWAY YOU PICK THE BUDGET RELAXING RELAXING 1 Night / 2 Days 4-star accommodation Meals not Included Special, fun activities 757-520-6927 MORE CONTACT INFO: OFFICE Vacay NOW,Pay Later! 2 7 | G L O B A L I S H
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