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WearethrilledtobringyoutheAprilissueofGlobalishMagazine,which marksthebeginningofanewseason.Thisissueisparticularlyspecialasit breaksawayfromthewinterbluesandwelcomesthespringfestivalsand summeractivities.Ourteamhasworkedhardtocuratecontentthatreflects thespiritofthisnewseasonandwehopeyouwillfinditengagingand informative.Happyreading!

Chaunai McKnight


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Spring Break On A Budget

Music Festivals You Should Know About

Spring Fashion Must Haves

Girlfriend of The Month

Living the Soft Life

Paid In the Shade Course

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South By Southwest Austin, TX. March 10-19, 2023

Dreamville'- Fayetteville, NC, April 1-2

Coachella 1 & 2-April 2023, Indigo, CA

Something In the Water, VB, VA, April 28-30th

Lovers & Friends- May 6, Las Vegas

Celebrez En Rose'- May 28th, Columbus, MD

Summer Jam- June 4th, New York, NY

Governers Ball- June 9-11th, Queens, NY

Chesapeake Bay Reggae Fest, June (TBA), Hampton, VA

The Roots Picnic- (TBA), Philadelphia, PA

Birthday Bash- June 17, Atlanta, GA

Hampton Jazz Festival, June 23-25, Hampton, VA

Reggae Rise Up Maryland, June 23-25, Maryland

Essence Festival- June 30-July 3rd- New Orleans

Days Of Summer Cruise Fest- July 2-5th, Miami- Bahamas*

Broccoli City Fest- Washington, DC, July 15-16

Rolling Loud- July 21-23, Miami Gardens, FL

AfroPunk Brooklyn- August 2023

Lollapalooza- August 3-6, Chicago, IL

DC Jazz Fest: Aug. 30 - Sept. 3rd- Washington, DC

Make in America- Sept 3-4, Philadelphia, PA

Rock the Bells Cruise- NOV 13-17 Miami- Bahamas*

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Whether you are going to Bali with us or not... Spring and Summer vibes this year are all about VIBRANT colors Pink and Orange and MINT green are the hot colors this season. ZARA finds like ones selected below are staples that should be in your wardrobe this sping/summer Demin shorts of all arrangements - cut outs to cheekies are appropriate for any suitcase going to a beach resortinstyle



7 | G L O B A L I S H April,2023

Mother & Daughter Takes Coachella

These Coachella tips will have you navigating the festival grounds like a pro

What is your most memorable moment at Coachella to date?

This is my third time going to Coachella and ever year it gets better and better This year in particular, I truly enjoyed Black Pink which is an Asian woman group from Korean Pop aka KPop If you have never seen K Pop artists perform you are truly missing out, they know how to put on a show High energy and dancing is what you can expect- this year one of them came out on a stripper pole Dope show along with other performers like Latto, Burna Boy, Bad Bunny, and Glorilla to name a few

Nakia's Coachella Tips

Merch Tent- It is highly recommended that if you want merchandise you get that on Day 1 Why/ Because the line is ALWAYS long and sizes run out FAST Prepare to wait a long while but have priceless memorabilia when you return home

Get VIP if you can afford it! There are many perks to having that access to include merch lines that will be shorter than outside the VIP, better restrooms- less lines, more food options, and seating very close to main stage VIP is typically less crowded as well during the day

Stay in a hotel close to the Coachella field This year we stayed at Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa, Indian Wells which was very close in proximity to Coachella.

Also make your hotel has a shuttle service Shuttle passes are optional but I suggest getting one as opposed to taking a Lyft to the field When the festival is over for the night around 12pm you don't want to be caught up in the crowd of people searching for their Lyft or Uber driver

Get a locker! If you bring a light jacket with you because it gets chilly at night, during the day you can store it in the locker Also lockers are yours all weekend so you can leave things like blankets over night

Would you return to Coachella?

At this point, YES I have gone just about every year so why not! I look forward to planning Coachella again with Global Girlfriends Travel Watch Coachella, highlights HERE!

@globalgirlfriendstravel @dejavu by areon @ monettttt @nikki721
@globalgirlfriendstravel @dejavu by areon @nikki721

BougieinBali BougieinBali

J 8 14th 2023

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SoftLife SoftLife 1 1 | G L O B A L I S H


Soft Life Soft Life

Life has changed a lot in the last two years, and many people are embracing a so-called "soft life"—a rejection of the struggle, stress, and anxiety that comes with working a traditional 9-to-5 career and spinning away your days on life's hamster wheel.

Instead, living the soft life is about throwing yourself into joy, and prioritizing the richness of experiences.

In the early days of the pandemic, many of us were at a crossroads and decided it was time to make a dramatic change. After quitting my job in 2021 after being so overworked to the point of hospitalization, I took a much-needed trip to Costa Rica.

"It was very much, 'F- all this'" vibes as I explored Costa Rica and meet digital nomads who migrated there and some displaced due to covid. They taught me the reality of digital nomad life and how carefree it can be. They were actually the "soft life" in my opinion. Moving out the country and bringing nothing but a laptop and a bikini may seem like a dream for some but reality for others.

As a frequent traveler, I decided packing my life and moving to Costa Rica is a bit farfetched but to making a career out of the experience and become a travel advisor was more my speed. As the go to person amongst my family and friends it was a natural fit and made sense.

So, what does living the soft life look like for me: (tips)

Being intentional- preplanned trips a year in advance gives me something to look forward to.

Changing how I work to better suit me- finding the balance between PTO days.

Living in the moment- travel during low seasons will allow you to explore cultures with less stress and tourist.

Prioritizing me! Tap into what makes you whole. Travel now, the money will return your time wont.

Be unapologetic about saying "no, that doesn't fit into my plans" and standing on that.

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Who is the course for?

Fromnovicetoexperiencedthereissomethingforall Novice(Newbie)-thiscourseisyourplatformtolearn withbeingaTAentails

Experienced-thisservesasarefresher;towardtheendof thecourseyouwillfindinnovativewaystomakemoney andelevateyourcareer

There'snobetterteacherthanworldtravel Whynotempoweryoutribetoexpandtheir worldviewwithtravel?You'llbeableto helpotherschangethelivesofthepeople aroundyoubycuratingamazing experiences

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