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Fast Food Linked To Obesity And Depression

Are supplements a waste of money?

Google contact lens could be option for diabetics

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'I don't think it is more dangerous than alcohol'

President Barack Obama says he views marijuana as a "bad habit" and "a vice," but no more dangerous than alcohol. AROUND tOwN

Relay For Life of Wellington


Mike Corvaia.

Jonathan Chung, DC

Premier Family Health & Wellness brightens Holiday for Local Students

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January 2014


Obama on pot: 'I don't think it is more dangerous than alcohol'


By Dylan Stableford

resident Barack Obama says he views marijuana as a "bad habit" and "a vice," but no more dangerous than alcohol.

“As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life," Obama told The New Yorker's David Remnick. "I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol.”

The president acknowledged marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol “in terms of its impact on the individual consumer."


"It’s not something I encourage," Obama continued, "and I’ve told my daughters I think it’s a bad idea, a waste of time, not very healthy.”

time or another broken the law and only a select few get punished.”

Obama's support of legalization was welcomed by pot advocates.

Still, he said, "we should not be locking up kids or individual users for long stretches of jail time when some of the folks who are writing those laws have probably done the same thing.”

“The first step to improving our nation’s marijuana policy is admitting that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol," Mason Tvert, director of the Marijuana Policy Project, said in a statement.

On the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington, Obama said, “it’s important for it to go forward because it’s important for society not to have a situation in which a large portion of people have at one

"Now that he has recognized that laws jailing adults for using marijuana are inappropriate, it is time to amend for those errors and adopt a more fact-based marijuana policy. n

Wellington Regional Celebrates The Life & Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

ellington Regional Medical Center hosted its second annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Program on Monday, January 20th, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. The public was invited to join the hospital and its employees for a celebration of the life, legacy and teachings of the late Dr. King.

The ceremony included opening remarks by Robbin Lee, CEO of Wellington Regional; an invocation by Ervin Owens of Christ Fellowship Church; a video on the Life of Dr. King; a choir featuring Wellington Regional employees; a recital of the “I Have a Dream” speech by children from the community; a keynote address by Joseph Paul, CFO of Wellington Regional; and a dove and balloon release symbolizing the freedom for which Dr. King stood.

“This is an opportunity to celebrate the life and legacy of a great American hero and to honor the sacrifices of men and women from generations before us who stood for inclusion and equality,” said Joseph Paul. He added, “Wellington Regional Medical Center has long recognized the need to uphold and support the diversity of our work force, as we are reflective of the diversity of our patients and the surrounding communities we serve. It is our firm belief that our diverse campus enriches us all. The observance of Martin Luther King Day provides us with the opportunity to recognize and to celebrate that fact.”

Wellington Regional Medical Center will continue to host its Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Program every year on a date close to the national observance of the holiday on January 20. Many programs at Wellington Regional are open to the public. To learn more about this program and others of interest, please contact the hospital at (561) 798-8500.

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January 2014

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Shin splints can be defined as pain and discomfort in the leg from repetitive running on hard surfaces or overuse use of the muscles that bring up the foot.


Arthur Hansen DPM, M.S.

o, you have made the commitment; the commitment to exercise and get yourself in shape. You decide to start running. You bought running shoes and are all set to go. Your first run goes well. You went further than you thought - almost a full mile! You are so proud of yourself… you can do this! And you do it every day for a week. But then, it starts, a pain and soreness in your shin. The pain is strong enough that you can’t keep running. You didn’t bump it against anything; you see no redness, no bruising, and no swelling. What is it?

Stress fractures to the tibia (leg bone) can happen after you begin a running program. If you run long distances, the most common cause of pain in the front of the leg is along and near the ‘shinbone’ is known as shin splints.

Aching, throbbing or tenderness along the inside of the shin or directly on the shin are the most common symptoms associated with shin splints. The pain is felt when the area along the tibia (shin) where muscles attach become inflamed. While more appropriately named periostitis, we will continue with the more common term known as shin splints. Another symptom is pain when you press on the inflamed area. Shin splint pain is most severe at the start of a run and will sometimes go away during a run, once the muscles are loosened up. On the contrary, a stress fracture of the tibia, shinbone, will hurt all the time.

The shin splints can result from tired or stiff calf muscles putting too much stress on tendons, which become strained and torn. Overpronation of the foot aggravates this problem, as does running on hard surfaces, and running in stiff shoes.

Beginning runners are the most susceptible to shin splints for many reasons, but the most common is that they’re using leg muscles that haven’t been stressed in the same way before.

Conservative & Surgical Treatments Available Whirlpool with every visit!

support, in conjunction with the strengthening and stretching exercises. Finally, think about your running form. Are you leaning forward too much? Are you slouching? If you are doing any of these you may be putting too much strain on your muscles.

If, after following the above recommendations, the pain continues, it is possible that micro-fractures may form in your tibia; these are stress fractures. You won't have a sudden break, just a gradual increase in pain until it becomes quite severe. If you have extreme shin pain, see a doctor for an x-ray.

Another reason beginning runners develop shin splints is because of poor choices in running shoes or running in something other than running shoes. Those runners who have started running again after long layoffs are also at a higher risk of developing shin splints because they often run too far initially on return.

Rest is the best treatment, with a slow return to normal activity as

long as the pain is no longer present. Reducing the inflammation is key and can take from 2-3 days up to 2-3 weeks. Ice to the area two to three times per day, a course of anti-inflammatory medications, and stretching and strengthening exercises are useful along with rest. Some athletes who develop shin splints have flat feet (excessive pronation) which exacerbate the strain on the leg muscles. In such cases, the runner should obtain orthotic

Get back on your Feet!

Shin splints are extremely common among beginning runners whose enthusiasm for their new sport has over-stepped the limits of their legs. Take a look at your running program; you may be doing too much too soon. n Call to make your appointment

(561) 433-5577 WEST OFFICE:

OFFICE: WEST 3347 SR 7, Suite 204 3347 SR 7, 204 Wellington, Suite FL 33449 Wellington, FL 33449 EAST OFFICE:

EAST OFFICE: 2326 South Congress Ave. 2326 South Congress Ave. Suite 1-A Suite 1-AFL 33406 West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, FL 33406

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January 2014


Brian E. Connor, MSHCA, RRT-NPS, AE-C, Michael H. Patterson, FACHE, Appointed Chief Operating Officer for C-NPT, Appointed Associate Administrator Wellington Regional Medical Center for Wellington Regional Medical Center Wellington, FL – January 14, 2013 Michael Patterson has recently joined Wellington Regional Medical Center as Chief Operating Officer. He will be an integral part of Wellington Regional’s leadership team, leading patient satisfaction and quality initiatives.

With more than 20 years of administrative experience, Patterson brings extensive healthcare management and leadership skills to Wellington Regional’s team. He has had an extensive career in healthcare, most recently as the Director of Operations, Northside Hospital Cherokee in Canton, Georgia and Chief Operating Officer at Palms West Hospital in Loxahatchee. A Georgia native, Patterson earned dual Master Degrees in Business and Healthcare Administration at Georgia

Wellington, FL – January 14, 2013 Wellington Regional Medical Center has recently appointed Brian Connor as Associate Administrator. He will be an integral part of Wellington Regional’s leadership team.

Brian E. Connor

State University in Atlanta. He began his career at Florida Hospital System in Orlando. Throughout his career, he has earned

numerous honors and awards, and has served on various community boards. He resides in Palm Beach County with his family. n

Connor brings more than 10 years of clinical and administrative experience, along with strategic vision and tactical execution to Wellington Regional’s administrative team. Most recently, he held the position of Administrative Director at Blake Medical Center in Bradenton, Florida. He also was the Manager of The Children’s Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina; prior to that, he held clinical and administrative roles with Tenet of South Florida. Connor earned a Master of Science degree in Healthcare Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Care from Independence

Brian E. Connor

University in Salt Lake City, Utah. He also holds leadership roles in community organizations

in Florida and Palm Beach County. He resides in Palm Beach County with his family. n

About Wellington Regional wellington Regional medical Center is a progressive 233 bed acute care facility and medical center that has served Palm Beach County and the surrounding region since 1986. A thriving community hospital, wellington Regional is proud to offer the advanced technologies of a big-city hospital and the personalized care of a hometown provider. For more information about wellington Regional medical Center, please contact the hospital at 561.798.8500.

Jose Ortega, M.D., FAAOS Diplomate American Board of Orthopedic Surgery

• Arthroscopic Surgery • Sports Medicine • Fracture Care • General Orthopedics

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January 2014


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Google contact lens could be option for diabetics (AP) — Brian Otis gingerly holds what looks like a typical contact lens on his index finger. Look closer. Sandwiched in this lens are two twinkling glitter-specks loaded with tens of thousands of miniaturized transistors. It's ringed with a hair-thin antenna. Together these remarkable miniature electronics can monitor glucose levels in tears of diabetics and then wirelessly transmit them to a handheld device.

"It doesn't look like much, but it was a crazy amount of work to get everything so very small," he said before the project was unveiled Thursday, January 17th. During years of soldering hair-thin wires to miniaturize electronics, Otis burned his fingertips so often that he can no longer feel the tiny chips he made from scratch in Google's Silicon Valley headquarters, a small price to pay for what he says is the smallest wireless glucose sensor ever made. Just 35 miles away in the

beach town of Santa Cruz, high school soccer coach and university senior Michael Vahradian, 21, has his own set of fingertip callouses, his from pricking himself up to 10 times a day for the past 17 years to draw blood for his glucose meter. A cellphone-sized pump on his hip that attaches to a flexible tube implanted in his stomach shoots rapidacting insulin into his body around the clock.

"I remember at first it was really hard to make the needle sticks a habit because it hurt so much," he said. "And there are still times I don't want to do it — it hurts and it's inconvenient. When I'm hanging out with friends, heading down to the beach to body-surf or going to lunch, I have to hold everyone up to take my blood sugar."

The idea that all of that monitoring could be going on passively, through a contact lens, is especially promising for the world's 382 million diabetics who need insulin and keep a close watch on their blood sugar. View galleryThis undated photo released by Google shows a contact … This undated photo released by Google shows a contact lens Google is testing to explore tear glucose ‌ The prototype, which Google says will take at least five years to reach consumers, is one of several medical devices being designed by companies to make glucose monitoring for diabetic patients more convenient and less invasive than traditional finger pricks. n

Accelerated decline was seen for the heaviestdrinking group, which included 469 men with a wide range of alcohol intake. The minimum amount was the equivalent of about 13 ounces of wine a day or about 30 ounces of beer. The maximum was about three times that. Men drinking that minimum amount are not necessarily at risk for accelerated mental decline, since the results pertain to the category overall, said Sara Jo Nixon, a substance abuse researcher at the University of Florida in Gainesville, who did not participate in the work.

Drinking linked to faster mental decline in men

(AP) — Middle-aged men risk a faster mental decline as they age if they've been drinking heavily for years, new research suggests.

The study of about 5,000 British civil servants found that over a decade, the added decline was the equivalent of about two extra years of aging for a combined measure of mental abilities like reasoning, and about six years for memory. The heavy drinkers' abilities were compared to those of men who drank moderately or abstained. It's no surprise that heavy alcohol consumption can affect the brain, but the study focuses on an age range that has received much less attention from alcohol researchers than the elderly and college students.

The work was published online by the journal Neurology. Researchers found no such effect in women, but the study included too few female heavy drinkers to test the effect of drinking the same amount as in men, said Severine Sabia, a study author from University College London. In an email, she said it was not possible to identify a specific minimum level of consumption at which the risk begins in men.

Her study used data from over 20 years. Using questionnaires, researchers calculated the men's average daily intake of alcohol for the decade up to when they were an average of 56 years old. Then, they tracked decline in mental abilities over the following decade from tests administered every five years.

She also said that the study shows a link between drinking and faster mental decline but not proof that alcohol intake was responsible. And she said that because of the sensitive mental tests used in the study, the extra declines in performance may be too subtle to make a difference in daily life. Sabia said she believed the difference would eventually be noticeable. Still, Nixon said, the study "does suggest that middleaged to young-old individuals do need to pay attention to what their drinking habits have been, and are." n



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January 2014



Relay For Life of Wellington

urricane Grill & Wings at 4075 State Road 7 in Lake Worth was the place to eat on January 14. In addition to the free appetizers, Hurricane Grill & Wings donated 10% of all purchases to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Wellington. If you would like to learn about Relay for Life, please visit their website at

Dr. Randall Laurich, Scott Poritz, Johnny and Shaida Meier.

Butch & Niki Williams.

Chris and Marie Matiska, Shelley Siegel, and Bill Lerner.

Maria Moody, Charity Raba and Connie Smith.

Alicia M. Valor, Mike Greenwood, and Mike Greenwood Jr.

Allen Borza and Sam Simon.

Elio, Donna and Elia Ricciardi.


Caring for You and About You • Lower Prices Than Chains* • All Major Insurance & Medicare & Medicaid Accepted • Diabetic & Orthopedic Supplies • Pet Medications


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*Max of $25

One Per Patient Lifetime. New Patient Only.

*Coupon not valid on prescription co-pays. One coupon per customer. Coupon valid only at My Community Pharmacy. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 02-28-14. GLOBAL


Advil 24 ct. Tabs with any OTC purchase of $10 or more

Not to be combined with any other purchase. One per customer per visit. $10 purchase does not include prescriptions. GLOBAL Delivery Available From Miami to Vero To Your Home or Office



2615 State Road 7 • Wellington, FL 33414

(561) 753-6768

(order ahead - have it Delivered or stop in, Typical wait time 15 minutes)

Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm • Saturday 9am - 5pm • Sunday 10am - 4pm

Lisa and Joey Hafer.

January 2014

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Meroe Rabieifar, Shaida and Johnny Meier.

Joe and Holly Cosentino.

Coordinators Scott Poritz, Johnny Meier, and Dr. Randall Laurich speaking at the Relay for Life event.

Team Almighty consists of Isis Souffrain, Pamela, Dante, Isis, Paris Michalski, Kletus Stubblefield, Chris Gilbert, Jeanot Tapp, and Kelly and Eric Azor.

As seen on

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Now Let the Experts in Breast Cancer Treatment Take Care of You. The American Cancer Institute predicts that, despite a healthy lifestyle, more than 200,000 women in the U.S. will contract breast cancer this year. That’s why at South Florida Radiation Oncology, our team of radiation oncologists renders the most technically advanced treatments in the field, including protocol based, IMRT, TrueBeam™ and partial breast irradiation. Our medical staff — together with you, your specialist and primary care physician — will collaborate and select the best treatment option for your particular diagnosis as well as your personal requirements. At South Florida Radiation Oncology, we recognize that every patient is an individual, with unique treatment needs and a distinctive lifestyle. Call South Florida Radiation Oncology and let us take gentle, compassionate and effective care of you today so you can get back to taking care of yourself tomorrow.

Get back to living your life.

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January 2014


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Graduation Time for the Cancer-Related Fatigue Program By Deborah Lynn

hat a marvelous time of year to not only celebrate the holidays with family and friends, but to also celebrate a new way of life.


Cervical Cancer Screening Found to Benefit Older Women in New Study ervical cancer screening beyond age 50 saves lives and remains beneficial to women up to age 69, a new British study suggests.

For anyone whose life has been changed due to cancer, you know first-hand that it not only takes a toll on your mind and body, but that optimism that once existed has taken such a beating that it truly is an uphill battle. The Cancer-Related Fatigue Program was designed for just that – boosting your spirit through support, motivation, exercise, and learning a healthier way of life. Studies have proven that there are numerous benefits to exercising while undergoing your cancer treatment and this program offers that and so much more.

this program is a complete success. It, quite frankly, was a life-altering experience for all those that participated and one they surely will never forget.

When you look into the eyes of each survivor and student, you immediately realize that they were all brought together for a reason. Although the students do not receive any type of credit, they still line up to join this program and in doing so, they have given from the most beautiful place of all – their heart.

Stephen Sylvester is the director of the program and along with an incredible team of studentvolunteers, Dr. Carisa Pearce of the Palm Beach Cancer Institute, and Judy Armstrong from the South Florida Radiation Oncology Survivorship Clinic –

As the graduation celebration was coming to a close, each

Both the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommend that cervical cancer screening end at age 65. In this new study, researchers examined data from all 1,341 women aged 65 to 83 in England and Wales who were diagnosed with cervical cancer between 2007 and 2012, and compared them to women in the same age group who did not have cervical cancer.

student and survivor offered their insight as to what the program meant to them. As I listened, one thing became abundantly clear - this program was a gift to everyone that participated. Not only did everyone feel loved and accepted, but one sentiment from a student truly summed it all up, “You changed my life.” n If you would like information about the Cancer-Related Fatigue Program, please contact Stephen Sylvester at or Judy Armstrong at the SFRO Survivorship Clinic at 561-775-7748.



JANUARY 2014 1




7 Tai Chi 1-2pm, 2:30-3:30pm


















Tai Chi 1-214 pm, Tai Chi 1-2 pm , :30pm 0-3 2:3 2:30-3:30pm


Tai Chi 1-221 pm, Tai Chi 1-2 pm , :30pm Yoga 2-3pm 2:3 0-3 2:30-3:30pm

Tai Chi 1-228 pm, 2:3 0-3 Tai Chi 1-2 pm , :30pm 2:30-3:30pm



m Yoga 2-3p29






HOLIDAY How Do I Feel About Myself 3:304:30pm

Yoga 2-3p15 m






Yoga 2-3pm











How Do I Fe16 el LeAt'bou s TatlMyself k 3:30Y-oga 10-11am 3:30-4:304p:3m0pm

Let's Talk 23 Stresse3d:3Ou 0-4t :30pm 3:30-4:30pm



24 Yoga 10-11am

Stressed Ou30 t Let's 3T:3 al0k-4:30pm Yoga 10-11am 3:30-4:30pm

















Tai Chi 1-2NO pmT, ES: Let's Talk Yoga 10-11am 2:30-3:30pm 3:30-4:30pm For Massage Contact Tara Pocius, LMT ATTENDANCE BY REGISTRATION ONLY! Directly at 508-654-5556 EACH GROUP REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ONE WEEK PRIOR TO DATE OF EVENT NOTES:

For Massage Contact Tara Pocius, LMT Directly at 508-654-5556

The rate of cervical cancer was 86 per 10,000 over 20 years among women who were screened regularly between ages 50 to 64 and found to have abnormalities, according to a journal new release. n

Michele Rosenthal Thursday February 20th From 3:30-5:00 3355 Burns Rd. suite 105 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 RSVP 561-775-7748



There were 49 cancers in the first group versus eight cancers in the second group per 10,000 women over 20 years, found the study in the journal PLoS Medicine.

Cancer and Trauma: Reclaiming Control In An Out of Control W ld


The results showed that women who did not undergo cervical cancer screening after age 50 were six times more likely to be diagnosed with cervical cancer than those who had regular screenings between ages 50 to 64 and had no abnormalities.


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January 2014



Are supplements a waste of money? By Anita Marlay

the use of herbal supplements. Herbal supplements may contain unlabeled toxic or allergenic ingredients as part of their fillers. They may interact with prescription drugs you take.

ooking for a way to save money? Maybe it’s time to stop spending money on vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements. About 53 percent of American adults take some kind of supplement on a regular basis. This is an increase from 30 percent 20 years ago. Americans currently spend $30 billion a year on supplements.

Three new studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine have failed to prove any benefit associated with taking supplements. They studied the effect of supplements on mortality, cardiovascular disease, cancer and cognitive decline, and found no difference in the groups who took the vitamin supplements and those that did not. The conclusion was that the general population who have no clear evidence of a deficiency do not benefit from vitamin supplementation.

Our bodies can use only so much vitamins and minerals. Once we’ve reached the limit, excess water-soluble vitamins are

Did you know that herbal supplement manufacturers are not regulated by any government agency? These supplements are not FDA approved and are not required to go through any testing for quality, truthfulness or accuracy in labeling. You can’t even be sure you are getting the dosage that the label says.

simply excreted in our urine. Excess fatsoluble vitamins get stored in our fat, and can become harmful to us. Too much betacarotene has been linked to an increased risk of lung cancer in smokers. Too much vitamin E increases the risk of prostate cancer. Too much vitamin A can increase the risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture. Vitamin supplements do not make up for a

Dear Deborah

that he has claimed. I really need to end this relationship and move on, but always seem to go back. How can I break this cycle? - How do I move on?

DEAR DEBORAH: I have been in a relationship with a man for over two years now. I’ve discovered that he is not who he claims to be. He has several businesses, however he is a poor businessman and they seem to fail quickly. He claims to own properties, but I have found that he rents them. He is also not the nicest man and treats me poorly at times, degrades me, and borrows money from me. This “millionaire” has me pay for things and reimburses me at a later time, although I have to fight to get my money back. One check he wrote me even bounced!

He also shares custody of his nine-yearold son. This child is whiny and cannot do anything on his own. He also insists on sleeping with his father. If I even approach the situation with his father, he always sides with his son. He even told his son that I work for them!

I have also found some incriminating evidence on his phone and through a little searching that he has many “girlfriends” in several states. Yes, I am a snoop. I listen to his voicemail messages and have found that if I do not attend his events in other states, he has one of them meet him there. This has been confirmed by messages that these other women left on his phone. There are actually three of them that he continues to communicate with and obviously date. I have tried to end our relationship in the past when I found something, but he always comes back and tells me that it will be different. He does not know that I am aware of the other women or that he is not the success

Dear How do I move on: It appears more of an addiction to this individual than a relationship. The more you find, the more you look for more and yet, you do nothing. The problem is not with him as he is who he is, the problem is with you. You obviously have had all the evidence that you would need to end the relationship, but you continue. With everything that you found and the behavior that he exhibits the disrespectful behavior, his son treating you as an employee, his dishonesty, and his womanizing – you are still there! If experiencing a few years of these hurtful and demeaning experiences has not given you a reason to leave, you probably won’t unless you feel the strength within to do so. If I read between the lines a bit more, he also exhibits traits of an abuser. If you cannot break this cycle yourself, I suggest that you visit a therapist. Bottom line, this is a toxic relationship that you need to get out of… NOW. DEAR DEBORAH: What would you do if a guy you have been communicating with sends you a text message with not only your name in the body of the text, but another woman’s name as well? - That is NOT my middle name!

Dear That is NOT my middle name: Not to make an excuse for him, but I call my children other names at times. Since you are communicating with him and you did not mention that you’ve already met, I would ask him about it and see how he responds. Since you are not in a relationship, he has every right to see other people; however he should be more cognizant of what or to whom he is texting. Give him the benefit of the doubt this once and if it happens again, I would probably address it and move on.

Dear Deborah is a monthly advice column written by Deborah Lynn with a common sense approach to dating. If you have any questions or comments, please forward them to: as we would love to help.

bad diet. They are not a substitute for food. Supplements simply cannot replicate all the nutrients and benefits that we get from food. Take an orange, for example. Not only are you getting vitamin C, but also beta-carotene, calcium, fiber, phytochemicals and antioxidants. A pill just can’t compete with that, no matter how much you pay for it. People sometimes turn to herbal supplements as a means to avoid taking prescription drugs or to improve their health. Half of all Americans take herbal supplements, and it has become a $5 billion a year industry.

Most people believe that herbal supplements are safe to use because they are advertised as “natural” or “organic” and are legally sold and readily available. There are an estimated 50,000 adverse effects reported annually associated with

There are a few exceptions with supplement recommendations, namely folic acid for women of childbearing age. Calcium, vitamin D and B12 supplements commonly are recommended because it can be difficult to get adequate amounts of these solely from your diet. Food is always the best source to meet all of our nutritional needs. Eating a balanced diet and including a variety of foods is ideal. Adding specific foods with high targeted nutrients can help if you think you may be lacking in certain vitamins. For example, spinach is rich in iron, potassium, vitamins A, C, E and K and magnesium. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins A, B6, and C, fiber, potassium, and carotene. Salmon and tuna are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Avocados are very rich in B vitamins, vitamins E and K, as well as healthy monounsaturated fats. Many common foods, like cereals, beverages and granola bars are now fortified with vitamins and minerals. n

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The Law Offices of Sarah G. Jonovich Phone: (561) 707-9684 • Email:

January 2014

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Upcoming Medical and Fundraising Events: January 15 – February 15, 2014

January 16

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation “65 Roses Reception” will be held at The Breakers in Palm Beach. The event begins at 6:30pm and all ages are welcome. For additional information, contact Chanda Fuller at 561-683-9965 or

January 18

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society “Palm Beach Gala” will be held at Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach. The event begins at 6:30pm and all ages are welcome. For additional information, contact Nancy Klein at 561-616-8682 or

January 23

Johns Hopkins Medicine Women’s Health Conference, “A Woman’s Journey” will be held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach. The event begins at 9:00am. For additional information, visit their website at awomansjourney/palm_beach/.

January 24

Carol and Hanley Treatment Centers Gala will be held at The Breakers in Palm Beach. Cost for the event is $300.00/Junior, $500.00/Preferred, and $1,000.00 for VIP. For additional information, visit their website at

January 25

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Centennial Park in downtown West Palm Beach. For additional information, visit their website at

January 26

Holy Ground Shelter for the Homeless “Shower for Shelter” luncheon will be held at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach. Tickets are $75.00. Proceeds benefit homeless, pregnant, and parenting teens. For additional information, call 561-355-5040 or visit,

Brides Against Breast Cancer Charity Wedding Gown Sale and Bridal Show will be held at the Marriott, West Palm Beach. The VIP Unveiling of the Gowns Reception is held from 11:00am – 2:00pm. The cost is $45.00 for one bride and a guest with additional guests costing $30.00. General admission begins at 2:00pm for $7.00. For information, visit their website at

Venra Clinical Studies, LLC Also offering


We are conducting a clinical research study of an investigational medicine. If you meet the following criteria, you may be interested in participating in this clinical trial.

• Age 18 – 79 inclusive • At least 28 stools over a 7-day period • Moderate to severe Pain in your abdomen associated with: • relief by defecation, • change in frequency of bowel movements, or • change in appearance of stool.

Participants receive study related care, diagnostic tests, and study medication at no cost. Payment for time and travel to the study center may be provided For more information about the research study, please contact:

January 27

H.O.W., Hearing the Ovarian Cancer Whisper, “Time is of the Essence” Luncheon. This event begins at 11:30am at the Flagler Museum Pavilion and all ages are welcome. Cost is $325.00 per ticket or $150.00 for young guests (under 40). For additional information, call 561-837-2285 or visit

February 1

American Cancer Society “Main Event” will be held at Mar-aLago Club in Palm Beach. The event begins at 6:30pm. Call Michelle Jaminet at 561-655-3449 for information.

February 2

Scripps Research Institute “3rd Annual Scripps Kids Fun Splash and Dash” will be held at PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens. The event begins at 9:30am and the cost is $35.00 per participant, which includes a t-shirt and gift. Registration closes on January 23. For information, visit hDash.

Palm Beach Gastroenterology Consultants, LLC

February 7

American Red Cross 57th Annual International Ball will be held at The Breakers in Palm Beach. The event begins at 7:30pm. For additional information, contact Jennifer Durrant at 561-650-9105 or

February 8

Cleveland Clinic Florida Ball, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” will be held at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. The event begins at 7:30pm and the cost is $500.00/Junior and $1,250.00 for a Fearless Lion Patron and it goes up from there. Tickets include entry for other events as well. Contact the Philanthropy Institute at 954-659-6238

“For the Love of Children” 5K Run/Walk and Fun Run for Kids benefitting Children’s Home Society of Florida. The event will be held at Carlin Park in Jupiter. Registration begins at 6:30am. For additional information, visit their website at

February 14

American Heart Association 59th Annual Palm Beach Heart Ball will be held at The Breakers in Palm Beach. The event begins at 7:00pm. For additional information, call 561-6976607 or e-mail

Krishna Tripuraneni M.D., M.B.A.

Call Us Today If You Suffer From Any Of The Following: Digestive Diseases Stats Dysphagia Gallstones Gastroesophageal Jaundice Lactose Intolerance Liver Disease Nervous Stomach

Abdominal Pain Bleeding Chest Pain Cirrhosis of the Liver Colitis Constipation Diarrhea

Pancreatis Stomach and Duodenal Ulcer Ulcerative Colitis Reflux Disease Hemochromatosis Hemorrhoids Hepatitis

Two Convenient Locations: Venra Clinical Studies, LLC 561-795-3330 ex. 249



1157 South State Road 7 Wellington, Florida 33414

1200 South Main Street #102 Belle Glade, Florida 33430



At Palm Beach Surgery Center we provide a safe and friendly environment, with a highly qualified and dedicated staff. A variety of procedures such as colonoscopy, endoscopy, gastroplications, ERCP, Liver Biopsy, 24 PH Monitoring/BRAVO can be done at our facility thus avoiding the need for hospitalization.

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January 2014


Do You Experience Pyrosis or Heartburn?



Fast Food Linked To Obesity And Depression

Shekhar V. Sharma, M.D. Board Certified in Internal Medicine

ne of the most commonly asked questions in my practice deals with pyrosis, also known as heartburn. It consists of sensations of fullness burning or warmth. This sensation is located behind the sternum in the mid-region of the chest, or upper abdomen. Common causes include gastroesophageal reflux disease which is often seen in hiatal hernia. In this case, heartburn is caused by the reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus which leads to irritation of the lining of the esophagus.

Infrequently, it may be the result of aerophagia, the swallowing of air in excess, which can be attributed to psychological factors. Heartburn may move up and down the chest like a wave or may also radiate when severe to the sides of the chest, neck and angles of the jaw.

Ingestion of certain foods and drugs as aspirin, antiarthritic medications, or alcohol may be responsible.

What many people fail to recognize is that heartburn may be an indication of something more serious such as angina,

which is impaired blood supply to the heart muscle. If left undiagnosed or untreated, this may lead to heart attack.

The layman might believe the appropriate treatment for heartburn to be over the counter antacids. However, though this may correct the problem in some cases, those who have risk factors for heart disease should immediately consult their physician for proper diagnosis. n

hen you hear or see ads for fast food restaurants that boast "Good Mood Food" or "Happy Meals", proceed with caution. Studies have linked fast food to weight gain and obesity and even depression! Research published in the Public Health Nutrition Journal reports that out of 8,500 subjects, those who ate the most fast food, were 51% more likely to develop depression compared to those who rarely at fast food. The study also indicated the more fast food that was consumed, the higher the risk. Furthermore, junk foods like doughnuts and cakes were also linked to the condition.

How does the food you eat affect your mood? The sugar, salt and fat combinations of fast food sends a message to our brains that these foods are rewarding, therefore safe. This message can be dangerous and lead to a vicious cycle of frequently eating or overeating these low nutrient, high fat foods. Over time this leads to weight gain and increases your risk of chronic diseases like depression and high blood pressure. Experiment with cutting back or eliminating fast food from your diet. Notice the positive changes in your weight, your waistline, and your mood. A better diet can help your physical and mental health! n

PALM BEACH PRIMARY CARE ASSOCIATES, INC. State of the Art Office Building with Imaging Center

Shekhar Sharma M.D. Ebonee Johnson A.R.N.P.

Southern Blvd.


Palomino Park



Lake Worth Rd.

Florida’s Turnpke

The Mall at Wellington Green

State Road 7 (441)

Forest Hill Blvd.

Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Same Day Appointments and 24-Hour Service Available

3347 State Road 7 Suite 200 Wellington, FL 33449

Tel: (561) 795-9087 • Fax: (561) 753-8730

ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS • Diagnosis of Complex Illnesses • Cholesterol Management • Diabetes • Cardiac Care • EKG/24-Hour Heart Monitoring/Spirometry • Hypertension • Geriatric Concerns • Osteoporosis 1200 South Main Street Suite 101 Belle Glade FL 33430

Tel: (561) 996-7742 • Fax: (561) 753-8730


January 2014


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Healthcare Reform and Select Specialty Hospital By Mike Corvaia

y this time everyone knows healthcare is changing, whether you were an advocate for change or not, it's happening. How does this affect you and your loved ones? What will this mean if you're a healthcare provider? For the purpose of this short article, we will only highlight a few of the new changes and how Select Specialty Hospital might be able to assist you as a patient and if you're a healthcare provider, as our healthcare laws evolve. The following excerpt is from

As of October 2012, Medicare will reward hospitals that provide high quality care for their patients through the new Hospital ValueBased Purchasing Program. This program marks the beginning of an historic change in how Medicare pays health care providers and facilities—for the first time, hospitals across the country will be paid for inpatient acute care services based on care quality, not just the quantity of the services they provide.

Hospital payments account for the largest share of Medicare spending, and Medicare is the largest single payer for hospital services. In 2009, more than 7 million Medicare beneficiaries experienced more than 12.4 million inpatient hospitalizations. One in seven Medicare patients will experience some “adverse” event such as a

preventable illness or injury while in the hospital. One in three Medicare beneficiaries who leave the hospital today will be back in the hospital within a month. Every year, as many as 98,000 Americans die from errors in hospital care. In addition to adding to the suffering of patients and their caregivers, these errors lead to significant unnecessary health care spending. Medicare spent an estimated $4.4 billion in 2009 to care for patients who had been harmed in the hospital, and readmissions cost Medicare another $26 billion.

Select Specialty Hospital of Palm Beach boasts some of the most impressive patient outcomes and statistics in Palm Beach County. In 2011 and 2012, our Central Line Blood Associated Infection Rate, Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection rate and Vent Associated Pneumonias (VAP) were all well under the national average. We are able to render these impressive results through active surveillance, hard wired processes for device maintenance, VAP bundles, as well as central line and Foley catheter protocols. Most facilities cannot compete with our positive outcomes. Physicians benefit from sending their patients to Select because of our strong outcomes. Patients, as well as family members, consistently have exceptional experiences with our hospital. As our healthcare system evolves, Select Specialty Hospital manages to stay ahead of expectations by providing the best

care to the patients that are admitted to us.

We have physicians in our hospital 24/7 and not just one specialty. Select Specialty has every subspecialty on staff as well, such as pulmonary, critical care, trauma surgeons, neurology, ear nose and throat (ENT), nephrology, psychiatry, pain management, infectious disease, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, cardiology, gastroenterology, and nephrology to name a few. We have respiratory therapists on staff 24/7, a full line of rehab services including physical, occupational, and speech therapy, bedside dialysis, a radiology department including CT scanning, a full service pharmacy, an intensive care unit, a state of the art operating room where we perform tracheostomy placement, skin grafts, wound debridements, and GI procedures, in addition to a number of other advanced surgical procedures. We are a desired destination for many complex patients because we are a 60-bed hospital that is able to provide the highest levels of acute care in a very comforting intimate environment. Our patients do not get lost and neither do their concerns, especially if they are in need of additional rehab or other therapies. The patient comes first at Select and the best healthcare providers in Palm Beach County know that Select has the positive outcomes to back up our reputation.

My advice to friends, family and

potential patients is to do your homework and ask your physician, case manager, caregiver, nurse, and neighbor about their experience or knowledge about a particular facility your loved one may be admitted to for care. Select Specialty Hospital of Palm Beach has been labeled the best kept secret in Palm Beach by many healthcare professionals and previous/existing patients for a reason. We provide the best care and deliver the best outcomes on patients without misleading family members or other healthcare professionals. In essence, we are a proven and trusted healthcare provider in Palm Beach and that's one of the reasons some of the most respected physicians in the county utilize and trust Select Specialty Hospital. Choosing the right hospital is perhaps the most crucial decision you can make in advancing or continuing the health care for you or a loved one. Make the decision for yourself, avoid here say from pushy marketing reps, many times they have ulterior motives. My rule of thumb is if someone has something negative to say about another facility, I immediately question their integrity and intentions. I urge you to visit your healthcare options personally, speak to the physicians that are providing care for you or your loved ones, ask to speak to the CEO or other Director from that hospital and make the best decision possible with as much information you can gather from respected healthcare

Mike Corvaia has been in healthcare administration for over ten years and is currently the Director of Business Development for select specialty hospital in Palm Beach. he holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and is completing his master’s Degree this year in Business Administration, with an emphasis on healthcare Administration.

Please feel free to send any healthcare related questions to

professionals. Remember, it's your choice as a patient to select your healthcare provider.

We look forward to you visiting our hospital and seeing for yourself what many people consider the finest institution in Palm Beach. n Select Specialty Hospital of Palm Beach is located at 3060 Melaleuca Lane, Lake Worth, Florida 33461. Our main number is 561-357-7200 and can be called 24 hours a day, answered by a live person.

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January 2014


Premier Family Health & Wellness brightens Holiday for Local Students


hysicians and staff at Premier Family Health & Wellness, an innovative Family Medicine practice located on State Road 7 in Wellington, know the joy of giving. For the third consecutive year, providers, staff and patients helped raise funds to brighten the holidays for students of the Indian Ridge School in West Palm Beach. The Indian Ridge School, the only therapeutic school in Palm Beach County, offers academic programming for students elementary through high school who have been identified with emotional/behavioral problems. In addition to academics, educators at Indian Ridge promote development of social skills to help students progress to post-secondary education, productive citizenship, employment and independent living. On December 19, following several weeks of fundraising activities at Premier Family Health, staff members visited the Indian Ridge School to personally present the gifts— toys, gift cards, and t-shirts—to all 115 students.

In his holiday greeting to the students, Dr. Apicella, physician and CEO of Premier Family


Health stated, “You can do anything you set your mind to; there are no limits. If you display hard work, dedication, and gratitude, great things will come your way.” Stacey Oak, Community Resource professional at Indian Ridge said, “Our students are so fortunate to have the support of Premier Family Health & Wellness to brighten their holidays. This not only brought smiles to their faces, but helps to teach them the importance of giving and caring for others.” From primary care to chronic disease management, Premier Family Health provides a full continuum of care offering the convenience of an urgent care center, primary care practice, Regenaissance Wellness Center and an on-site diagnostic testing center and lab, all integrated through an electronic medical records system. Patients receive the highest standard of care from professionals who remain at the forefront of the latest research findings on health, wellness and aging. For more information, please call 561-798-3030. n

Americans Eating Better, Cutting Calories: USDA

merican adults are eating healthier diets, making better use of nutrition information on food labels, consuming more fiber and less cholesterol, and getting fewer calories from total fat and saturated fat, a federal government report says. "We have made significant progress, but our work is not done," Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a U.S. Department of Agriculture news release. For the report, researchers analyzed data gathered from

adults who took part in the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 2005 and 2010, and found that overall daily calorie intake fell by 78 calories per day during that time.

Decreases were also seen in calories from total fat (about 3 percent) and saturated fat (just under 6 percent) and cholesterol intake (nearly 8 percent). Overall fiber intake rose by 1.2 grams (7.5 percent) a day, according to the report released Jan. 16 by the USDA's Economic Research Service.

Eating out less accounted for 20 percent of the improvement in the quality of adults' diets. Calories from foods consumed away from home (such as in restaurants and fast-food outlets) fell by 127 calories per day. The

average adult ate three fewer meals and 1.5 fewer snacks per month away from home, the study found.

The report also found that people are more likely to want and to use nutrition information about their food. When making food choices, 42 percent of workingage adults and 57 percent of older adults said they used the Nutrition Facts panel on food labels most or all of the time. And 76 percent of working-age adults said they would use nutrition information in restaurants if it was available.

The researchers also uncovered changing attitudes about food and nutrition.

The proportion of working-age adults who believe they have the ability to change their body weight rose 3 percent from 2007 to 2010.

The report's findings show the positive effects of efforts since 2009 to improve Americans' food choices and diet quality, and their access to science-based nutrition education and advice, according to federal government officials. n

January 2014


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A Gentle Approach to Chronic Pain I know that these people experience quite a toll both physically and emotionally.

Dr. Jonathan Chung is a Doctor of Chiropractic who focuses on Structural Correction and is primarily concerned with Structural Shifts of the spine. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.S. in Microbiology and Molecular Biology. Dr. Chung then went on and received his doctorate from Life University's College of Chiropractic. Dr. Chung is certified in pediatrics from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and is a Structural Chiropractic Researcher who has been published in scientific peerreviewed journals.


Breaking the Chronic Pain Cycle of Fibromyalgia

hronic pain takes many shapes and forms, but we know that it has a huge social and economic burden. The Institute of Medicine reports that roughly 116 million, or 30% of the population suffer from pain lasting a year or longer. Although chronic pain isn’t a life threatening issue, it’s certainly a problem that has a dramatic effect on the quality of someone’s life. After taking care of hundreds of people with conditions like fibromyalgia,


Perhaps the worst part about fibromyalgia is that there is no known cause or cure. It’s basically invisible to any blood tests or MRI studies, and most of the drugs available are for pain control. People with fibromyalgia may often be depressed, have anxiety, and have a sense of isolation because they don’t feel that their friends and family understand their struggle. This often compounded by the fact that their doctors have told them that the pain is psychosomatic, or just in their minds because no tests can reveal an underlying disease process.

In recent years, fibromyalgia has become one of the most published topics in medical journals. As a result, we are starting to develop an understanding of the disease on a deeper level to know that it’s certainly NOT just in the patient’s mind. Research is pointing to problems within the central nervous system and tiny blood vessels in the skin as likely causes of the deep body-wide pain. But what does this mean in terms of treatment?

For most people, drugs that target the nervous system like Lyrica or Gabapentin are the first line of treatment and many have had success. However, some patients can be sensitive to drug reactions, or their bodies may develop a high tolerance for the dosages. In cases like these, many patients start to seek out alternative therapies like acupuncture, reiki, and homeopathy.

Traditional chiropractic has also been a source of relief for many people seeking help with chronic pain. However, many people with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia can feel apprehensive about seeing a Doctor of Chiropractic because manipulations can seem too rough for someone who can barely stand to be touched.

trigeminal neuralgia, and TMJ problems that are Secondary to a Structrual problem in the neck called Atlas Displacement Complex. Most of these people are afraid to be touched, and gravitate to a lighter approach. This type of condition requires a precision type of adjustment called a NUCCA Correction. This type of adjustment is so

positioning to operate normally. When there are garbage signals going into the brain, then garbage signals come out in the form of pain. This phenomenon in fibromyalgia patients creates a condition called central sensitization. This is the reason why people with fibromyalgia can feel excruciating pain from a light touch. It’s not that there’s a physical injury, but the nervous system is getting scrambled signals and is primed to experience pain.

While most people don’t experience a full cure, I find that people can return to a level where life is livable again. By breaking the pain cycle through the nervous system, you can impact the way stress affects the body and the immune system. By no means is this a cure all, but it can be a great catalyst to being steered back on the path towards a normal life. I’ve seen numerous patients who’ve been able to go from disability to working or resuming exercise again in a matter of months.

Not All Adjustments are Built the Same

In chiropractic, there are dozens of techniques and approaches to correcting the spine. Some are heavy handed and require a lot of force, but others are very gentle and rely more on precision. It’s not to say that one is better than the other, but some are just designed for specific patient populations in mind. In my office, I attract many patients with fibromyalgia,

light, that most people often wonder if I even touched them, and then they start to feel their body change. Currently, only about 300 doctors in the country are trained in this type of care.

This approach is effective because of the spine’s influence on the central nervous system. When the top of the neck shifts abnormally and moves improperly, the nerves firing into the brainstem become distorted. In this way, the brain is like a computer that relies on spinal

One of the greatest joys of doing this type of work is giving people a glimmer of hope. So many people are convinced that they have to live in pain, or have been told that the problem they’re having is all in their head. In my office, I’ve helped hundreds of people recover from chronic pain with this gentle procedure. However, it’s not for everyone. Only people with a problem in their Atlas can receive this type of care, and that requires a detailed Structural Chiropractic Examination to identify the problem. Sometimes a little bit of hope is all a person needs to start healing again. n

U.S. Smoking Rates Drop to Historic Lows hole in her throat. It was the campaign's most widely viewed ad, and received more than 2.8 million views on YouTube.

ess than 20 percent of Americans still smoke cigarettes -- a breakthrough called a "milestone" by federal health officials.

Following years of smoking rates that had hovered around 20 percent, that number finally dropped to 18.1 percent in 2012, statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show. "This is a milestone. We have seen a steady decline in recent years, and so the stall is no longer occurring," said report coauthor Brian King, an epidemiologist in the CDC's Office on Smoking and Health. "But the progress is still not as strong as we would hope." King said several developments on the "national level helped to galvanize tobacco efforts, and help reduce smoking rates."

"In 2009, the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control

Hall died in September.

Act was implemented, which gave the FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] the authority to regulate tobacco," he said. "Also, in 2009 the federal tax rate for cigarettes increased from 39 cents a pack to $1.01 a pack. We know that increasing tobacco prices is the single most effective way to reduce smoking."

Another factor might have been the "Tips from Former Smokers" advertising campaign, which the CDC launched in 2012, King

said. In the ads, a dozen or so exsmokers offered harrowing personal tales on the devastating health consequences that can come from years of tobacco use.

One of the most striking ads featured a 53-year-old North Carolina woman named Terrie Hall, who was diagnosed with oral and throat cancer and had to have her voice box removed.

In her first ad, Hall was shown putting on a wig, inserting false teeth and using a scarf to hide a

Despite the encouraging news on smoking rates, King stressed that anti-smoking efforts can't stop. "There are still disparities in smoking rates across populations, and there are still 42.1 million American adults who still smoke. We need enhancement of proven strategies, such as increased tobacco pricing, smoke-free laws, hard-hitting mass media in concert with cessation resources to effectively end the tobacco epidemic," he added. In addition to a drop in the number of adult smokers, the number of cigarettes people are smoking also dropped, King said. "Among people who smoke the most, those who smoke 30 or more cigarettes a day, there was a decline from 12.6 percent to 7 percent," he said.

And among people who smoke every day, the average number of cigarettes they smoked dropped from 16.7 in 2005 to 14.6 in 2012. The findings were published in the Jan. 17 issue of the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. King noted that smoking rates remain highest among those with the least education (41.9 percent) and those below the poverty level (27.9 percent). The best way to target those groups is to raise the cost of cigarettes, he said. King is worried that some smokers are switching from cigarettes to other tobacco products, like little cigars.

"This is an emerging issue as the introduction of novel products has started to proliferate. It is concerning because, although we are seeing declines among certain groups, particularly young adults 18 to 24, the prevalence of these other products is increasing," he said. n


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Global Health Tribune - January 2014 Issue  

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Global Health Tribune - January 2014 Issue  

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