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Glamcob, fashion & lifestyle magazine. Monthly feed for the fashion hunger people “Be Alluring, Be Elegant & Be Sharp. For All You Are!� Magazine provides you, The Stylish G e n e, Righteous Theme for the perfect scene.

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WOMAN Is Beautiful


arch issue is all about Women’s Empowerment including beautiful dresses from tip-to-toe, fitness guide, beauty tips, and some inspirational stories of influential women. Kary Arora, or say dj Kary, India’s first female dj is on the cover page. The very gorgeous Kary took out some time from her busy schedule to talk to us about her dj career and for encouraging women, and of course discussed on how she’s making her debut as a music director in the upcoming bollywood flick “Dare You”. Stepping forward, we’re providing for the very first time, the column of events covering the post event details of LOK FOLK ‘colors of India 2013’, a cultural event held at Shilpgram, Khajurao. Happy Reading !!

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Women should not be equal to men. In fact, they should always be ahead of them. - Shah Rukh Khan

What’s Inside

STYLE & BEAUTY EDITOR’S BLOC Letter from the editor 8 March issue is all about of..

Stylish Spring Looks 12 Whether you’re in the mood.. How To Wear White 15 Cute white outfits you’ll.. What’s Causing Your Breakout 16 4 hidden causes of Acne..

LOVE & SEX Break A Dry Spell 72 Happy couples have sex twice a week..

HOTTIE Got Mails 50 Sunaina 56 Veronica Lavery

EVENTS Lolk Folk 63 Colors of India (Post Event Details)

WHAT’S NEW..? 25 Most Influential Women 18 Their passion for work, their excellence..

LUXURY A New RAY Of Hope 78 Yamaha recently launced RAY..

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COVER STORY India’s First Female DJ

FOOD & FITNESS Diet: Every Women Must Have 40 Empoering women makes India.. Ftness Guide To Beginners 44 Many women desire to begin..

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Stylish Spring


Whether you're in the mood for fitted or flowing, there's a piece guaranteed to delight. Check out both snug and loose styles here !!

Jackets loose: a) A bouquet of flowers feminizes a boxy cut. b) The high school varsity jacket goes glam.

snug: c) This ain't your grandma's lace. d) Stand out in a sea of black leather biker jackets.

Skirts loose: a) Functional buttons run the length of the skirt so you can show some leg. b) Everything is illuminated in a stainedglass-printed maxi.

snug: c) Zips and neon patches add sporty spice to your office wardrobe. d) Inky flowers on a pencil skirt: fun without being too cutesy.

Dresses loose: a) This sleek, color-blocked flapper dress feels more now than then. b) In the new wrap dress, hippie meets ballerina.

snug: c) Sharp black seams toughen up a cotton-candy peplum. d) Proof that you don't have to show a lot of skin to show off your assets.

Blazers loose: a) Oversized fit and strong color: You're the boss. b) The blousy drape couldn't be less corporate drone-y.

snug: c) These jagged blooms look freshly plucked from a Tim. d) Forget subtle ombre: No shades of gray in this season's black-and-white trend.

Raincoats loose: a) A hint of mint is so refreshing on an anorak. b) The windbreaker gets a dose of Japanese street style.

snug: c) As the nautical details suggest, this trench isn't afraid to get wet. d) Pink-tinged leopard print is both naughty and nice.

Pants loose: a) They're the exotic cousin of sporty drawstring pants. b) This Palm Beach take on harem pants can easily go from beach to bar.

snug: c) White denim and lace elevate patchwork jeans to cocktail attire. d.)Black cigarette pants? Been there, done that. Glitzy prints shine now.

How To Wear White: Cute White Outfits You’ll Look Great In #1 #2 Tip #1 Monochromatic white is tough to pull off, so rock a bright top.

Tip #2 Boot-cut is the most slimming style of pants. Buy white ones a size up and look for a pair with faux pockets.


Tip #3


To create the illusion of longer legs, pair white clothes with nude heels

Tip #4 Choose a thicker fabric to avoid clinging.

Tip #5 If you want to draw eyes up and away from problem areas, add a bold necklace to a white outfit.


Tip #6


"A white spandex tee is more likely to highlight flaws. The ideal shape is a V-neck style with threequarter sleeves."

What’s Causing



4 Hidden Causes of Acne.. Your Cell Phone Cell phones gather all kinds of dirt and bacteria throughout the day, and are a big cause of acne on the chin and around the mouth. Wiping down your Smartphone daily with alcohol or Clorox wipes will keep your phone—and your face—clean.

Your Beauty Routine Zit-causing ingredients could be lurking on your beauty shelf. Unlike most prescriptions, however, you do have control over what you put on your face and hair. Acne caused by topical creams, lotions, and makeup is known as Acne Cosmetica, and is most common on the face, neck, hairline, and scalp. If you regularly apply a product to an acne-prone area, it’s possible that it's doing more harm than good. Some people may also go to bed with ointments or oils in their hair that can get on the pillow case and then rub on your face, Fusco says, in which case it’s best to put a clean towel over your pillowcase every night to prevent buildup. Makeup brushes are constantly collecting leftover makeup and gathering bacteria and yeast, which can lead to a type of acne known as Folliculitis. Fusco recommends cleaning makeup brushes once a week to keep them gunk-free and face-friendly.

Your Toothpaste Contrary to the popular belief that toothpaste will stop a breakout in its tracks, certain toothpastes can actually cause you to develop acne or an acne-like eruption called perioral dermatitis on the lower third of your face. Fluoride and other whitening and anticavity ingredients, especially sodium pyrophosphate, are quite abrasive, Fusco says, and could potentially burn the skin, cause irritation, and initiate breakouts.

Touching Your Face Above all, avoid touching your face at all costs—even after you wash your hands. "Touching can inflame the skin, and if you're touching the same area, you might get an increase in oil production, so it's three-pronged: it's the bacteria, the inflammation, and the increased production in oil," Fusco says. And don't even think about trying to pop that pimple!


Keep it real: Vidya Balan 34, Actor

Because: She has toppled the all dominating hero, reducing him to a supporting role in a male dominated film industry. Because she transformed from Sabrina Lal in No One Killed Jessica (2011) to Silk in The Dirty Picture (2011), despite people telling her playing Silk wouldn't be worthy of her.

Their passion for w o r k, t h e i r excellence on the job and the change they h a v e wrought has taken them to the top of their game. They are changing the rules every day. Meet 25 most influential women and their inspiring stories.

Because she pushed big dorky glasses over her nose, let her stomach hang out in rolls over her jeans and displayed enough cleavage to give item girls a complex, and the audience loved her through it all. Because she is doing it again, as a pregnant woman desperately searching for her missing husband in Sujoy Ghosh's Kahaani, and is already the toast of Vidhu Vinod Chopra's ambitious Ferrari Ki Sawaari even though she appears for one item number, Mala Jao Dya. Because she has come a long way in accepting herself as she is, size zero or not. Through the looking glass: "The birth of my twin niece and nephew Ira and Rohan, my sister's children, was the highlight of my year. Of course both No One Killed Jessica and The Dirty Picture did well and I couldn't have asked for anything more professionally." Passion first: "I love listening to classical, Hindustani and Carnatic music. I am just passionate about everything. About reading, watching films, about people, places, my work, about my prayers, food, exercise."

The social network: Kirthiga Reddy 40, Director Online Operations, Head, Facebook India Because: She heads the India division of the world's largest social network with over 800 million active users. Because since Facebook set up an office in the country in 2010, the user base went up from eight million to over 40 million people in less than two years. Because India is Facebook's thirdlargest market and has an average growth rate of more than one million people per month. Because Facebook users represent the youngest and most attractive market segment in the country. Through the looking glass: 2011 was an important year for her as she strengthened Facebook's operations in India, which included building a team, as well as making an outsized impact in the serving of global users, developers and advertisers. Culture first: "From hackathons to new traditions like Bollywood dancing, culture was the fabric that wove

us together. Through our community initiatives we touched the lives of over 1,000 million students and we also leveraged Facebook to support NGOs like Olympic Gold Quest, which grooms the next league of Olympic champions." On the Radar: She wants to maximise the Facebook India vision to drive global user, developer, and advertiser success through bold innovation, operational excellence and leadership. "My personal goals are to lead programmes to mentor the next generation of women leaders and trek to the Everest base camp," she says.

Because her production house Balaji Telefilms had a sales turnover of Rs.151 crore in 2011. Because from gifting her favourite writers money to buy a car, to throwing chairs at her staff in rage, she plays the role of the larger than life diva with elan. Through the looking glass: "It's all about adaptability," says Kapoor, "I was a creative through and through, when my CEO told me to calm down and focus on what's good for business." Balaji's latest TV offerings have matured in nature and are low on drama. "I sensed there was an audience for slice-of-life narratives, and luckily it's struck a chord," she adds, referring to Bade Achche Lagte Hain and Kya Hua Tera Wada, both aired on Sony. On the Radar: Her big-screen releases for 2012 are an interesting mix: the gripping crime drama Shoot Out At Wadala and a sequel to Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai.

Show stopper: Ekta Kapoor

The Lesson: Her formula is never play to the gallery-for either critical acclaim or box office success. "If you're doing that, you're doing it wrong," she says.

36, Joint Managing Director, Balaji Telefilms Because: 2011 was a banner year with five film releases, the most successful of which was the critical and commercial success The Dirty Picture, which grossed over Rs.114 crore. Because despite being written off in 2008 after the saas-bahu bubble burst, Kapoor came back with a bang with big screen releases like Love, Sex aur Dhokha, Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai and Ragini MMS.

50, CEO and Managing Director, Multiples Alternate Asset Management Because: As the head of ICICI Ventures, she was dubbed the queen of private equity for managing funds of around Rs.9,200 crore. Because she quit at the peak of her career in 2009 to start her own venture. Because her start-up is now a Rs.2,025 crore private equity fund, backed by top Indian and global institutional investors. Through the looking glass: "The feeling of building an institution and then coming out of it alone made me feel like a bird whose wings had been clipped. I was desperate to fly but couldn't because I didn't have my wings." On the radar: "We are primarily eyeing mid-sized private companies where we can pick up majority stakes and our aim is make longterm growth investments," says Ramnath. The firm is looking to build a portfolio of 12-15 companies over the next three years and close deals in the range of Rs.200-250 crore along with its investors. Moving on: Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs. She likes the freedom since she can hire who she wants, pay them accordingly and chase deals she likes.

Fresh start: Renuka Ramnath

Class Apart: Kareena Kapoor 32, Actor

Start-up star: Meena Ganesh 48, CEO and Managing Director, Pearson Education Services

Because: She's second to no hero when it comes to her asking price or endorsements. Because she starred in the two biggest releases of 2011, Ra.One and Bodyguard, the latter being the biggest hit of the year and grossing over Rs.100 crore in its first week alone.

Because: Every time she sells a bright idea for a princely sum, she's ready with the 'next big thing' in IT services. Because after the sale of Customer Asset, an international call centre to ICICI in 2002, she recently sold TutorVista, an online tutoring service she co-ran with husband Krishnan, to UK-based Pearson for a cool Rs.577 crore. Because under her, Pearson operates and manages 27 schools country-wide.

Because despite being paired opposite the Khan power trio, she's played her roles with trademark spunk, and refused to be overshadowed by the hero. Because after delivering duds like Jeena Sirf Merre Liye (2002), and LOC Kargil (2003), Kapoor has reinvented herself as the most versatile female lead in the industry. Because she's one half of a celebrity couple that never give the shutterbugs a day off.

One love: Ganeshandher husband married in their early 20s, and have learnt to complement each other's strengths and weaknesses when working together. "It doesn't stop us from arguing though. But that's what keeps things interesting," she laughs.

Through the looking glass: Kapoor admits that she was never good at academics and films were always her first option."I couldn't have done anything else. There was no fallback," she claims. On the radar: In 2012, Kapoor's shedding her girl-next-door image to take up meatier roles, be it as a Pakistani spy in beau Saif Ali Khan's home production Agent Vinod, a prostitute in Aamir Khan starrer Talaash or as Madhur Bhandarkar's Heroine. She also has 14 brands to endorse.

Building blocks: Pia Singh 41, Wholetime Director, DLF Ltd. Because: She is the wholetime director of the largest real estate developer in India with a market capitalisation of Rs.45,000 crore. Because the group has a consolidated revenue of Rs.10,144 crore and a consolidated profit of Rs.1,640 crore in 2011. Because she brought the mall culture to the country by introducing top-ofthe-line malls, which delivered superior value to the best of the national and international brands. Because under her leadership, DLF became the largest mall developers in the nation. Because she also helped set up the entertainment division of the company. Through the looking glass: She went on a sabbatical and spent the last two years tending to her children. "Exciting new avenues are being structured and planned, which will soon be executed," she says. Wild child: When not working, one can find her trekking in the mountains. "It's challenging and that is the reason I love it, it adds colour to my life," she says. Movie buff: Her inclination towards films is not new. During her student days she pursued a short term filmmaking course at the New York University, after majoring in finance from the Wharton School of Business, Pennsylvania, USA.

back. "I resisted instincts that told me to tone it down, and thats what made making Dhobi Ghat such a rich, creative experience for me," she says. Current passion: Motherhood. With husband Aamir, she welcomed their son, Azad Rao Khan, born via an IVF procedure in 2011.

Her own person: Kiran Rao 38, Filmmaker Because: Despite the luxe baggage of marrying a Bollywood A-lister, Rao has carved out a niche as one of India's few mainstream female directors. Because in an industry where scripts are written for men, by men and directed by men, she's created a space for unconventional plot-lines with her directorial debut, Dhobi Ghat (2010). Because the film was a critical success and considered for a nomination in the best non-English film category at the 2012 British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards. Because Rao as a producer, has thrown her weight behind neo-urban narratives like Taare Zameen Par (2007), Jaane Tu ... Yaa Jaane Na (2008) and Delhi Belly (2011). Because her first solo production, Peepli Live (2010) was nominated in the World Cinema Competition at Sundance in 2010. Through the looking glass: Rao admits that films weren't her first passion. It was a gradual process of appreciation, and once she'd decided on making them, she never looked

effective Lokpal at the centre and Lokayuktas at the state level. Successful living: "Convictions, beliefs, value for time and for personal growth and constant contribution for others. These things drive and sustain me." Through the looking glass: "When I look back, the fondest memory of my career in the Indian police service was when I conducted a meditation programme for prisoners at Tihar Jail in 1994. That set in motion everything that was to come later in life," she says. The lesson: She outraged politicians with her public enactment of their hypocrisy. "I did not apologise for my actions. I believed in them."

Revolutionary road: Kiran Bedi 63, Social Activist Because: She has stepped beyond the traditional role assigned to women and set a benchmark of courage for others. Because her stand against corruption put her at the forefront of the neo-nationalist anti-corruption movement in 2011. Because her drive for social justice goes beyond her uniform. Because she was India's first female police officer. On the radar: "The year 2011 passed by fighting against corruption by way of an effective system in place which does not exist so far. 2012 would be a natural sequel to what was sown and invested during the time," she says. Her focus in the days ahead is to prepare with Team Anna, a compelling ground for an

The muse: Neha Kirpal 31, Founder-Director, India Art Fair Because: As founder-director of the four-year-old India Art Fair(IAF), she's become the face of the contemporary art market in India. Because her vision paved the way for the entry of blue-chip galleries like White Cube, Hauser and Wirth and Lisson from the United Kingdom into the country, turning India into a hot global destination for artists and gallerists.

Because from the time of its inception in 2008 the fair has attracted a total of 2,60,000 visitors, and the number of galleries exhibiting has grown from 34 to 91, with 50 per cent international participation. Because she finally broke even at IAF 2012, after three consecutive years of making losses where stalls did brisk business of upto Rs.3 crore per work of art. Because she had the courage to invest in this bold idea when art markets were crashing worldwide. Through the looking glass: Kirpal began in 2008 with a humble bank loan of Rs.60 lakh and a lot of criticism. "Nine out of ten people told me that an art fair in India would fail miserably. The success of the fair is validated by the fact that some of my biggest critics are now my most enthusiastic supporters," she says. Inspiring artist: Kirpal admires the abstract work of Alwar Balasubramaniam. "I like the tease of the idea. The idea behind the art should tell a good story," she says.

Because: She heads India's third largest private sector bank, and has recently been reappointed managing director for another three years. Because since she took charge in 2009, Axis Bank’s performance has been admirable with a reported profit of Rs.942 crore for the quarter ending June 2011, a 27 per cent increase year on year. Because she revolutionised the private insurance sector as the head of ICICI Prudential, crossing 2,00,000 policies within two years and earning a premium income of Rs.280 crore. Because after her exit from ICICI, Sharma came back twice as strong with Axis, commanding a pay package of over Rs.2 crore a year. On the radar: The focus is on investment in infrastructure, small businesses and retail. Sharma is keen on developing a model to target rural markets, which she calls the markets of the future. Through the looking glass: The turning point in Sharma's career was when she was given the opportunity to lead ICICIs life insurance business in 2000. Sweet spot: Despite her busy schedule, she finds time to learn classical singing.

The powerhouse: Shikha Sharma 51, Managing Director and Chief Execcutive Officer, Axis Bank

In equal measure: Naina Lal Kidwai 54, Executive Director and Country Head, HSBC Because: She heads India's division of HSBC with deposits of close to $12,000 million. Because despite the sovereign credit crisis in the Eurozone, under her leadership, the pretax profit rose by 22 per cent to $813 million in 2011. Because she was the first woman to enter the world of investment banking. Because she is the first woman vice president of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Because she is a non-executive director on the board of Nestle and a member of the Audit Advisory Board of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. On the radar: She is currently looking ahead to work on environmental aspects, and take the performance of HSBC India to another level. Successful living: "If you work with passion and enjoy what you are pursuing, you will find a solution to life," she says. Work-life balance: People often told her about the difficulties of managing both a home and career. "But if I had stepped away, listening to that, it would have reflected on all women. My whole experience was to show how to do it," she says.

Retail Heaven: Ashni Biyani 26, Direactor, Future Group Because: She is the heir apparent to the Future group that is leading the retail revolution in the country, with a group capitalisation of Rs.5,900 crore. Because Big Bazaar now has 150 stores across 90 cities. Because she is managing the planned Rs.300 crore investment to open 30 more Big Bazaar centres by June 2012. Because she is in-charge of Future Ideas that helps come up with strategies to boost sales. Through the looking glass: In 2008, within two years of her joining, the retail market in India took a major hit. She remembers it as a difficult time, even though it prepared her for life ahead. "If you believe a problem is temporary, you come out of it stronger," she says. Fashion forward: Her passion is handbags. Fendi and Birkin are her absolute favourites.

The strategist: Aruna Jayanthi The write aesthetic: 49, CEO, Capgemini Chiki Sarkar India 34, Publisher, Penguin India Because: She heads the largest English language trade publisher in the subcontinent with over 200 titles every year and an active backlist of over 750 titles. Because at just 29, she was the editor-in-chief of Random House India. Because the Oxford educated Sarkar has an exquisite taste in literature, great networking skills and a fine sense of marketing. Through the looking glass: "I knew becoming publisher of Penguin would be a great move for me in every way but felt very emotional making the decision. Leaving Random House India was like leaving a baby. It was bittersweet," she says. The rule book: Sarkar believes that there are four rules that every publisher ought to follow; be discerning, what you say no to is more important than what you say yes to. Edit the book properly, worry about how it looks and really care about your authors.

Because: In 2011, Jayanthi was promoted to the rank of CEO for Capgemini India, whose global revenues for last year were an impressive $12 billion. Because at Capgemini India she was part of the core team that initiated the company's off-shore capabilities. Because she moved quickly from being global head of delivery for outsourcing to being named CEO. In her new role, she manages and mentors a growing workforce of over 36,000 employees. On the radar: Jayanthi spends 25 per cent of her time in leadership initiatives. "The challenge initially was to convince clients of the offshore business model. Now it's about achieving scale of operations without losing out on the fundamental DNA of the organisation, on the quality," she adds. Family ties: "I try and spend as much time as possible with my tenyear-old daughter Tara."

work schedule for three decades now. "You often feel as if you are walking a tightrope," she admits.

The frontunner: Chanda Kochhar 51, Managing Director Penny wise: Chitra and Chief Executive Ramakrishna Officer, 46, Joint Managing Because: She heads India's largest Director, National private bank with total assets of Rs.4,062.34 billion and recorded a Stock Exchange profit of Rs.51.51 billion in 2011. Because this year the bank expects to maintain its net interest margin (a measure of lending profitablity) at 2.6 per cent, at a time when most lenders have reported a drop because of a hike in RBI interest rates. Because besides being on the board of ICICI Bank, she is a member of the Prime Minister's Council on Trade & Industry, US-India CEO Forum and is a member of the Board of Governors of Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER). Because she topped the Fortune India list of most powerful women in business in 2011. Secret to success: Staying calm in difficult times and focusing on the task at hand. "My passion lies in the pursuit of excellence. Can I do it very well, better than others," she says. Work life: Balance Kochhar has balanced her family life and hectic

Mass appeal: Sneha Rajani 41, Senior Executive VP and Business Head, Sony Entertainment Television

Because: She is one of the architects of the National Stock Exchange (NSE), which is amongst the world's biggest and most efficiently run securities exchange boards. Because under her, the NSE has become a transparent market ecosystem that reaches out to more than 1,500 locations in the country.

Because: Ever since she became the business head of Sony Entertainment Television(SET) in 2011, she has repeated the success of the IPL on SET Max. Because Sony has moved from number four to its current number two position with gross rating points (GRP) of 227 as of February 2012, and beaten long term rival Colors.

Because last year, the NSE made a profit of Rs.860 crore under her leadership. Because in 2011, she was a top contender for the spot of the next chief of UTI Mutual Fund, the fourth largest fund house in the industry.

Because she has brought contemporary fiction shows back with a mature story line. Because under her leadership, SET earned Rs.200 crore in advertising revenues, almost double the income of 2010, from Kaun Banega Crorepati alone.

Behind the scenes: She believes in hiding behind her success. Always media shy, action, she says, speaks louder than words.

Through the looking glass: "It was a gratifying year. After an extremely long wait, we saw a change in our flagship brand Sony. It was the most satisfying moment of my career."

Successful living: Honesty, she says, is the best policy. It works for her at both work and home.

On the radar: "We want to consolidate on what we have built and grow further."

Great expectations: Schauna Chauhan Saluja In her blood: Deeksha Suri Murthi 32, Executive Director, Lalit Suri Hospitality Group Because: She's one-third of the power trio set to inherit The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group, India's largest privately owned hotel company which owns 16 luxury hotels and made a total profit of Rs.405 crore in 2011. Because despite the recession, the group hasn't shied away from a phased investment of Rs.2,500 crore in the development of Lalit properties across the country over the next two years. Because Suri is spearheading the group's entry into the mid-scale market of budget hotels with the new chain The Lalit Traveller in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. On the radar: "I am passionate about HR initiatives but I'm being groomed to understand every aspect of the business," says Suri, who's now spreading her wings to different sectors like revenue, sales, security and organisational development. Hot tip: She's a fitness freak and walks everyday for an hour.

Role model: "I admire Warren Buffet because of his beliefs and his way of doing things. It's not just for business but also society at large."

34, CEO, Parle Agro Because: She heads the over Rs.1,500 crore FMCG giant Parle Agro. Because she has expanded her company's global presence by exporting to 20 countries. Because last year she added Appy Fizz and Frooti successfully to that global portfolio. Because she understands innovation and used Twitter to manage the company's inventory, also making Hippo snacks a success story. Because she refuses to stop until she lives her dream of making Parle the number one FMCG company in India. On the radar: "We have also started to aggressively expand globally. Countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Africa, Gulf nations and even some markets in Europe are part of our immediate global expansion plans. It goes without saying that the rest of the world is being targeted as well, at as aggressive a pace," she says. Successful living: "As a leader my biggest strength is that I love what I do. I am a team player and work closely with my team towards achieving our business goals. Since my core area of focus is in operations, I have a keen eye for detailing. I believe in leading by example."

Brand value: Lynn De Dsouza 52, Chairman & CEO, Lintas Media Group Because: She heads one of the largest media agencies in the country which had a 17 per cent growth in revenue in 2011. Because she is one of the few women to head several industry bodies, storming into the male dominated AAAI (Advertising Agencies Association of India) as its vice president for the year 20102011. Because she plays a significant role in the media dynamics of the nation. Through the looking glass: The big stories for Lintas Media Group for 2011 have been retaining the Rs.300 crore Sony Electronics account in India, which moved to OMD, a global media agency, in the rest of Asia. The agency also got itself the HUL and Nokia outdoor business, by completing its acquisition of Aaren Initiative Outdoor. The company also won 23 new accounts, including four digital additions in 2011. Women first: On a personal note, Lynn has launched the Inter Public Group's Women's Leadership

Network in India with an aim of improving gender balance in leadership levels in IPG companies.

Zaveri continued on her business model of innovation instead of a cost reduction drive.

Animal lover: A qualified veterinary nurse, she started and now chairs the Goa Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She also manages a veterinary hospital and animal shelter in Goa.

Top gear: Harshbeena Sahney Zaveri 50, MD and President, NRB Bearings

Power play: Nirupma Rao 52, Ambassador of India, United States of America Because: She was the first woman full-term foreign secretary in India's history. Because she has been given the task of transforming Indo-US ties. Because she is the diplomatic channel through which all agreements from outsourcing to counterterrorism flow. Because she has served in key diplomatic assignments like China and Sri Lanka. Because she was also the first woman spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs. Successful living: "Never let success or the impressions of it go to one's head. Find solutions to the challenges that life throws your way and always strive to be your yourself," she says.

Because: She heads NRB Bearings of net worth Rs.219 crore, which had a turnover of Rs.466 crore in 2011. Because she is the brain behind building in-house technology for auto parts. Because NRB designed the bearings for the dual clutch automatic transmission for the global launch of Ford Fiesta in 2011. Because NRB provides cutting edge products for the next generation of two-wheelers, automobiles and trucks for big fish like Volvo and Mercedes, apart from almost every Indian manufacturer. On the radar: Latest automobile engineering for the global launch of the next generation of Audis in 2014."I'm confident of hitting Rs.1,000 crore within the next three years. By 2020, we're targeting a billion dollar growth mark and we're on track," says Zaveri. Succesful living: High benchmarks help. "We target the best clients in the world first. And then we plan meticulously." Despite losing two years to the recession,

Money wise: Archana Hingorani 45, CEO & Executive Director, IL&FS Investment Managers Limited (IIML) Because: She heads one of the oldest and largest private equity fund firms in the country. Because when she took over in 2005, IIML's private equity was barely $300 million compared to $3.2 billion now. Because IIML manages funds of major Indian banks and institutions. Through the looking glass: "2011 was challenging for me as our business was affected by recession. It's almost like the year did not exist because of the challenges we faced," she says. But this taught her to plan meticulously and reach her goals as a fund manager. On the radar: This year will see her raising $500 million and planning exits from previous investments.

60, Chairperson, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art Because: She refused to be a trophy wife and became the face of philanthropy in the country instead. Because she heads the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA), a free museum in Delhi which has created a site for confluence of art and not to earn quick commission. Because she has consistently worked towards educational reforms through Vidyagyan, an initiative of the Shiv Nadar Foundation to empower individuals, and the Shiv Nadar University (SNU). Because she works with the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation that sponsors the education of poor Muslim girls in the most backward districts of Uttar Pradesh. Because she was named the hero of philanthropy among several others by Forbes Asia in 2010. On the radar: In the next two years, she is looking forward to an acquisition of space for a museum beyond KNMA. "We are looking forward to a joint venture with the government and are hopeful that the best works out for us," she adds.

Passion for life: Nadar is a national level bridge player and has even represented the country in tournaments abroad. She is also a keen sports enthusiast.


Art of living: Kiran Nadar

Successful living: "My achievements in life have always had the force of determination behind them. They have never been half measures in life for me," she says.


Successful living: "Success is the ability to show results and use your team to deliver through consensus driven management."

ry o t S r e Cov

Kary Arora INDIA’s first female


DJing world is only about good vibes and awesome music its not gender based Being a female and living in India, was it a tough road to travel to be a DJ? YES!! I started on 8 Jan 1997 and soon realized that not only its going to be tough but pretty hard to work as a resident dj in a proper discotheque as there were very few in town, there was no proper school having djing courses too.Despite of being a challenging job for girls in India I refused to bow down and experimenting with DJing gears i turned into a self made DJ. You might have to face a lot of criticism. So, did it ever stop you from doing it or ever forced you to change your mind from being a DJ? Since childhood I’m a digital technology freak along side following music passionately. I used to mix music on tapes, have worked as a labor picking up speakers,

collecting music when there were hardly music shops or internet. After so much dedication i've been gun pointed thrice just because random drunk people would want me to play their songs, men chasing 'coz they had'nt seen a girl dj before.. feels so little in comparison to what I wanted to achieve. I’M A PASSIONATE INDEPENDEN - EXTREMIST GIRL need i say more?

think its a different path now.

Is it your passion or just a profession? BOTH.

Tell us something about your feelings when you play with the music with your hands? For me music is more than an emotion, I always try to spread happiness through it. Beats are like moving legs, lyrics are like heart's singing and those chills known as musical frisson are like blood running in vein.

What inspired you choose such a different path? If you had asked me 16yrs back I would have replied I just did what I love doing inspiration is within us it talks to our mind and soul and I heard my voice and followed it but I see so many female dj's so I don’t

How did your parent's react to it when, they came to know about you being a DJ? They were little hesitant but I took them to my console and made it sure they know I work in a cabin like console with security and hotel management to take care of me now see my proud parent's happy.

What taste do you have in music. I mean your favourite music? Now, this is a toughest question hmmm I know for the fact different sounds interests me I would record a tree moving and ocean's wave and listen to it for hours perhaps that's the reason I never categorized myself into specific genre. It's a mindset of people in India that the DJ world is men's world. What do you feel about this? NOT AT ALL. DJING WORLD IS ONLY ABOUT GOOD VIBES AND AWESOME MUSIC ITS NOT GENDER BASED. A cd player or a mixer doesn't come with an instruction that touch me not if ur a girl..!! One big problem today, in night clubs and discotheques is the intake of drugs by young people in huge quantities. What is your opinion on this? Since, 16yrs I have never seen anyone taking drugs in clubs infact smoking is also not allowed. Clubs and Rave parties are two different scenes. Club's management do check people before they allow people inside and there are always guards to keep a check on,inside everywhere. THIS IS A FALSE MINDSET.

You are the very first female professional DJ and an inspiration to almost all women. So, on this women's day would you like to say something to inspire our women readers? All I can say is real women are classy, strong, independent, loyal and love-able. One thing about us is we don't 'wish'.... We go out and make it happen!! *hugs* to all such women. Who is your idol or the most influential women who inspires you? J. LO, MOTHER TERESA, OPRAH, SUSHMITA SEN, HARD KAUR, the list is endless.. You are making your debut as a music director with the title song "I dare you" in bollywood Dare You being released in 2013. How you come across it and how does it feel to finally work as a music director? I cannot explain how happy and excited im. I came across Denis Selarka and Mehul Simaria of blue berry films at the right time when Denis sir was looking for the title track of "dare you" He told me he is looking for a hinglish track and i made the title track "I dare you" having 26 language's in it. He said " I not only saw you hardworking but you are extremely creative and talented in music" therefore im very thankful to blue berry films. How do you dress up when you go to clubs or discs. How do you describe your style? Elegant yet funky. What do you think, fashion and style are different or co-related? I think these are 2 different things. Fashion is mainly cloths in vogue and style is something comes within could be the way you talk, walk, dance, sing etc etc.

What did you do on women's day. Would like to share some special moments with us? I played at Oak Lounge in Pune it was a mad - mad night with most women screaming, dancing, singing and celebrating their freedom felt happy to make them feel special via my music. Times Nightlife of India awarded Club Buzz for dancing in 2007 and best bar of the town in your residency. Tell us about your role, your part that you played and the credit given to you by the clubs for these awards? Yes, I was a resident Dj for Buzz in those years and when we won these awards the owner Mr. Gagan kapoor told me "you are the cherry on the cake for us, without you these awards would have not been possible" though II totally believe it was the crowd's constant love and support who kept dancing on my music in buzz. You were featured in the documentary 360 degree DJs, and was ranked as one of the Delhi's top five DJs for 2 years. How was that feeling, you might be on cloud 9, we would like you to please share those special moments with us? 360 degree dj's:- documentary was made by Anand Kumar ( director of Delhi heights, Zila Gaziabaad) based on dj's who pioneered this field and I’m glad Anand spotted me to be a part of it as Anand has shot it geniusly. HT City Delhi ranked me in top five dj's what can i say being on top is just a number but definitely im honored, it made my mom, dad proud. Thanks for such intense questions I felt like i lived my life again answering GLAMCOB.

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DIET that every women must have

Empowering women makes India empowering the world. Women are the representatives of our culture, development and identity. Therefore, women have to be well groomed to make people aspire her and for this to happen, it is better to keep yourself fit and fresh by taking healthy diet rather than using cautionary cosmetics. Protein rich diets actually help us to make muscles but it enhances the fat of our body which often leads to wrinkles and to overcome this, one should have anti-oxidant food.

salmon Fish is the main source of Leptin, which actually controls the appetite and over - eating measures. Salmon fish is an


immense souce of Omega, which reduces wrinkles and keeps a person young and fit.

Stay away: from biscuits and bread Biscuits and bread are the elements one should avoid. There is excessive quantity of refined flour in these stuffs which leads to

have some

sleepy and passive body. To make body active rather than lousy just avoid taking biscuits and extra bread in your breakfast.


These juicy fruits not only taste good, but they help to fight with diseases. Blueberries might be tiny in size, but the health benefits they deliver are enormous. They can boost cognitive function while strengthening immunity. Add these berries to your breakfast, and you’ll get your day off to a very good start!

These anti-oxidants could make women young, energetic, fresh and sharp throughout the day, which is very essential for any personal and professional commitment. After all, in the contemporary scenario it is proved that women does more work than men. So, little more care of themselves has to be taken by the women.

s s e n Fit

Women’s Special



Many women desire to begin exercising. They may have different motives; to get healthy, lose weight, have fun, get stronger & so on. Unfortunately, many of these women simply don’t know where to start & this prevents them from reaching their fitness goals.

join a GYM While a gym is not required to work out or get in shape, it is ideal. Not only is there a wide variety of equipment and machines, but most gyms also offer trainers, group and private lessons, or at the very least have staff members who can show you how to properly use a piece of exercise equipment. Often you will find that even other gym goers are willing to give advice if you just ask them. If you aren’t sure which gym to join visit several in the area, ask for a tour, and read reviews online. If you still can’t reach a decision then buy a few day passes and try each one out a few times. (Some facilities do cater specifically to women, and while they are becoming more common they are still quite hard to find).

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Have a plan.. One of the biggest mistake people make is going to the gym without a plan. They end up wandering around, wasting time, and not reaping the full benefits of their work out. Until you feel comfortable coming up with your own routine, I suggest finding a plan on the internet. Some great plans include: Jamie Eason’s Live Fit 12 Week Trainer and The Ultimate Beginner’s Machine Workout (For Women). Always make sure to record your sets/reps/etc. so you can keep track of your progress.

And stick to it According to Statistic Brain, 67% of people with gym memberships don’t use them. Even if you decide a gym is not right for you and choose to exercise in another form, do not give up! Find ways to motivate yourself. Try working out with a friend or rewarding yourself when you reach a certain goal. If you start to get bored with your routine, switch it up! Everyone has off days, but don’t let an off day turn into an off week into an off month and so on. Find out which time of day you feel the best at the gym and consistently go at that time. Exercise is addictive and once you get into the routine you can’t imagine life without it!

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Don’t forget about nutrition Abs are made in the kitchen not the can’t out exercise a bad get the idea. Nutrition is absolutely crucial no matter what you are trying to achieve, whether it be fat loss, muscle building, or increasing stamina. There are many schools of thought and countless diets out there, but here are some tips I recommend to follow: > Eat a small meal every 2-3 hours. Some claim that this boosts your metabolism, but even if that is not true it does prevent you from overeating by preventing you from getting to a ravenous state. > Drink atleast 8 cups of water a day. If you are exercising and

sweating a lot then increase this number. > Get enough protein.The recommended amount for an active person is one gram of protein per pound of body weight. > Take in enough calories. If you have ever looked around the internet at diets, you have probably seen the number 1,200 as an “ideal” net calorie goal (net calories are the number of calories you consume minus the number of calories you burn). Personally I feel that this it too low. I advise a minimum net of 1,500 calories. This number varies from person to person. To find your net goal, calculate your

Basic Metabolic Rate (how many calories you burn when sedentary) then subtract 300-500 calories from that number. > Record what you eat. This is more of a personal preference. Personally I think it is very useful when trying to lose weight to record your calories, protein, fats, etc. > Fat isn’t always bad! Please, please don’t attempt to cut out too many fats! Your body needs fat to function. Avoid too much saturated and trans fat, but be sure to eat monounsaturated and polyunsaturated (in moderation). Excellent sources of healthy fats include: avocados, nuts, olive oil, soy, fatty fish (tuna, salmon).

> Treat yourself! If you never indulge in a treat you are much more likely to binge, so feel free to have that ice cream once or twice a week! As long as you measure your portion and are within your calorie range you will not gain weight! (I have a sweet tooth for dark chocolate so I usually have one square each night! It actually contains flavonoids and antioxidants as well as tasting amazing!)

It’s a lifestyle Ultimately, to be successful you have to be willing to embrace a lifestyle change. Don’t think of it as losing weight or toning up for summer, think of it as a start to a happier, healthier, longer life!

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ie t t o

Name: Sunaina Age: 21 Place of birth: Mumbai Vital Stats: 34” 26” 36”, 52 Kgs, 5’6”. Education: College graduate Previous work: SERIALS: Lead role in ‘Detective Wagle’ on DD1, Parallel lead in ‘Niyati’ on Sahara One, Episode series in ‘Arjun’ on Star Plus, ‘Kankotri Pilot for upcoming channel G Plus, ‘Darohar’ Pilot for DD1. MOVIES: Lead actress in bollywood film ‘Te Amo’ directed by Shiraz Henry, short educational film for Podar International School, International shoot for brand ‘The Ark Collection’ by John Hillary Uche. FASHION SHOOTS:Print shoot for ‘ZWORT’ brand by designer Ashish Sahu based in Delhi, Shoots for Manpreet Ahuja and Tarun Vachchar. CATALOG SHOOTS: Go Jawani Collections, Utsav, Kalazone, Miraaya, Bipson Prints, Tamron Lenses.

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Name: Veronica

Lavery Age: 21 Place of birth: Czech

Republic Vital stats: 34” 24” 34”, 115 lbs, 5’9”. Previous work: Cover of Playboy Czech Republic, Maxim En Espanol, FHM Czech, Zoo Weekly, Tattoo magazines USA, Tattoo magazines Germany, and many more including a title of the US Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week, and soon after Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month in the USA.

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POST EVENT DETAILS > For the very first time the event saw such a magnificent communication approach, t h r o u g h hoardings, p o s t e r s, FB and documentaries. > Communications partner was Horn Ok Please India, a strategic brand communications agency. > Held at shilpgram Khajuraho. Spread over 25 acres with a calm, endearing feel. Simple and kitsch. > Shobhayatra with all performing artists, was a visual enigma, with different artists from different states dancing together..foreigners were thoroughly enjoying. > Mythological characters of Narada, shiva and Ravana dancing together with the locals. > Bahurupi, Kachhi Ghodi of Rajasthan, Nat Kartab(walking on the rope), Saila, Lambadi, lavani. > The UDAAN workshop was a method approach of bridging the gap between the artists and the visitors. They could learn different art forms from the artists. > Artisans: Lac, wood work, metal sculptures, terra cotta artefacts. > Lifestyles of each state on display with huts made of bamboo, hay and dung. > Of particular mention was the Ghotul by the Gonds of Chattisgarh, which is a meeting point for a buy and a girl for a prospective matrimonial alliance. > Received tremendous response. > The event even saw a campfire with the director of SCZCC , Mr. Singal dancing and enjoying with the artists.


a Dry Spell Whether you’re coupled up or flying solo, here’s how to get some Happy couples have sex twice a week. No, make that once a week. Or is it every day? The truth is, of course, there's no hardand-fast rule about how often you should get busy — but you do know when you've gone too long without an active sex life. While a bedroom cold freeze is something many women can barely talk to their best friends about, it happens more often than you might assume. According to The Kinsey Institute's 2010 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, more than 28 percent of partnered, unmarried women in their thirties have intercourse somewhere between once a month and not at all (the frequency is slightly lower for married women). Experts have dubbed the trend "double income, no sex." Sexual droughts happen for all sorts of reasons. But whatever the cause, few people are content to skip sex entirely. Here, what may be behind your hot-night hiatus — and how to resume the action.

You’re Too Busy To Get Busy You've been fantasizing about it all day: The sweet release your body is going to feel when you finally kick off those pumps, shimmy out of that pencil skirt, slide between those sheets, and. . .sleep for seven whole hours. These days it seems having sex is treated like another item on your to-do list—one that seems to be routinely prioritized below more pressing things. It's a sad irony, considering research shows that orgasms actually help lower blood pressure and relieve stress (not that you need scientists to tell you that). Break the Spell: Chances are, you and your partner both want to be having sex, even if you don't always want it at the same moments, says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., a researcher at The Kinsey Institute and author of Sex Made Easy. To help sync your schedules, try to find some time for cuddling. It may feel like any free moments you have together should be spent naked, but more important than getting it on a certain number of times a week is simply hanging out together. "Research shows that physical affection, like hugging and kissing, is especially important to men," says Herbenick. Aiming for intimacy over intercourse will take pressure off both of you, and it's less likely that sex will feel like just another chore on a long list.

You’re Not Feeling Sexy Enough for Sex

Anyone who's ever attacked a plate of nachos before curling up on the couch with their guy probably felt a lot like Jess on The New Girl when she asked, "Is there a hot way of saying 'I don't feel sexy after I eat a lot of cheese?'" Feeling overstuffed, or self-conscious about your body for any reason, can contribute to a lower sex drive, as can relationship issues such as brewing resentment. "Sometimes women don't feel comfortable bringing up things they're upset about," says Herbenick. "They may shy away from conflict or from talking about self-esteem concerns, but part of intimacy is being real with each other." Break the Spell: No matter what's affecting you, be honest with your partner about it (that means being honest with yourself too). If he puts his hand on your belly and you feel uncomfortable about weight you've gained in your midsection, don't shut him down without explaining what's going on in your head—and don't be surprised if he hasn't even noticed the extra pounds. "It's best not to let it turn into a mind game," says Charlie Glickman, Ph.D., education program manager at Good Vibrations, a San Francisco sextoy store that also offers health and informational workshops. "If something causes you to pull away, and your partner responds with resentment, that kind of pattern can easily lead to neither of you wanting to have sex. People think sex is the way to create closeness, but what often works better is focusing on whatever the real problem is. Then the sexual issues are easier to work out."

You’re Oh-So-Bored in the Bedroom There was that time, early on, when you climbed on top and he moved his hand just so, and you saw stars. And then there was the time, later, when the exact same thing happened, and you wondered if you forgot to send that e-mail at work. The problem: Even if it's your favorite position, doing it over and over again is bound to get boring. Break the Spell: Your sexual responses change over time, so be open to trying things you didn't necessarily like 10 years ago (just think of all the other choices you've made that would have been inconceivable to your college self). If you don't already know what those things are, experiment—in your imagination (perhaps add in the hot barista you see every morning). "Having sexual fantasies is helpful," says Herbenick. Or if you know exactly what you want to try, by all means ask for it. Either way, don't broach the topic just before, during, or after sex— you're better off taking the conversation out of the bedroom entirely. Glickman suggests having the discussion when you're out walking or while you are sitting side by side—that can feel less adversarial. "I like starting off with something positive," he says. "You have to be honest, but don't tell him he's not a good lover. Instead, explain that there are things you want to try together."




y r u Lux

A new RAY of hope Yamaha recently launched RAY making rapid strides into the scooter segment. Targeted at two-wheeler women riders, the Yamaha Ray is a gearless scooter powered by a 113cc petrol engine. It offers features such as a comfortable seating position with easy leg reach and extremely easy to use center and side stands.

India Yamaha Motor, India’s premium two wheeler manufacturer, is making rapid progress in its plans to establish a substantial market share in the scooter segment. The company, which recently launched its scooter RAY, primarily targets a niche customer base of young urban women and has received superb response within a few months of the product’s launch in the Indian market. With Ray, the company formerly announced its entry in the Indian scooter segment. The Ray is the first Yamaha model to enter India’s scooter category and is strategically positioned to expand Yamaha’s share of the Indian market. With the addition of the scooter Ray in its portfolio, India Yamaha Motor is looking at an overall market share of 10 per cent with 15 per cent share coming from the scooter segment by 2016. The new scooter Ray, which is designed and conceptualised keeping in mind the young urban woman’s requirement of a stylish, convenient and feature rich product has received superb response from the customers of all age groups. One of the customers while receiving the Ray at the company’s dealership in Gujarat said, “This product offers best in class acceleration, easy handling and manoeuvrability and good fuel efficieny. It is equipped with an aircooled 4-stroke 113cc engine with Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) that boasts excellent reliabilty.”

“The body has fresh, innovative styling based on a design concept of being ‘Sophisticated and Dynamic,’ and is full of fine touches that women will appreciate, like a seat designed with easy leg reach to the ground and ease of operate center and side stands,” she added. In the deluxe segment, which is India yamaha Motor’s mainstay category, the company has a 22 per cent market share. India Yamaha Motor is looking forward to a stronger dealer and sales network strategy to reach out to more people with the company’s products and services. Keeping in mind the increasing demand in two wheelers, the company is on an aggressive expansion drive. Currently, India Yamaha Motor has more than 400 dealers across India and plans to spread out to more cities increasing its dealer network to 2000 by year 2016. Looking at the growing demand of two wheelers in the tier two and tier three cities, Yamaha has embarked on building a strong deaership network in these cities. The company is also working on its secondary network to be realigned to reach more and more customers in rural areas.

Roy Kurian, NAtional Business Head, India Yamaha Motor, while expressing his views at the launch of Ray said, “India Yamaha Motor’s dealers in India are dedicated to improving their facilities and providing world-class showroom and after sales facilities to its customers. The company is aiming at providing its customers an exhilarating experience while purchasing the company’s products as well as after. Keeping this in mind, the company has developed world-class showrooms and an excellent after sales service network. The no hidden charges and various customer friendly finance schemes.”

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