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Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. - Orson Welles


velyn Sharma is on the vover this issue. The very gorgeous Evelyn didn’t disappoint and took time off her stuffed schedule to give us quality time for an interview. Her replies were more candid, more straight from the heart, more reflective and more philosophical than any others.

Way To Go

“Some people create with words or with music or with a brush and paints. I like to make something beautiful when I run. I like to make people stop and say, 'I've never seen anyone run like that before.' It's more than just a race, it's a style. It's doing something better than anyone else. It's being creative.” It’s sizzling summer. Here’s more from the German fashion designer: Alexander Vinash. He came forth with his very stylish and uber cool designs than ever. Sizzle this summer. Enjoy the reading!

Lokesh Sharma (Editor)



june 2013

PIN-UPS Bollywood’s new dhak-dhak girl

28 I am a very positive person. Don't let anyone or anything bring you down. You have only one life, live it happily!

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pick the perfect perfume Use these perfume tips to use and wear the perfect scent that suits you!!


16 Alexander Vinash Designs


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BARGAIN HUNTING Where to buy great clothes, accessories, clothes..


chill this summer


26 WOLVERINE Workout Secrets Gotcha + Cornered

42 Volkswagen New Beetle



Use these perfume tips to pick and wear a scent that's totally you!!

pick the perfect perfume Want to smell amazing? You could let that spray-happy lady at the fragrance counter have her way with you. Or you could just eavesdrop as these leading perfumers spill their fascinating trade secrets for picking and wearing scent. Totally your call.

Train Your Nose



"Your sense of smell is like a muscle: The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets," says Flores-Roux. One of his favorite playgrounds is the supermarket." could spend hours sniffing fruits and vegetables," he says. Since our senses of smell and taste are so linked, wine tastings or cooking classes are also useful in helping you sniff out ingredients and notes.

Be Patient

Perfume shouldn't be an impulse buy. Carve out an hour to test three fragrances—tops. Any more is overkill. Let the samples dry on your skin (about 15 seconds) before smelling; otherwise you'll just inhale alcohol. And don't shop for perfume if you're stressed or hungover. "You smell with your brain as much as your nose, and when you're stressed, you're more likely to choose the wrong perfume."



3 4

5 6

Mark Your Territory (3) Flores-Roux cringes when he sees a woman applying perfume to her wrists when she's wearing a metal watch or jewelry. "Metal, when mixed with sweat, alters the chemistry of fragrance," he says. He suggests spraying the inside of your forearms. "The skin there is just as warm as your pulse points." And what about spraying scent into the air and walking into it? "Utter nonsense! You're getting 10 percent of it on your skin."

Make It Last (4)

Ask Yourself (5)

Go Beyond Neck (6)

Dry skin is no friend to fragrance. "The more hydrated the skin is, the more likely it will hold on to perfume," he says. And no need to wear the most expensive eau de parfum to go the distance. "The only way to discover which type of fragrance lasts the longest, whether it's an eau de parfum or an eau de toilette, is through your own trials."

Women can be "seduced by big names and pretty packages," she says. "You have to do some soul-searching to find the scent that speaks to you: What kind of clothes feel like a second skin? What food makes you feel most whole?" Spritzing on a perfume should elicit the same emotional response you get from wearing your favorite clothes or eating your favorite foods. "Perfume needs to move you," she says.

"At first, you'll smell the perfume really strongly because it's right under your nose," she says. "But scent tends to rise, so if you just apply it to the neck, it will disappear—at least to your nose." Dab small amounts onto the back of your knees and under your armpits. That way, you'll smell the scent "in beautiful waves."



beauty Ignore Price (7)


The fastest-growing fragrances are in the 1000-plus category, but Grojsman says a higher price tag doesn't always mean higher quality. "If a fragrance smells very different on you and a friend, move on," she says. "It's a myth that perfume reacts with every person's skin in a distinct way. If the scent is lousy, it will break down. A quality one has consistency."


9 Don’t Nitpick Over Notes (8) "Fragrance isn't a food product where you need to see every ingredient," says Fremont. Too much info "can turn you off to a scent that you otherwise would have really enjoyed." Instead, look for textural descriptors, "such as 'luminous bouquet' or 'smooth woods,' that give you an overall sense of the scent," he says. As always, when in doubt, smell in person.


beauty Reapply With Caution (9) Just because you can no longer smell your fragrance doesn't mean everyone else can't. Trust that a scent will last at least five hours. If you crave hits of fragrance more often, spray a little into your hair in the morning. "Hair is porous, so it holds on to scent really well," says Fremont. "When your hair moves, you'll get more prominent whiffs than you do from your skin."

Resist The Urge To Rub (10) Just a hunch: You spritz your wrists, then rub them together. Please don't. "You're crushing the sparkle of the fresh top notes and going straight to the heart and base," says Fremont. "It's like missing the start of the movie."


Lajpat Nagar Central Market

Sarojini Nagar Market

Campus Calling




Delhi’s thriving markets can leave you spoilt for choice --- for be it window shopping or serious buying at great prices With colleges opening in a some days, your wardrobe probably needs a makeover. Here is where you can shop and get some great bargains!

LAJPAT NAGAR CENTRAL MARKET A wide variety of guys’ clothing like trousers (500-900), T-shirts (50-250) and bags (250-400) are sold here. For women, there are kolhapuri chappals (200), slings (250-500), kurtis (150300), tops and T-shirts for 100-200, and earrings (20-50), to name a few! The market remains closed on Mondays.

SAROJINI NAGAR MARKET This maket’s USP is low prices --you can pick a T-shirt for 10 or a kurti for 35. Buy soft silky scarfs for 50, and bags from 150 onwards. There is a wide array of stuff for men as well, including sunglasses from 200 onwards. The market is closed on


DILLI HAAT There is a host of things that you can get at Dilli Haat --- junk jewellery priced at 200 onwards, thread hair braiding for 10, thread bangles for 5, kolhapuri chappals at 150, among others. It is open seven days a week.

KAMLA NAGAR MARKET Kamla Nagar Market offers almost everything that a student needs. It has many brands like Nike, Adidas, Levi’s, Benetton, and others. You can buy a secondhand book by any author for 80-90. For fashionistas, the market is a treat with shops selling the latest footwear, clothes and beauty produts. It is closed on Mondays.

TIBETAN MARKET Also known as the Monastery Market, the Tibetan Market offers a lot clothing and footwear options for men. But bargaining is a must here as shopkeepers usually have high margins. You can get a trendy T-shirt for 200-700. Sneakers, shorts, pants and shirts are within a student’s budget. The market is closed on Mondays.





Alexander Vinash Designs Assistant: Karina Homilius Hair & Make Up: Silvia Rivera Co-Stylist: Roman Gonzalez Vazquez

Photographer: Stefano Paddeu

Model: Oriol Rodriguez JUNE 2013




Chocolate Fondue & mango milkshake

(Serves 4-6 persons)

For the Chocolate Fondue

For the Mango Milkshake

Dark chocolate 70 per cent cocoa Chocolate - 260 gms Butter - 300 gms Eggs - 500 ml Castor sugar - 200 gms Flour - 130 gms

Mango puree - 150 gms Vanilla ice cream - 500 gms Full cream milk - 50 ml

chill this summer

Method > Melt the chocolate and the butter in a double boiler. > Beat the eggs and castor sugar together till the mix is a pale consistency. > Add the chocolate into it this mixture using spatula. > Add the flour and mix well. > Keep the mixture in tt=he refrigerator for an hour. > Pipe the mixture into the mould. > Bake at 190 degrees for 9 minutes.

Method Pour the mango puree, vanilla ice cream and full cream milk in a blender for 30 seconds. Pour the mixture into a glass and serve.



TO YOUR TASTE This time, heat is really getting unbearable but, the savor and spicy food is one thing that keeps us ON and motivates us to still enjoy the brutual summers in the hot and sensational manner. And Delhi being a conglomerate of different cultures can serve people with a Bengali preparation of rassogollas, sandesh, north Indian sweet phirni, kheer, peda, laddoo or Punjabi delicacy pinni.

If still you have doubt on the street food, you can prepare your own tasty brunch.. Here’s the recipe of the famous and healthy Delhi CHAAT - the dahi

constant modification in the chaats are taking place. Now-adays, golgappe are served with yougourt and curd and tastes awesomely exceptional.

“The key of taste is actually a product of cleanliness and health, we just try to But, the spicy and keep ourselves and delicious chaat the process hygienic always steal the so that no health show as Delhi is related problems famous for its own brand of street food. may arise to our customers. “arey bhai.. agar wo “People in Delhi are from different socio- bimaar ho jaenge… to hamara kya economic hoga… hum apne background but, all customers aur apni of them has soft mehnat se yahan tak corner for chaats.. pohche hain…pure just take chaats in one corner and other central Delhi se log aate hain yahan… dishes in another. People will definitely agar unko nuksaan hoga toh fir hume bhi tempt for chaats in nuksan hoga… hum any season” Says utni hi chatni aur owner of famous pani dete hain jinse GANESH SWEETS unki sehat pe in central Delhi. nuksan na ho.. aur Earlier people use to jab customers ko lagta hai ki yahan think that Chaat is saaf safai se kaam very unhealthy and hota hai aur sehat ke winters food - one can enjoy chaat just sath bhi koi samjhota ni hota toh wo yahan in winters. But as baar baar ate hain”. people are getting Says a chaat vendor, more and more health conscious the Central Delhi.

poori. Ingredients


> 14 small puffed puris (Homemade / Readymade) > 1/3 cup sprouts, steamed > 2 Potatoes, boiled, peeled and chopped > 1 Onion, finely chopped > 1/4 cup chopped fresh Coriander > 1/3 cup fine Sev > 1 1/2 cups fresh thick Curd > 2-3 tbsp Sugar > 1/4 cup KharjurImli chutney > 1/4 cup Green chutney> 1 tbsp roasted Cumin powder > 1 tsp Red chili powder > 1 tsp Chaat masala > Salt to taste

Add enough salt to potatoes while cooking them. Peel the potatoes and chop them into fine pieces. Steam sprouts with a pinch of salt for 5-6 mins. Beat fresh curds nicely and add sugar, salt and 1 tsp roasted cumin powder and mix well. Gently poke a small hole in puris and arrange them on 2 plates, 7 each. Fill them with 1/2 tsp steamed sprouts and then followed by 1 tsp boiled and chopped potatoes. Add 1/2 tsp chopped onion in each puri. Again top it with a generous drizzle of kharjur-imli chutney and green chutney. Sprinkle a fat pinch of roasted cumin powder, red chili powder, chaat masala and salt. Top it with sev generously and garnish with coriander.

But the local street food has its own essence and place in the domain of taste which is immeasurable and inexpressive. This summer just enjoy the local food and add some spice to the regular monotonous life JUNE 2013 GLAMCOB



THE WOLVERINE WORKOUT CELEBRITY SECRETS Hugh Jackman, He’s tall, strong, athletic and a bit of a charmer and ladies man; he’s most likely inherited from some Irish ancestry somewhere down the line, which is most likely why he was voted People Magazine’s World’s Sexiest Man 2008!



Jacko, first came to prominence in the X-Men movies as the bad ass, take no crap, I’ll Fuck you up if you mess with me, ‘Wolverine.’ And at 6-foot-3 he is indeed a menacing figure. When talking about his feats of strength, Jackman is quoted as saying, “I pretty much shat myself,” on the leg press that is. The Hugh Jackman workout routine gets him jacked for the movies he plays in. The Wolverine workout got him up to the point where he benched 315 pounds and leg-pressed 1000 pounds, while prepping for X-Men: The Last Stand. After finish “Les Mis”, he is now back on the Wolverine Workout, preparing for Wolverine in XMen: Days of Future Past. The

The Hugh Jackman workout routine has 3 phases: Training for Strength, Training for Muscle Growth, and Training for Fat Loss. Alright so, enough of the background malarkey, let’s get into the nitty gritty of The Hugh Jackman approach to fitness. Most people are motivated by the quest for a better physique, or becoming a better athlete in general. Jackman however, uses his upcoming role as motivation for his training. When getting ready for the XMen movie, Jackman would keep the routine basic: weights and cardio, plenty of bench press variations, lunges, light squats, and leg presses, the usual bodybuilding staples.

fitness Jackman said, “I’d change it up every 3 weeks ... Three weeks heavy with lots of rest between sets. Then change to lighter weight, slower reps, four count up, four count down. Then mix in fast, explosive lifting, always changing the workout.”



cover story exclusive

pinups EVELYN SHARMA Bollywood’s New Face

Image Courtesy: Dale Bhagwagar Media Group JUNE 2013 GLAMCOB



cover story

g n i s i r e M s e M sMerisin e M “

fashionista with bollywood tadka


cover story For being in shape what all lovable edibles you sacrifices? Fortunately I don't really have a sweet tooth (smiling) so I barely eat chocolates and other sweets! How does you manage with work family and friends? I am always in touch with my family and friends even when I'm away shooting for a month, as my loved ones mean the world to me. If not an actor then what will you prefer to be? I would love to write for a fashion magazine! If I wasn't an actress I would definitely do something in fashion! Who inspired you, when you realize to step in this field? Who provoked? (Main person behind the scene) I think that would be my mother. She always called me an actress and drama queen ever since I was little (laughing). But I joined modeling and film really by accident. One day I woke up in the morning and I got a worldwide contract in modeling. Out of nowhere! It must have been my destiny.

According to your experience what is the part of growing up? During what phase of life you thought you're growing up mentally! Maturing gradually? We grow up every day. Everyone at their pace. In some aspects I am very mature and independent, like running my own business and household. In other aspects I behave like a teenager, for example when it comes to love (laughing). What's your fun mantra in life? (Key to be happy) Paradise is everywhere, just open ur eyes (smiling). How would you describe your style? Your style statement? I like a natural look with one style statement, may be strong color, outstanding accessory, lots of legs, or a cool hair do. Don't ever overdo your style. Keep it settle and cool. If given a chance to world tour with any one person where would you like to go and with whom? My best friend of course! We're actually planning a road trip New York to Los Angeles!

Image Courtesy: Dale Bhagwagar Media Group

Image Courtesy: Dale Bhagwagar Media Group

How's the experience working with Ayushmann Khurana and Kunal Roy Kapur in Nautanki Saala? Shooting for Nautanki Saala was super fun and a great experience all together. Rohan sir is a fantastic mentor and I learned a lot on the set. Ayushmann and Kunaal are both such funny characters, (laughing) it's always fun to work with them!

cover story

You're also starring in Ayan Mukherji's next Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Did you make funny or extra-ordinary experiences with the crew and with Ranbir & Deepika? I'm super excited for the release of YJHD! We've shot for it for over a year and everyone has put a lot of effort into the film, most of all Ayan! And I think he has done a fabulous job. Of course we had many funny experiences, like snowball fights in Kashmir or bonfires in Manali. It felt like a real trekking trip at times when we had to climb mountains in the morning to reach our shooting locations!

Image Courtesy: Dale Bhagwagar Media Group

cover story Which all brands do you endorse? How do you feel about it? Do you think it plays part in ur promotion too? I am endorsing Parachute Advansed Body Lotion in the 3rd year now and am very proud of it (smiling). Soon I will reveal my 2 new endorsements aswell. They are very stylish and sexy! Keep your eyes out for it! As you are going to wear bikini in one of your upcoming movie, how does you feel about it? What's the family reaction? Yes, for Yaariyaan I will sport the bikini for the first time! I felt quite conscious, and to be honest, I haven't told my mom yet (laughing). Is hindi a problem in the industry? What all problems you faces daily because of language? Hindi was difficult at first, but in life there are no "problems" as

such, only your attitude to situations counts. I faced a difficulty with Hindi, so I learned it, and now it's no difficulty anymore. I love new challenges, so every day when I face one, I am happy! As you've worked in a British film "Turn Left", so how would you compare it with bollywood? Which is best among them? Turn Left was an American production and more the 34


indie sort of film. For me it was more of a fun project whereas Hindi films have become my profession. You're connected with charities and supports varioius causes, like the SOS Children's Villages of India. How does it feels? I feel very strongly about supporting charitable causes and giving to the less fortunate. If God gives me so much, I also feel like I have to give. Your childhood experiences? I grew up in Germany. It's one of the best places to spend ur childhood. Safe, clean, free education, and beautiful nature. How high are your hopes? How high you wanna fly? I go with the flow (smiling).

Approach towards people, life and positivity ? What all she does to keep it all balanced and maintained? I am a very positive person. Don't let anyone or anything bring you down. You have only one life, live it happily! Do you have any specific rule in life? My mom always says: "If you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all". And that's my rule. What are the things out of your comfort level? Which kind of character you will deny to play? That really depends on script and all... So can't say right now.

cover story Where do you generally shop? Favorite chilling places ? I love to chill in parks and by the sea side. My favorite shopping place is Dubai! When upset or angry, what cheers up? (Any specific) A nice compliment from someone sweet around me (smiling). Would you like to share your upcoming projects? What plannings to face them? Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani on May 31! :D followed by Yaariyaan and Issaq!

Image Courtesy: Dale Bhagwagar Media Group

I like a natural look with one style statement, may be strong color, outstanding accessory, lots of legs, or a cool hair do. Don't ever overdo your style. Keep it settle and cool.

Image Courtesy: Dale Bhagwagar Media Group

love - lust

GOTCHA “ Gotcha is filled with confessions from boys, girls, men and women who have been the victim of embarrasing circumstances. In retrospect these moments look so hilarious, that they deserve to be shared. With summer raging all around, it’s time to turn on the heat of the confessions!

The movie with a happy ending I always heard of stories of Cinema hall romances and all and never believed it. I thought it was childish and just a way to make up stories. Till one day. I had gone to a multiplex with some of my friends to catch a movie. We went up to our seats and saw that there was a group of girls next to our seats. We were pleasantly surprised. My other friends were already committed so I put my foot down and sat next to them. The girl whom I sat next to was a damsel! Her lips were glowing in the dim light coming from the screen. Her eyes were twinkling and I could hear violins as well! Obviously I didn’t watch the movie at all. My whole attention was on her. And I realized that she came to know of it as well. At one point she flashed a slight smile and without looking at me, said that I should concentrate on the screen instead. I was shocked! But then decided to make my move after the interval. I went out and got popcorn for both of us. I thought it would be my first move to strike a conversation. But when I came back I saw that one of her friends had taken her place instead. I was so angry at her I swear! I started watching the movie when I heard her say if I was going to share my popcorn. I offered it to her without even looking at her. She caught hold of my cheeks and pulled my head towards her. I felt my pulse racing. It was HER! The rest of the time just flew by. Us watching the movie, holding hands. Today. She’s my fiancé. I am now a firm believer of cinema hall romances ! - Amish, 28



love - lust The last fling It was a lazy afternoon and I was in my office. Not feeling like doing anything. I got an email notification and when I opened the inbox I saw that it was from my ex girlfriend. It was a very mature decision from both of us to part ways. It wasn’t due to being out of love or anyone cheating on the other. We were madly in love with each other. But our professions lead us to two different states and we couldn’t make it work. Coming back to the email. It was her wedding invitation. I was surprised. But somehow knew it was coming. But then I decided to attend her marriage. For old times’ sake. I knew she would have wanted me to come. I went there with no ill feelings in my heart. A day before the wedding she came to talk to me. Said that her fiancé knew about everything and even allowed her to come and meet me. We talked for hours! Recalling all those hilarious moments we shared. She felt so lovely that night. I leaned towards her and kissed her gently on her lips. She didn’t back out. We made love. One last time. I didn’t feel like I was doing something wrong. It would be one thing that I’d hold onto forever. I felt it was a perfect closure. I don’t know if it was right or wrong. Its just a confession. - Joyesh, 27

Guilty Journey My work requires me to travel and I am often asked to go to exotic locations like Malibu, Mauritius, Seychelles etc. Usually for me it’s just work and back with a little bit of drinking on the beach involved. This May however things changed. One of the guests staying at the hotel bought me a drink. This led to a conversation and the conversation ended up with us spending a good part of the night in his bath tub. The thing though is that in August I am about to get engaged to my boyfriend of 7 years. He is a fantastic guy. I feel guilty about cheating on him with this complete stranger. But every bride-to-be is allowed one last fling, right? - Charu, 29




CORNERED When you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place in a relationship, when you feel ‘cornered’ by the confusions brimming in your mind, write in to us! Cornered is an attempt to help you decipher the mess you are in and hopefully disentangle it.

ask hitesha

Drop your queries on

Q. I caught my boyfriend sending flirty messages to another girl in our college. She is gorgeous and very popular. And that made me insecure. I confronted him with it. He convinced me they were just friends and promised me that if it made me uncomfortable he would stop texting her. Last week he left his cell phone on the table and went to talk to a couple of his friends at the door. I peeked into his phone. He still texts her! The worst part is she texts him too! I read messages from her like,’ thanks for being there for me.. u r the best! ‘ ‘Your next coffee is on me’ ‘ would luv 2 meet u outside college’. Is he cheating on me? I don’t want to confront him again. But I feel betrayed. A. Every relationship needs some breathing space. Stop snooping on your boyfriend. And stop jumping to conclusions. Maybe he just helped her out of a tough spot and that’s all there is to the messages. Do ask him if he is in touch with her though. Your next action should depend on whether or not he lies to you about it.

Q. I have been two timing for 11 months now. I have a steady boyfriend I have been seeing for 2 years and I have a new boyfriend for the past 11 months. One is in college with me and the other comes to my guitar classes. Both of them know each other as very good friends of mine. Neither of them knows that I am dating the other guy. At first it was fun. I loved the attention and thought I could use the time to decide who I really wanted to be with. Then things started getting complicated. I started falling for both of them. I swear I am in love with both! The thought of hurting either of them breaks me! I can’t call off my relationship with either of them! I don’t know what to do! A. That’s quite a spot you have landed yourself in! But you know what they say, when in doubt, do the expected. Tell your boyfriends about each other. Yes it will be a mess. But one of them will feel cheated enough to not forgive you and call off the relationship with you. You will hurt but at least you would have your mess sorted.

Q. I have been engaged for six months. This July we are scheduled to have a monsoon wedding. My fiancé is a great guy too! The thing is that he has just gotten out of a 8 year long relationship. He has told me all about it. He sometimes gets drunk and cries about his ex-girlfriend to me. I understand 8 years is a long time but this makes me uncomfortable. Sometimes he accidentally calls me by her name and it is very difficult for me to not react. Is he still in love with her? Should I get married to him? This is confusing. Please help. A. You are being mature enough about the situation. Don’t get confused. The good thing is your fiancé does look like a one-girl sort of guy. Which is very good news for you. If he has just called off his relationship it will be a while before he can let go of the memories. Put your foot down. Every time he calls you by her name remind him you are not her. When he calls you drunk, ask him to call you back when he is ready to talk about his relationship without being drunk. Be gentle but firm. If you have doubts about your wedding talk to him about it. He needs to know how his actions are affecting your decisions.




Volkswagen New Beetle





n 1933, Adolf Hitler gave the order to Ferdinand Porsche to develop a Volkswagen (literally, “people’s car” in German). The car was dreamed up as a cheap simple car, and it was commissioned by Adolf Hitler and designed by Ferdinand Porsche. The Beetle featured a rear-located, rear-wheel drive, air-cooled fourcylinder, boxer engine in a two-door bodywork featuring a flat front windscreen, accommodating four passengers and providing luggage storage under the front bonnet and behind the rear seat. Its engine, transmission, and cylinder heads were constructed of light alloy. The car was highly influenced by the Tatra T97. The design was mechanically simple yet highly conceptual.


Engine & Performance



Volkswagen Beetle is powered with a 4-cylinder petrol engine with a capacity of 2.0-litre and a displacement of 1984cc. The maximum power generated 115bhp at rpm of 5400. The torque produced is about 172Nm at 3200rpm. The engine is quite unresponsive and shows delay while you press the accelerator pedal. Beetle can accelerate to 100kmph mark from 0 in about 13.63 seconds. But if you are a speed enthusiast, then this bug will not disappoint you. It can let you cruise @ a top speed of 160 kmph.

This bug contains all standard features under comfort paradigms. The ESP – Electronic Stability Program comes into play as soon as it senses if the car is going sideways. The time and temperature display are place just above the interior rear view mirror. The doors get red lamps which light up in case the doors are left open and the power window switches are also place on the door, in quite an odd position. The cabin has a dust and pollen filter along with rage and reach adjustable steering wheel and heat insulating tinted glass. It lacks a steer mounted control system.

It contains 4 airbags with engine immobiliser, wheel locks and alarm with interior protection. The handling is not up to the luxury mark, but you can boast of driving a classic Volkswagen. The EBS with ABS prevents the car from slipping in case of a slippery surface. There is the side impact bars, front seat belts with pretensioner, seat belt reminder, clear lens fog lamps along with tubeless tyres. This bug has reverse guide system, child locks and central locking.



luxury Exterior: Looks One feature which cant be left unmentioned is that the body is galvanised giving reliable protection against rust. The highstrength panels on the New Beetle are given additional stability at specific points which achieves a very high level of torsional rigidity. Beetle is well known for its bulging arches and curves. This baby bug is often described as 56-44-56 (down boy down). The front head resembles a smiling face. In nut n shell, if you are driving this bug, you won’t go unnoticed. The heads will turn around. Volkswagen Beetle is the cutest car around and therefore is one of the most favourite one for the females. The car is curvy boy that attracts a lot of attention whether when it’s being driven around or just parked.

Interior The Germans are known for their quality and finish. The seats offer great thigh and back support. Rear seats would be uncomfortable if you are having long legs. The driver seat is height adjustable which makes sure that the driver is always in a comfortable position and has the best view of the road. Interior color is sober black. The steering wheel is three spoke with metal. Dashboard made by perfectionists is of of high quality materials. There is a vase behind the steering wheel and sunglass holders along with space compartments spread all across the cabin. The pedals are broader unlike the other hatchbacks. The boot space is enough for light baggage.

Love it for: Looks, Volkswagen, Quality Leave it for: Price, Mileage Price: INR 21,22,593 (Delhi)





reviews By Arpit Sharma A ONE TIME WATCH for those who are bored of their vacations !! An average screenplay with some good and fresh dialogues, a typical Ayan Mukherji direction, story is quite weak and boring in between.. Though the music is awesome, good work by Ranbir with his super cool looks. He is a star, Deepika looks stunning as always, an impressive cameo by Kunal Roy Kapur, not much for Aditya but he does makes his presence felt. The movie can be watched for its dialogues and locations the ending is very much predictable though the director, desperately, tried to make it interesting !!

Rating 3/5

Upcoming Movies



cover girl

Image Courtesy: Dale Bhagwagar Media Group

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Featuring Evelyn Sharma on the cover, pick perfect perfume, bargain hunting, wolverine workout secrets, Volkswagen beetle and much more!

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