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ni-Select USA already offers its huge network of jobber and installer members access to the most comprehensive range of products and services on the automotive market through its AutoPlus and Auto Service Plus banners and SelectAutoXpert (SAX) program. And it continues to make the programs easier to use and access, as a number of recent and forthcoming changes demonstrate. One recent change has seen member binders converted from hard-copy to digital format. Amber Mathe, marketing manager – banner programs for Uni-Select USA, says this change was made not only as a way to make operations more environmentally friendly, but also to add to efficiency and member responsiveness. “It has helped us with our overall strategy of going green,” Mathe says, “but it’s an improvement in other ways too. Now we can have changes made to the binders instantaneously. In the past, when we made a change members wouldn’t see it until they got their new inserts once a year. Now when new information is entered they can see it immediately.” Mathe says feedback has been positive on this step, particularly because now members can just print off the sections they need instead of having to store an entire binder, some of which might never be referenced. A change has also been made to the consumer rebate process. Four rebates are offered annually, inviting consumers to go to an Auto Service Plus or SAX location during the promotion period and get rebates for products and services. Formerly, consumers would mail in their rebate request and it could take six to eight weeks before they received the mailed check. Now, consumers can go to the consumer-driven www.autoserviceplus.biz site during promotion periods and enter the information required in order to receive their rebate payment. They select the qualifying category based on their invoice and submit the rebate. They can then keep tabs on how the payment is proceeding. “During every step they’re notified where the ven-


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dor is with getting them their funds back,” Mathe says. “The consumer gets an email when we’ve received the rebate submission and they can then scan, email, fax or mail the supporting documentation. Once that’s received they’re notified by email – and they get another notification when the check is put in the mail.” Of course more than the processing side is being improved upon. One example is the new Repair Assurance program, part of the ASP and SAX banner programs. Mathe defines Repair Assurance as a form of travel insurance for consumers, which guarantees the soundness of certain repair work for a given time period and mileage. For SAX it is 18 months or 18,000 miles, and for ASP it is 36 months or 36,000 miles, making the ASP program the best in the industry, Mathe says. Enhancements to the ASP Techcenter website are also slated for rollout later this year. Already a highly useful training and technology resource, ASP Techcenter will be integrated with single-source diagnostic and repair information center Identifix, bringing Techcenter exceptional additional resources to support auto repair specialists. Another enhancement – the recently unveiled social media program – is described elsewhere in this issue (see page 28). By continuing to upgrade its programs and business solutions, Uni-Select USA allows its jobbers to not only take advantage of turn-key solutions for their customers, but to also increase their efficiency and develop their business. The goal is to help them help their customers succeed. Mathe points out that they are always interested in suggestions from the field on how the banner programs can be further improved, and encourages readers to contribute their ideas at marketing@uniselect.com.


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