2022 Gold Award Yearbook

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2022 Gold Award Yearbook

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Letter from GSGLA Leadership Dear Gold Award Girl Scouts and Families, We’re thrilled to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of 239 exceptional young women who were inspired to change the world. The Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest achievement in Girl Scouting, represents your many months of work addressing areas of critical need throughout Greater Los Angeles and beyond. Collectively, you provided more than 19,120 hours of service through the development and execution of projects of sustainable impact. Each of your projects, while varied in scope, addressed a need, provided support, found solutions, and inspired communities. From training first responders how to best serve the developmentally disabled community, to implementing digital scam prevention toolkits for senior citizens, to providing access to healthy food in lowincome neighborhoods by planting a community garden plentiful with fruit trees and berry bushes, you have created lasting and positive change. On behalf of Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles members, volunteers, board members, and staff, we are honored to celebrate this truly pinnacle moment of your Girl Scout journey. Like graduation, many of you may think of earning your Gold Award as an ending. But Girl Scout sisterhood is forever. This is just the beginning, and we cannot wait to witness all the amazing ways you leave your mark on the world. We invite you to become a lifetime Girl Scout member – and be a champion of girls for years to come. Thank you for a job remarkably well done, and congratulations on earning the highest honor in Girl Scouting. Yours in Girl Scouting,

GOLD AWARD What is the Gold Award Gold Award Girl Scouts are rock stars, role models, and real-life heroes. How do they do it? By using everything they’ve learned as a Girl Scout to help fix a problem in their community or make a lasting change in their world. And you don’t have to be a seasoned activist or star student to get there. Girl Scouts who want to get involved and go for the Gold Award get a team of trusted adults and leaders in their community to guide them through challenges and lead them to success, step-by-step. There’s no other program like it. Earning the Gold Award requires spending at least 80 hours planning and implementing a challenging, largescale project that is innovative, engages others, and has a lasting impact on its targeted community.

Theresa Edy Kiene Chief Executive Officer


Ellen E. Swarts Chair, Board of Directors

The prestigious award recognizes Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts— girls in grades 9-12—for outstanding accomplishments in leadership, community service, career planning, and personal development.

Starting in 1916, the best and brightest undertook projects that improved their communities—and the world. The Golden Eaglet, the highest award in Girl Scouting from 1916-39, sparked the beginning of a long tradition of recognizing the extraordinary efforts of extraordinary girls. From 1940-63, the Curved Bar Award was the highest honor in Girl Scouting. From 1963-80, the highest award was called First Class. And since 1980, the Gold Award has inspired girls to find the greatness inside themselves and share their ideas and passions with their communities. Nationwide, only 6 percent of all eligible Girl Scouts achieve the Gold Award. And out of 112 Girl Scout councils, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles (GSGLA) continuously boasts the highest number of girls reaching Gold each year. Girls who earn their Girl Scout Gold Award automatically enter the military one rank higher, qualify for college scholarships, and are eligible for additional national service awards.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Gabriella Abraham Project Brain Power Gabriella’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing others with the skillsets they need to treat those with disabilities with empathy. The project had a special focus on brain tumor patients. She launched a social media campaign on Instagram @project.brain. power where she held live streams, posted presentations, and linked resources from her partner organization, the Acoustic Neuroma Association. She hosted insightful presentations featuring guest speakers, wrote newsletters and blog posts, spoke at support groups, and even began brainstorming ideas for a children’s book.

Kyra Aitelli Children’s Nook Library Kyra’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of an outdated and obsolete Children’s Library at La Canada Presbyterian Church. She organized the books, purchased more current Christian early reader and chapter books, and created a computer check-out system that will enable the library to track the books and videos easier. She also created a Parent Education section in the library to attract parents as well as children.

Shahzareh Ali Building and Sewing Skills for Mental Health & Entrepreneurship Shahzareh’s Gold Award Project helped her community by addressing the lack of creative outlets for low income and homeless populations, the lack of opportunities to learn productive skills such as sewing, and how to monetize these skills. She led a series of workshops at Ascencia, a homeless shelter in Glendale, CA, and taught clients and staff how to sew and profit from their creations through online platforms. Considering COVID restrictions, Shahzareh utilized both in-person and online teaching methods to reach as many people as she could.


Lauren Almalvez Eco Junkie Toolbox Lauren’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by promoting environmental awareness and motivating others to action. She partnered with TreePeople to make outreach tools to help spread TreePeople’s mission and programs. She did online and in-person presentations and created a guide about the outreach tools for TreePeople staff and other volunteers.

Arielle Ambrose Financial Literacy for Students Arielle’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the lack of financial knowledge among people throughout the United States by developing a succinct and engaging curriculum. She covered topics from budgeting to investing with the focus on giving students ages 11-15 the necessary tools to prepare them to be financially successful adults. The curriculum was developed so that it can be used in the future by teachers and students so that many young people will be able to develop the skills needed to become financially literate.

Isabel Anderson The Flow Fund Isabel’s Gold Award Project made an impact in her community by raising awareness of the issue of period poverty and raising funds and donations to assemble over 650 feminine hygiene kits to donate to the women living at Union Rescue Mission’s Hope Gardens transitional housing facility. She also donated additional feminine hygiene supplies including reusable pads and menstrual cups and other toiletries and accessories. She raised awareness through a social media campaign and an informational website which included feminine health fliers and zoom classes. She also started an advocacy campaign aimed at changing the state laws to require schools to offer free feminine hygiene supplies.

Leela Anvekar Integrative Health & Wellness Program for the Homeless Population Leela’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the neglect of mental health resources for the homeless population by creating a room for residents of her local homeless shelter to improve their mental health. The room was equipped with a diffuser, yoga mats and recorded yoga classes, wellness books, free healthcare resources, meditation guides, natural remedies for stress, and posters with stretches to help relieve the pain stress can induce in our bodies. Many important treatments proven to benefit health such as diet and exercise education, natural herbal remedies, yoga, and meditation are poorly covered by basic insurance plans which limits access to the typical homeless family.

Evelyn Baran Marathon Club Evelyn’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating a walking path for students with disabilities at a career and transition center. Evelyn painted a walking path in the school’s yard for students to use to enhance their physical and mental health. T-shirts were designed by the students and earned after they tracked their miles walked on a prepared tracking sheet. Incorporating a daily mile long walk into their lifestyle is encouraged by the teachers at the school who are using the path with their students.

Mathilda Barr Care for the World: Observe Around You, Follow Your Curiosity, Find Your Genius, Self-Change Mathilda’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing high school students with research assistance and virtual library resources to aid in their development of a strong research process. Her website led students through creating an inquiry question, to sourcing reliable information, and applying acquired knowledge into the classroom.

Natalie Barton Distance Learning Science Kits Natalie’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of hybrid learning during the covid pandemic by providing every student at Santa Clarita Elementary with a personal science kit. These experiments fit the curriculum for each grade and provided students with all the supplies. Additionally, it provided students with an opportunity for hands-on learning that had been prevented by COVID.

Olivia Basura Deane Dana Butterfly Pavillion Gold Award Recipient.

Tanvi Batra Walking Through Tech Tanvi’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by aiding senior citizens and teachers with technology tutoring and workshops during early quarantine.

Lauren Benz Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Gold Award Recipient.

Isabella Bernt Mental Health Website & Club Isabella’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by breaking stigmas around mental health and providing helpful resources. The club created a safe atmosphere for students to make friends and better their mental health through fun activities.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Camila Besada Presents for Pediatrics Camila’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by establishing a system in a local hospital that helped lessen the anxieties of pediatric patients. She collected items intended for the children in the hospital as well as set up a portal on their website so they can continue receiving donations in the future. She created coloring pages and motivational work pages and assembled kits for various age groups and designed a pamphlet for the parents of the patients that mentions how they can best support their child during this challenging time.

Alice Bock Youth Center Upgrade Alice’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by teaching classes and tutoring middle schoolers. She also cleaned out and decorated the space including painting a mural and adding a secure gate.

Lena Bolotin Art for Kids Lena’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by engaging students’ passion for the arts. Many students have felt disconnected from the arts due to Zoom school. Lena made the art classroom a fun and engaging place so that kids would be excited to go to art class.


Annika Bolton Found Again Annika’s Gold Award made an impact on her community by helping her school bring students together and introduce sustainable practices. She created a platform that can help the community learn and engage with the school. She also designed a website that could transfer the school’s lost and found items onto an online website. The website is easily accessible for the school’s community, and it organizes and decreases the overflow of items by being able to retrieve them from the website.

Julia Botoglou Promoting Literacy in Children Julia’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by giving children from diverse backgrounds access to their own private library with over 800 books to choose from, ranging in reading levels from K-6th grade. This impacted the community by giving the children the opportunity to explore new reading genres. It also helped expand their horizon of learning various levels of reading and challenged them.

Isabella Bowman Kids Community Dental Clinic Isabella’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community through educating children from underserved communities about dental care. Her mission was to develop preventative education through hands on learning experiences as well as informative talks regarding dental care to improve the oral health of children in her community. Her goal was to create a lasting impact with 5-7 year olds in her community which will last for years to come.

Emma Rose Brandt Sew Some Compassion and Love Emma’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of helping homeless women gain confidence by learning a basic life skill like sewing. The project Sew Some Compassion and Love gave homeless women some basic sewing instruction to learn how to mend and repair clothing, as well as learning how to create homemade face masks to wear during COVID-19 restrictions.

Emma Brownrigg A Dog’s Business Emma’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of pet waste that is left on the ground in the community by creating pet waste bag dispensers out of recycled 2-Liter soda bottles and hanging them on STOP signs.

Lexie Buckley Recycled Benches Lexie’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of ocean pollution by building two benches in her middle school’s garden made from plastic water bottles. She collected the bottles from a local creek and filled them with mortar to use them as bricks. She then shared her work and information on ocean pollution with other Girl Scouts and students at her high school through presentations and a website that she created.

Ashley Calderon Bridging Connections Ashley’s Gold Award Project raised awareness for foster children who need support while dealing with changes and trauma. She refurbished the visitation room at Eggleston and upgraded the toys for the children to provide a welcoming space and to help manage everyone’s anxiety as they transition to their new living situations or visit their biological parents. Ashley also provided a pamphlet with advice about how to manage anxiety that will be available at the center.

Kira Camacho Senior Series Kira Camacho’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing historical details about the Arcadia community. This information and data was taken firsthand from residents and will be passed down for generations to come.

Lauren Calvario Pediatric Therapy At Your Fingertips Gold Award Recipient.

Estelle Candela Get Up & Move! Stretching Through COVID Estelle’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing resources for and encouraging students and teachers to take “stretch breaks” throughout the school day. She created followalong stretching videos, held presentations, and wrote articles on the benefits of exercise, then distributed these resources into the community. She was able to educate and assist students and staff in improving their physical and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Samantha Carlson Outdoor Classroom and Learning Garden Samantha’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing a curriculum and dedicated space at Beethoven Elementary to teach K-5 coping skills to prevent teen suicide. The Learning Garden is used daily by students, teachers, and staff to teach classes, enjoy lunch, harvest fruits and vegetables, read books, or just hang out in a tranquil environment.

Julie Casarez HeARTy Foods Julie’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of food insecurity. She built a produce garden in the backyard of an organization called CityHeART. She educated adults and kids on how to build their own produce garden and set up meetings every Friday with the kids to talk about their progress, draw their garden, and work on the garden.

Emily Casciani Kindness is a Language the Deaf Can Hear Emily’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by teaching empathy and understanding to elementary level students about people whose hearing is impaired. She taught the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) as a tool they can use as a rudimentary bridge between the deaf and hearing.


Michele Chan Sunshine – A Nature Preservation for Wellbeing Michele’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of climate sustainability by preserving native plants in the area, protecting them from invasive species and creating herbaria to preserve them for future generations. Native plants, especially in drought areas do not require too much water to survive the dry summer heat in Southern California, thereby reducing the chance of them lighting up in wildfires. Herbaria are used as source of knowledge for flora in a region to help identify new plant species and act as a reservoir for gene pool studies.

Abigail Chang Planted Goodness Abigail’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the overproduction and overconsumption of meat by creating a curriculum and workshops that taught young kids at the Boys and Girls Club about the impact of our diets on the environment, which is a lesser-known contributor to climate change. Each workshop included a lesson about one specific environmental effect of livestock, a uniquely crafted, hands-on activity, and a recipe tutorial video of a plant-based recipes. These workshops were crafted in the hopes of making a more sustainable, plant-based diet a feasible option for any family and were also made accessible on a public website, so the curriculum could be implemented by any school or educational organization.

Xiomara Chen-Marquez Thursday Club Archival Project Xiomara’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by preserving the historical achievements and landmarks of the La Canada Thursday Club. By sorting, scanning, digitizing, and archiving photos, and newspaper articles from the 1950s until now, she helped keep memories from the past alive.

Kristin Chieh Stay Fit for Your Wellness Kristin’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of childhood obesity, and she made an impact on her community by creating exercise resources for kids in the community. She developed an exercise program focusing on motivating kids to increase physical activity. To make it interesting, she incorporated Chinese martial arts into the program to educate kids on the importance of eating healthy and how exercise can be fun and beneficial.

Lauren Chiou GHS Wellness Center Lounge & Kits Lauren’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the stigmatization of mental health in school settings by furnishing her school’s Wellness Center and assembling wellness kits for students. The Wellness Center serves as a place for students to relax on campus and has received praise for its effective and calming nature. In order to adjust to the COVID-19 Pandemic and online school, Lauren created wellness kits designed to help with stress relief and to bring the Wellness Center home to students.

Jessica Choi Development of Imagination Jessica’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of lack of opportunities for low-income families by giving preschoolers the access to explore their imagination and passions through dressup. Through dressing up many children can begin to discover their creative sides while developing responsible habits by teaching the children how to properly care for the costumes. Along with 30+ donated costumes Jessica was able to donate 10 children’s books based on sparking career interests and 5 video interviews of adults speaking upon their professions like a dentist, hairdresser, doctor etc.

Jaclyn Chow LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Jaclyn’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of lack of acceptance, resources, and inclusivity among members of the queer community. Her creation of an original banner not only stands as signage for the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ+ Center, but also provides a welcoming aura for visitors of the facility. In addition, her donation of care packages and furniture further cemented her desire to help the center become a place of refuge for members of the LGBTQ+ community while easing their financial burdens.

Maya Christie The Pines Animal Safety, Awareness, and Preparedness (ASAP) Maya’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of disaster relief for pets by informing pet owners in her condominium complex and neighborhood about disaster preparedness and shedding light on the importance of considering pets when planning for an emergency. Maya hosted Zoom meetings and in-person workshops with residents to cover disaster plans for earthquakes, fires and to teach attendees how to make dog and cat emergency to-go bags. Additionally, she made a website in which she provided information and tips on what to do with pets during an emergency, provided checklists with supplies needed for different pets’ emergency bags, and made animal safety bag starter-kits for participants who wished to receive one.

Chloe Clair The Urban Ranger Project Chloe’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of a systemic lack of minority representation within science fields by designing and distributing scientific enrichment packets. Each spotlighting a global biome in addition to its ecological significance through art, writing, and other activities.



Sophia De La Torre

Free Little Library Emilie’s Free Little Library made an impact on her community by creating a way to share and borrow reading literature during the pandemic and beyond.

Package Full of Smiles Gold Award Recipient.

Christia Corel ASL for First Response Teams Christia’s Gold Award Project addressed the issues of communication boundaries with Deaf people and first response teams by teaching basic ASL with the help of the Deaf community. The focus was to raise awareness for the deaf culture to give a greater understanding on how to easily communicate with them.

Isabel Covelli Support Stone Entrance Isabel’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by enriching the front entrance of Pediatric Therapy Network for their students. PTN assists children with learning disabilities. She created a fun and interactive entrance that not only can the children enjoy and play with but also the therapists can use for their treatments. There are scanning stones for the occupational therapists to use as well as games and jumping pavers for the physical therapist to use.

Megan Crawford Adding Math to the Science Megan’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the lack of student interest and engagement in math by teaching nine seminars about math in the real world to 150 eighth-grade students. Megan also conducted research about the uses of math in everyday life, and created a website, along with other social media posts to advertise her project.


Alicia de los Reyes Hello, Future... Meet the Past Alicia’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of preserving the City of El Monte’s history by creating a website, www.elmontehistory.org, for the El Monte Historical Museum. The website allows virtual visits to the Museum to learn more about El Monte’s history and view the unique collections. Alicia’s project bridged the gap between the pioneer age and the digital age.

Jane De Prima Affordable Recipe Booklets for Food Shelters Jane’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of rising food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing educational resources for those seeking accessible nutrition. In her community, she identified fresh, affordable options and then created quick, cost-effective meals that did not compromise nutrition. She organized these recipes into books for Foothill Unity Center, a local food shelter, to distribute to the thousands of food insecure individuals in our community.

Kate De Prima Celebrating Identity Through Zines Kate’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing LGBTQ+ teens an outlet to express themselves through art. Together with her high school Gender-Sexuality Alliance club, they made a 10-paged zine filled with art, writing, and poetry. She also hosted workshops on how to make a zine with three other LGBTQ+ clubs in the Los Angeles area.

Catherine De Wolff Living Well with Epilepsy Catherine’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by addressing and reducing the fear and stigma surrounding epilepsy. Short and easily digestible videos, in more than 60 languages, as well as a variety of other shareable resource materials, introduced a global audience to what epilepsy is and how they can support those living with it and encourage them to tell their stories.

Isabella Del Gaudio Prevention of Critical Incidents with First Responders & The Developmental Disability Community Isabella’s Gold Award Project addressed how first responders can effectively interact with the developmentally disabled (DD) during critical incidents by conducting comprehensive research and then sharing findings with the training directors at Long Beach Search and Rescue (LBSR), who subsequently supported training new and experienced first responders on how to effectively interact with the DD community, and allowed for open discussions as to how the interaction might be different during critical incidents. To enhance the presentation experience and increase awareness, during training days liaisons from the Down 4 Dance non-profit program, Long Beach Unified School District-Special Education, and Best Buddies International were invited to discuss symptoms and common evidenced-based strategies to de-escalate critical incidents with the DD population.

Gabriela Deusch Estrellitas De Pico Union Gabriela’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of Literacy Awareness by recording Read-ALoud books in Spanish and making worksheets that go with each video. Due to the reduced instruction time during the pandemic, students in underserved communities have been affected most when trying to learn how to read or complete schoolwork. Estrellitas De Pico Union is meant to serve as a supplement for young students to discover the joy of reading.

Madison DeVriendt Urban Roots Madison’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by granting students the opportunity to learn about healthy eating and the benefits. She created gardens and a curriculum that gave students easy access to healthy fruits, vegetables and general information surrounding the specific plants. Most importantly, students received their own at home garden kits enabling them to practice the knowledge they learned at school and bring it to their homes.

Madison DeVries Time Management Support Center Madison’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by raising donations for 28 time management calendars and filming a video with individuals who excel at organization. She also created a workbook filled with time management pages and resources and hosted a planner drive to collect resources for the shelter. Finally, she remodeled the walls of the Foothill Family Shelter and designed a more approachable, interactive environment for residents.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Madeline Dion Maxwells Food Pantry Madeline’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing easy access to food at all times to her community. Helping the elderly and less fortunate people get food without having to drive 25+ minutes to “town”. As well as being able to come together has a community and help each other out.

Meghana Divi A Helpful Digital Friend Meghana’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by raising awareness and educating senior citizens about the dangers of online scams. With millions of robocalls, scam emails, and setups, it is important to know about these types of scams and how to deal with them. She held online seminars, made a video, and a website for people to access to protect themselves from scams.

Piper Dobson Don’t Box Me In: A Book for Girls about Stereotypes Piper’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of young girls feeling “boxed in” by societyimposed standards and limitations as it relates to their career aspirations. This project included writing, illustrating, and producing the book itself, as well as connecting with other girls through a book tour that she planned and executed. It took 166 hours to complete, and she raised almost $7000 so that all 550 of the books produced would be free to girls in her community.

Annika Dodd Inside the Book Annika’s Gold Award Project addressed the negative impacts that distance learning and poverty had on reading by giving students a book bag containing books of their choice. She also made online resources to assist the children in reading them. It combated the issue of children developing a negative view of reading at an early age from struggling to learn how to read alone.

Emily Dodge Mental Health Art Expression Emily’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating an art expression hall at a mental health center. Artwork from the clients at the center was collected and displayed in the hall, additionally the art was placed in a calendar for the center to use as a fundraiser.

Gillian Doplemore Growing Together Gillian’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the lack of access to healthy foods specifically but not limited to low-income individuals. She worked with a local nonprofit to add fruits and vegetables to their food distributions, created an outdoor garden space with fruit trees and berry bushes for a community organization and created a club at her school that focuses on sustainability practices.

Ava Dunville Civics for Youth Ava’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by connecting with younger children and teaching about civic engagement. Through her project she was able to teach students in her community about typical issues on a local, state, and national levels.


Natalya Eastepp Community – Mason Bee Awareness and Population Natalya’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by raising bee awareness in her community and neighboring communities by placing nests, information signs, and Mason bee larvae in different nature centers that will allow our bees to thrive and multiply. In addition, Natalya wrote the children’s book “Poppy and Me” and donated over 200 copies to several public-school districts as well as private donations.

Haley Elder Painting Stalls & Smiles Gold Award Recipient.

Caitlyn Eng Marv’s Place and Euclid Villas Personal Protection Equipment and Learn to be Safe Caitlyn’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by supplying PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for the families that live in low-income housing. She also educated the families on how to stay safe by making homemade hand sanitizers and bleach at home. This equipment is needed to do daily life tasks such as grocery shopping and visiting doctors. This helped many people stay as safe as possible during a time that was critical to be aware of our health.

Gia Eskigian Art from the Heart Gia’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by preparing art kits for the residents of the Ronald McDonald House in Los Angeles. She made 1,200 kits to keep the residents busy when in their rooms, staying in the hospital, or waiting for doctor appointments. She also made a digital pamphlet with instructions on how to assemble art kits so community service groups working with the House can continue this project in the future.

Eliana Feinstein Pali Spotlight Eliana’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by publicizing her peers’ positive contributions to society through a partnership with the local newspaper. Eliana and her fellow journalism students at the high school wrote articles highlighting students’ various community service and/or social justice initiatives in their community. This not only expanded the resources available to these students but also helped to break down negative stereotypes about teenagers in the community.

Ava Feldman Elementary Video Learning Ava’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by addressing the issues faced by Elementary school children in online learning. She did this by creating a mentorship program between high schoolers and a third-grade class. She also developed a website that had videos about their curriculum for the use of all third-grade classes to help aid in their learning.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Rebecca Finley The A-to-Z Project Rebecca’s Gold Award Project made an impact on their community by addressing the issue of learning materials for children with disabilities. She hoped to create a way for younger students with disabilities to learn the alphabet in a non-traditional way. She did this with a handmade alphabet coloring book that would be exciting and simpler to understand and use.

Rylee Flinn Rylee’s Heart Rylee Flinn’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by doing research on congenital heart defects, recalling her own experience with a congenital heart defect to create a children’s book, and distributing her book to hospitals and places where this book can be the most impactful.

Norah Fong Making STEM Accessible and Diverse Gold Award Recipient.

Evan Fratantuno Culver City Seed Project Evan’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing students with an engaging way to learn about growing their own food. Through a community seed library placed in her local elementary school, she provided students with resources such as seeds, planters, soil, and instructional tips.


Natalie Freese 321 Character Development Gold Award Recipient.

Haley Gabelsberg Social Justice Book Club Gold Award Recipient.

Sophia Garzona Don’t Be Scared, Be Aware Sophia’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of sex trafficking by teaching her community self-defense. She made an educational website with resources to impact as many lives as she could. In addition, she partnered with a nonprofit housing community to inform more vulnerable groups of people.

Gianna Garcia Stressless Initiative Gianna’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of mental health by offering six workshops about stress reduction with activities that teens could use to promote overall wellbeing. The workshops discussed journaling, yoga, creative art, and mindfulness to reduce stress and to encourage healthy coping strategies during challenging times.

Rebecca Garlan Hands on Engineering Rebecca’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by expanding engineering outreach and education to elementary school students. She created engaging video lessons and activities that could be used by teachers with zero background knowledge or experience about engineering education. The video lesson and activity she created on Aerospace Engineering also focused on sparking interest and inspiring all children to pursue engineering by disproving common stereotypes around gender, race, and background.

Sashel Garner Proporcionando Conocimiento al Pueblo de Matatan Sashel’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating a warm friendly environment where children could go and read books. She also provided children’s books through donations.

Macy Gillett Volleyball Program to Teach Life Skills & Leadership Gold Award Recipient.

Celia Glinsky Keeping Kids Healthy During Seasons of Illness Celia’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of young children being unaware about how to keep themselves from getting sick by creating a video in which she presented the basics for staying healthy in a way that was accessible and understandable for elementary aged kids. She used it to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the common cold and flu so that it would be applicable regardless of the year. It was distributed at Riviera Elementary School via an online newsletter and will hopefully continue to be shown for years to come.

Hannah Gold Reading Garden Sanctuary Hannah Gold’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by refurbishing the garden area at Rolling Hills Prep School for elementary school kids. She constructed a little library stand full of books for the kids to borrow and return which teaches them the fundamental skills of reusing and responsibility. The teachers have thoroughly enjoyed implementing this as a part of their curriculum and have said the students voluntarily use the area to read during snack breaks and have shown a greater interest in their academics in the classroom.

Gabriella Goldenberg Youth Leadership Training Course Gabriella’s Gold Award Project addressed the lack of opportunities for students to learn leadership skills. She created a course for high school students where they learned leadership skills through Zoom meetings and group activities led by professionals. At the end of the course, the students used their newly learned skills to organize a supply drive for homeless people and their pets.

Adrianna Gonzalez Libros Sin Fronteras Adrianna’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by helping the students at Benito Juarez Elementary School improve their Spanish vocabulary and comprehension. With her team of volunteers, she recorded over 50 audiobooks for children’s books in Spanish and created them into QR codes that were pasted to each book. The purpose of the project was to provide accessibility to students who are learning Spanish and who do not have the support at home as they learn a new language at a dual-language school.

Corrin Graham STEM Cart Corrin’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by educating local third graders about STEM. Her project taught children not only about the importance of STEM, but the different ways it can affect their daily lives. She made extensive projects for the children to complete that taught them about STEM in a fun and engaging way.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Jasper Guenther-Clark Write the Right Jasper’s Gold Award Project addresses the lack of representation and support for Type One Diabetics by Writing, illustrating, and publishing a book. “T1D Will Not Stop Me” shows a young person diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and how they progress with their life as well as including information for parents and successful people with T1D to look up to.

Lila Guillory Wildlife Prevention and Preparedness Lila’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of climate change and wildfires by hosting a seminar with experts on necessary actions in case of a fire, educating younger Girl Scouts about what they can personally do to help and prepare, and hosting a brush cleanup to rid an area of plants susceptible to fire damage.

Kiley Gustin The Paper Crane Project Kiley Gustin’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing a local cancer organization, Circle of Hope, with an art installation of 1,000 origami cranes. Origami cranes provide a symbol of hope, healing, and prosperity and provide an uplifting message to Circle of Hope’s clients and the cancer community of the Santa Clarita Valley.

Victoria Hamilton Anxiety Coping Skills for Adolescents Victoria Hamilton’s Gold Award Project addresses the lack of education for children about anxiety and how to cope with it by creating videos to explain what it is. Her project also helps teachers to identify if a student has anxiety so they can provide the helpful resources they may need. The tips and tricks kids learn will help them with problems they may face in the future.


Remi Hayashi Internment Camp Education Gold Award Recipient.

Emily Heard Sensory Art is the Way to One’s Heart! Emily’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by giving children with disabilities a chance to express themselves and have fun in an environment made just for them! Her inspiration for this project was her 8-year-old cousin who has Down Syndrome. She has a love for arts and crafts and children so, by mixing those two things together she decided to create an art and sensory room for children with disabilities.

Kayla Hernandez Raising Awareness about the Lack of First Aid Education Kayla’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by implementing first aid education standards in low-income areas that give children the opportunity to learn and access more resources. Through her project she wrote a children’s book, created an easily accessible website and provided first aid kits for kids in elementary schools. Her book is now displayed in libraries and classrooms, to further raise awareness.

Mia Hernandez Tour of Love Mia Araceli’s Gold Award Project organized volunteers for the Ronald McDonald House for the post COVID-19 environment. She created a guidebook that contained all the information a volunteer would need to know when wanting to support Ronald McDonald House. These events will also cater to the growth of the RMH and allow girls to experience and learn about this amazing foundation. Through this partnership Girl Scouts will also learn of the many ways they can make a difference and help a group of individuals while working to earn the highly soughtafter Bronze, Silver, or Gold Awards.

Kaylee Hirsch Hats for the Homeless Kaylee’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of homelessness by teaching members of her community to crochet hats. They were donated to Hope of the Valley, a homeless aid organization based in the San Fernando Valley.

Samantha Ho Stop the Spread of COVID-19 Samantha’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the lack of awareness for COVID safety within children. She presented to a nearby Boys and Girls Clubs and to younger Girl Scout troops about how they could stay safe during the pandemic. Samantha gave each child two masks to decorate and keep using.

Annette Hsieh Youth Environmentalists Annette’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by educating elementary students about pollution and global warming. Her goal was to create better habits with the younger generation in hopes of them becoming conscious consumers and taking action to prevent global warming from further progressing.

Meldoy Huang Project De-Stress: Teenage Stress and Anxiety Melody Huang’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of high school stress and anxiety by hosting workshops on solutions to destress. She hosted four workshops with the psychology club at her school and three workshops with other friends outside of the club. She also created a website containing solutions to relieve stress and anxiety and an Instagram account to spread awareness about mental health.

Sabrina Hurtado House of Puzzles Sabrina Hurtado’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of damaged or lost social skills in school aged children due to the COVID-19 quarantine by creating a place where children and adolescents can feel comfortable together again. She built and painted a House of Puzzles that was donated to a local Boy’s and Girl’s club. She decided to incorporate puzzles because there are a lot of benefits; color and shape recognition, problem solving, a sense of accomplishment, teamwork, and perseverance.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Seabrijn Hutson Make it Well! Gold Award Recipient.

Julia Im Lingual Art: Solving Language Barriers through Aesthetics Julia’s Gold Award Project made an impact on their community by incorporating visual arts into English curriculums to teach those around her. She ran an 8-week workshop that taught students to incorporate personal anecdotes and storytelling into grammatical lessons, creating a personal connection between the student and their work. By making this curriculum public and spreading the word, Julia’s engaging curriculum redefined the relationship between children and learning.

Brittany Ishida Wings of Love Brittany’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by partnering with Project Angel Food to make and distribute hand-made keychains and kids activity kits to brighten the lives of people living with terminal illnesses and their children in her area. To spread awareness, she established a club on her high school’s campus called Caring 2 Connect. The club educates students on the struggles marginalized groups face such as the clients of Project Angel Food and provides her peers with opportunities to aid them. By introducing students to issues they may not know about, her club works to build a more informed and empathetic generation with a passion for helping others.


Chloe Jackson The Art Express Chloe’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating a virtual, safe space for kids under quarantine to artistically express themselves. She held six virtual art sessions for children 8 – 14. Each student was encouraged to share their emotions and feelings through art and music. With the help of the Art Express project, children walked away with a creative spirit, confidence, and connected with communicating their feelings on canvas.

Madison Jackson The Tenderheaded Project Madison’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating a platform where people can feel safe in their natural hair. This platform discusses the history of natural hair in America, gives advice on taking care of natural hair, and tips on self-love and confidence.

Jamie Karlowitsch Education through Gant Teacher’s Retirement Garden Jamie’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by gentrifying an abandoned teacher’s retirement garden at her elementary school and turning it into an outdoor educational opportunity for the students. It also incorporates a memorial for the retired teachers.

Kiley Keating Women & Investing: Getting a Head Start Kiley’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of financial illiteracy among women by educating young girls and women in her community. She presented to various youth and female empowerment groups, created, and outlined an easily teachable curriculum, made multiple YouTube videos, and created a website hosting all these resources as well as her outside research.

Anika Kesavalu Life Skills Program Anika’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the lack of life skills taught in rural areas in India by implementing an educational program She created content that covered 10 life skills, such as time management and presentation skills, and designed a website to house this content. Anika held 10 workshop sessions to teach the students these life skills.

Amanda Kiesel Pasadena History Museum Virtual Junior Docent Spotlight Tour Amanda’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by expanding the Pasadena History Museum’s tour guide program to an even larger audience, while making it engaging for young learners. With the continuation of in-person elementary school field trips threatened by the pandemic, Amanda created a virtual field trip option for elementary students, providing an alternative experience for young children to learn about Pasadena history and culture.

Carleen Jimenez The Musical Journey Carleen Jimenez’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating an easily accessible, basic music theory curriculum for middle school and high school students. Her project will help a wider range of students explore the gifts of music.

Julia Johnson Computers & Coding Classes Julia’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue that there is a lack of STEM classes available in elementary school, by working with a program at her high school to provide afterschool classes that teach kids basic coding classes.

Sydney Ken Science & Art Based Enrichment Program & Lesson Planner Sydney’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating a virtual summer school art and science enrichment program for the “I Have a Dream”- Los Angeles Foundation. This program helps under resourced students by providing educational support starting from 1st grade all the way through high school graduation and beyond. Sydney created and taught 4 weeks of classes for 3rd and 4th grade students who otherwise would not have access to these types of programs.

Charlotte Kim The Teacher Wellness Center Charlotte’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by beautifying the staff lounge. This project was created to give teachers and staff a safe place to relax amid all the hardships they faced during the pandemic.

Crystal Kim Basketball for the Future Crystal Kim’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by helping kids stay active. During the pandemic, she noticed that kids, specifically elementary school students, were not going outside and exercising as much. In an effort to get them moving, she created workshops that targeted staying healthy and active.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Marie Kim Preventing Long-term Injuries Caused By Dance Gold Award Recipient.

Julia Kinsel Enhancing Orphanage Life Gold Award Recipient.

Mia Koliander Body Positivity PSA Mia’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of body image by writing, filming, and editing a public service announcement video about the impact of body image and how society views body image.

Malia Kowal Marine Science and Ocean Conservation Youth Teaching Program Malia Kowal’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating and implementing two curriculums for her local aquarium. These curriculums focused on the important intersection between sustainability and marine biology on global and local scales. The programs will continue to educate young girls about these important issues for years to come.


Sophia Kroe Made with Love Sophia’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by working with other Girl Scout Troops and close friends to hand-knit large blankets for the homeless population served at the St. Francis Center. During the workshops, she presented a slideshow about how poverty is a growing issue worldwide and has taken a toll on those most affected by the pandemic. After the blankets were delivered, Sophia created a website that included instructions on how viewers can make their own chunky, hand-knit blankets that can be donated to someone in need.

Katharine La Corte Foster Children Art Project Katharine La Corte’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by empowering elementary school age foster children to find their own voice through art. Through a series of art therapy lessons, the children learned that art is a “superpower,” and they are “superheroes.” The lessons taught the children figure drawing, animation skills, color design, and about well-known artists. More importantly, as they used their art superpower, they developed their own self-confidence and voice by creating their own self-portrait. The art therapy lessons were given to middle school and high school students, in addition.

Blair Landherr Let It Be Baking Blair’s Gold Award Project impacted her community by creating a program where kids diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses could interact with peers and learn a new skill safely during the pandemic. She did this by hosting Zoom baking lessons with kids served by the Let it Be Foundation teaching them how to make different baked goods.

Ella Le The New Day Mural Ella’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by teaching about the sport of softball and by displaying community unity through a mural. The New Day Mural was created in Ella’s local park where she has played softball for 11 years. It nods to softball as well as staple pieces of the city’s history. Along with the mural, Ella held a free pitching clinic to the public where girls could learn how to pitch.

Erika Ledesma Teaching Code through Music Notes Erika’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of women underrepresented in STEM by developing a beginner coding class for young children. The class introduced basic coding concepts such as variables and if-statements. After learning the fundamentals, students were able to code their first project and make their own music through a program she designed for them. She taught the class virtually, three times at her elementary school to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students.

Chloe Lee Lighthouse’s 5F Playground (A place where family & friends have fellowship, food & fun) Chloe Lee’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her local community during the height of the pandemic closures. She painted murals, created blacktop games, added mini parking spots for toddler ride-on toys, and revamped her church’s outdoor play area to create a vibrant and welcoming outdoor space that would bring a sense of excitement, comfort, and safety for her church family upon returning after pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Justine Lee The Stop to Period Shaming Justine’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the menstruation stigma by creating an educational video about how to recognize and avoid this problem. She hosted open meetings with high school students to get their input on the video and added their stories in so people could learn from real-life experiences. Justine presented the video to parents of preschoolers, in hopes that the video had enough impact on them so that they could learn the importance of open conversations about period shaming and raise their children with these lessons.

Marina Lee Musical Storytelling for Special Needs Kids Marina’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing a unique educational game for kids with autism. Due to financial circumstances or location restrictions families may face, they may not have access to child development services such as music therapy. Marina created a musical storytelling game called PocketStory which includes skills taught in music therapy such as cognitive, motor, and communication skills.

Alli Leucht Dogs and the Disabled Alli’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by educating elementary students about the role of a guide dog and their training program. She wrote and presented two books, one for younger elementary students and one for older elementary students, which are now housed in two school libraries and available for purchase. In addition, she held an Animal Helpers badge workshop for Cadette scouts where they learned about the role of animals in society throughout history.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Daniella Lippman COVID Catch-up Summer Prep Gold Award Recipient.

Nora Logsdon Care Kits for Victorville Guest House Nora’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing comfort care kits for immigrant children to help relieve stress and anxiety that these children may feel when immigrating to America. She worked to make 60 age and genderspecific care kits. She also made a documentary informing others about this issue and ways that we can all help give a little bit of hope to these suffering children.

Emma Longacre Around the World Gold Award Recipient.

Isabella Lozada Make It Mine Isabella’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by implementing creative diversity education in local student curriculums. Her 16 virtual school workshops included book reading, Google Map games, cuisine videos, educational bingo, and student storytelling for Woodland Hills Elementary School’s teachers. She also donated a collection of 200 handcrafted clothespin figurine kits for future students to create personalized figurines and learn to creatively embrace unique individuality.

Amelia Lu Redondo Pacific Estates COVID-Safe Outdoor Concerts Amelia’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing her neighbors with an opportunity to safely socialize during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amelia saw that social distancing was making it hard for her typically friendly neighbors to stay connected, so she organized two live outdoor concerts in which she and other neighbors performed.

Britney Ly Bailey Loria Got Resources? Bailey’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the lack of resources for patients at a mental health hospital in Los Angeles by creating a resource guide that the agency can use to give to families whenever they need it. Gateways is able to add onto this guide with new resources they have.


Peace of Mind Britney’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of Mental Health in teens by creating various mental health resources. While working with a mental health counselor, she created a website and pamphlet with information and stress relief activities. In addition, she collaborated with the National Alliance on Mental Health Organization and hosted webinars with a local boy scout troop and the Bring Change 2 Mind Club at her school.

Madison Ly Boosting Healthcare Workers Morale Madison’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of healthcare workers’ morale and mental health during the pandemic by making over 40 candy wreaths with a team of volunteers and distributing them to workers over the holidays. The wreaths also included cards that were drawn and made by a younger local girl scout troop. She also filmed and posted a YouTube tutorial on how to make wreaths.

Megan Ly Appreciating Healthcare Workers Gold Award Recipient.

Victoria MacDougall Monarch Project Victoria’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue regarding the endangerment of Monarch butterflies. She built a monarch habitat and planted milkweed at her local community garden, as well as taught lessons to local kids on the monarch lifecycle and their importance in the community. She helped to spread awareness of their importance in their ecosystems, and further prevent their endangerment in the South Bay.

Victoria Macias GATE Lunchtime Activities Victoria’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by helping middle school aged honor students decrease their stress and focus on their mental health through various activities.

Ava Mack Children’s Activity Guide to Hiking Chino Hills State Park Ava’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by encouraging kids to get outside more and enjoy nature. Her hiking guide kept the kids engaged and having fun while they hiked in the Chino Hills State Park. The hope being that they learn to love and appreciate the world around them just a little but more.

Arden MacLaren Canine Courtesies – Education About Service Dogs Arden’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the lack of education surrounding service dogs by creating a program and holding an event at the San Marino Crowell Public Library. Kids learned about service dogs and service dog etiquette. With her puppyin-training, Perry, she was able to teach over 115 kids and adults. She also created a book for kids to continue learning about service dogs to keep in various schools and libraries.

Maelia Madariaga-Ilagab Never Refuse to Reuse Maelia’s Gold Award Project addressed the lack of awareness of the repercussions of single-use plastic products. She donated filter reusable water bottle fountains to her local elementary/middle school. In addition, she created teacher lesson plans for grades TK-8th grade that correlates with what single-use plastic is, the effects, and the reward using the fountain has on our ecosystem.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Eliana Madera Mental Health Comics for Adolescents Eliana’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of mental health challenges, specifically focused on eating disorders. Aimed at young adolescents of middle school age, she aimed to educate individuals on the psychology of eating disorders, destigmatize getting help, advocate for therapy, and connect to her younger audience in a meaningful, yet informative manner. She illustrated a short story comic book about a young girl overcoming an eating disorder.

Ria Mandal Scouts 4 STEM Ria’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of access and inclusion in STEM education for underprivileged children by providing months of classes teaching young kids different science, tech, engineering, and math projects. Through each session, these kids were able to build diverse projects that introduced them to new concepts. Through hands-on experimentation, hypothesizing, and the skills of critical thinking, the children at the Boys & Girls Club were able to find an intriguing STEM topic to be passionate about.

Aaliyah Martinez Bracelets for Hope Aaliyah’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by turning a personal family cancer scare, into an uplifting project for women. Working closely with Torrance Memorial Breast Cancer Imaging Center, Aaliyah hoped to ease the mind of women who had to come back for a second mammogram. She included an uplifting bracelet and a motivating pamphlet in their return letter.


Joy Masuda Ican Gardenscapes Joy’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by building a garden, creating a cookbook, and making gardening kits for the I California Abilities Network. Due to the pandemic, the clients were forced to stay home so this gave them a safe way to return outdoors to enjoy their time.

Eva Matentsian Teen Siblings of Autism Support Group Eva’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by spreading awareness about the struggle siblings of autism may face. She conducted Zoom sessions with other siblings of autism where she led open discussions and presented about healthy coping strategies. She created informational pamphlets with tips and resources for siblings who may not feel heard in their community and spread it around to various therapy centers, regional centers, and her school.

Kelly Matlock Pause for Paws Kelly’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of de-clawing kittens by spreading awareness and donating 100 hand-made cat beds and 50 hand-made cat toys to her local animal shelter.

Miya Matsumune Establishing a Music Library Miya’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing students and staff of the Claremont Community School of Music, as well as any other interested citizens, with a variety of free music books to borrow. In order to increase accessibility for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, Miya donated her time to organizing and labeling music books, as well as building two display cases for the library. The music library at the Claremont Community School of Music is open for all to use, which removes the barrier of money for musicians in poverty.

Chloe Maurer Community Garden Mural Chloe’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of accessible environmental sustainability. The mural provided a conversation template for exploring the intersection between sustainability and privilege.

Eden Mayer Promoting Positive Mental Health for Foster Youth Eden Mayer’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating two beautifully designed spaces for foster youth to connect to their family, foster parents, and mentors. Within these spaces, she provided craft kits so foster youth could express themselves creatively.

Avery McDowell Voter Registration for South Highschool Students Gold Award Recipient.

Emily McGowan Equestrian Obstacle Course Renovation Emily’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by addressing the deterioration of the equestrian obstacle course at Heritage Park in Alta Loma. Through her project she has provided a safe environment for equestrians in her community to improve their horsemanship skills. She has renovated the park grounds to be more usable and a desirable place for all to visit and enjoy.

Anja Meier-Nava Project Stella Anja’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of overpopulation of shelter dogs and brought awareness to mental health. Her project encouraged the public to adopt pets from shelters instead of purchasing them. She highlighted the amazing qualities of shelter dogs, not just as companions, but as potential therapy or service animals.

Eleni Menemenlis Masks for COVID-19 and Beyond Eleni’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of PPE shortages at the beginning of the pandemic by repairing 1000 N-95 masks for doctors at the Verdugo Hills Hospital and teaching her troop mates how to sew masks. She made videos on how to use a sewing machine and sewed 100 daily-use masks herself for doctors at the hospital and included instructions so that they could make more.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Jesse Mercado Supporting Mental Health & Wellness Through Calming Activities Jesse’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by educating teens about anxiety, depression, and stress and healthy ways of coping. She hosted an interactive Zoom event with presentations from therapists from Family Service Agency of Burbank, and an art therapy session! Jessie made videos with instructions on how to journal, make a happiness poster, make a stress ball, and deep breathing.

Sadie Metcalfe Let’s Talk Sex Sadie’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the lack of information about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as the lack of accessibility to birth control. She set up a sexual education website, interviewed health care professionals, held a webinar, taught a sexual education class, and held a condom distribution event at her local farmer’s market.

Lauren Mittleman Project Protect the Pollinators Lauren’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of pollinator habitat loss. She did this by working with her local botanical garden, creating a bee hotel to help the bees, and planting native milkweed to help the monarch butterflies. She also created a video tutorial of how to make a bee hotel to inspire others to do the same.


Alyssa Miyamoto Cultural Connection Alyssa’s Gold Award project made an impact on her community by leading classes at the Pasadena Boys and Girls Club that introduced different cultures through crafts, live performances, and cooking. By learning about different traditions and their significance, the kids expanded their worldview and increased their awareness of society’s diversity.

Teja Moe Reducing Carbon Footprints in a Household Teja’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of individual contribution to global warming by promoting environmental sustainability in her community. She partnered with the South Pasadena city government to further the city’s environmental initiatives by creating promotional materials. She also created a website consisting of reliable sources to make researching global warming and climate change easier. Lastly, she created an animated video going through five steps for people to quickly reduce their carbon footprint.

Audrey Moffatt Voice Your Power Audrey’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of stress and anxiety management in young teen girls by creating a fun and interactive workshop where they could learn about these topics, obtain tips and tricks to manage these conditions as well as promote self-esteem and self-care.

Julia Morales A Stitch in Time: Costume Rehabilitation, Registration, and Ultimate Relocation Julia’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing an online database of costume entries, each with a photo, a description, sizing information, and other data points. In addition, every costume was organized by type, and was cleaned and repaired. The completed items were relocated into a new storage facility, with the database uploaded to a school-wide digital server.

Katherine Moses Sustainability Signage & Wildlife Conservation in LA County Katherine’s Gold Award Project addressed the topics of wildlife conservation and environmentally friendly habits by creating 10 infographics to be put on display at the Los Angeles Zoo. Each sign spotlights an animal found at the Zoo, a human-caused issue faced by that animal, and ways for Zoo visitors to help. The signage covered a diverse array of species, ranging from the Bornean Orangutan, the Desert Tortoise and even the harbor seal. Katherine also co-founded the Sustainability Club at her school in order to cultivate awareness and inspire action beyond Zoo grounds and within her school community.

Casey Murase Be a Buddy Not a Bully Casey’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by educating the youth in her community about the detrimental effects of bullying on individuals and on society. Through her project, the youth were able to learn about the importance of unity and inclusion between themselves and their peers. At the end of the project, each participant designed their own poster for how they wanted to end bullying in their community.

Adelina Murrillo Money Mottos Adelina’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by educating teens and adults on many unknown terms relating to finances and giving them valuable tips and tricks on how to manage their money.

Sofia Neumann Dancing for a Cause Sofia’s Gold Award project made an impact on her community by teaching weekly dance and fitness classes to children and families at a temporary housing facility. She organized interactive fitness games and activities, taught various types of dance routines, and ended the class with simple stretches and time to clear the mind. She brought healthy snacks for participants to enjoy and provided education on nutrition and healthy living.

Athena Ngo Water Safety and Swimming Athena’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by teaching swim lessons to lowincome children. She also taught the importance of water safety with a slide presentation for the children as well as her fellow Girl Scouts. Furthermore, she created a YouTube video on water safety, bringing awareness to the public.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Eleanor Nold Cross Country Connections Eleanor’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of suicide and mental health in young adults through a pen-pal letter campaign from California to Maryland to broaden people’s horizons and start a discussion on mental health in one’s community

Lily Nunenmacher Project Clean Waters Lily’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the lack of education about plastic pollution for the San Pedro beach community. At Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, she created 4 interactive display boxes about the dangers of plastic pollution. She also led a recycled materials art project for three 5th grade science classes.

Rachel Oh Mira Costa Choirs Mentorship Program Rachel’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of mental health issues in children by connecting students through music. She created the first choir mentorship program in her school district which allowed high school choir students to reach out and mentor elementary choir students. The sessions involve activities to promote mental health, the feeling of community, and music education.

Kelli Ong Home Tweet Home Kelli’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the declining bluebird populations in Southern California by educating the public on local conservation efforts, organizing free nesting box building workshops, and constructing 50 nesting boxes, all of which were assembled by children and younger Girl Scout troops throughout the community.

Sofia Nunez Transitional Housing Playroom Sofia’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating a playroom for kids ages 5-10 who live in a transitional housing facility in Chatsworth. All the materials in this room were either donated by family and friends or purchased with Girl Scout Cookie Program earnings.

Brynn Ottolia Mental Health Space & Workshops Brynn’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating a project that equips special needs youth with strategies to use when feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.

Tasmin Owen Memorable Music Tasmin’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing a virtual performance experience to members of assisted living facilities. She put together a website and uploaded different musical videos, including orchestra, band, and choir students. She shared this website with three assisted living facilities and was able to share her creativity and passion for music with an audience that found it to be an incredibly positive experience.

Maureen Parker My Emotions and Me Maureen’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by exploring social and emotional topics with the goal of arming children with the skills necessary to lead a healthy and present lifestyle. With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and the related isolation, social and emotional health has been compromised, emphasizing the need to teach children at an early age the skills to understand and manage their emotions. Through a self-published children’s book written and illustrated by Maureen and supporting curriculum, children gain a positive relationship with their mind and body, better preparing them for the future!

Ava Paulsen N.E.A.R. Delivery Service: Notes of Encouragement and Advice for Rising Students Ava’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of student mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing letters of encouragement and advice written by high school students to elementary schoolers who were transitioning to middle school after a year of online distance learning.


Emilie Petit COVID-19 Mask Making Club Emilie’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating a mask making club at her high school that taught students how to make masks that would be donated around their community. Through the club, over 400 masks were donated, and information was shared through the club’s social media to promote safety and health. Student members were also able to gain service hours needed for graduation through participation.

Alissa Pfeffer Girls Exploring Majors in STEM (GEMS) Alissa’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of gender inequity in STEM by creating a Society of Women Engineers club and GEMS Speaker Series. Female professionals from STEM companies like Apple, NASA, and Boston Scientific, gave personal advice to high school students and Girl Scouts nationwide. Students from collegiate Society of Women Engineers sections at Stanford, UCLA, and UC-Berkeley were also featured to share their experiences.

Avery Phillips Preschool Outdoor Play-Area Renovation Avery’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by assisting Westminster Presbyterian Church’s Preschool on their yard renovations. She worked with a team to enhance the yard’s play kitchen, building a fence for play pots and pans to hang, creating a garden area for kids to use soup cans to plant flowers, and painting rocks to serve as play food. Avery and her team’s additions to the yard made the area much more interactive and entertaining for the children who continue to use it daily.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Lola Porras Harth Raising the Barn Lola’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by collaborating with a non-profit organization called Saffyre Sanctuary, a horse rescue and rehabilitation program that cares for horses that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected. She helped build a new storage shed for the sanctuary and raised awareness about horse cruelty by creating educational lesson plans for two elementary school classes and Girl Scout Juniors in Troop 1815.

Callie Pippert Composting Cubs Gold Award Recipient.

Brooke Porter Supporting the Fighters & Survivors Brooke’s Gold Award Project addressed the topic of cancer support by creating a database for those affected by cancer in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Sahana Raj Confidence Through Public Speaking Sahana’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of inequity in confidence development amidst COVID-19 by developing a free and virtual public speaking program to teach the youth comprehensive speechwriting and delivery. Thus, allowing the next generation of leaders to be anyone willing to learn, not just those with the means to pay.


Maddie Rajewski Growing Garden Maddie’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by teaching children how to grow and live off the land. Which helped the environment while they learned to plant themselves and taught them the process of growing plants to eventually eat.

Gwendolyn Rath Homeless, You Are Not Alone! Gwendolyn’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of homelessness by gathering resources for aid in one place. This was done by calling, emailing, and reaching out on social media to find places where homeless can find food, clothing, job training, and counseling. These resources were then placed on a flyer and placed in local homeless shelters.

Marley Reisner Recipe Cookbooks for Senior Citizens Marley’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of poverty in the elderly population by partnering with the West Valley Food Pantry, which delivers food to apartment complexes of over 500 senior citizens in Marley’s community. She chose to support these efforts by creating a cookbook included with food deliveries, providing healthy and easy recipes to prepare.

Kalin Richardson Exhale Safe Kalin’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of lack of education surrounding mental and physical health and CPR and First Aid by creating a safe space and website for visitors and Girl Scouts to explore, engage, and learn. Her website included a place for Girl Scouts to submit what they learned and post about related badges. She also included testimonials and other resources to outside links with interesting videos, music, and articles.

Carlee Romero Infection Control and Hygiene: How to Stay Healthy in our Community Carlee’s Gold Award Project addressed the lack of knowledge on proper infection control and hygiene practices. During the pandemic it became apparent that people did not have proper knowledge of proper infection control and hygiene. She aimed to inform people on how to take care of themselves and their communities while practicing proper hygiene.

Kayla Romero The Negative Effects of Teenage Vaping Kayla’s Gold award project made an impact on her community by presenting the health effects that are caused by vaping. She explained the damaging chemicals in vapes and provided resources for teens seeking support to stop vaping.

Alexis Rosas The Power of Connecting Alexis’ Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by bringing light to the topic of mental health and disconnection during difficult times and providing a safe space within a new campus club at Pasadena City College. She organized campus-wide activities, bi-weekly club meetings and advocated her club’s mission to high school students and fellow peers. This club, MyMindMattters, has helped create a community of its own within the college campus.

Aya Rosen Safe Climate, Safe Future Aya’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the lack of environmental education in schools by creating a website focused on the environment and sustainability. The website addressed different topics within climate change by providing helpful resources in the form of videos, articles, and games. She also listed ways students can take action and help prevent further negative advancements of the issue in their own community.

Sophia Ross Pen Pals to Nursing Homes Gold Award Recipient.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Meghan Ryan Dance for Down Syndrome Meghan’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing a creative way for kids with Down syndrome to express themselves through physical activity, while also practicing social skills. She held weekly Zoom dance classes for older and younger kids, while also providing online video tutorials for kids to use whenever. From keeping their spirits up with energetic music, to having wiggle breaks within the classes, and even show-and-tells to keep their attention occupied, every student had a good time by the end of her dance classes and videos.

Sydney Scott More than a Mascot Sydney’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by improving the mascot program at her school. This tradition, which brings Woody, Wilma, and Wilbur to life, is vital to the pride and spirit of Wilson High School. She did this by creating a Leadership Representative Team of nine diverse women to help address new and old traditions, assisting in building a new and improved home for all things Woody, and brainstorming ideas for a Mascot Manual, a tool to help guide and assist future mascots for generations to come.

Zoey Schwartz

Kylie Sears

The OCD Book Zoey’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing an accurate and readily available depiction of life with OCD for children. The children’s book aims to help kids understand representation. She read the book for two childhood OCD groups, and a 5th grade class. She has printed 11 copies and donated them to therapists, has it listed for free on the OCD SoCal website, and will read the book at the International OCD Foundation annual event.

Educating Young Girls on Politics Kylie’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of education and misinformation in politics by giving young girls the resources they need to understand our current political world. She taught middle schoolaged girls about different important political issues in a bipartisan way, so they could come to their own conclusions based on facts and evidence in their interpretations.

Emma Schwing Stories: More Than Just Words Gold Award Recipient.


Julia Shadmon The Dear Parents Podcast Julia’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by bridging the gap between adults and younger generations. Her podcast, which discusses issues that the younger generation feels passionately about, opened a conversation between adults and teenagers in order to create a more accepting environment. By including other youth members and experts as guests on her podcast, she was able to guide discussions that broke down important topics to make them easier to understand.

Shivani Sharma Connecting Seniors through Technology Shivani’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by addressing social isolation and mental health for seniors in her community. She hosted several virtual trivia games and in-person floral art classes during the COVID-19 pandemic which improved the happiness and mental health of the senior participants. She helped these senior citizens combat loneliness by connecting them to each other and facilitating fun activities.

Katelyn Sim Know Your Rights – Educating Kids on Law Katelyn’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by helping educate kids and young adults on the law. She did this through online classes that she ran for two months. Additionally, she created a website to help create an accessible platform for her information.

Hallie Simic Stop the Bleed Children’s Book Hallie’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating and publishing a book to teach children how to control the bleeding of serious traumatic injuries. She wanted to raise awareness about the importance of helping a victim quickly, scene safety and asking for help. It is currently being used by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Trauma Safe Kids Coalition.

Alex Simon Boxes for Babies Alex’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of families feeling disconnected from their newborn babies who are in the NICU, due to COVID visitation restrictions, by creating memory boxes with a scrapbook, hand and footprint mold, and a camera. This is so that the nurses can write down any updates and take photos of the newborn during their journey even when the parents are not there.

Isabella Simonian National Breast Cancer Awareness Isabella’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by informing women of the importance of self-examination. She organized an event to promote breast cancer awareness, inviting friends and other young women in the city of Downey. One of her attendees, the mayor of Downey, Blanca Pacheco, personally presented Isabella with a reward of recognition from the city of Downey.

Samantha Smolko Children’s Germ Awareness Samantha’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing a preschool with resources to educate young children and parents on a variety of different diseases. Zoom meetings were held with preschool parents and younger Girl Scout troops in her area, providing them with information on communicable diseases that affect youth. Additionally, homemade picture books on germ prevention were given to the school.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Cameron Sniderman Melanoma Outreach Cameron’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of Melanoma and the importance of taking personal responsibility to prevent cancer, as well as sharing the impact it has had on her own life. She provided educational resources to her audience about the significance of using sunscreen and why it is so important for prevention.

Edith Stevenson Club Moai Growth through Website, Social Media & More! Edith’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by her organization of a free, weeklong summer camp for over 35 special needs teenage campers and 20 teen volunteers with Club Moai, a social club for teenagers with disabilities. In Camp Moai, campers enjoyed activities like swimming, participating in a drama class, strolling through Huntington Gardens, painting, bowling, and competing in Olympic-inspired games. Additionally, she designed, created content for, and maintained Club Moai’s Instagram and website.

Allison Stowe Theater Workshops for Young Students Gold Award Recipient.

Annika Sundberg Growing for Good Annika s Gold Award Project made an impact in her community by teaching people about sustainable food practices and container gardening. She put together 40 gardening kits as well as compiled a recipe book and an informational Instagram account to help address food insecurity at the Guadalupe Center in Canoga Park.


Ashlee Sung Kids’ Wellness with Music Ashlee’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing free resources through a music mental health website. These resources included music playlists, podcasts, meditation, improv tutorials, and more. This project brought relief to stress and anxiety in the community through music and allowed others to release their emotions in a positive way.

Ella Sung Night Street Safety Ella’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of pedestrian accidents at night by creating and distributing informational brochures and reflective safety kits, as well as posting about the issue on multiple online communities in order to increase awareness.

Ella Tammy The Welcome Refugee Project Gold Award Recipient.

Jocelyn Tang Implementing A New Education Program for First Generation Students Jocelyn’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by teaching underprivileged, immigrant children more about their health and ways to better take care of themselves. From addressing topics like the importance of sleep to bacteria prevention, her creation of an online library made these complex topics more digestible for younger ages. After creating these supplementary materials, she taught the newly created lessons to the students at the Asian Youth Center through a multi-week workshop.

Melody Tang Classics Project Melody’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by expanding access and resources about the field of Greek and Roman history and culture classics with younger students.

Kaitlyn Tarakji Art in Action Kaitlyn’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by giving children in underprivileged areas a chance to be creative, develop problem solving skills, and gain confidence by learning various art styles.

Hailey Tatebe Library Book Pick Up/Drop Off Bins Hailey’s Gold Award Project provided her school with a way to drop off and pick up library books while socially distancing. It allowed students to get off their computer screens and enjoy books. Students, parents, and the school appreciate the decorative bins compared to the previous cardboard boxes that held very little.

Christina Teodoro MakeBlock MBots Club Christina’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by giving younger kids an opportunity to pursue robots. It also gave them the chance to experience coding, and to bond with other children who are interested in the same field.

Rebecca Thomas Priceless Pets Foster Kits Rebecca’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of mass animal shelter euthanasia and lack of animal care by creating and assembling 50 foster kits to go home with rescue kittens from Priceless Pet Rescue’s three Southern California adoption centers. Each kit contained necessary items to care for a newborn kitten including formula and food, first aid care, toys, and bedding.

Audrey Thompson The Importance of Trade Careers Audrey’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of the shortage of trained trade workers. She asked people working in the trade industry to take surveys, then she compiled the information and made a report about the results. She shared her report, along with videos, on social media and had her trade careers packets placed in her high school career center and counselor offices to be distributed to students inquiring about career paths.

Drishana Thurairajah The Dangers of Society Drishana’s Gold Award project addressed the issue of environmental injustice by creating a documentary with interviews from experts about the issue. She premiered this documentary to over 9,000 people at film festivals and on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and a podcast on Spotify.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Fiona Tieche A Home for Books Fiona’s Gold Award Project addressed the issues of the homeless population with learning disabilities by designing and building a library at Harvest Home, a transitional living facility for pregnant women and young children. Building a library for the residents of Harvest Home encourages a lifetime love of reading while also combating the underlying issues that contribute to the learning challenges often experienced by those living without a permanent home.

Anna Tobey Spanish AR Quiz Building Anna’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating and uploading over fifty new Spanish books to the Accelerated Reader website. The students’ Spanish reading options doubled, and they started taking an interest in previously ignored books. This allowed them to increase their Spanish language comprehension, literacy, and vocabulary.

Mia Torres No Period Left Behind Mia’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by culturally changing the narrative of menstruation and how society views it. She provided LAUSD schools with sanitary products for the students free of charge. Mia also worked with LAUSD board members to pass a resolution making sanitary napkins free of charge to all students of Los Angeles Unified School District.


Maui Tran Opportunities for Immigrants Maui’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing resources that could help immigrants have access to more opportunities.

Grace Trester Book Club with Grace Grace’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by working with The Friendship Foundation, a local South Bay organization that helps special needs kids foster friendships with their neurotypical peers. She created a program where she met weekly (either virtually or in-person) with kids from The Friendship Foundation to share stories.

Katelyn Triance Preserving Memories Katelyn’s Gold Award project addressed the issue of the importance of taking time to talk or listen to aging relatives. She created a website to show and assist people, especially young people, how to preserve family memories between generations before their opportunity is gone.

Rebecca Uriarte Middle School Ministry Retreat Rebecca’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of under enrolment and participation of middle school aged kids in her religious community.

Jessica Van Fossan Stimulating Online Preschool Learning Jessica’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of equity by providing a child development center for low-income families with access to learning tools during the COVID-19 pandemic. The preschoolers were given access to ten computers to enhance their distance learning during the pandemic. She organized STEM-related curriculum and activities to stimulate and engage preschoolers during distance learning.

Ella Visosky GOALS – Girls On Achieving Life Skills Ella’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by giving young women a platform to learn life skills that are not taught in an academic setting in preparation for living independently. She created a YouTube Channel and website to share life skill videos, along with meeting with troops in her community. Examples of topics she included were how to change a tire and how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

Kylie Voigt Healthy and Happy Kylie’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing free resources on ways to have a healthy relationship with one’s mind and body through food, exercise, and meditation. She taught her community ways they can begin or continue a healthy regimen so that they can carry out a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Gabriella Wahlig Keep Growing Gabriella’s Gold Award Project the issue of limited resources for young children about mental health by painting a mural at her local elementary school and creating videos for teachers to show their classes. The mural incorporated elements of the school’s Social Emotional Learning initiative through positive phrases such as “You’re Stronger Than You Think.” The videos, which were accompanied by worksheets that led children through different coping tools, such as drawing and visualization.

Elizabeth Wakamatsu Memory Care Activities for Regency Park Oak Knoll Elizabeth’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by addressing the lack of social and physical stimuli available in senior care community homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sundara Wakeman Tiny Gardens of Hope Sundara’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by aiming to address the issue of giving back to those who are negatively affected by COVID-19. She first focused on a senior citizen’s home and the healthcare professionals by giving 75 Tiny Gardens of Hope, she lifted their spirits and let them know they are in her thoughts and prayers every day.


2022 GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARDEES Duvinie Wanniarachichi The Influence of Technology on Children Gold Award Recipient.

Abigail Warner Live, Splash, Swim Abigail’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing children and families with swim safety programs. Through her program, she provided parents with a water safety orientation, and provided children with sun safety tips, water safety tips, and other knowledge for them to stay safe while enjoying the water. She also taught participants drowning survival skills and other swimming skills.

Meredith Weeden Building Independence Meredith’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating a safe and creative environment for students at Westminster Presbyterian Church and Preschool. She built three step stools to help students reach sinks and water fountains safely, and she rebuilt a set of steps that posed a safety problem for students and church members. She also created coloring worksheets for students to use with the flower planter boxes she built.

Taylor Whisler Serving My Community by Bringing the Love of Reading to Children Taylor’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing over one thousand books to the disabilities ministry at Fullerton Free Church.


Chloe Wong Eco-fashionly Chloe’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of sustainability in fashion consumerism by educating others about the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. She created an Instagram to spread her message. And made 50 children’s face masks out of scrap materials to donate to her community partner. She hosted workshops for fellow scouts about how they can become more conscientious shoppers and help the environment.

Kaylee Wong Upcycling Pillowcases to Sew Dresses for Orphans in Africa Kaylee’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing hand-sewn dresses, tote bags, and school supplies to young, African orphans living in poverty.

Annette Woo Financial Literacy for Youth Annette’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of lack of education on financial literacy to younger students in grades 6-8 by teaching financial fundamentals. Many times, younger students do not receive any education on the importance of money and monetary decisions. Through eight lessons, she taught students about financial literacy and presented skills that they can apply in the future.

Lauren Woods Act and Impact Lauren’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by providing a free summer theater program to students in her community, introducing dozens of children to acting.

Paityn Yamasaki Kaylee’s Kare Package Paityn’s Gold Award Project addressed the issue of helping grieving families that have lost a child by giving them care packages. The packages had personalized items to provide emotional support during the painful experiences.

Riley Yang Digital Literacy Series Gold Award Recipient.

Jacquline Yipp Making Journalism Fun and Accessible Jacqueline’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by teaching children the importance of journalism and how to write their own articles. Her six-lesson course demonstrated how to properly research, write, and edit stories to create newspaper articles. In the end, the children were able to create their own stories.

Shelby Young Sensory Board Wall Shelby’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating early childhood education tools for toddlers. The Sensory Board wall improves toddlers’ fine motor and social skills as they learn about the Bible. The Sensory Board wall is used multiple times a week by kids at Chino Valley Community Church.

Sydney Yu Spreading Hope Gold Award Recipient.

Andrea Zavala The Chargers Garden Andrea’s Gold Award Project made an impact on her community by creating a small vegetable garden at a local elementary school. She planted various types of vegetables that are easy to maintain and keep clean. Her hopes are that students attending this school will learn the process of plant growth and the importance of being outside and interacting with our environment.


to the 2022 Gold Award Girl Scouts Thank you for inspiring us with your creativity, tenacity, and passion for making the world a better place.


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