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Highlights from Our 100th Anniversary March 12, 2012!

Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana

100th Anniversary Media Coverage!

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years has come to the United States has marched by since Girl Scouting . On March 12, 1912, Juliette Low, of Georg fateful teleph Coupons one call to her ia, made the historic, friend, Nina it all. Anderson Pape, that started "Come right over! I've got somet all America, and all the world hing for the girls of Savan , and we're going nah, and to start it tonigh From that simpl t!" e the U.S.A., althoubut forceful declaration was born the Girl gh, at first they transplanted Scouts of were called from their Great Girl Scouts Girl Guides, Gabriele Kryc Britain "ance a name stors." Brookfield h of Lyons, In 1916, Brook and Phyllis Reid field resident 1965 Girl Scou Rayetta Marconi of of Ethel Bouch Congress Park LaGrange t Senior Roun ard, who lived Ave., liked the Park at the dup in Farra at New York for 9410 idea of Girl gut, Idaho Scouts, so she information . and was told wrote to Captain and that a sponsor. She a and other intere troop must have a when the Shroy sted girls found er family move village's Cong both d into 4434 DuBois Blvd. ress Park neigh in the borhood, in October 1916. The woman who began Girl Scouts in Brook section was Elizabeth Shroy field's Cong ress Park er, affectionate Beth" by her scouts. ly known as "Captain The Suburban Magnet newsp this on its front aper made the mistake of publis page for Oct. 15, 1918: hing "The Congress Park citizens held a peace at the schoo lhouse. ...The meeting on Mond speakers were. Shroyer, who ay night .. and [also] is at the head Mrs. H. of the Camp Fire Girls." Captain Beth was not going to Search off a sternly stand for such worded letter inaccuracy and to the published it fired Some on the next issue' Magnet editor, W. Melvi of the histo lle, who Your Pardon." s front page, ric items on Search under the headl display at ine, "Beg Promise the library. Advanced Searc Circle eve h "Editor, Magnet: nts on March 12 In the report last week ... of the peace you spoke of meeting at Cong Mrs. H.W. Shroy Fire Girls.' Mrs. ress Park To celebrate this great er as head of Shroyer is Capta histor the y, Girl Scouts ... 'Camp the week will achievement in in of the Red organized in Clover Troop begin on Sund when the Girl August 1917 [Signed] Beth of ay, the Scou ... and Shroyer, Capta t Sabbath, has 24 memb 11, will be on March in." ers. held are given the at local churches. Scou This- 60 memb ts chance to atten er troop was known to be place of worsh Aurora C.B. d the first on the & Q. railroad ip and in unifo their Chicagoroute. Was it begins Girl and/or Cook rm. This the first Scout Week Coun . lone troops were ty? That is uncertain. Aroun troop in Chicago d 1916 a few In addition, Troop was certai forming in the Chicago other Prom area, ise Circles are nly among the but the Red held all over being Clover first. the Monday, Marc United States, on The first patrol h 12, at 7:12 (sub- group) to the found of the troop p.m., simila was the Whip ing year. r poorwill. The Present Girl Scouts, alum http://rbland ni, families, ain.asp?Sec tionID=1&S


March 15, 2012

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By Chris Stach Contribut ing Repo

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Girl Scouts focused on innovation during 100th year



Girl Scou ts

turn 100 Brookfield's involvement the very beg goes back inning almost to


Future leaders:

Scouts my many Girl open when I e aren’t eyes jump ous ther ut sta, courage age and how aim my Girl Sco a life the fearlessy, not to mendly excl definitely become I am toda many prou Girl Scouts is ership zing lead still young lady re I have made tus. nce. ama I e erie s. thes exp year with all of s, Girl Scouts ping tion it's whe throughout the changing ds among nitie cam er , frien ortu d kies lead a opp coo that yday goo ned to be stand for seems to in the eyes of ever It is have lear especially seeing s, e. and crafts is so much mor ula is my peer ut form people. It the Girl Sco rage, conficou clear that girls of building character. elopdev and the ce, of den i, with all n our trad However prostill maintai ments, we the annual cookie ress. tions like is currently in prog les Smi gram that Savannah the new zesty, lemony There is p, the cris a for lly cookie, e specifica kies ories. many delight mad sary. Selling coonow. ntless mem iver t have cou been afforded so ping 100th ann technological twis ugh like cam 16 I have king even has a their cookies thro te ortunities y Franklin, by Kierra lege Prep Academ unique opp en CEOs or wor tion can loca market s ple Girl wom peo ocia Col ER ia and by visBrooks with 24 Bar Ass n in DEFEND social med are selling them Chicago TO THE to lear SPECIAL with the Women re girls irlscoutc anniversary Alliance for field. I even whe on the law the iting www.gis the YEAR OF THE 100th year onWith the uts approaching to depth about , Tex. for 2012 focus nati es Sco time to Houstonvention of Girl Oh, and effort is to of Girl I think it’s a great great traveled ned GIRL! This and the issu ional Con n on girls rse, celebrate where I lear ketMarch 12, the impact this 52nd Nat ntio USA y’s atte the al cou toda reflect on has made on , and, of Scouts of about topics like marbusi. they face anniversary year been a and more to organizationthough I haven’t s, I even global connections in the Girl girls in this has empowered me n uts girls. Eve Scouts for 100 year ing, ating Sco icip n Girl part give itute. part of Girl Girl Scouts has life- ness while even a dership Inst can say that lessons to last Scout Lea , I still find that and life for However me skills been a part of my and I time. It has I can remember, longer than

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Las Girl Scouts se enfocan en innovarse al cumplir 100 años

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/15/2012 3:54:3

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In addition to traditional media impact, our anniversary generated a viral reach of 2,365 on Facebook with 40 new fans engaging on March 12 alone. Twitter featured 50 tweets about the anniversary throughout the day, and more than 2,000 unique visitors logged on to our website.

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Thursday, March 15th, 2012


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Maria Wynne, chief executive officer, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, shown clapping, and current Scouts, including Molly Triolo at the microphone, introduced the crowd to the Scouts' new mentoring program: To Get Her There. PHOTO CREDIT: Eric Unger

Video: Entrepreneurs in Action: SkinnyPop's pop Launched just a year-and-a-half ago at one Chicago

100 Anniversary Promise Circles! th


pproximately 10,000 girls, volunteers, alumnae and family members gathered at nearly 70 Promise Circle locations throughout our council on Monday, March 12, 2012. At exactly 19:12 military time (7:12 p.m.), everyone joined in circles to recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law and celebrate being a “sister to every Girl Scout� exactly 100 years after Juliette Gordon Low called together 18 girls in Savannah for the first meeting. Our Green Ribbon Campaign invited alumnae to reconnect with us, and nearly 50 sites hosted displays of historical uniforms, handbooks, badges, and pins that called forth memories and stories from women of all ages. Thank you to all the volunteers serving on the Promise Circle Subcommittee and the 100th Anniversary Committee for your dedication!

Jeanne Reynolds, Tim Stevens and Maria Wynne , Daley Plaza

Westfield Chicago Ridge Mall , Chicago Ridge

Friendship Center, Country Club Hills

100 Anniversary Promise Circles! th

Westfield Fox Valley Mall!, Aurora

Valley Forge Park District, Chicago

Inwood Park , Joliet “Our troop participated in the Flashmob at Stratford Square mall in Bloomingdale. What a great time. The place was shoulder to shoulder with Girl Scouts. Our troop theme this year is friendship, and we just began a pen pal relationship with scouts from another school in our district. Some of the pen pals got to meet each other at the event, and all the girls were thrilled about that. Before we parted, we had a friendship squeeze with our new friends. Fun!” – Beth, via Facebook

Stratford Square Mall!, Bllomingdale

2012 Tribute to Achievement!

Maria Wynne , Mary Dillon

Anne Pramaggiore , Joanne Dynak , Ellen Costello


Maria Wynne , Cheryl PearsonMcNeil , Connie Lindsey

Connie Lindsey, Karen Tandy

n March 12, we honored the memory of our founder Juliette Gordon Low by hosting our annual Girl Scout Leadership and Innovation Awards: A Tribute to Achievement. We extend sincere thanks to Mary N. Dillon, president and chief executive officer of U.S. Cellular, for serving as chair of the event. Inspiration filled the room as Anne R. Pramaggiore, president and chief executive officer of ComEd, accepted the Luminary Award; Karen Tandy, senior vice president of public affairs, accepted the Centennial Award on behalf of Motorola Solutions Foundation; and Cheryl Pearson-McNeil, senior vice president of public affairs and government relations, accepted the Corporate Appreciation Award on behalf of Nielsen. Thank you for your leadership. The event raised $854,866 to benefit Girl Scouting in our communities, with 617 attendees.

Thank you!

Celebrate Our 100th Anniversary!  
Celebrate Our 100th Anniversary!  

View a virtual scrapbook of our favorite memories from March 12, 2012, the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Girl Scouts.