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22 - 28 April 2011

Issue 601

Peace by piece by Jack Troughton

We’re all coming on a summer holiday! See page 17

THE COSTA Blanca is so far leading the pack in the race for the highest number of holiday bookings for the season with an incredible 1,000,000 people booked to celebrate their annual holiday in the sun in the region’s resorts; 16% higher than last year’s recorded figures and representing a bonanza for the hospitality industry needing a well-deserved boost in revenue. The popularity of the Costa Blanca resorts is being attributed to holiday makers looking for safer destinations that also represent attractive savings due to their close proximity to the UK and Germany. The start of the season is marked with Easter Holy Week and with temperatures on the rise the Costa Blanca is expecting a bumper crop of visitors to kick off a profitable year for the region’s biggest earning industry.

HOMEOWNERS FIGHTING to legalise their properties were told on Wednesday the campaign was like fitting a jigsaw together – and victory would come piece by piece. At a public meeting organised by the AULN – the Costa Blanca protest group based in the tiny village of Lliber – more than 100 residents applauded the promise a new draft general plan aimed to make homes legal. Mayor Juan Bautista said special plans were being drawn up to allow all illegal properties – even those partially constructed – to be “normalised” and finally be allowed basic utilities like electricity and water. But Adrian Hobbs, the AULN president, underlined that the problem was bigger than Lliber, where 300 houses were constructed in

the “urban crimes” of an alleged 90 million corruption scandal centred in the Marina Alta village. “Every regional government in Spain has a problem like we have got, up to one million homes could now be illegal – as more stories come out and more people realise things are not correct – effectively, urban law is in disarray.” DENIAL Yet, he said, the Spanish government remained in denial and in Andalucia politicians even went as far as blaming “foreigners” for the property problems in the region, while a ‘road show’ visiting the UK promoted Spain as being the place to invest in property because of legal certainty and the transparency of the system. Continued on page 3


22 - 28 April 2011

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22 - 28 April 2011

Continued from front page Adrian said the AULN now had 240 members. “Our objective is to get our houses legalised, nothing more and nothing less.” He said three years ago residents were in denial, living in a vacuum, and disorganised – but had banded together and begun to fight back, putting pieces in place like a jigsaw. Adrian said 18 people – including a former mayor, town hall architect, builders and promoters – were facing corruption charges in court after an investigation by the authorities. He admitted there were some people who did not believe there was a problem and “still worship” their builder, while members of the AULN, friends and neighbours, had faced intimidation as a result of their campaign. ABUSE “My rights have already been abused and I will not act like a victim – it was those 18 people that caused the problem, it was not me, it was not the AULN,” he said.


Election candidates announced

CANDIDATES FOR the upcoming elections are being announced and the PP in Jávea has surprised voters with completely new faces. The Jávea PartidoPopular’s former president Juan Moragues is standing down from politics altogether. Of the 21 hopefuls this year, not one has previously stood as a PP candidate.

“It was a group of people driven by greed that took our money and illegally built our houses. All I ask is that we take some control back. “Today we are looking and pushing for the solution because we want a resolution.” Adrian said for one victim it was already too late as he had just died and it underlined the need for urgency. He said the AULN acted as a pressure group and collaborated with other groups across Spain and in the UK – lobbying British MPs and MEPs. ELECTION And he said the latest political move in Lliber – where northern European expats make up over 60 percent of the population – was forming a Pacto Civil with the PSOE party with independent candidates fighting the coming election both in a bid to integrate and solve the property crisis for residents. “We represent 60% of the population and therefore we have a fair argument we need to be front in the driving seat, not in the boot as spare passengers,” said Adrian He said entering the democratic process was “all part of the jigsaw, to get the result we want. What is the result? Legal houses.” Mayor Juan Bautista said the solution was in the drawing up of a new general plan for Lliber, mapping out the future of its growth. “We will have to reclassify land, this means drawing up special plans to allow sustainable growth and legalise properties already built – but not to build anymore,” he said. “We must not allow anymore properties to be built – one of the most important things about Lliber is natural beauty of

Mayor Juan Bautista arrives

the countryside.” He said the owners of illegal properties “were not to blame” for the situation and work was progressing to insure those “cheated” suffered as little as possible. And he confirmed that partially built houses would be allowed to be finished under the special plans. It was estimated the solution could take between two and four years to implement – if the current town hall team was returned to office. As Adrian added to the mayor’s view. “If it goes to a new government we could be starting again. It is a jigsaw and it is your choice but we want to get this thing to the end as soon as we possibly can.”

Easter Fair for Aspanion ON SATURDAY 23rd April, The Costa Blanca Traders Association will be holding their Annual Easter Fair in aid of the children’s cancer charity Aspanion. The fair will be held at Japsa’s Bar on the hill on the main Cabo La Nao lighthouse road, (just carry straight on

past Barclays bank for approx 3 kms). The event will start at 1pm and all children will receive a FREE chocolate Easter egg on arrival. There will also be a FREE bouncy castle, plus over 30 stalls for adults and children, selling cakes, jewelry, polycarbonate glasses and there will

be beauty products too. There will also be a chocolate fountain, face painting, BBQ and Bar plus a tombola, music and DJ, so this is sure to be a fabulous day for all the family. It is FREE to enter and all proceeds will go to Aspanion.

22 - 28 April 2011

Mayor accused of propaganda scam

Benidorm’s tower of power

by Jack Troughton A COSTA Blanca mayor has been accused of “blatant” and illegal electioneering by using a local authority magazine as a vehicle for party propaganda. Mayor of Javea, Eduard Montfort, has been formally denounced to the Junta Electoral – the electoral board – for misusing public funds and dominating the town hall’s official monthly magazine to promote himself and his BlocCentristas coalition allies ahead of the 22nd May elections. And two opposition parties in the Marina Alta town – the socialist PSOE and independent Xabia Democratica have complained about the use of the publication and the town hall website to broadcast the leadership’s ‘achievements’. Both parties have called for the offending magazine to be recalled and distribution cease. Oscar Anton, leader of Xabia Democratica and mayoral candidate for Javea, made an official complaint on Tuesday claiming there was a clear breach of Electoral Law. He alleges that 19 of 52 photographs in magazine MesXabia are of Mr Montfort and another 12 of his government team – together with editorial highlighting projects completed or work in progress during the mayor’s four years in office. COLOUR And it is further alleged the magazine has been deliberately been printed in colours to match the election publicity material being issued by the BlocCentristas. The cost of printing the magazine is estimated to be

by Jack Troughton BENIDORM IS booming according to Mayor Agustin Navarro after visiting the Intempo construction site – set to be the tallest residential building in Europe. The politician said the project highlighted the “economic strength” of entrepreneurs working in the resort and said it illustrated how the holiday destination was better placed to overcome the current economic crisis ahead of rivals. Currently there are over 100 people employed on the site and the building is due to open by the end of next year, with 46 floors and two towers linked by a unique bridge at the top. Designed by architect Roberto Perez-Guerra, the 200 metre high complex is situated near the Poniente Beach and will become a landmark on Benidorm’s skyline. The construction has been constructed to withstand wind and seismic shocks and features three basement levels for parking, a swimming pool, gardens, tennis courts, and spa.

Jose Chulvi

3,300€ a month and Mr Anton asked: “Why should the citizens pay for such a blatant piece of propaganda?” And Jose Chulvi, PSOE’s candidate for mayor, said public money had been used to publicise the BlocCentristas achievements – and printed in campaign colours – contravening Article 50 of LOREG, the law governing elections. He called for the electoral board to take action to recall the magazine and penalise the town hall if there were any repetition of the “cheating”. Mr Chulvi said: “In the interests of transparency and given the fraudulent use of public money in favour of the BlocCentristas we have decided to seek redress from the electoral board. “One of our commitments is that public money from the taxes of the residents of Javea is administered in a transparent way. It is completely unreasonable for them to attempt to deceive our citizens using subterfuge or cheating as they have done.”

600th edition competition winners Congratulations to Sandra Fletcher of Javea who was the winner of the 4 day holiday in Marrakesh. Mary Middleton from Guardamar won the weekend in Madrid for 2.

Mayor Agustin Navarro (fourth from left) at the foot of the towers

XIC goes intercontinental by Jack Troughton YOUNGSTERS AT Xabia International College Primary ended the term by travelling the world celebrating the now annual event, International Day. Each class and the school’s Spanish department focus on one of the seven continents of the world during the last week of lessons, culminating with a special assembly. And children were entertained by colourful dancing, songs in a number of languages, music – and a last minute performance of a traditional tale by one of XIC’s Polish families. The truly multicultural experience ended with youngsters visiting stalls representing 13 countries and enjoying food, traditional

22 - 28 April 2011

costumes, and entertainment, all run by parents and the Friend of XIC.

Wearing traditional costumes

Xabia International College Primary



22 - 28 April 2011

Food for thought by Jack Troughton CHEF EDDIE Cheeseman cooks up a colourful and controversial menu in a new column with an inside look at food, restaurants and what really happens in kitchens. RTN readers will be treated to tales of travelling the world to learn about food and its preparation – as well as how to get the best when dining out. Eddie and his wife Trudy retired to Javea but still run a chef’s school, give cookery lessons, and act as food consultants, and are behind international information swap shop Thieves Kitchen. However, they both love food and are always busy experimenting with new flavours and cooking methods and travel the globe on a quest to discover new tastes and cooking methods. The son of a market gardener, Eddie has been interested in markets – the source of fresh ingredients – since the age of five and after leaving school began training as a chef. KITCHEN “I want to walk into a kitchen and say ‘that smells brilliant’ and ask the chef what he is cooking,” he said. “I want to find the gap between what you ask

for and what you actually get. I don’t want any old rubbish.” Eddie, a dedicated biker, continues to write foodie stories for industry magazines ‘Stock Pot’ and ‘FD’, said they always visited kitchens and markets before writing about them. “We don’t look on the internet, it is always our experience – I cannot make it up, although sometimes I wish I could,” he said. “I am fascinated by absolutely everything. I am supposed to be a world class expert on food but every day, every single day, I find out something new.” SIMPLE He said simple things were often the best – like enjoying freshly grilled grouper between two slices of bread, the fish straight off the boat, with ‘Dockside Dave’ in the United States. “It was the most brilliant thing.” But he warned: “I cannot stand fusion food – if you don’t understand Japanese or Italian food putting them together will not work, that’s just confusion food. “If I am asked by the waiter ‘is everything all right?’ I want to know why they don’t know themselves. If it is not right it should not be sent out to the customer. “If you don’t like something, the

Thought provoking by Jack Troughton TESTING TIMES at the annual Teulada Moraira Lions quiz raised 450€ to be donated to the international club’s Japan earthquake appeal. It was a sell-out success at the El Corregidor Restaurant, Villotel,Moraira, where 107 people

gathered to pit their wits against the teasers posed by Lion Harold Lewis and his wife. To find out more about the popular club and the work Lions does for the local and international community, call Robert on 96 550 2018, or visit And the club’s annual sponsored

first thing to ask about the food is ‘is this how it should be?’.” Eddie said his claim to fame was being given a lift home from school by Sir Winston Churchill. “He actually gave me a cigar but my mother threw it away.” BANQUET And during a career as a head chef he has worked at the BBC – meeting the stars and swapping places so Eric Morecambe could cook steak for Ernie Wise – and helping prepare a banquet for Richard Nixon while Eddie was in charge of the British Embassy kitchen.

walk takes place in Moraira on 29th May – anyone interested in taking part and helping raise money for Teulada Moraira Lions can visit the above website to register and download a sponsor form, or all at the book stall at Moraira Market on the first or third Friday of the month.

Marco Pierre White – Eddie described him as the greatest chef – cooked for Trudy’s 40th birthday, adding: “I am very picky and I could not fault the food.” He also promises to tell of travels in the Far East – where he was branded ‘White Man Can Cook’ as he used a wok – and in the United States where the couple were serenaded by BB King as they searched for authentic soul food. Highly readable stories are Eddie’s stock in trade, so be prepared for this new feature from an established and respected chef and restaurateur – who revealed his own favourite dish was mash, fried eggs and tinned peas.

Families in need get food package EIGHTEEN FAMILIES in Benissa received donations of food from the Red Cross last week. The families are amongst the most in need in the town. Each received oil, flour, tomatoes and rice. The initiative was a collaboration between councillors for Health and Social Services and the local Red Cross.

22 - 28 April 2011

100 years young

Pedigree fun


Charlie says go to the show

Mary Burley

by Jack Troughton SPRIGHTLY MARY Burley celebrated her 100th birthday on the Costa Blanca with a special party with family and friends to mark the centenary. Mary travelled from her home in Bedford to La Xara to be with her daughter Gillian and husband John Stainforth, who have lived and worked in Spain for the last 42 years.

And she enjoyed a celebration at the Denia Marriott Hotel, La Sella, surrounded by family and her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, many travelling from the UK to join the party. The highlight of the evening was cutting a beautiful cake to mark a very special birthday, and Mary also enjoyed opening many birthday cards, including one received from Her Majesty the Queen.

By Jack Throughton THE VAL de Pop stages its first ever charity dog show on Saturday 14th May with a fun day out for all the family – including man’s best friend. The event is being staged at La Solana Kennels, Jalon, and there are 14 classes for pedigree dogs and 14 ‘fun’ classes for pooches. And in addition to the dog show itself there will be a bouncy castle for the kids – when they are not showing off the family pet – and trade stands offering everything from dog food and equipment to jewellery and crafts for humans. Food and drink will be available with the emphasis on BBQ. The pedigree classes are divided between

puppy and adult for all seven groups of dog, and mixed breeds can be entered for a range of competitions, including waggiest tail, best rescue, best six legs, dog with the longest tail, best fancy dress, best veteran, and child handling for 10-16 years and under 10 years. Rosettes will be given to 1st to 3rd winners in each class and with special rosettes for Best in Show pet, Best in Show pedigree and Best in Show puppy. The event is being run entirely by volunteers and all profits will be donated to animal charities. Doors open at 11am and registration of dogs will begin at 1pm with judging scheduled to begin at 2pm.


22 - 28 April 2011

Wanted again: ETA terrorist Troitiño Antonio by Jan Gamm

ETA TERRORIST Antonio Troitiño, released from prison last week, 15th April, after serving 24 years on charges of killing 24 people, including 12 members of the Guardia Civil, is being hunted again under an arrest warrant issued by the same court that sanctioned his release from Huelva Prison, but now demands that Troitiño serve a maximum sentence of 30 years. The sentence would keep Troitiño incarcerated until 2017. Troitiño was the perpetrator of a number of acts of terrorism in the eighties and involved in the car-bomb attacks in the Dominican Republic to Madrid Plaza in 1986 that killed 12 police officers and injured a further 40 bystanders. On 12th June 1985, the terrorist was linked to the murder of Colonel Romero and his driver when the car park of the Plaza de Felipe II was blown up. He was involved in the killing of Vice Admiral Fausto Escrigas just a few days later and in April 1986 took part in the murder of five people in the Principe de Vergara. Troitiño and his terrorist companions known collectively as ‘K-Madrid’ were also charged

with the killing of Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Vesteiro, Ricardo Saenz and Ynestrillas Francisco Casillas in June the same year. SENTENCE A sentence of 2,232 years was passed for Troitiño’s crimes and the court was severely criticised for authorising his release. Now it is feared he will abscond before he can be apprehended and returned to prison. Stop Press

Troitiño was located in France on Thursday 21st April, although the trail later went cold. The First Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has reminded police authorities that following the first decision of the Audiencia Nacional (the Spanish High Court) Troitiño became “a free citizen” with his sentence served, so advised the police to tread carefully in their treatment of Troitiño should they capture him.

Police crackdown on drivers using mobiles A NATIONWIDE campaign to prevent driver distraction has seen almost 3,400 people fined for using their mobile phones manually whilst driving. The traffic department (DGT) ran the campaign for a week from 4 – 10 April all over Spain, except for Catalonia and the Basque Country. Divers were also caught programming GPS systems while driving.

La basilica de Sagrada Familia

Terrorist Antonio Troitiño walking free from Huelva Prison last Friday

Fire in the sacristy of Sagrada Familia basilica By Jan Gamm THE POLICE in Barcelona have reported that an arsonist started a fire inside the Sagrada Familia basilica, forcing 1,500 tourists to be evacuated on Tuesday. The fire in the sacristy was put out after emergency services were alerted by

witnesses who saw smoke billowing from inside the robing room. A 65-year-old Spanish man has been arrested on suspicion of arson, believed to have a previous conviction for theft. He was taking part in a guided tour of the basilica. Nobody was injured in the incident.

22 - 28 April 2011



22 - 28 April 2011

Paradise found by Jack Troughton CAST ASIDE the economic troubles of ‘La Crisis’ in Spain and celebrate the ongoing success story of one of the country’s most important and valuable exports – wine. Modern production methods, fine quality grapes, and the all important sun make for ideal messages in a bottle for the taste buds and the country’s wine is now exported across the world. Wine accompanied by some traditional tapas is always a winning ticket and one reminder of why many expats fell in love with the country in the first place. And simply uncorking a bottle of white, rosado or tinto is to open an enjoyable lesson in social and economic history. RTN accepted an invitation to a monthly meeting of A Taste of Spain to sample six wines – two whites, three reds and a dessert wine. Possibly not the most dangerous mission – it is a long way from the legendary El Vinos in Fleet Street – but an enjoyable and civilised chance to learn something new. ENJOY A Taste of Spain is for people who enjoy wine or learning about it. It is fun rather than pretentious; the more experienced guess the grape variety, while everyone gets a guess at fruit flavours and alcoholic content. On the last Monday of every month at La Parrilla Restaurant, in Javea’s Old Town, Francis McNeil and Pepe Belles host a wine tasting accompanied by tapas and those interested in taking part can pop in and reserve a place. And the wines on offer in March were supplied by Valencia’s own Vicente Gandia – now the second largest exporter in Spain with 80% of its product going abroad to 85 countries across five continents. Francis explained that over the last 25 years the family bodega had looked to change from simply exporting in bulk tankers to bottling and selling its own products to a domestic and international market. “In doing that the second generation, the young brothers of the family went around the world to look at how others made wines and returned with lots of new ideas,” he said. QUALITY “They purchased another bodega, Hoya de Cadenas, and started to make quality to wines. They produce reds, whites, Rosado and a little cava.” And as the family business has grown, expansion has taken it into other wine growing areas – including Rioja and Ribera de Duero. Francis explained that modern wines had changed as consumers demanded the ‘New World taste’, lighter in the mouth with strong flavours of fruit – leaving behind stubborn producers unable or unwilling to change, the French market suffering as a result.

Francis (left) Vicente Gandia’s Yamelys Suarez Palma, and Pepe

He said it meant drinkers demanded a tipple to be enjoyed merely as a drink – and not necessarily just to accompany food. “The modern generation in the UK now drinks more wine than beer.” Tasting involves swirling the wine around the glass to appreciate its colour, sniffing the bouquet and – obviously – drinking the stuff! FLAVOUR Francis was there to tell how each is produced and the flavours he can detect. It was a hands on experience so comments are invited and discussion encouraged. One wine on offer from Vicente Gandia was an unusual 100% Bobal grape red. A new addition to its range and labelled as ‘Bo’. A country wine – the sort holidaymakers love to discover – it had the taste of autumnal red berries. One journalist thought to describe it as Ribenna without the sugar, and very pleasant it proved to be. The tasting finished with the award-winning Fusta Nova Moscatel. Francis called it a “proper pudding wine” and washing down delicious Tarta de Santiago and strawberries with cream cheese (delightful!) it was difficult to disagree. Forget the free offering at restaurants, this was not fortified with brandy but a clean light offering – winning prizes as far away as China – as wines to accompany dessert become fashionable again. And a word of warning, China is an up and coming market, buying up huge amounts of wine and possibly giving it the clout to dictate the flavours, style and strength of wine in coming years.

22 - 28 April 2011



22 - 28 April 2011

Professionalism, experience and strength NUEVA JAVEA will modernise the town through the determination experience and professionalism of a team made up of dedicated residents from all walks of life, said its candidate for mayor. Juan Planelles, one of the independent party’s three serving councillors, said the formula was the basis of how to change Javea. The businessman leads the Nueva Javea list for the May elections ahead of architect Paco Catala and party president Ana Vasbinder – his colleagues in the council chamber. “All the party is joined behind me, the councillors are stood together,” he said. “It is a combination of experience, professionalism and strength.

“These things are present in our team and the things that are needed to change Javea.” Juan said he was now the captain of the ship and was “very happy” to head the election list after being chosen by Ana Vasbinder and the party “to take Javea Town Hall.” PASSION Born in Madrid, Juan has lived in Javea for a quarter of a century and worked in the service sector but his “passion for wines” saw him launch a distribution company transporting wine across Valencia, Spain and Europe. And two years ago Juan opened La Trastienda in Javea Old Town a new concept allowing customers to taste wines available in

the area and traditional tapas – next door his wife Alicia runs the chic shoe shop Zapateria el Zaguan - and more recently, he has opened the Palau Restaurant and Palau Club in the historic town centre. He first became involved in politics as the Old Town suffered major public works that hit businesses, as a leader of the commercial association fighting for local businesses and as part of the association of restaurateurs. Juan took his voice directly into the town hall when he became a Nueva Javea councillor and is now committed to defending the rights of shops and businesses in the Old Town, Javea Port and the Arenal. He said he now headed a list of 21 people in Nueva Javea, not necessarily politicians. “We have a lawyer, an architect, businessmen, people with marketing and communication skills, and retired residents who have a lot of experience working in other countries.” The aim was to restore Javea’s former reputation as being the Jewel of the Costa Blanca. SURVEY

Juan Planelles (fifth from left) with fellow candidates

Juan said the first thing needed after the elections was to analyse what had happened inside the town hall itself and survey the economic situation. “We have to immediately research what has happened and plan the changes we want,” he said. “The first thing will be to clean up the whole town, not only the port, the Arenal and the Old Town but all the streets and the

Juan Planelles

urbanisations – it is the first thing people see in Javea.” He said the hardest thing would be unravelling the “bad things” that had been done through 25 years of mismanagement by successive leaders “sitting in the town hall.” He believes Javea must be a place of quality and excellence that would attract people and allow them the security to bring and invest money without problems. “We want to improve services for all residents – those that live here and for visitors to the town. We want to celebrate the diversity and quality of life.” This is a party political editorial on behalf of the Nueva Javea Party.

New auditorium ready to open THE PRESTIGIOUS new auditorium in Teulada will open its doors on 27th April. The town mayor has chosen the local choir to sing at the first concert, which will launch the St.Vicent Ferrer fiesta. Future concerts will be performed by jazz saxophone player Pedro Iturralde on 14th May and the Marina Alta Orchestra on 21st May. The auditorium was designed by famous architect Francisco Mangado and the town hopes that the building will become a cultural reference.

Couple seek loving home

by Jack Troughton DESPERATE OWNERS of two boxer dogs need to find their pets a home as work commitments take them to the Middle East in June – where there is a ban on ‘importing’ the animals into Saudi Arabia. The Dutch couple have already found a home for a third boxer in Holland but still need a refuge for Timon and Tessa – ideally with a family that could take both together. Timon is a castrated male born in June 2006. He was rescued by his current owners and is described as being a well behaved dog with a happy character. He is social, playful, responds to commands and also

gets on with other dogs. And Tessa, who is a boxer mix, was born in May 2009 and is spayed. She is playful, and sociable. Both dogs love people, travelling in cars, and going for walks and are good on the lead. And while both have inactive Leishmania, they are treated daily with Alopurinol but the current owners are prepared to pay for the ongoing treatment “because we love our dogs so much.” For further information, contact Saskia and Hans on 667 635 813 or email

22 - 28 April 2011



22 - 28 April 2011

22 - 28 April 2011


Heartless FM employs disgraced DJ by Jan Gamm A 62-YEAR-OLD radio presenter has returned to a lucrative career on air following his affair with a 16-year-old schoolgirl, a student at the Sotogrande International School. Irish born Maurice Boland took a nine month ‘leave of absence’ from his job following a visit from the girl’s outraged parents at the studio of Talk Radio Europe (TRE) where Boland was broadcasting. Since the exposure of his romantic relationship with the girl, Boland has kept a low profile until Heart FM, dubbed ‘Heartless FM’ by the local parenting community in Marbella, offered him an afternoon show from 1st May on a three month contract. Boland, married for 40 years and with three children, admits he made “a terrible mistake” after ‘guiding’ the girl’s budding talents during ‘WOW Factor’, a local talent competition in which she was runner-up. “I am pleased to be back,” said Boland, smiling happily for the cameras. In the meantime and conveniently for Boland, the girl and her parents decided to return to Maurice the UK. Boland

Water leak from nuclear power station under scrutiny WATER IS leaking from the nuclear power station at Cofrentes near Valencia at a rate of 4,000 litres per day. The water is used for cooling. The Nuclear Safety Council produced a report last year which noted that the leak was ‘abnormal’. However, a spokesperson for the power plant, Juan Cruz, is reported as saying that there is no leak and nothing is abnormal. Cruz says that the plant is designed to let the cooling water run off into a dry ditch, where it is then treated and returned to the system. There has been mounting pressure from activists who say the plant is dangerous and want it closed. However, the Ministry for Industry recently extended the power station’s life for another decade.

Virtual reality technology at Terra Natura BRAND NEW virtual reality technology at the Terra Natura animal park means that visitors can virtually interact with the park’s animals from home. At the moment the program is set

up to show tigers in the park – anyone with a computer, internet and a webcam can sign up to watch a virtual family of tigers and see how the youngsters grow.

600,000 signatures say revise smoking ban By Jan Gamm SMOKING ASSOCIATION ‘Libertad Sin Humo’ and the FEHR (The Spanish Hostelry Federation) launched a combined initiative on Monday in Madrid, to have the smoking ban revised and replaced with less stringent restrictions. A petition so far signed by 600,000 supporters claims that the hostelry industry, already in crisis due to the present economic climate, has suffered in excess of 20% losses since the ban came into effect on 2nd January, and gaming establishments such as Bingo halls estimate losses of 30% from January to April. The completed petition is to be presented Should in Congress during the first week in May and the a protest is to be staged in Madrid on Monday ban be 9th May. banned?



22 - 28 April 2011

Hardly surprising With reference to Richard Carder’ letter regarding Telefonica. I am not surprised that Companies treat him so, if he rants at them in the same way he did to us in his letter. He deserves all the problems he receives. We cancelled our link with Telefonica in March 2010 with no problem. The change to another company was done immediately & efficiently & we received a refund from Telefonica the flowing month. I suggest Mr. Carder tries asking sensible for things in the future. Marcia Noble

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Let’s get tough

BENIJOFAR HAS an ever increasing dog population, with selfish owners refuse to clean up after them, leading the village and new park to become a huge dog toilet. Large dogs are exercised off-lead, un-muzzled, terrifying other dog owners with smaller dogs and passers-by. The Ayuntamiento says only the police can fine dog owners: well they are not doing a very good job. Have you heard of anyone been fined for not clearing up after they dog? I bet not. With the upcoming elections councillors need to be proactive and innovative. The Ayuntamiento should introduce a bylaw empowering dog wardens to fine offenders. They should patrol the village on bicycles. In some EU countries it is an offence to walk an animal unless you have a pooper scoop and spare bags. Let’s get tough on the selfish owners and keep our village clean. Name withheld: details supplied

Please help me to find her DEAR READERS I wonder if you can help. This beautiful Galgo has escaped and we are desperate to find her. From the photo you can see she is painfully thin. She was last seen in the Pilar/Campoverde area last week. We have only had her five days and at the first opportunity she slipped through a gate and was gone. She is wearing a collar and answers to the name of Paloma. She is very kind natured but will be timid. If anybody should see her please contact 693 100 712: a small reward is offered for her safe return. I attach a picture of her whilst at the vet. Many thanks for your help. Name and address provided

Yet another scam YESTERDAY AROUND midday I went to the Cooperativa in Gata de Gorgos and as I was putting my purchase in my car I was approached by a young man (around 30, casual/smart clothes), who said he was from the police and they were looking for two white men who had been doing something wrong at the local banks. He asked to see my passport so I showed him the facsimile I always carry. He then asked which banks

Wish me luck

I used and if they were local. All this time he had a mobile stuck to his ear and said the odd word into it now and again. He then produced a hand-held machine something like the ones they produce in restaurants when you pay with plastic, only smaller, and told me to enter my PIN numbers into it. At this an alarm bell started to ring so I asked him for some identification. He said, “Sure,” but then pointed to a man

Downward spiral JUST A few thoughts for you on the ‘Where Are They All’ article: My wife and I both play and live in UK but spend a total of 3 months per year on the Costa Blanca at our holiday home overlooking La Sella Golf Club. We’ve been here for nearly 10 years. For us, the downward spiral started right after we bought when promises of discounted golf for owners disappeared before the ink dried on the purchase contract. Integrity has continued to give way to greed ever since as green fees rose all around and some

standing at the other corner of the block and said he had to speak to him, promptly rushed off and they both disappeared. Had I not been in danger of running late for my clinic appointment I would have gone directly to the police station and reported the incident, however, perhaps your readers should keep this in mind as it could be a new scam. W Hollier

clubs also became pretentious and very snotty about high handicaps (my wife plays off 32) and handicap certificates. We play 2/3 times a week in UK but rarely here as even ‘bargain’ courses charge more than I’d pay for a society day in UK - and I’d have a bacon butty, meal and prizes for that money plus I’d not be made to feel the club are doing me a favour letting me play. Where are they all? Portugal still has some custom due to ‘all in’ hotel/golf deals. Turkey and the US are also popular in our circle of friends but ‘rip off and often rude’ Spain has disappeared off the radar. Kind regards, Alan Bessell

I THOUGHT you might be interested in our experience with private health insurance here in Spain with the Spanish company Mutua Madrelena. When we bought our house here nearly nine years ago, we were under retirement age so decided to take out private health insurance so we could be treated here without having to return to the UK. At the time the broker recommended the above company, used by many large companies and government offices. We took the most expensive plan as it covered ‘absolutely everything’ - the info was in English and we were assured that there would always be someone at the end of the phone who spoke English. A month ago on 21st March we needed to use the insurance. Whilst painting the house my husband’s back went, so I took him to St Jaime. They were brilliant. After x-rays and a scan he was diagnosed with a herniated disc. He was in so much pain they admitted him. Immediately the insurance office rang, saying the insurance would not pay for back pain and we would have to pay 1,500€ on account. The broker contacted the insurance company who told them it was in the policy, which I had never received. I had leaflets and booklets but no actual policy and neither did the broker have one. In eight years I had receipts for 15,000€ in insurance along with information downloaded from the internet. When I returned to the hospital, my husband was having an echo cardiograph which revealed severe aortic stenosis for which he requires a new valve. The cardiologist on 11th April requested cardiac catheterization prior to replacing the valve. According to the insurance bumph, authorisation is straight forward: in your dreams. Eight days and countless phone calls and emails later, we have received no response. The hospital and the broker have both tried – I’m still waiting…Tomorrow I will go to their office in Alicante and camp out till I get somewhere. Wish me luck - better still come with me… Sue Hester

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If the car is rockin’ don’t come knockin’ by Jan Gamm A WEBSITE has been launched featuring 200 favourite places in Spain to have discreet sex in a car. The site has been brainstormed during the economic crisis that forced young courting couples to abandon hotels as an affordable choice for a romantic interlude. No longer within the budget, hotel rooms have been cast aside in favour of four-wheeled passionwagons. The most discreet areas are described in detail, along with an assessment on seclusion, scenery, ease of access and the standard of the sunrises and sunsets. The Terra Mitica area rates highly, for example, as despite being difficult to access it is secluded due to the scarcity of private homes and its surroundings are beautifully landscaped. How nice… The site invites the visitor to choose their province, following which a Google Map will target the best spots. In this way it is possible to thoroughly inspect the facilities prior to making a trip to sample the parking ‘facilities’. The attraction for visitors to the site is that it is possible to check out the standard of seclusion before introducing a partner to the delights on offer. Car sex is also cheaper than

a hotel and less risky for cash-strapped lovers than braving the premises of relatives and friends. is marketed as “The loving place to reach third base” and offers information on the area surrounding universities (unsurprisingly); beaches; urbanisations and beauty spots and considerately includes warnings for each area on the possibility of being discovered by police patrols. Personal ratings and recommendations are welcomed.

If the car is rockin’ don’t come knockin’


The burkini on the crest of a wave of disappointed photographers By Jan Gamm THE BURKINI (or burqini) is making swimwear headlines this summer as more curvy celebrities opt for the head-to-toe-cover-up alternative to being targeted by trigger-happy paparazzi. WHAT IS A BURKINI ANYWAY? The burkini looks a little like a clingy boiler suit but is made from the usual swimwear fabric such as loose jersey or lycra; therefore totally acceptable for pools as well as beachwear. It covers the entire body including legs, arms and head, leaving just the upper part of the face exposed (some wearers opt to have the whole face showing). It is popular with muslim ladies who like to swim but cannot due to the restrictions of the society in which they live. PROTECTION This week voluptuous chef Nigella Lawson shocked the socks off fellow sun seekers on Sydney’s Bondi Beach by cavorting in the waves sporting a black burkini, serving as a modest shield from looming photographers dying to capture Nigella’s famous curves, and also protecting the TV kitchen goddesses’ delicate fair skin from the vicious

An itsy bitsy not so glitzty orange balloonsized burkini

Australian sun. The burkini is available from ‘shariah compliant swimwear’ retailers ‘Modestly Active’ of London, Walthamstow and Stratford, in a range of fetching colours starting at around 90€, with a protection factor from the sun of 50 plus. Wearers have reported the burkini is uncomfortable to wear as although it is lightweight it becomes sand-logged when wet. The burkini is not expected to be big on the beaches of Benidorm this year.


22 - 28 April 2011

Happy Birthday to HM The Queen by Jan Gamm

THE QUEEN celebrated her 85th birthday yesterday, 21st April. As her birthday fell on Maundy Thursday, the Queen handed out Maundy money to 85 women and 85 men, for each of her 85 years. Maundy money recipients receive two purses – one red and one white according to tradition: the red purse contains a £5 commemoration coin from the Duke of Edinburgh’s 90th birthday in June and a 50p 2012 Olympics commemoration coin; the white purse holds Maundy Money of silver one, two, three and four penny pieces - the sum equalling the Queen’s age.

The Queen

Wine increasing in strength due to global warming THE WINE producing fraternity in Spain is reviewing its cultivation methods and making recommendations for change to cope with the effects of global warming. At a seminar in Barbastro experts warned that global warming is affecting the grape crop dramatically and causing wine to increase in alcoholic strength. CHANGE Growers and exporters are supporting moves to adapt wine crops to cope with the changing environment such as relocating vineyards to a higher altitude and pruning only lower leaves to allow shade. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan speaking at the third World Climate Change and Wine Conference, on 13th April at the Palace of Congresses and Conferences in Marbella, in the presence of prominent personalities from Spain’s social and political sectors, endorsed the importance of adaptation to the climate to avoid unsustainable production.

Ondara’s third municipal library ‘Open Evening’ by Jan Gamm THE THIRD ‘Open Evening’ was held at the Municipal Library in Ondara on 16th April as part of the cultural festival; the council’s initiative to bring book culture closer to the residents, particularly children. Visitors were welcome to browse, apply for membership cards and explore the books on offer. 68 children aged six had previously received an invitation to attend from the Councillor for Culture, Rosa Ana Marti, who also presented each child with

the gift of a storybook. The evening was concluded with a puppet show by ‘Puppet d’En Tonet’ in the Casa de Cultura and a dance demonstration in the Placa Major that included

The popular Open Evening at Ondara Library

salsa and folk dances by students attending various organised dance courses, with the Councillor for Culture unexpectedly enticed into an impromptu Pasa Doblé.

Real Madrid’s cup has been runneth over…! by Jan Gamm

REAL MADRID’S cup victory for the first time in 18 years has been somewhat tarnished following their defeat of Barcelona in the 1-0 match final of the Copa del Rey. During enthusiastic celebrations at 4am that took place on an open topped bus carrying the team through the city, the Copa del Rey was dropped into the road by defender Sergio Ramos. It was then crushed under the wheels of the bus! The trophy was hurriedly retrieved by police lining the victory route and returned to the team in a dozen pieces – enough for each team member to take a piece home perhaps! Despite the unfortunate destruction of the match trophy, celebrations continued, culminating with the traditional crowning of the Cebeles Statue with team captain Casillas’ bandana.

Those injured in bull running could pay cost of healthcare INJURIES SUSTAINED in bull-running fiestas could be costly in future. Local authorities in the Marina Alta are discussing a plan to charge injured parties for the cost of healthcare. Studies have shown that drinking too much alcohol increases the likelihood of injury and people needing treatment due to being drunk might find themselves with a healthcare bill.

Stolen Goya and El Greco works recovered TWO VALUABLE paintings by Spanish masters, El Greco and Goya, have been found in Alicante. The paintings were stolen 14 years ago from an international art exhibition. The paintings, ‘The Annunciation’ by El Greco, and ‘The Apparition of the Virgin of Pilar’, by Goya, are now back with their rightful owner.

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Sergio Ramos standing up, dropped the trophy from the double decker

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22 - 28 April 2011

Hotmale Radio has just got hotter! by Patricia Thompson HotMale International the owners of HotMale Radio are pleased to announce that top celebrity presenters Jeri Lane, Jessie Brooke and Julia Grant will be joining the station and bringing with them their highly successful shows, that are about to get even hotter. For the first time in history the Hotmale organisation is represented by strong gay, lesbian and transgender presenters making Hotmale radio completely unique, and ready to cover every aspect and issue of the gay community and way beyond. Jeri Lane has created a huge following with his outspoken and often outrageous shows “Here come the girls” and “Over the rainbow”. Jeri is highly regarded as a presenter, producer and performer who is also an established leading figure within the gay community and an exponent of gay rights. Jessie Brooke is a member of the sensational “Girls Aloud” tribute band in Benidorm and a dynamic radio personnality. Jessie brings her vibrant and sexy presentation skills to Hotmale Radio with her phone in request and happening music show that should not be missed, it will make you HOT all day! Julia Grant is the UK’s most famous transsexual and successful entrepreneur who has now made Benidorm her home. Julia is a major force within gay pride and we at HotMale radio look forward with excitement to the launch of Julia’s new show featuring her unique personality and vast music collection. HotMale Radio is currently running a test stream however they will soon announce the launch of all their scheduled live programming with our celebrity presenters above plus a fantastic music selection of hot hits, dance, house and chill and major “A list” interviews. They will also be featuring each weekend the top DJs Paul Oakenfold and John Digweed who will be presenting their latest dance remixes. In May Hot Male Radio will be broadcasting live on FM locally in Spain and streaming its shows on a global platform. So make it hot,

make it, Lets hope the world is ready to burn! There are exciting HOT developments in the pipeline watch the press for further details.

Jeri and Jessie

22 - 28 April 2011



22 - 28 April 2011

Watts In Britain

Have a happy (and sober) Easter, folks

WELL, IT’S been a long wait but finally holiday time is here again. I can’t remember

By Easter being quite this late before, can you? It’s been four long months since Christ-

Paul Watts

mas and we wage-slaves here in Blighty are well and truly ready for some R&R; phew, what a slog! It was once explained to me how the date for Easter is arrived at but to be honest it was like someone explaining the off-side rule to a girl (eek, sorry ladies, did I really say that? only joking, honest). Cheap sexist jokes aside, it is a complicated system and a thick-o like me could not comprehend it. However, that all might change now as a Cambridge University boffin, Professor Colin Humphreys, believes a set-date for Easter could be possible. Apparently, Jesus’ Last Supper has long been thought to have taken place on Maundy Thursday but now Prof. Colin in his book, Mystery of the Last Supper suggests the crucial meal took place on the Wednesday before the crucifixion. The Prof’s theory states that Jesus was using an old-fashioned Jewish calendar. If so, says Colin, “it would put the Passover meal - and the Last Supper - on the Wednesday.” The Prof argues that it follows that Jesus’ arrest, interrogation and separate trials wouldn’t take place in the space of one night but in fact over a longer period. Prof Colin believes a date could now be ascribed to Easter in our modern solar calendar; and “…working on the basis that the crucifixion took place on 3rd April, Easter Day would be on 5th April.” Hmmm, I could go along with that Col, especially if it’d mean only a three month wait for the next holiday after Christmas. What do you think about Easter being on 5th April folks? Let us know at Anyways, this talk of Easter brings back memories. Easter was always a great time especially when the kids were young with lots going on. And going further back to when I was a kid (deep in the mists of time) one Easter in particular was a raucous one. It was the Easter when the delights, or not, of Bacchus first became apparent. Picture the scene: thirty young ATC cadets, of age range fourteen to sixteen, are about to set off for Easter camp on Malta. Brave or foolish, I know not which, two officers and two RAF Regiment airmen have decided to transport No 1 (Overseas) ATC Squadron from their home base in Cyprus half-way across the ‘Med’ for an extended holiday. In our exclusive RTN picture, you can see part of ‘Vulcan Flight’ posing in front of an RAF Argosy aircraft prior to the five hour trans-Mediterranean flight (I think it takes about 90 minutes these days). Cadet (1st class) Watts is on the extreme right of the picture with one slovenly hand in his pocket.

Vulcan Flight bound for Malta

On arrival in Malta our number was swelled by an RAF Regiment Flight Sergeant. We pretty quickly named this fellow Sgt Major Smiler on account of his ill fitting dentures that caused him to constantly bare his teeth producing a rather large and ghastly smile. He was, of course, not smiling at us at all and our presence on his patch blighted his usually tranquillity. Anyway, Smiler proposed a few days away from our Maltese billet to an old army base on the Isle of Gozo, to the north. The camp was called Tabegee, or something like that, and it was located near to a small village. And on the first night in this village we discovered that a bottle of wine cost just one penny! That’s 1d in old money (which was also Maltese currency back in 1969) and that’s approximately 0.42 of one new penny. Now twelve pennies made a shilling, so we all purchased a shilling’s worth of wine and lumbered back to camp. What followed was like something out of a Quentin Tarrantino movie - the disorder and chaos caused by thirty legless under-16s is almost beyond imagination. That evening certainly turned out to be our last supper - well, the last for a good few nights at least. The following morning punitive diversions were put in place along with a harsh 48-hour dietary regime. Oh, happy long ago Easter days. Coming up to date now, I’d like to wish all RTN readers a Happy (and sober) Easter. And on Easter Monday I must also wish my Mum a happy birthday too. Happy Birthday Mum xx Watts in Britain, going easy on the grape and the chocolate…

22 - 28 April 2011



22 - 28 April 2011

Drop in and share a problem by Jack Troughton COSTA BLANCA Samaritans open the doors of a ‘drop in’ café next month where anyone can chat over a cuppa and in confidence about any problems they are experiencing. Launched in Calpe as a pilot scheme, it is already hoping to offer a similar service in the south of the region so English speaking people can just “roll up” and find emotional support from trained ‘listeners’. The Samaritans are committed to raising the service’s profile – RTN was told many people still did not realise it operated on the Costa Blanca - and the weekly drop in café is part of a new “reach out” initiative. And as a result, from 2nd May and over the summer people can call in at Laura’s @ Westbeach, Calpe, at the bottom of Avenida Gabriel Miro, between 10am and noon. They will receive a warm welcome from listening volunteers and be encouraged to talk through anything that is troubling them – the service will operate in the privacy of the upstairs restaurant which is closed to the public on Mondays. The Samaritans’ Stephen Ashley said it was planned to create an environment where people wanted to talk in confidence. “The only secret about what we do is what people tell us,” he said. “We don’t have secrets but it is our job to protect the confidentiality of what people tell us. CHEST “Everyone thinks we are just here for suicidal people but we are here for anyone who wants to get things off their chest

Laura’s, home to the drop in café

so it doesn’t get that far. “But if someone makes a suicide attempt it touches so many people, it does ripple out and affect a lot of people and we are here for them as well.” And two further initiatives to be offered by the Samaritans this year will be an email service - allowing people to write down their troubles – and prison visiting in Alicante, at the moment depending on agreement from the authorities. The Samaritans are always looking for volunteers – whether ‘listeners’ who directly help people or ‘supporters’ who can help set up events and keep the wheels of the service turning. The telephone helpline is open every evening from 8pm until midnight and anyone wanting support can call 90 288 3535. Calls are charged at the national rate. And anyone interested in becoming a volunteer or seeking more information can visit

Give blood in Dénia

A HUGE blood-donation event will take place in Dénia on 29thApril. The ‘Third Blood Donation Marathon’ is being organised by the town hall and the Alicante Centre for Blood Transfusions, and will be open to all citizens who wish to give blood. The location is different to former ‘Marathons’ and this time will be in the old tourist office in the Plaza OculistaBuiges. The event will be open from 10am to 2pm and from 4.30pm to 8.45pm.

1522 - 21- 28 october 2010 April 2011

The road to learning Spanish is paved with good intentions CAST YOUR mind back for a moment to how you were feeling when you first decided to make a move to or buy a property in Spain. Amongst all those feelings of excitement and trepidation you probably also formed a determination to learn Spanish and to speak it at least well enough to be courteous and to get to know some of your new neighbours. Like many others you thought this would be a new and interesting challenge and something that, although quite difficult, would not be beyond your capabilities. Perhaps you then beat a path to the language learning section of your local bookshop, where you purchased a colourful, glossy and quite expensive Spanish course which promised that you would soon be speaking the language fluently, possibly even within a few weeks or months! Having arrived in Spain I’m sure you have had some of these typical experiences of English speakers abroad: moments of utter blankness and panic when face-to-face with a real Spaniard, the suspicion that they might be speaking to you in outer-Mongolian rather than the language you can understand perfectly when you see it written down, and that inner voice that screams “What an idiot!” when you flounder around blushing and stuttering, trying find the right expression, only to remember exactly what you wanted to say two and a half hours later in the shower. Worse still is the fear that you might have accidentally propositioned the butcher or given someone some outrageous information about yourself, when all you wanted to do was pass the time of day politely. Yes, we’ve all been there, the young, the old, the bright and the not-so-bright, and if anyone tells you any different, they are probably not telling you the truth. So, the chances are that you gave up on your glossy Spanish course some time ago and have sought help from the many courses and private classes that are on offer near to your new home. Of course, some of these are excellent, but certain issues do seem to arise – sometimes the classes are too difficult or move on too fast, they don’t give you the ex-

planations you need in your own language, they don’t answer your individual questions clearly, they deal with lots of theory but very little practice or they simply don’t make you feel a sense of progress and achievement which is so important to you. In short, learning Spanish is supposed to make you feel better and not worse about yourself and about the country that you have chosen to call your home! Having taught Spanish for nearly ten years in the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida areas I have helped thousands of people with these and similar issues. The Spanish that you will learn with me is prepared and graded to meet your needs at each stage, starting with phrases for everyday situations, along with cultural information and tips about the Spanish way of life. Correct pronunciation is emphasised from the beginning so that you can be confident that you will be understood properly. The next stage is to learn how to build your own sentences in a simple way so that you can start to express your own ideas. You then move on to studying the language in greater depth in a way that is always focused on speaking the real language in real situations. Courses include listening exercises, with time given to understand speech patterns, so that your ear can become gradually attuned to the Spanish you hear around you. And if all of that wasn’t enough, I also have a range of simple and reasonably priced Spanish language teaching materials to provide you with support in your learning. Please feel free to come along and talk to me about your Spanish learning needs during my enrolment periods next week – I will be more than happy to help you. Please see my advert for detailed information about enrolment and courses. JUST ONE OTHER THING If you have e-mailed me recently and I have not replied, please would you resend your message to - making sure that the letter “j” appears between my two names. I look forward to hearing from you or meeting you soon.

Jane has helped thousands of people to learn Spanish

“We are mo

re t h an j u

23 25

st a v oice on the phone”


22 - 28 April 2011

Become a spring Diva by Jack Troughton SPRING HAS arrived on the Costa Blanca and as everyone peels off outer layers there is no better time than to enjoy the Diva experience and a stylish nail treatment. Divas Beauty Salon uses Shellac – the latest technology that combines the ease of a traditional polish with the durable finish of a gel to give a long lasting chip-free colour. And at present the Javea salon is offering clients a 10% discount on Shellac manicures to celebrate the launch of an exciting new range of colours, unveiled last month. Divas’ Natalie Greenwood explained: “The actual Shellac product came out last year but the company has just launched a new range of colours. “Shellac is by Creative Nail Design, which is one of the market leaders. It is a half hour treatment and a very affordable way to get nails treated for a special occasion. It is a perfect nail coating that gives a flawless, long lasting manicure, it is UV cured, so there is no drying process, which wont yellow or fade.” Shellac also helps condition weak, thin nails by adding a strong yet thin coating for protection without damaging the nail plate.

Model behaviour

by Jack Troughton JALON VALLEY HELP were presented with a 302€ donation after local ladies braved the catwalk modelling spring fashions. More than 70 people enjoyed a class of wine as they watched the charity show organised by Occasions of Jalon and Orba. HELP volunteers thanked the clothes shop, the models and the audience for making the fashion show such a success.

The new colours take the Shellac range to a palette of 24 chic shades and a host of layering options for a perfect 14 day manicure providing shine, depth of colour and a perfect finish. Divas – in the heart of Javea’s Arenal Playa - also offers gel and acrylic treatments and a range of Minx toe nail treatments – again important as ladies start to get their feet out for the summer. The word ‘pamper’ is high on the list of importance during a visit to the salon – where clients can also enjoy a range of beauty treatments, spray tanning, holistic treatments including Indian head massages, Swedish massages, and aromatherapy. Also Gift Vouchers are available for a perfect gift. Natalie said clients could enjoy a pamper package and men and women could have their teeth whitened professionally with the ‘Smile with Confidence’ treatment. She said Divas had built up a good client base and was always busy in the summer months providing essential treatments for visitors enjoying the Spanish sun. “The salon is in a very good location in the Arenal. There is a lot of passing trade and there is plenty of parking. We are on an established route between the beach and the shops and are surrounded by apartments,” said Natalie.

“And we offer our customers a professional and personal service in a friendly environment with fully qualified nail, beauty and holistic therapists.” Natalie said clients would enjoy both the Diva experience and the Diva price. “Our prices are very competitive in comparison to other salons in the area.” Divas is at Calle Niza 10, L’Ancora Playa, Arenal, Javea. Telephone 96 646 1350 or 667 403 557. The salón is open from 10am until 6pm Tuesdays to Fridays, and 10am until 4pm Saturdays. For more information email or visit

Textile & Fibres - Arts & Crafts Fair to benefit EMAUS children THE FIRST Textile & Fibres Fair in the area, with everything using fabrics or yarns of any kind, plus raw materials and hand-made gifts using fabric, is to be held at the Finca Darelons in Benissa from 11am until 5pm on Sunday 1st May. Amal al Qasem has made her huge finca and garden available for the fair as she is passionate about crocheting, knitting, patchwork, lace making, rug making, embroidery etc. All the stalls will be fabric orientated (there will be some home-made cakes and chutney etc too!) The finca can be found on the road to Pinos out of the top of Beniss: turn towards Jalon and as you meet the stop sign you will see a road almost opposite signposted ‘Pinos’.  Go over the motorway and Darelons is on the left in 2.7km.   It is on the route to the Iris Gardens… The friends of the Children of Emaus will be collecting 1€ at the door. There is ample parking for cars and tea/coffee/drinks andcakes will be available all day. Information: Amal 96 583 8559. Big Success! - Big Cheque! The Freemasons of Deportiva Lodge No. 83 presented Carole Saunders of the Friends of the Children of Emaus, with a huge cheque for €1,000 to pay for new equipment at the EMAUS Home in El Vergel for displaced and disadvantaged children. Worshipful Master Keith Moseley (centre) and Charity Steward Darrell Clayton presented the cheque to Carole outside the new Masonic Centre in Costa Nova, Javea.  If you would like further information about Deportiva Lodge or Freemasonry in general, please contact Keith Moseley 650 657 467 or at 

1522 - 21- 28 october 2010 April 2011

Deja Vu A REAL case of Deja Vu in the Spanish headlines this week with the smoking ban, fears over the contagion effect from Portugal and the relationship with China dominating the front pages. With respect to the smoking ban the hostelry and gaming sectors have united and collected 600,000 signatures against the legislation introduced on 2nd January this year, prior to a protest march in Madrid on 9th May. The group, or platform as they are known in Spain, called the Libertad Sin Humo (Freedom Without Smoke), is calling for a relaxing of the legislation as the sector faces huge losses as a result of the legislation: a 20% drop in the hostelry sector and a 30% drop across the Bingo Halls of Spain. As an ex-smoker I have always been against the ban primarily on the basis of freedom of choice: people should be free to decide if they want to smoke or not, businesses should be free to decide if they want to allow smoking or not, non-smokers should be free to decide if they frequent an establishment or not. Freedom of choice and free market forces every time for me! I had this debate again recently with some non-smok-

ers who said that now the ban was in place they went out more. Good on them I said, but how much more are you spending? Are you spending enough to make up for the 10,000 jobs that will be lost and the associated decline in taxes and consumer spending, and what about the 3€ billion loss of tax revenue that will need to be replaced to keep the Spanish economy hobbling along? And then there is the erosion of the traditional Spanish culture: the cafe society; the outdoor terraces; the way of life that so many associate with living in Spain. The general view on the economy seems to be that Spain is not in the same class as the troubled peripheral trio of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, according to the European Central Bank Governing Council, primarily because Spain has a much lower public debt than the other countries. The problem, though, is that all the speculation and debate is costing Spain (much needed) money as they were forced to pay sharply higher rates than a month earlier when raising 4.66€ billion in 12- and 18-month bills in an auction on Monday. If there isn’t a problem, how about we stop speculating that there is, and allow the markets to pay lower rates, which means we will all be out of this mess a little bit sooner. Silence is golden as they say!

23 27

And with respect to China I have said before that it won’t end until every street in Spain is filled with Chinese restaurants, bazaars and knock-off DVD sellers, and I heard on the grapevine that the sign makers are already working on the new Costa Beijing, Costa Shanghai and Costa de Tibet signage! Couldn’t resist a small smirk earlier in the week when I read that Zapatero had got somewhat over excited on his recent visit to Beijing, where he was entertained in some style and given all kinds of reassuring tones that China would invest in Spain, so much so that he declared that China was about to invest 9€ billion in the ailing Spanish Savings Banks. Seems that the chap that made the ‘promise’ was a Mr Xie Ping who it turns out isn’t as important in the structure of the China Investment Corp as Spain had thought, and the CIC in fact had never considered such a large loan at any time. Some things never change eh? No matter how good the Chinese is at the time, you always wake wanting more! Chris runs an expat blog about life in Spain ( and is a regular contributor to a number of publications and radio stations in Spain, as well as writing a monthly column for the Telegraph Expat site and is a Telegraph Expat guest blogger. He lives in Almerimar with his wife Sands, four cats, two Harleys and more often than not a glass of red.

His column in the RTN is sponsored by Central Contracts ( a leading car leasing company supplying cars and vans to business users and private individuals. See also Social Networks: Twitter - Facebook - Facebook Group


22 - 28 April 2011

Spanish lessons by

Jane Cronin

A weekly ‘cut out and keep’ feature helping you to learn basic Spanish for everyday needs

Lesson 154

Reflexives and “past continuous” answers LAST WEEK’S article had a few knotty questions, so here are the answers and some comments to go with them. Firstly, you had to translate two sentences made up of reflexive verbs into English, as follows: Todas las mañanas me despierto, me levanto, me ducho y me visto. Every morning I wake up, I get up, I have a shower and I get dressed. Todas las noches me lavo los dientes, me quito la ropa, me pongo el pijama, me acuesto. Every night I clean my teeth, take off my clothes, put on my pajamas and go to bed. Your next job was to translate two similar sentences into Spanish, the difference being that these sentences refer to “he” (third person singular) and “they” (third person plural): Every morning John wakes up, he gets up, he has a shower and he gets dressed. Todas las mañanas John (or Juan) se despierta, se levanta, se ducha y se viste. Every night the children clean their teeth, put on their pyjamas and go to bed. Todas las noches los niños se lavan los dientes, se ponen los pijamas y se acuestan. (5 points for each sentences – 20 in total) Here is some more of the same, but putting them into various different, reallife contexts. Don’t forget that there are several possible ways of translating each phrase. 1. “¿Está tu jefe?” “No, se ha ido al banco.” No, he has gone to the bank. Is your boss there? 2. “Eso no es para usted” “Perdone, no me di cuenta”. That is not for you. I’m sorry, I didn’t realise 3. “Me he recuperado de todo” “Me alegro mucho” I am completely better. I’m very glad. 4. “¿Dónde os vais a quedar? “Seguramente nos quedaremos en un hotel” Where are you going to stay? We’ll definitely stay in a hotel. 5. “¿Cómo se llama ese hombre?” “No me acuerdo” What’s that man’s name? I don’t remember. 6. “¿Quieres casarte conmigo?” “Me lo voy a pensar”. I’m going to think about it. Do you want to marry me? (4 points for each dialogue – 24 points altogether) Here are some “orders” which use reflexive verbs in the familiar, singular (tú)

form. 1. Go away! VETE 2. Get up! LEVÁNTATE 3. Put on your shoes. PONTE LOS ZAPATOS 4. Sit down! SIÉNTATE 5. Be quiet! CÁLLATE 6. Turn around! DATE LA VUELTA 7. Take off your coat QUÍTATE EL ABRIGO 8. Calm down! CÁLMATE / TRANQUILÍZATE (2 points each – 16 points in total) “Cuando yo era niña jugaba todos los días en el parque con mis amigas. Tenía un perro y me gustaba mucho andar con él a la playa. Mi madre cocinaba al mediodía y yo siempre volvía a casa para comer. La verdad es que nunca comía muy bien y mi madre se enfadaba mucho conmigo. No veía mucha televisión porque había pocos programas para niños y además pasaba mucho tiempo en la calle. Mi padre trabajaba hasta tarde y cuando volvía a casa por la noche me sentaba con él para contarle mis cosas. Mientras tanto mi madre recogía la cocina y preparaba todo para el día siguiente. Siempre iba a la cama a la misma hora y leía un libro debajo de las mantas antes de dormir. Mi hermana dormía en el mismo dormitorio pero normalmente no la oía entrar porque ya estaba durmiendo profundamente.” When I was a little girl I played every day in the park with my friends. I had a dog and I used to like walking with him (it) to the beach. My mother used to cook at midday and I always returned home for lunch. The truth is that I never ate every well and my mother used to get very angry with me. I didn’t watch much television because there weren’t many programmes for children and in any case I spent a lot of time out in the street. My father used to work until late and when he returned home at night I would sit with him and tell him about my things. Meanwhile my mother would tidy up the kitchen and prepare everything for the next day. I always went to bed at the same time and I would read a book underneath the blankets before going to sleep. My sister slept in the same bedroom but I didn’t usually hear her come in because I was already fast asleep. (20 points máximum) The total this week is 80 points, so if you really want to find the percentage, you will have to divide by four and multiply by five!

22 - 28 April 2011

Tony Poole Sparks Electrical Services


Iberdrola’s ICP – Frequently Asked Questions What is an ICP? An ICP is a device for controlling your contracted power supply, an Interrupter de Control de Potencia or Power Control Switch, also called a Mains Isolater.

What happens if I don’t fit an ICP? You will be penalised to pay a higher tariff. A 3.3kW contracted supply will be increased to a 10kW tariff; a 5.5kW contracted supply will be increased to a 20kW tariff.

Still unsure whether or not you have an ICP? Telephone Iberdrola on 901 10 22 10, quote your contract number, and ask if you need to have an ICP fitted.

What is my contracted power supply? This is the electricity tariff that you agreed with Iberdrola when you moved into your home. It’s stated on your electricity bill or contract in kW (kilo-Watts).

Do I already have an ICP? Possibly. Homes completed since 2002 should have an ICP. An ICP may or may not be fitted in homes built prior.

For more handy hints on ICP’s, upgrades, and what to look out for, visit my blog @

Why must I have an ICP? Iberdrola are writing to their customers instructing them to fit an ICP. A Royal Decree (Order ITC/1.857/2008) passed on July 1st 2008 declared by law all electrical installations must have a device for controlling the contracted power. In domestic dwellings that means an ICP must be fitted. Where is the ICP? There are two types of ICP, manual and automatic. The ‘new’ manual ICP (M) is fitted in a dedicated standardised box, next to or part of, your Consumer Unit. The ‘old’ automatic ICP (A) is in your meter cupboard. The auto-type was discontinued in the mid 90’s. Do I have access to the ICP? Yes, should the ICP trip-out, you can easily switch it back on from within your home. When must I fit an ICP? Iberdrola will write to you twice, the second time by recorded delivery. The second letter gives you 20 days notice to comply.

What are the implications of having an ICP fitted? A possible consequence of installing an ICP is that insufficient power maybe contracted. This is evident when several appliances are switched on at the same time and the power overloads the ICP and it tripsout. Then it will be necessary to arrange an upgraded supply. Do I need a boletin once the ICP is fitted? No. A boletin (certificate) is only needed if you are upgrading your electricity supply. Once the ICP is fitted, arrange for Iberdrola to inspect and seal it. The cost is €9.04 plus IVA, charged to your electricity bill. Who can fit an ICP? A qualified electrician should fit the ICP, the electrician does not have to be approved by Iberdrola, but needs to fully understand Iberdrola’s requirements. A rental option is available from Iberdrola, however, you must ensure that you have a standardised ICP box prepared and fitted first. How much does it cost to have an ICP fitted? Subjective. Allow 60-70 Euros... pay peanuts, and you’ll get monkeys!

Article written by Tony Poole, Sparks Electrical Services. Tel: 626 693 440

An ICP switch


22 - 28 April 2011

legal by

Carlos Baos

of White & Baos Abogados English & Spanish Solicitors

I AM a fiscal tax Resident in Spain and I have sold my habitual residence here. With the monies from this sale I intend to acquire another property, this time outside of Spain. I understand that if I was to reinvest the monies into a property within Spain I would not have to pay Capital Gain Tax, but where do I stand by purchasing outside of Spain? Will I still have to pay taxes? Dear reader, thank you for your email. First of all I would I like to confirm that the Income Tax Law 35/2066 (applicable to tax residents in Spain) in its article number 38 covers the potential of being exempt from paying Capital Gain Tax derived from the sale of a habitual residence, so long as the total amount received from this sale is reinvested in the purchase of another habitual residence. Since Spanish Law does not expressly state that the application of this exemption is

conditional to reinvestment of the funds into a further property solely in Spain, this leads to the opinion that you will qualify for the exemption even if you buy a property in another country of the EU, and not one just within Spain. Additionally, to strengthen this opinion, it is relevant to note the Order granted by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on the 26 October 2006 ruling on Procedure number C.345.05 initiated by the European Commission against Portugal. We could briefly summarise the ECJ Order as follows: • Portuguese Law stated (in a very similar way to Spanish Law) about the existence of a tax exemption for reinvestment in habitual residence but stated ‘that it would only be applicable if the new residence was located within Portugal’. • The ECJ ruled in the Order that Portugal breached the obligations under the EU Treaty (especially articles 18CE, 39CE, and 43CE as well as articles 28 and 31 of the European Economic Agreement (EEA)) on the basis that the benefit of the exemption was conditioned to reinvestment in Portugal, which is contrary to the EU principles of freedom of establishment, free movement of workers etc. As a result of the above, and independently

22 - 28 April 2011

of what the Tax Laws of Spain or any other EU country may state, it should be possible for you to benefit from the exemption when reinvesting in a habitual residence, entirely regardless of where you purchase your


new residence - so long as it is located in a member country of the EU. The information provided on this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.

Marc White LL.B. & Carlos Baos (English & Spanish Solicitors) © White & Baos Abogados 2011 - All rights reserved. C/Diana 19, 2º-D, 03700 Dénia (located 1 minute away from the La Via underground car park). Tel: 966 426 185. Send your questions to or


22 - 28 April 2011


David and Goliath by

Suzanne O’Connell Customer Care at Ábaco

WHEN DO you give up? It’s hard when faced with unfathomable bureaucracy to decide when enough is enough. The institutions can just seem too big to take on. So, it’s good to hear when there’s a David who beats a Goliath: sometimes it happens.

An example is the case of the hero of this article, Mr P. He was delighted by the off-plan property he’d decided to purchase and looked forward to it being built and compleated with anticipation. A familiar tale, there was a delay in construction as one of the building subcontractors had gone bankrupt. Before long Mr. P was contacted by the developer who asked him for an extension of the deadline for completion. Progress was nil and Mr. P wanted to pull out so he turned to his guarantee/ warranty insurance to recoup the money he had paid in stage payments. He almost reached the point of despair when he was informed that the insurance policy, which was supposed to be in force until completion was no longer valid, ‘I trusted in it completely, I knew it was important to have a warranty and then when I

needed it, they said it had expired!’ Undeterred our hero persevered, brought his complaint to Ábaco and the legal challenge began. Three court hearings and an embargo later and the rather large and impressive big guns of a major insurance company, known throughout the world, were silenced. Mr.P won his claim and bureaucracy was beaten for once. The moral? It can pay to persevere. Mr P points out, “I thought there must be some justice. I had fulfilled my part of the contract and they are supposed to fulfil their part. I did not want to quit.” Mr. P had acted in good faith, he’d done his homework and he had his warranty. Taking on the courts and a top league insurance company he came out on top – proof that with the right combination of determination and the backing of an experienced and professional legal team the little man or woman can still win the day. If you feel you are a ‘David’ and need help to slay your particular ‘Goliath’ in a property purchase claim, call the Abaco help-line (00 34) 96 670 37 48 and Abaco’s Legal Department will be pleased to study your case.

“If you would like a FREE, no obligation tax consultation and help with completing your annual tax declaration contact one of Ábaco’s friendly team on ÁbacoConnect Help-line 966 703 748”


Tel: 96 558 7633 M obile 61820473 1

Ex Pat INSURANCE •QROPS Pension Transfers •Inheritance Tax Planning •Retirement Planning •Life Assurance

•Mortgages •Currency Exchange •Funeral Plans

Baskerville Advisers S.L. CIF B-63/137.020; Correduria de Seguros; No. de registro RDGS J2306; Seguro responsabilidad civil AIG Europe No. 0131900503.1330; Registro Mercantil de Barcelona, Tomo 35489, Folio 170, Seccion 8, Hoja B-269534

Low Premiums Guaranteed Motor-Home-Travel-Pets Marine-Funeral-Health

965 058 445

22 - 28 April 2011


Government investigates cash-in-hand workers THE GOVERNMENT has announced a crackdown on the selfemployed and companies that work cash-in-hand. The aim is to protect workers who are employed without contracts. People claiming dole whilst working for cash will be targeted and could face fines ranging from €12,000 to 250,000€: inspections have already begun, due to be completed by 2012.

Vila Joyosa Town hall slashes jobs to save money MORE THAN 100 jobs have been cut at Vila Joyosa town hall in order to help the town’s coffers to recover. The local government, which is primarily PP, approved the decision to slash jobs last week. The town hall has assured the public that the move won’t affect municipal services.



22 - 28 April 2011


Carlos Franco

CDF Arquitectura

Be smart about investing in your home A home usually is the biggest investment most people will make in their lifetimes. And yet they often neglect to make the wise investments that help sustain and increase the value of a home.

By making intelligent choices about how to improve your home, not only do you enhance your family’s quality of life, but also reap financial rewards when you put it on the market. Even small investments can provide serious returns. Although it is no secret that well-kept homes are worth more money and easier to sell, it is often difficult for homeowners to decide how much is worth spending on renovations, or even whether it’s worth spending anything at all. The answer boils down to a simple statement of fact: Investing in your home always pays off in the long run. Owners of older properties, particularly, should bear in mind that the longer they wait to make renovations, the faster the market value of the property drops, especially in neighbourhoods where most homes are well kept. The goal obviously is to get the greatest possible return for minimum investments in your home. One well known Estate Agent has estimated that if you take two comparable three-bedroom homes — of similar style and location — but only one has been kept up with modern bathrooms, kitchen, heating, climate control and insulation — the better maintained home could be

worth at least 150,000 euros more. These are, of course, tough choices that must be weighed carefully. Things like swimming pools, home offices or tennis courts are nice enhancements but may not increase your resale value substantially. But adding bedrooms, bathrooms, or replacing outdated windows with energy-efficient alternatives are improvements that almost guarantee that you’re get back the lion’s share of your investment. You also should take into account whether you plan to stay in the home for a long time. If so, you may consider larger scale upgrades that you will enjoy for a while, such as adding an enclosed patio, a second level to a single level home, a luxury kitchen or sunroom. In these tough economic times, it is also worth considering that remodelling and modifications can cost less. Building materials are being discounted due to the slowdown in new construction. Contractors are lowering their prices as well, compared with a few years ago. If you are debating whether to move into a new house or renovating your current home, it is not unreasonable to compare moving costs to the cost of fixing up your house. Moving can be very expensive, and may end up costing more than renovating. The markets are volatile at the moment, and nobody really knows what’s going to happen with interest and currency rates. So just when you think there’s no safe place to invest, why not your home? It always pays off

Adding a luxury kitchen can increase your properties value

in the long run. You can lean on me as a professional architect and ensure that your money will be invested with good judgement and the maximum return in your favour. Just as a quick example, during construction work I get involved during all the steps; I like to be personally involved in every decision, I manage and monitor every step, just as if it were my own house for my own family.

A visit to their office of Ana and Carlos Franco is recommended where a no obligation discussion can take place to discuss your needs. CDF is located on the Calle Pedro Garcia Ortiz 25A, Plaza dels Mariners, Calpe 03710. Telephone 965 832 922 or 660 928 037: and

01 22 - 07 28 april April 2011

Home Garden


Brought to you by

Do you wish that your awning was motorised? It can be: now, quickly and easily a drive motor made by the wellrespected company Cherubini

Another drive motor - there is a size to fit all awnings

The remote control makes life easier

ARE YOU tired of winding your awning in or out, or now finding it difficult to operate the winding handle? All awnings made within the last 18 years or so that operate with a mechanical winding system can be motorised. TOLDOS ALCHEMY was established in 1992 and uses motors made by the well respected motor company ‘Cherubini’. Tubular motors are inserted into the back roll bar of the awning and can be remote control or switch operated. The remote control can operate one blind or a group of blinds and can even be set with a ‘favourite position’ for your awning. Motorising your sun blind really does make them easy to use - simply press the button and the blind opens or closes automatically. For peace of mind, a wind sensor can be incorporated which automatically retracts the awning should the wind pick up, whether you are at home or down at the beach. The drive motors are robust, reliable and maintenance free. The automatic stops, once set, stop the blind in the fully open or fully closed position with a manual overide button should you wish your blind to be only half open. A range of motor strengths is available meaning

Tony Bowers and his son Ray

that smaller or inaccessible blinds may be automated, right up to large six meter patio awnings! Motors with mechanical overide are also available if you live in an area with an inconsistant power supply. All motors are covered with a five year warranty. Contact Tony Bowers to ask for a free on

site survey. Toldos Alchemy have been putting their customers, and the competition, in the shade for years. Tel: 659 464 992 / 965 831 272. WWW.TOLDOSALCHEMY.COM Email:


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Home & Garden

fo r r

be te af

EXTERIOR PAINTING and decorating can be a real chore. Many properties on the Costa Blanca, due to the unpredictable and severe weather experienced at the end of the summer and beginning of spring, have to be redecorated every 2 to 3 years. Also, due to poor building techniques, many properties suffer from black mould on the interior due to penetrating damp. Another annoying problem is the twice yearly Sahara ‘sand rain’. With many long-life exterior home improvements such as UPVC windows, doors, and shutters lasting for 20 years or more, why couldn’t the same technology be applied to exterior masonry coatings? Many people are unaware that there is a company called Andura, based in Oxford, Bicester for over 40 years, that is a BSI registered company with many of their products provided with the much coveted British Board of Agreement Certificates. Their products are proven to last in excess of 15 years to stop penetrating damp, still allowing the walls to breathe and their coatings are fully washable and fade resistant. Working along with Andura, Mr John Ruddy who lives with his family in Los Alcazares, represents ‘Andura Abroad No Need to Paint’ and has been involved in the UK with the chemicals and coating industry for over 30 years. Mr Ruddy’s watchwords are sincerity and honesty and he did all his market research regarding the validity of the products before endorsing the 15 year company and factory backed guarantee he offers on all installations. In these difficult times it pays to protect your property and especially not to have the costly re-decorating responsibility every few years. Mr Ruddy has some tremendous Easter promotional offers to make and is looking for six promotional homes to promote the unique Andura long life coating during the spring and summer. If you would like to make exterior, painting and maintenance a thing of the past, please feel free to give us a call for an entirely free of obligation survey. Office: 968 032 672 Mob: 634 356 686 Email: Website:


Now is the time to have the exterior of your property painted and not repeat the process until 2030

22 - 28 April 2011

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22 - 28 April 2011

Easter gardens by

Clodagh & Dick Handscombe Practical gardeners and authors

After last weeks April showers in many areas the soil has been perfect for planting up flowering plants and sowing and planting up plantlets in the vegetable plot. So many gardens at Easter will be full of flower and perfumes with combined displays of annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs and trees and bulbs for the first time in the gardening year. And with recent temperatures even reaching the thirties it time to siesta, eat outdoors and swim. So it’s time to clean up the garden furniture, give the pool and Jacuzzi a special clean before taking the first dips of the year and get the paella pan and gas ring out to prepare a fully fledged traditional Valencian Mountain Paella on Easter Monday. The full richly tasty variety blending, hopefully home grown and ecological, vegetables meats herbs and spices into the full paella only produced in poorer times on Easter Monday, St. James Day, Valencia Day, and for weddings, christenings and Christmas day. Unfortunately the preparation is becoming a lost art in some families due to young generations preferring to heat up supermarket pizzas and many restaurants take short cuts in the preparation. But if you have

grown the vegetables yourself and they are now available fresh or dried from last autumn take the time to produce a gastronomic gem. If you are not sure how to do so do a google search for and read the recently two part article ‘Growing your own Valencian Mountain Paella’. Naturally the article is just as interesting and useful to those who buy all the ingredients as a full list of the ingredients and cooking process are included. If you have not yet grown all the ingredients ‘Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain’ includes tables describing when to sow/plant and care for the Paella vegetables and a hundred others season by season. Indeed once this article is sent off to run it’s off to the vegetable plot to rotovate areas just cleared of winter crops – including weeds for the compost heap – and start to set up canes for tomatoes and peppers for the plantlets being hardened off out of the green house can soon be planted. Yes living 14 kilometres inland we plant later on our vegetable plot than on the coast but plants on our first floor experimental balcony veggie garden that were planted in January already have tomatoes that could well be ripe enough for our paella. The photograph shows this terrace in early March. On it we grew 21 types of vegetables last year to obtain the photograph now on page 169 of our book ‘Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style’. It’s not too late to start now on an east, west or

Clodagh and Dick’s practical gardening books will be found to be useful for both experienced and new gardeners coming to Spain. The useful quartet of books can be obtained from bookshops or by email from the websites of Amazon, Santana Books, Bookworld and The Royal Horticultural Society. © Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

Home & Garden

Apartment balcony veggie garden

north facing balcony or terrace – or just a window sill. Just the space of an A4 sheet of paper is required to grow an amazing number of vegetables. How is illustrated and described in both the books mentioned above. That reminds us several people have asked us for an English – Spanish vocabulary of gardening terms and words and a Botanical-English-Spanish plant list. You’re in luck. If you don’t yet have our books we can advice you that each includes both of the above. If you are attending Spanish classes ask your teacher to integrate these into exercises and most importantly conversation practice so that you can try out your Spanish at the garden centre. If not at least you can select and mark up the plants you want in the plant lists before you go to the garden centre.

Have a great Easter! CLODAGH AND DICK’S BOOKS Whichever gardens you visit the section illustrating and describing the 350 most practical plants for Spanish gardens including English, Spanish and Botanical names in ‘Your Garden in Spain’ will help you identify and understand the plantings taking account of the local summer and winter climatic conditions. If you decide to not travel the same lists are an invaluable guide to what you might best plant at home and likewise the plant lists in ‘Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style’ if you live in an apartment. The fruit and veggie books have been for some years the recognised bibles for being successful in growing ecological fruit and vegetables.

22 - 28 April 2011


Don’t just clean your pool, swim in it... with clean solar energy! FOR MOST people the swimming season does not extend beyond June, July and August, but would you like to extend your swimming season to seven months of the year instead of just three? We all know about electric pool heaters, but with their high running costs and poor environmental credentials, what about solar pool heating as an alternative? A SOLAR POOL HEATING SYSTEM SEEMS VERY HIGH TECH, BUT DOES IT REALLY WORK? Spain has the perfect climate for solar energy and pool heating is

one of the most popular applications. A Solmate solar energy pool heating system is fully automatic, which means that you do not need to worry about the technical aspects. In addition, it is virtually maintenance free. SOLAR PANELS CAN BE UGLY... WILL THE SYSTEM BLEND IN WITH MY PROPERTY? A Southerly facing roof of a property is an obvious place for the solar panels and Solmate panels are available in either black or terracotta. However, your house roof is not the only place for the panels.

Terracotta solar pool heating

Brought to you by

Solar panels are regularly used as the roof of a carport or pergola. In this way, not only is your pool being heated but at the same time the panels are providing shade. The panels can also be sited on a frame structure on the ground. HOW MUCH WARMER WILL MY SOLAR HEATED POOL BE? The swimming season in a Solmate heated pool starts in late March and runs until late October. In the shoulder months of March, April, May, September and October a solar heated pool will increase the pool water temperature by 5 to 6 degrees. If a pool cover is used in conjunction with a solar pool heating system them the temperature difference can be as much as 8 to 9 degrees. As well as extending your swimming season, a Solmate pool heating system will not break the bank. A Solmate system will cost less than a good quality heat pump. It is guaranteed for 10 years and has a life expectancy of in excess of 25 years. It really is the only way to heat your pool. There are many different types of solar pool heating systems available on the market and before you make your choice it is important to speak to an installation company’s previous clients and have a good look at their work. For more information solar pool heating or how a solar energy system can reduce your monthly household bills please contact Solar in Spain on 902 636 570 or email us at


22 - 28 April 2011

Computing with aunty virus

Receiving unwanted emails Raymond via email asks: Dear Aunty, I am receiving totally unsolicited emails from Ebay almost on a daily basis! I have NEVER had any dealings with them nor am I ever likely to in the future. Some guy, who unfortunately has the same name as myself and who unfortunately has the same email address as myself is the prime cause of this persistent and extremely annoying invasion. To give you an example, can you imagine what I could do with a ‘hen coop’ in a fourth floor apartment in the centre of Pego? Perhaps you’d better not answer that! As if that’s not bad enough the guy’s dragging his feet with paying his debt to Ebay for the damn thing and I’m getting a telling off on my computer. Should I try to change my email address?

Aunty Says: My first concern Raymond is that two people cannot have the same email address (it would be like having the same phone number) so if you are receiving emails not intended for you it’s possible he has registered your email address with Ebay instead of his, maybe a @ instead of can add any unwanted emails addresses to your Hotmail junk/spam email list and they will automatically go in the junk folder. You could also try contacting Ebay and the other Raymond but personally I would just set up a new email address with Gmail or Yahoo.

Any ideas? Mike via email asks: Hello Aunty, I have a virus either in my yahoo mail platform or in my Yahoo address book. It keeps sending emails out as though I sent them. I have run AVG, Superantispyware and Malwarebytes and all three say clean. Any ideas much appreciated and thanks in anticipation. Aunty Says: This is becoming a very common problem Mike

and it’s more than likely one of two things. Someone may have accessed your account and can now use it to send spam emails. First thing to do is change your email password, and just as important, check no one has added a forwarding or secondary email address in the security section of your Yahoo account settings. Spoofing is also a widespread tactic favoured by mass email spammers. What happens is the spammers replace an

email’s ‘sent from’ details with your details so it looks like it came from a trusted source and hopefully will be opened by the recipient. To be honest once these people have your details and address book the only thing you can do is stop them signing in as you. If it still continues then you may need to create a new account and let everyone know what has happened, they can then add your old address to their spam blocker. In Yahoo and Gmail you can export you address book and import it into another email account which will save you a fair bit of time.

Should I change? Brian from Denia asks: Hi Aunty, always enjoy your weekly column. The laptop I bought in the UK from PC World is nearly a year old. I paid extra to have Norton antivirus installed for 1 year and now have to decide whether to pay £70 to continue with it for another year. Do you think it would be worth the expense or should I subscribe to an alternative, maybe a free, protection system? Aunty says: Hi Brian. I’ve drifted away from Norton over the years, mainly due to the overhead it has on your computer and the huge choice of freebies available. As always I recommend AVG for the anti virus protection plus SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes for spyware protection. There are good free ‘total protection’ programs out there such as Microsoft’s ‘Security Essentials’ but I don’t like to keep all my eggs in one basket so to speak.

Problems with Amazon Barry via email asks: Dear Aunty, I am having a problem making purchases on Amazon. I get to the Amazon website and select an item, add it to my basket, click on checkout but I get a message: “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” a similar message appears when I try Chrome or Firefox. A colleague has checked to see if there are any security problems but can’t locate any. Have you any solutions to my problem?

Aunty says: If all three browsers are having a problem then you should maybe look at your firewall settings and check you have the latest Java from and DirectX from Microsoft. You can temporarily disable your firewall and antivirus just to see if the problem goes away but remember to re-enable it immediately afterwards and let me know how you get on.

That’s all for this week, email me on and I will do my best to sort you out

22 - 28 April 2011


THIS WEEK the Inspector is catching up on some quality shut-eye with The Zeo Sleep Coach. “The more you know, the better you sleep”, or so the manufacturers tell us – but what does this mean? Does reading the Encyclopaedia Britannica at bed time guarantee you sleep well? More likely it will just get you there more quickly. Let us take a look at how the Zeo Sleep Coach can help. The Zeo Sleep Coach is a device that analyses your sleep patterns and helps improve your quality of sleep. The two main elements of this device are a comfy headband and sleek bedside display unit. When you go to bed just put on the headband and it will begin monitoring the electrical signals from your brain using built-in sensor monitors. These readings are then beamed wirelessly to the bedside display unit where the quantity, quality and depth of sleep can be calculated. Next morning the unit will be able to report the amount of light, deep and Rapid Eye Movement sleep that you achieved the previous night. It will also tell you how long you spent awake and how long it took to doze off. The information can also be uploaded from the included SD card to the Zeo Personal Coaching Website. This will be evaluated and given a

personal sleep score (ZQ) along with tips on how to achieve a better night’s sleep. There is even a ‘7 Step Sleep Fitness Program’ to improve matters further. You can even set the ‘Smartwake’ alarm to rouse you at your ‘natural waking point’, apparently decreasing the grogginess felt when awaking from deep sleep. Perhaps this could be enhanced in the future by being attached to a breathalyser to adjust this to sometime after mid-day following that night out – or the manufacturers could be receiving a few ‘faulty’ units back. The Inspector´s Verdict: The Zeo Sleep Coach opens up to examination another area of our lives to which we were previously blissfully unaware. What you make of this and whether it really makes a difference is open to debate – but it will certainly appeal to those with a health conscious frame of mind. The Zeo Sleep Coach costs around €200, a little pricey but not so bad that you will be losing sleep over paying for it. The unit does carry a disclaimer that brain activity is required for it to function correctly – so use by certain professions such as politicians, bankers, footballers and minor celebrities is discouraged.




22 - 28 April 2011 2010 15-21 JANUARY

New chiropractic clinic for Alicante It is always good news to hear of businesses that are expanding, creating new jobs, and bringing their products and services to more customers. After just over one year in Spain chiropractor Lawrence King is opening the Gonstead centre of Chiropractic in Alicante. He won’t be leaving the excellent Chiropractic Centre in Albir, this is an expansion of the business, with the new clinic being located in the heart of Alicante next to the central market. Dr. Lawrence graduated from the world famous and Europe’s leading college for education and research in chiropractic based in Bournemouth, England. He completed a five year program and then undertook additional studies from chiropractors from America, Australia and Europe to master a more specific type of chiropractic called ‘The Gonstead System’, hence the name of the new clinic. The Alicante clinic is one of five chiropractic clinics in the whole of Spain to exclusively use the Gonstead system of chiropractic. The system is based on the technique developed by Dr Clarence Gonstead and is regarded as the gold standard of chiropractic

techniques. As we have featured regularly in the RTN with this system Dr Lawrence has been able to deliver fantastic results to patients for usual complaints such as back pain, neck pain, whiplash injuries, sciatica and arthritis. And other clients have reported vast improvements in many ailments including improved digestion, lower blood pressure and relief from headaches / migraines. Chiropractor Lawrence explains chiropractic It was the respect with which chiropractic works naturally with the body which first interested me in the profession. The human body has an inborn intelligence which regulates many of the functions we perform, without having to think about them. For example, when we are born we instinctively know to breathe, our heart knows how fast and how often to beat and when we feed our digestive system knows what enzymes to produce at what stage. This inborn intelligence is known as Innate intelligence. As living beings this Innate intelligence is expressed through the nervous system (the central

control system of the human body). The nervous system flows constantly like an electrical current through our bodies, and this electricity or nerve impulses carry messages to control and coordinate each and every function we perform. When the electricity / nerve impulses flow freely the body can function correctly. But if one of the 24 vertebrae in the spine becomes misaligned, causing a nerve to be pinched a part of the message can be blocked, distorted or lost. This can cause back or neck pain, leg or arm pain, tingling, pins and needles in the arms or legs or cause an organ in the body not to function correctly. If you suffer from back pain, feel you body is not reaching its full health potential or are looking to take preventative steps for the future health of your spine (just as you would for your teeth with the dentist) please book an appointment at the Gonstead Centre of Chiropractic Alicante on 965 200 005. And you can even quote this article for a magnificent Dr 50% discount on your 1st lawrence consultation. King


22 - 28 April 2011


Easter is coming up – with all those Easter Eggs! Help your kids to keep their teeth for life! By

Karen Gardner

Clinica Dental La Plaza.

Learning about good oral health from an early age is important and taking care of children’s teeth can prevent decay, help create healthy eating habits, and prevent dental problems throughout life. Most dental problems can be avoided with good oral hygiene and some dietary control (i.e. supervision on added sugar, sweeties, juices and fizzy pop). Fluoride is a natural element that can help prevent tooth decay and in toothpaste it is very effective at preventing tooth decay. Caring for your child’s teeth A regular teeth-cleaning routine is essential for good dental health. Follow these tips and you can help keep your kids’ teeth stay decay-free: Start brushing your baby's teeth at bathtime with fluoride toothpaste, daily, as soon as the first milk tooth breaks through (usually at around six months, but it can be earlier or later). It is important to use a fluoride paste as it helps prevent and control tooth decay.  Do not add sugar or honey to babies drinks. Children under the age of 3 can use a smear of normal mild flavour family toothpaste, instead of sweetened children’s paste. Toothpaste with less fluoride is not as effective at preventing decay. Children between the ages of 3 and 6 should use a pea-sized blob of the same, and always make sure your child doesn’t eat or lick the toothpaste from the tube. Brush your child's teeth twice a day, once just before bedtime and at least one other time during the day. Encourage your child to spit out excess toothpaste but not to rinse with lots of water. Supervise tooth brushing until your child is 7 or 8 years old, either by brushing their teeth yourself or, if they brush their own teeth, by watching how they do it.  They do need help till this age and cannot be expected to do a good job themselves! Effective tooth brushing Guide your child's hand so they can feel the correct movement.

Use a mirror to help your child see exactly where the brush is cleaning their teeth. Make tooth brushing as fun as possible, using egg timers to time it for at least two minutes. Don't let children run around with a toothbrush in their mouth as this can be dangerous. To brush your childs teeth stand behind and cradle the lower jaw with your left hand - this gives you control so that you can see the teeth and get enough purchase to scrub them properly. It also gives you a grip on an awkward child, so you can get the job done without a fight! Done well, once a day, with your help is enough. Taking your child to the dentist Once you’ve established a good tooth-brushing routine at home, the next step is the first trip to the dentist. These tips can make this a lot easier: Take your child to the dentist at least once by the time they're 2 ½. The best way is to take them with you when you have a checkup. Taking your child to the dentist means problems can be identified at an early stage. Just opening up their mouths for the dentist to take a look is useful practice for the first time they need treatment.  When you visit the dentist, be positive about it and make the trip fun. This will stop your child worrying about future visits. Once a year is fine for most children. Other tips from Karen Gardner Excess sugar is generally bad for health and can make you fat, so ‘limiting it’ is the trick - no one is going to give sugar up completely! Milk and water or fizzy water are great drinks for children. Discourage a sweet tooth by avoiding excessive fruit juices and sweetened drinks - give water at meals times as sweet drinks will likely ruin their appetite and the taste of the meal.

help children by making brushing fun

Invest in a liquidiser and make fruit smoothies with fruit, milk and honey. You can experiment to see what makes a great snack. Train your children to drink water when thirsty, not sweet drinks. Avoid artificial sweeteners – they are actually harmful toxins and bad for everyone. (I know, you can´t win!). Sugar is okay but only in moderation. Choclate is better than caramelos, especially the pure dark choclate – which is actually good for teeth and for health. Try not to buy fizzy drinks for the house – keep it for occasional treats when you go out. If it’s not in the fridge they can´t drink it! Give them healthy snacks like nuts and raisins, chopped fruit, a sandwich, or a roll etc – save sweets for treats only.

Article supplied by Dr Karen Gardner, ‘your dentist in Javea’ (Clinica Dental La Plaza, Edificio La Plaza, situated next to the Club De Tenis. Karen Gardner would like to invite you and your children for a free check-up. Karen is also an orthodontist and can advise you on your child’s development, and as to whether ortho treatment is advisable. Tel. 966 461 120 for an appointment.


22 - 28JANUARY April 2011 2010 8-14

Daydream believer I hear it all of the time, people tell me that they don’t dream. They do, we all do, but we don’t recall totally. Even if we do remember significant scenes from our dreams they cannot form the entire dream, and even in time however we assure ourselves we will never forget, and yes, we do. The dream diary at the side of the bed may help us jot down notes that can aide our recall and it is a sure way of jogging the memory too. However the instinct of any dream is to reflect conscious in our semi or unconscious states, and we therefore submit ourselves to a dream state that is out of our immediate control. We can sleep well for weeks and we can fool ourselves that we haven’t dreamt, and we absolutely have. Another time we sleep and a vivid dream stirs our memory banks and ripples away at our conscious state and it serves to remind us that the workings of our inner mind are not governed by input of our making, but are ratified by the memory of their output. A few weeks ago I dreamt that a wonderful friend of mine, Ginnie, suddenly appeared across the street. She didn’t acknowledge me, and in fact seemed rather stand offish, which was out of character for her. I was to find out why as the Chrysler Building crashed down between us, in slow motion. Neither of us was hurt, and so Ginnie and I both survived, miraculously unharmed by the destruction. If I had crossed the street I may have been buried alive, so Ginnie’s warning saved the day, allowing me to dream again another time. When we met for real the next day Ginnie had something special to ask me, and I got a work offer in New York for later in the year. My premonition, a touch of destruction and some intuition had brought us together in a dream moment; and we both do have strong connections with the USA. I have experienced premonition many times. It normally implies that something very dramatic is imminently about to happen. For me this is often something horrendous like a plane crash or a sudden death. Spirit know that they can contact me in my conscious state, but true life drama

postbag Email your letters to me at: Kenny I am having very disturbing dreams and although they are all different, I find myself with a group of people I do not know, and then one will die, and everyone blames me. What does this mean? Jackie. Mc.K. This is a classic reversal cluster dream, in which you are the main character amidst strangers. Death in these circumstances means birth, and it is highly likely that you are pregnant and foreseeing the birth of your baby. Everybody will compliment you on a good delivery of a healthy child! Kenny, I am expecting! Since you interpreted the dream I have never had it again. Thank you, I am sleeping well again, I’ll let you know when baby comes! Jackie. Mc.K. You will be surrounded by those who love you. Your dream shows a safe delivery, and God Bless you!

and trauma comes up as a hefty slice of premonitional action, to adequately advise, warn and prepare me, usually for something big. Dreams of changes are very common. Your Mother appears as your neighbour, or your sister becomes a waitress in your favourite restaurant, maybe even an ex lover shows up as the milkman. Anything is possible in these dreams, and they are normally a good sign that denote that all is very well in your real life. The subconscious plays on twists and turns and helps to reflect that there is nothing specifically wrong. In extreme cases we can have great dreams of reversals. These reflect natural situations very often. To dream of giving birth can be to dream of dying. To be alone signifies that we have that someone special by our side. Money dreams can show you fortunes too, and next day your tax return hits the mat. Dreams of flying are a sign of wanting to move on in some way. That running down the runway and taking off experience is a sign of new business, or money coming in. Effortless flying signifies plain sailing and the financial ability to support yourself, Crashing speaks for itself! That dream of being surrounded by people who are speaking a language that you cannot understand is a common one, you are being told to go it alone if you have to. Leaving the best for last, dreams of meeting the Royal Family, only to find that you are naked, or feeling that your teeth are about to fall out are dreams of supposition, and show you new status and underline power available to you; possibly signifying that there are some positive changes to be made. Make a friend of a wild animal in a dream and there is usually a sexual connection somewhere. And finally, dreams of the numbers of the next Euro Millions, which I am constantly being asked for, come on, even if I did know them would I tell you?

Love & Light... Kenny Corris

Kenny’s diary Monday April 25th and Wednesday April 27th : Readings at Bistro Maya, Albir from 17.00. Call: 966 868 213 for bookings and further info. Saturday May 7th: Readings at La Fustera: Calpe/ Moraira. Contact Penny Smith on 687 926 021 or 96 574 9182. Sunday May 22nd: How to Ascend in 2012. Day workshop to examine World events, and how to use spiritual energy to face the great and wonderful changes we are expecting! Held in Finestrat from 10.30 to 17.30. Thursday June 2nd: Service for the ASF at The Forum Alfaz del Pi at 18.30. All welcome to a demonstration of clairvoyance.

contact kenny Appointments: 96 587 8424 Mobile: 686 361 594 Web: Forum: Email: Please contact me for inclusion in my healing list!

horoscopes by Kenny Corris After completing its reverse cycle Mercury returns to the third house of Aries with a vengeance, and is suitably wooed by a reveling Venus, Goddess of Love. Who knows what mixed emotions you are experiencing right now, but where there is love there is a way, and the clear message from Mercury allows you to finally ask that heartfelt question that you are so afraid will meet with a refusal. Goddess Venus, your romantic planetary leader actions with the darkest side of Pluto and conjuncts with imposing Uranus to bring emotional chaos to an already fraught situation. Tread carefully, because when all is said and done it is you who will feel the rebounding effects and you who will suffer to keep the peace because of it. Think before you act, it’s self preserving! Mercurial energies abound with a direct hit on Aries. Time to refresh your ideas and learn about a truth that the past has allowed you to misconstrue. Be prepared to make your own enquiries but be warned that there are some details you are better not knowing. Someone did what they had to, without option, and you will have to console yourself knowing that the whole truth may never be known. Temper, temper. Let others lose theirs, and try, whatever you do to keep yours, even if this means the inevitable retreat within the shell. A time to touch base with your innermost energies, which this week can and will make a remarkable difference to what you are currently facing. If games are to be played then you have to start to play those winning cards well and truly close to your chest! Financial pressure sees you implementing new directions and making a success of your forethoughts as well as keeping a watchful eye on investments and strategies that are to work to your benefit, and turn things around. There is a loophole that you have been too proud to take on board, but there can be no sentiment into what you are about to do, which will eventually benefit all concerned. Mercury centres and directs this week and firmly plants the network in place which brings you a stronger voice in current discussions. Pride may have to be swallowed, but compromise is quite out of the question. Everyone seems to be talking for the sake of it, but this means that appropriate action seems as far away as ever. Do just what you know that you have to and take control. Venus, your planetary leader, takes on Uranus and Pluto, and gets away with murder. Use your charming and alluring side to take centre stage and allow control to fall into your lap as you take no prisoners in turning the tables to the advantage of your own moral code and professionalism. At last you will see the wood for the trees, but have back up, Pluto is capable of changing someone’s mind. Stall for time because you are strangely not thinking straight and there is a lot to be done. You do not have to follow the instruction of the future, especially if there is unfinished business complicating an already complex and integral situation. When time is on your side you will have a chance to see just what the situation really entails, and the part that you should be playing. Jupiter in Aries puts paid to your little plan as it currently stands, but provides the smokescreen you need to make some delightful changes to your schedule. Make sure of travel dates, and confirm, and double check everything since an escape will put the colour back in those cheeks once more, and some rest and relaxation is on the agenda to give you a well deserved breather. Playmate Pluto is making you review much with a view to kick starting a rosy future. You are blessed with good intentions and balance, and are not about to make a same mistake twice, but there is some consideration to be taken into account, some finances to square, and most importantly your own care to prioritise on. Go forward to look back and you’ll get the true picture! Just what will have to happen to ask you to take care of yourself right now? With an inspiring and mighty Uranus, your planetary leader, making moves on a wayward Neptune one wonders just what you are waiting for? Now is a great time to make your own wants and needs emphasised, before you decide to change your mind once again and to go and get what you know you now need. Neptune shows you better than ever your progress, and this illuminates your fateful destiny and helps you travel safe in the spiritual pathway of your soul. You never know what you can do until you try, but you are about to given a challenge which will take you on a new pathway, and show you without a doubt, what has to be done, and your significant part of a new deal.

If it’s your birthday this week... Stall for time right now, even if it goes against the grain, as a move is on the way, and you have to be determined to put dramatic action into play to make it all work for you, and those who are increasingly dependent on your every move.

- 28 April2010 2011 8-14 22 JANUARY


Word Ladders The key rule is that you must only change one letter at a time as you move from one rung to another, and the word you make must be a proper word! Therefore you may move from BATH --> BATS but not from BATH --> CASH because that changes two letters in one go which is not allowed.

Cryptic Crossword

Sudoku Across 1. A convict returns to the fete (4) 8. But he could be backward politically and no Socialist in sport (4-6) 9. Although discourteous, I am to take a European round it (8) 10. Game piece for Uncle? (4) 12. On stage in a temporary capacity (6) 14. The ball is in her grasp, her expert grasp (6) 15. If taken aback, sees the last of the demons (6) 17. Statue shows cunning construction (6) 18. Bring up to be last? (4) 19. Take the corner too lightly and capsize (8) 21. Fetch ring to restore consciousness (5,5) 22. With which orientals show agreement? (4)

Down 2. There’s surely a fortune to me made in nuclear science (6,4) 3. A singer is included in most normal tours (4) 4. In sight in it, but apparently not likely to be on (6) 5. We are in groups eating confections (6) 6. Photographs from an overheated camera? (8) 7. The smile of the bearer, perhaps (4) 11. Try hard to get power by taking industrial action? (4,2,4) 13. No rating is lacking in knowledge (8) 16. Scrubs most of the finals course (6) 17. A place to meet in the street (6) 18. Makes fun of bones (4) 20. Bound, say, to have water movement (4)



1. Pain (4)

2. Director (10)

8. Speed up (10)

3. Comfort (4)

9. And so on (2,6)

4. Stress (6)

10. Virtuous (4)

5. Gratify (6)

12. Upright (6)

6. Terrify (8)

14. Stretch (6)

7. Sell (4)

15. Pass away (6)

11. All-knowing (10)

17. End (6)

13. Forcible (8)

18. Operatic song (4)

16. Loophole (6)

19. Rapturous (8)

17. Financial (6)

21. Intentional (10)

18. Military assistant (4)

22. Record (4)

20. So be it (4)


Quick Crossword

You can play these wordwheels by whatever rules you like. But there is at least one nine letter word hidden in each wordwheel (and thus using every letter in the wordwheel). For many players the fun element and biggest challenge of the wordwheel is to find a nine letter word. Other than that, the rules are up to you - but generally you should restrict yourself to only finding words that contain the central letter, as otherwise you will find huge numbers of words in many puzzles!

Win a meal for 2!

Inn Plaice in Torrevieja (Mon-Thu) Nemos (Next to RTN offices in La Nucia)

by answering the Cryptic Crossword correctly. Answers by email to: | or Fax: 96 585 60 54

Euromillions Draw Friday 15th april


6 21 39 41



No ticket won the 29,316,255 Euros (£25,974,202) jackpot prize

Answers & Winners Last week’s Crossword and Suduko answers found on page 51/54. Winner for 600 Sue Kent, Moraira


22 - 28 April 2011

music scene Abba Elite - Le Cabaret, Cumbre De Sol Compiled by

Eric Taylor

Al Fresco dining in our Tropical Terrace New Full A La Carte Menu also The Carvery at La Pista available lunch & evening now includes Turkey 2 courses only 6.40€ / 3 courses only 8.95€ Open Easter Monday GOOD FRIDAY –SPECIAL FISH DISHES AVAILABLE EASTER SUNDAY LUNCH, FREE Easter eggs for all the children Next Quiz night Thursday 28th April 7.30 pm Tuesday – Saturday 1pm – 3.30pm & 7pm – 10pm Sundays 1pm-5pm


n Saturday 7th May, ‘Abba Elite’ appear at Le Cabaret, Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell, the live tribute to the World’s favourite

pop group. The cast of Abba Elite takes you on a magical journey through Abba’s finest years, recreating and performing all of those classic dance floor hits. For more info: 600 426 185 or visit their website: Tickets are 15€ which includes a two course meal. For bookings and details of future events in Le Cabaret phone: 663 733 811 or check out their web site: Le Cabaret is located in the Lirios Centre, on Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell.

The Eighth International Moraira Music Festival THE EIGHTH International Moraira Music Festival will take place on Sunday 12th June, on stage by the castle in Moraira, starting at 19.00. The Festival is part of the Moraira - Moors and Christians Fiesta Celebrations: Sponsored by Heat FM and Heat Gold Radio Stations; Panache, Unisex Hair and Beauty Salon, Moraira; Cool Solutions; Mobile Re-Gas Company; Taller-Larry of Benitachell and SR Print, Pedreguer. The following acts will be performing at the Festival: The Rates Band Celtic Rock Band Rob Sweeney Male Vocalist Blues by Five (Res-erected) 60’s Rhythm & Blues Band Cowboys & Cowgirls Country Legends Show Black Glitter Rock/Soul Band Matt Curtis Male Vocalist The Rio Band Classic Rock Band

Montgo Chorale – Concert, Javea

The ‘Montgo Chorale’ will be performing a charity concert for The Day Centre Santa Maria de Betania, at The Convent, Plaza del Convento, Javea, on Saturday 16th April at 8pm. The Concert is entitled ‘Music For Easter’ and will be directed by Gordon Lawson. Entrance is Free – Please give generously to retiring collection. For more information call Peter on 96 646 2944.

Duets Evening with Copas and Tapas! This super evening organised by Dolce Divas will take place on Wednesday 4th May at the

Andy Headford

newly re-opened Restaurante Ca Pepe in Moraira. Andy Headford’s beautiful baritone voice will be joining Soprano Claire Post to sing some duets from musicals and operas; and Kirsty Glen will also be singing with Claire for some of their new ‘Romantic Chill-out’ repertoire, ideal in restaurants! The price of the event is 20€ which includes two glasses of wine or cava and five

Dolce Divas

original and succulent Tapas. Please call 629 388 159 or email: to reserve your places.

ET’s Golden Oldies Disco Tel: 965 748 199 or 659 921 875 or email: If there are any music venues or acts that wish to be featured in this column,please contact Eric directly.



Good Friday 22nd April Zodiac – (Book Early) Easter Sunday 24th April Lunch Wed May 4th Next Charity quiz in aid of Eamus 10€ Friday May 6th The Nomad Please book early

Tel 96 640 5398 For reservations

22 - 28 April 2011


Amadeus make merrie Summer’s here at the music Aussie Bar & Noggy by Jack Troughton NEW SHOW group Amadeus performs for hosts the Jalon and Orba Lions at a double celebration to mark the Royal Wedding and St George’s Day. Seven members of the normally eightstrong Amadeus will present ‘Merrie England: A Sideways Glance At All Things English’ at the Casa de Cultura, Orba on Saturday 30th April at 8pm. The music ranges from musical theatre to traditional folk and there are numbers for every taste – from Andrew Lloyd Webber to Cliff Richard, The Beatles and the Proms. And 25% of the 12€ ticket price will be donated to the Lions. They are available

from Occasions in both Jalon and Orba or by calling 96 558 1483 or online at The Casa de Cultura entrance is at the rear of Orba Town Hall and doors open at 7.30pm.


IT’S NOW just over a month since the Aussie Bar & The Noggy Sheila re-opened after a full refurbishment; “And things are going better than ever,” says Tony, the Aussie side of the partnership. “There is a great atmosphere in the bar and we welcome new friends to come along and join us. We serve Australian, English and Norwegian restaurant quality meals at pub meal prices.” Wyndham Neish, Wynn to his friends, the talented young chef, is probably the best chef in Albir, and meals are served from 10am for breakfast until late. Commencing Sunday, 24th April, and then every Sunday throughout the summer they will be holding ‘The Great Australian BBQ’,

Tony and Ranweig welcome you to their bar

and yep, you guessed it, they have Kangaroo and Emu, as well as Chicken Fillet, Steak, Burgers and Sausages. To celebrate the Royal Wedding on 29th April, which they will be showing live on the big screen, there will a fabulous ‘Royal Buffet’ at only €5 per person,

washed down with Pimms and FREE Cava, served to toast the Royal couple. Come along and enjoy the day and remember…dress to impress! Aussie Bar & The Noggy Sheila is situated at Avenida Oscar Espla 16, Playa Albir: Tel 688 802 306.


22 - 28 April 2011

So what is the Vista Card?

Vista Costa Blanca are the fastest growing and leading internet site offering up to date information on restaurants, bars, entertainment and hotels. The Vista card is a discount card that will save you money and cost you nothing! Accepted at hundreds of outlets and resorts, you can benefit from all kinds of money saving deals from free wine with your meal, to ‘kids eat free’ deals or a straight money-off discount. What’s the catch? There’s no catch! Free information and a free discount card - it is all part of a bigger picture, the Vista Costa Blanca website – an online guide to all things fun in the Costa Blanca resort. Visit to check out the areas bars, restaurants and club scene for inspiration of where to go. Read reviews, search by the cuisine you fancy or the area you’re in. It may be that you are looking to host your perfect party! So get online and click away to find the perfect venue and don’t forget to check out the Vista card offers to use your card time and again. Where can I get one? The Vista card comes free with the Roundtown Look Local handy pocket magazine this month – you can also pick one up at the municipal tourist offices and the Roundtown Travel shops in Benidorm. Where can I use it? You can use the card anywhere you see the Vista sign displayed, or go to www.vistabenidorm for a complete list of

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Joe finds his Legs CONGRATULATIONS TO Joe Blacklock aged 11 from Polop who has recently taken part in the 2011 Benidorm Open Darts Competition at the Hotel Pueblo and proved to be a player to watch in the future. The competition is open to all comers, and this year the Under 25 category was attended by a noticeably large contingent of players from the Scottish Youth team, as well as some quality Portuguese and Norwegian players. During the week long tournament Joe impressed by playing some of the best darts of his career to date and reaching the semi-finals, only to be knocked out by Cameron Menzies the current 22year-old Scottish Youth Champion, who went on to win the Men’s competition. Many of those watching readily agreed that Joe has a talent for the sport and could have a bright future. Naturally enough for any young aspiring darts player Joe’s hero is Phil Taylor, to whose levels Joe would love to aspire. Joe is next stepping up to the oche at the Spanish Darts Federation Competition in Gandia on Thursday 28th April.

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Joe Blacklock at the 2011 Benidorm Open Darts Competition

hundreds of new visitors each day. is at the top of the search engines so when people are planning their holidays or simply deciding on where to go out, Vista Costa Blanca are usually number 1. Call Marco on 966 800 551 or visit Contact Us page on the website The web site is also available in Spanish at VISTA wish all it’s customers and readers a very Happy Easter, and don’t forget when you’re out and about this EASTER to use your VISTA CARD...

Choir in church concerts

By Jack Troughton POPULAR MIXED voices of the choir ‘Chorale’ can be heard in two church concerts next month with performances at Pilar de la Horadada and Campoverde. The choir, which has been invited to sing in Italy this summer, perform in Pilar’s church on 8th May and in the church at El Pinar, Campoverde on 12th May. Both concerts start at 8pm. And a smaller chamber choir made up of members of the full Chorale and friends sang at El Pinar last week as a part of the Music in Quiet Places series. The seven-strong group, directed by Christine Eame at the keyboard, entertained a large audience with compositions by William Byrd, Anton Bruckner, John Rutter, and Howard Goodall, with two madrigals from the 16th Century composer Thomas Morley. The choir’s singers Jo van Bentham, Eve Suffield and Wim van Hugten were joined by guest soloist Alicia Muddle.

22 - 28 April 2011


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Cehegín - Two Routes in One Day by Barbara Jeffer WE ENJOYED the winter sun and the views in the hills to the north-east of Cehegín while eating our second breakfast of the day. We were following a rambling route, ‘Minas Las Carlotas - el tesorico’ with two knowledgeable guides, at 5€, including breakfast. We viewed various disused mines: the first a very deep and scary shaft, with no bottom in sight, where a windlass was used to haul up the minerals. Another was a crevice hidden within a small gorge. It was possible to see the yellow magnetic minerals mined in the area. The circular route took us across the Calasparra road and into almond fields at a comfortable walking pace, the guides

Rambling group listen to guide

stopping briefly here and there to point out and explain points of interest. At one stop a deep blue pool was bounded by white rocks, fed by an underground stream from a spring in Caravaca; at another an ancient Arabic arch, with Roman style mosaic stone decoration. After crossing the Caravaca road we found the river was no longer fordable with dry feet due to recent rain! All was not lost as we found and strategically dropped some large stepping stones, and we all made it across. Along the river, amongst the peaceful allotments, there is a delightful view of Cehegín with church and tumbling roofs. Our walk finished at the church plaza where in addition to the regular monthly Artesan market, today was the Matanza, the fiesta celebrating the meat of the pig and parts of the plaza were fenced off and festooned with sausages. On one side was the biggest barbeque I’ve ever seen, and on the other enormous quantities of Migas being prepared in the traditional manner. Free plates of this were available, with wine and bread, and a very long queue. We collected our booklets and maps from the tourist information office for our second route of the day: today was the first day of la Ruta De La Tapa, and on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until the 27th Feb 2011, a tapa and drink would cost 2€. The booklets have a pictures and descriptions of the tapa provided at each bar, as well as a page to be stamped as a record. However as there were 32, we didn’t expect to visit them all in one day. Also during the ‘festival’ a mini-bus runs every 20 minutes for those not up to walking very far. There was a fun atmosphere and it was great to try different tapas. Wandering around Cehegín, the old streets are very picturesque and the tourist information for each site was clearly displayed in English and Spanish. I want to explore Cehegín some more… Another day perhaps!

Approaching Cehegín

Info: Visited 30 Jan 2011 Rambling route organised by the sports centre. Cost of 5 euros per person includes, bocadillo, fruit, water and the services of two guides. Their plan is to offer monthly walks in the future. Tapas route organised by the tourist office. Artisan Market - Runs from October to June, on last Sunday of the Month.

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CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS for 600 Across: 1 Of matches; 8 Box; 9 Drawing near; 11 Compere; 12 Cache; 13 Rounds; 15 Gladys; 17 Treat; 18 Omnibus; 20 Counterpart; 22 Lea; 23 Statesmen. Down: 2 Far; 3 Trite; 4 Higher; 5 Stencil; 6 Abracadabra; 7 Expresses; 10 Armoured car; 11 Card-table; 14 Detours; 16 Portia; 19 Nurse; 21 Rye. Quick Solutions Across: 1 Appraisal; 8 Oar; 9 Prohibition; 11 Entreat; 12 Unite; 13 Intact; 15 Resent; 17 Mince; 18 Company; 20 Impropriety; 22 Inn; 23 Resilient. Down: 2 Par; 3 Arise; 4 Shifty; 5 Leisure; 6 Considerate; 7 Presently; 10 Outstanding; 11 Enigmatic; 14 Cheaper; 16 Across; 19 Moral; 21 Tun. WORDWHEEL 601: Matrimony

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ITV’S best and worst

The TV Round Up by

Alex Trelinski

Broadcaster and freelance journalist


WO VERY different sides of ITV1 hit me square in the face last Saturday night. Firstly, the good stuff. The brilliant ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ was back with a bang with the first of the audition shows, and more importantly a new panel. The big question was whether BGT would miss Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan, who are both frying bigger fish in the States these days. The answer was a resounding ‘no’ as BGT suddenly became a different animal with fun very much at its heart. New judges Michael McIntyre and Even my dog turned his nose up in disgust at what ITV1 served up before BGT, with a new alleged fun show called ‘Sing if you Can’ which was as entertaining as the prospect of cleaning out a chemical latrine with a worn-out toothbrush. It was an hour of my life that I simply cannot get back and made old Saturday night shows like ‘Stars in their Eyes’ and ‘You Bet’ seem to be works of cultural significance. It was so bad that it wasn’t even funny for the wrong reasons!

Book Review by

Danny Collins

David Hasselhoff have brought a playful yet honest spirit, and achieved the impossible in even making Amanda Holden appear to be reasonably good. Ant and Dec as always were spot on keeping things going backstage. The judges’ clichés seem to have disappeared along with the ‘Herr Flick style’ interrogations and verdicts, and we are left with a smile on our face and not too much humiliation of the rubbish acts. I had no doubt that Hasselhoff would do the business, after four seasons

of doing the American version, but McIntyre was a revelation with his witty comments, which at times were cutting in their own way.

Give Simon Cowell credit for getting these two guys on board, and the mighty one will be back for the finals, but I wonder whether it will be an awkward fit, based on the chemistry of the new panel on the first programme? Incidentally, there was nothing to convince me that we had seen the eventual winner on the first show, though my pet dog put his nose to the screen with gusto when he saw his performing canine friends in a great double-act with their owner! Make a note of this date: Monday, 18th April. It was the day that we actually had a happy ending on BBC1’s ‘Eastenders’. Every time I hear the opening theme, I’m reaching for a vodka bottle and a large supply of Prozac tablets, though there was plenty of rare cheer last Monday when Alfie and Kat got Tommy back. I just cannot understand what the fuss was all about last year over Ronnie and the baby swop plot. It’s only a ‘soap’ yet people were treating it as real! Perhaps it’s the same group that watched Corrie and set up a Facebook campaign for the release of the World’s dumbest bank robber, Jim McDonald.

The premise is that Z-list celebrities try to sing whilst being put off by distractions like knives being thrown at them or snakes slithering around them. Far more distracting were the presenters, Keith Lemon and Stacey Solomon with absolutely no chemistry between them. Lemon is deluded in believing that he’s funny, but he simply isn’t, as you wish for a giant fly swatter to do the necessary business as soon as possible. Meanwhile, just because you are a nice person, like Solomon is, it doesn’t mean that you can present a TV show. In fact, the very good Vernon Kay did the pilot of this with Solomon, and decided that he didn’t want to do the series; a wise decision as Kay is experienced enough in the trade to whiff the smell of garbage, and he’s not soiled his reputation on what has become the worst ‘primetime’ show of the year so far.

Travels of an Everyday Man WHEN I started writing for a living back in the ‘70s, publishers spoke of two kinds of covers for the writer’s work. The usual was paperback –cheaper to produce and therefore cheaper off the shelf – and hardback: more costly to buy and prestigious for the writer but little else. Hardbacks as a rule, believe me, do not sell well unless ghost-written for a celebrity who wouldn’t know a plot if it bit her on the rear (note I say ‘her’ – they’re usually female. But these days we have a new category that falls nicely between the two; I’ll call it plastiback. All that just to tell you that the book I’m reviewing this week has a durable cover and will last. That’s just as well because it’s the type of book I like to keep on the shelf for an occasional flip through. Travels of an Everyday Man is just what it says – multiple journeys from Britain’s West Country to Europe and the Far East with the writer as both host and guide. The format’s not new but such books rely on crisp, descriptive prose, a good eye for detail, and intrinsic humour. Author Ferguson Elliot provides all three and the result is a pleasant armchair companion that invites

us to accompany the author on his travels and dip into his world without the risk of infection, bumpy bus rides or Ghandi’s Revenge. If you’ve never been further than the Mediterranean, Ferguson Elliot has and he’ll take you along. Enough said. Buy the book: you’ll enjoy it. Author: David Ferguson Elliott Publisher: Strategic Book Group (plastiback) Price: €12.15 ISBN: 978 1 60911 818 1

Suduko Answer



Brian Deller

Author of Motoring in Spain

IS IT true that Trafico sends you a reminder through the post when your car is due for an ITV? As there are a reported 25 million plus registered vehicles at Trafico, this would be a big task to send out all those letters but Trafico does indeed send out for the first ITV, which for normal vehicles (not commercials, etc.) is after four years from first registration. The windscreen of the vehicle that has passed has a sticker placed on it in the top right hand corner with the year and month of the next one due. From then it is up to the owner to ensure the ITV is passed on time.    Some owners remove the stickers as it indicates the age of the vehicle. Is there any way that we are advised when we are caught speeding?  Are we still advised by post? This is indeed proving to be a problem where Trafico now relies on their website for drivers to regularly check if they have been caught with especially a loss of penalty points. Obviously this does not apply if you are stopped at the roadside and given the paper charge but with the cameras it is a problem. In fact the local press have just reported drivers being

stopped at the roadsides because they have an ‘over 6 points’ loss and so their driving licences are revoked. Apparently nationwide, there are tens of thousands of drivers continuing to drive without licences for this reason. As they have not looked on the website, they did not know but with 6 points gone it tends to perhaps reflect their poor driving attitudes. Visit the Trafico web-site and enter your NIE, DNI (Residencia number as recorded by Trafico) or your DNI Certificado which is explained in full and how to obtain one in my book, Third Edition. The web address is: COPACI/consultarPuntos.faces A Spanish lady was reported recently to have been stopped and fined for driving without a valid driving licence. She had amassed over 6 penalty points and the licence was then automatically rescinded. As the lady did not know how to look up how many points he had lost on the Internet Trafico web site (above): she did not know but her driving was obviously at fault as well. She was fined once again and the vehicle was impounded at the roadside. It makes it difficult to defend such actions legally in the time period

22 - 28 April 2011

after the offence so it pays to regularly visit the webpage. Previously the news was broadcast on the official provincial legal bulletins which were difficult for us ordinary folk to see anyway. The Internet, wonderful as it is, means that all of us now have a responsibility to know how to and to use it regularly. It cuts costs and supplies up to date information. Visitors here in foreignplated cars (or residents who have not changed their vehicle plates to Spanish) are still at risk as they will have to pay cash or credit card at the roadside if stopped for an offence and risk having the vehicle impounded depending on the offence. Perhaps there should be a more accessible method of advising those averse to the internet, especially the ‘old folk’ caught, especially as we only have a couple of weeks to advise if we are going to defend the charges. Please note that many of the questions here are answered in my book. Drive carefully out there. There are political moves to reduce the numbers of vehicles on the roads especially those with older drivers. Let us not give them any reasons.

There is much more detailed information on all motoring subjects in my book. Brian Juan (John) Deller, Malaga, author, ‘Motoring in Spain’ Tel: 666 888 870 Brian Deller, author, book Motoring in Spain, ISBN No 978 84 611 9278 6. Shops’ addresses in my web site at:


22 - 28 April 2011


WAS €28.000 2011 CITROEN C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 Hdi Millenium

NOW €23,800

7 seats only 11kms with sat nav Silver was €28,000 NOW was €26.500 2011 CITROEN C4 Picasso 1.6Hdi Millenium NOW €22,500 5 seats Sat Nav only 8kms in Silver 2011 CITROEN NEW C4 1.6Hdi Seduction was €20.800 NOW €18,300 Brilliant white paint climate full options 2011 CITROEN NEW C3 1.4Hdi Selection NOW€15,018 was €17.818 Slate grey Pack Zenith full options parking sensores 2010 CITROEN NEW C3 1.4i Lx Red metallic 36,000km €10,500 one owner in excellent condition Air con and CD system 2007 CITROEN C2 1.4i “CODE” Special edition €8,000 with Tan Leather interior, Black metallic, only 34,000kms 2005 CITROEN XSARA PICASSO 1.6 Hdi 110Hp Exclusive €6,800 130,000kms Full service history 2004 CITROEN Xsara Picasso 2.0Hdi Exclusive €6,800 with Glass roof, leather interior, and only 78,000kms 2003 CITROEN C3 1.4i SX Air conditioning €5,000 CD radio Good condition with 135,000kms in Blue


Tel.: 965 368 274


2002 CITROEN C3 1.4 Hdi Sx 130,000kms in blue with Aircon CD radio alloys 2001 CITROEN SAXO 1.4i sx with air conditioning silver metallic good runabout 1996 CITROEN XANTIA 1.8i 16v Sxi 130,000kms with aircon and electric windows, service history 2004 RENAULT MEGANE SCENIC 1.9Dci Privledge full option pack with 108,000kms and Service history 2006 SEAT ALTEA 140Tdi REFERENCE in Blue metallic with 70,000kms with 6 speed gearbox 2006 AUDI A8 4.2 Tdi All of the extras from Audi and with only 27,000kms, Super Luxury (P) 2006 FORD KA 1.3i collection 70 Silver metallic with 57,000kms Perfect for a holiday home car 1998 JEEP CHEROKEE 2.5 Turbodiesel Leather interior tow bar , full equipment, 120,000kms 1996 MERCEDES Clase C 220 Cdi Silver metallic with full option pack 158,000kms Very well looked after(P) 1999 VW GOLF GTi 1.8 TURBO Silver metallic RHD on Spanish plates nice condition 129,000Miles 2007 VOLKSWAGEN EOS 3.2 V6 Auto Beautiful Red leather interior Silver only 27,000kms (P)

€4,900 €2,300 €1,200 €6,800 €8,400 €45,000 €4,000 €3,900 €4,000 €3,500 €20,500


Cars S.L.

We Buy, Sell & Part Exchange Quality British & Spanish Cars Transfer Documents Completed Competitive Insurance Quotes. All cars Fully serviced and valeted









Peugeot 206 XS 2005 1.6 Ltr Petrol Automatic


two owners

Suzuki Grand Vitara 2003 2 Ltr petrol 4X4


PEUGEOT 206 2001 1.4 LTR Petrol






43000kms BMW 320 I SE 2001 4 DOOR



SUZUKI VITARA CITROEN C3 70 SX Ford Focus Estate, Trend Plus 2005 1.4 HDI 2005 1.6 TDCI Diesel 2002 4X4 1.9 LTR DIESEL DIESEL, ONE OWNER



Ford Focus Trend 2003 1.8 Ltr TDCi Diesel





one owner




one owner








spanish plates



Ford Focus, Ghia 2001, 1.6 Ltr Petrol

Ford Transit Connect T200 2005 1.8 TDCi Diesel




uk spanish ish plates n pa s es t a pl plates auto


Volkswagen Golf 1999 1.6 Ltr petrol



uk plates

40d00 miles 4rh

o Finesse autFiesta Ford 2002 1.4 TDCI Diesel Tax & Mot, FSH




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22 - 28 April 2011

The final whistle With Andy Kay

RTN Golf Club update

Wasps sting for Powell and Payne Dennis Jordan NORTH REGION

Mike Probert SOUTH REGION Mark Cueto

After last week’s puzzling disciplinary action taken against England winger Mark Cueto, this week it was the turn of Wasps to cock a snook at the normal judicial process enjoyed in the UK. After a bar room ball involving Andy Powell and Tim Payne, Wasps decided to suspend the pair pending an internal enquiry. To an outsider, that rather looks that both players are being judged as guilty unless they can convince club officials of their innocence. Isn’t that the wrong way round? Powell says that he was attacked by a large group of football fans and knocked unconscious after being hit on the head with a bar stool. Payne, it’s suggested, went to his team mate’s aid after witnessing the attack. Police enquiries are on-going but Wasps have already acted and banned the pair from this weekend’s Aviva Premiership match against Bath at Twickenham. Wasps are apparently angry that Powell gave the story to a national newspaper before meeting with club officials. That’s understandable but surely the club realise that in this day and age of instant media, the story was already in the public domain via Twitter and facebook not long after the incident took place. However, should Powell and Payne’s version of events turn out to be true; it’ll be interesting to see how Wasps extricate themselves from what will be rather an embarrassing situation. Singing Canaries Being a QPR fan, I’m pretty happy with the way things are going in the Championship right now. Rangers have a healthy lead at the top of the table and could confirm their promotion to the Premier League if they avoid defeat at Cardiff on Saturday. But the story of the season thus far has to be that of Norwich City. Back in August 2009, Norwich opened their league campaign at home to Colchester United and were spanked 7 – 1. The Colchester manager that day was Paul Lambert who took over at Carrow Road not long after and has taken the club to the cusp of the top flight and possible back to back promotions. That’s a staggering performance by Lambert who is fast turning out to be one of the most talented young managers in Britain. I really rate him...though I’ll rate him even more provided he and his team finish behind the Super Hoops after 46 matches! Fight Night Whatever you do, make sure you keep your diary free on 2nd July. That’s the date that Britain’s David Haye will meet Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg. Haye is the WBA champion while Klitschko holds three versions of the title making this fight, the biggest unification bout since Lennox Lewis met Wladimir’s big brother Vitali 8 years ago. Haye may have a problem with his mouth now and again but he’s a tremendously exciting fighter to watch and for a relatively big man, he’s fast. Klitschko meanwhile may have a 55 and 3 record, but his record against quick punchers isn’t good. I’m taking Haye to win it in the fifth.

Murcia Golf Hound Murcia Region

BUNKER SHOTS can be hard to be consistent at. There are a lot of bunkers on some of the courses in the North, such as Font Del Llop, but this is great for a challenging game and getting some practice in. Getting ball position right is crucial, every time you play a green side bunker shot. Consistent ball position means the club will enter the sand at the same point every time, leading to consistent results. The ball position should always be taken from 90 degrees to the toe line. Often when golfers open the stance, the ball position naturally moves back, leading to thin and heavy strikes. The twilight offer for El Plantio starts at 2pm. Enjoy your game, with some of the great discount offers we have at RTN in this glorious weather. THIS WEEK’S edition of the RTN newspaper will be published just in time for Easter and hopefully Ryanair, Easy Jet and the other airlines will bring hordes of golfers to the region to give the golfing industry here a much needed boost. I have previously reported that we are entering the hollow tining period and in April La Torre, Vistabella and Altorreal all have this much needed greens maintenance planned BUT beware the month of May because nearly every other local course has hollow tining planned so why not book a game now to avoid disruption to your golf. I played La Peraleja this week and the drainage work on the 1st and 17th fairways shows a significant improvement but they are now also working on some of the other fairways in line with their work programme. La Peraleja is proving popular with local golfers as are Altorreal and Vistabella to name a few. THIS WEEK I had the pleasure of caddying for PGA Professional Lee Stent at Condado de Alhama and wowee! What a course!With the trolley securely fastened to my collar we set off and I must admit I was very jealous that it was not me playing the golf. The lack of paw-shaped gloves and shortened clubs is really beginning to annoy me! It did, however, allow me to admire the wonderful views and yet another immaculate Murcian golf course. The island tees were in perfect condition and a little further from the greens than on most courses, but at over 6,884 metres long that is to be expected! The fairways were equally as pleasant andif Lee had found them a little more often I could go into more detail but sadly the rough is where I spent most of my time! This is not a place that you want to find yourself on this course as it is somewhat penal. The greens are possibly the best in Murcia and are on a par with the greens from Las Colinas. The speed and subtle breaks make them a real challenge but such a pleasure to putt on. Couple this with the practice facilities which are very pleasant and Condado is onto a winner. I say this up to a point, and that point arrives after the round when you are looking for a well earned pint of Swiss Weissbier (my favourite, woof!) The facilities amount to nothing, unless you strike it lucky and happen to be there when the Irish bar is open.

NORTH Region

Golf Course

RTN Price




Single Green fee

Alicante Golf


Single Green fee + Buggy



Single Green fee

Don Cayo


Single Green fee

El Plantio


Single Green fee

Font del Llop


Single Green Fee

Villaitana Par 62


Single Green fee + Buggy

Villa Aitana Par 72


Single Green fee

For more information email Dennis at or direct to on 630 714 373. Golf Course

RTN Price





2 Players and 1 Buggy (Mon-Fri) 2 Players and 1 Buggy (Tue,Wed,Thurs)

Hacienda del Alamo


Single Green Fee (3pm)

La Serena


Single Green Fee (3pm)

Polaris World Courses


2 Players and 1 Buggy(3pm)



2 Players and 2 Buggy (limit)

Las Ramblas


Four Players and Two


€82 €66

Two Players and Buggy (M-F) Two Players and Buggy(S-S)

La Finca


Single Green Fee (2.30pm)

Las Colinas

€260 €94

4 Players and 1 Buggy (lim.) Two Players and Buggy (3pm)

La Peraleja

€76 €140

2 Players and 1 Buggies 4 Players and 2 Buggy

For more information contact Mike at or direct at Costa Blanca Green Fee Services on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931.

MURCIA Region Golf Course

RTN Price


La Envia


Single Green fee

Valle del Este


2 Green fees



Single Green fee



Single Green fee

Two night stay




Single Green Fee

Desert Springs


Single Green fee

Two night stay


2 night, 1/2board, 3 Green fees

2N, 1/2board,3Green Fees

For more information contact the Hound on Facebook, twitter: or 671 748 625.

ANYONE FOR FOOTBALL? Aged between 20 to 40 ? Torrevieja area Call Doug on 628 789 335

It has to be right Noel’s world of golf By Noel Eastwell Teaching Professional Campo de Golf El Plantio 639 730 891

IN THE past week I have had two letters from readers and keen golfers concerning disqualification. Both of these golfers played recently in open competitions approved for handicap purposes by Real Federacion Espaniola de Golf and published in their official competition guide for 2011. In one the reader described how having seen his card was marked with a 6 on one hole where he had in fact scored a 5 he asked the marker to alter the score. This was duly done and the card signed and handed in as correct. In the second incident a player marked a score in the wrong column and rubbed out the marking with a pencil rubber. The correct score was entered and the card duly signed and handed in. The result from two different competitions was that both were disqualified. Unfortunately I can offer little sympathy even though both would have won prizes. On both occasions local people won the prize and the accusation was that had it been local people then the cards would have been accepted. I don’t think they would have been: the RFEG rightly insist that a scorecard be correctly presented before a winner is declared. On both occasions these scorecards should have been altered and the alterations initialed or signed for. It is no good using the feeble excuse that the card was signed at the bottom declaring that the score was correct. Just think of the furore if a winner was declared and someone asked to see the card and noticed an alteration that was not signed by the marker. The rules of the game are very clear. Any alteration to a scorecard must be signed or initialed. There is no way around this fact.

22 - 28 April 2011

I can fully understand how the would be winners feel, let down, disappointed, even suspicious of the referee but in at least one case the referee was Scottish so the accusation of there being different rules for a local carries no weight here at all. There is a clear lesson to be learnt here for every golfer if they want to win prizes. Make absolutely sure that your scorecard is perfectly correct before you sign it and hand it in, even in society days. That way you’ll be used to it and will do it automatically even in big competitions. WIN A ROUND OF GOLF FOR 2 INCLUDING BUGGY AT THE BEAUTIFUL EL PLANTIO RESORT IN ALICANTE To enter this competition, simply answer the question below correctly. Every correct answer will be entered into a draw at the end of the month and the winner of this fantastic prize worth over 180€ will be picked at random at the end of each month. Send your entries by email to golf@ The decision of the editor of RTN will be final in making the winning selection. QUESTION FOR 22ND APRIL 2011: Who is the current holder of the Castello Masters title? A. Mateo Manaserro B. Eduardo Molinari C. Francesco Molinari All answers must be received no later than 5pm on 1st May 2011 to be entered into April’s draw, which will be made on 1st May. The winner will be announced in RTN on 6th May 2011.

Any questions you have for Noel should be sent to

Cast Off with

Robbie France

“A lot of people ask me if I were shipwrecked, and could only have one book, what would it be? I always say ‘How to Build a Boat”. Stephen Wright

Going through the dozens of emails I have received in the short time we’ve been doing this column…this theme has struck a chord. Their yearning to go to sea. It’s hard to explain how this manifests itself in a person’s psyche, so let me try to have a go. I was 20 years old when I first saw ‘The Gull’. A gaff rigged sloop out of Brisbane… my home town. I was honoured to be asked to play drums with maestro David Bentley and we had become close friends. So much so, I agreed to go along on a chilly Sunday morning to help him clear her of barnacles and antifoul her. She had become unloved and neglected, so we put our backs to the wheel and after a day’s hard work and graft she started to resemble her old self. ‘The Gull’ was ready to fly again. We sailed her from Brisbane to Moreton Island as often as we could. She was SOOOO slow, but we were never happier than during those passages. I was hooked on sailing. But alas, my sailing days were interrupted by a life. A life playing with some of the loudest bands known to numerous otologists! So when I was offered a place on board a fruity Catalina 21 called ‘Barbarella’, the thought of peace and tranquility that sailing offers you was a no-brainer. I cast off with my skipper Andy and set sail across the

bay, (which happens to be my back yard) and that’s all she wrote! Since then I’ve become good pals with numerous mariners in my area, all of whom would gladly help out if you needed assistance. So. I need assistance. Calling all ships! Calling all ships! We have shipmates stranded and in need of a berth or at least a place on a seaworthy vessel in the Campomoar and Cabo Roig area! Also! More sailors needing a sail out of Torrevieja or Guardamar! There are surely some skippers in these areas who can help a couple of marineros who have lost the opportunity... to set sail and feel the breeze on their cheeks and let the wind whistle through their bones. I will pass on any details to our friends. If you are interested in forming a sailing club? Not a formal institution, mind. Just a place for like minded souls to gather and sail? Keep me informed. I’ll spread the word for you. Sailing is, after all, a sport which should be taken full advantage of, given our close proximity to the Mediterranean. This wonderous, beautiful sport... erm...d’ya know what...I’m off to ‘Karena’, (my boat!), for a sail!

Sailing Association Mar Menor: Change of Venue for May

FOR ONE month only the monthly meeting is to be held on the second Wednesday in May, (11th May), but in the Hotel Costa Narejos, Avenida de los Narejos, Los Alcázares at 9.45am for 10.15am start. Visitors are welcome. For more information go to


Fishing Maggots End by

David Hoare

968 199 279

For further details ring Alan Roscoe 968 570 876 or email: THIS WEEK’S match was the final round of the Coastrider challenge cup. The venue was changed from Blanca to the Rio Segura, Eden canal stretch. Although the river is at its full level and flowing slightly faster than normal, it fished well. Nearly every angler on the day lost several big fish, and some a lot more than a couple. That is the joys of fishing; even more so when you fish this stretch of river which has a lot of new reed growth close to the banks. Also, considering that there was a match on this stretch the day before, the river did produce in comparison to several weeks ago when anglers were struggling for a bite… TOP RODS ON THE DAY 1st Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare, fishing the pole using corn with 11.12 kg 2nd Doug (Welsh Goldminer) Hornblow, fishing the pole using pellet with 8.50 kg 3rd Mick (The Arsenal) Hill, fishing the pole using pellet and corn with 6.90 kg TEAM WEIGHTS ON THE DAY Rods and Reels with 47.60 kg Abbey Anglers with 45.84 kg ACCUMULATIVE POINTS RESULTS Rods and Reels with 56 points Abbey Anglers with 52 points. Well done to Rods and Reels. ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS supplied by Terry Screen The Match this week was the 1st round of the Spring Series at the Eden Stretch on the River Segura. The river has now coloured up with the sun causing the algae growth, and the fish starting to feed on the bottom. 1st Stan (The Man) Roberts with 18.560kg on the pole with corn and pellet 2nd Lenny (Ex Cultural Attache) Bolton with 8.680kg on the pole with corn and paste 3rd Paul (The Fryer) Baxter with 8.040kg on the pole with paste and pellet The fishing is starting to improve with the warmer weather, and this week there

was no dry nets. Last Friday I visited the Segura to check on the state of the pegs for the coming match, and on the opposite bank were two men with their wives having a picnic, and they had nine rods in the water. Why is it that only the match men get challenged by the authorities? I was reprimanded at Pedrera for having three rods set up for fishing a competition and only using one of them in the water at any time: he told me I could only have one rod at a time set up. All details are available from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 965 328 368. Anglers Together ANGLERS TOGETHER was formed to introduce and encourage anglers of all abilities to meet up and get together to fish, either sea or freshwater. Firm friendships have been formed during the time the group has been active and information on fishing venues and licenses required are available at the meetings or by regular emailed newsletters. Meetings are held in two locations on the second Friday and Saturday of each month. Anyone with an interest in fishing (sea or freshwater) is welcome to come along to a meeting to see what we’re about. The next meeting at Mary’s Bar, Campoverde (near Pilar de la Horadada) will be held on Friday 13th of May at 12noon. There is a new venue for the Puerto de Mazarron meeting starting in January 2011. On Saturday 14th of May at 12noon the meeting will be held at The New Royal Bar and Restaurant at El Alamillo, opposite the sea-front between Isla Plana and the Port. Refreshments and lunch are available at each location. Come along to a meeting nearest to you.

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RTN North Edition 601

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