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Synthesis Functionalization Applications of

Carbon Nanotubes Girish Arabale Physical & Materials Chemistry Division National Chemical Laboraotry Pune 411 021

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Research Map Pepsin Immobilzation

Chemical Vapor Deposition




Carbon Nanotubes


Mechanical Reinforcement

Photovoltaic Cells

Energy Storage


High Performance Composites

Energy Storage


Fuel Cell

Synthesis Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes

Chemical Vapor Deposition

Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Carbon Microspheres Activated Carbon

Sub-critical Carbon Aerogel Method

| Furnace Designing | | Optimization of Growth Parameters | | Feedstock & Catalyst Concentration |


Metal Oxides Ruthenium Oxide Iridium Oxide

Energy Storage Supercapacitor

Polymer Polybenzimidazole Polyacrylonitrile

Carbon Nanotubes Fuel Cells

Other Allotropes Carbon Aerogel Carbon Beads Activated Carbon

Hydrogen Storage Nanotubes-Pt nanoparticles -Organic Route -Doping

| Capacitance ~ 30-114 F/g | | All Solid-State Supercapacitor | | High Surface Area | | Long Life |


High Performance CNT Poymer Comsposites Polybenzimidazole-oxadiazole Solid state Supercapacitor Mechanical Reinforcement Fluorescenece

Polyimides Solubility Mechanical Reinforcement

PVDF Mechanical Reinforcement

Polybenzimidazole-terPhthalate Photo-bleaching in Near IR region Chirality dependent functionalization | Mechanical Reinforcement | | Energy Storage | | Solubility | |Modulaion of Electronic Properties|


Cellulose Acetate Dielectric properties

Bioapplications Pepsin Immobilization Biocatalytic Activity Raman Spectroscopy

Hydroxyapatite Enzymatic Synthesis Biocompatibility

Labeling with OPTA Preservance of Fluorescence Raman Spectroscopy

I Interaction with Biomolecules | I Biocatalytic Acitivity |


I Biocompatibilty | I Optical Properties |

Girish research portfolio  

Research work carried during PhD

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