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Home safety: Automatic fire alerts in Dubai soon


Is Intelligent Automation Really Replacing Human Workers?


Intels Framework for Automated Vehicle Safety Standard



In the US, the highest rate of mall vacancy was recorded in the end of 2012. This can be because shopping can now be done on mobile phones and this is a more convenient option considering the horrible traffic we are experiencing. Going to the mall has indeed became a task instead of a hobby nowadays. This is why shopping malls should step up and introduce services that will make their customers keep coming back despite having the option to order online and wait for their items to be delivered to their doorstep. Leading shopping group Westfield shared their vision of malls in 2028. First, they will be making use of advanced technology tools like machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital pathways, or drones. Machine learning tools get to know customers and their interests so that they can come up with suggestions when they go back to the store. Artificial intelligence can also be used to transform today’s mall walkways into digital ones. Drones will also be utilized to deliver good for customers. Malls will also be the place to go if one wants to relax or learn. Malls will be known as betterment zones where mindfulness workshops will 4

Future Shopping Malls be held. Mallgoers will also be treated to the sight of indoor and outdoor green spaces and watersports facilities. Since malls have large spaces, educational conferences can also be held there. Also, malls will be known to serve fresh and healthy food as in the future, it will be known to be the source of fruits and vegetables taken directly from local farms. If this futuristic view comes to life, malls will then play a vital role in the society because they will be able to bring people together, improve their lives, and feed them with knowledge and with healthy food.

Regional Office: LG Electronics Gulf FZE, P.O Box 61445, Dubai. Tel: +971 4 279 9222, UAE, Mr. Amjad Abu Alika, Tel: +971 50 450 9808, email:; Fortune International Trading LLC, Mr. Wail Halbouni, Tel: +971 50 481 3570, email:; Ghantoot Trading, Mr. Nour Haboush, Tel: +971 50 109 4109, email:; District Cooling Company, Mr. Ahmed Henedi, Tel: +971 50 658 4832, email:; Al Yousuf Electronics, Mr. Moitra, Tel: +971 50 457 6170, email:; Bahrain, AJM Kooheji and Sons, Mr. Jayachandran, Tel: +973 36888801, email: Al Babtain Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Co., Mr. Naji Kataya, Tel: +965 5 051 5771, email:,kw; BLK, Mr. Imad Rhayel, Tel: +965 5 157 1229, email:; Oman, Oman Gulf Enterprise, Mr. Narender Kumar, Tel: +968 9 747 4505, email:; Aspire Projects and Service, Mr. Vivek Wagh, Tel: +968 99357694, email:; Azerbaijan, NBC LLC., Mr. Elkhan Sadikhov, Tel: +994 50 216 3363, email:; Al-Con Maxiwell Group, Mr. Vagif Alexperov, Tel: + 994 50 216 2092, email:; Armenia/Georgia, ARAY Gulf, Mr. Vilson Melikjanyan, Tel: +374 9 307 7755, email:; Yemen, Modern House Exhibition, Mr. Khaled Jabr, Tel: +967 71 172 0202, email:; Pakistan, Iceberg Industries (Lucky Goldstar), Mr. Imran Jamil Khan, Tel: +923 21 277 6100, email:






High-Tech Malls 10 Years From Now

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Intels Framework for Automated Vehicle Safety Standard Gaining Global Acceptance

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Why You Should Buy a Portable Air Cooler This Summer With summer almost around the corner, portable air coolers are now taking the spotlight. Here’s everything you need to know and more why they are a definite buy this coming season.


ummer is the time of year for fun and vacation, but if there’s one thing that we dread about the coming season, it’s surely the harsh heat accompanying it. Certainly, no one can’t escape the high summer temperature in the tropical islands of the Philippines. The bad part is the fact that you can’t go outside without burning your skin. The worst part is that even inside your homes and establishments, you can’t move around without sweating bullets. But the good news here is that portable air coolers are very much available nearly anywhere in the country.

How Portable Air Coolers Work Similar to the principle of usual Air Conditioning Units, portable air coolers also operate by sucking in the warm air inside the room then cooling or dehumidifying it before puffing it out again. They can come in either single or dual duct models. These ducts are connected to an exhaust hose or installed in a window or any open space to vent air outside.


Single-duct air coolers draw the sultry air from the room and cool most of it prior to sending it back into the room. Meanwhile, dual-duct units use one duct to take air in from the outside and the other one to exhaust air from the inside. Aside from the number of ducts, portable air coolers also vary in the type of drainage. Full self-evaporative air coolers don’t need any other installations as they can evaporate the moisture through the exhaust hose together with the warm air. Whereas, some portable air coolers come with a gravity drain that can be connected to a bucket for the water produced. Others can simply be a manual type where owners remove the collected water themselves.

Benefits of Buying Portable Air Coolers Why buy a portable air cooler, you say? Here are four reasons to start shopping for one. 1. They are quite easy to install. They don’t require any complicated and separate wirings for your home, unlike the window type ACs we usually use. Simply plug them into any available outlet and you’re already good to go. They also do not require a difficult window installation since they come with easy-to-install exhaust kits that can be set up by the users themselves.

2. They have high mobility. Being lightweight and built with wheels, portable air coolers are very mobile. You can place them anywhere in the room that needs cooling and depending on the length of your exhaust hose, you can move them from place to place anytime. 3. They free your window. Houses with only limited windows prefer not to have any other objects blocking the views of the outside so window type ACs are definitely not an option. Portable air coolers, on the other hand, do not consume much space in your window and give the homeowners the freedom

to do whatever they want with their windows without the units getting in the way. 4. They do not have any unpleasant parts that can be seen outside the home. The awful thing about installing a window type AC is that most of its body is hanging outside the home, making it very unattractive to the eyes, while portable air coolers are safely tucked inside your home.



What to Consider When Buying Portable Air Coolers When buying the best portable cooler for you, there are several factors you must consider. The unit must have an on/off timer capability that automatically turns off the unit after a specified amount of time to reduce energy consumption and prevent it from running all night long. Having an automatic louver is also very convenient as it directs air to a wide range of space rather than fixating the cool air in a single location. Lastly, what’s the use of a portable air cooler without having any wheels? Luckily, the lightweight TOSOT Portable Air Cooler offers just that and more! It’s the perfect cooling unit for any establishment or home this summer. Designed with classic

functionality with a hint of modern technology, you can experience nature’s natural breeze without the complication of installing window type ACs. It comes with a handy infrared remote control, soft touch control keys, and a very comprehensive water level indicator. Aside from its 5-liter water tank capacity, it also has an access door for the ice chamber. The unit also features four kinds of fan speed and an auto louver movement suitable for any kind of cooling applications. Certainly, whatever your needs are, you can never go wrong with TOSOT Portable Air Cooler.

To find out the best portable air cooler for your home, office or party event venue, visit TOSOT showroom located at 2162 FB Harrison St., San Jose, Pasay City, Philippines or call +632-8330000 to book an appointment. You may also visit their website (click here) to get more information about the best portable air cooler in the Philippines.



The Importance of Flashlights for Police During PH Elections Each Police and Armed Forces in the Philippines Should Own At least One Pelican RALS

Law enforcement officers deal with many different tasks every day. Policemen need to prepare for any eventuality. While patrolling or responding to calls, they would encounter various circumstances that could be odd or dangerous at times. We see policemen everywhere and they respond to almost all types of situations. They are always on call to everything that citizens need. One crucial event wherein policemen have an important role is during elections. As we all know, there are risky scenarios during this time due to the heated competition 12

between political candidates. Aside from high-profile politicians, policemen also need to ensure the safety of the civilians especially that there are people who belong to certain groups supporting a particular candidate. Their loyalty could sometimes lead to fights and altercations as they defend their supported political aspirants or well-known solons. Because of that, carrying equipment or gear that minimizes officer risk and civilian safety is critical in the performance of police operations. Apart from handguns, a quality flashlight

that withstands the rigors of law enforcement work is also essential, especially during elections. This is where Pelican Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS) and Pelican Flashlights comes in. These lighting products can help deter and shoo away criminals since it has wide coverage. It can also help brighten up the streets when accidents happen during the night. But this is even more important during election months.

Why the Police Needs Flashlight During Election Elections are always full of tension. In the Philippines, the streets are full of tarpaulins while vehicles roam around playing jiggles for a particular candidate. People are all involved and aware of what their favorite candidate did and what he or she could eventually offer to the masses. But the real tension happens during election day. The presence of law enforcers is more significant especially that fights, crimes, theft of ballots, and brownouts are likely to occur. Let us tackle on one of the main problems during an election which is power interruptions. In many instances, power outage happens during the counting of votes, which is the most crucial part of the election. Aside from generators, flashlights are also a big help to continue counting the ballots and to avoid the loss or theft of ballot boxes or voting machines. This would be a big help since some power outage lasts for about 12 hours. When this happens, Pelican Remote Area Lighting Systems will be very handy since it can light up an entire room. While generators can

provide electricity to voting machines, RALS can brighten the room, making it easier for every citizen to cast their votes. In some cases, precinct officers resort to paper ballots instead of using the machine. A well-lighted room would also be needed for this situation and a portable lighting system is the perfect solution to that. Apart from making the vote casting easier, these lights can also help the police spot people who have negative intentions as they take advantage of the situation.

Other Ways the Police Could Use RALS and Tactical Flashlights Aside from the election proper in different locations, Pelican Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) and Tactical Flashlights can also be used in checkpoints to make sure that no illegal cargos or firearms are being transported. It is also an ideal item to use while patrolling the streets, especially that most streets in the Philippines are poorly lighted. Although RALS are highquality and durable, they are easy to transport from one place to another just like the 9430 Remote Area Lighting System and 9460 Remote Area 13


Lighting System. These lights can go beyond what most people need in a flashlight. Apart from lighting up a huge area, it also has a long-lasting battery. It supports the law enforcer’s hands-free operation of weapons while targeting and illuminating a person under surveillance. RALS could produce highintensity light with its LED technology allowing the user to illuminate objects at significant distances. Because of its bright lights, it can temporarily blind a person who is directly exposed to its light beam and may also cause confusion to the assailants. In addition to that, this flashlight can be used as a signaling device. Remote Area Lighting System are made from polycarbonate or polypropylene housings. Sometimes, it is combined with aluminum or glass-reinforced plastics. These materials withstand significant abuse and ensure performance regardless 14

of how they are used. It is also interesting to note that these lights are water resistant, which makes it a valuable item in rescue operations during typhoon and flooding. In addition, RALS has rechargeable batteries that allow for constant charging. This feature keeps it available for maximum light output. It can even run up to 15 hours’ time. On the other hand, two of the best Pelican flashlights are the 2350 Tactical Flashlight and 2360 Tactical Flashlight has 4 Selectable Programs with a lifetime guarantee. The 2360 Flashlight has 375 lumens while the 2350 Flashlight has 178 lumens. Constructed with the most durable of materials, an aerospace grade aluminum body and an impact resistant LED lamp module, the 2350 and 2360 LED flashlights keeps you on point without equipment failure.

Pelican RALS and tactical flashlights are available at Coby’s Gear and Gadget and Cobankiat Hardware, and can be delivered nationwide. All of these aspects of Pelican RALS and flashlights sums up what policemen need: a lighting solution that withstands a variety of environmental conditions and illumination purposes. Election time or not, we would all agree that high-intensity illumination supports the safety of officers and citizens alike. agree that high-intensity illumination supports the safety of officers and citizens alike.


High-Tech Malls 10 Years From Now

How malls are envision in 2028 Have you ever got so frustrated because you badly have to buy something from the mall, but malls close at 9 p.m. You leave work at 8 and an hour of drive is no longer enough because traffic is so


bad. Fortunately, there are now mobile apps that allows you to purchase online and all you have to do it to wait for the item to be delivered to your


COVER STORY doorstep. Technology has indeed made life easier as even our mobile devices can now serve as our marketplace, with apps like Uber, Spotify, Netflix, or Amazon available to cater to a specific demand. This, however, became a challenge to physical malls. In the U.S., the first quarter of 2018 set the record of the highest mall vacancy rates since the end of 2012. Undoubtedly, going to the mall is no longer a hobby for many but is instead a task that one would delay if there is a chance.

Engaging mall goers Still, mall owners need not worry because closing down is not their only option. They can introduce innovations that will make them relevant again. Engagement is not something that malls offer to customers, according to Pamela Danziger. People walking, waiting for their order or in line in malls are often engrossed in their mobile phones. This is why Danziger believes that it is important that malls are re-imagined and reengineered into consumer engagement spaces which are designed to cater around the needs and demands of a 18

diverse market usually segmented by age and ethnicity. This concept turns the mall into the main street that brings people together instead of just being a place where different companies market their products.


Malls in 2028

1. Utilizing machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital pathways, and drones

Meanwhile, leading shopping center group Westfield shared its vision of what malls will be offering in 2028 in order to cope up with the changing attitude of consumers. Here are four of their vision for malls:

The Westfield report envisioned the use of a machine learning technology which has the capacity to get to know mall customers and their interests so that suggestions can be made in their next visit. Microsoft is actually working on a technology that has the capability to bring up suggestions for customers just


by scanning their face. There is also a possibility that the mall’s plain walkways will be transformed, thanks to artificial intelligence. The report said that in 2028, customers will be walking along digital paths where drones are busy hovering above them to deliver orders. An eye scanner will also be installed to store information on a customer’s transaction history so that personalized shortcuts in the mall will be recommended to them.

COVER STORY 2. Installation of “Betterment Zones� Health and wellness continue to become a priority for consumers nowadays. After a stressful week at work or school, the weekends are usually reserved for relaxation. Malls in the future will be exactly what employees and students will need to de-stress. Mindfulness workshops will be introduced in malls while customers enjoy the sight of indoor and outdoor green spaces. A network of waterways will also offer an alternative route for customers aside from giving them access to watersports facilities.



3. Turning malls into educational spaces The mall is not the place you will think about going to if you plan to finish reading a novel, write a paper, or to study for an exam. This thinking will change in 2028 because malls will be turned into venues for seminars, meetings, workshops, conferences, trainings, community activities, and other educational gatherings. Malls have large spaces big enough to accommodate groups.

4. Source of healthy food Going to the mall would usually mean having to eat at fast food restaurants or other spots that offer tasty but unhealthy food. Unfortunately, while mall supermarkets sell fruits and vegetables, they are not necessarily fresh. These will also be a thing in the past in 2028 because according to Westfield, malls will be the source of local organic food that are taken directly from farms. The futuristic vision of Westfield for malls “could unlock vast new potential for retail over the next decade--combining entertainment, wellness, learning, and personalized product-matching to meet consumers’ evolving demands and imaginations,� according to Claire Adair. If this vision comes true, malls will play an




For over 20 years, American University of Sharjah (AUS) has been at the helm of the region’s intellectual, cultural and scientific development. As we enter our third decade, we are renewing our commitment to providing outstanding undergraduate and graduate education, and embarking on a new era of pioneering research.

27 bachelor’s programs | 14 master’s programs | 4 research institutes | 3 research centers Executive Education | PhD in Engineering Systems Management

Learn more: AUS has been ranked in the world's top 50 universities under 50 years of age.

AUS has the highest percentage of international students of any ranked university in the world.



important role in the society because they will be able to connect people, improve their lives, and feed them with knowledge and with healthy food. However, in order for all these to become a reality, a governing body will be needed in order to tap and put 28

together the many retailers who are just renting small spaces from the mall. Maybe, a governing body can help malls around the world to innovate. -end-



Home safety: Automatic fire alerts in Dubai soon Dubai Civil Defence to unveil new fire safety system at Intersec 2014 Mandatory fire alert systems will soon be installed at all new villas and apartments in Dubai as the Dubai Civil Defence overhauls fire safety at homes, say fire protection officials. “The new system will automatically alert the nearest fire station in case of fire or any emergency in any house. Firefighters will be alerted even if there are people at home or not,” said Lt Col Jamal Ahmad Ebrahim, Director of Preventive Safety Department, Dubai Civil Defence. In the first phase, the project will involve installation of fire alert systems at new villas and apartments. No deadline was given for building owners to comply but the initial phase of installations will likely begin before the year is out. No fire alert system cost estimates for building owners were released on Tuesday. “The project is part of Dubai government’s efforts to make the city the safest in the world. We have realised that currently fire safety 32

in villas is not at the highest level. So we are planning to overhaul the safety system. In the first phase we will start with new villas and buildings and in the next phase will move to existing buildings,” Ebrahim added. The project will be unveiled during Intersec 2014, where people will also be able to see live demonstration of the advanced safety system. Organised by Epoc Messe Frank-

furt, the event will see participation from 1,210 exhibitors from 54 countries and is supported by Dubai Civil Defence, Dubai Police and G4S security firm. Intersec’s major focus this year will be Dubai’s winning of the Expo 2020 bid and all exhibitors as well as stakeholders will be showcasing products and projects that may add to the success of the mega exhibition.


N E W S “Security is the biggest issue for the Expo 2020. Though Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, our aim is to be number one in safety, particularly keeping an eye on the future developments. Intersec is a great platform for the experts to come together and exchange ideas,” said Col Humaid Mohammad Al Ansari, Director, Sports Affairs Department, General Department of Community Services, Dubai Police. He added that plans are already in place to beef up security in the city leading up to the mega event. “We are evaluating our strategies every year. Dubai Police are looking to increase their force by at least 30 per cent in the next few years and enhance the city’s safety and security infrastructure by at least 50 per cent. We just want people to feel more secure when they go out, whether it’s day or night and in all parts of the city,” he said. According to market research conducted by international security solutions group G4S, the total Middle East security market is estimated at $6.3 billion (Dh23.12 billion) with a growth of 10 per cent expected in the next four years. “Private security firms have a major role to play in the safety and security of big cities. Demand for private security is growing at the highest rate in the region. We are working in cooperation with police and 34

government authorities. We are providing training, and we work on security strategies and design,” said Mark Horton, Regional Sales Director, G4S. He added that the growth is being driven by the ongoing development the region is experiencing, particularly in terms of infrastructure. As part of the exhibition, two major conferences are also taking place. A seminar on Mobile Phone Crime is being organised by the Department of Protective

Systems of Dubai Police in association with ICSS while the Safety Design in Buildings Conference is being held under the patronage of the Directorate General of Civil Defence – Dubai. Also on the conference calendar are the IOSH Middle East Occupational Health Seminar, the IWMA Seminar and the Techtextil Middle East Symposium.


Is Intelligent Automation Really Replacing Human Workers?

When intelligent automation first hit the market, some thought it was too far-fetched to ever become a reality. But as more and more organizations began recognizing the many benefits – from increased productivity and efficiency to lower costs and fewer errors – people started worrying, wondering whether this technology would spell the end of the human workforce as we knew it. Would artificial intelligence really start taking over jobs? To answer that question, those asking it 36

must look inward. In reality, the impact automation has on the workforce will depend largely on how humans themselves respond. When faced with the rising adoption of AI, workers will likely take one of two paths. The first group will continue to focus on the type of work they’ve always done, but do so more efficiently thanks to the assistance of machine learning. The second will take this as a golden opportunity to pursue their ambitions, further their educa-

tion to broaden their skill sets, put their creativity and innovation to work and move on to more value-added, meaningful work. In either case, the organization will benefit, as will most of the employees. In particular, roles that have a primary focus on people, such as customer support and HR, have the potential to benefit greatly from intelligent automation. Instead of being bogged down by repetitive, menial tasks that can easily (and more quickly) be handled

by software, agents will be freed up to tackle more complex issues requiring a human touch. Furthermore, the improved allocation of resources afforded by AI will enable agents to prevent issues from occurring in the first place. This can dramatically improve both customer and employee satisfaction rating. This concept can also be applied to the IT help desk. Rather than waiting until system problems arise and scrambling to fix them in a timely and effective manner, help desk agents can use the

extra time automation provides them with to monitor and proactively address technical issues before they occur. Imagine how impressed the CEO will be when he gets a call from IT letting him know his hard drive was about to fail, but it’s been taken care of. In both of these scenarios, the human worker is enhancing their interactions with their colleagues and/or customers. And since intelligent automation is there to take on the routine, manual tasks, the human agents themselves are also able to improve.

The reality is, very few organizations are focusing on using AI to eliminate jobs. Instead, they are focused on automating tasks, which in turn will improve productivity, streamline how work is completed, eliminate errors and cut costs. In other words, companies implementing automation are not doing so to replace human workers, but rather to augment and make their lives easier. As a result, everyone benefits – from employees and management to clientele and ultimately the organization’s bottom line.



Intels Framework for Automated Vehicle Safety Standard Gaining Global Acceptance What’s New: European auto technology supplier Valeo* has publicly embraced Intel’s model for safer automated vehicle (AV) decision-making and agreed to collaborate on standards development in Europe and elsewhere. Baidu* reported the first open-source implementation of Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS). And China ITS, the standards body for the world’s largest passenger vehicle market, has approved a proposal to use RSS as the basis for a forthcoming automated vehicle (AV) safety standard. These moves demonstrate the progress and value of a technology-neutral standard like RSS for safer AV decision making. Why It Matters: With safety being one of the biggest roadblocks to AV adoption, the auto industry has become increasingly vocal about the need for measurable, technology-neutral standards for AV safety. Demonstrable assurances are needed so governments know when it’s time to grant AVs the license to drive. As these announcements demonstrate, Intel’s RSS safety model – first introduced in 2017 – is being recognized globally as a viable option on which to develop those assurances and standards.


How Valeo is Adopting RSS: Top-tier, European-based automotive supplier Valeo will collaborate on policies and technologies intended to bolster the adoption of AV safety standards in Europe, the U.S. and China. The agreement involves drafting of frameworks for the verification and commercial deployment of safe AVs, funding of public research on the RSS model, contributing to draft standards, and participating in key committees and working groups in designated standards organizations.

With a core priority on safety, Valeo will contribute to RSS with its expertise in environment perception and sensors, an area where Valeo currently ranks as world leader, and its collaborations in worldwide safety and regulation working groups. How Baidu is Advancing RSS: Baidu, which announced plans to adopt RSS as part of its Apollo Project last year, demonstrated a successful implementation of RSS during a CES news conference today. As the world’s first open-source implementation of


Volkswagen* and Champion Motors* in Israel and also with Beijing Public Transport will also leverage the RSS model for safety in their fleets. Why It’s Different: RSS was first proposed in 2017 by Mobileye CEO Professor Amnon Shashua and CTO Professor Shai Shalev-Shwartz. It is a technology-neutral starting point for the industry to align on what it means for an AV to drive safely. RSS formalizes human notions of safe driving into a verifiable model with logically provable rules and defined responses.

RSS, Baidu successfully demonstrated that RSS is truly a technology-neutral solution for safety and therefore useful with or without Mobileye technology or support. What the China ITS Approval Means: A proposal to use RSS as the foundation for a technology-neutral standard for the safety assurance of autonomous vehicle decision-making was approved by China ITS. The workgroup will define safety thresholds, dangerous situations and proper responses as well as development of measurements for each of these criteria in the unique driving scenarios in the China market. The workgroup developing the standard will be chaired by Intel and includes representation from the Research 40

This is different from the safety decision-making systems in Institute of Highway (RIOH), autonomous vehicles today that Tsinghua University, Autonavi, are based on probabilistic Tongji University, the Beijing artificial intelligence (AI). Traffic Planning Committee and Because of AI’s probabilistic others to be determined. nature, Intel recommends a separate, deterministic layer – or Other RSS Progress: safety envelope – that checks the safety of an AV’s decisions based In October 2018, the Arizona on well-understood definitions of Institute for Automated Mobility* what it means to drive safely. This (IAM) was established with the model prescribes safety and does primary mission of exploring and not rely on millions of miles of delivering AV safety. IAM will driving history to teach safety. use RSS as the foundation for its research and testing of AV safety. Intel’s and Mobileye’s Role: In a recent report, RAND Corporation*, a leading think tank, cited RSS as a way to implement a “safety envelope,” which RAND says is needed for AVs to achieve “roadmanship.” The new mobility as a service (MaaS) collaborations announced with Mobileye,

Unlocking our autonomous future requires innovation in the areas of computing, safety and mapping. Together, Intel and Mobileye are delivering the full breadth of world-class technologies and products needed for this next era.


Improving the student experience a priority for American University of Sharjah’s College of Engineering


he Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at American University of Sharjah (AUS), part of the university’s College of Engineering (CEN), has been using its in-house expertise to create studentfocused, state-of-the-art digital solutions. The solutions form part of the college’s commitment

tors and students. All systems have been designed to enhance the experience of students by providing more convenient, responsive and intuitive services. The new systems include the Advising System, Wish List System, Waiting List System, General Education Requirement (GER) Course Availability System, and Class Attendance System. With CSE students and faculty now using all five of the systems successfully, some of the solutions are now being utilized at a college-wide level. The Advising System allows all engineering students to see which courses are available for them to enroll in, and which courses are full—all through a highly engaging and dynamic interface. The Wish List System is also designed to directly benefit students, allowing them to identify which electives they most want to take, before schedules are set. This means elective offerings are matched to student interests, and enables a higher percentage of students to gain a place in an elective of their first preference.

to providing a world-class student experience, helping students to stay engaged in their studies and able to perform at their best academically. Over the past two years, CSE has created five new digital systems, led by Dr. Fadi Aloul, Professor and Head of the Department, and developed by CSE instruc-

The Class Attendance System has been similarly successful, with the second version of the system launched in Spring 2019, just months after the first version was implemented. The Class Attendance System has been designed for easy use by both students and faculty. To use the system, a student downloads an iOS/Android mobile application,

which they then use to scan a barcode to confirm their attendance in a specific class. After the barcode is successfully scanned, the instructor is informed of the attendance, with the whole process taking less than 10 seconds. This frees up important class time, allowing faculty and students to spend more time teaching and learning, and less time on administration. The system also acts as an important reminder for students, who receive an automated message when they have missed between 10 and 15 percent of their classes. To date, the feedback from both faculty and students regarding the Class Attendance System has been very positive, with the adoption of the

system throughout the whole of the CSE department likely within the coming months. Dr. Aloul says of the success of the new systems: “It is our job as computer scientists and engineers to be constantly looking for ways in which we can exploit digital technologies to the benefits of users. We need to show our students how to be innovative, and creating new and better ways of doing what we do on a daily basis is a fantastic example of innovation. Creating new digital systems that directly assist our faculty and students is very rewarding, and we hope to keep on finessing these systems—


and creating even more new systems—so that teaching and learning in CEN (and perhaps across AUS more broadly) is more rewarding, enjoyable and ultimately successful.” The college is widely considered as one of the region’s leading engineering institutions, focusing on providing students with an experience that readies them for success beyond the classroom. Students are taught to apply theory in real-life scenarios, and

adapt their knowledge to solve problems in the workplace. Student involvement in the creation of the college’s new systems is just one example of how students are encouraged to practice their new-found skills and knowledge. As 2017 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering graduate Asiel Abedraboh says of his AUS experience: “Teaching students to meet expectations and deadlines in

such professional academic environment is what makes AUS different from other universities. In fact, AUS prepares students for a demanding career life where time management is key.” In 2018, AUS announced a new research agenda, and as a result, four new science and engineering-based research institutes have been established, offering much opportunity for undergraduate students to be involved in hands-on projects

that allow them to practice new found skills and knowledge. These institutes and centers will allow students access to research addressing critical global issues in health sciences, materials science, marine sciences and city planning, and to explore the effects of climate change on the environment. Involvement in research of this caliber provides a unique learning for the university’s students, and is

valuable experience for students seeking employment upon graduation. For those interested in learning more about the programs offered through the AUS College of Engineering, and the experience of AUS students, please visit


IPAF: Exclusive Manlift Depot Tour for IAPAs Visitors IPAF Summit took place in Dubai, on the same day as the International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs)

This year’s IPAF Summit took place in Dubai, UAE on Wednesday 6 March, on the same day as the International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs). It was the first time the event has been staged in the Middle East. There was an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Manlift depot in Dubai the following day, available only to those booking to attend the Summit and IAPAs. We are so proud to demonstrating and showcasing

our lean depot to our customers and visitors across the globe who are interested to learn more about the Manlift Way and how we continuously deliver the best customer experience. Manlift is also very proud to announce that it has been shortlisted for Access Rental Company of the year, at this year’s IAPA awards. The IAPAs are the most prestigious awards in powered access and an independent panel of access industry experts, with more than

100 entries received for this year’s edition of the awards. To reach this far is truly an achievement and is a result of the dedication, hard work and commitment of the Manlift team in the region. Over the last 10 years, Manlift has pioneered the Access industry in the Region by working with government bodies, customers, manufacturers & HSE companies to raise the level of safety and

quality of access equipment in the marketplace.

About Manlift Manlift specialises in aerial work platforms such as access equipment rental lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, articulated boom lifts and vertical lifts. With international head quarters in the vibrant hub of Dubai, UAE offering a global reach, our representatives are standing by to hear from you today. Working at heights safely and efficiently is our core business. Manlift’s international rental fleet consists of 13,000 aerial work platforms, ensuring us that we will always be able to supply a rental man lift to suit your needs. Manlift has expanded its operations by establishing offices in India and Qatar as well.

About IAPAs The International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs) and the IPAF Summit conference is a fantastic combined educational and networking event for the access industry. The industry’s most important annual celebration, will be held for the first time in Dubai UAE, at the Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek Hotel on the 6 March 2019. The next IPAF Summit and IAPAs will be held in London on the 23 April 2020

About IPAF The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and effective use

of powered access equipment worldwide in the widest sense – through providing technical advice and information; through influencing and interpreting legislation and standards; and through safety initiatives and training programmes. IPAF is a not-for-profit organisation owned by its members, which include manufacturers, rental companies, distributors, contractors and users. IPAF members operate a majority of the MEWP rental fleet worldwide and manufacture about 85% of platforms on the market.


LG Expands UAE Presence with a New Air-Conditioning Showroom in Al Ain Reinforcing its position as a leader in Air-Conditioning business solutions, LG makes its technology more accessible to the region New Air-Conditioning Showroom will serve the residents in Al Ain area. Keen to provide the best business solutions, LG Electronics (LG) has today opened its new business-to-business (B2B) showroom in Al Ain. Launching an office facility just over two years prior at Bin Hamoodah Tower in Abu Dhabi, the capital remains a key focus for LG’s expansion and commitment to the region. The Al Ain showroom is LG’s first in the UAE for commercial air conditioners, showcasing VRF (Multi V) and inverter technology. It sees LG partner with Ghantoot Trading, strengthening the company’s growing presence in the UAE. Local clients for LG include the likes of private villa owners, Government organizations and the private commercial sector. At the exclusive showroom opening, the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, in the presence of, Mr. Hong Ju Jeon, LGEGF President, LG MEA Head of Business Solutions, Mr. Sang Min Lee and Ghantoot Trading Establishment Owner, Mr. Ali Al-Bloushi who were on hand to greet guests.

After the opening, key business partners, retailers and media were welcomed at the Al Ain Rotana Hotel, with a presentation showcasing LG’s array of efficient business solutions. Commenting on the opening of LG’s Al Ain showroom, Mr. Sang Min Lee stated: “Our growing presence in the UAE is indicative of LG’s longstanding relations with local businesses and demonstrates our understanding of their needs. We support businesses towards fostering innovation and are keen to provide methods by which they can operate more efficiently and thrive.

Organizations no longer need to travel long distances to view the latest devices on the market. They can now experience LG’s products on their doorstep. From in-store demonstrations to expert advice, businessowners can visit the Al Ain showroom in confidence, knowing that they will leave with an understanding of which solutions to implement and how to better equip their environments with the best technologies from LG.” Products showcased at the presentation included LG’s MULTI V 5 Variant Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution. With its

Dual Sensing Control feature, the MULTI V 5 ensures world class energy efficiency, whilst also boasting increased temperature and humidity regulation. Complete with LG’s Ultimate Inverter Compressor, it is a powerful climate control solution that has been built to perform, even in extreme climates. Additionally, the MULTI V5 also comes with Auto Dust Removal. This core feature helps cater towards the demanding weather conditions of Al Ain and the wider region. LG also highlighted the availability of its Hi-M Solutek after sales service in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. Hi-M Solutek is the world’s leading Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) service and maintenance company, which LG hopes will enable businesses to operate with greater confidence and peace-of-mind.

In addition to the MULTI V 5, visitors to LG’s Al Ain showroom will also be able to experience the quality of its Floor Standing, Cassette Type, Ducted Split and Residential Wall-Mounted air conditioners. Each AC type caters to a different environment and can be utilized to enhance spaces with increased flexibility. LG AC systems come with High Ambient and Auto Cleaning functionality, withstanding extreme climates and creating a more comfortable environment, with minimal intervention. In addition, their energy-efficient nature ensures that businesses can operate more effectively and reduce consumption costs. LG’s AC solutions are also ADQCC (Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council) certified, signifying their quality and compliance with local Government regulations. Such solutions also come with system integration options,

working with connected devices for smart home operators in the UAE. Through the use of efficient energy management solutions, LG is able to provide businesses with smart building applications which reduce consumption and operating costs. LG regards Abu Dhabi as a strategic business hub for the region, seeking to work in conjunction with the Economic Vision of 2030. Illustrating its commitment to the region, LG’s expansion in Al Ain highlights its drive towards making sustainable innovations in technology accessible to a wider array of businesses and partners across the region. In doing so, LG aims to facilitate business growth and support the fast-paced economies of the Middle East and Africa.


Tips for Choosing An Industrial Pump Choosing the right industrial pump will save you money and resources

You have probably heard the saying “Less is more.� Right? Well, to be frank, that is not always true. When selecting a pump, having more information is often better. Several variables will play a crucial role in how a pump will operate and how long it will last. If you are not sure about how to choose the right pump or the information you need to have before purchasing one, then you will be glad to know that you are not alone. In this article, we together with Grabe, have put together a list of 50

seven things you should consider when choosing a pump to have an easier time making a decision.

1. Process Liquid Properties The first thing you need to consider is the type of liquid the pump is intended for. Here is a list of process liquid properties that should be considered before choosing a pump.

•Temperature •Liquid viscosity •Vapour pressure •Specific gravity •Shear sensitive •Presence of Solids •Concentration Abrasive or non-abrasive

cal compatibility charts will help you identify materials that are most appropriate in a pump’s construction.

2. Construction Material

In crucial applications, where downtime isn’t an option, costlier heavy-duty pumps with application-intensive features should be chosen. If the application requires that the pump be occasionally removed for maintenance, then a less expensive option would be best.

Another thing to consider is the materials used to construct the pump. Are they compatible with any of the liquids the pump will come into contact – and that includes process liquids? Chemi-

3. Is It Critical To Plant Operations?

4. Pump Inlet Conditions You do not want your pump starving. A pump NPSH or System Net Positive Suction Head is calculated by knowing the pump’s liquid vapor pressure and inlet pressure. Always ensure that NPSHA exceeds the pump’s Net Positive Suction Head.

5. Pump Environment Where will the pump be used? If it is outside, then special installation or construction consider-




ations will have to be factored for freezing temperatures. If use is in a hazardous environment that contains explosive dust or vapor, then special motor features are necessary. These are some of the environmental conditions to think about when choosing a pump.

6. Power Source Availability The most common output when it comes to US power sources is 115 to 230 Volts/1-phase/60 Hertz or 230 to 460 Volts/3Phase/60 Hertz. Specialized motors can be specified for operations outside the United States or for use with DC batteries. Pressurized hydraulic oil or compressed air can also be used to power a pump. 7. Pressure and Flow Rate The total volume and having a good idea of how much time is needed to move fluids will determine your pump flow rate. You can calculate a pump’s differential pressure by considering the pump’s system equipment (valves, filters, etc.) friction losses, pipe size (fittings and length), and static lifts. By considering the above factors, you are arming yourself with the knowledge you need to choose a pump that suits your needs and requirements. With this information, you can rest assured, irrespective of the application, that the pump you get will be the right one.



Meet Dado Banatao: The Philippines’ Bill Gates Diosdado “Dado” Banatao invented a chip that is now found in most computers.

Dado is an electrical engineering alum of Mapua Institute of Technology. Before he could apply the knowledge in his chosen engineering field, he trained as a commercial airline pilot with Philippine Airlines when he found that there no “true design jobs” in the Philippines. Along with this decision, he turned down job offers, including from the Philippines’ largest distributor of electrical power Meralco because of the low pay. Perhaps his odd choice led him to his dream job. When he was under training, he was pirated by Boeing and assigned as a design engineer for Boeing 747, which is the company’s new commercial airliner and cargo transport aircraft in the United States. When Dado was at the U.S., he grabbed the chance to take his engineering studies further. He finished his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Stanford University in 1972.

In the small barrio of Malabbac in the town of Iguig, Cagayan, Philippines grew a man who has now established a name in the tech industry. He who used to walk barefoot along the dirt roads of his hometown has cofounded three startups namely Mostron, Chips and Technologies, and S3 Graphics.


The story of Diosdado Banatao, or Dado, as a technology innovator and venture capitalist in Silicon Valley is the perfect illustration of rags to riches. But his life involved a lot of unexpected turns before he became the engineer that transformed the lives of many through his invention of a computer part.

Later, he acquired working experience from different technology companies such as the National Semiconductor and Intersil. But his greatness was put to form when he developed the first single chip, 16-bit microprocessor-based calculator under Commodore International. Dado was able to reduce 300 components into three with that computer chip.


He kept on inventing as he jumped companies. By 1981, he designed his second invention, which is the first 10-Mbit Ethernet CMOS with silicon coupler data-link control and transreceiver chip under the company SEEQ Technology. As he kept on fiddling with computers, Dado went on to create the first system logic chip set for IBM’s PC-XT and the PC-AT; the local bus concept and the first Windows Graphics accelerator chip for personal computers. It was in 1984 when the high-technology company Mostron was put up by Dado along with his business partner Francis Siu. Both started with a half a million US dollars capital to launch a manufacturer of motherboards. A year later, the company made 56

a five-chip set which marked the formation of a new company Dado cofounded called Chips and Technologies. There, a system logic chip set for IBM’s PC-XT and the PC-AT was developed which got them a profit of $12 million in just 4 months. The company went into public after a little less than two years. With his expertise with computers, Dado didn’t stop with two companies and launched S3 Graphics. This startup focused on enhancing the graphic capabilities in personal computers by using a graphic accelerator chip. Dado’s secret to this is his invention of a local bus. By 1996, Dado’s startups are forces to be reckoned with in the tech industry. S3 was in the forefront of the graphic-chips market, even beating Cirrus Logic Inc., while Chips &

Technologies was sold to Intel for about $$300 million. It didn’t end there for Dado in the business sector. In 2000, he established a venture capital firm named Tallwood Venture Capital with a capital of US$300 million. Ten years later, he was named as Ikanos Communications’ CEO. His previous way of life gave Dado the heart to give back and share his blessings both in the Philippines and abroad. Under the Dado Banatao Educational Foundation, he funds five aspiring engineer scholars annually. In the Philippine Development Foundation, which he heads, he provides free education for young Filipinos. In his childhood town of Iguig, Dado put up a computer center in the grade school where


he went. As of posting, it is the only public school with the most modern computer network in the Philippines. Not only that: in Northern California, he financially assists high school students of Filipino descent who want to become engineers, through the Banatao Filipino American Fund. Dado the tech luminary was invited in several speaking engagements, one of the most recent is the Anvil Business Summit 2016 where he bared his formula for success. He says that Filipino entrepreneurs should understand their target market if 58

they want to compete globally. “The fundamental thing that we always use or a few things we look for a company to invest in is whether that company understands markets. How they are able to define a product to a given market,” he tells in the event organized by the Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs. “[They] have to understand the dynamics of that market, velocity of revenue, size of the market, dynamics of whether it is growing or not, and volume of the market,” Dado Banatao shares.

He reiterated that startups fail because they miss the market requirements and they come up with products only to realize that no one will buy it. Profitability, Dado says, is largely about good design. “That’s an indication that if you have good design, you will sell your product. That’s a good lesson as an engineer when we’re trained to design, to create products. It’s coupled with an application that is very important for productivity,” he says. But Dado Banatao points out a big flaw in the Philippines that

prevents the flourish of tech companies: the lack of venture capitalists. He cites Silicon Valley to be built by entrepreneurs and investors. And it’s not doing charity, he says. “We did our research in gift-giving. Charity destroys societies. It does not work. “So when you do your corporate social responsibility, do something that leverages the mind of the receiver. Education is a good example. It is creating an opportunity for those brains, for those minds to produce. I think that we do have the responsibility,” Dado shares.

He went on to describe the educational landscape of the country especially in engineering. He related himself from being a regular guy who was only trained by international expertise.

“My family was poor but only because I trained myself, I can do these things today. I think that is a lesson for all of us,” he says.

“We’re as bright as anyone. I’m just an average guy. I went to Silicon Valley and got trained by the environment itself. We have to have that here in the Philippines. We’re not lacking in intellect,” he tells at the event. This son of a rice farmer from Cagayan province has reached so far but he never forgets how he made it. 59


The 7 Best Engineering Jobs This list is made by the U.S. News early in 2016. Is your chosen field one of these engineering jobs?


hen one exclaims that line among a group of engineers coming from different fields, it is most likely to trigger several reactions. Everyone in that diverse set is obliged to defend his or her specialization, which often ends up with an endless debate. That’s because choosing a job and defining it to be the best is subjective, with no ideal way to determine the best job overall. There is no standard especially if the bases are one’s experiences. Each has his or her own preferences of an engineering field. But the U.S. News, through their own selection method, has provided the Best Jobs rankings for 2016. Conducted early in 2016, it aims to provide aspiring engineers an intuitive comparison of the professions based on important factors: salary, the number of expected openings, advancement opportunities and career fulfilment. In engineering, there are lots of subfields. To choose which jobs will be included in the list, the U.S. News used the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data on jobs


with the greatest hiring demand, or those with the highest projected number of openings from 2014 to 2024. After listing, the top picks for engineering jobs were analyzed to be included in the 2018 Best Jobs. They were ranked according to their overall score, which is calculated from seven component measures with these corresponding weights: median salary (30%), employment rate (20%), 10-year growth volume (15%), 10-year growth percentage (15), job prospects (10), stress level (5%), and work-life balance (5%).

S P E C IA L F E AT U R E Here are the results. Lo and behold, the 7 best engineering jobs:

#7 in Best Engineering Jobs: Architect (5.7/10) 7,800 Projected Jobs | $74,520 Median Salary | 5.1% Unemployment Rate Although not technically considered as engineers, architects have a close relationship with buildings and structures. Their job is to combine creativity and practicality and to produce projects that are altogether aesthetically pleasing and safe. This specialization had its lowest point between 2009 and 2011 but

is now slowly recovering. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be a 7% employment growth between 2014 and 2024.

#6 in Best Engineering Jobs: Environmental Engineering Technician (5.9/10) 1,900 Projected Jobs | $48,170 Median Salary | 5.2% Unemployment Rate The job of environmental engineering technicians can either be in the field or laboratory. In the field, they collect air or water samples for pollution testing. While in the lab, they test such samples. These technicians often collaborate with environmental engineers.


This sector is expected to grow at a rate of 10% within 2014 and 2024 producing 1,900 new environmental engineering technician jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects.


#5 in Best Engineering Jobs: Civil Engineer (6.5/10) 23,600 Projected Jobs | $82,050 Median Salary | 2.8% Unemployment Rate Other than being one of the oldest engineering disciplines, civil engineering is also one of the broadest engineering fields. This profession covers structural, geotechnical, materials science, environmental, earthquake, water resources, surveying, transportation, urban planning, construction management and many more. It is responsible for the many engineering wonders in the physical world.

for employment. They can hold administrative positions, work in design and construction companies, or be involved in the academe, either in the government or the private sector.

Civil engineers have many options

As long as there is a need to build

structures and provide efficient systems under their scope, civil engineers will always be in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected 8% employment growth for civil engineering between 2014 and 2024, opening 23,600 jobs.

neering expertise. The work covers waste disposal, erosion, and water and air pollution, among others.

predicts that 6,800 jobs will be generated from this field at a rate of 12.4% from 2014 to 2024.

#4 in Best Engineering Jobs: Environmental Engineer (6.8/10) 6,800 Projected Jobs | $83,360 Median Salary | 0.9% Unemployment Rate This engineering job is often associated with environmentalists. Although related with each other, environmental engineers are not merely about the Earth Day and environmental consciousness. They are about working to prevent, control or remediate any hazards to all aspects of the natural environment using engi64

The Bureau of Labor Statistics

#3 in Best Engineering Jobs: Mechanical Engineer (6.9/10) 14,600 Projected Jobs | $83,060 Median Salary | 1.5% Unemployment Rate All the machineries and equipment in manufacturing plants, heating and cooling systems, aircraft, watercraft, automobile, and weapons are the result of the hardwork of mechanical engineers. They all underwent design, analysis, manufacturing, testing, and maintenance done by those who have studied mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, and materials science, while using tools like computer-aided design

and product life cycle management. The new century has introduced innovations, like 3D printing and carbon fiber composites, which widened the scope of mechanical engineering.

With the continuing demand for the understanding of mechanical systems, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field is expected to grow by 5% between 2014 and 2024. This will generate 14,600 new jobs.

#2 in Best Engineering Jobs: Biomedical Engineer (7.1/10) 5,100 Projected Jobs | $86,950 Median Salary | 2.6% Unemployment Rate Biomedical engineering is a profession that researches and develops solutions to biological and medical problems. Applications of this field cover a wide array, often overlapping with the work of doctors and therapists. The products of biomedical engineers are mainly prosthetic body parts, surgical devices and systems, implanted

devices, diagnostics, imaging methods, and physical therapy devices. Between 2014 to 2024, the field of biomedical engineering will open

5,100 jobs at a rate of 23% as predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is much faster than the average growth rate for all jobs. 65


#1 in Best Engineering Jobs: Cartographer (7.4/10) 3,600 Projected Jobs | $60,930 Median Salary | 3.0% Unemployment Rate Most people think that cartography, which is the science of drawing maps, has died after the advent of technology. The common notion is that cartographers like Ptolemy and Leonardo da Vinci only exist when there’s a need to plot physical maps. But the truth of the matter is that such engineering field is widely used in creating interactive maps in today’s age, for cloud-based services, open source resources, and improved user interface and user experience 66

design. The best engineering job in 2018 uses both analysis and creativity. The former is to pour data in finding trends and patterns; while the latter, to visualize that data in a design. Cartographers are expected to have a job growth of 29% from 2014 to 2024, creating 3,600 new jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.



This is a Heavy Equipment Theme Park For Kids It is called Diggerland, a heavy machinery theme park

It might seem impossible for people who want to fiddle with construction equipment to actually sit in an excavator or a tractor because of safety reasons – come on, no company doesn’t want to be held liable over strangers casually digging soil. But really, that’s where you got it all wrong. This heavy equipment them park is like Disneyland for the engineers and construction professionals. A construction-themed amuse68

ment park stands in West Berlin, New Jersey, for people who like to try controlling heavy machinery and ride on construction equipment. Called the Diggerland, the 14-acre heavy equipment theme park allows adults and kids, at certain height restrictions, to safely drive, ride and operate forklifts, backhoes, tractors, dump trucks and excavators modified for use on a course or made stationary by design. The park assures that you won’t be dirty in this park, unlike what you see in real construction sites.


The park features Spin Dizzy, a 20-ton excavator with an 8-seat capacity at its scoop buckets; and Mini Diggers, 16 backhoe-like excavators dubbed diggers in three sizes designed for operators to knock over bowling pins, dig for buried treasure or pluck a duck decoy out of a pond with the boom arm of a 4,000-pound excavator. Other main attractions include the Dig-A-Round, which is like 70

a carousel except the riders get to sit in excavator buckets; the Sky Shuttle, a crane-like forklift with an extendable hydraulic arm carrying up to 15 passengers to 50 feet in the air; and the Backhoe Adventure, which allows four riders to take turns in driving a backhoe on a course, which a ride marshal ab oard to accompany.

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The Future of Shopping Malls and Retail - Technology Leaders magazine, April2019  

GineersNow Technology Leaders magazine is featuring future technologies and advancements in brick & mortar shopping malls, hospitality and r...

The Future of Shopping Malls and Retail - Technology Leaders magazine, April2019  

GineersNow Technology Leaders magazine is featuring future technologies and advancements in brick & mortar shopping malls, hospitality and r...