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HVACR 2018 Trends A Fresh New Start For Engineers Tech Skills Every Millennial Engineer Should Know 6 Skills That Engineers Should Invest on Learning

The Latest Updates Double-Digit Growth in HVAC-R Trade Between Turkey & UAE

Qualities Of An Effective Engineering Team

UAE’s SKM Launches The First Line Of Chillers In The Middle East Equipped With Honeywell Solstice ZE Refrigerant

Losing Drive In Your Engineering Job? Ask Yourself These Questions

Mitsubishi Electric, Con Edison Collaborate for New York State Clean Energy Initiative

How Engineers Can Balance Work With Their Passions

ASHRAE Launches New Building Energy Quotient Portal

Strategies For Engineers Who Want To Gain New Skills

Danfoss Celebrates One Million Downloads of Refrigerant Slider




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It’s a brand new year and we’re happy to say GineersNow has gone a long way since it was launched two years ago. From entertaining our readers with our featured stories to giving them the latest updates about several industry trailblazers, we have continued to gather important information to help every engineer who crosses our path. We have published several magazines earlier last year - focusing on five important industry fields such as renewables, HVACR, oil and gas, construction and power and water. On November, we’ve added a new magazine on our digital shelves - GineersNow: Social Impact Leaders, where we talk about several individuals and organizations who made an impact in their communities. We have also launched GineersNow Community where engineers can write their own stories and share important details about their work, their inventions and their ideas.


Now, as we start a brand new year, we are looking forward to bring you more exciting stories, more featured articles and more important news that create an impact on our communities wherever we are in the world. This month, read the up-and-coming trends on the HVACR industry this 2018! Learn the forecast and find out how technology can influence the HVACR Industry in terms of marketing, business operations, as well as making data focused decisions. Don’t get left behind with the latest news on the industry. Read more about the double-digit growth in HVACR trade between Turkey and UAE. Learn more about Mitsubishi Electric and Con Edison’s collaboration for New York State Clean Energy Initiative. Lastly, get updated on UAE’s SKM as it launched its first line of chillers in the Middle East equipped with Honeywell Solstice ZE Refrigerant. In this issue, we also haven’t forgotten to include special articles to help engineers create a fresh new start for themselves. Whether you want to go the extra mile to be better at what you do at work or you just want to find a way to balance your work with your passions, we’ve got you covered. Learn important tech skills and find out what qualities your team must have to become an effective group. If you’re an engineer who wants to gain new skills, learn more about these strategies to help you achieve that goal. We have also prepared questions you need to ask yourself as a form of self-assessment if you’re losing the drive to pursue your career goals. For every engineer who is going through their own challenges at work, we have stories for each one of you. Our company still has a long way to go before we become the most preferred source of news and featured stories for engineers but we’re slowly starting to leave a mark in the engineering industry. So go ahead, scroll through our pages and learn the latest news, find out more about this year’s trends and get inspired with our featured articles. Start the year right with GineersNow: HVACR Leaders.

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UAE’s SKM Launches The First Line Of Chillers In The Middle East Equipped With Honeywell Solstice ZE Refrigerant


6 Skills That Engineers Should Invest on Learning


Airedale Hosts Third Annual Commercial Event In The Middle East


Qualities Of An Effective Engineering Team



Losing Drive In Your Engineering Job? Ask Yourself These Questions


Mitsubishi Electric, Con Edison Collaborate for New York State Clean Energy Initiative


How Engineers Can Balance Work With Their Passions


ASHRAE Launches New Building Energy Quotient Portal


Strategies For Engineers Who Want To Gain New Skills


Find The Latest Products And Solutions All Under One Roof


Empower’s ‘Consultants’ Meet Discusses New District Cooling Guidelines For 2018


Al Rajhi Building Solutions Group Throws The Spotlight On Its Cutting-Edge Construction Solutions at ‘The Big 5 2017’


LG Air Conditioning Technologies Raises The Bar 42 On Green Building Efficiency And Performance

Tech Skills Every Millennial Engineer Should Know


The Next Generation: New Helium Leak Detector PHOENIX 4 From Leybold


Daikin Wins ‘Oman’s Most Trusted Brands Award (AC Category) 2017’


Double-Digit Growth in HVAC-R Trade Between Turkey & UAE


Empower Provides District Cooling Services to 17 Percent of Hotels in Dubai


Danfoss Celebrates One Million Downloads of Refrigerant Slider

Trane Acquires CALMAC® Corporation, a Leading Energy Storage Company


Top Hvacr Industry Trends To Watch Out For This 2018


The Next Generation: New Helium Leak Detector PHOENIX 4 From Leybold After 15 years, Leybold is launching the PHOENIX 4, a new family of helium leak detectors to meet the increasing quality requirements.

After 15 years, Leybold is launching the PHOENIX 4, a new family of helium leak detectors to meet the increasing quality requirements. This innovative product is equally suited to the demands of research and development as for those of industrial applications – from securing the ultra-high vacuum demands in CERN’s particle accelerator, to industrial applications such as leak detection in the Hyperloop vacuum transport system or for semiconductor production.

Functional design concept With its ergonomic design and improved 10

HVACR Leaders • January 2018

measuring characteristics, the fourth generation PHOENIX sets new standards – especially in terms of operating comfort, response times, helium sensitivity and reliability. Moreover, the stationary and mobile models are easier to handle and maintain than their predecessors. For example, it is now possible to change the filter without removing the housing. This compact, versatile helium leak detector is available in three classes, the PHOENIX Vario, PHOENIX Quadro, and PHOENIX Magno, which are designed for various customer applications with their different pumping speed configurations.

Optimized human-machine interfaces The thorough facelift focused on improving the monitoring and control functionality, as well as the need to meet the increased demands on leak detection performance. Accordingly, the PHOENIX 4 can be operated comfortably via a color touch display or wirelessly with any Internet-capable mobile device, due to the integrated web server. The optimized design of the display allows users to intuitively navigate through the menu and the sensitive touch displays and push-buttons can be easily activated.

Extended by useful features “In the PHOENIX 4, we have added useful features to the proven equipment features of the predecessor L300i,” explains Dr. Sina Forster, the responsible Leybold product manager. For example, the number of interfaces for data acquisition, communication and system integration has been increased. Additional communication and bus interfaces are now integrated directly at the leak detector alongside with new, optional interface modules. These enhanced communication interfaces facilitate easy data export and the creation of test reports.

Uniform technology platform

technology, the food and packaging industry as well as in automotive production. The model range is rounded off with the most powerful leak detector, the PHOENIX 4 Magno for large test volumes. In the oil- sealed version, the SOGEVAC rotary vane vacuum pump is installed, whereas in the dry version, the oil-free scroll vacuum pump SCROLLVAC is utilized.

Accuracy, reproducibility, speed In addition to the sensitivity and reproducibility of reliable leak rate measurements, users of the PHOENIX-4 family benefit from the fast operational readiness and adaptability of the helium leak detector models throughout the range. “These performance characteristics are just as important in high-energy physics, e.g. at the Centre for German Electron Synchrotron DESY for basic scientific research in Hamburg, as they are in semiconductor production,” says Product Manager Dr. Sina Forster. Forster concludes, “The two of the most important features of a helium leak detector in all modern applications are its accuracy over a wide measuring range and its time of response.” The fourth generation of the PHOENIX, one of the fastest and most reliable leak detectors on the market, is now available to enhance user experience worldwide.

In addition to the new design and the intelligent connections, the PHOENIX is also defined by its “inner values”. The entire PHOENIX-4 series is based on a uniform technology platform and contains the identical measuring system, not least for economic reasons. The models and versions are differentiated by the backing pumps and pumping speed configurations.

Models for all cases As the smallest in its class, the PHOENIX 4 Vario is a suitable space-saving system in special research applications. The designers went without an integrated backing pump leaving more flexibility, not least due to its low weight of 30 kilograms. The next variant in line, the PHOENIX 4 Quadro, has an oil-sealed TRIVAC rotary vane vacuum pump as backing pump. In the dry version of the Quadro, a diaphragm pump is used. This variant is perfect for use in analytical HVACR Leaders • January 2018


Daikin, the Japanese manufacturer and global leader in the development, manufacturing and installation of HVAC and Refrigerants, was recently adjudged Oman’s Most Trusted Brand for 2017 in the AC Category. Presented annually by Apex Press and Publishing, Oman’s Most Trusted Brand Awards is a yearly gauge in consumer trust and as such the awards presented to the winners are a validation of the public’s trust in their brand. Operating in collaboration with Muscat Electronics for over 30 years, Daikin has developed its brand in the Omani market to reflect trouble-free products and services, and will continue to focus on providing excellent services as a value addition to the market. “We are proud of our achievement in the Oman market working together with our Unitary Distributor M/s. Muscat Electronics for the past 35+ years. The award is a testament to our commitment towards our clients, contractors, products, services & our partners. It will drive our efforts to continue bringing forth pioneering Airconditioning solutions, which will be Energy Efficient & low electricity consumption with our R-32 Inverter Splits & VRV-IV systems to the market,” commented, Mr. Aquil Ahmed, Regional Sales Manager - Daikin. The event to felicitate Oman’s Most Trusted Brand was held under the auspices of HH Sayyid Tarik bin Shabib bin Taimur al Said, and the patronage of HE Dr. Ali bin Masoud bin Ali al Sunaidi, Minister of Commerce and Industry.

Daikin Wins ‘Oman’s Most Trusted Brands Award (AC Category) 2017’

Double-Digit Growth in HVAC-R Trade Between Turkey & UAE The UAE imported USD 44.27 million worth of Turkish HVAC&R products in 2016 as a Hub and is expected to grow at 4.5 percent in 2017, TIM TTC Gulf Consulting FZE. TIM TTC Gulf Consulting FZE who operates the Turkish Trade Centre for HVAC&R sector was established in July 2016 to represent the Turkish companies in the UAE. Operating from the Dubai World Trade Centre, the TIM TTC Gulf Consulting FZE plays a pivotal role in facilitating trade between Turkey and the UAE for HVAC-R products. It works closely with the Turkish exporters by providing them with commercial, legal and logistical support to reach out to the UAE businesses and address their market needs. The TTC further revealed that UAE’s HVAC&R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) imports from Turkey are expected to grow at 4.5 percent in 2017 as compared to 2016 based on the USD 30.75 million exports. These products include heating and refrigeration systems, cooling towers, air filters, 14

HVACR Leaders • January 2018

ventilation ducts, insulation material and air conditioners. The HVAC&R sector shows significant promise of a partnership between UAE and Turkish companies as it represents high quality Turkish export products that are performing better in global competitiveness and thereby gaining market share. This was evident at the Big 5 2017 exhibition where Turkey was one of the top exhibiting country representing over 240 companies. Turkey’s HVAC&R manufacturers have given high priority to research and development alongside transfer of technology from global tie-ups. Almost all Turkish HVAC&R producers adhere to ISO Certificates and various quality standards, research customer preferences during the design phase and have well-established aftersales service networks that have helped grow exports. Speaking of the growing Turkish HVAC&R imports, Serdar Kumbaraci, TTC UAE Country Manager said: “Our TTC participant

companies in the HVAC&R sector have established longterm relationships with UAE companies to support them to utilize the best technological solution for their needs. It is heartening to note that trade in this sector is growing at a rapid pace and is in the best interests of both countries.”

With more than USD 9 billion trade volume in 2016, Turkish bilateral trade with the UAE has been growing at a steady pace. In preparation of Dubai Expo 2020, a growing number of Turkish companies have established their UAE operations and more are expected to do so in the coming months. The number of Turkish companies under TTC that have established UAE operations reached 33 as of November 2017.

Germany, USA, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Russian Federation and UAE account for 32 percent of the total export of the HVAC sector. It is projected that in 2017, the volume of export to these countries will exceed the export volume in 2015 and 2016, given the total volume of export in the first nine months of the year, which stands at USD 915 million.

HVACR Leaders • January 2018


Empower Provides District Cooling Services to 17 Percent of Hotels in Dubai Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower), the world’s largest district cooling services provider, has revealed that it currently supplies its highly efficient district cooling services to 17 per cent of the 674 hotels located in the emirate. The total number of hotels was recently released by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), the principal authority for the planning, supervision, development and marketing of tourism in Dubai. Utilizing the company’s district cooling systems has resulted in the generation of huge energy savings for the booming hotel industry in Dubai--further reaffirming Empower’s industry dominance and leading reputation in providing reliable technical solutions. Included in hotels that Empower provides highly efficient district cooling services to are three of the tallest hotels in the world--the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Towers, the Burj Al Arab, and the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, which have been listed by WorldAtlas.com as part of the five tallest hotels in the world. These hotels are part of Empower’s growing portfolio of elite clients that depend on its integrated district cooling services. Towering at 1, 165 feet, the 77-story spectacular JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Towers are on the top of the global ranking of the world’s tallest hotel structures, a list dominated by the UAE and other Middle Eastern and Asian nations. The breathtaking 1,053-foot Burj Al Arab and the magnificent 1,014-foot Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel are fourth and fifth, respectively.


HVACR Leaders • January 2018

The latest announcement comes amidst the booming hotel industry in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, fueled mainly by the growing national tourism sector. In the emirate alone, the industry is witnessing an exponential increase and development. The Empower portfolio also includes clients from various sectors including schools, business centres, residential and commercial buildings and many more. Ahmad Bin Shafar, Chief Executive Officer, Empower, said: “We are privileged to extend reliable district cooling support to these beautifully designed and world record holding hotel buildings. Adopting this type of cooling method reflects their move to incorporate energy-efficient technologies into their systems

in support of a more sustainable and greener built environment according to the government’s relevant initiatives. We are excited in playing a key part of their success stories as we vow to consistently deliver comprehensive and sustainable district cooling services in line with the global standards.” Empower provides environmentally responsible district cooling services to large-scale real estate developments such as Jumeirah Group, Business Bay, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai International Financial Centre, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Ibn Battuta Mall, Discovery Gardens, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai World trade Centre Residences, Dubai Design District, among others. HVACR Leaders • January 2018


Danfoss Celebrates One Million Downloads of Refrigerant Slider The team behind Refrigerant Slider has worked hard to make the app as useful and elegant as possible; and the response from cooling professionals has been overwhelmingly positive. The app, which is primarily geared towards refrigeration installers, passed one million downloads in late November. While this is an important milestone, there’s also a cherry on top: Refrigerant Slider maintains a stellar 4.5 average star rating and has received numerous glowing reviews on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. The feedback is important, because it means that the app is providing something that our business partners and customers find incredibly valuable. And the conversation is ongoing—the app team is constantly reviewing the comments that is left on message boards, social media channels, app store pages, and a dedicated email inbox. The excitement about Refrigerant Slider’s success is rippling throughout the company. Jens Andersen, Application Development Specialist, summed up the sentiment with this statement: “It’s exciting for us to see our customers’ response to Refrigerant Slider, as well as our other CoolApps. Our mission is to make it 18

HVACR Leaders • January 2018

as easy as possible for them to do their jobs and support them in any way we can, and it’s moments like these that let us know that we’re reaching that goal.” Refrigerant Slider calculates the relationship between pressure and temperature for more than 80 different refrigerants and includes information about each refrigerant’s Global Warming Potential (GWP). This information is key for installers setting up or servicing a refrigeration system. But users also include teachers at universities, product developers, and other cooling and refrigeration professionals. The app team is already back at work, making further improvements to the app and planning how to introduce it to even more users. In fact, they just released version 4.0.4, which adds the following features: Added new refrigerants – R455A + R458A Users can now switch between the IPCC AR4 and AR5 methods of calculating GWP User can now perform transcritical calculations on CO2 Refrigerant Slider is part of the Danfoss CoolApps Toolbox, a collection of digital tools designed to support cooling industry professionals.

Mitsubishi Electric, Con Edison Collaborate for New York State Clean Energy Initiative

Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric), a leading manufacturer of Zoned Comfort Solutions™ and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) cooling and heating systems, announces its collaboration with Con Edison to support New York State’s initiative, Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). REV is a comprehensive energy strategy that was created to build a clean, resilient and more affordable energy system in the state of New York. REV is driving New York’s six investor-owned utilities to work with energy innovators to lower costs and test advanced technologies through REV Demonstration Projects (REV Demo Projects). Mitsubishi Electric and Con Edison – which serves New York City and Westchester County, N.Y. – are partners in a REV demonstration project called “Connected Homes.” Under the project, Con Edison residential customers in certain areas receive Home Energy Reports that analyze their energy usage and offer suggestions on how they may save. These customers may be eligible to receive rebates on Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions™ through the end of the year. Rebates may range from $150 to $800, depending upon equipment installed in each customer’s home. To be eligible, equipment must be installed by December 31, 2017. “Our collaboration with Con Edison and participation in REV is integral to expanding our message on sustainability and energy efficiency. We are honored to help offer homeowners in New York state a better and cleaner energy option, and hope this pilot program encourages other utilities to follow suit,” says Eric Dubin, senior director of Utilities and Performance Construction, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division. Mitsubishi Electric is the first and only manufacturer of ductless cooling and heating systems to participate in a REV Demo Marketing Project.

HVACR Leaders • January 2018



HVACR Leaders • January 2018

ASHRAE Launches New Building Energy Quotient Portal ASHRAE announced the recent launch of the Building Energy Quotient (Building EQ) Portal, which provides a faster, more automated approach to receive a Building EQ Performance Score. “The primary goal of the Building EQ program is to promote more energy efficient buildings and give owners actionable recommendations to improve a building’s energy use,” says Hugh Crowther, Building EQ committee chair. “We’re excited to launch this integrated resource that will help users identify opportunities to lower building operating cost and make informed decisions to increase value.” Building EQ rests on ASHRAE methodologies and standards and the experience of credentialed practitioners. These characteristics assure owners they are receiving reliable and consistent results and recommendations. Two different evaluations – In Operation and As Designed – can be used independently to compare a candidate building to other similar buildings in the same climate zone or together for an assessment of a building’s design potential compared to actual operation. In Operation compares actual building energy use based on metered energy information. As Designed compares potential energy use based on the building’s physical characteristics and systems with standardized energy use simulation. The In Operation rating is available now and the As Designed rating will be available in early 2018. Building EQ In Operation rating assists in the preparation of an ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit to identify means to improve a building’s energy performance including low-cost, no-cost energy efficiency measures

and an Indoor Environmental Quality survey with recorded measurements to provide additional information to assess a building’s performance. Metered energy data can now be downloaded into the Building EQ Portal from the ENERGY STAR™ Portfolio Manager. Other features include an Online Data Entry and submission process, Median EUI calculation aligned with ENERGY STAR® and an improved submission approval process. The portal delivers the following items: • Building EQ Performance Score rates the building’s performance and is shown on the screen at all times for all projects. •

User Input Report documents the data entered into the Building EQ Portal for a specific project and is available for all submissions.

• Building EQ Label Report displays the Building EQ Performance Score and is available for approved submissions. • •

Building EQ Disclosure Report presents key energy use information for compliance with disclosure ordinances and will be available for a fee for approved submissions. Audit Report Spreadsheets will be automatically populated with the information gathered during the In Operation assessment for use in a final audit report and will be available for a fee for approved submission.

To learn more about the Building EQ Portal, visit www.ashrae.org/buildingEQ.

HVACR Leaders • January 2018


Find The Latest Products And Solutions All Under One Roof 22

HVACR Leaders • January 2018

The biennial HVAC & Refrigeration Show, the only national exhibition for the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and heat pump sectors, will take place next month. From 23 to 25 January, market-leaders from across the sectors will gather at London’s ExCeL, giving visitors a chance to source the latest products and solutions all under one roof. On stand E16, award-winning building component supplier Brymec will highlight its innovative approach to providing solutions to customers. Brymec’s team will be on hand to offer further information on its industry-leading customer offering, including its brand new website with special offers available for those signing up over the course of the show. Brymec marketing manager Wayne D’Aranjo says: “The show will be an ideal opportunity for those who haven’t worked with us previously to speak to our team to find out what we can offer. We plan to showcase pioneering, top quality products that make the installer’s life easier and more productive – but we don’t want to simply show them in a static display. I believe our stand promises to be one of the most striking and interactive.” External filtration specialist RAB Specialist Engineers Ltd – known in the UK as RABScreen – will be on stand C6, exhibiting its air intake filter screens which can be manufactured to fit any size or shape using its unique mounting and deployment systems. Commenting on the company’s presence at the show, managing director Richard Betts says: “Our presence at the show is to demonstrate our commitment to energy efficient filtration, and to ensure that anyone involved in the sector gets the opportunity to buy the right products from the only external filter specialist in the UK.” Visitors to the stand will be able to browse samples of RAB Screen’s media and magnetic styles, as well as the all new Keder track and cord system and the GVS Bacticell filter. With Thermofin’s product development focusing on efficient and natural-friendly solutions, visitors to stand A25 will be able to find out more about

the company’s new heat exchangers, electrical components and elements improving the efficiency of its products. Thermofin’s qualified technical engineers will be available to answer any questions regarding its heat exchangers operated with natural refrigerants and reduced power consumption, and assist with knowledge in order to realise new common projects. A full list of companies taking to the lively exhibition floor can be found online here: www. hvacrshow.com/exhibitor-list Further to sourcing new products from marketleaders, visitors will be able to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge on offer at the show. The brand new Industry Insight Series will see a leading panel of experts participate in a number of debates centred on key industry issues over the course of the three day exhibition. One insight will focus on how buildings can be measured for ‘wellness’ and the impact this can have on its occupants, while the other will look at the future of chilled food transport in the wake of Brexit, with chief executive of the Food Store & Distribution Federation, Chris Sturman, acting as chair. Sturman says: “I am delighted to be chairing the Industry Insight Series discussion about the future of the chilled food transport post Brexit. I will be inviting key players from retail, food logistics and government agencies to join me for an in depth look at the threats to the food supply chain and the messages that the UK and EU negotiators must consider in their discussions.” The show will also feature two seminar theatres; The HVACR Theatre sponsored by Opteon and the Training & Skills Theatre sponsored by Toshiba. The action-packed seminar programme will feature CPD accredited presentations by key industry figures from market-leading companies. The full seminar programme will be announced in due course.

HVACR Leaders • January 2018


Al Rajhi Building Solutions Group Throws The Spotlight On Its Cutting-Edge Construction Solutions at ‘The Big 5 2017’

The Al Rajhi Building Solutions Group, one of the Middle East region’s premier construction companies and a part of the Al Rajhi Holding, a leading business entity from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), is set to throw the spotlight on its latest range of cuttingedge construction solutions during its participation at The Big 5 International Building and Construction Show, the region’s largest and most influential event for the construction industry, which will be held from November 26 to November 29, 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). According to the group’s senior executives, all of the eight companies under the Al Rajhi Building Solutions Group-Mada Gypsum, Mabani Steel, Saudi Waterproofing, Romeo Interiors, Unipods, Cladtech International, El Sewedy Cables and Electroputere (Romania)— will be showcasing their diverse portfolio of products, solutions 24

HVACR Leaders • January 2018

and services through the groups unified platform stand, the ‘Al Rajhi Building Solutions House,’ which will be located at Stand 837 inside the DWTC. The eight companies under the Al Rajhi Building Solutions Group cater specifically to demands and requirements coming from both the regional and international construction markets. Dr. Khalid Al Rajhi, Chairman, Al Rajhi Building Solutions Group, said, “We are excited and looking forward to be participating at this year’s edition of The Big 5 show, one of the most awaited events for the construction industry. We have actively participated in the show for the last five years, which allows us to leverage our products, solutions and services across other participating companies while also exploring potential partnerships and project opportunities.” Now in its 38th edition, The Big 5 show continues to live

up to its reputation as being the biggest construction event in the Middle East-showcasing 360-degree building solutions clustered across five product sectors, which include MEP services, Building Interiors & Finishes, Building Envelope & Special Construction, Construction Tools & Building Materials and Construction Technology & Innovation. This year’s show will see the addition of a new dedicated area for the HVAC-R sector, while returning features include the Live Product Demonstrations and ‘The Gaia Awards.’ “Participating at The Big 5 show has helped drive in positive results for us, especially in the effort to increase awareness on the products and services that we offer to the region’s rapidly thriving construction segments. The highly advanced and cutting-edge type of solutions that we offer are deeply rooted in construction techniques and processes that have driven the construction industry towards more automation and have also added genuine value. Our diverse offerings provide our clients with an assurance of quality, convenience and speed. We look forward to another successful participation at this year’s show,” concluded Eng. Ahmed Al Bassam, CEO, Al Rajhi Building Solutions Group.

Tech Skills Every Millennial Engineer Should Know Knowing how to use technology is one thing, but learning how to use them efficiently is another. Other than the good old hard drives, there are already cloud systems that can back up your data for you. Just make sure to encrypt them with a strong password, especially if they contain important documents.

Know how to install an antivirus programs

Knowing how to use technology is one thing, but learning how to use them efficiently is another. For many, these skills may seem easy, but believe me there are a lot who lack them and as a result, they lose productivity at work. If you’re part of the latter group, then do your best to improve yourself. Here are the four main tech skills every millennial engineer should know.

Use the search engine in an advanced way While almost everyone knows how to search what they need in a search engine, it may be a good tip to learn how to use it in a more advanced way. Add quotation marks and the boolean operators OR, AND, and NOT. This will help you save a lot of time as well as remove the unwanted results from the beginning.

This skill is essential since you need to protect your computer from external attacks to be able to protect your data. As our world is getting more and more advanced in digital technology, it gets even harder to protect our privacy. That’s why we need to learn how to install and update our antivirus programs for our computers to be safe from anything malicious.

Access your office from anywhere If you’re an engineer who works remotely, then good for you, you have your work wherever you go. But if you work in an office and need to travel on a business trip, or need to work from home, it’s important that you can access all of your work files remotely from any location. Most offices nowadays have a virtual network where their employees can connect to wherever they are on the grid.

Also make sure that as you scan through the search results, that you know how to distinguish a reliable resource from a bad one.

Back up your data Prevention is better than cure. You won’t know when your computer decides to crash or gets stolen. That is why it is important to back up all of your important files, photos or documents. HVACR Leaders • January 2018


UAE’s SKM Launches The First Line Of Chillers In The Middle East Equipped With Honeywell Solstice ZE Refrigerant

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today that S.K.M Air Conditioning LLC (SKM), a United Arab Emirates-based manufacturer, is launching the Middle East’s first line of chillers equipped with Honeywell’s Solstice® ze (R-1234ze) refrigerant. The product will be showcased at the Big 5 trade show in the UAE, happening November 26 to 29 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. According to a 2015 report from PwC, energy usage in the UAE has grown at an annual average of 4 percent over the past six years, with projections that it will increase to 5 percent through 2020. In addition, cuts to energy subsidies have made energy efficiency one of the top priorities for the region. Adoption of Solstice ze—which is based on low-globalwarming-potential (LGWP) hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) technology—could reduce energy consumption. “Adoption of Solstice ze for our new chiller line not only helps us improve energy efficiency, but also meet environmental targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mr. Nabil Abouseido, Marketing and Business Development Director, SKM. “We are excited to be the first HVAC manufacturer to offer chillers equipped with Solstice ze in the Middle East. Adoption of this technology helps support regional goals to become greener and more energy efficient.” SKM is an award-winning HVAC manufacturer that provides equipment throughout the Gulf region. The new chillers—large central air conditioning units designed for industrial and commercial buildings—will be available for industrial installation throughout the Middle East.

“Honeywell remains committed to supplying next-generation, environmentallypreferable HFO alternatives to support the regional Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) industries on accelerating the transition from hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and other high-GWP materials,” said Amir Naqvi, regional marketing leader, Honeywell Fluorine Products, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa. “SKM is one of the earliest adopters of our ultra-low GWP refrigerant in the region, and we are looking forward to supporting more manufacturers who are working to achieve energy efficiency goals and sustainability efforts.” The GCC countries are the key signatories of the Kigali amendment to the Montreal Protocol, which is focused on phasing down the use of high-global-warming hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Solstice ze is non-ozone-depleting with a GWP of less than 1. It complies with the latest regulations designed to reduce the global warming impacts of fluorinated refrigerants and other materials. Honeywell is a world leader in the development, manufacture, and supply of refrigerants that are sold worldwide under the Solstice® and Genetron® brand names for a range of applications, including refrigeration, building and automobile air conditioning. Honeywell and its suppliers have completed a $900 million investment program in technology development and new capacity based on Honeywell’s HFO technology, which helps customers lower their carbon footprint without sacrificing end-product performance. For more information on Solstice ze, please visit www.honeywell-refrigerants.com.

6 Skills That Engineers Should Invest on Learning They might be soft skills, but they pay off forever. n college, engineering students are trained to be technically proficient so they can do their respective jobs later on and build a career on them. Rarely do engineering schools train the students on soft skills, or those which do not require formal technical training, as such can only be learned through work experience and exposure to organizations. This is why on their first jobs, engineers should have a mindset that it is not only the technical or engineering stuff that needs to be focused on. The soft skills are just as important, even if they are difficult to learn. Here are seven of those skills which might be quite challenging to learn but definitely worthy as they pay off forever: 28

HVACR Leaders • January 2018

Knowing when to shut up To make suggestions and give comments is one thing, to talk mindlessly or without consideration is another. While it feels good to say what you want to say, engineers should also learn that not all receiving ends appreciate honest talks. Be mindful about the consequences of your words because it could create conflicts in your workplace.

Being emotionally intelligent We could never emphasize more how important emotional intelligence is for engineers. Perhaps equally important as the intelligence quotient, EQ affects how you manage behavior, navigate social

complexities and make personal decisions in and out of your job. The core of this skill is being able to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behavior and relationships.

Managing time It is important for engineers to be productive, deliver results, and beat deadlines. And the best way to do that is if you are able to manage your time effectively. Which tasks are the least and most important? Being able to prioritize is also a skill.

no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout, and even depression. This is considered a skill since it is often difficult to say no, especially to a higherup.

Getting high-quality sleep Even in college, engineering students do not get enough sleep. Bad news is that it carries over in the workplace, making it indeed a skill for engineers. Enough rest is required for engineers to perform peak performance at work. This is backed by science.

Saying no

Staying positive

An engineer who is a yes man or a woman can have its consequences. For one, studies show that the more difficult you have saying

Engineering is difficult work. Tough times bring out the worst in you, so it pays to keep that mindset of staying positive and motivated.

HVACR Leaders • January 2018


Airedale Hosts Third Annual Commercial Event In The Middle East

Leading British air conditioning manufacturer, Airedale International recently hosted its 3rd Airedale Commercial Event, in Dubai, UAE as part of its continued commitment to support customers and business partners in the region. The annual initiative is a day of celebration, networking and strategy bringing together customers and business partners from across the Middle East.

training on a range of data centre cooling systems. Content included new services such as CFD consultancy. The day culminated in the coveted business partner awards, presented in recognition of expertise and innovation in energy-saving, and the application of resilient cooling technologies throughout the UAE. The 2017 Award Winners are:

The event was hosted by Airedale Managing Director Anthony Cole, Export Manager Asim Ansari, Senior Project Engineer Joe Thomas, Sales Engineer, Tim Ord and Airedale’s Dubaibased Sales Engineers, Nissar Rahman and Jamshad Padancher. Throughout the day delegates were introduced to new products such as the triple award-winning Artus™ hybrid, low energy fan coil system, as well as receiving 30

HVACR Leaders • January 2018

Best Business Partner Al Mazroui Advanced Technology, UAE Best Sales Engineer Mr Sebin Thomas, MATCO, UAE Best Project of the Year Westfalia, Jordan - for Jordan Petroleum project Special Recognition: Al Moayyed Trading & Contracting, Bahrain Data Centre Solution, Lebanon

Qualities Of An Effective Engineering Team Here are some tips for maximum productivity as a team What makes the perfect engineering team? While there isn’t such a thing as perfect, but we can try to be as close to it as possible. Strong engineering teams are the foundation of high-performing companies. If employees don’t cooperate and don’t work well with each other, many problems can happen like poor organization, missed deadlines, blaming and conflict in the workplace. So here are some qualities that can help you ensure that you and your teammates can have maximum productivity during your work as a team.

Effective Communication Don’t forget that communication is a two-way


HVACR Leaders • January 2018

process. If you are more of a speaker, learn to listen. In contrast, if you are more of a listener, learn to speak up as well. When you are in a team, being able to communicate openly is the first step to effective communication. Share your thoughts, opinions and ideas with all the members of the team. Effective communication is needed to be able to keep track of progress and work together efficiently.

Focus On Goals And Results Effective teams set team goals based on outcomes and results, not just on the amount of work being done. A straightforward plan ca then be set on how the team is going to achieve their objectives, as a group and as an individual contribution.

Delegation and Contribution Each member is delegated a certain task, and in turn each member gives their contribution based on their task delegation. Good teamwork means every member contributes their fair share of workload and they fully understand what their responsibilities are. They know that their presence and work is necessary for the team to be successful.

They Offer Each Other Support Team members are ready to

assist their teammates when they need a helping hand with work.

Good Leadership Every effective team has a leader that they trust and respect. This person serves as a glue that holds the team together and is responsible for setting the pace, offers encouragement and motivation, and makes sure all members of the team are updated.

makes sure that their own tasks are organized, and the leader makes sure that everything is organized in an overall level.

Fun All work and no play? No way! This can lead to team burnout, lack of productivity, and loss of motivation from the whole team. That’s why it’s important to add some enjoyment. Effective teams get together outside of the office sometimes to socialize and have some fun.

Organized Organization is important for any project to run smoothly. Each member of the team HVACR Leaders • January 2018


Losing Drive In Your Engineering Job? Ask Yourself These Questions Re-ignite your drive to push yourself forward or make a change?

There will be a point in our careers when we will need to stop and think about where we are, where we have been, why we are still here, and what lies ahead of us. It’s that point in time where you’re going to decide whether you need to reignite your drive to push yourself forward in your current career, or you need to make a change and find a new path. So what do we do when we get to this point in our careers? One of my mentors in the past taught me to ask myself a set of questions that I should ask myself every 6 months or whenever 34

HVACR Leaders • January 2018

I’m starting to ponder about my love for my career.

#1 Am I Continuously learning? Learning isn’t confined in the four corners of a classroom. One way to know if your career is healthy is when you know that your are continuously learning. Are you gaining new skills? Are you encouraged to attend seminars? Are you finding ways to improve your work? Or are you learning new things at work, but feel dissatisfied and want to learn something that is more

and passion in our work. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to find a new job ASAP. It may mean you just need a breather like a vacation. Maybe you need a fresh project to work on, whether it’s a project at your company, or a personal project at home.

#5 Am I happy?

challenging? It’s important to know whether you are learning new things at your current career and if what you are learning is sufficient enough to make you a better professional.

#2 Am I growing? In any career, not just in engineering, career growth is one of the most important aspects that should be checked every now and then. Is the path clear for you to be able to get to the next level at your company? Are you being trained for leadership roles? Do you see a different department where you could use your skills more? Take note of the path you are taking. We all have different ways to interpret growth. There are people who see growth as climbing up the career ladder and become a boss or manager in their company, while there are others who want to find growth elsewhere– such as a different department or a different company or field.

#3 Is respect present? Never settle in a company that makes you feel degraded and unappreciated. Always choose to be in an organization where your opinion matters.

#4 Am I doing my best? There will be occasions wherein we will lose our drive

There is no perfect job. Even your dream job will have it’s consequences and difficulties, as a matter of fact, ALL jobs have their difficulties. That’s why, it’s always better to choose a job that is close to your passions. It will definitely have difficulties along the way, but all your hard work will be worth it because you know you’re working for what you love. It’s difficult to have a definite yes to all these questions, but if you have answered “no” to most of them, then it may be time to ponder if you need to take a new direction in your career.

HVACR Leaders • January 2018


How Engineers Can Balance Work With Their Passions While we love our jobs as engineers, we also have other passions that we want to give some of our time to. A lot of people have different passions that aren’t related to their professions, such as art, dance, photography, music, etc. In an ideal world, our professional jobs and our passions would be one and the same. However, while we love our jobs as engineers, we also have other passions that we want to give some of our time to, and the problem lies there. Working full time as an engineer while trying to give time for your passions can be difficult to balance. So here are some tips on how you can balance work with your passions.

Be Strict With Your Schedule If you really want to balance your work and passion and you’re the type of person just chooses to “go with the flow”, then this is the time you should be strict with your schedule. The best way to balance any activity is to practice disciple. Make sure you set a time every week for finishing work (including a leeway for emergency overtime), so that you also have time for your passion.

Start A Bit At A Time Having a jam packed week of full time work and 36

HVACR Leaders • January 2018

your passion activity can really take its toll on you. So start slow. Schedule your passion activity only once a week for the first month, and slowly increase the frequency of your passion activities as time goes by. By doing so, you would lessen the possibility of physical and mental burnout.

Choose A Day Off You should have a day in the week wherein you will neither work nor do your passions. This will be your day for ultimate relaxation, pampering, resting, and recharging for the next week to come. While this is not entirely possible because of the demanding day jobs, do your best to schedule some days in a month for this.

Count Your Hours of Sleep No matter what your work and passion schedule is, always make sure you have enough sleep–that is 6-8 hours. Remember, if you are not able to recharge your body, you won’t be able to function properly throughout the next day. Prioritize your body, it will thank you.

Strategies For Engineers Who Want To Gain New Skills They say to be able to excel in your career, it’s important to pick up new skills that can help you grow professionally.

They say to be able to excel in your career, it’s important to pick up new skills that can help you grow professionally. However, not many of us know where to start, so here are some strategies that can help you learn new skills.

Memory Tricks Engineers are naturally talented when it comes to creating memory tricks, it’s a skill we’ve all nurtured since engineering school. Use this skill when you are learning a new skill at work as well.

Accept Both Sides of The Coin When you are learning something new, it’s important to remember that you will need to accept not only the good sides of learning, but the bad sides as well. You will need to accept failure. You will need to be willing to have some sleepless nights. You will need to accept that it’s not going to be fast and easy. You will need to be resilient.

Practice This is where many people give up. Constant practice can be difficult, but it is needed for you to develop your new skill. There will be other people who are more talented than you are, and will be able to master the same skill in a shorter period, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep up with them. Run your own race and concentrate on your progress instead of other people’s. Soon, you’ll be able to master your new skill.

Find a Mentor One of the best ways to master a new skill is to find a mentor who can show you the ropes. It’s always better to have a mentor than learn it yourself because you will be able to learn the skill more than just its theory. You will also be able to learn the skill through your mentor’s experiences. These tips can also be applied in skills other than for professional purposes. Hopefully, these tips will be able to help you learn and master your chosen skill quickly. HVACR Leaders • January 2018


Empower’s ‘Consultants’ Meet Discusses New District Cooling Guidelines For 2018 Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower), the world’s largest district cooling services provider held ‘Consultants’ Meet’ in Dubai to discuss the new district cooling guidelines for 2018. The event was attended by over 100 guests, including district cooling technical experts, contractors and consultants. The meeting is part of a series of events conceived to impart the technical knowledge on district cooling among the consultants. “The ‘Consultants’ Meet’ is an effort to connect 38

HVACR Leaders • January 2018

with our business associates and provide a platform to discuss best practices and new insights of the district cooling industry, with a focus on the UAE. It is a pleasure to witness such a large number of district cooling technical and design experts at the meet. This is a testament that the district cooling industry is well on track to keep the sector aligned,” said Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower. Two main topics the meet discussed were ‘Submetering’ and ‘ETS Room Guideline’ in district

“At Empower we take pride in introducing the new generation of energy-saving cooling systems, that not only respond to existing priorities to satisfy consumer’s needs, but is in line with the government’s plans on energy preservation as per Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030. With this in mind, the ‘Consultants’ Meet’ is also aimed at enlightening the local and global markets of the huge capabilities of district cooling industry,” added Bin Shafar.

cooling, which addressed the importance of provisions while master-designing projects and developments. These topics were selected as part of technically integrating district cooling systems’ design peculiarities into conventional building designs and conceptualization.

In a report published in May last year, Research and Markets predicted that the value of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market would exceed $16.2bn by 2020. Research and Markets further noted that smart and green building standards, as well as increasing awareness among consumers of the benefits of using sustainable systems, were pushing HVAC suppliers to develop energy-efficient and technologically innovative products such as district cooling systems.

“District cooling system is the way forward for cooling needs, which not only generate savings for the utility bills, but also provides quality cooling. Through ‘Consultants’ Meet’ we aim to provide the attendees with detailed information on the benefits and uniqueness of the innovations in district cooling. Those Meets have become unique in the industry, ensuring insightful discussions and informative approaches,” concluded Bin Shafar. Empower provides environmentally responsible district cooling services to large-scale real estate developments such as Jumeirah Group, Business Bay, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai International Financial Centre, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Ibn Battuta Mall, Discovery Gardens, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai World trade Centre Residences, Dubai Design District, among others.

HVACR Leaders • January 2018









The region’s leading platform for the power industry to conduct business, network and discover the latest trends.















LG Air Conditioning Technologies Raises The Bar On Green Building Efficiency And Performance Spotlighting its commitment to environmental sustainability and energy-efficient green building technologies, LG Electronics USA Air Conditioning Technologies returns to the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo 2017 with a host of industry-leading innovations focused on creating sustainable commercial and residential buildings.

technologies for the residential and commercial marketplace, including single and multi-zone HVAC systems and controls:

LG MultiSITE™ Remote Controller

As a Greenbuild 2017 Platinum Sponsor, LG is highlighting a multitude of solutions for architects, engineers, builders, developers and contractors to support green building initiatives and energy management. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology leader LG is demonstrating how its air conditioning systems are designed to minimize efficiency losses found in conventional HVAC systems and provide sustainable energy savings contributing to lower lifecycle costs and points towards LEED certification. “LG’s commercial, light commercial and residential systems are making major inroads in the United States, where demand continues to grow for high-performance HVAC technology. LG is dedicated to creating sustainable innovations and is proud to lead the way with our industryleading VRF technology,” said Kevin McNamara, senior vice president, Air Conditioning Technologies, LG Electronics USA. “The world’s largest conference dedicated to green building is the perfect venue to showcase LG innovations in efficient air conditioning technologies and real-life case studies of how our products have contributed to the sustainability of various residential and commercial building projects.” Featured in LG’s Greenbuild booth (#2203) are some of the company’s most sought-after


HVACR Leaders • January 2018

The LG MultiSITE Remote Controller is a highly intuitive, customizable user interface that allows system managers to configure functionality and home screen appearance to meet the needs of a specific zone. The MultiSITE Remote Controller featured at Greenbuild Expo 2017 is part of LG’s MultiSITE Controls Suite and represents the future of controls for the HVAC industry, affording building owners greater flexibility for controlling the zones within their building. Also on display are third-party thermostats that can be seamlessly integrated into LG systems using the LG Dry Contact solution, offering contractors the flexibility to install the solution that’s perfect for their customer’s needs.

LG SmartThinQ™

new LGRED° (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) heat technology, designed to optimize cold climate performance. Products featuring LGRED° heat deliver superior heating performance: 100 percent of rated heating capacity down to 5° F and continuous heating operation down to -13° F. This increased performance not only delivers heat when traditional models are unable to, but also operates with incredible efficiency; making products with LGRED° heat the ideal heating solution for less temperate regions of the country. LGRED° heat technology is currently available on the 9K and 12K as well as the new 15K and 18K Btu/h capacities of the Art Cool™ Premier single zone systems as well as the Multi F and Multi F MAX multi-zone systems.

LG Multi V™ 5

New to the air conditioning suite of products featured at Greenbuild Expo 2017 is the ability to control Wi-Fi-enabled indoor units using the LG SmartThinQ application. Now users have the freedom of controlling their home’s precise comfort from their fingertips alongside other SmartThinQ-enabled LG devices, such as refrigerators, ranges, washing machines and robotic vacuums. This capability enhances the efficiency and convenience, giving unprecedented control to create a truly connected home. SmartThinQ technology is currently available standard on the majority duct-free systems, including the extended piping single zone system as well as all units that are Smart AC enabled.

LGRED° - Powerful Heating Technology

Another Greenbuild Expo highlight is the brand

The flagship product in LG’s state-of-the-art airsource VRF systems, the Multi V 5, represents the next generation in the popular LG Multi V family. The LG Multi V 5 is available from 6- to 42-tons, with a choice of three-phase 208V, 230V or 460V electrical power as heat recovery/heat pump outdoor units. New to the Multi V line-up are the single frame 16-, 18-, and 20-ton units; the 20-ton unit representing the largest tonnage in the smallest, single frame footprint on the market today. As a smaller and lighter solution, the Multi V 5 20-ton not only reduces footprint requirements, but also helps to reduce installation costs. HVACR Leaders • January 2018


While the footprint of the Multi V 5 has been reduced, its performance has increased. Building upon Smart Load Control of the Multi V IV, the Multi V 5 features Advanced Smart Load Control which proactively addresses the impact of pending weather changes ensuring optimal comfort for all of the building occupants. The Multi V 5 also features LG Intelligent Heating technology that defrosts as needed rather than responding once frost has reached a preset point. On top of active response capabilities, the Multi V 5 also features a new biomimetic fan design that draws from nature’s design and enables the unit to operate more efficiently and increase airflow while reducing the perceived noise level by approximately 20 percent.

LG Multi F and Multi F MAX

LG Multi V S

As first in the industry to offer a single-phase VRF 5-ton heat recovery system for the U.S. market, LG is showcasing the Multi V S, a compact, 5-ton heat recovery unit that operates single-phase power, designed to provide excellent energy efficiency and the versatility of simultaneous heating and cooling. Requiring only single-phase power, the 5-ton Multi V S now offers home and business owners across the country more energy-efficient air conditioning options than ever before.


HVACR Leaders • January 2018

At the core of LG’s Greenbuild Expo residential and light commercial display is the Multi F series, including the Multi F and the LG Multi F MAX outdoor unit, which are now available with LGRED° powerful heat technology. The single-phase, 5-ton outdoor unit connects up to eight individual indoor units and allows occupants to condition each individual room or space. The ENERGY STAR® certified Outdoor Multi F units (now available in 1.5-, 2-, 2.5-, 3-, 4-, 4.5- and 5-ton capacities) represent the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including residential homes and light commercial buildings.

LG Art Cool Premier

Driving energy efficiency for green buildings,

LG’s Art Cool Premier wall-mount duct-free split system is one of the industry’s most efficient and stylish air-conditioning units. The quiet outdoor unit features an inverter compressor which consumes less energy than conventional air conditioners. The inverter compressor ramps up or down to match the outdoor temperature load and provides precise control based on each room’s set point. When the selected temperature is reached, the inverter compressor operates at a low speed to maintain comfort level instead of continuing to cycle on and off, using less energy. Earning the coveted ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2017 designation, the LG Art Cool Premier system also offers one of the highest SEER ratings in its class and features LGRED° heat technology enabling superior heating performance in some of the coldest climates.

LG Art Cool Gallery

Marrying efficiency and design, the duct-free LG Art Cool Gallery provides owners the opportunity to express an individual sense of style while cooling or heating multiple rooms. This innovative indoor model allows the user to display an image in the customizable frame. Available as a multizone system, the Art Cool Gallery is compatible with the Multi F outdoor units, which support up to eight indoor units and Multi V systems. Users can choose from 9,000 and 12,000 Btu/h multizone indoor models. Key features of the Art Cool

Gallery include remote control operation, quick and easy installation, natural air flow and auto operation modes. It maintains a quiet sound for both indoor and outdoor units. The LG Art Cool Gallery Inverter duct-free split system provides both comfort and a stylish aesthetic for all-season comfort.

LG Art Cool Mirror

The Art Cool Mirror indoor units have a flat panel with a charcoal mirror finish to complement any design aesthetic. It integrates a motorized guide vane that allows the control of airflow from side to side, as well as a motorized louver that can automatically change airflow by directing the air up and down for a uniform air distribution. Users can choose from various fan speed settings in cooling and heating modes, as well as incorporate a Chaos setting, which simultaneously and randomly changes fan speed and flow direction to mimic natural outdoor breeze. The indoor unit operates at sound levels no higher than 42 dB(A), contributing very little noise to the room. Installation is effortless, as the Art Cool Mirror requires little to no ductwork, so contractors can easily install a system in a halfday. The removable, washable mesh filters are also easily accessible from the front of the unit without using tools. Recognizing the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, LG Electronics is proud to have more than 600 ENERGY STAR certified products, in addition to being named the “Official ENERGY STAR TV Provider for Greenbuild 2017.” For demonstrations and more information on LG products featured at Greenbuild 2017, visit the LG exhibit booth #2203 or www.LGhvac.com. Additional details on LG sustainable technology solutions can be found at www.lg.com.

HVACR Leaders • January 2018


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15-18 JANUARY 2018 A B U D H A B I N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N C E N T R E


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exhibiting companies

Bringing together a global audience of industry leaders, policy makers and sector specialists, WFES in the leading exhibition for innovations, product launches and valuable business networking opportunities. It is the place for making connections that will offer you unparalleled access to decision makers from fast growing energy markets such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Morocco, Egypt, India, Africa, Jordan and many others.

For exhibition space booking and sponsorship opportunities at World Future Energy Summit 2018 Claude Talj

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Trane Acquires CALMAC® Corporation, a Leading Energy Storage Company Trane®, a leading global provider of indoor comfort systems and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, announced that it has acquired CALMAC® Corporation, a privately held company specializing in cool energy technologies including IceBank® storage tanks. CALMAC ice storage tanks are integrated with Trane commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to take pressure off of the energy grid. The ice storage tanks store energy, similar to a battery, and use that energy to cool commercial buildings during times when the cost of energy is high. This reduces the strain on public utilities, reduces operating costs for building owners and allows for better use of renewable forms of energy. “We are pleased to incorporate CALMAC solutions into our leading portfolio of energy efficient systems and services,” said Donny Simmons, president of the Commercial HVAC business of Ingersoll Rand. “With CALMAC, we are well positioned to offer customers even greater choices for reducing energy and operating costs and capitalizing on the multi-billion energy services market opportunity.”

Mark MacCracken, chief executive officer of CALMAC. “We know that with the support and investments from Trane and its parent, Ingersoll Rand, CALMAC can expand the availability and distribution of our products, serving new and existing customers with the energy storage and ice solutions they demand.” More than 4,000 businesses and institutions in 60 countries rely on CALMAC’s thermal energy storage to cool their buildings, including some prominent buildings in the United States (U.S.) such as Rockefeller Center and the Credit Suisse Building in New York City and an Ingersoll Rand North America headquarters building in Davidson, N.C. The energy efficient thermal storage systems reduce peak energy usage by roughly 35 percent by decreasing need for carbon-emitting “peak plants”-power plants that kick in when there is high demand for electricity. CALMAC operates from one location in Fair Lawn, N.J. The CALMAC acquisition is consistent with Ingersoll Rand’s strategy to help customers solve climate and industrial challenges including energy and fuel efficiency, food waste and productivity. The value of this acquisition was not disclosed or material.

“CALMAC is pleased to be part of Trane,” said HVACR Leaders • January 2018


2018 HVACR Forecast

Top HVACR Industry Trends to Watch Out for this 2018 If there will be one theme that is common for HVACR Industry trends this 2018, it is how technology is beginning to influence the industry as well as their customers. This is definitely the year to observe how technology can influence the HVACR Industry in terms of marketing, business operations, as well as making data focused decisions. Here are the top HVACR industry tends to look forward to this year.

Energy Efficiency As time goes by, the focus on energy efficiency in the heating and cooling industry is continuously increasing. Technicians and engineers are looking for new tools, methods and technology to reduce waste, from highefficiency equipment to limiting heat loss. As new technology on energy efficient heating and cooling technology gets more available worldwide, more consumers will be able to enjoy 48

HVACR Leaders • January 2018

the cost-saving benefits of choosing the new alternatives. With more efficient equipment, both companies and the consumers will be able to benefit.

A Smarter Industry The HVAC industry is getting a lot smarter as many companies are starting to utilize and rely on smart equipment for better productivity. Sales and service processes are being automated, thus allowing the company to cut their customer acquisition costs to keep their pricing competitive. Companies are also making use of smartphone apps, and programmable applications to allow technicians, engineers, and building managers to control production processes in one control point, such as lighting and ventilation. Companies are also getting better readings and measurements because of the accuracy of data collection. This will allow more efficient HVAC systems in the future.

Smart Thermostats While they have been around for a while, they are now becoming more mainstream. A smart thermostat is a device that connects via WiFi and can automatically connect to your HVAC system to adjust the temperature. The real-time adjustment of this device increases the energy efficiency in homes.

Data Focused Decisions With the help of new measuring and data gathering technologies, HVACR technicians and engineers will be able to use real metrics to make important company decisions instead of trusting only their instincts. New smart technologies will allow HVACR companies to be able to adapt their services according to the customers’ needs. This is useful for customers who live in severe climates or have special requests.

Zoned Heating and Air This type of HVACR system is slowly gaining popularity, and can be expected this 2018 due to its efficiency and cost effectiveness. The zoned heating and cooling system works by ‘separating’ a location, such as your home, into different areas or “zones” wherein each area is controlled separately by a thermostat. Zoning a home or office has several benefits, such as the elimination of hot and cold spots as well as individual control of the different rooms’ temperatures. With zoned heating and cooling, the rooms that are not used often will not be using as much energy just to reach your selected temperature. While zoned HVACs are highly sophisticated, they can still be installed into traditional systems if necessary.

Green and Sustainable HVACR This concept is a great trend to focus on since it can help contribute to the environment. There are now green mechanical systems that keep indoor air clean. These innovations will keep your home as warm or cold as needed, and at the same time do so in an environmentally friendly way.

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exhibiting companies

EcoWaste Exhibition is the event to exhibit at to unlock opportunities in the Middle East & North Africa’s growing waste management sector. Meet key buyers and position your brand as a leader in waste management technologies and services. Here is a selection of organisations that were represented by senior decision makers in our hosted buyer programme in 2017: • Tadweer • ADCO (Abu Dhabi Company for onshore petroleum operations)

• Eastern Region Municipality (Saudi Arabia)

• Sharjah Municipality • Dubai Municipality

• Ministry of Petroleum (Egypt)

• ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company) • Bee'ah

• Dhofar Municipality (Oman)

• Royal Commission Jubail (Saudi Arabia) • Jeddah Municipality (Saudi Arabia) • Zarqa Municipality (Jordan) • Rotana Hotel Group

For exhibition space booking and sponsorship opportunities at EcoWASTE Exhibition 2018 Hussam Yared Co-located with


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January 2018 HVACR Leaders Issue 009  

GineersNow HVACR Leaders Issue 009

January 2018 HVACR Leaders Issue 009  

GineersNow HVACR Leaders Issue 009