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The Industrial Hose Market 2019-2027

The Wireline Group Upgrades to MiX Telematics for ELD Compliance and Asset

Ecopetrol acquires 30% of the Gato do Mato discovery in Brazil’s Pre-Salt






Dubbed as the “Oscars” of the engineering, industrial and technology, the GineersNow Awards (2020 Asia) highlight corporate and individual achievement, visionary leadership, and impeccable performance in 19 categories.

To sponsor this black-tie gala awards night, contact Ms. Ems at +63 917 1792828 ems@gineersnow.com



s an environmentalist, I was very distressed to hear about the April 20, 2010 incident. The tragic explosion of the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico was first and foremost and environmental crisis than it was an industrial crisis. Having done deep sea diving in the past has given me the unique perspective—that of an ocean creature. Seeing the corals and marine life intermingle with one another in their level rather than above is truly a magnificent sight to behold. That is why it is so heart-wrenching to see them become blackened and blanketed by thick oil. That is why the improvements to existing oil spill technology, as well as the introduction of new oil spill technology is such a breath of fresh air, as it gives fellow divers and environmentalists, as well as the marine life and Mother Earth herself the reassurance they all deserve when it comes to aquatic disasters. Yes, unforeseen tragedies will always be part of the job and life, but it is comforting to know that there are steps being taken to prevent them. There are plenty of oil spill technologies that deserve praise. There is an aerogel (freeze-dried mixture of claw with a polymer) sponge to draw out oil and leave water 4

The Latest Oil Spill Technologies behind, a high-speed skimmer that can operate on rough and chaotic waters, magnetic soap that is more environmentally friendly and can pull oil away from water, milkweed kits, lotus leaf-inspired oil-trapping mesh, Roomba-like robots for the sea, utilizing the natural oil-cleaning properties of Rangia clams, armies of micro-submarines, autonomous sailboats, and even an oil filtration system by Waterworld actor Kevin Costner himself. In this regard, it is safe to say that the sea seems more secure from potential oil spills.

Regional Office: LG Electronics Gulf FZE, P.O Box 61445, Dubai. Tel: +971 4 279 9222, UAE, Mr. Amjad Abu Alika, Tel: +971 50 450 9808, email: amjad.abualika@lge.com; Fortune International Trading LLC, Mr. Wail Halbouni, Tel: +971 50 481 3570, email: fortintl@emirates.net.ae; Ghantoot Trading, Mr. Nour Haboush, Tel: +971 50 109 4109, email: nour.h@ghantootgroup.ae; District Cooling Company, Mr. Ahmed Henedi, Tel: +971 50 658 4832, email: ahmed@districtcoolingcompany.com; Al Yousuf Electronics, Mr. Moitra, Tel: +971 50 457 6170, email: pmoitra@alyousuf.com; Bahrain, AJM Kooheji and Sons, Mr. Jayachandran, Tel: +973 36888801, email: v.jayachandran@ajmkooheji.com: Al Babtain Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Co., Mr. Naji Kataya, Tel: +965 5 051 5771, email: nkataya@albabtaingroup.com,kw; BLK, Mr. Imad Rhayel, Tel: +965 5 157 1229, email: irhayel@blk.com.kw; Oman, Oman Gulf Enterprise, Mr. Narender Kumar, Tel: +968 9 747 4505, email: narenderk@otegroup.com; Aspire Projects and Service, Mr. Vivek Wagh, Tel: +968 99357694, email: vivekwagh@aspireoman.com; Azerbaijan, NBC LLC., Mr. Elkhan Sadikhov, Tel: +994 50 216 3363, email: elkhan.sadikhov@nbc.com; Al-Con Maxiwell Group, Mr. Vagif Alexperov, Tel: + 994 50 216 2092, email: maxiwellbaku@inbox.ru; Armenia/Georgia, ARAY Gulf, Mr. Vilson Melikjanyan, Tel: +374 9 307 7755, email: vilson@aray.am; Yemen, Modern House Exhibition, Mr. Khaled Jabr, Tel: +967 71 172 0202, email: mail@mhe-yemen.com; Pakistan, Iceberg Industries (Lucky Goldstar), Mr. Imran Jamil Khan, Tel: +923 21 277 6100, email: ceo@icebergindustries.net






Professional Cleaning Equipment For Your Any Kind of Job: Nilfisk and Viper

The Air Quality in PH is Harmful for your Child’s Health

20 Why NuPON is the Best Engineering and Industrial Supplier in the Philippines


Here’s the Right Paint for Basketball Court Flooring

32 4 Oil Spill Technologies with Two Green Thumbs Up!

52 The Industrial Hose Market 2019-2027


Ecopetrol acquires 30% of the Gato do Mato discovery in Brazil’s Pre-Salt 6

The Wireline Group Upgrades to MiX Telematics for ELD Compliance and Asset

Game of Thrones Actor Partners With Fisker as a Sustainability Advisor


FEWA and MubadalaACWA Power consortium ink Agreements for Desalination Plant in Umm Al Quwain

72 Internet Of Things In Construction: Predictions and Outlook


How Operations Managers Can Reduce Sickness Amongst Engineers


Ways IoT Can Enhance Agriculture


Setting a Solid Foundation for Your Business with Temporary Structures


Bits Pilani,Dubai Campus Organizes International Conference


Professional Cleaning Equipment For Your Any Kind of Job: Nilfisk and Viper


hen it comes to keeping the house spick and span, Filipinos are second to none. To the Filipinos, anything can be used to clean. Dried coconut husks, for example, are used by Filipinos help to clean and polish wooden floors, and a multitude of thin, coconut midribs taped together becomes an effective broom to sweep up dirty floors. While these are unorthodox cleaning items that are certainly smart and effective, these still do not compare to the professional cleaning equipment offered by Nilfisk and Viper. Their products are designed to deliver high quality cleaning experience that exceeds the expectations of any users. Ever since Nilfisk-Advance, the supplier of professional cleaning equipment in both industrial, commercial and consumer markets, acquired Viper Group, a leading manufacturer based in Dongguan, Southern China that supplies professional cleaning equipment, an entire line of top-notch cleaning equipment was being manufactured and shipped all across the world. To both Nilfisk and Viper, no mess is


too big to clean, be they a simple, lightweight household chore to the most demanding and heavy-duty industrial cleaning task. The credit for introducing Nilfisk and Viper’s equipment to the Philippines goes to Co Ban Kiat Hardware Co, the distributor in a continuous effort

to provide world class hardware solutions to the Philippine market. Thanks to Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. the Filipinos have countless options for cleaning tools for household, commercial, and industrial use. Here are sample cleaning devices under Nilfisk and Viper’s wide array of cleaning tools.

First are two household cleaning machines that are sure to keep your any home spotless. From Nilfisk, there is the lightweight and compact wet and dry vacuum cleaner with electrical outlet for power tool called the BUDDY II 18 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner. It is a powerful helper for picking up wet and dry debris. These second generation wet and dry vacuum cleaners come with an 18-liter container and are equipped with an electrical power outlet to connect your power tool. Viper, on the other hand, flexes the DSU10EU Commercial Dry Vacuum, which is suitable for daily indoor cleaning in offices, hotel rooms, small restaurants, retail outlets and light to medium duty applications. It is easy to use as its main switch which can be operated by foot or hand, cord wrap and hook function, accessory holder, tube holder and HEPA filter. It is simple and user-friendly with high manoeuvrability making transport easy. It has great value for money due to its ECO switch which can save energy in different cleaning situations. Second are two commercial cleaning machines that are useful any time, anywhere. Nilfisk enters the commercial cleaning scene with their E 145.4-9 X-TRA High Pressure Washer. This powerful tool has a long-life induction motor and easily handles larger and frequent cleaning tasks. It offers good ergonomics and a large range of operation as it is equipped with a 9m soft hose or 10m steel armed hose. From gentle cleaning of softer or more sensitive surfaces 9

to blasting away ingrained dirt, this tool is equipped with many invaluable features. To increase performance, this tool comes with Click & Clean connectivity for a range of optional accessories. Viper as well has a magnificent contender: their BV3 Air Blower. The Viper BV3 Air Blower offers a powerful and more cost-effective way to dry even the largest carpets and floors as well as the fast moving of air from toilets and water closets in hotels, schools, offices, and similar locations. Working with the BV3 Air Blower is highly flexible and convenient. You can place the compact machine in several blowing angles. Get the all-out efficiency by linking up to 3 units via daisy chain. Weighing just 10 kg, the air blower is also easy to lug around, store, and transport. Powered by a new 3-speed induction motor with thermal protection, the BV3 will save energy and money. Also protected by the strong roto-molded shell, the BV3 Air Blower is tough and ready to operate in every condition. Due to its long lifespan and low energy consumption, the BV3 Air Blower must be in each commercial location. Lastly, these two cleaning units (specifically ride-on scrubbers) from Nilfisk and Viper are here to modernize current cleaning processes in industrial factories and multiple industrial facilities. The ride-on scrubber from Nilfisk, the SC6500D Ride-on Scrubber, is a highly productive machine for scrubbing and drying of large floor and indoor areas. It offers 12

the best cleaning performance in its class, including the unique Ecoflex-system. Being easy to use for the staff – even for hard cleaning tasks – the SC6500 is ideal for big supermarkets, warehouses, airports, parking areas, food industries and heavy industries. With a scrubbing width of up to 1300 mm ensuring high productivity, a water tank capacity of 265 liters that enables the operator to work for 1.5 hours before refilling, and a high brush pressure, cleaning large

places with NIlfisk’s Ride-on Scrubber is the way to go. That is, if you prefer the AS530R Ride-on Scrubber from Viper instead. The AS530R is the first mini ride-on scrubber dryer in the user-friendly Viper series, known for providing high cleaning efficiency at attractive prices. With battery and tank capacity to clean for hours, this machine is ready to take on areas of more than 5.000 m2. An ideal choice for cleaning in hotels, bus

This ever-growing conglomerate traces its humble roots to Manila Chinatown, as a pioneer enterprise started by family’s patriarch, Mr. Cobankiat in 1920. Despite the ruins of World War II, the business goes back to its feet in 1948, rebuilding a storefront from the very same spot where it was known for three decades.

and train stations, supermarkets, exhibition centers, shopping malls, schools and other institutions. If one likes a more compact, smaller unit, this is unit is the user’s best bet.

Coby’s Designer Center Unit 467 level 4 Shangri-La Plaza Edsa Corner Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City, Philippines Phone +632 86364895

For cleaning purpose, these units from Nilfisk and Viper truly are top-tier, so be sure to check out Co Ban Kiat Hardware Co.’s website for more information on them.

About CBK Hardware For almost a hundred years, a family’s surname has become synonymous to the country’s biggest hardware supply company. Co Ban Kiat Hardware Incorporated, of the Cobankiat family has a regular client network of more than 1,500 industrial organizations; 1,600 traditional community hardware stores, and 584 home building specialty chain of stores across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. This ever-growing conglomerate traces its humble roots to Manila Chinatown, as a pioneer enterprise started by family’s patriarch, Mr. Cobankiat in 1920. Despite the ruins of World War II, the business goes back to its feet in 1948, rebuilding a storefront from the very same spot where it was known for three decades.

Where to Buy? Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. is the largest authorized distributor of the best industrial hardware solution brands in the Philippines. To shop online, visit https://www.cbkhardware.com/ Co Ban Kiat Hardware, Inc. Ground Floor, Cobankiat Building II 231 Juan Luna St. Binondo Manila, Philippines. Phone +632 8243-1931 Phone +632 8243-5263 Phone +632 8894-6561

While the Filipinos continue to rebuild their lives post war, CBK Hardware sees the opportunity to introduce the retail concept once unheard for in hardware industry. The Hardware Workshop Store is the fruit if this endeavor. CBK Hardware further cemented its legendary distribution channel with the creation of Coby’ Design Center in Edsa Shangi La in 1996, a specialty store that caters to discriminating taste of modern Filipinos. In 1997, Mr. Johnny Cobankiat, the 4th generation Cobankiat leader, set another milestone for the company when he brings a franchise of Ace Hardware USA to the Philippines, and signs up CBK Hardware as one of its major suppliers. This further expanded into delivering quality world class products nearer to families of Filipino overseas workers in the countryside. A century’s excellence can quickly pass, and guided by the vision to be the largest network supplier of the biggest global brands in the hardware industry, CBK Hardware resolve to source the best products to supply its customers anytime and every time.



The Air Quality in PH is Harmful for your Child’s Health

ants, colognes and perfumes, and other sources of air pollution. The saturated state of the atmosphere can harm infants and children. Luckily, with the TOSOT Air Purifiers, these kids can breathe easy, literally and figuratively, thanks to its many air-cleaning and pollutant-removing features. Having this in the house, office, school, or wherever your kids are is a guaranteed way of protecting them from harmful airborne pollutants. One of this product’s most useful features is its three filters. With an electrostatic filter, pre-filter, and ozone recovery filter, the TOSOT Air Purifier is more effective and more hard working compared to other purifiers, and does not let even the smallest types of particles through it. Because of the collaboration of these three filters, even the people with the most sensitive lungs can take in the purified air.


ilipinos are a familial people. Our families are akin to armies in terms of size and number and almost everything we decide upon is for the benefit of our family as a whole. Our culture also heavily revolves around babies—our social media feeds are flooded with photos and videos of newborns, we watch cute baby videos to pass the time, and we even pressure our newlywed friends to get pregnant ASAP as if their babies are ours to play with. Truly, we love kids. 16

We love our kids so much that we do everything in our power to give them the best things in life— the best education money can buy, the healthiest food for them to eat, and even the best quality air they can breathe.

One such air pollutant it effectively removes is the formaldehyde, a colorless and odorless gas that is highly toxic when breathed. The TOSOT Air Purifier removes formaldehyde by keeping it stuck in its three types of filters.

That being said, the Philippine environment could be better and cleaner for future generations. The sad truth is, air quality in the country is at an all time low thanks to an increase in traffic congestion, cigarette use, aerosol sprays and disinfectants, deodor-

It is also kitted with plasma purification technology that goes far beyond the expectations of removing pollutants from the air. This technology utilizes bipolar ionization to proactively purify indoor air at the source of con-

tamination, effectively fostering a clean and clear breathing environment for the whole family. Unlike traditional air purifiers, the TOSOT Air Purifiers are less difficult to clean. It has detachable parts that allow focused cleaning per part. When these parts are removed, it cannot be turned on, preventing it from breakage and accidental damage. Not only is it efficient and effective for homes and offices, the TOSOT Air Purifier does not infringe upon the peace and quiet of the day. With its slim, elegant, and most importantly, quiet design, the TOSOT Air Purifier does its job well with utmost silence, not only fostering a clean and healthy atmosphere, but also one that is serene and perfect for people with a lot of tasks to do.

The user experience of having a TOSOT Air Purifier does not disappoint. Unlike other air purifiers with a lot of twists and turns in the consumer journey, this product has a one button start-up and an easily readable light display for an additional information about the air quality of the room. Having these details at hand is helpful for the whole family. You can never have too much information when it comes to the quality of air you’re breathing. The TOSOT Air Purifier isn’t just a must have for the home, but also hospitals and schools. Cleaning the atmosphere in these facilities is as important as cleaning the air at home because these are where the next generations are born and raised alongside the house.

generation ought to be thought about, from what they eat at an early age, to the cleanliness of the air they breathe. It may sound like overprotectiveness, but it’s true. It may be a simple change in the atmosphere, but this simple change can give the best a child deserves: clean air from birth up until adulthood. After all, we would like to give the best life for the future generations of leaders and world changers. With the TOSOT Air Purifier, you can rest well knowing that the air you and your child are breathing are one and the same— cool, fully cleaned air with no trace of pollutants to give them a hard time breathing.

Overall, every little factor that affects the growth of the next 17


Why NuPON is the Best Engineering and Industrial Supplier in the Philippines It’s no surprise that with the arrival of a new decade, the world has gotten even more dependent on state-of-the-art technology. Around the world, individuals in the industries of cleaning, engineering, construction, business, manufacturing, and much, much more have integrated ultramodern tools of the trade to lessen the workload, smoothen the processes, and shorten the time it takes to work on certain tasks. Truly, technology has grown into a need rather than a want, especially in a somewhat tech-lacking country such as the Philippines. A big player in the field of technology is NuPON Technology Phils. Corp., one of the best suppliers of high-tech tools and gadgets that promote ease of living, especially for the hardworking albeit traditional Filipinos. There are 5 branches in the Philippines: Cavite, Subic, Cebu, Clark, and Baguio. Established in the Philippines on May 16, 2000, NuPON Technology has since become the leading integrated solutions


provider for contamination and static control, personal protective equipment, quality assurance, productivities equipment, engineering services, and a wide array of other domains. NuPON Technology strives to help the Philippines achieve excellence and global competitiveness in the areas of semiconductor, emergency medical services, manufacturing, warehousing, automotive, food processing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, construction, and engineering. With a deeply integrated identity and almost twenty years of experience in fostering a future of normalizing technology to ease the lives of each worker, NuPON Technology truly is capable of driving the Philippines towards a more technologically advanced state. NuPON Technology is even revered by the world-renowned certification body AJA Registrars and UKAS Management Systems.

Led by Elvis Tang, the President of NuPON Technology Phils. Group of Corporations, takes pride in his company as it mirrors his own journey to success that started 20 years ago. Tang dipped his toes in technology when he founded NuPON Technology. “We felt that we needed to go both wider and deeper�, Tang said, referring to expanding their list of technological products, increasing manpower, and vying for more efficient overall management. Fortunately for the workers under him, Tang is a very hands-on and direct leader and practitioner of servant leadership. The company, unlike many other companies in the industry, exudes a social warmth from its leaders and they are very happy to give aid and share their knowledge and stories of their experience to budding employees and enthusiasts of growth. NuPON Technology has entrenched its identity in the space of all things technological and industrial, helping semi-conductor, manufacturing, engineering and technology companies with their products such as abrasives, automated guided vehicles, cleaning equipment, UPS, products that help in the scope of engineering, cleaning, lifting, packaging, and industrial among others, NuPON is sowing the seeds of technological growth wherever it becomes present. One of their most prized possessions are their automated guided vehicle (AGV) series. These AGVs are compact robots that either follow marked lines on the floor, uses radio waves, vision cameras, magnets, or lasers for navigation. Most often used

in warehousing and industrial applications to transport heavy loads and other materials around a large industrial facility such as factories or logistic hubs, automated guided vehicles have lessened overall difficulty by carrying heavier materials and increasing the limit of materials that can be carried. With 2D Code and IMU navigation capabilities, their

Quicktron can carry up to 600kg. On the heavier side of things, the laser-guided Pallet Truck AGV, for instance, can carry 1000 to 2000 kg and move up to 45M/ min for 8 hours. These AGVs are essential for the efficient operations of any warehousing business, and those working in Alibaba and Amazon are truly experiencing the many benefits of AGV’s robotic products. 21


For over 20 years, American University of Sharjah (AUS) has been at the helm of the region’s intellectual, cultural and scientific development. As we enter our third decade, we are renewing our commitment to providing outstanding undergraduate and graduate education, and embarking on a new era of pioneering research.

27 bachelor’s programs | 14 master’s programs | 4 research institutes | 3 research centers Executive Education | PhD in Engineering Systems Management

Learn more:

www.aus.edu/cen AUS has been ranked in the world's top 50 universities under 50 years of age.

AUS has the highest percentage of international students of any ranked university in the world.

Another set of products that are beneficial for workers are the PPE, or personal protective equipment. Personnel working in manufacturing, construction, mining, industrial or electrical allied field companies can benefit from PPEs such as the Sun Shade Brim Helmet can provide relief on hot summer days and full head-protection; with a high-definition protective filter to ensure clarity without compromising security, their NOVA-616G Auto Darkening Helmet is suitable for all types of electro-welding, covered electrodes, plasma cutting, and laser welding; and a rack of industrial safety shoes that act as exceptional defenses for your legs and feet in the form of industrial safety shoes and boots that, in terms of stylishness, can give even the world’s most popular shoe brands a run for their money. On the other side of the PPE spectrum, those in medical allied industries like hospitals and pharmaceuticals will be amazed with NuPON Technology’s ESD and Cleanroom Products such as Chemical Sorbent Sock, Oil Only Laminated Sorbent Pad, Oil Only Sorbent Pillow, multi-disposable protective suits, and a whole set of protective, chemical-resistant gloves. These promote the highest form of safety in the medical and healthcare workspaces. NuPON Technology is also selling UPS (uninterrupted power supply), which will undoubtedly benefit large office spaces, manufacturing companies, and call centers, among others with continuous electricity and power. There is a slew of UPS devices that workspace owners will find extremely useful—the MP Modular Series, 24

Plastic, Metal and Ceramic materials • Laser Cleaner for Pogo Pins and Sockets • Semiconductor FOL Equipment and Various parts (SAW, DA, WB and Oven) • Thermocouple and heater cartridge • Cutting Tools, Tool holder and Inserts For more information on NuPON Technology and their products, you may contact these numbers:

ST 31 Series, ST1V Series, ST2V Series, and ST-300 Series, among others. These units all have an input voltage of 50%-120% or 220-240VAC.

Here’s the full product line of NuPON for engineering, industrial, medical and technology companies:

•Chemical Mixing and These products are a testament Distribution Equipments to NuPON Technology’s •Abrasives commitment in moving towards •Automated Guided Vehicle technological security for all the (AGV) industries in the world, especially •Automatic Shoes Sole Cleaner in the Philippines. Despite •Cleaning Equipment having been at the forefront of •Engineering Products this quest for 20 years, this •ESD / Cleanroom Products company breathes life into its role •Industrial Products and enacts vision as if it had just •Inverter taken root and while a •Packaging Products technologically secure and •Personal Protective Equipment confident Philippines is still a (PPE) long way to go, we can rest •Semiconductor Tools and assured that someone is at the Accessories helm of this crusade, driving •Tawi Ergonomics Lifting progress every single day. Equipment •Test Instruments/ Digital Multi tester •UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) • Starrett Vision Systems, Profile Projectors, Precision Tools and Metrology • Low and Hi-Powered Microscopes • 3D Printer for Engineering

NuPon Technology Head Office Filsyn Corp Compound Brgy. Don Jose, Santa Rosa City, 4026 Laguna, Philippines. Tel: +63 49 530-1879 Tel: +63 49 530-2329 Tel: +63 49 530-1879 Email: ntpctmsg@gmail.com WhatsApp: +639178675324 Website: www.nuponcorpphils. com Cavite Branch The Arcade Bldg. Blk 5 Stl 9&10, Holiday Homes, Brgy. Biclatan, Gen. Trias Cavite 4107 Tel: +63 46 512-0982 Tel: +63 46 512-0979 Subic Branch 83A 14th St., New Kalalake, OC Tel: +63 47 223-8894 Clark Branch Apartment#5 Jasmin St, Pineda Subd. Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga Tel: +63 45 625-0162 Cebu Branch 158 Sangi Road, Pajo. Lapu-lapu City Cebu, Philippines 6015 Tel: +63 32 520-3285 Baguio Branch #71 Sarok Road Camp 7 Baguio City Tel: +63 74 246 2391 25


Here’s the Right Paint for Basketball Court Flooring

GineersNow Inc. Level 10-1 & 20-1, 25th St Cor 5th Ave, One Global Place Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1632 Philippines M: +63 939 375 3224 | M: +63 995 011 2138 T: +63 2 751 9394 | F: +63 2 751 9394 E: editor@gineersnow.com | W: www.gineersnow.com

If there is one sport that the Filipinos love the most, it is definitely basketball. The sport has captured the interest of the majority of the country for a long time now, and with the popularity of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) players, it is safe to say that the sport will continue to flourish in the coming years.

Level 10-1 & 20-1, 25th St Cor 5th Av Bonifacio Global City, Tag M: +63 939 375 3224 | M T: +63 2 751 9394 E: editor@gineersnow.com | W: w

But while basketball in the Philippines is indeed decades old, we cannot say the same for the basketball courts, especially the flooring. Basketball courts, both indoor and outdoor type, suffer lots of wear and tear. Wood floorings used in indoor areas like gyms are less likely to be replaced every so often, but those with acrylic paint finish like outdoor courts should be repainted regularly to maintain its overall look.

Construction of a Basketball Court Building your own basketball court can be quite tricky. You need to consider several factors like condition of the land, drainage and sloping, and weather in the area, among others. You might also be tasked to choose whether to use asphalt or concrete in the construction 28

Company Reg. No. CS201627109 | Company TIN 009-466-208

of the flooring. There is also the matter of size and the orientation of the court to take into consideration.

Painting the Basketball Court If you’re painting a basketball court for the first time, you must allow the new concrete to cure for at least 30 days prior to painting. Afterward, you can proceed to priming the flooring. All you need to do is to wash the entire floor with a pressure washer to make sure no dirt will stick to your primer. Allow the surface to dry before priming the area. The primer can take about two to four hours of drying, but will take longer in cooler and more humid locations.

On the other hand, if you are planning on just repainting an old basketball court with peeling flooring, the first thing you need to do is to wire brush the area and remove any loose paint on the floors. Pressure washing is also recommended to fully wash the surface, but this can take longer to dry. Either way, make sure the floor is free from any dust and excess paints to ensure a smooth surface for the primer.

lated for concrete floors with high foot traffic such as basketball courts, badminton courts, tennis courts, and even functional venues. Its no-slip feature makes it an ideal coating for floors. Its ultra violet (UV) light resistance is also helpful in extending the life span of the court.

On top of all of that, ROS ElastoFloor is designed to give your floors a beautiful finish. Its Once everything is neat and tidy, low sheen finish combined with you can proceed to choosing the a broad array ofGineersNow colors toInc. choose Level 10-1 & 20-1, 25 St Cor 5 Ave, One Global Place best Basketball court floor paint Bonifacio from will provide you with Global City, Taguig 1632 Philippines a M: +63 939 375 3224looking | M: +63 995 011 2138 to use. The coating should be able premium basketball T: +63 2 751 9394 | F: +63 2 751 9394 E: editor@gineersnow.com to withstand sports-type foot court. | W: www.gineersnow.com traffic for a longer time. This is where Rain or Shine paint comes into play. The ROS ElastoFloor is especially formuth





pril 20, 2010 was the day the oceans suffered. Due to the tragic explosion of the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico, 5 million barrels of crude oil was unleashed into the sea. 53,000 barrels of oil polluted the crystal blue waters with thick oil that flowed for 87 days. Needless to say, it was the biggest offshore spill in U.S. history—an industrial disaster for the books. But perhaps one of the more gruelling aspects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill was the clean-up. They did not have widespread oil spill cleanup technology a decade ago. There was a lag in oil spill technology advancement since the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster. That is why great news comes in the form of new advancements in oil spill clean-up.



Here are 4 Ground-Breaking ways experts hope will make the next Oil Spill Less Tragic. 1. An aerogel (freeze-dried mixture of claw with a polymer) sponge to draw out oil and leave water behind A sponge is easy to visualize—it is a porous yellow cube we use to help clean up spills in our kitchen. There is even a kids show about a sponge and it has aired for over 10 years. Imagine if this was supersized to the point it could entire square meters of oil at a time. This is the brainchild and recent realized innovation of the researchers at Case Western Reserve University. They have developed a super-lightweight clay sponge to draw out oil from contaminated water and reuse the absorbed oil for later.

2. One boat to out-skim them all Booms and skimmers are popular clean-up devices currently used in oil spills, but skimming can only be done in smooth, still waters with a sufficient amount of light. These booms and skimmers are ineffective on rough waters and darkness due to low visibility. Fortunately, the company Extreme Spill Technology has created a high-speed skimming vessel that can solve these issues. These lightweight vehicles can operate faster than traditional skimmers, can skim in waves higher than 3 meters, and do not clog as easily. The boat has been successfully tested by the Canadian Coast Guard and are set to be sold worldwide.



5 million Barrels of crude oil was unleashed into the sea.




53,000 barrels of oil polluted the crystal blue waters with thick oil that flowed for 87 days.



3. Magnetic soap may clean Tainted Water During the incident in the Gulf of Mexico, dispersants were the most commonly utilized weapon against the oil spill. Almost 3 million liters of dispersants and soaps were used in the clean-up effort. Apparently, this is a lesser evil as dispersants do not easily break down in the environment. Luckily, scientists from the University of Bristol have developed a new, iron-rich salty soap that reacts to magnetic forces once it is in the water. This ingenious compound, when placed in a solution, rises to the surface of the water, dragging the oil with it. The research is still theoretical, but experts hope that it’s the first step toward a new, important cleaning formula.

10 48

4. Kevin Costner’s Oil Filtration Machine Yes, you read that right. Famous American actor Kevin Costner has a green thumb and is doing everything in his power to support the advancements of oil spill technologies. Kevin and Dan Costner (Kevin’s scientist brother) collaborated and soon debut an oil-filtration device that had been in development for more than a decade. It is reported that Costner has invested 26 million USD of his own money into a device that works on a centrifuge principle, separating and jettisoning clean water from oil. This is very poetic, as his character in the film Waterworld is also about a man whose heart belongs to the sea. With these inventions in their beta phase, the future of the sea looks bright and Mother Nature can rest easier knowing these products are here to help her. -end-

11 49


The Industrial Hose Market 2019-2027 The global industrial hose market accounted for $10.89 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $21.12 billion by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 7.6% during the forecast period. Increasing demand for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and rising infrastructure-related developments are the factors driving the market. However, the lack of technical know-how of industrial hoses is hampering market growth. A hose is a flexible and often reinforced vessel used to transfer fluids from one location to another. Industrial hose covers the broad spectrum of fluid transfer lines, including flow lines for fluids and gases in pneumatic, hydraulic, or process applications, as well as specialized uses in heavy industry such as mining, geotechnical, and construction. Industrial hose is usually application-specific; consultation with hose manufacturers regarding specific applications is typical. By material, the polyurethane segment is likely to have a huge demand during the forecast period. Polyurethane is a plastic material, which exists in various forms. It can be tailored to be either rigid or flexible and is the material of choice for a broad range of end-user applications, such as building insulation, composite wood panels, insulation of refrigerators and freezers, and car parts. They have exceptional resistance to gasoline, oil, kerosene, and other petroleum-based products, making them suitable for use in industries, such as oil & gas, chemicals, mining, food & beverages, and agriculture.


Based on geography, Asia Pacific is estimated to have a lucrative growth during the forecast period. APAC is a potential market for industrial hoses owing to increasing urbanization, increasing demand for automobiles, a modernization of agricultural processes. High population density and growing per capital income of this region, along with large-scale industrialization and urbanization, are the driving factors for the growth of the market. Global Industrial Hose Market, By Material • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) • Polyurethane • Silicone • Rubber • Nitrile Rubber • Natural Rubber • Other Materials • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers (EPDM) • Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (upe) Global Industrial Hose Market, By End User • Infrastructure • Food & Beverages • Pharmaceuticals • Oil & Gas • Automotive • Chemicals • Mining • Water & Wastewater • Agriculture • Construction • Industrial Manufacturing • Steel Works

Global Industrial Hose Market, By Media • Water • Chemical • Oil • Hot Water and Steam • Air and Gas • Food and Beverage List of Industrial Hose Suppliers • Gates Industrial Corporation PLC • RYCO Hydraulics • Transfer Oil S.P.A. • Eaton Corporation PLC • Parker Hannifin Corporation • Piranha Hose Products, Inc. • Kurt Manufacturing • NORRES Schlauchtechnik MBH • Colex International Ltd. • Kanaflex • United Flexible • Semperit AG Holding • Campbell Fittings, Inc. • Continental AG •Trelleborg AB 253


Ecopetrol acquires 30% of the Gato do Mato discovery in Brazil’s Pre-Salt Ecopetrol could incorporate some 90 million barrels of crude oil in contingent resources as of 2020, with production that could total around 20,000 barrels of crude per day in 2025. The Company will hold a 30% interest. Shell will continue as operator with 50%, while Total will retain 20%.

Ecopetrol S.A. (BVC: ECOPETROL,NYSE: EC) reports that its subsidiary Ecopetrol Óleo e Gás do Brasil Ltda has entered into an agreement with Shell Brasil Petróleo Ltda. to acquire 30% of the interests, rights and obligations in two areas corresponding to the BM-S-54 Concession Agreement and the Sul de Gato do Mato Shared Production Agreement, located offshore in Brazil's Santos basin, in the so-called Pre-Salt, where a hydrocarbon deposit known as "Gato do Mato" was discovered. Under this agreement, Shell will reduce its stake from 80% to 50% and continue as operator, while the French company Total will retain the remaining 20%.In addition to these oil companies, the Brazilian government also participates in the Shared Production Agreement, through Pré-Sal Petróleo S.A. (PPSA). After discounting this share, the consortium will proportionally maintain the above percentages.


Three wells that have discovered light hydrocarbons have been drilled in these two blocks. The consortium will continue executing activities and operations in order to initiate production in coming years. "Joining this discovery in the Brazilian Pre-Salt with world-class companies is part of our growth and internationalization strategy, focused on high potential basins such as Santos in Brazil. This acquisition balances our production portfolio by adding light hydrocarbons. In 2018 we announced the entrance into the Pre-Salt, an area with one of the greatest potential in the continent. Today we strengthen our presence by being part of a discovery that will give us production in a few years" said Felipe Bayon, president of Ecopetrol. According to Ecopetrol's estimates, the company could incorporate some 90 million barrels of crude in contingent resources as of 2020, which will be gradually added to its balance of reserves. Ecopetrol also estimates that its share of production could total around 20,000 barrels per day of crude in 2025. This agreement is in line with the company's strategy of capital discipline and sustainable growth in reserves and production and strengthens Ecopetrol's position in the Santos basin in Brazil. The Gato do Mato stake will add to our current position at Pau-Brasil and Saturno blocks. The agreement signed by Ecopetrol ร“leo e Gรกs do Brasil Ltda. and Shell Brasil Petrรณleo Ltda. is subject to the respective approvals of assignment to Ecopetrol by Brazil's Ministry of Mines and Energy, the country's National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels and other customary transaction conditions. Ecopetrol is Colombia's largest firm and is an integrated oil company that is among the 50 largest in the world and the four largest in Latin America. In addition to Colombia, where it generates over 60% of the country's production, it is active in exploration and production in Brazil, Mexico, Peru and the United States (Gulf of Mexico). Ecopetrol operates the largest refinery in Colombia, most of the country's oil-pipeline and polyduct network, and is significantly increasing its share of bio-fuels. 457


The Wireline Group Upgrades to MiX Telematics for ELD Compliance and Asset Management

A leader in oilfield wireline services chooses MiX for flexibility, deep industry experience MiX Telematics, a leading global provider of fleet and asset management solutions, announced today that The Wireline Group is implementing MiX Telematics' solutions across its fleet of nearly 400 heavy- and light-duty trucks and trailers for ELD compliance, safety and efficiency improvements, and asset management in the USA. The Wireline Group is the leading provider of cased-hole, electric wireline services in the Rocky Mountain Region, Permian Basin, New Mexico, and both Central and Southern Texas. The Wireline Group is implementing MiX Telematics' premium solution for ELD-compliant fleet management, including vehicle tracking and managing hours of service along with driver behavior modification. MiX Tabs is also being implemented as a cost effective solution for tracking the location of assets. 560

MiX is displacing another solution previously used at The Wireline Group. A unique feature MiX's solution provides is the ability to switch between different ELD and non-ELD modes for compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation ("DOT") regulations – a capability critical to The Wireline Group, as some of its vehicles are subject to DOT ELD regulations only when trailered. "MiX has deep oilfield experience, which was important to The Wireline Group because most of our customers are in that market," said Sterlin Smith, Director of Transportation at The Wireline Group. "MiX also offered the most flexible solution – not all of our vehicles are subject to the ELD mandate all of the time. MiX recognizes that, and offers a lot of options for fleets. We also appreciate their approach to customer service and ensuring The Wireline Group gets the most out of its ELD investment." "The Wireline Group has a strong commitment to safety and compliance," said Charles Tasker, Group Chief Operating Officer at MiX Telematics. "We're looking forward to working side-by-side with The Wireline Group team to make telematics a competitive advantage for their fleet."

About MiX Telematics MiX Telematics is a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions delivered as SaaS to 766,000 subscribers in over 120 countries. The company's products and services provide enterprise fleets, small fleets and consumers with solutions for efficiency, safety, compliance and security. MiX Telematics was founded in 1996 and has offices in South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, Uganda, Brazil, Australia, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates as well as a network of more than 130 fleet partners worldwide. MiX Telematics shares are publicly traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE: MIX) and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: MIXT). 61


Game of Thrones Actor Partners With Fisker as a Sustainability Advisor


any TV viewers know him as “Jaime” on the HBO series, “Game of Thrones.”

But many of those fans might not know that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau travels the world as the United Nations Development Programme Goodwill Ambassador for climate change and other social issues. Now, Coster-Waldau is teaming up with electric 64

vehicle and advanced mobility products company Fisker to bring sustainable, affordable and premium mobility to market. He will serve as a partner and sustainability adviser to Fisker chairman and chief executive officer Henrik Fisker in working toward a future with advanced, affordable, electric mobility serving as a model for the future of transportation. Fisker and Coster-Waldau

first connected on Twitter, discussing their passion for sustainability. The two are working toward helping Fisker Inc. fulfill as many of the United Nations’ sustainability goals as possible. Fisker Inc. is working toward completion of its “affordable, all electric production-intent” SUV prototype. The company will unveil the all-electric SUV at the end of this year, and it will feature a range of approximately 275 to 300

miles. The vehicle will also use recycled plastic from ocean debris, vegan leather, and a solar roof in its top-model spec. Also, the vehicle will recycle waste generated during tire manufacturing. The vehicle will recycle that waste — which typically goes to landfills – for various interior applications. Fisker Inc. says its long-term goal is the creation of a consumer platform that brings desirable, affordable and sustainable mobility to the mass market. The company wants to enable a wider consumer base to drive its premium electric vehicles. To do that, Fisker is working on what it describes as a “revolutionary direct-to-consumer smart platform,” which it says might not include sales of its vehicles. Fisker Inc. says it will announce details of its affordable, direct-toconsumer e-mobility platform later this year. That, according to the company, will break new barriers of entry to affordable, clean mobility “without onerous long-term contracts or expensive upkeep.” “I am very excited to have Nikolaj participate in Fisker’s mission of binging the world’s most sustainable, affordable and desirable electric vehicles to mass market,” Fisker said in a news release. “I am looking forward to working with him on learning about and achieving

U.N.’s sustainability goals” “Mass vehicle electrification around the world will make an immense impact on the fight to combat climate change,” said Coster-Waldau, who has also partnered with Google in implementing its street-view tool to raise awareness and show the impacts of climate change in Greenland. He has also traveled to Maldives to report the effects of global warming.

Coster-Waldau continued, “And although we’ve progressed, there’s still a long way to go. Henrik Fisker’s vision to help spark wider adoption of electric vehicles is unique, combining the most sustainable materials and manufacturing with his globally renowned design touch to bring emotionally appealing vehicles to the mass market. I’m delighted to embark on a journey to deliver more beautiful vehicles for a more beautiful world.” 65

FEWA and Mubadala ACWA Power consortium ink Agreements for Desalination Plant in Umm Al Quwain


nder the directives of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed AI Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and in fulfillment of the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 - His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Rashid Al Mualla, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Umm Al Quwain, harnessed the full potential of the emirate to implement the project in support of the water security strategy, which will accelerate the sustainable development of the UAE.


The Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA) and a consortium consisting of ACWA Power, a global leader in water desalination and power generation, and MDC Power Holding Company LLC, an entity fully owned by Mubadala Investment Company PJSC (Mubadala), has entered into a water purchase agreement for a 150 million imperial gallon per day desalination plant in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain. The plant will utilise Seawater Reverse Osmosis technology. Under the terms of the agreement FEWA will hold 20 percent of the stake, while ACWA Power and Mubadala will each own 40 percent. The government of Umm Al Quwain

will join as a partner in the project and will own a stake at a later date. His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Saud Al Mualla, Crown Prince of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, stated: “The crucial and strategic project in Umm Al Quwain is considered an important milestone in the series of development projects in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as it enhances the partnership between the public and private sectors and reflects positivity on the overall national economy; the project is also strategically located between Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah”. H.E. Eng. Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei, UAE Minister of Energy & Industry and Chairman of FEWA, said: “This project is FEWA’s first asset in partnership with the private sector. Its implementation will reinforce UAE’s Water Security Strategy 2036 as well as bolster its core programmes. The plant is set to supply 150 million imperial gallons per day to the Northern Emirates and will prompt the private sector to further invest in those areas.” Once commissioned, the Umm Al Quwain plant will be the largest desalination project in the Northern Emirates. The project cost is deemed as highly competitive and will utilize state of the art technology allowing it to efficiently produce water while preserving the environment. Construction is expected to commence in the second half of 2019, with initial water production scheduled in 2021. The project is part of the UAE’s effort to optimise water produc-

tion and meet the increasing demand for water in the country. Mohammad Mohammad Saleh, Director General of FEWA said: “This project will be FEWA’s first IWP project to be held in the Northern Emirates, which will help in utilizing an efficient water generation system to meet and secure the demands of both residential and agriculture sectors with competitive economical prices. FEWA will continue to achieve its ambitious vision of meeting the growing water demands in the Northern Emirates by improving and investing in its water facilities infrastructure and seeking to adapt new technologies to enhance sustainable developments.” “Our agreement with FEWA is a strong indicator of how ACWA Power has developed a stronghold in the United Arab Emirates. Setting up the first

IPP infrastructure in Umm Al Quwain, while simultaneously expanding our portfolio of projects is a major milestone for us. We look forward to capitalising on this opportunity and supporting the envisioned growth for the country.” Chief Investment Officer, Rajit Nanda Mohammed Al Huraimel Al Shamsi, Director of Utilities at Mubadala, said: “We are pleased to partner with FEWA and ACWA Power on this strategic development. The project is in line with our Leadership’s vision of developing a sustainable more efficient water infrastructure that can cater for the growing demand whilst preserving natural resources in the country. Mubadala looks forward to continue working with our partners to bring the project to completion and support FEWA in its objective of securing water in the most efficient manner.”



Internet Of Things In Construction: Predictions and Outlook The internet of things, IoT, consists of a myriad of applications in hundreds of industries. When appliances, machines, devices, and systems can connect to the internet and communicate to, and with each other, the possibilities are endless. The only limiting factor in making the Internet of Things in construction successful will be the imagination of contractors. As more advancement in technology comes to light, IoT will find its spot in construction. Among the areas where contractors have used the internet of things in construction include:

Application of the Internet of Things in the Construction Industry The use of the internet of things in construction site projects is expanding. Below are just some of the applications that all types of professionals (including engineers) are using the internet of things for.

Operate Machines Remotely When machines are connected to the internet, they are easy to operate remotely without having human labor on site. This is advantageous in instances where the area is considered hazardous to human workers. Besides running it from a device, workers can use wearable computing devices such as Google Glass to access instruction manuals.

Replenishing Supply With IoT, it is easy to replenish material supplies when the count goes below a given level. Here, units of supply bear RFID tags allowing a system 72

to count the units. The system will be set to request the central system to more units when the count goes below a given count. This way, at no time will there be fewer units than needed, and there will be no idle time, thereby saving the construction company some money. Again, the company is less likely to order more units than needed.

Track Tools in Real-Time When construction tools and equipment can connect to the internet, you can track them. When workers misplace drills and other items, it will be easier to track them. Instead of walking up and about the construction site, you will pinpoint the exact location of a given tool. Today, construction companies already use GPS to track fleet locations. Again, when you can track tools and equipment, you can position them on-site to make the necessary drilling, cutting, or excavation. This is one of the tech trends that are taking over the construction industry; you can see more on Procore.

Monitor the Status of Equipment With the IoT, you do not have to wait until a machine breaks down. With the internet of things in construction, sensors will show you the status of a machine and inform you when a repair is needed. This way, you can fix your equipment before the total breakdown.

Log Working Hours for your Workers Field engineers and workers use the bulk of the equipment connected to the internet. If drills, movers, and other machines can connect to the internet, you can monitor their working hour and




Minesite workforce optimization solutions


Fuel consumption improvement saving 1.2 million liters annually with an estimated cost savings of $725,000 USD

5.7% 5.7% Dragline productivity improvement 5%

Load time improvement

45% Reduction in traffic incidents 81% Reduction in operator risk assessment scores

INCREASE SAFETY SAFETY / PRODUCTIVITY / PROFITABILITY INCREASE As aa global global technology technology leader leader in in the mining industry, our mission is to As increase your site’s profitability by optimizing the safety and productivity of your operators. operators.We We know know Africa Africa and how to deliver results at your mine. your We are are deploying deploying more more African-based African-based Training Advisors and Embedded We Trainers, growing our simulator rental fleet and investing in new products and services services to to support support our our African African customers. In 2018 we deployed dozens and of simulators simulators and and Conversion Conversion Kits®® to to both both surface and underground of mining operations operations in in Africa, Africa, including including Tharisa Minerals, Kamoto Copper, mining VALE Mozambique, Mozambique,African African Underground Underground Mining Services (Subika and Star VALE Comet),Anglo Anglo Gold Gold Ashanti, Ashanti, DTP RAL 1 and Endeavour Mining. && Comet),

We are the only mining simulator supplier with a consistent consistent and and proven track record of delivering significant and measurable in-field cost reductions, productivity gains and safety improvements improvements to to African African mines, and the only simulator supplier supported by alliances alliances with with industry leading OEMs - Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr Liebherr and and Hitachi. Hitachi.

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Informed Decisions Through Informed Decisions Through Integrity and Innovation Integrity and Innovation

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Delivering Delivering Cutting Cutting Edge Edge Technology Technology & & Logging Logging Solutions Solutions Africa Africa Wide Wide Acquisition and interpretation of wireline logging Acquisition and interpretation of wireline logging data to maximise value of your resource assets data to maximise value of your resource assets Geophysical, Structural and Geo-technical Logging || Enhance Hydro-geology Models with bMR Geophysical, Structural and Geo-technical Logging || Enhance Hydro-geology Models with bMR Directional Surveying with latest AMT Gyro technologies || Data Interpretation and Modeling Directional Surveying with latest AMT Gyro technologies|| Data Interpretation and Modeling

Critical Critical input input to to your your Hydro-geology Hydro-geology model model off off the back of a truck Borehole Borehole Magnetic Magnetic Resonance Resonance (BMR) (BMR)

Your YourAnswer Answer Product Product for for Bankable Bankable Cost Cost Reductions Reductions ||||Characterise storage & flow capacity of sub-surface formations Characterise storage & flow capacity of sub-surface formations ||||Acquire Acquireporosity porositymeasurements measurementswithout withoutradioactive radioactivesources sources ||||Replace packer testing and reduce costs by 60-70% Replace packer testing and reduce costs by 60-70% ||||Reduce Reducelaboratory laboratoryanalysis analysisby by60-70% 60-70% ||||BMR60 now with natural gamma BMR60 now with natural gammacombination combinationlog log

log them remotely. You can also monitor how much work a worker can do every day to prevent fatigue and accidents. For fleet management, drivers can wear wristbands that monitor their health and alertness. If you feel the driver or the worker has exceeded their limit, you can take action to ensure they do not cause accidents.

Saving Power After-Hours You can monitor the power that machines and lights use. After hours, you can adjust the lighting to save energy and switch off idle machines to save fuel. Even better, when machines send their idle time fuel use, you can adjust their fuel use without costing the project time it requires to restart machines.

Augmented Reality (AR) One of the applications of the internet of things in the construction industry is augmented reality. Google Glass is one of the main players in this space, but others are coming up. If AR is integrated directly into machines and vehicles, it will be easier for site workers to access operational information and navigational details when driving.

The Importance of the Internet of Things in the Construction Industry When using IoT, there are a lot of benefits that construction companies can reap. At first, it will be relatively expensive to purchase tools and equipment that can connect to the internet, but ultimately, it becomes easier to manage projects. Read on.

Reduce Equipment Downtime Sensors on machines can send information to you when parts are worn out and need replacement. This way, you will take equipment breakdown preventive measures. Again, you can schedule equipment maintenance and get a reminder when maintenance is due.


Reduce Administrative Costs One person behind a computer can manage the entire project, sometimes even two projects. Instead of so many managers and supervisors on the ground, one manager can track all workers, equipment, and aspects of a building from a remote location. The internet of things on a construction site reduces the need for paperwork, there will be no lost items, there will be high accuracy of data, and everything runs smoothly. When a few papers are used, more money is saved, and trees are protected too.

Real-Time Monitoring The manager of a construction site can access data in real-time from sensors. By receiving updates on project progress in real-time, a manager can enhance the critical stages of a project to ensure there are no costly delays, and a project runs on time. The manager is also able to find leaners ways to operate to cut down costs. By reducing downtime, the construction company saves a lot of money. Again, with IoT, managers can tag and trail materials and trucks working for the project. This way, the misdirection of resources is avoided, and this will possibly cut down the cost of operation. Again, in case of an emergency on the construction site, the manager knows the number of workers on-site and their exact locations. This makes it easy to evacuate them.

Conclusion The internet of things in the construction industry can help cut costs and make operations run smoother. However, many companies are still running conventional systems because of the lack of advanced equipment that can connect to the internet or the high cost of smart tools and equipment. In the future, many companies will embrace the internet of things in construction to stay ahead of the competition.




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How Operations Managers Can Reduce Sickness Amongst Engineers With engineers still on the skills shortage list, it’s important that every company attracts and retains the best engineering talent on the market. It’s also equally vital that firms reduce the amount of sick days their engineers take, so that their business can be as productive as possible and doesn’t have to rely on expensive, often inexperienced temporary staff. It might seem impossible to reduce the number of days off sick your staff takes, but by following the below tips any operations manager can improve their engineers’ wellbeing and ensure that they’re productive and professional throughout their time working with your organisation.

Follow Health And Safety Procedures One of the most basic ways you can keep your staff safe is to follow proper health and safety procedures at all times. Make sure that they have the personal safety equipment they need and that it is working properly. This will not only reduce the 80

number of sick days your staff take, but also ensure that your plant is compliant with all relevant legislation.

Keep Their Workspaces Clean Industrial plants and warehouses can often be havens for dust, bacteria and dirt, all of which can be bad for your team’s health. Hire a firm of industrial cleaning experts like Ideal Cleaning to clean your plant and make sure that it is the perfect working environment for your skilled staff. The abovementioned company are specialists in industrial cleaning and you can get in touch with them here if you want to maintain your workspace.

Take Care Of Their Mental Health Mental wellbeing is as important as physical health, and as such it’s important that you remember to take care of your team’s mental health. Create a supportive working environment for your staff and make it clear that you’re approachable so that employees can come to you with any problems they may have.

Keep An Eye On Workloads One great way to take care of your employee’s mental health is to make sure that their workloads are manageable. This will also reduce the number of accidents they have, as they will be more alert and focused on the task in hand. Working in such an important, often dangerous role, it’s important that engineers are alert and aware of the dangers they face, so make sure that their workload is doable.

Update Equipment Regularly Engineering staff who are working using substandard equipment will inevitably have to work harder and may eventually have an accident. To avoid this, you should make sure that their equipment and machinery is always up to date and properly maintained.

Encourage Healthy Habits As operations manager, you can help drive your staff towards healthy habits by installing a vending machine that’s got healthy snacks in it instead of the usual crisps and sweets. You can also try to encour-

age healthier habits by making it easier for staff to cycle to work by giving them a safe space to store their bike, or even offering reduced gym membership as one of the perks you give to staff. All of these incentives will help drive staff towards greater general health, which in turn will reduce the number of days they take off ill. 81

• Field Trials of Innovative EOR • Proven Results (Millions of Barrels of Incremental Production) • Government and Private Sector Leveraging • World Leader in CO2 Utilization and Storage





Ways IoT Can Enhance Agriculture IoT could be set to have the largest impact on the agricultural industry. They have systems that can track everything from fertilizer quality to livestock function to crop productivity, all the way up to the number of trips the farm vehicles are taking. This enables farmers and those responsible for growing to decrease waste and increase their overall revenue potential. IoT agriculture applications will give the farmers the tools they need to increase their volume to meet the growing challenges of the population increases they face. The more the demand for food rises, farmers must meet those needs more effectively, and IoT smart farming is highly efficient in assisting with this as opposed to the more traditional methods.

How Emerging Smart Technologies Will Revolutionize Agriculture A system can be built with the Internet of Things that will monitor crops with sensors for humidity, light, and temperature as well as moisture control in the soil or irrigation automation. IoT agriculture applications will allow the farmer to conserve their use of water in addition to optimizing the way treatments are applied to crops. The 84

farmers will also be able to do the monitoring of their fields from any location. Smart farming IoT-based major apps include: • Drones. Agriculture has become a major industry to use drones, which is a good example of how technology has evolved. There are both ground and aerial drones, which are used for irrigation, crop health assessing, crop monitoring, planting, spraying, as well as field/soil analysis. Drones benefit farmers due to the fact they are user-friendly, save time, have the potential for yield increases, provide crop health imaging, and integrated GIS maps. The farmers are able to monitor anything from plant counting/yield predictions to the health of the plant, the height measurement, chlorophyll measurement, weed pressure mapping, and so much more. • Livestock. Data concerning livestock well-being, health, and location for larger farm owners can be obtained using wireless IoT apps. This aids them in recognizing animals that have become sick in order to keep them apart from the herd to prevent disease spreading and decrease costs for labor in locating cattle with the sensors.

• Precision. Precision farming is among the more famous of the IoT agriculture applications. It gives the farming experience more accuracy and control with livestock monitoring, field observation, automobile tracking, and inventory monitoring. Analyzing data collected by sensors is precision farming’s goal in order to be able to react quickly to circumstances. • Climate. Farming is affected greatly by the climate and not having an understanding of what the climate will be can decrease the quantity/quality of crop production. IoT gives the farmer the ability to have real-time weather conditions at their disposal. There are sensors placed within the agriculture fields and outside gathering environmental data to be used by the farmer as a tool to decide what crops will be right to grow and maintain in a particular climate providing them the opportunity for growth success. With the modern technology of IoT agriculture applications and their traditional expertise, the farmers are able to meet and exceed production expectations needed for the ever-expanding population.


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Setting a Solid Foundation for Your Business with Temporary Structures No matter what business you open, you will need a place to do the operations. E-commerce businesses usually need offices, an outlet, and even a warehouse to store goods. The structures must be robust and durable to serve you for a long time without any inconveniences. According to many construction companies, entrepreneurs are now using temporary structures for a good reason. Although they are called temporary structures, they last longer when constructed in the right way and with the appropriate materials used. That is why entrepreneurs should choose reputable service providers to construct these structures.

Planning Temporary Structures When setting ups a business or even when expanding an existing one, structural planning is very important. After making the decision that you will use temporary structures, good planning ensures a solid foundation for your business. As soon as the structural plans and designs are laid out on the table for discussion, the business owner or management should focus on robustness and durability. This becomes clearer by asking more questions on issues related to weather, wear and tear, and overall quality of the material. It is also good to know 88

whether the overall quality of the temporary structure will decrease should the business need to relocate to another place.

Choosing the Right Material The robustness of temporary structures relies on the materials used. If you are building a warehouse, your goods must be protected from danger. Experts like Smart Space provide options for using structural steel or aluminum if you need to make a solid temporary structure for your business. For the walls, the material used will depend on the types of goods that you want to hold inside and how safe they must be. Canvas and PVC materials may not be the appropriate material for sensitive goods that need to be highly controlled, but wooden module panels that are tightly screwed in on robust steel frames will work well. Controlled entry points can then be set up with ease.

Benefits of Using Temporary Structures for Businesses Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing business, using temporary structures provides a plethora of benefits. The first major benefit is saving on cost. Thus, an entrepreneur can focus on establishing a solid business through the saved money. It is rare to find unfinished temporary structures for a business like in the case of permanent business structures. Another benefit is the fact that you will have a functional structure within a short time. Thus, the business will start operations without wasting more time. Entrepreneurs who go this way

settle into business faster and the ROI will be realized sooner. There are many other benefits of using temporary structures when setting up a solid foundation for your business. They include good aesthetics, flexibility, and ease of repair, among many others.

Conclusion Indeed, using temporary structures is the way to go if you want to have a solid foundation for your business. Be sure to understand the insights that we have shared because they will help you in making the right decisions for your business structural needs.


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Bits Pilani,Dubai Campus Organizes International Conference


ITS Pilani, Dubai Campus invited delegates and academia to be a part of the three-day International Conference on Modelling, Simulation and Intelligent Computing from 29th January to 31st January 2020. MoSICom 2020 aims to bring together students, researchers, academia and Industry practitioners to demonstrate their research work. It also provides a platform for researchers, professionals and educators to confer the most recent innovations, trends, research and practical challenges encountered and the solutions proposed in Modelling, Simulation and Intelligent

Computing. Program chairs of MoSICom2020 Dr. NileshGoel, Dr. Shazia Hasan and Dr. V. Kalaichelvi faculty members of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Bits Pilani,Dubai Campus have received paper submissions by academia on multiple tracks including Data Science and Engineering, Communication and Networking, Robotics, Control, Instrumentation and Automation. Accepted papers presented at the conference will be published in Springer Series. Prof.R.N.Saha,Director,Bits Pilani,Dubai Campus emphasized the importance

of modelling and Simulation for industrial applications. Dr.VilasH Gaidhane,Head of the department introduced the guest of honor his ExcellencyDr.Thanibin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Member of the Cabinet of the U.A.E. and Minister of Climate Change and Environment.His Excellency Dr. Al Zeyoudi delivered a talk on “Young minds and Future of Dubai” which was well received by the conference delegates. The Chief Guest, Dr. EesaMohammed Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai in his addressfocused on “Role of Business in Research”. The speech was highlighting the various elements of Industry 4.0 which include IoT, Block Chain, Big Data, AI, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Bio Technology and 3D printing. Academia and researchers have been invited from reputed Universities from UAE and abroad. Over the course of 3 days, they will present their papers on different tracks of the conference along with keynote sessions by Prof. Madan M. Gupta from University of Saskatchewan,Canada,Dr.HussamAmrouch fromKarlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany,Prof. Sukumar Mishra, IIT,New Delhi, Prof. LotfiRomdhane, American University of Sharjah, U.A.E and Dr. Navneet Gupta,Principal Engineer in Minima Processor, Finland.

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MOBILE OFFICE HUB Whether you’re setting up a remote work site or using a construction trailer in the middle of the city, Mobile Office Hub provides internet and voice connectivity for portable offices at temporary locations. With easy setup and portability, quickly move between your locations and maximize your business operations. Stay connected with voice and data access wherever your business takes you.


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GineersNow Oil Spill, chemical, crude, fuel, drilling, exploration, LNG, energy, offshore, onshore  

GineersNow Oil & Gas Leaders magazine is featuring the latest oil spill technologies Read the latest GineersNow articles and stories about...

GineersNow Oil Spill, chemical, crude, fuel, drilling, exploration, LNG, energy, offshore, onshore  

GineersNow Oil & Gas Leaders magazine is featuring the latest oil spill technologies Read the latest GineersNow articles and stories about...