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Cityscape Conference Draws Roadmap For The Future Of Real Estate GCC Mega Builds Find Success In The Finer Details Stage Set for Return of Hardware + Tools Middle East in 2018 with All Eyes on Resurgent Regional Construction Sector

Trouble At Work An Engineer’s Guide On How To Make Difficult Decisions 5 Ways To Inspire Engineers Using Criticism How Engineers Can Deal With Mental Health Problems At Work

Steel Fabrication and Metal Working in Focus as Middle East Steel Appetite Expands

What To Do When Your Engineering Job Is Making You Sick

What We Need to Do With Our Construction Wastes

Have A Rivalry With Another Engineer At Work? Here’s What To Do About It

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On this month’s GineersNow: Construction Leaders, we are featuring Manlift, a Dubai-headquartered leading supplier of aerial work platforms (AWP) for sales and rental which since 2007 has steadily grown. Operating from five depots across the Middle East and Asia, Manlift provides well respected brands including JLG, Skyjack, Genie and Teupen from major manufacturers in the US, Canada and Europe. Get to know more about the company, why it became a pioneering business model and how it changed the AWP industry. We have also included construction features this month such as the following:


• Cityscape Conference Draws Roadmap for the Future of Real Estate • GCC Mega Builds Find Success In The Finer Details • Stage Set for Return of Hardware + Tools Middle East in 2018 with All Eyes on Resurgent Regional Construction Sector • Steel Fabrication and Metal Working in Focus as Middle East Steel Appetite Expands • What We Need to Do With Our Construction Wastes Lastly, we have prepared special articles to help you get through certain troubles at work. We all know we go through certain problems in our careers but it doesn’t mean we have to let it affect us negatively. Read our guide on how to make difficult decisions, how we can inspire our colleagues using criticism, and how we can deal with mental challenges at work. Learn what to do when your engineering job is making you sick and what to do when you have a rival at work. So go ahead, scroll through our pages and read the latest stories that put the spotlight on the construction industry. Get updated with the news and be informed with our inspiring stories that are slowly changing the way we live today. Enjoy this month’s GineersNow: Construction Leaders.

Engr. Alice Hernandez Senior Editor-at-Large

Contents The Manlift Way: A Pioneering Business Model in The AWP Industry


HKA Tops List of World’s Leading Construction Expert Witnesses


FARO® Introduces BuildIT Construction Software Platform for AEC Professionals


GCC Mega Builds Find Success In The Finer Details


We Need to Do Something About Our Construction Wastes


Cityscape Conference Draws Roadmap for the Future of Real Estate


An Engineer’s Guide on How to Make Difficult Decisions


Johnson Controls to Explore Strategic 44 Alternatives for the Power Solutions Business

First-Of-Its-Kind Pedestrian Bridge “Swings” Into Place


5 Ways to Inspire Engineers Using Criticism

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KONE Wins Order for ICD Brookfield Place in Dubai


Is Your Engineering Job Making You Sick? Here’s What You Should Do


Stage Set for Return of Hardware + Tools Middle East in 2018 with All Eyes on Resurgent Regional Construction Sector


Have Rivalry With Another Engineer at Work? Here’s What To Do About It World Architecture Festival Announces International ‘Super-Jury’


4 Steps on How Engineers Can Deal With Mental Health Problems at Work


LEADING GLOBAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND INTEGRATED SUPPLIER CHINT is committed to providing the world with safe, reliable and stable electrical equipment and clean energy solutions. After more than 30 years of growth,CHINT has developed from Asia’s largest LV apparatus supplier to leading global electrical equipment and integrated supplier,with strength transformation,distribution to terminal consumpion. To date,with the annual sales revenue exceeding more than 6.7 billion euros and over 30,000 employees around the world,CHINT has provided reliable electrical equipment and solutions for more than 130 countries and regions worldwide as an active player of electric power construction in the global market.

ZHEJIANG CHINT ELECTRICS CO.,LTD. ADD: Office NO.LB182406,P.O.Box:263174,Jebel Ali,Dubai,United Arab Emirates TEL: 00971-48848286 FAX: 00971-48848287 E-mail: Website:

The Manlift Way:

A Pioneering Business Model in The AWP Industry Manlift is a Dubai-headquartered leading supplier of aerial work platforms (AWP) for sales and rental which since 2007 has steadily grown. Operating from five depots across the Middle East and Asia Manlift, provides well respected brands including JLG, Skyjack, Genie and Teupen from major manufacturers in the US, Canada and Europe. Deploying the youngest regional fleet of more than 3,000 aerial work platforms — from selfpropelled boom lifts with working heights up to 58m, battery and bi-energy powered access platforms, to spiders, scissors and low level access platforms — the reach of Manlift extends across a range of industries, capturing business in the construction, facilities management, logistics, oil and gas, public transport and events sectors within the scope of its rental operations. Currently, Manlift is active on a number of fronts, and nowhere is this more evident than in its approach towards working safely at height and professionalism to deliver the best customer experience. Over 10 years, Manlift has steadily grown into a market leader within its industry of Aerial Work Platforms. It is the last four years, though that have seen the most success for Manlift, following the promotion of David King to group managing director of the company, and appointment of Andy McPhail as country manager for Manlift in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 10

Construction Leaders • April 2018

Short bio about

David King David started his career in the UK within the Automotive Industry before moving to the Middle East Region to help set up Ford dealerships in the UAE. During his 30 years in the ME Region, David has also spent time within the Insurance Industry at GM level, establishing and growing businesses. David joined the Manlift Group in 2009 to open Qatar as a market and establishing 2 businesses. In 2014 David was promoted to Group MD and is now based in Dubai.

Indeed, the first action was to employ a “lean processes guru” as described by them, to educate them and the company on how to make their company leaner - vis-à-vis, being more efficient. Likewise being able to promise our customers to deliver the best customer experience no matter what job to be done at height safely. It is a process that has allowed the company to grow and, in 2018, the company is expecting to see further growth with an increased fleet size. King said, “The path we take for everything is through the Manlift Way - it’s transformed our business. I’ve been with Manlift now since 2009 and became group managing director in 2014, and the transformation in that time has been amazing. It’s looking at things and how we can do it more efficiently. So, you take each process, whether its procurement or the off-rent cycle, and you draw out ways you can make each stage faster and more efficient.

For example, when you look around one of our yards, you will see designated areas that are either red, green, orange etc, that indicates, by machine, at what stage of the rental preparation process the particular machine is at. This methodology makes it visually clear to everyone - be that staff or visitors - which machines need maintenance checks and which are ready to go out for rent. It sounds simple but if you don’t have a simple process like this, you can mix machines up, resulting in vast amounts of wasted time in identification of status. “ Simple but effective” says King. Today, Manlift employs a team of lean experts and champions who constantly drive and reevaluate all the company’s processes in the rental cycle. Also, Manlift has performance barometers in place, in the form of key performance indicators (KPIs), which are closely monitored on a daily basis. It is a pioneering business model which changes the AWP industry and attracts attention from competitors, as well as other constructionrelated equipment companies.

“Our compelling value proposition exceeds our customers expectations and therefore meets their willingness to pay. We believe in keeping our promises, finding solutions from customers’ perspectives, creating value together, improving everyday and acting with urgency. That is what makes us the first choice for jobs done at height. It is through engaged people where we deliver the Best Customer Experience and accomplish our mission”, said David. The company also has operations in India, Qatar and Kazakhstan, with eight depots in total, and 300 power generators as part of its operations in Qatar. Manlifts AWP fleet is the youngest in their regions with an average of just 5.2 years old. “Plans for the future are simply to continue our progression and expand further” said King. The approach, motivation and culture of Manlift are very healthy, the company intends to continue setting the standards and from a leader position, drive the fast-moving industry forward across the Middle East and Southeast Asia continents.

Top 10 landmark projects of Manlift: • AUH Airport Abu Dhabi, UAE • Expo 2020 • Warehouses and Distribution Centres such as Logix, Trilogy, Al Maya and Carrefour • Green House Project Al Ain, UAE • World Cup stadium Doha, Qatar • Qatar Metro Project (red, green and gold line) Doha, Qatar • IWPP power plant projects Doha, Qatar • Diverse Highway projects Doha, Qatar • Several Railway Projects in Doha, Qatar • Samsung Factory Plant Delhi, India • Kia Motors Factory Bangalore, India • Diverse Railway Construction Projects and Bridge Paintings Uttar Pradesh, India

Questions? Call: 800MANLIFT+971 4 885 6065 or Email us:

LG Expands Launch Of Its Flagship MULTI V 5 VRF System To Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi’s development boom to benefit from LG’s latest commercial air conditioning solutions for the ultimate in power-saving, performance, reliability Following a successful launch in many markets around the world, LG Electronics (LG) has announced the release of its brand new MULTI V 5 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The latest model in the MULTI V range offers unmatched streamlined functionality by optimising energy efficiency and maximising user comfort, making it the ideal choice for new residential and commercial developments in the nation’s capital.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Yong Geun Choi, President, LG Electronics Gulf, said, “We are proud to bring our fifth generation VRF system to the UAE’s bustling capital city. We are confident that with the range of innovative technologies, unparalleled energy efficiency and comfort, the MULTI V 5, our new flagship air conditioning system, will be the ideal choice for climate control solutions in Abu Dhabi. This industry-leading system will make advanced climate control technology even more accessible, passing on excellent operational savings and greater comfort to our customers across the globe.”

LG has already supplied several prestigious projects of top-tier developers and government agencies with the latest climate control solutions, including Aldar, Musanada, TDIC, CPC, Bloom, Al Qudra, ADCE and other renowned names in Abu Dhabi. LG has also been a crucial partner with various government agencies, solidifying its position as a leader in providing comprehensive climate control solutions that meet Abu Dhabi’s stringent standards. Speaking at the launch, special guest Mr. Abdalla Hassan Al Muaini, Executive Director of Conformity Schemes Services Sector at Abu Dhabi Quality & Conformity Council (QCC), said, “One of QCC’s main goals is to contribute to the sustainability of energy sector in Abu Dhabi through the development and implementation of exacting quality requirements for many products including cooling systems. Which is why QCC is proud to be a part of this launch with LG in recognition of the high-quality air conditioning units they have made and continue to introduce to the region.” The LG MULTI V 5 is the only advanced VRF system in the market that is capable of offering exceptional performance even in the heat and humidity of the region. This fifth-generation air conditioning system uses improved technologies that can meet new sustainability and energy efficiency requirements of new real estate projects, and offer the most advanced climate control solutions without compromising on performance, efficiency and power-saving capabilities. The MULTI V 5 is equipped with LG’s innovative and proprietary Dual Sensing Control and Ultimate Inverter Compressor, making the MULTI V 5 a powerful climate control solution that excels in even the most strenuous conditions. The MULTI V 5 is a superior way to heat and cool any space, with improved humidity control, individual set points per indoor unit, large outdoor capacity and quiet operation. It also allows for heating and cooling simultaneously in different zones, further enhancing energy savings and comfort.

Dual Sensing Control One of the most impressive features of LG’s MULTI V 5 is its Dual Sensing Control which helps the air conditioning unit evaluate climate conditions down to the smallest detail. Unlike conventional air conditioners which only track temperature, the MULTI V 5 measures both temperature and humidity levels for outdoor and indoor environments. This comprehensive understanding of multiple climate conditions helps the solution determine its parameters in order to achieve optimal energy efficiency and maximum indoor comfort levels.

Ultimate Inverter Compressor The LG MULTI V 5’s new Ultimate Inverter Compressor offers unrivaled efficiency, reliability and durability. Improving on the 15 to 150 Hz operational range of its predecessor, it operates from 10 Hz to 165 Hz. This widened range increases part load efficiency and enhances the MULTI V 5’s ability to quickly reach the desired temperature and save more energy in the process. The MULTI V 5 features an enhanced bearing system layered with PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) – an advanced material normally used in airplane engines. In addition, the MULTI V 5’s Smart Oil Management uses sensors to check the compressor’s oil balance in real time, minimizing unnecessary oil recovery operation.

Large Capacity Outdoor Units With an innovative biomimetic fan, 4-sided heat exchanger, and improved compressor performance, the MULTI V 5’s efficiency and capacity have each been enhanced, making it possible for a single outdoor unit (ODU) to reach 20HP (with a maximum system capacity of 60HP). Utilizing research from the Seoul National University’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, the engineers behind the MULTI V 5 drew on inspiration from humpback whale flippers when designing the fan. Moreover, the solution’s advanced biomimetic fan significantly increases wind capacity.

Ocean Black Fin Equipped with LG’s exclusive Ocean Black Fin, the MULTI V 5 is protected from corrosive substances such as salt, sand and other elements brought in by sea winds as well as industrial pollution, making it the ideal choice for coastal cities. The black coating of the Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger keeps water from accumulating to minimize moisture buildup. This durability enhancement prolongs the product’s lifespan and lowers maintenance costs, paving the way for improved power savings and performance in coastal regions.

Auto Dust Removal Unlike conventional VRF systems that required manual cleaning, the Auto Dust Removal


Construction Leaders • April 2018

feature allows the LG MULTI V 5 to provide fully automated, convenient cleaning. The feature removes dust on the outdoor unit’s heat exchanger by reversing fan rotation to eliminate accumulated sand and dust. This makes it possible for users to operate their air conditioners comfortably without worrying about the malfunctions that can occur due to dust accumulation, a particularly welcome addition in desert climates. LG’s new flagship system air conditioning solution, the MULTI V 5, is now available in Abu Dhabi through LG’s distributors in the city. For enquiries on the LG MULTI V 5 and further information, please visit the LG Electronics Gulf FZ office in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Take your engineering career to the next level with a graduate degree from American University of Sharjah. If you are an engineer looking to realize your ambition in industry or academia, American University of Sharjah offers world-class graduate programs at the master’s and PhD level. Our fully accredited and internationally recognized graduate programs include: • • • • • • • • •

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ITA - AITES WORLD TUNNEL CONGRESS 21 - 26 April 2018 Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, UAE

The Role of Underground Space in Building Future Sustainable Cities



Abstracts Received



Confirmed Exhibitors



2,000 Expected Attendees


6 Days Extensive Program

#wtc2018 ITA AITES Congress Secretariat: MCI Middle East – Tel: +971 4 311 6300, Email:

We Need to Do Something About Our Construction Wastes A report indicated that our construction wastes will nearly double by the year 2025. When new buildings are constructed or existing structures are renovated or demolished, mountains of construction wastes are produced. Called as C&D materials, or construction and demotion materials, it contains bulky, heavy materials such as concrete, wood, asphalt, gypsum, metals, bricks, glass, and plastics, among others as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency. Globally, the trend of C&D materials waste is increasing. And if companies and institutions do not do something about it, the amount could reach nearly double to 2.2 billion tons by the year 2025 according to Transparency Market Research. Cited in the report by Construction & Demolition Recycling, the prediction is based on the construction wastes generated on a global scale including materials from excavation, roadwork and demolition and complex waste like plastics, metal, ceramic and cardboard. Notably, building materials like wood, shingles, asphalt, concrete, and gypsum make up more than half of the construction waste generate annually. The ballooning of the global volume of construction waste is not really surprising for some given the infrastructure boom and economic development across countries, especially in the Asia Pacific region and North America where

majority of the construction wastes will be produced as predicted. Meanwhile, even that Europe is not the biggest producer of construction wastes, it still leads in the efforts in terms of construction waste management and technologies. Latin America and Middle East & Africa are estimated to be key regions of the emerging construction waste management market. Policies by the governments are instrumental in solving this global problem, other than educating the people about practicing source reduction, salvaging, recycling and reusing existing materials, and buying used and recycled materials and products. But the study by Construction & Demolition Recycling indicated that insufficient resources, lack of standardization, slim profit margins, policy apathy and lack of education hold back the “reduce, reuse and recycle” policies. While there is no joint solution to curb the construction waste problem globally, the volumes will still end up in landfills. Or if they go to the wrong hands, the construction wastes will be illegally dumped or burned causing pollution. Such will be a bigger problem.

Construction Leaders • April 2018


An Engineer’s Guide on How to Make Difficult Decisions Engineers make difficult decisions everyday. Here’s how to handle that.

There will come a time in an engineer’s career that he or she will be bombarded by challenges that require difficult decisions. It could be matters on management or application of engineering principles that will make the engineer think twice about which path to take. You are bound to reach that stage whether you like or not, especially when you are holding a management position. And for you to prepare yourself for that, you have to be reminded that your decision should dwell upon the idea that you have to make things better than when you have found them. It’s also worth noting that your task is to conquer that challenge by at least deciding – having no decision at all is a lot more risky than letting the problem solve itself. Conventional knowledge tells us that if one is a leader, he or she must be responsible for all the decisions that he or she makes. This is how engineers should think. Taking responsibility for decisions – no matter how difficult they are – is first step for engineers in making difficult decisions, especially that the work involves a lot of risks in many aspects. If you are not willing to accept the feedback, results, or consequences of that decision, you will have a hard time confronting other challenges to come.

But how should engineers really make difficult decisions? What principles should you follow? Listed below are four which are anchored in leadership: Create a stable and safe environment Before the difficult decision is made, you have to make sure that everyone who will be affected by that decision has an assurance that they will not be accountable of the outcome. And that you are the person in front to take care of how the decision ends. People always come first When you embrace a people-first culture in your decision, moreover in your company if you are an engineering manager, such will yield better results than prioritizing something else. Stay grounded Do not let ego get in the way. If somebody suggests something that might help the situation more than you can, accept it and take responsibility for it. Making a difficult decision is already a task in itself; doing it with arrogance doesn’t help. Be transparent and honest It has to be made. You should tell the truth even when it’s not convenient, because the lies will never make the process of deciding easier – maybe it will but only for a short time and could have huge costs. Construction Leaders • April 2018


First-Of-Its-Kind Pedestrian Bridge “Swings” Into Place

This morning, the main span of the FIUSweetwater UniversityCity Bridge was lifted from its temporary supports, rotated 90 degrees across an eight-lane thoroughfare, and lowered into its permanent position. “FIU is about building bridges and student safety. This project accomplishes our mission beautifully,” said FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg. “We are filled with pride and satisfaction at seeing this engineering feat come to life and connect our campus to the surrounding community where thousands of our students live.” 26

Construction Leaders • April 2018

The 174-foot, 950-ton section of the bridge was built adjacent to Southwest Eight Street using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods, which are being advanced at FIU’s Accelerated Bridge Construction University Transportation Center (ABC-UTC). This method of construction reduces potential risks to workers, commuters and pedestrians and minimizes traffic interruptions. The main span of the FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge was installed in a few hours with limited disruption to traffic over this weekend.

The FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge is the largest pedestrian bridge moved via Self-Propelled Modular Transportation in U.S. history. It is also the first in the world to be constructed entirely of self-cleaning concrete. When exposed to sunlight, the titanium dioxide in the concrete captures pollutants and turns it bright white, reducing maintenance costs.

“This project is an outstanding example of the ABC method,” said chair of FIU’s Civil & Environmental Engineering Department and director of FIU’s ABC-UTC Atorod Azizinamini, who is one of the world’s leading experts on Accelerated Bridge Construction. “Building the major element of the bridge – its main span superstructure – outside of the traveled way and away from busy Eighth Street is a milestone.”

“FIU has come a long way since the TIGER grant that funded this pedestrian bridge was awarded in 2013. This project represents a true collaboration among so many different partners at local, state, and federal levels, and in both the public and private sectors,” said Mario DiazBalart, U.S. Representative and Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development. “The university’s growth and acceleration is no longer just about the campus and its student body; it’s about the future of Sweetwater, MiamiDade County and the entire South Florida region. I believe this is what creative solutions to transportation challenges look like, and I will continue to support and incentivize these new ideas.” Funding for the $14.2 million bridge, connecting plazas and walkways is part of a $19.4 million Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Other funding agencies include the Federal Highway Administration, Florida Department of Transportation Local Agency Program, FIU and the City of Sweetwater. “The FIU-Sweetwater bridge will serve many purposes including being a visually distinctive gateway to our city,” said City of Sweetwater Mayor Orlando Lopez. “This bridge is symbolic of the growth our city is experiencing and our partnership with FIU.” Construction of the bridge began in the spring of 2017 and is expected to be completed in early 2019. When it is finished, the bridge will be 289 feet long and 109 feet tall. The 32-foot-wide bridge will also serve as study and gathering space. “This bridge is the result of great support from our congressional delegation and the U.S. Department of Transportation,” said FIU Senior Vice President and CFO Kenneth Jessell. “This bridge has already been the catalyst for significant economic development in the City of Sweetwater. FIU and our surrounding community will benefit from this project for generations to come.” The bridge was designed by FIGG Bridge Engineers and built by MCM. Barnhart Crane and Rigging operated the SelfPropelled Modular Transporters that placed the bridge on its permanent supports.

Construction Leaders • April 2018


KONE Wins Order for ICD Brookfield Place in Dubai KONE Corporation, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry has won the order to supply 46 elevators and 5 escalators for ICD Brookfield Place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. KONE Corporation, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry has won the order to supply 46 elevators and 5 escalators for ICD Brookfield Place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The 54-storey, 282 metre-high ICD Brookfield Place, will contain more than 950,000 square feet of Grade A office space and connect to a 150,000 sq ft, five-storey retail centre. There will also be an 21,000 sq ft public area flanked by restaurants that will feature regular arts and cultural events, and the complex will have parking for 2,700 cars. KONE will be equipping the development with 17 Monospace Elevators, 27 Minispace Elevators, 2

Scenic Elevators and 5 escalators. “This is a special project in one of the most prestigious areas of Dubai. We are delighted to be adding our efficient solutions to such an incredible building.� Said Nicolas El Khal, Managing Director of KONE UAE, Oman, and Bahrain. The main contractor is Multiplex SsangYong JV, developed by Investment Corporation of Dubai and Brookfield JV. The project is expected to be completed in March 2019. The order was booked in the first quarter of 2017.

your innovative Future. our integrated solutions. SNGII® N2 compressor & booster system

OE 13® breathiNg air compressor system

› dedicAted for Bop › improved sAfetY › turn-keY solution

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BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GCC FZE, P.O. Box 261413, Unit # AF07, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE, Phone +971-4-886 0259, Fax +971-4-886 0260

Stage Set for Return of Hardware + Tools Middle East in 2018 with All Eyes on Resurgent Regional Construction Sector The stage is set for the return of the Middle East’s only dedicated trade fair for tools, hardware, materials, and machinery next month in Dubai, as global manufacturers and local suppliers keep all eyes on a regional construction market that’s well on the road to recovery.

governments’ budgets and as a result new infrastructure and commercial projects are being flagged off in addition to ongoing projects associated with the Dubai Expo 2020 and many others such as Kuwait’s International Airport expansion.

More than 160 exhibitors are expected to take part in the 19th edition of Hardware + Tools Middle East, as a resurgent regional construction sector – a key driver of demand for power tools and machinery – keeps spirits high for a strong growth phase over the next five years.

Add to that other burgeoning sectors such as aviation, aerospace, industrial, marine, agricultural, metal and wood-working – and even the home DIY sector – and demand for reliable hand and power tools and equipment to get jobs done should be on the rise.

According to a BMI Research report, the Middle East and North African construction market is expected to be worth US$336 billion by 2020, up from US$235 billion in 2016, a net growth of 43 percent.

That’s the expectation from global manufacturers and channel suppliers exhibiting in next month’s Hardware + Tools Middle East trade fair, which takes place from 2 – 4 April 2018 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. According to the exhibition’s organiser Messe Frankfurt Middle East, many exhibitors

Stabilised oil prices have eased pressure on 30

Construction Leaders • April 2018

are returning this year, while a number of newcomers have entered the fray to present their solutions to wide cross-section of potential regional trade buyers and end-users. “We’re optimistic about the renewed positive sentiment that prevails in the regional hardware and tools market, and this is borne out by not only a resurgent construction sector, but by Dubai’s position as a key trading partner for this segment with global economic powerhouses such as USA, China, Italy, Germany, and India,” said Ahmed Pauwels, CEO of Messe Frankfurt Middle East. “According to Dubai Customs, the Emirate imported, exported, and re-exported AED5.07 billion worth of hardware and tools in 2016, and the total trade with these countries comprised 52 percent of that figure. “Hardware + Tools Middle East not only provides exhibitors comprehensive access to a wide spectrum of the most influential buyers from this burgeoning region, but also gives them a snapshot of the trends and requirements that are unique to this market,” Pauwels added. Among the key returning exhibitors to Hardware

+ Tools Middle East in 2018 include Middle East Fuji, the Middle East distributor for the Nitto Kohki Power Tool range from Japan and Knipex pliers from Germany; and Dar Al Mas, the exclusive UAE distributor for German hand tool manufacturer Wiha. Newcomers in 2018 include Junco Trading, a UAE supplier of international brands such as 3M, Cibo, Dynabrade and Loeser; and Narex, a regional distributor of industrial fabrication machinery including steel fabrication equipment and CNC cutting and welding machines. “Junco has been a leading distributor of industrial products in the UAE for the past 23 years,” said Shyam Sunder, General Manager of Junco Trading. “We’re the authorised channel partners in the UAE for some of the world’s leading brands such as 3M (Industrial Tapes, Adhesives, abrasives and power tools), Dynabrade (pneumatic tools), CIBO (tools and abrasives), and Loeser (grinding and polishing machines). “Our purpose of participating at Hardware + Tools Middle East 2018 is to showcase these products to visitors and show them the solutions we can offer in a variety of different Construction Leaders • April 2018


industries such as marine, aerospace, architectural metal and wood-working industries, to name just a few. With our team of professional sales engineers, we provide solutions to our customers, adding value by reducing production cost, increasing productivity and providing superior finish concurrently,” added Sunder. Wiha too has big plans in the wider Middle East and African market through its participation at Hardware + Tools Middle East 2018, as it looks to build on its existing partnership with Dar Al Mas that was initiated at the exhibition several years ago. “Wiha will return to Hardware + Tools Middle East in 2018 to offer professional workers in the UAE and wider Middle East a wide range of high-quality premium tools, characterised by their use of the latest manufacturing technologies, applicationoriented innovations, top quality, absolute reliability and long service life,” said Ronny Lindskog, Chief Sales Officer at Wiha. “We also plan to announce at the show a revolutionary invention in the field of fastening tools which will truly represent a quantum leap in the history of hand tools. Users can expect greater efficiency and better health with Wiha solutions thanks to maximum ergonomic standards and 32

Construction Leaders • April 2018

perfect safety in their everyday professional use.” Hardware + Tools Middle 2018 will return with the immensely popular Tool It! Challenge, where the UAE’s finest tool operators go head-to-head in a live competition, testing skill, speed and smarts across metal working and wood working categories. Leading brands will also deliver live demonstrations at the three-day event’s Expert Zone, a dedicated area showcasing the latest innovative solutions and machine tools shaping the future of all types of industries, from fabrication and metal working to oil & gas and outdoor landscaping. Hardware + Tools Middle East is a magnet for trade buyers from across the Middle East and North Africa, including distributors, retailers, exporters, importers, contractors, fabricators, consultants and industry professionals involved in the construction and industrial sectors. The 19th edition will feature Country Pavilions from China, Thailand and Taiwan, and will host more than 160 exhibitors from 12 countries representing over 200 brands. More information is available at

4 Steps on How Engineers Can Deal With Mental Health Problems at Work Do something about it before it gets worse.

Not much attention is given to mental health as compared to physical health in the workplace. When you’re depressed, stressed, or overly fatigued, you are most likely just to shrug it off rather than talk to your boss or human resource manager about it, because the odds are that you cannot catch a break anyway due to company policies. For engineers, this can be really damaging

Check if the workplace is mental-health friendly

Even as students, engineers already experience different kinds of mental health problems. With the overwhelming academic requirements, this is a common phenomenon. It becomes a more pressing problem when it carries over to work. The job of an engineer is still so mentally draining, and some could not handle it.

Take time away from work

So what should you do? Here are four steps:

Find a therapist Or perhaps a friend or a counselor that could help you go through the process of releasing that tensions. Because the workplace of engineers might not be the best place to seek for this kind of assistance, go find a therapist or a mental health professional outside of work. Someone that could suggest you what’s the best thing for you to do. 34

Construction Leaders • April 2018

One can only assume that engineering workplaces aren’t mental-health friendly. But what if yours is? Ask around and do your homework of finding out if your colleagues and boss are willing to discuss mental health. This is still taboo for many, but at least try.

You have vacation leaves at work, use that to take a break and get an escape from work. Perhaps what keeps you in that mental health state for a long time is that you have been feeling burdened due to the workload, and you have been thinking about them a lot. So it’s a good suggestion to take time away from work – this is something that your therapist would say.

Find another job if necessary Upon coming back from that break and that didn’t work, perhaps it’s not you – it’s the engineering job itself or it’s your boss. This is a big step to take but you also have to take care of your mental health in the long run. Make the change.

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces

REWRITING THE RULE BOOK: GENERATING GROWTH IN ABU DHABI Join the Cityscape Abu Dhabi Conference for an afternoon of networking, industry insights and exclusive market updates from the capital’s leading real estate professionals.

17 APRIL 2018

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, UAE


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HKA Tops List of World’s Leading Construction Expert Witnesses HKA, the world’s leading expert witness practice in the engineering and construction industries, announces that 31 of its specialist delay, quantum and technical analysts listed in Who’s Who Legal (WWL) Construction 2018: Expert Witnesses analysis. WWL’s Construction 2018: Expert Witnesses embraces months of research, canvassing and analyzing the opinions of law firm clients and construction experts from around the world. It is the international guide to expert advisers on quantum and damages, delay and disruption, as well as forensic technical issues in major construction arbitration and litigation. HKA remains the foremost firm in its field, with an impressive 31 consultants selected to feature in the 2018 guide, drawn from the company’s offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Three of the 31 Experts selected are listed as thought leaders in their respective disciplines: Wendy MacLaughlin, Franco Mastrandrea and David Merritt. WWL’s research classifies Thought Leaders as being truly outstanding practitioners and the very best in their field. Renny Borhan, Partner & CEO, HKA said: “We are delighted that such a high number of our Experts are featured in the professionally acclaimed Who’s Who Legal Construction 2018: Expert Witnesses Analysis. This success is a fitting testament to our Experts’ strong skills, 36

Construction Leaders • April 2018

knowledge and experience, many of whom are multi-qualified in technical and legal professions. “Our greatest strength is our people, who possess diverse skills and the insight to anticipate, investigate and resolve project challenges,” added Renny. “As we attract, retain and develop the world’s leading talent from across the industry, we look forward to seeing these figures grow as we continue to promote, recognize and reward our Experts.” In providing expert determination and witness services, HKA occupies the unique, multidisciplinary space that combines forensic technical, delay and disruption, and financial quantum analysis. HKA’s Experts have vast experience in every industry sector and discipline. HKA is one of the world’s leading privately owned, independent providers of consulting, expert and advisory services for the construction, manufacturing, process and technology industries. Our global portfolio includes some of the world’s largest and most prestigious projects across a wide range of market sectors that include buildings, industrial, infrastructure, oil and gas, power and utilities, and technology. HKA has over 960 professionals in more than 40 offices in 21 countries worldwide. For more information on HKA, please visit our website at

KONE Turnstile 100

KONE Accessâ„¢

KONE Destination

Enjoy a smooth journey with maximum security. KONE, a world leader in the elevator and escalator industry, offers a range of access and destination guidance solutions.

KONE Middle East & Africa - P.O. Box 21474 Dubai UAE - Tel. +971-4-2794500

GCC Mega Builds Find Success In The Finer Details Dubai Media Office released a stunning video update on Expo 2020 Dubai, putting Middle East mega builds back in the spotlight. The video, available on twitter, shows development of the centrepiece Al Wasl Plaza, the Sustainability and Mobility pavilions, and the Dubai Metro expansion. Dubai Media Office released a stunning video update on Expo 2020 Dubai, putting Middle East mega builds back in the spotlight. The video, available on twitter, shows development of the centrepiece Al Wasl Plaza, the Sustainability and Mobility pavilions, and the Dubai Metro expansion. Considering what the project managers are going through right now, professional advisor Ramadurai Venket sheds light on how managing complications is the true essence of completing a mega build: 38

Construction Leaders • April 2018

“Mega projects are in fact defined by their level of complexity, not only by their value. They involve substantial ground work, large labour force, longer duration, design challenges etc. Many factors could impact the progress and profits of a development so stakeholders are always managing risk in order to reach that deadline.” Ramadurai will further explore the benefits of risk management in mega builds at The Big 5 Heavy later this month at Dubai World Trade Centre, the event will run from 26-28 March 2018.

The show will offer free talks on Project Management, Mining & Quarrying, as well as a Geotechnical and Foundations Summit, where visitors will gain CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points.

As well as a separate workshop series by the American Concrete Institute (ACI), mining, cement, and concrete solutions will be covered further throughout a range of technical seminars at The Big 5 Heavy.

Senior Quantity Surveyor at C-Quest division of KEO International Consultants, and speaker on BIM at The Big 5 Heavy, Nicky Dobreanu points out how BIM processes add a layer of unprecedented insight:

“Large developments will continue to make headlines in 2018 with Makkah’s Grand Mosque expansion (USD 21.3 billion) to be complete later this year, as well as Subbiya Bridge in Kuwait – it is one of the longest causeways in the world at 36km,” comments event director for The Big 5 Heavy, Richard Pavitt.

“Essentially, the use of BIM results in faster and more accurate delivery of projects. The large pools of data generated by BIM allow decision makers to enhance and better manage the design, construction, operation and maintenance factors of their built environment.” Dobreanu also comments on regulatory framework accelerating GCC construction, endorsing UAE government for implementing explicit definitions on how project delivery should incorporate BIM. Mining Section Head at Narjan Cement Company, Mohamed Saleh, reinforces that innovation in technology and regulation is a major growth driver at the core of our construction industry: “Applying new technology and easy to enforce regulation encourages industry development, also taking into account the growing GCC construction activity, mining specifically is set to open new international markets for export instead of looking only at import as a solution.”

“Aside from revealing what enables the GCC mega build culture, the Big 5 Heavy will offer a wealth of equipment from 300 exhibitors, representing 27 exhibiting countries. There will be a visually stunning outdoor demonstration area and ‘Grill & Chill’ spot where visitors can refresh and network,” he concludes. The Big 5 Heavy is organized by dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa, is free to attend, and supported by Caltex (Lubricant Sponsor), the Deep Foundations Institute (Geotech Knowledge Partner), Total Foundations Solutions (Geotechnical Sponsor), Deewan (Concrete Equipment Sponsor), Hard Precast (Precast Sponsor), and Stevin Rock (Mining & Quarrying Sponsor). To see the full education agenda, visit http:// To know more about The Big 5 Heavy 2018, visit Construction Leaders • April 2018


Cityscape Conference Draws Roadmap for the Future of Real Estate The Cityscape Egypt Conference got off to a positive start today as experts and government authorities offered updates on major government projects, revealed ongoing progress in the real estate sector, and highlighted opportunities and challenges in the industry. The Cityscape Egypt Conference got off to a positive start today as experts and government authorities offered updates on major government projects, revealed ongoing progress in the real estate sector, and highlighted opportunities and challenges in the industry. The Conference, which is currently taking place at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza, is a prelude to the exhibition and calls attention to Egypt’s ongoing efforts to realise its goals and address the sector’s most pressing needs. Khaled Abbas, Assistant Minister of Housing 40

Construction Leaders • April 2018

for Technical Affairs, highlighted in his keynote speech that development is no longer limited to Greater Cairo, but instead it has moved to the governorates of Al-Alamain Al-Jadida, AlMansoura Al-Jadida, West Qena and West Assiut. Development outside Cairo is a major tenet of the government’s Urban Development Plan 2052, which looks to increase the area from 7 to 12%. “To achieve this ambitious development plan, there needs to be partnerships with the private sector so we can achieve the development rates, which were successfully carried out by the

government in the first phase of the partnership projects, and which were developed into MOUs. We are currently, evaluating the second phase of financial PPP offers and the third phase of the partnership projects will be decided by the end of this month or at the beginning of next month,” he said. He pointed out that as the real estate sector is a main driver of the economy, the Ministry is currently working on auctioning land for investment, which will enable developers to choose from an array of opportunities. Under the theme: Re-inventing a real estate destination; strategy, valuation and branding, this year’s two-day Conference – which concludes tomorrow – kicked off by reviewing its performance over the last year. Fathallah Fawzy, Co-Founder, MENA Group, and Chairman at this year’s Conference maintains that despite the challenges in the market last year, there was still a demand for real estate.

“The stability in the market and the effects of the economic decisions over the last year will result in an increase in the volume of real estate investment, new projects, demand from consumers, and expected price increases in 2018,” he explained. Ian Albert, Regional Director at real estate consultancy, Colliers, analysed the sector over the past year and provided an overview to a packed conference room. For Albert, population growth and increased investment in infrastructure, and investments to hedge against inflation and currency devaluation are boosting property investment in Greater Cairo’s real estate market. “By end of 2018, the residential market is expected to be undersupplied by 320,000 units, this gap is expected to increase to 580,000 units by 2022. Translating into required units of approximately 52,000 per annum, while supply is expected to grow by 20,000 units per annum,” he said. Construction Leaders • April 2018


Looking at the demand from Egyptians, Albert said: “The current demand in the Egyptian real estate market is for lifestyle products. Cairenes are looking for secure neighbourhoods complete with community retail facilities, as well as education and healthcare facilities that complement the residential component. Affordability is also of primary concern as consumers are becoming more price sensitive and competition is becoming intense.” A bright star in Egypt’s real estate sector is the office segment. According to Albert over the past five years, 90th Street in New Cairo has been rapidly establishing itself as a major commercial hub or strip in the city. “New Cairo has become the focal point for various office developments and business parks. The office market in Greater Cairo has been undersupplied over the past decade. While there was a market gap of 3 million sqm NLA in 2017, this gap is expected to exceed 4 million NLA sqm by 2022,” he said. Speaking about buyer profiles and current trends amongst consumers in the market, Amad Al Msoadi, CEO of revealed how location, unit sizes, and prices, are still primary drivers for homeowners and investors. One of the most anticipated panels: Vision 2030: Taking on the challenges and achieving the vision saw Tamer Waguih, Assistant Head of Central Unit, Ministry of Finance; Ahmed Al Mufti, General Manager, Commercial Affairs, East Port Said Development Company; Amgad Hassanein, COO, Cairo Capital Group; and Dr. Assem El Gazzar, Chairman, General Organisation for Physical Planning, discuss and debate how to achieve the country’s goals and how to find solutions to ongoing hurdles. The Conference also included breakout roundtable discussions on mortgage finance, and industrial development. Tomorrow’s Conference will tackle hospitality in a session titled: The role of international hospitality brands in creating a destination, and includes a session on Foreign investment sentiment: Measuring trends of foreign investment in Egyptian property by Dina Gobran, General Manager, OLX Egypt and Khaled Shahin, Regional Director of Revenues. 42

Construction Leaders • April 2018

Tomorrow’s final panel discussion takes on: The importance of regulating real estate valuation activity to attract international investors, looking at understanding the role of real estate valuation in the national economy and methodology of supervising real estate appraisal activities. This year’s Conference was sponsored by Colliers, Kohler, CS Global, Contact Mortgage Finance, Altus Group, and property portal sponsor OLX. The highly-anticipated Cityscape Egypt exhibition then takes place on the 28th – 31st March at its new venue, the Egypt International Exhibition Centre (EIEC) in in Mehwar Almosheer Tantawy in New Cairo. The show, sponsored by PROJECTS, kicks off with over 70 exhibitors from Egypt who will showcase projects from across the real estate spectrum, both from Egypt and around the world. For more information on Cityscape Egypt visit

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces


THE HOME OF REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT The UAE capital’s largest and most influential real estate investment and development event is back. With hundreds of developments from Abu Dhabi and beyond being showcased, Cityscape Abu Dhabi is the home of real estate investment.

17 – 19 APRIL 2018 Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, UAE


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Construction Leaders • April 2018


Johnson Controls to Explore Strategic Alternatives for the Power Solutions Business Johnson Controls International plc (NYSE: JCI) today announced that it is exploring strategic alternatives for its Power Solutions business. Johnson Controls’ portfolio includes two leading platforms within their respective industries – an integrated buildings technology and solutions business and a power solutions business that is the clear global leader in providing battery solutions to the automotive sector with an advantaged position in the aftermarket. Both of these platforms are well positioned but are also navigating markedly different industry landscapes with unique strategic, financial and operational opportunities and requirements. “Creating shareholder value is our top priority. Our focus is on improving operational execution, realizing merger synergy and productivity benefits, and optimizing the business portfolio. Given the differing dynamics of the platforms, we are evaluating strategic alternatives for Power Solutions,” said George Oliver, chairman and chief executive officer. “Over the years our team has built Power Solutions into an incredible business with a high-margin aftermarket model that has delivered consistent growth through business cycles. These strong fundamentals, as well as recently issued provisions of U.S. Tax Reform, will be taken into account as we review the alternatives and assess which option creates the best long-term results for the business and the most value for shareholders.” “Today’s announcement also reflects our strategic priority to strengthen and invest in our 44

Construction Leaders • April 2018

global market-leading positions in HVAC, fire and security solutions and integrated Building Management Systems, which operate in attractive vertical markets with strong growth prospects,” Oliver added. Johnson Controls Power Solutions is a world leader working in partnership with its customers to meet increasing electrification requirements in vehicles. Our 15,000 Power Solutions employees create, manufacture, and distribute the most advanced battery technologies for virtually every type of vehicle. These technologies deliver uniquely sustainable, next-generation performance. In fiscal 2017, Power Solutions generated $7.3 billion in revenue and $1.6 billion in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (“EBITDA”). Johnson Controls expects to complete its assessment of strategic alternatives over the next several months. There can be no assurances as to the form and timing of any transaction as a result of this strategic review, or if a transaction will be consummated, and any final decision remains subject to approval by the Johnson Controls Board of Directors. Johnson Controls does not intend to make any further public statements until a specific determination has been made. To assist the Company in its review, Johnson Controls has retained Centerview Partners as financial advisors.

5 Ways to Inspire Engineers Using Criticism Find ways to up your inspire your employees who don’t respond to other means. provided. Find it a priority to always thank them for their contributions and praise them for what they have delivered. Always let them know that you value them before you point out any mistakes. Nobody likes a conversation that starts negatively.

Get to the point

Criticism is not always such a negative thing. There are ways where you can guide your employees by using an honest, direct, yet respectful approach. With the right process and usage, criticism can be an effective tool to inspire your employees. Supervisory roles require constant feedback, and there are some times where you just can’t get the message through. There are people who need to be critiqued in order to tackle and overcome areas of improvement. Here are some ways you can guide these type of workers into being more efficient in improving themselves.

Listening is important While pointing out mistakes is effective in telling your employees what to work on, listening is just as important. Often times, employees are affected by multiple stimuli 46

Construction Leaders • April 2018

which causes them to not be at their best. Talking to them and hearing them out can help you understand what causes these things and allows you to create an environment for them to grow.

Don’t point fingers Let’s be honest, there are times where you think it might be better to just put the blame on someone. But that’ll just get you nowhere, and it might strike a big blow to your team’s morale. Instead of saying “You always don’t submit your reports on time,” you can say “Your reports need to be turned in in X days, otherwise we won’t be able to move forward.” This removes any negative criticism while still getting the message delivered.

Always add positive reinforcement It’s not nice to hear criticism right away when feedback is

Criticism is about being as direct as possible. You won’t get anywhere by flowering up your words and by beating around the bush. Instead of saying “this needs work,” tell them which part needs what. As an example, “your presentation needs a little work” might translate better as “your presentation needs facts presented in a way that’s easier to understand.” This removes the “guessing game” factor from their improvement and sets them to a more forward course.

Always schedule a follow-up Feedback is not over on the first conversation. You’ll always have to give your employee time to work on their improvement. If you notice a positive change in their actions and results, be sure to give them a pat on the back or a simple “Good work!” If they don’t show any change, then you’ll know that it’s time to take the next step or to look at other ways to handle it.

Is Your Engineering Job Making You Sick? Here’s What You Should Do There’s something you can do about your work-related stress.

When you are an engineer with a very demanding job, you are most likely to experience stress all the time. And it is a bad thing because it is proven in research studies that the human brain and body have trouble distinguishing between the kind of stress caused by real danger, like a house being on fire, and perceived danger, like a boss with lots of demands. But no matter, stress has a negative effect on your body especially if you are an engineer. There are so many sources of stress in engineering like the work environment and the demands of the job, which could release hormones and chemicals to speed up your heart rate, increase blood pressure, and stimulate your muscles. Under such circumstances your bodies become more alert and responsive, which is rather normal. But if it becomes a regular thing, it isn’t healthy anymore – the body cannot sustain that level of readiness for long periods of time and is susceptible to breaking down. That could manifest in many ways like chronic headaches, nausea, insomnia, even heart attacks, hypertension, and stroke. It is now obvious that the direct link of the work stress to your body is scary. So what can engineers do about this? Just two things: 48

Construction Leaders • April 2018

Identify the sources of stress The key to solving this problem is to monitor your activities and check which ones are making you stressed. List down all your daily activities and identify where you having difficulty dealing things with. It takes about a week for you to be able to identify your biggest sources of stress. Look for patterns. Remember that it can be the job itself, that you are not fit for that kind of engineering job.

Make the adjustments Once you have pointed out which things are making you stressed at work, make the necessary adjustments. You can change the way you work your body and mind, set boundaries that serve you, and give voice to your thoughts. Manage what needs to be managed. If everything seems to be out of place, it is a career mismatch. It’s best to leave that job. You can also take this route if you feel like there’s nothing you can do about the sources of your stress anymore.

Have Rivalry With Another Engineer at Work? Here’s What To Do About It Don’t let it become toxic!

Competition is present in everyday life. Like people trying to get that best seat in the bus or inside the classroom, guests checking in hotels with the best views, or even men aiming for the love of a woman. There are countless ways that competition manifests in our world – according to social scientists, it is one of the most basic functions of nature and a biological trait that coevolved with the basic need for human survival. The engineering workplace has its fair share of competition not only as an organization but among the engineers within the company. More often than not, the rivalry comes from the desire to be promoted first faster than everyone else, which is not at all a bad thing. Research suggests that competition increases the levels of chemicals like testosterone in the body, preparing the body and mind and pushing the employees to go the extra mile and achieve results. This is the healthy kind of competition, but there is also the toxic one – a rivalry which could result to unethical decisions and ways as well as create conflict. If you are one of those engineers who feel that there is some kind of competition going on, the first thing to do is to make sure that it all ends well for the people involved. It doesn’t have to reach a point wherein it becomes toxic. Here are other tips:

Don’t get distracted and stay confident There is no reason to fret. As already established, competition is part of everyday life which also happens in the workplace. Accept the reality of it. But as a response, you still have to stay focused in your job as an engineer.

Find allies Once the competition becomes a big issue where you work, it’s better to find those who are in the same side as you. This should grow your reputation and cultivate strong relationships with other coworkers.

Step back It is necessary that engineers who are competitive in nature also have to stop for a moment. Do this to realize if all of what’s happening amid the competition is heading towards your career goals.

Don’t take things personally What happens in the workplace, stays in the workplace. Think of that as much as possible and keep a genuine relationship with your rivals. It is possible to be friends with your enemies. Construction Leaders • April 2018


World Architecture Festival Announces International ‘Super-Jury’

World Architecture Festival ‘Super-Jury’, from left to right: Li Xiaodong, Manuelle Gautrand, David Adjaye, Nathalie de Vries, Mohsen Mostafavi (PRNewsfoto/The World Architecture Festival)

The World Architecture Festival has announced its 2018 Super-Jury, made up of the most influential names in international architecture. The ‘SuperJury’ will judge the Festival’s World Building of the Year award on Friday 30th November at the RAI Amsterdam. The WAF Awards, the ‘Oscars of architecture’, sit at the heart of the World Architecture Festival and celebrate global architectural excellence across completed buildings, future projects and landscape projects. Shortlisted entrants will compete for prizes across 33 categories on the first two days of the three-day Festival. On the final day, category winners will present again to the Super Jury, who will choose the World Building of the Year winner, after seeing live presentations from the 18 completed building category winners. The Super-Jury will be chaired by Nathalie de Vries, Director and Co-founder of Dutch practice MVRDV. The other jurors are Mohsen Mostafavi, Dean, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University; Li Xiaodong, Professor, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University; David Adjaye,


Construction Leaders • April 2018

Principal, Adjaye Associates; and Manuelle Gautrand, Principal Architect, Manuelle Gautrand Architecture. WAF programme director Paul Finch commented: ‘We are delighted to have such a diverse and talented group of super-jurors, and look forward to their comments and deliberations. With over 130 judges representing 37 countries, and with 47% being female, we are proud that WAF is able to celebrate the truly diverse nature of design and architecture.’ WAF and its sister event INSIDE World Festival of Interiors are looking forward to welcoming more than 2,000 architects and designers to the RAI Amsterdam for three days of conference programmes, awards, exhibitions and fringe events. The Festival culminates with the Gala Awards Dinner taking place in the former Amsterdam Stock Exchange building, the Beurs van Berlage, where the winners of the World Building of the Year will receive their prize. For more details on how to enter the WAF Awards please visit

April 2018 Construction Leaders Issue 013  

GineersNow Construction Leaders Issue 013

April 2018 Construction Leaders Issue 013  

GineersNow Construction Leaders Issue 013