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But, as I reflect on the school year and the summer fun that is here, it dawns on me… these years of craziness will end, and sooner than I am ready for. Of course, I don’t think I will miss screaming out the phrase “Is your homework done?” But, I am slowly realizing that the years are going by quickly… way to quickly. And, when I am in the thick of it, it is hard to stop and smell the peanut butter and jelly. As my oldest embarks on high school in the fall and my youngest enters middle school, with no more kiddos in elementary school ever (sniff, sniff), the panic that my tribe is getting one day closer to leaving and embarking on new adventures is settling in.

And, just like every modern day family, we move fast, even through the summer time. Sometimes the lazy days of summer are “rushed” in between camps, work and life. It’s sad, but true,right? Before we know it, the summer will be coming to a close, back to school shopping lists are printed out and old lunch boxes are thrown away while new ones are sitting poised on the counter, ready to be filled. My word… time must slow down.

Slowing down is what I have in store for this summer. Dinners, playtime, snuggles and movie nights will be longer. Summer will be a time to disconnect and reconnect with the kids, maybe against their will sometime, and to create some memories that will hold this momma bear through the years when they are off on their own adventures (sniff, sniff)!


Cheers to an amazing summer of memories!

Nicole Irving, Publisher

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Hottie Dad photo by SincerelyGone Photography | Nicole's photo by Jimmy Ho Photography | Cake provided by Sugar, Refined.

I think many parents can agree that it has been a race to this year’s finish line… AKA SUMMER! Between the homework x3, lunch x3, sports practices x3, their games x3 and everything in between… I. AM. DONE! Summer cannot come fast enough this year, and I am welcoming it with open arms. And, as I type these words, I slowly realize that with summer, comes a whole new set of challenges. Camps x3, summer work x3, sunscreen applications x3. Huh, I guess the saying is true, “a mother’s job is never done!”

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Giggle Magazine June/July 2019  

Summer Issue, Hottie Dads 2019, Father's Day Gift Guide, Local Knitters and more!

Giggle Magazine June/July 2019  

Summer Issue, Hottie Dads 2019, Father's Day Gift Guide, Local Knitters and more!