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Be Charitable From the Palm of Your Hand

We live in an evolving technical age where you can now have fun on an easy-to-use phone application while donating to charity with just a click or swipe. Many of these applications are free and incorporate activities that you were already partaking in, such as taking pictures or logging your cardio, but with the added factor of supporting a good cause. Help bring positive change to the world by modifying your phone usage with these engaging, charity-giving phone applications!


Be My Eyes



This is perfect for any animallovers out there who want turn their constant trips to the dog park into a daily charitable act. Use this free app every time you walk your dog, as the application tracks and maps your walks. The application will donate money to a selected animal organization of your choosing, based on how many people are walking for your selected organization. So it’s important to share your walks on social media!

With just a simple tap of your finger, you can help aid a hungry child in need by ‘sharing your meal.’ By simply donating .50 cents or more, you can help feed a child with food provided by the United Nations Whole Food Programme. You can also spread the word about ShareTheMeal through the “Camera Giving” function, where you can take a picture of your food, tag the picture as #ShareTheMeal, donate and share to your social media.


This app gives back without having to give an extra penny! By using this app, you can earn money for schools and non-profits by purchasing gift cards directly through the app. It starts by linking your credit card to the Benefit app. Then, when you are checking out in-store or online, you open the app, select the store name and type in the amount you are about to purchase, and Benefit will create a digital gift card that you will use to complete your purchase. The retailer will donate 2 to 20% of the purchase to a school or non-profit of your choice!



This amazing app lets you directly impact another person. By using this app, you will be able to assist a person who is blind by being their eyes. So, how does it work? You will answer live, visual questions via FaceTime for a person in need. The app works in real time, so you can identify something for a person like letting them know when their milk expires or help them select a pretty bouquet of flowers!

If you are someone who does a lot of online shopping, this may be a hassle-free way to manage your daily spending while also donating to a charity of your choosing. Simply download the application, upload your credit or debit card and when you shop online, GiveTide will round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and donate that money to your desired charity. You also have the ability to set a weekly cap to turn off roundups after a specific amount. So, go ahead and buy those boots you’ve been eyeing, this application allows you to treat yourself and feel good about it!

Giggle Tip: Always read the fine print of any app prior to joining so you fully understand the rules/legal terms.

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Giggle Magazine June/July 2019  

Summer Issue, Hottie Dads 2019, Father's Day Gift Guide, Local Knitters and more!

Giggle Magazine June/July 2019  

Summer Issue, Hottie Dads 2019, Father's Day Gift Guide, Local Knitters and more!