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Informative Inspiring Empowering Educative Truth

September-October: 2012, Volume1, Issue 4 July- August, 2012 Volume1, Issue 3

Gifted Tongues

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The Quest

The 2012 Hub of Africa Fashion Week


The Day and the Dream

Truth &

On The Fore Front Of Quintessential Bishop

Global Transformation

Noel Jones

Burney Emcee, End of the Weak AMBASSODOR

HIV/AIDS, The Irking Yet Real Infection

The Uganda Nordics VIP Convention 2012

An Epic Reality

The Malabo Featuring Africa’s InternationalNew Fashion Crop Of Week 2012 Agitators

The Banyan Tree Seychelles Resort

“Discover Your Special Place In Time, History And Eternity By Reading This Magazine”. Gifted Tongues Magazine 2012

Battling it out 2012

Toronto -10 Reasons to Love it


5 Reasons Why Uganda has an uphill Task against the Zambians

the global mantle of god

Discover your special place in History, Time & Eternity By Reading this Magazine....

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Gifted Tongues Magazine 2012


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The Battle of Gifted Tongues 2012


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On The Global Platform.....For Global Impact

Truth &

“In the Quest for Truth and Knowledge"

An African young movement in the quest for truth and knowledge via an organised, and civilized intellectual platform. Aiming to equip the young African Academic population with the Liberation Empowerment to define, determine and affirm the future of their world. As well as training young African in a world where universities seek students who think critically, where business employee seek people who can communicate effectively and in a world where democracy seeks individuals who can participate actively in any given decision making process.

AFRICA: On the Fore Front of Global Transformation

29-05-12 to 01-10-12 For more information, Contact +256 775 256 043 +256 789 200 419 Email: or

Hashem Baruch Yisroel

modern ideas of success which are not entirely true on their own


al-intellectual who desire after the holiness and the righteousness of the Living One, Via the Malabo Fashion Week in Equatorial Guinea. Let me take this grandiose opening to talk you through special andofexclusive edition of the Gifted the Gifted Tongues Magazine. the 2nd edition

This Tongues Magazine is dedicated to those many faceless, voiceless, and nameless young African To many on the sidelines of his life and those who seem to be Individuals . edge of his life, Po’Auli is best known for his on the closest unique ability to capture the Zion sound of Victory, Glory and

Who are working tirelessly to place Africa on the Honor of God to his generation and transmitting it in ways prior Forefront of Global Transformation (by the Grace unimaginable. of their God). The challenges are the many but in the words word of MLK.Jr.


The journey shall not kill us because we have come mig And way manypushing more exclusives, features insights can bewith found long on because weand are pregnant someth inside all of which are parceled in Truth and Knowledge.E ineffable-but all we know is that once it is born-they will be a time difference and an impact. We have come a mighty long to let up and to give up. And just in case you still doubting by now…. Just take a blin me and I bet you a dollar ton a dime that by the time you finished blinking at me. Africa shall be on the forefront of Glo Transformation.


From Judah, Zion, and in the secret place of the Almight-Adonai Yahweh the Magnificent Father, to African Revelations, to the Battle of Gifted Tongues, to the Agitators Awards, to Grapghiconsult, to Kampala Serena, to Ethiopian Airlines, to the spiriru-

the people who should have been in our corner walked a to define or model what kind of success one should aspire toaft er having crushed under the weight of the Glory.

Like the symbolic Jewish Shofar-a rum’s horn that was used in ancient Jewish/Hebraic times to rally a chosen I want to encourage you.”Even though weand aresanctified generation to warefare/battle in the spiritual context faced with difficult challenges of today and of fervent

In the tomorrow, 18th century, there lived a prominent German academia prayer, repentence, sacrifi ce, and obedience-Po’Auli emits we shall surely overcome without a a dazby the names of proff essor Fredrich willheim Niche.He rose zling sound packaged to reveal and to manifest the victory, doubt, and we shall see the old-age promise of Glory to prominence by coining the famous phrase”Whateverr does and the fulfi Honorlled of the Lord God God being within a generation whose life and not kill you only makes you stronger”.A few years down the character embodies the burden carriers of the Ark of the coveroad,Anotonia Machado, assures the greatest all spanish poets used A promise us of victory, nant/ thethat mantle of God which has pitchedglory camp onand the continent the aforementi oned phrase in writing the poem-Pathwalkerhonor. of Sunkist mother Africa,Hence turning this feminist continent ”I am a pathwalker, a man walking without a way and without the hope and salvation headquarters of the entire world. a directi on, iinto make way asedition i move,features am a pathwalker Inside this the sizzling a story a man walkingentitled”The all by myself, day whatever doesn’t kill me only makes me and the Dream” based on Find out what you did not know about Po’Auli-this son of a vistronger.” scriptural Truths and mystic revelations of God sionary woman who hailed from the of Africa, On a few months ago i was jay-walking through thevillages Bible Nati on emerging toblack speak to our future, a future which a iwoman whothat taught Po’Auli thewho possibility of Jesus achieving and suddenly realized the people hanged on so promises wonderful events. much yet with little no facilitation at all, thecipate man who the cross were hisbut doubters and or haters. Who did notand anti that hanging him onhammer thethe cross wayentitled only nga him upeducation. for the worked and tongs for himsetti to get decent And as well as story “The Global utltimate showcase in fulfilling the purpose and assignment Mantle”-an identifi cation of the special genera-for his creati on.JustHenceforth the authenti city andfocuses macy of tion upon which new era oflegiti God All of this in ourthe cover story thatmantle entirely on is Po’Auli’s every child promise and every child of covenant walking in the laid.ofmission to uplift a generation to great heights in God. Then greatness of check God seldom goes without being bylevel a crowd out for yourself the amazing andsealed powerful at which Plus update on this year’s Battle of Gifted of haters andan doubters. the fashion industry in Africa is shaking the world like a tsunami They isTongues, a crowd of hatersclashes and doubters in questi on about whose have been without a the in a story designed to celebrate the richness of African fabric and level atdoubt which explosive. your gift stand pure and holy. the vision of Africa’s fashion designers who often times than not very little or about no recognize most at all inenvied the Malabo And fireceive nally cityFashion in They are sited in the reading ordinary terracesthe and up in the bleaches of week that took place in April in Malabo-the capital of Equatorial 2012 shall well get you wanting to book a flight

life waiting for you to crush under the weight of the journey to Guinea. on the immediate. to Toronto your greatness. Last but not least we would like to thank all the Finally discover the by truth from every They are hoping that you fall theabout waysuccess side because theydayre life schools that accepted our invitation to participate intimidated and offended Battle by the of prospect your success. in the6 ASDL/The Gifted of Tongues 2012, Without even considering your point of focus which is not on and also a big thank you to all our corporatethe elements that embody simple and cheap success in life but partners. rather on the elements that embody a supernaturally successful 4

The Team

The Team

Creator- Po’Auli Founder/Creator-Po’Auli pioneer Executive/Editor- WonderFul Atemi EditorWonderFul Editor/Special Projects Executive-Timothy Kiprotich Pioneer Executive/Coordinator- Baker Muyanja Assistant Editor-Lucy Kyatuhaire Assitant EditorBaker Muyanja Pioneer Executive- Ivan Sewe

Executive Coordinator-Baker Muyanja ContributorsLucy Kyatuhaire, Laura Bagaya, Sonia Special Projects Executive- Timothy Kiprotich Mukundane,Sophie Sande. Donika, Elle Magazine, ContributorsMuhammad Kalema, Donika, Fireworks Advertising, Ivan Sewe, Eric Lule Assistant Editors- Lucy Kyatuhaire & Kangye David

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Gifted Tongues Magazine 2012

CONTENTS 12 -Po’Auli: on Clear Mission to Uplift a Generation-In this cover story, Donika describes Po’Auli and his Mission to uplift a generation through his transmission the Zion Sund of Victory, Glory, and Honor. 8-Th e Day and The of Dream

The Day and the Dream

14-The Malabo Fashion week-one of the most interesting and internationally recognized Fashion Weeks on the continent of Africa. 15-Be the Standard-Dr.Jamal BryantReason sharingto hisLove victorious secrets 11-Toronto:2012’s most envied city-10 it


17-An Epic Reality-Lucy Kyatuhaire reports about the Battle of Gifted Tongues 2011’s preliminary clash tournament

15-Battling it out 2012 19-The Afro-Intellectual Debate Rhythm 20-Rutundu Log Cabins-The place where Prince William proposed to Lady Kate

17-Quintessential Bishop Noel Jones in an interview about prosperity preaching 23-Alain De Batton and his modern ideas of success 25-Mr.Gustav Gonget the CEO of Graphiconsult in an interview about his business andMantle career of in God Graphic Design and print 20-Th e Global


21-The Lake Victoria Serena Resort 23-Picasso-The heartless Artist 24-The Malabo Fashion Week 2012 15



27-5Reasons Why Uganda has an Uphill Task against the Zambians in September 2012

30-The Banyan Tree Seychelles Resort







Baker Muyanja is the Executive Cordinator of the ASDL/The Battle of Gifted Tongues

Sewe Ivan is a pioneer Executive of the ASDL/The Battle of Gifted Tongues

Konde Eddie is a clash Examination Executive at the ASDL/The Battle of Gifted Tongues

Lucy Kyatuhaire is the editor of the Gifted Tongues Magazine

From Judah, Zion, and in the secret place of the Almight-Adonai Yahweh the Magnificent Father, to African Revelations, to the Battle of Gifted Tongues, to the Agitators Awards, to Grapghiconsult, to Kampala Serena, to Ethiopian Airlines, to the spirirual-intellectual who desire after the holiness and the righteousness of the Living One, Via the Malabo Fashion Week in Equatorial Guinea. Let me take this grandiose opening to talk you through the 2nd edition of the Gifted Tongues Magazine. To many on the sidelines of his life and those who seem to be on the closest edge of his life, Po’Auli is best known for his unique ability to capture the Zion sound of Victory, Glory and Honor of God to his generation and transmitting it in ways prior unimaginable.

philosopher and historian Alain De Batton as he describes the modern ideas of success which are not entirely true on their own to define or model what kind of success one should aspire towards.

Like the symbolic Jewish Shofar-a rum’s horn that was used in ancient Jewish/Hebraic times to rally a chosen and sanctified generation to warefare/battle in the spiritual context of fervent prayer, repentence, sacrifice, and obedience-Po’Auli emits a daz-

Find out what you did not know about Po’Auli-this son of a visionary black woman who hailed from the villages of Africa, a woman who taught Po’Auli the possibility of achieving so much but yet with little or no facilitation at all, and the man who worked hammer and tongs for him to get a decent education. All of this in our cover story that entirely focuses on Po’Auli’s mission to uplift a generation to great heights in God. Then check out for yourself the amazing and powerful level at which the fashion industry in Africa is shaking the world like a tsunami in a story designed to celebrate the richness of African fabric and the vision of Africa’s fashion designers who often times than not receive very little or no recognize at all in the Malabo Fashion week that took place in April in Malabo-the capital of Equatorial Guinea. Finally discover the truth about success from every day life


WonderFul Atemi s a pioneer Executive of the ASDL/The Battle of Gifted Tongues


zling sound packaged to reveal and to manifest the victory, Glory and the Honor of the Lord God to a generation whose life and character embodies the burden carriers of the Ark of the covenant/ the mantle of God which has pitched camp on the continent of Sunkist mother Africa,Hence turning this feminist continent into the hope and salvation headquarters of the entire world.

Gilbert Bwette is the media relations Executive of the ASDL/The Battle of Gifted Tongues

And many more exclusives, features and insights can be found inside all of which are parceled in Truth and Knowledge.E



The Team Creator- Po’Auli Editor- WonderFul Assitant Editor- Baker Muyanja Contributors- Lucy Kyatuhaire, Laura Bagaya, Sonia Mukundane,Sophie Sande. Donika, Elle Magazine, Fireworks Advertising, Ivan Sewe, Eric Lule

It all starts with you.

This edition of the gifted tongues magazine is so thrilling and really worth reading for as long as you really love and value mother Africa. The quest starts with you, your input and big thought. Lets venture into our own thought, African philosophy, and above all the real African feeling because it all starts with you not later on but now.

Timoothy Kiprotich is the special pprojects Executive of the Gifted Tongues Magazine

Today is the day when we are meant to be who we really are supposed to be by doing what our forefathers anticipated of all time. Africa Being on the fore front of global transformation, its all begins with you and I thinking straight and Acting the thought because Africa does not deserve the best but it is the best and the most blessed of all. The transformation begins with your heart, mind and attitude towards Mother Photography- Bwette Frank Daniels Africa and will eventually grow up straight to the whole world because this world will just be a better Published by Africanrevelations Under Dave & Dave Group (U) Ltd Bbunga Ggaba Road one with you doing what you are meant to do. With you the quest is not just a symbol but one that P.O. Box 24731 Mob: +25677525043, +256774343676, +256700345784, streamlines a thought and turns it into reality not with magic but the power to think, speak, write, read, and above all express it to the world. “Don’t let anybody stop you, because if it isn’t you then it’s nobody Printed by Graphic Consult Uganda Ltd else”. Tell them that, “It’s so simple, get on board or get out of the way!” 7 Creative DirectorDirector-Solomon Robinson Twani Operations Manager- Eddie Konde

David Kanja is a clash Examination Executive at the ASDL/The Battle of Gifted Tongues Timothy Kiprotich & Lucy Kyatuhaire

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The Ethiopian Boeing 787 Dreamliner maiden Flight to Uganda: Dreams Become Destinations

On the 21st August 2012, history was registered as the day when the Ethiopian Airline`s boeing 787 dreamliner also called the ‘First African”touched Ugandan soil at approximately 8:45 pm. The function held at the Entebbe International Airport VIP lounge was attended by Government representatives including the Minister of State for Transport- Hon. Stephen Chebrot, Tour Operators, Officials from the Civil Aviation Authority [CAA] and visitors from the Federal Aviation Authority in the US. During the reception which was held to entertain the invited guests, Mrs Ermejechew Regassa-Area Manager Ethiopian Airlines Uganda emphasized that the Dreamliner was another milestone in the Aviation industry of Africa and for Ethiopian.Underpinned by the fact that Ethipian is the first airline outside Japan to operate the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.The details of this occasion are hereby relied picturesquesly.




2 8 3 5

7 6



1- Area manager Ethiopian Airline`s Mrs Regassa Ermejchew addressing guests. 2- Uganda’s Minister of State For Transport, Stephen Chebrot – Delivers his speech at the inaugural event! 3- Guests from the federation of aviation. 4- Area manager Ethiopia Airlines `Uganda `consulating with madam Cindy and Hajati Aisha (Ethiopian Airlines staff). 5- The cuting of the cake. 6- The cake. 7- Hajati Aisha and madam Alex admiring the dreamliner. 8- Passengers in the dreamliner. 9- The captain of the dreamliner being recieved by the area manager(Uganda) upon landing at Entebbe International Airport. 10- The captain makes a toost. 11- Passengers disembark from the the dreamliner.

The Day and the Dream

Genesis2:2. Hence Jehovah God had a deep sleep fall upon the man and while he was sleeping, he took one of the ribs and then closed up the flesh over its place. The mystery behind the day and the dream is of such that Adam realizes that he cannot go on with his life because his life needs something that it cannot do away with. What he needs is a companion, a helper, a comforter who exactly suits his own kind. At exactly midnight which sugestically represents the wee hours of the morningthe first man begins to look for what he cannot do away with. He looks for it until, he comes to a place where he cannot look for his object of desire anymore, and he rests from being tired, and exhausted at exactly the time when it was the hottest part of the day which sugestically is represented by midday and onwards.


He rests because he has been looking and looking but for some hidden reason he cannot find what he is looking for. And while he is resting, his original intention is not to sleep because it’s not time to sleep but rather to perspire. Its time to perspire but he cannot perspire because he has been perspiring since midnight and now its midday and he is tired and resting but the place where he has found rest is the same place which mysterious holds what has been looking for and he doesn’t realize it yet . He doesn’t intend to sleep but he none the less finds himself sleeping because God in all his divine power has compelled him to sleep by sending him into a perpetual slumber –a state of deep sleep without intent to sleep. Genesis 39:10-So it turned out that as she spoke to Joseph day after day he

never listened to her to lie alongside her to continue with her.11-But it happened that on this day as other days he went into the house to do his business, and there was none of the men of the house there in the house.12-Then she grabbed hold of him by his garment saying: ’But he lefts his garment in her hand and took to flight and went on outside.

It’s quite obvious right from the onset that it’s not Joseph’s intention to sleep with potipher’s wife but on the other hand, its potipher’s wife’s intention to sleep with Joseph. And Joseph being the kind of man that he is, he thinks that he can put the situation under his control and prevent the unacceptable from happening but the problem is of such that potipher’s wife’s intention cannot be put under control because she cannot even control herself from her intention to sleep with holy Joseph. So Joseph runs away from a situation that is seemingly beyond his control, however the mystery is that the reason why the situation is beyond both Joseph and potipher’s wife’s control is based on the divine revelation that it was a God-ushered situation designed to eventually take Joseph into custody/prison because it was in prison where he was to find a pair of Dreams and to two Dreams who would then arouse and stir his gift-of interpreting Dreams. It’s very important to appreciate and in all his stay in Egypt-Joseph had never come across anybody in need of his gift because Egypt was a nation of dreamers. They was no need for one to dream because no one was needy as result of the fact Egypt was the richest nation and hence the dream of the universe. It should not be ironic that the dreams that aroused and stirred Joseph’s gift were not even his own dreams because Joseph had been through enough struggles from a dry well to being a slave in a house with a woman plotting to rape him the very moment she laid eyes on him, and then finally in a prison that he had no business in but he had to be there because it was the place designed by God for him to come into direct contact with a pair of men who had a problem designed to stir his Gift. An occasion which would eventually open up boundless possibilities for him to b able to realize the dream of his life, a dream he had conceived several years ago while still in his father’s home. Have you ever found yourself in a place where you know you have no business being in that particular place but none the less you are compelled to be there because destiny is calling you for a meeting that shall open up the doors that shall led in your dream. A dream you conceived in the night but now it’s meeting you during day. Just like the way it was when you first came across it in the night. Adam knew for sure basing his knowledge on divine mystery that what I need shall not meet me where I’m resting but what he never knew was that he would not meet what he was look-

ing for during day before he would first dream about it. So in throwing Adam into a slumber –God Almighty’s intention is to show Adam what plain eyes have not seen because when the first man was looking for a suitable companion from the Midnight-midday-he was looking with his plain eyes. I’m talking to a specific generation right now whose members are in the quest for something that doesn’t share any kind of resemblance with what the past generations had in their grip but the problem on your hands, is so big and enormous because you are looking for whatever you are looking for with your plain eyes and now you are tired and exhausted, and frustrated. But if you can only hear the Zion sound of Victory , Glory and honor-as it whispers ”take some rest……take some rest….and I will show you what eyes have not seen nor ears heard nor hands touched and that which has never entered into any man’s heart. The day requires its on vision known as plain vision. Whatever you can behold during day with plain vision can also be held by somebody else with the same vision. Whilst the night requires not plain vision but night vision, and according to the divine mystery night vision only becomes functional when plain vision is turned off. When you go to sleep in order for you to be fundamentally a sleep your plain eyes have to close, and once they close another form of eyes open-up to behold the mysteries of God. Those eyes are called night vision, while the first man was in a divine perpetual slumber he beheld by way of his night vision God Almighty pick the rib side of his being and using it to form a woman who would eventually suit him as a companion, a helper, and a comforter and as much as a good listener ad a sound counselor. God declares, that whatever you are looking for, and you can’t find..if you can only rest in Him, He will first show you in a dream and then give it to you in the day. And once I give it to you, your environment, situation, and circumstance shall be shell-shocked but you won’t even be surprised because you saw it all in a dream. The first true evidence that the dream of your life is walking with you and besides you in broad day light is in your enemies snaking you based on the favor and blessings of God over your life. Once the woman –a depiction of God’s favor and blessing towards Adam was established in the Garden of Eden all the enemies of mankind began to snake him based on the woman. Before the woman is introduced in the Garden of Eden, the devil had no sound reason to snake man but once the concept of the woman is introduced then hell broke loose against Adam. Prepare for hell to break loose on you when your dream comes to pass by and by during day-time, when all men can behold plainly the great favor and blessing of God over your life. Its midnight past and Jacob is wrestling with a man whose identity


is unknown to even Jacob himself. Have you ever struggled with something whose identity is unknown to you and the best you can say is that struggling so bad and so beneath, and I even do not know why am struggling this bad, I keep on doing everything that I can possibly do to improve my situation but my situation sems not to change.” All of that comes down to the fact that you are wrestling with something whose identity doesn’t make sense. It ludicrous because no one seems to understand why God the all powerful would wrestle with a weak and frail being like the man he so created. The man that Jacob is wrestling with is at first unknown but while it fast approaches day, the man demands of Jacob to be let go. Interestingly, Jacob is unwilling to let the man go without knowing the identity of the man because he will have to tell a story to his children but how will the story be interesting if the identity of the man is unknown. Perhaps I will be able to see your face during day-Jacob seems to convince him-self even when the man is unwilling to disclose his identity to Jacob. However Jacob persists and in doing so the man asks of Jacob, “what is your name?” Jacob is my name, alright-the stranger replies-from now onwards you will be called Israel-because you have struggled with both man and God and you have still come on top……..can you imagine that there is a chosen generation whose struggle is not with men but is with God. They are struggling with God and they have refused to let go if their God-to the advice of their fellow contemporaries-because they keep on convincing themselves God will bless me one day. It’s like an empty dream to those looking at you casually but yes indeed God is preparing and is going to bless you this day and it will all look like a dream. You know you have struggled with God when you keep on living holy despite the loneliness, when you keep on fasting even though when nothing seems to be changing. You keep on praising and worshipping, serving even when you do not have food not only in your stomach but in your kitchen. Its time to cheer –up because day light is coming and the God with whom and for whom you struggled is going to bless you even as you are now, and when he blesses you, the story of your struggle will be turned into the story of your success. Once everybody begins to see for themselves the plain Glory of God over your life

Po’Auli –Founder/Initiative Executive AfricanRevelations (The Executive Bureau) of The ASDL/The Battle of Gifted Tongues, The Gifted Tongues Magazine, and also the creator of the Much Read Blogsite:Supernaturalsuccess@poauli.blogspot. com. 10

Toronto:2012’s most envied city -10 reasons to love it Toronto is the rare city experiencing a construction frenzy (185 high-

rises, to New York’s 80), a hiring spree (in the last quarter of 2011, while Bank of America and Citigroup fired almost 10,000 staff, our eight biggest banks added 2,800), and a surge in swaggering confidence. As our reputation for stability spreads, the world has begun to look at us differently. Many of the units in those 185 towers are owned by wealthy foreigners who see Toronto as a smart investment. We owe this prosperity to Paul Martin. That’s one theory, anyway. Back in 1998, before we’d ever heard of sub-prime loans or credit default swaps or Volcker rules, Martin, then federal finance minister, stomped an imperious foot on CIBC’s plan to merge with TD and RBC’s with BMO. The banks’ chairmen were furious that a year’s worth of negotiations was all for naught. How were they expected to grow their already enormous businesses if they couldn’t merge? In hindsight, they should be grateful: kept to their size, they weren’t big enough to enter full-tilt into the delirious American market and, come 2008, end up like Merrill Lynch and Citigroup (forced to swallow billions in bad loans) or Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers (RIP).

TD has been the most aggressive, absorbing Banknorth for $6.7 billion, Commerce Bancorp for $8.33 billion, auto lender Chrysler Financial for $6.3 billion and South Financial Group for $191.6 million. It now has more branches in the U.S. than it does in Canada. A Canadian tourist in New York City, where the bank is the fifth-largest (with plans to soon become third), could be forgiven for experiencing a smug rush of manifest destiny.

No. 2, because we’re pumped for goldThe posse of Torontonians who’ll invade this summer’s London Olympics is determined to return with more medals than ever.

Martin’s edict paid off, especially for Toronto. Our banks—ranked top in the world for reliability, four years running—are finally on their coveted expansion spree, but instead of competing at the sub-prime racket, they’re buying up struggling American banks.


Reasons to Love Toronto: No. 3, because Drake had babies

loving variety. Stintz is a plain-spoken and pragmatic fiscal conservative whose political MO begins and ends with acting responsibly. When Rob Ford chose her as chair of the TTC, he no doubt thought he was getting an ideologue—a fellow rightwing councilor who had sat on the sidelines during the Miller years and would faithfully toe the new party line. Silly mayor. Though Stintz was initially on board with Ford’s subway plan— who wouldn’t prefer an entire underground transit system?—she crunched the numbers and realized the scheme was unattainable. Ford didn’t have the money, and he likely never would. So she did what any reasonable person in her position would do. She proposed an LRT plan that would cost less and move more people. Undeterred by the constant sloganeering and talk-radio contortions of the Ford brothers, she sought consensus from her fellow councilors and won. Ford called her a backstabber.

The next wave of hip-hop stars, clockwise from left: Gangis Khan, JD Era, The Weekend, and The Airplane Boys.As fans of the rappers Maestro, Kardinal and K-os well know, Toronto hip hop has been thriving for at least a couple of decades. But despite local success, the rest of the world was never had that interest in the T Dot’s brand of rhyme. Not, that is, until an actor from the mean streets of Fo’ Hill named Aubrey Graham packed up his Degrassi-issue wheelchair and re-emerged as Drake, rocking an auto-tuned mic beside Lil Wayne and almost single-handedly putting Toronto hip hop on the map. Drake, of course, is now one of the hottest artists on the planet. His records go platinum. He sells out stadiums. He’s on magazine covers almost every month. And he does all that while giving big ups to his hometown—which is enjoying a full-on hip-hop renaissance. Consider Drake’s collaborator The Weekend, who headlines music festivals and remixes work by some of his increasingly famous friends, including Florence and the Machine and Lady Gaga.

Stintz transcended the juvenile partisanship and near-comical rhetoric that is Ford’s city hall by adhering to higher political ideals. She showed an approach to governing that’s principled, diligent and effective. The savvy political play once again led to speculation about Stintz’s mayoral ambitions. Maybe that’s because someone at city hall was finally acting like a mayor. No. 5, because these 21 new businesses opened on Roncesvalles

No. 4, because principle finally trumped ideology at City Hall

Remember way back in 2008 when Karen Stintz took public speaking lessons in order to, in her words, not sound so “shrill”? It was at considerable expense—$4,500—and everyone assumed she was preparing for a run at the mayor’s office. But what the voice lessons really revealed was that the 41-year-old city councilor from north Toronto isn’t a natural politician— at least not of the smooth-talking, glad-handing, limelight-

Every weekend, the sidewalks of Roncesvalles Avenue are jammed with strollers, tethered dogs and couples in heated debate over which of the six new brunch spots is worth the lineup. It’s a frenetic scene few west-enders could have imagined a year ago, when construction cut off transit to the strip and struggling businesses seemed to close every other week. The sewer mains and streetcar tracks were finally replaced last spring, and the empty spaces left behind filled up in a whirl of openings. The new low-key restaurants and shops blend in effortlessly with the old-school produce stands and Polish butchers. And promising, papered-over windows spark constant neighborhood speculation. Here, a tour of a street in triumphant transition.


No. 6, because the home team is high fashion

How do you make Toronto’s best building even better? You put in a kids’ space. The Weston Family Learning Centre at the AGO is sort of like the city’s finished basement, if the city had artsy parents with money. It’s one of the rare spots where children can be happy and those responsible for them can lounge hiply, admiring an architecturally superb space, designed by the super-hot firm Hariri Pontarini. It’s almost too nice to have grubby little children running around in it.

: No. 8, because we’ll traipse anywhere for conceptual art

Our favourite batty blue bird suffered from a serious identity crisis in the last decade. The original understated logo was replaced by such heinous avian manipulations as steroid bird (2000) and angry bird (2004). The latter, a snarling, almost unrecognizable Ace, became symbolic of a dismal performance record (for those who have stopped keeping score, we haven’t made post-season play in almost 20 years). News that the Blue Jays brass had decided to return to an updated version of the original emblem—the one worn by Joe Carter, Mookie Wilson and George Bell—was well received by sports fans. Less foreseeable was the co-opting of the retro Blue Jays gear by the fashionable people who tend to congregate in Leslie¬ville bars and on the far reaches of Queen West. Brave the three-hour lineup for tacos at the tiny restaurant Grand Electric and you’ll spot at least one or two natty lads who have taken support for the home team to new sartorial heights. If the Jays ever do make it back into the playoffs, the mob rioting on Yonge Street is going to be a lot better dressed.

No. 7, because kids have a playhouse

Not too long ago, the intersection of Bloor and Lansdowne was best known for a decent Value Village, two competing strip clubs and a thriving drug trade. In the last few years, lured by cheap studio space, artists have arrived and the neighbourhood has predictably, if tentatively, gentrified. A handful of small and experimental galleries accelerated the transition: the pioneering Toronto Free Gallery, Mercer Union and the Gendai Workstation. Then, late last year, Daniel Faria, the former business partner of the gallery owner Monte Clark, left the Distillery District to open an eponymous gallery in the neighbourhood. The move was doubly momentous: many of Clark’s big artists followed Faria, including Douglas Coupland, and it gave art collectors a reason to drive their Land Rovers west of the core. Two of those collectors even went so far as to open their own gallery a stone’s throw away from Faria’s. Last December, Samara Walbohm, the co-owner of Type Books, and her husband, private equity firm director Joe Shlesinger, unveiled their own 5,200-square-foot space in a former warehouse. Scrap Metal, however, isn’t a commercial gallery, but a shrine to the power couple’s massive, eclectic collection—its focus is on the contemporary and the Canadian, and it includes pieces by Edward Burtynsky, Micah Lexier and General Idea. Themed shows—there will be two to four a year, all admission-free—will spotlight this work, as well as rarely seen pieces borrowed from other collectors and international winstitutions. Leave West Queen West to the condonistas; in just a couple of years, one of the city’s dingiest corners has become its most compelling new gallery district.


No. 9, because Patrick Chan is a winning machine

In France at the end of March, Patrick Chan, the 21-year-old figure-skating phenomenon, successfully defended his world championship title in spectacular fashion. Near the beginning of his long program, he executed two flawless quad jumps, only to fall toward the end on a relatively easy double Axel. That he won anyway is a testament to his supreme talent. Chan is the perfect skating package: strength and athleticism combined with artistry and grace. Kurt Browning called him the best skater he’s ever seen. He has won the Canadian championships five years running, and yet he isn’t a household name. Unfortunately for Chan, he’s at the top of his sport just as it’s grappling with plunging popularity—at least in North America. At its peak in the mid-’90s—a rise that began with the battle of the Brians (Orser and Boitano) and culminated in the soap opera–esque rivalry between Americans Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan—skating was one of the most watched sports on television.

No. 10, because the city is safer than ever

There were 45 homicides in Toronto last year. It’s a grim group: a 28-year-old man was gunned down at a family barbecue; a 21-year-old mother of a two-year-old was strangled by her estranged husband; a 35-year-old police officer died when he was struck by a stolen snowplow. But, to criminologists at least, 45 is good news. That’s 16 fewer victims than 2010, and a precipitous fall from the all-time high of 89 in 1991. Overall crime rates have dropped by almost half since 1992, despite the fact that the city keeps growing by an average of 34,000 people a year. Crime is vanishing in cities across North America, though the decrease is most dramatic in large cities like Toronto. The way we’re policed is as much a factor as demographics and social engineering. Since Bill Blair took over as chief in 2009, he has touted the benefits of community policing. The methods—200 desk cops reassigned to street patrols, more officers on bikes, meet-and-greets with residents, police stationed in schools and the determined recruitment of women and minorities—sound like small gestures, but the result is often a shared intolerance for lawbreakers and a profound shift in how a community perceives the force. Criminologists have discovered that the crime drop has had little to do with locking criminals up in jail and everything to do with interrupting a cycle of crime. Criminal acts, it turns out, are committed out of convenience, and fewer get committed if you make crime inconvenient by placing more cops on the sidewalk.

Fly direct to Toronto

Twice weekly starting July 16, 2012


BATTLING IT OUT 2012 By Kangye David; The platform is set and the judges take their seats center stage. The speakers are armed and duly equipped the necessary arbitrary to silence the vibration of the earth quaking resolve and now that all is set , the bell rings and the first constructive speaker on the platform raises the dust inviting all the bulls to fight ; only then the debate has started . “Substance sits in the mind of a person with knowledge; that is why when he stands to speak others listen, as he speaks.� This adage is brought into fulfillment when you see the smart gifted tongues battle it out in words .The different students spend a lot of quality time adequately preparing for the battles . Listening to them quote Shakespeare ,Socrates ,Aristotle to discuss the topic of Brics versus the G8 leaves one wondering between the woods and the forest about the intellect of the gifted ones .


The content and style of presentation confound in the intelligence of the speakers when discussing intrinsic topics such as the future of Africa being in the hands of its Diaspora children is a rubber stamp to prove the top-heavy intellectual cognitive energies of our future leaders. “If you ever want to hide anything from an African man, put it in writing.” In search for total truth and knowledge pages have been opened yet still more are yet to be as we keep our fingers crossed on who will lift the 2012 trophy home. Will it be Kibuli Secondary School, Light Secondary School, Kinaawa High School, and Mariam High School or those Queens of Africa from Rubaga Girls Secondary School, or Lubiri Secondary School, may be your very own school. And who will be this year’s best constructive speaker? Will it be you? As the months zero down and the days blinking to hours and to minutes, I stand waiting for the d-day. Without forgetting to mention the wonderful corporate partners of this year ASDL/The Battle of Gifted Tongues 2012 clashes who include: Kampala Serena Hotel, Graphiconsult, Melroy Group, Kinaawa High School, and Ethiopian Airlines Uganda. The best construcive speaker 2012 shall go on a Trip to Dubai Courtesy of Ethiopian Airlines Uganda

A debater taking notes during a clash.

A Group of Students from Mariam High, Kibuli S.S, Lubiri S.S, Kisubis.S, Rubaga Girls, Light Secondary School, Kinaawa High School Listening To A Debate.


Bishop Noel Jones: Quintessentially Anointed, Gifted, and Intellectual. It’s been overly said that there is nobody in the world like the man Bishop Noel Jones. A prophetic witness and a towering preacher in contemporary Christendom, The decent man, the good and courageous man, Grounded in the blood at the cross of Jesus, A brother and a friend to countless people across the globe, Bishop Noel Jones, in an exclusive interview about prosperity preaching.


They are a lot of folk who think that they is so much focus in the church today on materialism, gain, on money. Talk us about that and also about the mega-church phenomenon which seems to me that one of the reasons why the mega-church is such a phenomenon is because we got people preaching everyday that if you do this or that you can have all this. Talk us through that for a little while?

Bishop Noel Jones-

Much of the problem about prosperity preaching and even preaching period. And I think the question has to be asked. If you can’t preach it in Somalia-then is it gospel-because often times we have preached Americanism for the gospel. They’re no lotteries in Zimbabwe but lots of times when people make it rich in America they was a plan somewhere. They was a cheque in the mail but the cheque didn’t come from came from some specific place and they are circumstances that allowed t to come that way. And a lot of times we have made ourselves rich simply preaching this prosperity gospel without helping the individual to go after the opportunities before them.


Why is it very significant for you to approach the gospel scholarly?

Bishop Noel Jones-

Its significant to bring scholarship to theological environments and the church h environment is a theological environment, and what I discovered is that if you going to deal with lofty subjects

you’re going to have to use lofty words. And ts all apart of the puzzle, How do explain something that is significant and important if I do not have the articulation to make that happen.


In your opinion why s it that important for God to constantly provide man with hope?

Bishop Noel Jones-

The hope of God is counter-distinctive because his hope brings about sensitivity which causes one to care and understand that God is going to move on their behalf soon or later.


You’re famously known for having great fellowships and everybody around the world is seemingly into you. How does that affect your daily life?

Bishop Noel Jones-

Yes its all about life, but at the end of the day I still know me, and I get scared ,for instance I never knew how deep seeded certain things were in me and how badly I needed to do something until I met God. Its in meeting God that I found out that I really didn’t have the power I thought I had over me. Because every now and then when God has got me to d something find oout that they is some thing else that is fighting me to do the will of God.



Can people give what they do not have?

Bishop Noel Jones-

The measure of a revival should never be measured by how much money you raise.Its about the spiritual deposit you make into the people and not about the money.If someone is preaching who doesn’t do anything for some one’s soul but get everything from their pocket then someone should prophesy to the prophet. Theology has to live something in the minds of the people psychologically. And if you tell me that God is going to bless me. If I bring something to you and do not have a plan,Because f I’m preaching and I make that presentation, must have a plan and the plan is if I have 6,000 people out there, 3,000 shall give me 25,000 Us Dollars, but what s the plan for those who have brought the money. We can’t overlook the principles of God and expect God to go against his principles and make you rich. That’s why science works, aviation works because they are principles. And people want to pass-by principles because they have no discipline. And the preacher wants to get rich on the ignorance of the people. You have got to turn around and tell the people the truth so that the only Bentley in the drive-way is not yours. You have got plenty out there.


What is the Job of the church in the 21st century?

Bishop Noel Jones-

The job of the church is to tell the truth, because we have endured 25yrs of health, wealth, and prosperity preaching only to discover that people are still losing their jobs and their homes, simply because the prophet was not accurate. Its not that storms won’t come, storms are a part of life. And for anything you can’t avoid you have got to be prepared for it. The responsibility of the 21st century church is to be accurate theologically and psychologically.

Bishop Noel Jones; Is the Founder of the much sought-after Noel Jones Ministries and Senior Pastor of the City of Refuge Church in L.A-USA


BOOK PREVIEW: Canada by Richard Ford

By Leah McLaren | Illustration by Patrick Morgan The day after George W. Bush was re-elected president, the American novelist Richard Ford got in his car and drove across the border to Saskatchewan from Montana. He did not come in search of political asylum—something many American liberal intellectuals loudly and half-jokingly yearned for that day—but for a flu shot, which his U.S. health care provider had deemed him “not old enough or sick enough to merit.” Ford had made the journey north often enough, but this time it was different. “I crossed that border, and I just felt the world lift off my shoulders,” he says. “I realized there was something about Canada that was very established as good in my mind.” The burden of being American—of being from a politically fractious, sometimes violent place—suddenly vanished. “For many Americans, Canada has long been seen as a place of refuge.” That momentary sense of relief was the germ for his latest novel, Canada, which he launches this month at the TIFF Bell Lightbox as part of this year’s Luminato festival. It tells the story of Dell Parsons, a teenage boy living in Montana in the late 1950s until his fast-talking father and soft-spoken mother decide to rob a bank to pay off some bad debts. His parents are arrested and thrown in jail, his twin sister takes off for California, and Mildred, a family friend, whisks Dell across the border to Saskatchewan before he can be made a ward of the state. Canada, according to Mildred, “was bigger than America, though it was mostly empty and inhospitable and covered with ice much of the time.” In Saskatchewan, Dell is deposited into the care of a charismatic man named Arthur Remlinger, another American

who has fled to Canada to escape his dark, violent past. Dell tries to make the best of things in his new life and stay out of trouble, but gets tangled up in Remlinger’s attempts to conceal the bad deeds he committed in his previous life. Those efforts fail, and Dell becomes an accomplice to a brutal, cold-blooded murder. He’s whisked out of town and put on a bus to Winnipeg. Though he’s on the run once again, he ultimately decides to stay in Canada and even manages to find a kind of peace. Ford is as American as they come. Born and raised in Mississippi, he has lived all over the U.S. and now calls Maine home. Literary connoisseurs consider him one of the greatest living American writers, though he lacks the superstar status that leads to multiple film adaptations and Nobel Prize speculation. He is neither a macho hyper-producer like Philip Roth nor a muscular experimentalist like Don DeLillo. In his own quietly determined way, he has carved out a niche mapping the psyche of the sexually and spiritually restless middle-aged male. The men Ford writes about are, by turns, intelligent, emotionally befuddled, taciturn, stoic and mercurial, the sort of men who occasionally cause great harm, though they never set out with malicious intent. Men who hope optimism will see them through even when self-awareness fails them. Flawed, soulful, searching men—not good guys, exactly, but getting there. Men like Dell or Frank Bascombe, the former sportswriter at the heart of a trio of novels that includes 1996’s Independence Day, for which Ford won both the Pulitzer and the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, the first novel to achieve that double feat. Canada represents a significant departure for Ford. While plenty of terrible stuff happens in the book, there are also generous lashings of redemption. Unlike most of Ford’s protagonists, who struggle from one moral grey zone to the next, Dell is granted clemency from the trauma of his past. Ford says it was gratifying to write a book in which goodness prevails (albeit in the most oblique way), and that much of this goodness is bound up with the decency of Canada itself. The idea that Ford would choose to view his country through the prism of ours seems flattering at first, but part of his attraction to our country, he admits, was purely semantic. “I liked the word Canada,” he says. “It has a certain suppleness. I wanted to take that word and see where it would go.” In the novel, Ford cleaves to the notion that as a nation and a people we Canadians are decent, kind, functional and calm—essentially good. Decency is not a bad thing to be saddled with—except when it’s seen as synonymous with blandness. (As a Canadian expat in England, I encounter this perception on an almost daily basis, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t occasionally wish that nonCanadians reflexively assumed I was witty, dangerous or good in bed.)Ford knows his book may irritate some Canadian readers who see their homeland as more than just America’s boring northern neighbour. He makes clear, however, that he didn’t exactly come up with these ideas about our country all by himself: “The biggest generalizations about Canada I usually hear from Canadians themselves.” In the end, he says, “There’s almost nothing I can say that won’t piss Canadians off.”


gard to the dynamics of the era that we all find ourselves entrapped therein, was Mr.Barack Obama’s position and purpose in the history of mankind. A position, and a purpose to pursue and advocate for a world free of nuclear arsenal and consequently a world of peace, and freedom for all.And inorder for Mr.Barack Obama to live up to the full manadate of his position and purpose he needed the encouragement and the right motivation that matches up with the task ahead of him. This motivation and encouragement did not come any better than in a Nobel Peace Laurel. In response to young Arica’s position and purpose in the history of man-kind, and in regards to this glorious era also known as the 6th new world order, and as opposed to your in-experience, immature work-record and human effort, ever since the time you were born, The Lord God has none the less awarded you with the most coveted Nobel possession ever awarded to anyone living-and that is the Global Mantle. Its not the Nobel Peace prize laurel like that which was awarded to a Mr. Barack Obama in 2009, a man that is sited comfortably in the white House. The same house Mr.Barack Obama has failed to paint the beautiful African colors of Black, Green, and Red-but your award is the Global mantle and with it you are going to paint the whole world Green, Black and Red.

The Global Mantle On the 10th of December 2009 in Oslo-Norway, the Nobel

Peace Prize committee awarde the United States PresidentMr.Barack Obama with a Nobel Laurel alongside a certificate and a cash prize of 1.5million dollars. All of these accolades were granted to Mr.Barack Obama without whatthe skeptics and the critic alike called a speakable deserveing workrecord.Unlike former Nobel Peace laureates such as Nelson Madiba Mandela, martin Luther King Jr. , and men like Sir.Albert Einstein who worked and struggled tirelessly half the entire course of their lives-to deserve tha award. Right before he even recieved the laurel, Mr.Barack Obama was caught in an interview with a group reporters stating “they were plenty of nameless, faceless and voiceless candidates more deserving of the award but none the less, my recieveing of this prestigious award is only going to motivate, and encourage me to continue on my path of advocating and pursing a world free of nuclear weapons , and to strengthen the mechanism geared towards the establishment of a better and peaceful new world order”. Conversely, throughout the day and throughtout the world outside of the grand ceremony in Olso-Norway where Mr.Barack Obama was being honored, decorated with the Nobel Peace Laurel was an ensuing Debate, and the purpose of the resolve in the debate was aimed at dissecting the grounds upon which the Nobel peace prize committee decidedto award and honor Mr.Barack Obama with the Nobel Peace Laurel, when in all reality he did not have a speakable and a reputable work record to deserve the award. Ofcourse as you would expect, the negative side of the debate drove the right nails inside the palms of Mr.Barack Obama-their victim – but the one thing they forgot to consider due to the limited level of understanding with re-

In plain definition, this Global mantle that HaShem-God- has just awarded you with is called is most coveted because it’s the world’s most desired, its Nobel because its not for self –service but for divine service. It’s a possession because it’s the expressive copy of your divinely assured position and purpose in the history of mankind. This award is all of that because your position and purpose in life is all that. I’m talking now to my formless and desolate people. A people who were called formless and desolate by their environment but they refused to walk and talk like what the environment of their stay labeled and tagged them. But they stayed focused to their aspiration, goals, dreams and desires because they knew it for the life of themselves hat their position and purpose and substance in life was laid on the face of the deep for only but a little while and afterwards, the environment around about them could soon be made aware of the potential in them. Just like the earth was labeled and tagged formless and desolate for as long as it was surrounded by ignorance (darkness),But the moment the light was switched on, that was when the identity of the earth took on a new image. In this era, all the formless and desolate people shall embrace a new image. Everything that the good Lord covered on the inside of your belly is going to see the light of your surface, the time is now, for people to see you walk an operate in your dream and when they see you, they shall commune with themselves “when in the world did he work for all of this and to deserve all of that. Not in this world, I say because what you are about to poses is not what you have been working for but rather what has been prepared for you. By who ? The Lord God in Jesus’ Holy precious name……………The Lord God is awarding you with all these incredible, nerve cracking possession that your work record does not deserve so that he can prepare you and encourage , and motivate you to be able to accomplish and fulfill the tremendous level of task ahead of your life. As well as your position and purpose in the history of Man-kind


The Lake Victoria Serena Resort Located on the shores of Lake Victoria in the Kigo District- between Kampala and Entebbe- twenty minute's drive (30 km) from Entebbe International Airport and twenty minute's drive to the centre of Kampala (15 km).Is the magnificently Styled Lake Victoria Serena Resort, a true replica of the classical and rustic Roman villa, which easily stands amidst the sunflowers of the Tuscan Hills. This wonderfully built Resort is the latest addition to the Serena East Africa Portfolio. Opened in October 2009, the resort is set above white-terraced rose gardens, which descend through water cascades and fountains almost to the shores of Lake Victoria, this tranquility offers a contrast and an extension to the 5-star Kampala Serena Hotel, thus ensuring that the Serena portfolio embraces all aspects of Uganda's social and corporate life.

The maginificant interiors of Lake Victoria Serena Resort

A gracious terracotta and cream palace, the central citadel is encircled by broad cafĂŠ and cocktail terraces, where cushioned sofas invite relaxation. Above the marble reception, where a Roman fountain plays, white-arched galleries rise to a clear glass atrium, through which shafts of light illuminate the fountained courtyard below. Beyond the mosaic frescoes of the main restaurant, a clock tower rises above the pool-deck where colonnades of white arches offer the perfect frame for the hazy blue of the lake and the encircling green of the Lweza Hills. Widely spaced amongst the rose gardens, clusters of pastel-painted villas offer a choice of rooms and suites, all with panoramic lake views.

Conferences, Meetings and Events at the Lake Victoria Serena Hotel

This unique resort offers a world-class event and conference centre with interconnecting reception spaces, break-away terraces and workshop venues. Housed on its own dedicated floor, the centre features a 450 sq metre conference room, which can be divided into 3 smaller


rooms and will accommodate 300 guests. Support facilities include; audio-visual services, TV-video/video conference equipment, overhead/slide projector, screen, podium and delegate microphones. Organiser facilities include; delegate registration, stationery, banquet and cater

Maisha, the Serena Mind, Body and Spirit Spa

Adjacent to the pool deck, the Maisha Mind Body and Spirit Spa contrasts the gleaming state-of-the-art technology of its

gymnasium and cardio studio with the terracotta floors and rustic arches of the Spa. With the facilities such as; 25-metre pool, Stateof-the-art gymnasium and cardio studio , Aerobic studio offering workouts to include; cardiovascular, kick boxing, dance, yoga, Tai chi and ‘stretch and sculpture’ ,Steam, sauna, plunge pool, sun-deck and juice bar ,Full range of holistic massage, de-tox and aromatherapy treatment

Family time at the Lake Victoria Serena Resort

The ideal spot for a family weekend out of the city, the resort offers; free accommodation for children below the age of 3 (3-7 charged at 50%, 7-18 at 75%), extra beds, cots, interconnecting family rooms, children’s menus and dining, baby-sitting, children’s paddling pool, and extensive and secure garden

Proud to associated with The Serena Brand


Picasso treated women like dirt but used them to make brilliant art

Picasso, La Femme Qui Pleure, 1937 The AGO’s new Picasso exhibition, Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris, consists of nearly 150 works taken from the great artist’s personal collection. The drawings, paintings and sculptures that comprise the show represent the full range of his restless genius. All the familiar Picasso motifs are on display: the portraits of reclining women whose bodies fold in on themselves or dissolve into seemingly random geometric shapes; the zaftig ladies and lecherous old men; scenes of tenderness and quiet intimacy that butt up against harshly erotic sketches. Touchingly, one of the final images is a self-portrait of the painter as a young man, grinning innocently and wearing a giant sun hat. (Picasso being Picasso, he painted it a few weeks after drawing a series of lurid brothel scenes; even when he was a nonagenarian, his imagination never wandered far from sex.) The show’s title is a bit of a misnomer. Though there are some indisputable masterpieces, along with unfinished sketches and studies, what these works do is serve as the highly self-conscious visual journal of a colossal jerk. Picasso’s main subjects were the women he bedded. Beyond the virtuoso skills and the willingness to crash through aesthetic limits, the way Picasso immortalized his own boorishness is a big part of the reason we still find him so compelling. No honest account of his life can claim he was a mensch. For decades he conducted an affair with Marie-Thérèse Walter, his most famous muse. The voluptuous blonde met Picasso in 1927, when she went shopping at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Outside the department store, she was approached by a short fellow with a receding hairline. “I am Picasso,” he said, and asked to paint her. She was 17, and had never heard of the then 45-year-old painter. He visited her home and endeared himself to her family, who let him have his way with her in the garden shed. When he went on holiday with his wife and son, he enrolled Walter at a nearby girls’ camp, from which he would pick her up every day to take her to a rented cabana. Picasso enjoyed pitting Walter against another long-time mistress, the surrealist photographer Dora Maar.

In his many portraits of the emotionally unstable Maar, she always appears gasping, wincing, crying and disfigured. In a series of misery-drenched paintings, she is “la femme qui pleure.” When the two women finally confronted each other,

reportedly in Picasso’s studio while he painted Guernica, he told them to work it out for themselves, then enjoyed the ensuing fisticuffs. Maar suffered a nervous breakdown after Picasso left her in 1944; Walter hung herself four years after he died. This unseemly side of the great Spanish painter was not always part of how we saw his work. The 1964 show Picasso and Man, the only other major Picasso exhibition hosted by the AGO, focused on his treatment of the human form and was silent on the sordid details of his private life. For one thing, the painter was still alive at the time, and for another, galleries didn’t go into that sort of thing back then. “In the ’60s, when museums talked about art, they only really talked about it in terms of its historical impact,” says Shiralee Hudson Hill, one of the new show’s planners. “Today, we aren’t afraid to talk about an artist’s biography.” Accordingly, the Masterpieces exhibition will include a timeline of Picasso’s women. Hill compares Picasso to the singer Chris Brown, who pleaded guilty to assault after hitting Rihanna, his thengirlfriend, so hard she ended up in the hospital. People enjoy the work, even if they deplore the individual. The crucial difference, of course, is that Brown hasn’t yet sung about his conviction, whereas Picasso sourced his genius from the cesspool of his actions—he famously claimed to “paint the way some people write their autobiography.” His private life, once cracked open, becomes another lens through which to view his output, adding meaning to the work and shifting its impact from the brain to the gut. In many of Picasso’s self-portraits, he depicts himself as a Minotaur displaying the mirada fuerte (strong gaze) with which he seduced poor virgins like Marie-Thérèse Walter. The Minotaur appears only once in the AGO exhibit, in—no surprise—La Minotauromachie, in which the terrifying beast wreaks havoc among a group of men and Walter-like women. But that gaze is implicit throughout the show. It stares back at its viewers and demands a response, daring us to dismiss the art because of the cruelty of the artist.


The Malabo Fashion Week 2012. A

frica’s top fashion designers filled the catwalk of Malabo International Fashion week 2012 with their chic and spectacular creations . The occasion was a great fashion show with designers and representatives from Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Togo, and Gabon, Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Cameroon. The Gifted Tongues correspondents were at hand and they here by present to us the fashion in picture as it was on the catwalk


Great creativity was on display by the exhibition of which was a masterful relay of elegance with matching fashion outfits designed using contemporary techniques and styles


The Malabo International Fashion Week is an initiative whose fruition is heavily rendered by the first Lady of Equatorial Guinea


The Zambian Chipolopolo clash against the Ugandan Cranes:



Reasons why Uganda has an uphill task to go past the Zambians in September 2012

Photo: The Uganda Cranes

he playmaker factor-If the nation of Uganda has ever had a football player whose artistic imagination, vision, and ball creativity have the withal to set the pace for the entire team, then I would want to suggest that the last of those player the nation last saw in the one and only phillip Omondi, Steven Bogere and Jackson Mayanja. One would like to mention willy kyambadde but history reminds us that he was always a wonder in his club jersey but never in the Uganda’s cranes Jersey where though he was undoubtedly an occasional match maker.With that having been said, no research endeavor and effort has to be incurred or spent to realize that for the last 15yrs Uganda has been void of a natural playmaker-a player to set the pace and to turns things around in a whisker. Thus Uganda’s chances of going past Zambia this September becoming all the more difficult seeing that Zambia boosts of one of the most execellent playmaker in Africa presently in the likes of their captain Christopher Katongo-who trades in the highy competitive chineses league that has the likes of Didier Drogba and Nicholas Anelka. On the contrary when you look at Uganda’s midfield with the likes of Tony Mawejje, wasswa Bbosa and the rest of the pack, you will realize that none of these players are actually playmakers let alone attack minded midfied generals. They are all holding midfielder gems(deep six players) or rather conventional midfielders. And when you look back at the Euro 2012 finals in a match between spain and Italy-the game was already in Spain’s hands once they won the midfield battle.A confrontational midfied set up like that of Zambia cannot be stopped by a conventional midfield set-up like that of Uganda.Truth be told, if Uganda is go past Zambia then they have to first cultivate a confrontational midfield setup.

Photo: The Zambian chipolopolo. The MarksMan Factor-The legendary Magic Majid Musisi is by far the greatest natural marksman ever to emerge from the pearl of Africa.Execellent both in the air and on the ground.He used to tire nets apart with his accurate yet powerful shots but the painful truth of the matter is of such that Musisi is no more both on the field of play and on the field of life.He is gone, and ever since him, Uganda has always struggled to get her goals from marksmen, they either come from wingers, central midfielders and even defenders. And presently when you look at the cranes set-up thay is actually no top marksman, all we have is promising talent, when it has been promising for the last five years without confirming its actual promise, the likes of Brian Umwony have been promising for the last few years but they donot raise to the occasion when need be. Mr.Geofrey Massa is without doubt a very occasion customer. Whose statistics in front of goal favor him at all. On the contrary when you look at the Zambian Marksmen like Mr. Chamanga-who trades in China like his captain Christopher Katonga.This man has more success in front of goal than all the Ugandan marksmen combined.

Emmanuel Mayuka


Zambia National Team Captain;

Christopher Katongo

The Coach FactorCoach Williamson is without a doubt an execellent coach but unfortuanately he is a man whose judgement is often over-ride by those of his superiors at mengo. Besides history favors him since‌no English coach has ever coached an African team to continental success .. its only German and French groomed coaches and may be a few Italians and Portuguese coaches who have managed the fate. So when it comes down to a game between ann English groomed coach and a French groomed coach.Statistics favour coach Harve of Zambia, who is a much younger but more experienced as a coach having helped Zambia left the last CHAN trophy.

Uganda Cranes Midfielder; Tonny Mawejje During Traing

The Media FactorIn Uganda one of the pitfalls there is actually does come from the media football frenzy that often times than not tries to over hype raw players as though they are finished products. Team Organization/preparation factorUganbda’s national taem always has a tendency of organizing and preparing itself for crucial games two weeks before the game without any form of build-up to talk about.Whilst

Uganda Cranes tussle it out with Kenyans at Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi.


One-on-One With Budding CEO-Ian Katatumba

Gifted Tongues Magazine -One would like to imagine that a young man like yourself who emerges from a family with a business reputation that cannot be denied, should be investing all his young physical, and intellectual cognitive energies into making sure that his father’s legacy outlasts the next generation, but then you decide to go sole in business and to embark on a business venture that is entire independent from your family’s business empire? Katatumba-Well I can answer that by first earmarking to you that …I am an independent minded person and another thing many often times than not when a person emerges from a successful business family people tend to think that whatever that individual has accomplished is by the help of his family…..for me I want to defy that misnomer. Additionally I also do not believe in fitting into some else’s shoes other than my own. And once it comes down to the issue of the continuation of my family’s legacy, the truth is I have many siblings who can take care of that very well without any worries. Gifted Tongues Magazine -What is Transcare Prime Ltd’s vision? Katatumba-To become a car hiring and property company that makes a difference in the community in terms of service delivery and as well as to make a difference in the lives of many people through massive employment Gifted Tongues Magazine -What is the thing that you desire to achieve most in your life time?

Recently, the Gifted Tongues Magazine had a business chat with Transcare Prime Ltd’s CEO-Ian .G. Katatumba and here below are the excerpts of the conversation Gifted Tongues Magazine-How old are you? Katatumba-Am only 25yrs of age Gifted Tongues Magazine -And how old is your company? Katatumba-My Company is 2yrs old Gifted Tongues Magazine -What is your company’s expertise? Katatumba-We deal in car hiring services and we are also a fullfledged property affiliated agent Gifted Tongues-who are your clients? Katatumba-Our clients range from expatriates, corporate individuals, whole entire companies which hire our 4wheels cars and sometimes saloon cars for their consultants or for their employees going on field trips Gifted Tongues Magazine -Most car hire companies have an issue of trust their clients how have you managed to copy with this challenge? Katatumba-First and foremost our cars are insured and secondly before we hire out our cars we make sure that we get all the necessary personal details of the person and even the company with whom we are hiring out our services Gifted Tongues Magazine -Who inspires you in business? Katatumba-Both my Dad and Mom, solely because they both managed to establish businesses on their own which businesses are doing very well not just now but ever since time immemorial….but more so I tap my business and personal inspiration from my mother

Katatumba-Financial capability…to be able to wake up early in the morning and well be able to do whatever I have the desire to do without having to incur any amount of stress. And to also be able to make a realizable impact and an influential deposit in the lives of many people and this I can only do once I have enlarged my financial capacity Gifted Tongues Magazine -What is your dream for the continent of Africa and its people? Katatumba-My dream for Africa and her people is one that is people-value-centered…..I dream of a level and a situation where the opinions of Africa and her people can be valued and held in high regards across the center aisle of life. When an African brother or sister can sit down and say something on the Global platform and whatever they have said can be highly accepted with respect. For real...For real... that is my dream for Africa and her people Gifted Tongues Magazine -Where do you see Transcare Prime Ltd in the next few years? Katatumba-Well the one thing I did not tell you at first hand is that our company is actually “a coat of my Colors”. We have So many projects running under one roof. We got a restaurant business opening soon, an I.T firm opening in just a few weeks from now, but the bottom line truth of the matter is that Transcare Prime Ltd in the next few years is looking at owning her own property and doing big-time real estate business.

The Banyan Tree Seychelles Resort If you have been to the Seychelles lately and you have not visited the Banyan Tree Resort then you have probably not been in the Seychelles. In the month of July 2012, one of our correspondents was in the Seychelles stayed he stayed at this Beautiful resort and he picturesquely gives us a preview of what the resort actually looks like.

The Evening Pool Villa By The Rocks

The Cool Bed room Design .

The Banyan Tree Seychelles Front View


in north America called power to the peaceful alongside the world’s famous. Where to you think Africa, is going in the near future? In order for Africa to go into her future it has to embark on a decolonization campaign and that is what am here to do. To decolonize the mind of young Africa, and I always try to challenge the white folk by telling them that I spent all my years training to be like you when are you going to start training to be me. Who is your role model? God himself, my late father the late Pastor Balabyekubo and my mother, and all the young people Where do you draw your inspiration? My upbringing, I grew up from the church and that is where my strength comes from

tive values and attitudes to learners ready to meet global community chale to a c riv


eve st we the HeadTeacher . For details contact via mob:+256772431975 The corporate Bridgelenges Section

This is a section in the Gifted Tongues Magazine aimed at connecting corporate Africa with the young academic population in Africa and their movement in the quest for Truth and Knowledge. This corporate connection is underlined by the corporate brand features, news, developments that will be published in the gifted Tongues magazine. R est au r an t R ev i ew ;

Does your Germany Car have a mechanical error or Fault, and in urgent need of servicing? Visit

Opportunity Profile

Your corporate brand shall be able to cultivate a strong relationship with Africa’s fastest and most progressive movement of young intellectuals and socialLGWchangers MOTOR GARAGE Go Greek For Details: Haji Serugo M.Ali Your corporate brand shall be able to register its presence in the young African academic population - specialists in Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Golf Volkswagen maintenance and repair. Located along Rubaga Road as you head to Rubaga Cathedral For more information contact: Mob:0704732636,0772486218, 0775256043 Excellent service is our priority

Rating: Xxxx

Head teacher Kinaawa- Mugongo contact: Dr. Muhammmed Ntale Date : 15/09/12 Hashem Baruch Yisroel 0772431975 / 0701039092 C/M B.O.D Kinaawa Schools Venue: Kinaawa- Mugongo How to0702967223 Participate Go Greek Restaurant & Take / 039296223 Your corporate brand can participate in the corporate bridge by sending its latest news and development to our editorial team via Location: Ggabba Rd, Bbunga Opposite Shell Petrol Station. Company: Corporates, Tourists, Embassy Employees, Expartriates Ambiance: Relaxed. Service: Excellent But Secure Parking: Limited BuSecure Open: 24/7 Prices: Affordable

Trusted, Experienced and Proffessional German Car Mechanics available inhouse

19 gifted tongues magazine which in turn shall be published in the Gifted Tongues Magazine

Invitation to Support

We would like to invite you to partner with us in this noble cause by supporting the Gifted Tongues Magazine. You can support the Gifted Tongues Magazine by way of advertising in line with the following rates: -1,000,000/-Being payment for a full front back page advert -700,000/-Being payment for a full page advert -500,000/-Being payment for a half page advert -300,000/=Being payment for a quarter page advert NB: All advert bookings demands an advertising form and payment an invoice

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gifted tongues magazine

ICONIC design solutions.

PLOT. 4O NASSER ROAD KAMPALA Mobile. 0778343063 0702727324


ids Graphic Design

Oil And Acylics Paintings Stained Glass Concepts Customised Executive Wall Hangings Illustrative drawing 3D Archicturial model designs and renders Logo Design And Branding

Design to perfecton



Muwonge , poses with a German made car while on duty.

Muwonge “Benz” Theodore was born in Masaka but during the late teen, he moved to Kampala and started learning German automotive mechanics currently he has his own garage store called LGW, German car garage, he says in his own words that being a German car mechanic is not an easy endeavor but nonetheless due to many years of experience, he has been able to master the art and now also almost every one in Kampala area has been to him for solutions in case of any German car problem. n Y M ou ob ca :0 n c 77 on 24 ta 86 ct 21 8


schoolprocess was ofestablished in 2001 by a group of teachers from kawempe musactively participate in the decision making any given scenario -Business brands who are looking for avenues opportunities they can communicate their brand empowered, messages in the and limcreative school. Theandschool’s vision is use to to create an educated, most effective way to the young academic population K I by S way of impacting knoweldge, skills, posmorally upright community -Education Entrepreneurs/social entrepreneurs



Gifted Tongues Magazine  

The rebranded Issue juicy with information, inspiration, Truth, motivation and empowerment

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