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ising playrvright" by the Nerv Yor k Tinr es in 1989, S u z a n - l - o r i Parks has ccrtainly surpassedthe praise of thc ncariv two-decadc old rcvier,r'rvith her years-worth of play s . Of the 600+ theatres hosting the tour, Dana Fine Arts Center will for only rwo days celebrate r t s l9t h wc ek at Agne s S c o r t

C . o l l . . g eo n I t l a r c h 2 2 a n d 2 3 Agnes Scott's student thcatre t r o u p e a n d A t l a n r a 's o l d e s t c o n tinuously performir-rgtroop, Blackfriars,is hosting zas Plays sas days. [n addition to thc free pcrformances on March 22, Parks will also read and host a workshop at Agnes Scott's2007 Writer's Festival.

The Blackfriars Troupe to perform selected plays  

The Blackfriars Troupe to perform selected plays