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on weel<day NomoreDepeaux lJt ( ,urn HnrrHrRtvtt S tr'tt Wntrt n Thc l)cpeaux,a Cajuna Creolefood loint locateda few feet from campuson Avenue,has drasticallyslasheditshours of operation.The renovatgd, l-'ftrwarcl train-depotfor Decaturbu.siness-. histolir'landmarkthat wasoncea passenger only on the rncnan{ AgnesScott studentsalikeis now open for business wcck,:rrds,Saturdaynights and Sundaymorningsfor brunch' is listedfor salevia the restaurant thi +,fbO-square-foot I,aracloxically, an Atlanta restaurantreal estate SchumacherCio,rp (, lrioker website."ltis a time for regroupingand retweakingof the concept,"said vice presidentoithe Schumacher Stevcrr.Josovitz, 9rgup, of thc limited hours but.not the realestate." be bought, could the business of np"roti,rn "Assetsof Rumorshavcbeenrunningrampantaboutthe possibleclosingof the Southcrn[-ouisianathemed eatery.Community membershavebeen desperate tg .o-" up with somesort of explanationas to why the Depeauxis struggling tend to earnthe i; ;"y alive. One possiblerationaleis that mostrestaurants hy sellingalcolrolicdrinks. bulk t-r{their br"rsirrcss on Friday,)an.22, the Depeiuxupdatedits food and beveragemenu and it secmsthat'aicoholicbeverageswere dropped from the menu entirely.A blurb invttesNew wib site regardingthe menu chan_ges port..{ on the restaurant's brl.un. foodiesto 'iust come on down for someauthenticCajon/9reole cookine," which leavessomewondering if the note is an intentional sidesteparound aie .to longera menustaple ifrE'f"i, that alcoholicbeverages Ho-.u".. onlv a couple of hours later that sameday,the Depeaux'sTwitter u..o.rnt $3 C.t"*o Shotsand Swami Bombs.The telephonenumbe-r the restaurantswebsitehas been temporarily disconnected.An e-mail listed on"ivertised inquiring about the statusof the alcoholicbeverageswas not returned by presstinre. iiti.rty dinersmeiywonder what kind of a Sundaymorning brunch it is without a classicBloody Mary. The socialnetworking guru,swho promote the Depeauxaddressedthe questionthis past SuperBowl Sunday,on^therestaui"ni,s and Twiiter profile, with a quote from the New OrleansSaints' quarterbackDrew Brees' on bt"' --Continued

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"Fearof failure,not wanting to let people down. You know how much you have invested.You know how much peoplebelievein you and trust you so thqre'salways that niotivation of II know how much peoplehave sacrificedfor me or trust me, put confidencein me, believein me, so I want to make them proud. I want to do right by them."' Indeed,much has.beeninvestedin the Depeaux'.s restoration,andanothei local business'-failure is a dark cloud in Decatur.According to the listing on the SchurnacherCroup's website,more than,$l milhon was spent on renovations.In 2007, Bill Sharkey,a Floridatransplantwho openedand operated17 restaurants, wasgettingreadyto retirewhen he decidedto havea final go at restoringthe 1891 structure which was formerly the Freight Depot restaurantthat closed about a decadeago. The building had to be moved iway from the railroadtrain tracksas it was deemedtoo close for comfort by city officials. "l heardthat they might be closing,but that they will still be open on the week-' endsfor now,'lsaid Kelley Mangold '10. "lt's really sad.[t's going to be a big upset for the Agnes Scott cor.nmunity.I really liked that place. I would always try to get peopleto go there with me, but there neverseemedto be much of an interest."

Depeaux Restaurant slashes hours  
Depeaux Restaurant slashes hours  

A Louisiana-themed eatery in the heart of historic Decatur, GA drastically slashes its hours of operation.