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At the end of the program,they were evaluated with a survey.This year, students will be s c heduleda s pec if i c

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committe search DOC Bv Cton Hnvva,ttt OptNtoNsEotroR A searchis undetway for a replacâ‚Źmentdean of the colleqs and ui.. pi.iia..l of affairs, asDean RosemaryL6''"7Zumwalt ir: *tti li. ..tirins at the end of the academicyear after nine yearsof ti, ,"*-g,qgn.s"Scott. A committeehas been formed to selectthe acacollege's the si of overseeing responsibiliry the for best .indi"date demicprocramand repoitingmatterssuchas budgetand personnel a ei to ElizabethKiss,presidentof the collegernununirn"-nt p, The"committeewas formed late last spring following the fc of Zumwalt'sretiremenf.It consistsof faculty and "n"""n..-.nt kr staff members,aswell as a studentrepresentativeRosemary is the chair of the committee. Cunnineham -,iu-i.'vimpressedwithRosemaryCunningham,sleadership,,, in

,uid-j.n"ii.. f.r"d f.o* the Office oi InternationalEducation.Lund tr 1 fc is on the committeerepresentingthe Office of International intefnaessential tc for an need (olE) college's the voice to Education .I tional perspectiveacrossall academii disciplines.Other members al of the searchcommitteeinclude Duke Miller from Information Gchnology Services,ElizabethBagley,Director of Library.Services al and Tiracel'Laird, Chair of the music department'Also on board to c' assistthe i.urch .om*ittee is Alice Miller from Vitt/Keiffer, a firm 0 designedto assisteducationaland non-profit institutionsin hiring C ( ti qualifiedlea/ers. ^The.student a' voice comesfrom N4egBeyer'10,who saysthat the ideal DOC can assureScottiesthat "our degreeswill be worth more c . when land after] we graduatethan when we entered as firstJears'" D Another importint isiue Beyerraisedis that the future DOC "shouldbe iomeone that has the abihty to interactwith the stuSi d- e n t s" not on the committeehad the opportunity to sharetheir thoughts on the characteristicsof the ideal incoming DOC. through af survey.The survey askedstudents,as well as"faculryand o ' ;-;;i;. staff to rate theimportance of certain characteristicsof -theincom- t{ inn OOC such'asthe ,rul.reof an internationalperspectiveor hav- n' a: in! academicarticlespublished. ftt. OOC searchcommitteerecently posteda job announcement 1c regardingthe position Once the oJHigberEducation inTlte Chronicle committeeselectstire top three candidatesfrom the pool of recipiIli .nir iec*ited from the ad, srudentswill be able to interactwith the final candidatesduring designatedpanelslater in the semester. pr

Dean of Student Search Committee  

Dean of Student Search Committee

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