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Inauguration of Ghanaian Premier Wynne Ministerial Fellowship of Toronto Commends the Work of the Ethnic Press & Media in Canada By Jonathan Annobil, Toronto

By Vernon Ayiku, Toronto

Group picture of the Ghanaian Ministerial Fellowship of Toronto

The official inauguration of the Ghanaian Ministerial Fellowship of Toronto took

place on Saturday May 24, 2014 at the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church Toronto, 51 High

Meadow Place with “Uniting for community transformation:

Set aside, as a week to recognize the important role members of the ethnic press and media play in bringing local and international news, May 6th to the 12th was Ethnic Media Week in Toronto. As a part of activities to mark the week, members of the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada Premier Kathleen Wynne (NEPMCC), an organization and Tom Saras made of editors from over 100 different ethnic media gathered at City Hall in Toronto publications across Canada, for a  night  of  reflection.  The

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Carassauga: Mississauga's Festival of Cultures opening ceremony at Africa pavilion By Anthony Amihere, Mississauga

Yuriy Pankiw – board member – carassauga Mareka Ruta - board member – carassauga Brad Butt - Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Streetsville Chris Fonseca – Mississauga city councilor Bonnie Crombie - Mississauga city councilor Hazel McCallion – Mississauga mayor Jennifer Evans – Peel regional police chief Linda Siutra – executive director – carassauga Sean Franklin - board member – carassauga Lisa Balestra – carassauga Otelia Prazeres – carassauga board Jake Dheer - MC

Carassauga, the largest multicultural festival in Ontario and the second largest in Canada was held this year from the 23rd to the 25th of May in the city of Mississauga. In its 29th year, the opening ceremony was held at the Africa pavilion which is managed by People of Motherland founded by Olga Lambert and Georgette Amihere. This year, a record 72 countries were represented in 30 pavilions at 13 locations across Mis s iss au ga. S ign if ican tly, th e opening day at the Africa pavilion was dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela. Visitors to the Africa pavilion at Carassauga were treated to sumptuous African food, drinks, music, fashion, art, sculpture and dance. In attendance at the opening day at Africa pavilion were Mayor Hazel McC |allion and other political dignitaries.

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The Ghanaian News May 2014

The Ghanaian News

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May 2014



The Ghanaian News May 2014


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The Ghanaian News May 2014



Getting our Youth into Productive Ventures in the Summer

The summer has begun. Most postsecondary institutions have gone on recess and the high Publisher / Editor schools will recess by the end of June. These Emmanuel Ayiku will therefore bring out large numbers, Contributing Editors thousands of young people, to homes and Dr. Michael Baffoe communities across the country for at least Joe Kingsley Eyiah the next three months. Summer times are Director of Operations usually exciting times for the youth. They Comfort Ayiku are times when they feel they need well Community Reporter deserving breaks and rest from the past nine Jonathan Annobil to ten months of intense academic activity. All things being equal, the youth need to stay Winnipeg Bureau Dr. Michael Baffoe home and just “rest” or as they say in youth parlance, just “chill” out. The reality in North American society is different. The youth cannot The Ghanaian News Publishes news and comments simply chill or just stay at home and “rest”. from the Community, serves The reality of society is that most of the Ghanaians across Canada with youth, especially those in their mid to late good source of information is committed to give good teenage years, need to find jobs in the summer. community Journalism These summer employment opportunities The Ghanaian News are  needed  to  first  offer  some  of  the  youth is published in Canada by their first experience on the job market. It is The Ghanaian News their baptism into the world of work, which Corporation is positive. For most of them also, they really Editorial Office need to work to earn money to supplement 2256 Sheppard Ave. Suite 202 their allowances and for some to pay for Toronto, Ont. M9M 1L7 Tel:(416) 9163700 their education in the next academic sessions. Advertising These job forays aside, we can also not afford Fax (416) 9166701 to just watch our youth stay home and chill. Internet: Experiences over the years have shown that the devil always finds work and mischief for E-mail: ideal hands. When some youth hang out doing nothing in the summer months, that becomes a recipe for disaster. A lot of violence that have $1:00 per copy erupted in our communities that have involved Subscription costs $12.00 for one year. our youth have happened in the summer $22.99 for two years. months when some youth have nothing to do plus postage and just congregate and hang out in shopping U.S. and foreign subscriptions costs malls, street corners, community centers and US$79.99 per year. other places. For some youth too, these are Letters to the Editor the times to settle scores with their “enemies” for things that happened in the course of We encourage your feedback and value the academic year. These fears are real! your comments. Please In the light of the above, we are appealing feel free to write to us. to all leaders in our community, parents/ keep letters to a maximum of 200 words, guardians, religious, business and community include your full leaders  to  rally  together  to  find  productive name, Telephone # and stuff for the youth to engage in in the critical mailing address with all correspondence. three months of the summer. For those that Address your letters to own and run businesses, we encourage you the Editor to offer some employment, however limited, The Ghanaian News to some of our youth to keep them busy and 2256 Sheppard Ave. Suite 202 productive in the summer months. To our Toronto, Ont. M9M 1L7 religious leaders we urge them to design and Tel: 416-916-3700 or launch productive programs that will assist the Fax: 4169166701 or email us at youth not just to learn religious materials but programs that are geared towards training for We acknowledge the responsible lives and roles in the community. financial support of the All of us have high stakes and roles to play Government of Canada to ensure that our youth end their summer through the Canada vacations in a peaceful manner without any Periodical Fund of the mishaps. The responsibility belongs to all of us. Department of Canadian Heritage To our youth we wish you a very pleasant summer. Please stay out of trouble so that you may return to school wellrefreshed and matured than the previous school year. H a p p y H o l i d a y s !

Opinion/ Commentary Negotiate to Free Kidnapped Schoolgirls First and Fight Terrorists Later By Kwabena Akuoko Te r r o r i s t s w i l l g o any length to gain undeserved popularity. And unsurprisingly, a day after  confirming  his group’s abduction of 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria, it was reported that the man purporting to be Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau appeared to open the door to a resolution for the mass kidnappings crisis in Nigeria. In a move that shocked the world, Boko Haram’s l e a d e r u n a s ha m e d l y offered to release the schoolgirls he is holding captives in exchange for his imprisoned murderous comrades currently held by the Nigerian government. While under normal circumstances it is not conducive to negotiate with terrorists, I think an exception must be made for the current situation simply because of the innocent schoolgirls involved. U n d e r s t a n d a b l y, a dialogue with a terrorist organization such as Boko Haram is proverbially no different from shaking hands with the devil. But right now, given that hundreds of children’s lives in extremely danger and they need to found and rescued without further delay, the Nigerian political leadership has no viable option than to negotiate with the devil, Boko Haram. Otherwise the alternate will only make a bad situation even worse. It will involve using force and that might not augur well for the kidnapped s c h o o l g i r l s ’ s a f e t y. As a result, if the only measures in which the girls can be rescued are through negotiating and shaking hands with the devil, so be it. The most important consideration right now f r o m m y s tan d p o in t is for government to bring the girls home to their loving families. Other than the terrorists themselves, I do not think any person on the face of earth will disagree with the fact that the most important concern in the current situation is for the Government of Nigeria together with its powerful Western allies to find

and rescue the captives without subjecting them to further emotional or physical agony. And this is where Boko Haram’s offer although coming from the devil is not to be dismissed outright. My tak e is th at th e Jonathan administration must ensure the girls safe release first and then strategize about going after the terrorist group afterwards. In the broader spectrum, an invitation f o r t a lk s t o r e l ea s e innocent captives, even if it is initiated by a criminal organization, which is responsible for terrorizing and killing people, it is better than the alternate. In the best interest of the girls being currently held hostages, I think it will be a big mistake for the Nigerian government to reject Boko Haram’s offer for prison swap at this point. And the earlier talks begin to have the girls set free, the better. Any dialogue between the government and the terrorists must be guided by past precedent because the Nigerian authorities have a prior negotiated relationship with Boko Haram. Last year, the militant group won the release of some 100 of its imprisoned members after reaching an agreement to return about a dozen kidnapped schoolgirls. While the Nigerian government has publicly insisted that it will not negotiate with the kidnappers, some believe that in practice, prisoners’ swap may be inevitable because of the foreseeable difficulty that might emerge with freeing the captives by force. There seems to be no way out in terms of rescuing those kidnapped schoolgirls without bloodshed or putting them through further traumatisation. N i g e r i a n government’s dual goal of trying to crush Boko Haram on the one hand and its secret negotiations with the group goes way back. The Islamic extremist organization’s first major attack as Abubakar Shekau as its leader was no September 7, 2010 when about 50 of the jihadists attacked a prison in Bauchi, the capital of northeastern

Bauchi State and freed more than 150 Boko Haram imprisoned insurgents held by the Nigerian government. Additionally, a significant number of Boko Haram detainees were set free as a result of intense negotiations between the terrorist group and the Nigerian authorities. Also as recently as 2012, the Nigerian government set up a Negotiation and Amnesty Committee to broker a deal to release hundreds of Boko Haram prisoners. For example following what has been described as intense negotiations between the two parties, a number of detainees including the wife and children of Boko Haram’s leader, Abubakar Shekau were released two years ago. Shekau’s family was said to have been captured by the Nigerian security forces during a raid in 2012 in which Shekau himself was allegedly wounded but managed to escape. The Nigerian government is caught between rock and hard place. Negotiating with known bloodthirsty terrorist group such as Boko Haram in order to have hundreds of young captives freed is a delicate balance that requires skilfulness on the part of authorities. In the wake of mass kidnappings of the schoolgirls, local and international pressure has mounted urging the authorities to find and rescue the victims. The local and international catchphrase has been “Bring our Girls home”. I hasten to add that bring our girls home by all means necessary, including negotiating with terrorists. Desperate situation calls for extreme measures in terms of response and the Nigerian authorities are fully aware that the whole world is watching and patiently waiting for the kidnapped schoolgirls to be rescued and how the rescue mission is undertaken matters. But of foremost importance is for the girls to be liberated safe and sound and that unfortunately must come with negotiating with the devil.

The Ghanaian News

May 2014


PV Obeng is dead My jo y o n lin e . co m is reporting that Paul Victor Obeng, chairman of the National Development Planning Commission has died. The Senior Presidential Adviser died Saturday at a hospital after he reportedly collapsed at the Agape Filling Station at Spintex Road. It is not clear the cause of death, even though sources suspect he died of pronounce asthma attack. He was said to have been rushed to the

En g i n ee r, p o lit ic ian and chairman of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology council.

The Late P.V. Obeng Lekma Hospital where he was pronounced dead. PV Obeng was crucial in the organisation of the just ended National Economic Forum. He was a Mechanical

In 2010, he was appointed by the President John Atta Mills administration as chairman of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC). Obeng is the chief consultant and Chairman of OB Associates, a public and private sector consulting firm and chairman of Ghana Agro and Food Company (GAFCO) ghanaweb.

Premier Wynne Commends the Work of the Ethnic Press & Media cont'd from pg. 1

keynote speaker was the Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne. “There are many, many, many, stories in this country that have not been told,” Premier Wynne said. “You are the bridge between your adopted homeland and your countries of origin for so many people. Helping newcomer s and new Canadians adjust to life here and give voice to their stories,” the keynote speaker pointed out. “Last year, 138 journalists died simply for carrying out their profession.” Premier Kathleen Wynne noted, as she reflected on the sacrifices and struggles smaller media outlets make around the world.

Branding the slogan, “ C a n a d a ’s o t h e r voices,” members of the NEPMCC individually are often overlooked by city councils; not only in Toronto, but around the world. However, in the midst of an election year, members of the respective publications were delighted to see many city council members and hopefuls attend the event. Most noticeable were mayoral candidates Karen Stintz and Olivia Chow, who both spoke briefly and addressed the importance o f th e ethn ic p r ess . After a meet and greet with the Premier, who

took about a half an hour before her speech, to talk and take pictures with editors from all the major nations represented, the Chair of NEPMCC, Mr. Saras took to the podium to welcome all members and guests to the program. As the night progressed, many city council members recognized and said in their addresses that, while alone many of the publications’ influence is minimal, collectively the ethnic press’ reach may surpass the reach of mainstream media. The night ended with live music, dinning and drinks, where editors were given chance to speak with city council members in attendance.

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The Ghanaian News May 2014

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Our schools are being short changed in Downsview

By Matias De Dovitiis I hear it all the time. We need more children’s programming in Downsview. We need to create more opportunities f o r o u r Yo u t h . A n d yet, the designated funding that should be

helping to meet these needs continues to be diverted to communities that are better off. It is sad, but it is true. The province is underfunding all schools, but it is schools like ours that are suffering the most. The government knows they do not provide enough money to run the system, but it refuses to take responsibility. It is a card  trick  shuffle  and it is the neediest youth that are losing the game The Ontario government

provides special funding to schools that have higher numbers of new arrivals to Canada and higher numbers of students that need special teach in g as s is tan c e. They have provided the school boards with two funding streams for this purpose: The English as a Second Language (ESL) Allocation Grant and the Learning Opportunity Grant (LOG) In principle, these g r an ts ar e o v er an d above the regular funding

that schools to receive to p ay th eir n or m al operating costs. They are supposed  to  flow  to needier schools to help pay for extra teachers and other teaching aids, so that students who require other support have an equal chance to succeed. However, the Toronto District School Board is so short of funds that they use ¼ of the ESL money and 2/3 of the LOG funding to pay other bills This has a particularly negative impact on schools in suburbs like ours in edge of the city, because this is where you have higher rates of poverty for young families an d h igh er n u mb er s of new Canadians. Rather than helping to level the playing field for students in Downsview, these designated funds are being used to pay the hydro bill in Forest Hill There is something seriously wrong with this entire dynamic. The provincial government knows that the TDSB is shortchanging needy

schools, but is hiding from the responsibility by claiming that it is not their decision to make. Yet they set up the rules. It is a simple accounting trick to hide from the problem they started. They created the ESL and LOG funding, but also created the funding deficit that drives the reallocation of this special funding to regular operating costs. The Provincial government determines the pay rate for teachers, but they fail to deliver the necessary budget. Over the last two years, this has brought a loss of teachers and a decrease in the level of education in

our schools. In 2012, 430 Education Assistants and 200 high school teachers were fired,  undermining efforts to improve math scores across the TDSB. Like some backwards Robin Hood, Ontario is taking from the poorest students to give to the rich. It is not small change either. Every year, $80 million dollars is taken f r o m n ee d y s c h o o l s and spread around to fill  budget  gaps. This  is money that should be used where it is needed most, to create a more equitable system that gives all students an equal chance to succeed

The Ghanaian News online Check it out www.

The Ghanaian News

Nigel Barriffe Where He Stands Nigel Barriffe grew up in Etobicoke Nor th, where his parents live and where he continues to work as an elementary school teacher. For most of the last decade, he’s been an extraordinary community organizer in the area and a powerful spokesman for its citizens – mostly working people, many of them newcomers Nigel Barriffe to Canada. His campaign and his policies come unless they deliver jobs. out of this experience. In addition, it’s important for him that Ontario’s Nigel has been at the working people get a centre of an educational decent minimum wage. reform movement in He has worked hard in Rexdale – from resisting the recent campaign for a s ch o ol clo s u r es an d $14/hour minimum wage. education cutbacks to supporting its many D e c en t w e l f a r e a n d immigrant communities unemployment benefits in their concern for a are also essential for those stronger, more relevant who can’t find work. curriculum, authentic evaluation and an end Heath care is another to th e s tr e am i n g o f key issue for the citizens schoolchildren by race of Etobicoke North. and social class. As an One fundamental reform MPP, he’ll insist that all Nigel is pushing involves our kids be prepared to satellite centres from local enter good post-secondary hospitals that are located ed ucatio n, w h atev er in our neighbourhoods, they decide later on. shortening wait times and within easy reach for Nigel has worked hard those who find it hard to with the Good Jobs for visit our hospitals. Nigel All Coalition, and he’ll is also fighting to stop take that commitment the growing privatization with him to Queen’s Park. of our medical system Jobs are a number one an d in s u r e th at f u ll priority for the people m e d i c a l a n d d e n t a l of Etobicoke North, and examinations are offered Nigel will be working to our children in school. to build a genuine i n d u s t r i a l s t r a t e g y A much fairer taxation for Ontario (keeping system, Nigel argues, the good jobs here). i s e s s e n t i a l s o t h a t working people (both He’s also part of an NDP poor and “middle class”) demand that our corporate get a real break in their sector doesn’t get grants pocket books. Small

businesses also need a break. These businesses play a key role in keeping our community together and in offering so many essential services. On the other hand, corporations and the rich have to start paying their fair share. We’ve let them off the hook for far too long. Transit is another issue that cuts deeply into the everyday lives of people in live in Etobicoke North. He feels that it is unacceptable that drivers in Etobicoke North pay 15% more in car insurance that drivers in other parts of the GTA. We need a solid mix of decent roads, good buses, LRTs, subways, and the electrification of GO. But it all has to be planned properly. The province has a really important role to play in this area, but so far they’ve bungled it. We’ve had enough of gridlock. We need co mp eten t p lann ers . Overall, Nigel is committed to making his campaign theme – “Building Home in Etobicoke North” – a reality on the ground. He looks forward to helping develop a powerful community organization in Etobicoke North – hopefully a genuinely representative Community Council – that will take on key issues for the area and make sure the community perspective reaches into all levels of government – federal, provincial, municipal and school board.

Federal tax cuts since 2005 net Canadians $30 billion: PBO OTTAWA -- Canada’s budget watchdog says Canadians are paying Ottawa about $30 billion less this year -- or a little less than $1,000 per person -- due to tax changes introduced in the past decade. The Parliamentary Budget Officer calculates in a new report that personal income taxes have been cut by about $17.1 billion through a variety of changes introduced since 2005. And the two-percentage point cut in the GST has resulted in a $13.3-billion

s a v i n g t h i s y e a r. Another way of representing the numbers is that Ottawa would have a healthy surplus today if not for the tax cuts. The PBO did not calculate savings or lost revenue due to corporate tax reductions due to what the office said was data limitations. Most, but not all of the tax reduction measures, have occurred under the Conservative government of Stephen H a r p e r, w h i c h t o o k office in  February  2006.

By comparison, the many spending reductions and job cuts introduced by the Harper Conservatives will result in about $12.5 billion in savings for the government in the current 2014-15 fiscal year. Despite some criticism in this area, the PBO says the lion’s share of the tax savings have gone to low middle income earners -- households with incomes between $12,200 and $23,000. The lowest and highest 10 per cent of income earners have benefited  the  least from the changes. CP24

May 2014


Tom Rakocevic NDP York West Candidate Tom Rakocevi has been an Executive Assistant to Councilor Anthony Perruzza Ward 8 for the past seven years. Tom has helped thousands of residents with case work and has helped develop initiatives to improve the lives of seniors, tenants, students, and workers. Tom has delivered results for York West by starting youth projects and Youth initiatives, enhancing opportunities for hundreds of young people. He believes strongly in fairer and more affordable auto insurance.

for change that makes s e n s e . We ’ v e s e e n Liberal scandals for ten years now. It’s time for Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals to get the message that they cannot take York West for granted.”

Tom Rakocevic

Through town hall meetings and advocacy work, he helped secure t h e g o v e r n m e n t ’s commitment to lower insurance rates. Tom’s vision: “it’s time

Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP offer a solution that actually makes sense. We are g o ing to cr eate an d protect local jobs. We are going to make life more affordable. We are going to stop the government w a s t e a t Q u e e n ’s Park. Tom promises to advocate for you, the people of York West.

How much are you paying for auto insurance?

By Tom Racocevic

Downsview residents pay the highest auto insurance rates in all of Toronto. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, Torontonians paid an average of $1896 per year during the period 2 0 0 9 - 2 0 11 . I n Yo r k West, the federal riding stretching west from Keele to the Humber River and north from Sheppard to the city limits, the average yearly premium was a whopping $2184 Auto insurance companies take many factors into account when determining insurance rate s – age, driving record, type of vehicle and level of coverage. But place of residence makes a bigger difference than you might think. The Ontario NDP conducted some simple research by calling a number of insurance companies to request a quote. With each call, the researcher gave the same driver and vehicle information, but cited a different address. For the same forty-year old male driving a Toyota Yaris, the companies quoted premiums of $1154 in Lawrence Park, $ 1 8 3 9 in Br am a lea,

$2171 in Rexdale and $2517 at Jane and Finch So why does the same driver pay twice the premium at Jane and Finch than he would at Lawrence Park? Why does our community pay the highest auto insurance rates in Toronto? For the insurance companies, it’s all about protecting their bottom line. It’s not about collision rates. According to City or Toronto collision data, Downsview area municipal wards 7 and 8 have above average collision rates, but not the highest in the city. Ward 20, in downtown TrinitySpadina, captures that dubious honour, with over 6400 collisions during the period 2009-2011. Similarly, Downsview’s Police Division 31 has higher than aver age rates of vehicular theft and vehicular crime, but once again fails to rank number one. However, our local co m mu n ity d o es h it the top of the charts for the highet cost per auto insurance claim. Across Toronto, the average payout is $17,900. In York West, that figure climbs to a hefty $30,000 According to Insurance Bureau of Canada, auto insurers paid out more than they collected in York West between 2009 and 2011 Raising the rates may be good for business, but it’s hard on the bottom line of a community with lower than average earnings. And it’s hard to swallow paying $2000 premiums when you’re driving a ten year or Pontiac and not

a shiny new Mercedes. Regardless of your vehicle – or your driving r eco r d – y o u p ay a high price for living in Downsview. That may be hard to swallow, but Downsview drivers have little choice. By law, Ontario drivers must be insured. Meanwhile, auto insurers are legally entitled to use postal codes as a risk factor when calculating how much their customers pay. It may be legal, but it’s also absurd. It has nothing to do with accidents within a particular neighbo urh ood . If a person who lives on your street has a major car accident in northern Ontario, your premium will rise because he/she shares your postal code. If a person who lives in upscale Lawrence Park has an accident that renders them unable to work, and moves into your postal code w h ile th e in s u r an c e company is pay their rehabilitation costs, your premium may increase. Th is p o stal co de prejudice saddles one of the city’s poorest neighbourhoods with the highest auto insurance premiums in all of Toronto. To make matters worse, auto insurers charge these rates with the full knowledge and blessing of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, an arm’s length agency of the provincial government that regulates the auto insurance industry Isn’t the government supposed to ensure that Ontarians are treated fairly and equitably?


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FOCUS School Report Card is a Good Tool for Discussing Your Child’s Progress at School. Do You Understand the Scores on It? Asks Joe Kingsley Eyiah, Teacher, Brookview Middle School, Toronto Parents/guardians at the end of every school term meet with their children’s teachers to discuss the details on students’ report cards. Obviously most parents do not grasp the full meaning of the scores and teacher’s comments on the Provincial Report Card. There is a Ghanaian adage which reads in twi : ose obi nnim a obi kyere. This, literally translated means: if one does not know or understand another person shows the way or explains the meaning. I therefore use this column to briefly explain the Provincial Report Card. Unlike the Terminal Report Card many Ghanaians are used to back home in Ghana, the Ontario Provincial Report Card is very detail with information other only the marks the student has scored as against the total marks for each subject reported

Grade Expectatio ns. Thus, the student has demonstrated most of the required knowledge and skills in that particular subject taught. Student achievement meets provi ncia l standar d!

on by the class teacher. Th e f ir s t p ag e o f a completed Provincial Report Cardhas information on the absences and the number of times that the student was from and to school. It also shows the promotion status of the student as a “flag” for discussion before the school year ends. The Card next classifies the levels of A ch iev em en t o f th e Provincial Curriculum Expectations according to marks. It must be noted here that marks between 70 and 79 classify the student at level 3 of the

This is the standard that any teacher strives to bring the student to if not beyond! Parents m u s t w o r r y if th eir child’s achievement in any subject reported on is below this level. Any marks below 50 (level 1) shows that the student is falling at the Grade level in that subject. Thus, the student has not demonstrated the required knowledge and skills in that subject at the Grade level. Extensive remediation is required! Teachers and parents ought to put their heads together to help the student achieve at the Grade level.

A S u bjects , S tr eng th s/ Weaknesses/Next Steps: The next most importation section on the Provincial Report Card is the area designated for the various subjects where teachers score the marks and comment o n th e e x p e c ta tio n s for the term being reported with regards to student performance. Each subject is provided with three columns. Most subjects have each column divided into two. This is where parents should be guided not to confuse the two divisions. The first  division  shows the marks the student has scored out of 100%. The second division is an automatic calculation of the average mark of the class of the student in that subject or strand of that subject. This is marked on the Card as the Grade Average. The Grade Average is an evidence of the average performance of the class. It could be higher or less than the marks the student scores in that subject. T h e G r a d e Av e r a g e should not be confused with the marks classified under the Provincial Curriculum Expectations. There is a big column for each subject/strand where the teacher comments on the curriculum expectation. Such comments should identify the strengths and weaknesses of the student in that area of study. Since the expectation comments are mostly general it is incumbent u p o n th e teach er to indicate a NEXT STEP for the student. Parents must ensure that the

student goes or is taken through that “prescribed” step by the teacher to achieve success. The Learning Skil ls section of the Provincial Report Card is more specific to the student and must be read carefully by all parents. This column allows the teacher to specifically comment on your child’s learning behaviors under specific areas  as  follow: 1 Responsibility Fulfils responsibilities and commitments within the learning environment. Completes and submits class work, homework, and assignments according to agreedupon timelines. Takes respo nsi bility for and manages own behaviour. 2 Ind ependent wor k Independently monitors, assesses, and revises plans to complete tasks and meet goals. Uses class time appropriately to complete tasks. Follows instructions with minimal supervision. 3 I n i t i a t i v e Looks for and acts on new ideas and opportunities for learning. Demonstrates the capacity and interest in learning. Approaches new tasks with a positive attitude. Recognizes and advocates appropriately for the rights of self and others. 4 Organization Devises and follows a plan and process for completing work and tasks. Establishes priorities and manages time to complete tasks and achieve goals. Identifies, gathers, evaluates, and uses

information, technology, and resources to complete tasks. 5 Collaboration Accepts various roles and an equitable share of work in a group. Responds positively to the ideas, opinions, values, and traditions of others. Builds healthy peer-topeer relationships through personal and mediaassisted interactions. Works with others to resolve conflicts and build consensus to achieve group goals. S h a r e s i n f o r m a ti o n, resources, and expertise, and promotes critical thinking to resolve problems and make decisions. 6 Self-Regulation Sets own individual goals and monitors progress towards achieving them. Seeks clarification or assistance when needed. Assesses and reflects critically on own strengths, needs, and interests. Identifies learning opportunities, choices, and strategies to meet personal needs and achieve goals. Perseveres and makes an effort when responding to challenges. All said and done, the Ontario Provincial Report Card is a comprehensive report on student performance at school for a particular term. Though very technical if it is well understood by all parents it is a wonderful c o m m u n i c at io n t o o l and concrete point for discussion between the teacher and the parent on student overall performance at school.

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May 2014


LEGAL MATTERS How much money can I get for a slip and fall injury? By Bode Odetoyinto, Mississauga Here is a typical scenario: While walking d o wn th e ais le at a convenience store,  Kofi a nurse suddenly and unexpectedly slipped and fell to the ground. He felt something break in his leg during the fall. He was unable to get up. An ambulance was called. While Kofi waited for medical help, he noticed that a cleaner employed by the store had negligently spilt and not mopped up some  water  on  the  floor where he slipped. There were no signs in the area that could have warned h im o f th e o n g o i n g cleaning or of the slippery conditions prior to his fall. At the hospital, after a n x -r a y w a s d on e , Kofi  was  informed  that had multiple fractures. He had to be operated upon immediately. His leg will be in a cast for 6 weeks. The surgeon informs him that he will likely be unable to return to his job 3 more months depending on how the fracture healed. What  are  Kofi’s  rights? What can he claim? In Ontario, a person injured due to the negligence of a third party has the right to sue the at fault party to recover damages (money) for losses directly attributable to the injuries suffered. What they can you claim? In Ontario, there are g en er ally tw o ty p es of damages. Damages that can be calculated (pecuniary damages) and damages that cannot be easil y calculated (non-pecuniary). Damages for Pain and Suffering (NonPecuniary Damages) S o m e c o m p e n s a to r y damages are relatively easy to quantify such

endurable. Therefore, the range of damages awarded for pain and suffering range anywhere from $1.00 to $340,000.00 depending on the nature and gravity of the injury.

as reimbursement for lost wages or medical bills, others are more difficult such  as  placing monetary value on pain and suffering or the inability to enjoy hobbies b ecau s e o f p h y s ical limitations caused by accident-related injuries. In the above scenario, Kofi  obviously  suffered pain as a result of the in jur y. H e f elt p ain directly after the fall, surgery and in the months and years as he struggled to get his health and life back together. Years later, he still has arthritic pains and has been advised that he may never fully heal. Pain medicine is how he tolerates his days. In dealing with a case such as Kofi’s, our Courts will compensate him for “pain and suffering”. This is what is called non - pecuniary damages. The Supreme Court of Canada in 1978 capped the amount of damages that can be awarded for pain in suffering. Wi t h i n f l a ti o n , t h a t award is approximately $340,000.00 for the most severe cases of pain and suffering, such as in the case of a young adult who has lost limbs. In Andrews v. Grand & Toy Alberta Ltd., our Supreme Court opined that damages for pain and suffering are not really compensatory as no money can provide true restitution. Accordingly, such damages should be viewed as simply providing additional money to make life more

In Ontario, a variety of factors go into determining the amount that a Court will award for pain and suffering. Factors that the Courts consider are: --the age of the injured person; - the severity of th e in ju r y s u ff er ed ; - the length of time it will take the injury to heal; - the nature of the treatment required to treat the injury (is s u rg e r y n e c e s s a r y ) ; - the length of time that a person is hospitalized or sent to rehabilitation; - th e p h y s ica l an d emotional limitations that the injury will cause the injured persons, both in the short and long term; and - any pre-existing injuries that the injured person had when they were injured. Other types of compensation that are typically claimable are loss of income, medical and rehabilitation expenses, housekeeping and home maintenance services, family member claims. In addition to damages for pain and suffering, a Court in Ontario can award an injured party damages for other losses that they have suffered or which they will suffer in the future under the above heads of damages. For examp le, in the a b o v e s c en a r io , t h e injury resulted in the victim being off work for months. He would likely require extensive physiotherapy treatments and will incur expenses such as purchase of crutches, medications and

CANUCK ORTHOTICS Problems cured by this clinic include the following * Feet Pain * Back Pain * Sports Injury Available in the clinic Diabetics - Orthopedic Shoes Compression * Stockings All patients are accepted including those on OW (Ontario Works) ODSP as well as Extended Insurance clients.

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other assistive devices. If he had a family and was primarily responsible for looking after meals, cleaning, clearing snow etc, he may need to hire someone to assist with these activities of daily living. These legitimate expenses are recoverable from the store where the inju ry occurr ed. Stated differently, he will be able to recover the past lost income, the costs of physiotherapy and other medical treatments, crutches, pain medications etc. In addition, he will also be able to recover legitimate costs paid for assistance with day-to-day activities ordinarily done by him If the injury is a long term injury, he can recover future loss of income, projected future care costs and rehabilitation

costs from the store. Because these damages are damages that have not yet been suffered, it will be necessary to obtain medical opinions about how his injuries will progress in the future and what surgical interventions may be required and what limitations if any will impact his ability to work, to look after his family etc. It may also be necessary to obtain reports from an economist, actuary and/or a rehabilitation specialist to fully determine the amount of future losses. In contrast to damages for pain and suffering, damages for past and future loss of income, care and rehabilitation costs do not have a limit and are based on the injured person’s circumstances.

flow from  liability. The amount of money a person can receive for a slip and fall injury varies. If the injury is serious and long term, the award can be in six  figures  especially  if the injured party is unable to return to work. Where the injury is of a less severe or transitory nature and there has been full healing, the award by a court for pain may be less. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a slip and fall or other personal injury, it’s a good idea to consult a personal injury Lawyer as soon as possible. The consultation is usually free. Bode Odetoyinbo is Partner a t O d e t o y i n b o ’s L L P, Barrister and Solicitors. 9 0 5 -4 8 7 -6 3 3 3, b o d e@ , www.

In conclusion, damages

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Let's Talk Politics Boko Haram: Western Involvement and Lessons for African Governments By Dr. Francis WiafeAmoako, Toronto On the night of April 14 and 15 201 4, an unthinkable event occurred in a girls’ school in Chibok, Borno State, in North-Eastern Nigeria. A mass kidnapping of approximately 276 young school girls by the Islamist group Boko Haram has gotten the attention of African and World leaders as they try to find ways to deal with domestic insecurities that have fundamental r e g io n a l a n d g lo b a l security implications. Many “songs and dances” h av e ch o r eo g r a p h ed Boko Haram’s inception and operations in Northern Nigeria, and it is unfortunate that it has to come down to such mass kidnappings of vulnerable young women for the international community to respond to Boko Haram’s threat. In Nigeria, the dreaded Boko Haram had already instilled terror in the hearts and minds of the Nigerian people. The group has already murdered approximately 4000 people in Nigeria in 2014, and it does not seem ready to let down judging from the fact that they have been e m b ol d e n ed e n o u g h to strike in the heart of the Nigerian capital, Abuja, and elsewhere. There is no doubt that the Nigerian government needs some regional and international support to deal with the situation. Already ECOWAS and some Countries such as the US, Canada, Israel, France, Iran, have lined up to offer assistance. The question then becomes how long such assistance is going to last? Is this going to be another situation where Western governments would be dragged into an unending operation in a foreign land? Will drones be called in? Is there going to be collateral damage, and would that unleash whole new Boko Haram sympathizers just like Al Qaeda? It is common knowledge that heavy international military presence and activities has engendered a spike in sympathy for religious extremism. A drove of foreign help in Nigeria will again test the effectiveness of such security assistance in cases

of religious extremism. In a much broader view, the international community should reconsider certain strings attached to development assistance given to countries in the developing world. Obviously, the Boko Haram situation is a human security problem. Increases in Nigeria government’s military spending and that of other African states are no match for domestic insecurities. It is ironic to see the Nigerian military’s inability to deal with the menace of Boko Haram, when it had led the West African sub-region to deal with even violent conflicts in countries such as Liberia and Sierra Leone during the civil wars in those states. The lack of opportunities for the youth to anticipate and live a decent future life has a role to play in this insecurity dilemma. The ruling government in Nigeria and many other African states have consistently neglected its citizens and refused to create enabling environment for the youth to exploit and develop themselves. For now, surveillance technology, and other military hardware as w ell as in tellig en ce gatherings and military personnel provided by the international community are a step in the right direction to find the girls. In the very, very short term, the goal to free the girls must be sustained and the girls freed as quickly as possible to avoid collateral damage. This could be done with the coll abor ati on of neighboring states such as Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Benin, and possibly Mali. However, aggressively working hand in hand with the Nigerian government to focus on development projects in Northern Nigeria could enhance the chances of persuading the youth to reject religious violence. According to Foreign A f f a i r s , Tr a d e a n d Development Canada ab o ut CA D $ 4 5 .8 5 million was spend in Nigeria for development projects in 2011-2012. Most of these funds were spend in the area of healthcare including

maternal health, polio eradication, and health governance. Much as this effort is appreciated, there is the need to double up on investments to deal with the issue of youth unemployment that has always been characterized as a “ticking time bomb” in most of the developing world. On the other side, African leaders need to be serious with security within their respective states and the region. The joint declaration issued in Abuja to “eradicate” Boko Haram is a first step of commitment. It should therefore not stop with just declaration since there have often been too many of such “declarations.” There

are, however, aspects of “Boko Haram-like” situations in existence in many of these African states ready to cause domestic problems. If an African government thinks the Islamist challenge in Nigeria is only localized in Nigeria, they may be in for a surprise. The instability in Nigeria threatens the entire region. African gover nments always claim not to have resources to operate farther from their state capitals to their border perimeters. The alternative is to make the remote areas safe havens for the few who want to cause trouble in the region. It is a fact that terrorists have long figured it out that governments, especially those in the developing world, do not have the means to launch a sustained crack-down on terrorist activities for a long time. As the Nigerian case suggests, the military is reluctant to go deep into the jungles to root out Boko Haram’s strongholds. Boko Haram

hideouts are inaccessible due to the lack of road networks and appropriate vehicles to get to those places. If any government should take a lesson from what is unfolding in Nigeria, they should make it a priority to appropriate resources to construct good road networks, and other infrastructure that connects every part of the country and make them accessible. In that case the environment becomes very difficult for the trouble-makers to hide. States in Africa should operate from the assumption that religious extremism has become part of regular political violence such as protests an d d emo ns tration s. With this assumption, it will enable them to plan regarding short, medium, and long term strategies to deal with the situation should one occur. Such strategies obviously begin with real openness of the political system so citizens can be proud of and contribute to its defence and growth.

Investing resources in the youth by creating and developing in them entrepreneurial skill must be the ultimate goal. The attitude of waiting for the government to employ people should be changed to an attitude of people having the skills and available resources to start their own business. Dealing with religious extremism within states would probably require the establishment of a meso-security apparatus that falls between the regular law enforcement responsibilities of the police, and the army’s responsibility of protecting national borders. A new security service that is trained to be able to wait out extremist attitude and operations f o r th e lo n g er ter m needs to be put in place. Dr. Francis Wiafe-Amoako is an adjunct professor in International Relations and African Studies at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. He is also the Director of the Center for the Sustained Domestic Security and Development (CESDOSED).

Home affordability becoming more of a stretch: RBC O T T A WA - - I t ’ s becoming increasingly difficult for families to own a home in Canada and affordability is only expected to get worse going forward, according to the Royal Bank of C a n a d a ( T S X : RY ) . Wi t h h o u s e p r i c e s continuing to rise, RBC said its affordability index deteriorated in the first quarter of this year -- the third quarter that has happened out of the last four -with the deterioration particularly acute in the hot markets of Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. And RBC chief economist C r a i g Wr i g h t s a y s keeping up with the cost of home ownership in the future is likely going to be an even bigger stretch for households. “If prices continue to accelerate in key Canadian m ar k ets in th e n ear term, affordability could come under pressure,”

the report points out.

points to 27.9 per cent.

“The eventual normalization of monetary policy (interest rates) will lead to substantial increases in interest rates over the medium term, which could be too much for other affordability determinants to counteract,” it adds.

But that was an average calculation. Vancouver’s affordability index rose 0.9 points to 82.4 per cent; Toronto’s by 0.2 points to 56.1 and Calgary’s by 0.9 points to 34.5.

The affordability index measures the percentage of pre-tax household income that is needed to service the cost of owning a home at current market prices, including payments for a mortgage, utilities and property taxes. A reading of 50 per cent means service costs swallow up half of a household’s pre-tax income. Nationally, the index rose by 0.1 points to 43.2 per cent for detached bungalows and 0.3 points to 49.0 per cent for two-storey homes, while the measure for condos dipped 0.1

In Ontario as a whole, the affordability measure of 44.9 per cent for bunga lows an d 51.0 for two-storey homes represented a 24-year high. Still, the affordability measure has more relevance to newer home buyers since the vast majority of Canadians will have bought their homes in the past, when p r i c e s w e r e l o w e r. And there was good news in some markets. The affordability index fell 0.5 points to 36.4 per cent in Ottawa and by 0.2 points to 32.9 per cent in Edmonton. Th e A tlan ti c r eg io n remained relatively soft

with declines of 0.4 points to 31.2 and 25.9 per cent for bungalows and condos respectively. The index rose a modest 0.2 points to 36.2 per cent for two storey-homes, still well below the long-term average for the region. Meanwhile, RBC said the erosion in affordability does not pose any immediate threat to the health of the Canadian housing market and that the Bank of Canada is not expected to begin nudging interest rates higher until the middle of 2015. Many economists don’t expect the bank to act until 2016. Last week, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. predicted national home prices would continue to rise, although at a more moderate pace, this year and next. It forecast the value of the average home in Canada will appreciate 3.5 per cent to $396,000 seasonally adjusted this year, and a further 1.6 per cent to $402,200 in 2015. CP24

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May 2014


Big banks promise free and Grace Kennedy Distributes lowcost accounts in Ghana

Canada’s eight largest banks have made a voluntary commitment to create more low-cost and no-fee bank accounts, under an agreement with the federal government.

seniors – described as those with low enough pension income to receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

Low-cost accounts would have the same Finance Minister Joe services, but with a Oliver announced the monthly service fee of $4. plan at a seniors’ centre in Ottawa on Tuesday, Many banks already offer saying the government no-cost and low-cost had committed in its bank accounts and it’s not 2 0 1 3 t h r o n e s p e e c h clear how these accounts t o e x p a n d i n g n o - would be different, except c o s t b a s i c b a n k i n g . that more banks would offer them. CIBC, TD, Banks promised to offer RBC, Scotiabank, BMO, low-cost and no-fee bank National Bank, Laurentian accounts that would allow B a n k a n d H S B C 12 debit transactions and have signed onto the at least two in-branch voluntary commitment. transactions a month. There would be no extra Online banks such as charge for services such PC Bank and Tangerine as deposits, debit cards, a l r e a d y o f f e r f r e e preauthorized payment accounts to all customers. forms, monthly printed statements, cheque Oliver claims the image return or online government has secured cheque image viewing. a commitment to more free services on accounts T h e f r e e a c c o u n t s for seniors and youth, and would be available to to make free accounts youth, students, people available at more banks. with disability savings plans and low-income I n Tu e s d a y ’s p r e s s

c o n f e r en c e , h e s a id more than seven million Canadians will be eligible for low or no-cost banking options, and estimated seniors who move to the no-fee account will save about $50 a year. “For Canadians on a fixed income, every dollar counts and $50 can pay for a week’s g r o ce r ies , ” h e s aid .

TD and RBC eliminated some of their free accounts for seniors in March 2012, saying new customers would not be eligible. Susan Eng, vice-president of advocacy for CARP, says it’s clear the federal government needed to do something to ensure s en io r s h av e acc es s to low-cost banking. “When the TD Bank announced that they would cancel these accounts, CARP members were outraged. But the bank did not change its plans. So clearly government action is needed,” she said in an email to CBC. CBC News

By William DoyleMarshall

Grace Kennedy is taking its business to the Ghanaian community. Lucky Lankage, President of Grace Kennedy (Ontario) Inc. said on a world scale Grace Kennedy has entered into Ghana on the African continent. In an interview with Ghanaian News he termed that action “a big step for the company”. A distribution operation established there recently will extend the company’s reach beyond its present operations, he remarked proudly. In addition, the company is always looking for expansion opportunities, Lankage said. Banking and other  financial  ser­ vices are to be explored in Ghana along with other products that originate in the Caribbean. Negotiations are going on to expand its services, to buy into new businesses. “Grace Kennedy is a very progressive company. There will be more acquisitions and we will be distributing our products in more parts of the world than we are today so it’s going to be exciting,” Lankage promised. Ackee, coconut water, virgin coconut oil and a host of other Caribbean based items are produced by Grace Kennedy and distributed in Canada and the Caribbean Diaspora. Lankage is very

excited that his company stretching its services to the African continent. Grace Coconut water is number one in the Canadian market. “Its a tremendous achievement for a Caribbean brand to be the number one in this country,” the President observed. He reported that last year Grace Virgin Coconut Oil was introduced in Canada and it has been tremendously successful for the company. “We also introduced coconut sugar which is a brand new idea which we brought to the market. It’s a very good product for diabetic people because it has lower glycemic index and nutritionally, it is a very good sugar,” Lankage explained. Grace Kennedy is successful with bringing Caribbean products into the mainstream overseas markets. It is continuing to identify and find unique,  Caribbean, health and nutritious good products to take not just to the Diaspora – the Caribbean community – but beyond the Caribbean community. “That is where the niche lies. That is where we can actually add value,” the company spokesman  affirmed. “We want to be good at something that people are looking for from an exotic, niche products.

That is where I think we can add value to the company. We are looking at many products out of the Caribbean,” Lankage noted. The focus is on  how  to  efficiently package those products so they can compete in the world market. This has always been the benchmark since entering the Canadian market, as products come from all over the world. “In some countries cost of production is very low so  once  the  efficiency levels go up in the Caribbean and they can compete in the world market then we are very happy to bring those products in,” he added. Ensuring Grace Kennedy’s standards are successful in meeting world standards will take some time as well as investment in new machinery and new technology to bring the cost of production down. Failure to act properly in this regard could result in the company’s products coming here at prices that are going to be so out of range, people would not be able to afford them. “So we don’t want that. We don’t want to fail. We’d rather do it progressively, get the efficiencies  up,  get  the product up to standards, get to the world market standards and then we go and compete,” Lankage contended.

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IMMIGRATION AND SOCIAL ISSUES By: James A. Kwaateng, B.A. (Hons), LLB (Hons)

A Comparative View of the Current and Proposed Canadian Citizenship Act Several and drastic proposed comprehensive reforms to the existing Citizenship Act have been announced by Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister early th is yea r. The eligibility criteria for Canadian citizenship application are increasing and it is becoming increasingly tough to meet the standards. Recent introductions such as stiff language requirement, limitations placed on citizenship by descent, and cracking down on citizenship fraud, have not been enough. More dramatic changes are in the works as the Minister has revealed. Some elements of the proposed Act are substantially different from what exist today. This article briefly looks at some important elements of the proposed Act and the current Act and attempts to spell o u t t h e d i ff e r e n c e s between the two. Under the current Act,

the proposed Act. Time spent in Canada as a non-permanent resident will not be considered and will not contribute t o y o u r e l i g i b i l i t y.

residence for three out of four years (1,095 days) is required to meet eligibility criteria for citizenship application. I n f a ct , t h e c u r r e n t system does not have any specific requirement that resident be physically present in Canada. The proposed Act requires physical presence for four years (1,460 days) out of six years. Under the current system, time as a nonpermanent resident may be counted toward residence for citizenship. Thus, a person who has been in Canada for two years or more before he becomes a permanent resident will have one year counted toward residence for citizenship. This will be abolished in

The current policy does not require persons aged 54 years and over to meet language requirements and pass knowledge test. Under the proposed Act applicants aged 14-64 years must meet language requirements and pass knowledge test. The proposed Act will also dispense with the current policy which permits applicants to meet knowledge requirement with the assistance o f a n i n t e r p r e t e r. Applicants, under the proposed Act, must meet knowledge requirement in English or French. The current Act bars p er m an ent r es id en ts with domestic criminal charges and convictions from getting citizenship. The proposed Act will expand the bar on getting citizenship to people

Quebec man who killed teen daughter with slap gets 60 days in jail LONGUEUIL, Que. -A Quebec man whose teenage daughter died after he slapped her because he wasn’t happy with a chore she had done was sentenced Wednesday to 60 days in jail. Mo u ss a S id im e, 7 4, will be incarcerated on 30 consecutive Mondays and Tuesdays. He had previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of his 13-yearold daughter Noutene in October 2010. The court heard Sidime struck her because he didn’t like how she’d completed a chore and because she had been disrespectful. It was Sidime who called 911 himself after finding the girl unconscious minutes later. She died after a few days in hospital.

The Crown had been seeking a prison sentence of two years less a day, while the defence had requested a suspended sentence. “Violence is never an a n s w er t o a c h i l d ’s be ha vi our,” C rown prosecutor Julie Laborde said Wednesday. “That’s the message the judge and the court wanted to send.” In handing down his sentence, Judge Richard Marleau cited the fact Sidime had showed remor se and had no previous criminal record. The accused was crying during his sentencing hearing in February. His lawyer had argued for leniency, calling the death an exceptional case. Members of Sidime’s family who attended We d n e s d a y ’s c o u r t

proceedings in Lo ng ueu il, s ou th o f Montr eal, express ed relief at the sentencing. “There was no evidence of any brutality on her,” said Aissatou SidimeBlanton, the accused’s e l d e s t d a u g h t e r. “This was one of those freak accidents that, as he says, if he could take it back, he would take it back. We all would. And, moreover, it will be with him. Yes, he’s praying, but he misses his daughter. He didn’t even get to go to her funeral. “For him it’s been very hard and it will be.You lose a child, it stays with you.” Seka, one of Sidime’s sons, said the tragedy will be with the family for the rest of their lives. C p 2 4 N e w s

with foreign criminal charges and convictions. Under the current Act, the Governor in Council is the final decision maker on discretionary grants of citizenship. The proposed Act will change this and give the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada the authority to decide on discretionary grants of citizenship. The current Act is reasonably flexible  over tax filings. It does not require a permanent resident to file Canadian income taxes to be eligible for a grant of citizenship. This will not be the case under the proposed system. Adult applicants will be required to file Canadian income taxes as required under the Income tax Act to be eligible for citizenship. The current Act does not make any provision for

revocation of citizenship for acts against Canada’s national interest. The proposed Act will establish the authority t o r e v o k e C a n ad i a n citizenship from dual citizens who were members of an armed force or an organized armed group engaged in conflict with Canada. The proposed Act will also authorize revocation of Canadian citizenship for persons who are convicted of terrorism, high treason, treason, or spying offences, depending on the sentence received. The Citizenship Act has no fast-track mechanism f o r m em b er s o f th e military to honour their service to the Canadian Armed Forces and a d d r e s s d e p lo y m e n t challenges. The proposed Act will create a fasttrack mechanism for citizenship for permanent residents serving with, and individuals on exchange

with, the Canadian Armed Forces to honour their service to Canada. From the foregoing, it is manifestly clear that eligibility criteria for Canadian citizenship are changing and are becoming harder and tougher. It would be prudent for permanent r es id en ts in Can ad a who are presently eligible for Canadian citizenship under the current Act to apply for Canadian citizenship without procrastination and before the Act is amended or replaced. James A. Kwaateng is an Immigration Law practitioner with his offices located at 168A Oakdale Road, Suite 4, Toronto, Ontario. For th o ro u g h d is cu s s io n of your immigration and related social and legal issues, you may contact him at telephone number (416) 743-2758.

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The Ghanaian News May 2014

Aspiring mayors ramble through transit and other issues By William DoyleMarshall

what she termed a practical p lan to im p r o v e tr an s it.

Transit emerged as the most talked about concern during what was billed as a debate among mayoral candidates Monday night hosted by the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada. During question time the aspiring mayors spoke casually about issues like accountability, docking councilors’ pay if they were not on the job; appointing a transportation czar to deal with congestion on the roads; need for attitudinal change at City Hall; exorcising the ghost of Rob Ford; appointing a fiscal watch dog; LGBTQ support and expansion o f t h e To r o n t o A i r p o r t .

in vo lved in th e p ro cess because she wants youth issues to be addressed. We need to do better, she pleaded.

Morgan Baskin, the youngest candidate said she was

Olivia Chow, the former MP for Trinity Spadina said she

Mayoral hopefuls at roundtable

is determined to make this city better. She informed the media gathering that she brings the immigrant experience to the debate as her family has lived it. She attended the session with

Dewitt Lee who described the City of Toronto as a place designed to help the dreamers was concerned that too main resources are being pulled away. He wants to see more compassion and advantage should be taken of the digital resources that exist in and around the city. He recognized what he termed “a great divide” which could be closed through unity and the promotion of real diversity. Lee was disturbed that hope for a better tomorrow has been sapped out of City Hall. David Soknacki, former budget chief for the city identified L RT f o r S c a r b o r o u g h , reviewing police and emergency services budget and keeping a lid on taxes as the main planks of his platform. Karen Stintz, Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission boasted about her role in supporting Rob Ford during the first  two  years  as  Mayor. But she abandoned him after that due to his public spectacle that embarrassed everyone. She traded challenges with Olivia Chow and John Tory about having the ability to work with other politicians in a bid to make the City of Toronto productive and measure up to the claim of “world class”. Stintz boasted she is the only candidate with 11-years’ experience as a municipal politician. And she was proud that the city has a fully funded transit plan that simply has to be implemented. Sarah Thomson who chairs the

Transit Alliance is determined to co llect to lls f r om all those who live in the 905 communities. She identified tolls as the only way to pay for her $25 billion transit plan. She called on Toronto politicians to be responsible and stop flip flopping over the city’s transit needs. She called for LRT and subways to come together and make things happen today. John Tory’s take on transit was simple. The time for talk is over. He wants action on transit and public transportation. He frowned on the fact that 20% of the youth population as unemployed and he talked about his desire to change that. Michael Nicula promised Torontonians free rides on the Toronto Transit system for three years in a bid to boost ridership. Boasting about his educational credentials in accounting Nicula promised to bring competency to the city. He promised no tax increases but he has a plan to save the city $5 billion. Er w in S n ied zin s cr eato r of the patented “Complete Real Time Self Learning Intelligent educational software system told the audience he brought a $22 billion platform that would cover underground transit system and creation of social housing. Former Ontario MPP Tony Ru p r e c h t m o d e r a t e d t h e session following a welcome by National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada President Thomas Saras. Media practitioners from mainstream and community outlets participated in the session.

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Nigerian-Canadian Association held a rally at Dundas Square “Bring back our girls” The Nigerian-Canadian Association led by its executives held a rally in support of the abducted children in Chibok, Nigeria by the fundamentalists Boko Haram on April 15, 2014. The event dubbed “Bring back our girls” was held at Dundas Square in the heart of downtown Toronto on Saturday May 10, 2014. Some politicians were on hand to support the clarion call for the release of the kidnapped girls.


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Toronto NPP Chapter Elects New Executive amid turmoil

By Staff Reporter, Toronto

One of the most bizarre political events occurred in Toronto this weekend w h e n t h e To r o n t o Chapter of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) elected a new Executive for a four-year term. The event was embroiled in total ch aos whe n members trooped in to the meeting at Victory International Possibilities (VIP) Center at 244 Brockport Drive Unit 12 in Etobicoke, Toronto on Sunday April 27, 2014. The new executives being swornin

The Ghanaian News Roving team arrived at the meeting premises at

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5.50 P.M for the 6.00 P.M scheduled meeting. According to the Chapter members, the main agenda for the meeting was the election of new Executive Members. As soon as the meeting was called to order, the outgoing Chairman of the local Toronto Chapter, Mr. Augustine Opoku Agyeman asked to see the Elector al Commissioners led by Mr. Joseph Abankwa for a short discussion. When they returned, Chairman Opoku Agyeman announced that he had received a text message from the newly-elected General Secretary of the NPP in Ghana, Mr. Kwabena Agyepong that the Toronto Chapter e l e c ti o ns s h o u ld b e postponed to enable him investigate a petition that some unnamed local chapter members had sent to him regarding the local elections. The members present protested vehemently doubting the authenticity of whatever instructions Opoku Agyeman claimed to have received from the national Secretary in Ghana. They vowed to hold the elections, which were originally due in February, 2014 with the approval of the Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Abankwa since, they insisted that the overseas chapters were not under the control of the national

executive in Ghana. This brought heated arguments between the outgoing Chapter Chairman and his supporters. The outgoing Chairman then switched off the lights in the Hall claiming that he had rented the place for the meeting and as far as he was concerned the meeting was over After the chairman and his other  five  supporters walked out of the meeting the remaining members, numbering 23, decided to hold the elections in the parking lot of the Center. In the end, the Electoral Commissioner conducted the elections and new Executives consisting of the following were elected: Christian Akyeampon, C h a i r m a n Alex Barning, Vice Chairman S e c r e t a r y, P r i n c e O f o s u S e f a Treasurer/Financialhttp:// cdncache1-a.akamaihd. net/items/it/img/arrow10x10.png secretary, Joe Opoku ware O rg a n i z e r, S a m u e l Ya w B a r i m a A m e h The newly-elected Chair man, Chr is tian Akyeampon received all the votes cast. One of the contestants, McDonald Agbenyo had earlier withdrawn his candidacy. The rest of the executives were elected unopposed.

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Central Market

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Harper pledges $3.5B to buttress maternal, child health initiative to 2020 TORONTO -- The Conservative government is pledging an additional $3.5 billion over five years towards the prime minister ’s maternal, newborn and child health initiative. S tep h e n H ar p e r announcement the new funds, which will cover the period from 2015 to 2020, at a Toronto-area primary school on Thursday. The commitment is slightly more than the $3.25 billion that a coalition of aid groups had been asking for and was widely hailed by the organizations that are working with the prime minister on the initiative. The money builds on Harper’s fiveyear,  $2.8 billion commitment to

his so-called Muskoka Initiative, unveiled when Canada hosted the G8 summit in 2010. Rosemary McCarney, a veteran Canadian aid worker who is one of the leaders of a 70-member coalition of aid groups, praised Harper for “a rolling, 10-year commitment, which is very rare in our world.” Harper said he planned to “persuade and cajole” other governments to follow Canada’s lead. Dave Toycen, the head of World Vision Canada, said the commitment is significant because it will sustain momentum past 2015 on maternal and child health and keep it from being a flavour of  the  month  in

the development world. Harper has made helping young mothers and newborns in developing countries his signature aid priority. He says the new funds will be focused on helping young children in the first month of life, who die in numbers that experts describe as alarming. The prime minister is hosting an international summit on the issue this week in Toronto with experts from around the world, including philanthropist Melinda Gates, who gave the keynote speech at the summit’s first full day. Harper said there have been some successes, but more must be done. cont'd on pg. 28

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Miss Jamaica World 2013 & Singer Sacha Grace Brookview Middle School Appreciation Evening. From Joe Kingsley Eyiah, Brookview Middle School, Toronto The Brookview Middle School Cafeteria on May 22, 2014 was electr if ied w ith th e presence of NigerianCanadian born singer, Sacha Visagie and Miss Jamaica World 20132014, Gina Hargitay. These young but very talented ladies were guest speakers at the 2nd Annual Student, Parent, Staff & Community Appreciation Evening organized by the Administration and the Equity Committee of Brookview Middle Ghanaian News Contributing Editor & teacher, Joe Kingsley

S ch o o l in th e J an e/ Finch area of Toronto. The soft-sp oken yet gracious and powerful Miss Jamaica told the students to ‘be the change they want to see in the world’! Speaking on the importance of education, Miss Jamaica quoted severally from M. Ghandi to support her assertion that education brings change in the life of the learner. And that it would do students good if they took their

ed u catio n s er iou s ly. o f s o m e co m m u n ity agencies, the school Earlier, Sacha Visagie, the council, the 31 Division musician who is touring o f To r o n t o P o l i c e , Canada with her music t e a c h e r s a n d s o m e as a tool against bullying students. Certificates performed her hit single- o f A p p r e c i a t i o n “Stix and Stones” to the w e r e p r e s e n t e d t o delight of parents, staff t h e o r g a n i z a t i o n s and students gathered. and the individuals. Ms. Carmen WynterEllis, the Principal of Brookview supported by her Vice, Ms Irada Kerimova, took time to recognize the hard work and valuable support

There was a ‘social’ dinner and photo opportunity with Miss Jamaica and Sacha at the end of the program.

Eyiah with Miss Jamaica, Gina Hargitay

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BUSINESS Don’t Buy a House That Will Zap Your Cash Flow. By: Ken Ntiamoa, MBABIA Insolvency Counsellor

I have noticed that, in recent times, many up and coming second generation Ghanaians are tying the knot. It is a healthy development and I wish all of them well. For the most part, these young people have done well for themselves, with the help of their parents, of course. You have good education, great careers and the possibility of a great life and lifestyle that your parents wished for, but probably never had, being first generation migrants. Some of your parents, to a large extent, were caught in an unhealthy competition that saw them buying huge homes and acquiring mortgages they could hardly afford. My advice to you is that, as you pair up and consequently look

time off to nurse a young one. That can take six months to two years in some cases; and that means reduced family income. You have to have a mortgage that the husband’s income alone can cover when the wife is off work nursing a baby. for a home in which to raise your children, do not be misguided by what your friends and classmates are buying. Do not buy a big house just because your friends, Kofi and Ama, bought a big house. House in the GTA are enticingly beautiful, but they are also very expensive. Take your time; save a hefty down payment before you buy your first home. Consider also that you will soon have a couple of kids or so. The wife, even if she has a great career herself, will have to take

When the wife goes back to work, you will need a baby-sitter, a nanny or day-care and that could be expensive. If your mom has retired, maybe, she can fill in for you. At least, that is a luxury that you have being a second generation migrant. You mom and dad did not have that luxury. So, in that care you are lucky. Otherwise, you have a big adjustment to make as your children roll along one after the other. So, take it easy. A huge monthly mortgage payment means that

Scotiabank lowers fixed fiveyear mortgage rate to 2.97 per cent TORONTO -- Scotiabank (TSX:BNS) is causing some new waves in the mortgage rate market after lowering its special fixed five-year rate to 2.97 per cent, the lowest among the big banks. The rate is effective until June 7, and comes amid growing competition for mortgages that have pushed rates down in recent months. It’s also below the 2.99 per

cent level that drew sharp criticism from Ottawa in the past over fears that such rates would trigger a damaging housing bubble. Finance Minister Joe Oliver has said in the p as t th at u n lik e h is predecessor Jim Flaherty, he had no plans to wade into the debate over the setting of mortgage rates, calling it a “private” decision by lenders. But he has signalled

he would keep an eye on the changes, noting that Ottawa has intervened in the past. Investors Group recently offered a 1.99 per cent rate for a 36- month closed, variable-rate mortgage, but Scotiabank is the first of the big banks to push its fixed rate down below three per cent in recent months. Scotiabank is also offering a fiveyear variable rate of 2.47 per cent. CP24 News

should one of you lose your job, you could face problems paying your mortgage and you could face eviction. Being faced with eviction will be far less palatable than living in a house slightly below par with those of your friends. At least, you will have a place for your family to live. After probably borrowing to pay for a wedding that you haven’t finished paying for, the last thing

you want to do is to borrow to buy expensive furniture and cars to showcase in front of your new home. It is very tempting to do and that is why I am sounding an early morning. In my time, I have seen even Medical Doctors who have declared bankruptcy; so, do not think I am being an alarmist. I t is n o f un g etting yourselves into a financial hotbed early

in your married lives. Financial problems are the number cause of divorce in North America. Financial problems can cause impotence in both males and females and believe me, at a young age, marriage without s ex is n o m ar r ia g e.

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Harper pledges $3.5B to buttress maternal, child health initiative to 2020 cont'd from pg. 26

“We need to finish what we started and sustain global momentum to 2015 and beyond,” Harper said in a statement. “This is a moral imperative to saving the lives of vulnerable women and children in some of the poorest countries around the world when it is in our power to do so.” In her speech earlier T h u r s d a y, G a t e s lauded Harper for his “p o w er f u l ad v o cac y on behalf of people in developing countries.” “Under your leadership, and with the support of many people in this room, Canada has earned a global reputation for driving the agenda when it comes to women and ch ild r en , ” s h e s ai d . “Th e Mu s k ok a Initiative rallied the entire world around saving mothers and their babies.” Gates also credited I n t e r n a t i o n a l Development Minister Christian Paradis

with strengthening Canada’s relationship with non-governmental organizations. Th e co m m en t appeared to be aimed at Harper’s critics who say he is using the most basic motherhood issue to boost domestic support. She said Canada deserves credit for funding organizations that have tried to eradicate polio AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. Gates said spending money on the health of women and children pays broad economic dividends, and she made clear she has the heft to advocate for the less fortunate, on whatever side of the power corridor she chooses to walk. “When I talk to health ministers from developing countries, they want to hear how we can reduce mortality,” she said. “When I  talk  to  finance ministers, they want to hear how we can increase GDP. Well, let’s make sure

everybody knows that the answer is the same in both cases: Invest in the health of women and children.” E a r l i e r t o d a y, Queen Rania of Jordan denounced the deaths of millions of mothers and newborns every year. “These figures are more than a source of discontent; they are an outrage, an injustice and they have no place in our common humanity,” said the 43-year-old monarch of the tiny Middle East desert kingdom. “So thank you to Prime Minister Harper and the Canadian government for being discontented with the status quo.” The Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the w o r l d ’s 1 5 m i l l i o n Shia Ismaili Muslims, als o p r ais ed H ar p er for leadership on the issue, but said much more needs to be done. “The truth is that our efforts have been insufficient and uneven,” he said. CP24 News

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TALKING FINANCES Financial Comfort Zone By: Gabriel Quayson, Toronto Most human beings will have an “A-Ha” moment at some point in their life. A point in time when they come to a realization that: I don’t belong here, this is not for me, my talents are being wasted. I was made for something greater and better than what I am doing. It could be the result of major life changing activities (divorce, finding salvation, shameful event, death, calamity, aging or travel, etc.) Some take the realization and do something about it, and become the person they have always envisioned. Some will ponder the ideas and never take the steps. This article is intended to shed light on what could happen, if you settle for the confines of  your  current achievement and become afraid to go beyond current boundaries. As children we dreamt of many lofty ideas, goals and accomplishments. The Creator has placed and inscribed in each of us our true purpose. The inscription is as real and unique as our finger prints or the colour of our eyes. Our gifts are

intended to leave our mark on the world and make a difference in the life of others and push us to our full potential (self-actualization). It is our assignment in t h e p h y s i c a l w o r l d. The moment we are born, society (enemies, haters, friends, family, associates, etc.) start fighting to assign us what they believe our purpose ought, should and must be. Some are well intended, yet it will fall short of what the Creator has intended for you, and your gift to world will be tainted, if you surrender to the trai ning. The pressure from society to produce average citizens is so powerful that a large portion of its citizens are compelled to compromise to societal standards, be an average Joe. Society will provide us with a convincing case that those childhood dreams are just pie-in the sky ideas that will never be reached and we should focus on what is real. Mark Cuban’s (Billionaire and owner of Dallas Maverick Basketball team) parents


were so concerned about his financial future, they convinced him to have a trade as carpet installer. According to his own accounts, he was one of the worst carpet installers in the history of the USA. Yet he spent valuable time and energy becoming an installer, due to advice from concerned parents: i.e. “you must have a trade in order to feed yourself at all times”. Yo u m ay h ave b een brought up in a situation that limited your understanding of your potential, but it’s time now for the past to lose its hold on you. As indicated by rapper and actor LL Cool J “Your past should never hold your future hostage”. We have to push beyond the great unknown to see what treasures are waiting for us to claim. Your current zone has been fully researched, the odds of finding something new is highly unlikely. Force yourself beyond your comfort zone and see what life will bring you. We see images of great

accomplishment daily and admire the achievement of others. Their path to success is outlined for all who wish to pursue similar accomplishments. Many are not comfortable with their current station in life and know the path to another destination. Why don’t they do it? They fear moving beyond their comfort zone. They stay within  the  confines o f w h at th e y k n o w. Studies have showed that the bulk of welfare recipients are generation recipients. Their parents and their parents were also recipients of the Government handouts. Going beyon d one’s comfort zone is hard work and scary. Once you are used to living a certain lifestyle, it is hard to convince yourself about some other option that is far better. Even when they are shown, they still cannot gather th em selv es to m o v e toward the new, exciting and fulfilling option. Moving beyond your comfort zone is hard work. Hard work pays off later, where as laziness and indulgence pays of now. Staying in bed watching TV and waiting for your welfare cheque is easy and the payoff (rest) is right away. Going out daily as self employed individual and handing out multiple business cards and networking in hope of future clients is hard and the benefits are far in the future without guarantees. This is what


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stops many individuals from moving beyond their financial comfort zone. It takes effort to cross a habitual zone and adopt another mode of behaviour. People are comfortable receiving a small guaranteed pay cheque. They are afraid to receive no cheque w h i le th e y r e in v e n t (go to school, start a business, change careers and implement ideas) themselves in pursuit of a gigantic payout or meaningful life. It’s better to invest a little now so you can enjoy a lot of happiness and fulfillment later  than  to enjoy a little happiness now and suffer a lot later. An eagle has 7000 f eat h er s , ca n f ly to altitudes of 10,000 feet. They can reach speed of 160km per hour. It has 6 to 8 feet wind span. It hunts in areas ranging from 2000 acres to 10,000 acres. The creator of this amazing bird also created you, and we are his highest creation with more gifts. Each of us has a unique eagle plus talent hidden in us. The challenging work is to discover your gifts, talents and callings so you can take flight.

There’s an old, well known story of a chicken farmer who found an eagle’s egg. He put it with his chickens and soon the egg hatched. The young eagle grew up with all the other chickens and whatever they did, the eagle did too. He thought he was a chicken, just like them. Since the chickens could only fly for  a  short  distance, the eagle also learnt to fly  a  short  distance.  He thought that was what he was supposed to do. So that was all that he thought he could do. As a consequence, that was all he was able to do. One day the eagle saw a bird flying high above him. He was very impressed. “Who is that?” he asked the hens around him. “That’s the eagle, the king of the birds,” the hens told him. “He belongs to the sky. We belong on the ground, we are just chickens.”So the eagle lived and died as a chicken, for that’s what he thought he was. Don’t restrict  your  finance  and your life to the same faith, find the eagle in you and soar to the destination you had always envisioned.

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Government targets tax inflow from US …as FATCA comes into force in July Government is to b r o ad en th e cu r r e n t tax net to include Ghanaians engaged in economic activities or hold investments in the United States, Dr. Larbi Siaw, Tax Policy Adviser at the Ministry of Finance (MOFEP) has said D r. L a r b i s a i d t h a t implementation of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of the United States Internal Revenue Service (US-IRS) presents an opportunity for government to broaden the tax net. T h e FAT C A , w h i c h comes into f or ce in July, is a U.S statute that requires American citizens living outside the United States to report their financial accounts held outside the US. “It is a factor we are working on, and it will give us basis for future collaboration and future foreign relations. Now we are giving information about US nationals who have accounts and are doing business in Ghana; but in future, when the protocol is extended, we can extend it to Ghanaian nationals overseas,” Dr. Larbi told the B&FT To extend the tax base to cover Ghanaians abroad will require an amendment to the country’s tax law that limits taxation to citizens who work in Ghana or bring money i n t o t h e c o u n t r y. “US laws say all nationals anywhere, but Ghanaian

laws say if you work here and then bring money here, the jurisdictions are different. We have attempted before to extend the tax base to cover Ghanaians everywhere, but we certainly will have to take a second look at it,” Dr. Larbi said. The statute requires local financial institutions to first register with the US-IRS and thereafter i d e n t i f y, d o c u m e n t an d r ep o rt acco u n ts o w ned b y A m erican citizens to the United States Internal Revenue Service for tax purposes.

FATCA will first need to appoint a FATCAr e s p o n s i b l e o ff i c e r, identify and categorise all customers, and eventually report US persons to the GRA. In view of the eventual implementation of the FATCA in July, banks in the country have either registered or are finalising their registration with the US-IRS. Banks are also putting th e requisite systems in place to smoothen the compli ance pro cess.

It attempts to combat US tax evasion by requiring that non-US financial institutions report the identities of US shareholders or customers.

CAL Bank and its s u bs id iar ies - - CA L Brokers, CAL Nominees and CAL Asset Management -- last week announced that it has duly registered with US-IRS as they qualify as FFIs.

U n d e r t h e FAT C A statute, local financial institutions that do not comply will be subjected to a 30% withholding tax on income and proceeds from their investments in the US. Non-compliance may also make it difficult for local banks to do business with financial in stitutio ns th at ar e FAT C A - c o m p l i a n t .

M r. D a v i d O k y e r e Nyarkoh, Head of Finance, The Royal Bank, told the B&FT: “We have an AML software we are installing to ensure that we are able to identify the nationality of every customer, so we will be able to segregate the US nationals from other nationals. The law applies to the US nationals only.”

US tax authorities have the power to order banks to withhold funds of noncompliant US citizens.

Banks in the country have decided on a model that will allow them to report through the Ghana Revenue Authority ( G RA ) o n ce a y ear.

FATCA has expansive information reporting rules aimed at ensuring that US citizens with financial assets outside the US are paying the correct amount of taxes at home. Financial institutions choosing to comply with

The Bank of Ghana is expected to introduce new account-opening forms that will capture the appropriate data of US clients of banks in the country. B&FT

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Community Information Criminal Record?

Erase It Today!

Canadian Human Rights International Organization (Toronto charity) offers honest services and information about the Canadian Pardon and the United States Entry Waiver, for a price you can afford. For a free consultation contact: Nana Twum-Barima, B.A Law, CIRS (Pardon &Waiver Program Coordinator) Visit: Email:




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Youth Journal


“Bring Back our Girls”: Some Reflections on the Abducted Nigerian Schoolgirls By Kwabena Akuoko, MSW, RSW,, Toronto

The April 14 mass abductions of schoolgirls in Nigeria by terrorists are beyond the pale. Equally outrageous is Nigerian authorities’ failure  to  find and rescue the girls. How the Nigerian government has handled the crisis thus far is nothing shy of incompetent political leadership. It has not been open with the truth in its communication with the public, and not to mention its dereliction of duty to protect Nigerians from known terrorists before and even after the schoolgirls were abducted. Deadly and destructive deeds by the Nigerian based terrorist organization Boko Haram hit a new low when it recently seized 276 schoolgirls. The diabolical extremist group whose philosophy is synonymous to the atrocious Taliban or Al Qaeda extremists abducted the schoolgirls from their boarding school in Chibok, a small town in the northeastern state of Borno, which is purportedly the hotbed of Islamic extremism in Nigeria. It is sadly reported that some of the schoolgirls have since died and 48 others have been forcefully converted to Islam with only a handful of them being able to escape. The most worrisome aspect of the whole situation is that the Nigerian authorities do not know where the girls are being held and let alone rescue them. And to add insult to injury, Boko Haram’s leader Abubakar Shekau on May 12 boastfully declared that Allah has instructed him to sell the schoolgirls. Boko Haram has been a menace to Nigeria for some time now and their latest horrendous act of abducting innocent children did not occur out of the blue. The terrorists had acted in similar fashions before. In February, the radical Islamic group whose name Boko Haram simply means, “western education is sinful” seized co-ed students from a Christian school, later released the girls, but killed the boys. The killers allegedly ordered the girls to “go home, abandon their wicked schooling and seek husbands”. Also, if the global human rights watchdog, Amnesty International’s allegation is true, the Nigerian authorities simply dropped the ball because they were forewarned about the April 14 mass kidnappings. Given that Boko Haram has been around for a while and previously acted in similar fashions coupled with the forewarning as alleged by the Amnesty International, the Nigerian government should have seen the abductions coming and done something to thwart them. Boko Haram was formed in 2002 by its late leader Mohammed Yusuf and initially focused its attacks solely on the government. Their primary goal was, and still is to introduce Taliban-style Sharia or Islamic laws in the African most populous nation. Also, aside from despising Western education, Boko Haram strongly believes in the subjugation of women. It is therefore no coincidence that they kidnapped schoolgirls with the intention of selling them. The group’s association with

extreme terrorism has got not only Nigeria worried, but the entire world. The abductions coupled with the recent two bombings in the Nigerian capital, Abuja indicates that Boko Haram has become a clear and present danger. On the same day, April 14, that Boko Haram seized the schoolgirls for instance they killed 19 people and injured more than 60 in bombings in Abuja. They have also struck again and the latest relates to the May 21 mass carnages in Plateau State capital, Jos. The outrage surrounding the schoolgirls’ abductions intensified partly because of Nigerian government’s poor response. Initially, President Jonathan downplayed the situation and called it “temporary”. The president did not only wait for almost three weeks to issue vague official statement, but falsely contended that the Nigerian security forces were in control and the girls will be promptly found and rescued. As local and international criticisms mounted about how his government has poorly handled the crisis, President Jonathan changed his tone and communication strategy. The president then conceded that Nigeria lacks the capability to independently deal with the crisis and his government is open to foreign assistance in finding and rescuing the schoolgirls. As the outrage grew, protest dubbed, a “Million-woman march” was held on April 30 in the Nigerian capital, Abuja to highlight authorities’ failure to find and rescue the abducted schoolgirls. As if the abductions of innocent schoolgirls and the government’s inability to find and rescue the captives are not outrageous enough, the president’s wife, Mrs. Patience Jonathan tried to silence grieving parents and women’s right advocacy groups protesting against the girls’ disappearance. Aside from the Jonathan administration’s poor response to the crisis, Nigeria’s first lady also bizarrely ordered the arrest of two of the leaders of the protests that had erupted. Mrs. Jonathan is said to have even shockingly denied that the girls were kidnapped. Mrs. Jonathan’s actions added to public’s indignation over the abductions. It is highly impossible not to be enraged by the capture of schoolchildren by religious extremists. As well, Nigerian government’s inability to find and rescue the captives is inexcusable. Above all else, the growing threat of Islamic terrorism in Nigeria is a fundamental security menace and nightmare in Africa as a whole. Therefore, all African countries have an inalienable responsibility to join forces together to stem out the Taliban-Al Qaeda inspired insurgency confronting Nigerian and indeed our continent. The search of the abducted schoolgirls must exhaustively be expanded beyond Nigerian boarders to particularly Niger, Chad and Cameroon and other neighbouring countries that purportedly harbour the religious extremists.

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Dads who do housework have more ambitious daughters Parents’ actions influence children more than words on gender equality, UBC study says Maybe you’ve told your daughter she can grow up to be an engineer or CEO if she wants to, but she may not really believe it if her dad doesn’t cook or clean, a new study suggests. A group of psychologists at the University of British Columbia found that when a father performs a greater share of traditionally female household chores such as cooking, cleaning and childcare, his school-aged daughter is less likely to say she wants to pursue a stereotypical female career such as nursing, teaching or staying at home with the kids, and more likely to aspire to more gender-neutral (and often higher-paying) careers, such as becoming a d o c t o r o r l aw y e r. A mother’s stated views on gender equality were linked to her children’s views. However, a father’s share of housework made a difference even if both he and the girl’s mother explicitly endorse gender equality, reported the study that will be published in the journal Psychological Science this week. Boys tended to choose gender-stereotyped careers regardless of their father’s role at home. “What this is suggesting is that when girls, specifically, are seeing their parents enacting a traditional division of labour at home, it may be limiting their own ambition,” said Alyssa Croft, a PhD candidate

who was the lead author of the study, in an interview with CBC News. “It may just be restricting what they see themselves as capable of doing.… You may not realize how much kids are watching and observing and taking in beyond just what we’re telling them.” Croft acknowledged that researchers don’t know how the career aspirations of the children will be linked to what they end up doing when they grow up. However, she said they are a good indication of how children see themselves in the context of gender roles. Actions speak louder than words She said the effects seen in the study of 326 children aged seven to 13 and their parents were  “definitely very significant, meaningful effects.” She advised parents to be aware of how they’re dividing their labour at home, if they say they believe in gender equality and really do believe in it. Croft said she undertook the study because most previous studies about children’s gender stereotypes look mainly at the role of their parents’ jobs. She thought what parents do around the house might be more important, s in ce ch ild r en w er e more likely to see that. To find out, she ran a series of tests on children

recruited at Science World in Vancouver, along with at least one of their parents. For example, some part of the tests included descriptions of two people — one with more gender stereotypical characteristics and one with less — and asked the participant which one he or she was more like. In a video interview produced by UBC, Croft said she thinks the findings of the study are important because “despite our best efforts to try and create gender egalitarian workplaces, women are still underrepresented in leadership and management positions.” She added that the study sugge sts eq uality at home may inspire girls to pursue careers that they have traditionally been excluded from. According to Statistics Canada’s 2010 General Social Survey on Time Use, Canadian women at the time of survey spent, on average, four hours and 38 minutes on unpaid work per day — one hour and 13 minutes more than men. The unpaid work included household work, child care, and civic and volun tar y activities. T h e d i ff e r e n c e w a s particularly big for child care, where women spent more than twice as much time as men, regardless of the child’s age. For example, women spent an average of six hours and 33 minutes a day on children under the age of four, while men spent just three hours and seven minutes. CBC News

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Liberals Investing in People; NDP Wants to Keep Students healthy and Conservatives are Chopping Jobs By William Doyle-Marshall The three major political parties are throwing out their nets in the hope of collecting all our votes so that they could form the next government for the province. Their leaders are throwing out promises like sand on the Brighton or Cherry Beach. Come June 12 whoever is able to amass the majority of votes will sit in the Provincial Parliament at Queen’s Park. “Opportunity for All; A Jobs and Investment Plan for Ontario” – This is the Ontario Liberal Party’s document which outlines its vision for the province. By 2025, Ontario will have the world’s most skilled workforce, increasing our global competitiveness and creating more jobs,” s a y s K a t h l e e n Wy n n e . She predicts “our youth will be prepared for career success. We will have modern

Premier Kathleen Wynne - Liberal, Tim Hudak - PC, Andrea Horwath - NDP

transit and transportation infrastructure that moves goods and people quickly across the province and over our borders. We will have a dynamic and innovative economy driven by growing industries and anchored by large companies and small businesses. We will be the most friendly jurisdiction in North America for business

start-ups, driving creativity and competitiveness.” Her government, Wynne says, will invest – in people, in modern infrastructure, in a dynamic and innovative business climate, and in small businesses. That investment will provide Ontario with opportunities to take advantage of its strengths, and create and build the jobs of the future. “We

will partner with businesses, educators, labour, the not-forprofit sector, and communities – because we need all hands on deck, working together, so that each person has the best opportunity to succeed in life,” Wynne’s document predicts. Recognizing education as the most important investment government can make, Wynne emphasizes that her government if elected on June 12 will implement plans to ensure the future prosperity of the province. Her government will invest in the talent and skills of the province’s people and in a Youth Jobs Strategy. “We will continue to enhance our world-class education system, from the earliest years to the most advanced learning. We will evaluate every economic decision through a clear lens: Does it take advantage of and grow the talent and skills of our people?”

The Liberals are planning to invest $25 million over three years to create the Aboriginal Economic Development Fund to promote aboriginal business. Increasing the amount available for loan guarantees for renewable energy projects to $650 million. This will encourage the development of projects that will pay dividends into the future and contribute to sustainable and clean energy generation in the province. Investing $2.5 million over thr ee year s in an Ur ban Aboriginal Action Plan to help Aboriginal people in our cities find economic opportunities and access social service The New Democratic Party plan is to bring back physical education teachers and keep children healthy and active. “We will invest in health and physical education initiatives, including hiring up to 1,000 new health and physical education teachers by the end of our mandate,” Andrea Horwath, the leader promises. Creation of an “Open Schools” fund to prevent school closures and extend after-hour programs is also among the party’s proposals. Should the party be elected to form the next government in the province, it plans to let schools boards apply for funding to help keep schools threatened with closure open. Making necessary renovations, to make use of under-utilized space for other community uses. “Schools can also apply to the fund to increase free and low-fee access for nonprofit groups to use school space during evenings and weekends,” Horwath promises. According to Horwath’s “A Plan That Makes Sense” an NDP government will invest in student achievement by hiring up to 1,000 more Educational Assistants so all children can get the help they need to succeed in the classroom. As a result it is investing in student nutrition programs so children begin with a healthy start. The plan is to invest an additional $15 million per year in student nutrition and local food initiatives, to promote healthy eating and provide nutritious breakfasts and lunches. Further, the party says it will  expand  dental  benefits for children from low-income households. In an attempt to ensure more low-income children have access to dental care, the NDP says it is making a financial commitment to provide expanded coverage to 100,000 low-income children. In the area of health care the NDP plans to open new 24-hour Family Health Clinics. This would include 50 new family health clinics being built across the province with the capacity to serve at least 250,000 people. This would result in cutting the number of Ontarians without access to primary care by 25%. The Family Health Clinics will give patients an alternative to Emergency Rooms for afterhours medical needs. Hiring more nurse practitioners to treat and discharge patients in emergency rooms. cont'd on pg. 45


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Couple's Night at Holiday Inn Toronto Airport East in pictures

The Ghanaian News

May 2014

Couple's Night at Holiday Inn Toronto Airport East By Jonathan Annobil, Toronto

An unforgettable experience event brought couples together for an evening featured dinner, dance and rose flower presentation as part of the Mother’s Day Celebrations. The elegant love night with cool music and entertainment was organized by the Men and Women’s Ministries of Living Word Assembly of God Church as a treat for mothers at the Holiday Inn Toronto Airport East, 600 Dixon Road on Saturday May 10, 2014. In attendance were about 40 couples from Living Word, Lighthouse, Evangel, Transformation Centre and Immanuel Assembly of God Churches. The guest speaker was Dr. Michael Adjebeng who took the couples through the rudiments of spicing their married lives. Prizes were giving to the newest and longest married couples as well as couple with most children and grandchildren.  A raffle was drawn with the winning couple getting a free night stay at the hotel.

After rose flower presentation

Husbands with roses flower to be presented to wives

Living Word Assembly of God Women's Day 2014 By Jonathan Annobil, Toroto

The Living Word Assembly of God Church Women’s Ministries on Sunday May 10, 2014 celebrated their annual Women’s Ministries Day. The same day was also used to honor mothers in the church, since it fell on Mother’s Day being celebrated worldwide. The speaker was Mrs. Mary Osei-Amoah, the wife of the Senior Pastor of the Church, Rev. Joseph Osei Amoah. She spoke on the theme, “I am the Lord’s Han dmaid” take n from Luk e 1:38 . Mrs. Osei-Amoah exhorted the congregation to obey the Word of God than to let the fear of what men will say make us disobey God’sWord. “Obedience is better than sacrifice”, she said. The auxiliary groups of Women’s Ministries namely: JOY-Fellowship, Young Women’s Group (Y’s) and Missionette group also ministered in poem, dancing and skit. The MC for the occasion was Mrs. Leticia Sarfo-Boateng.

Rev. & Mrs. Osei-Amoah, Senior Pastors and the Women's Ministries Executives

Group picture of the Women's Ministry

JOY-Fellowship Group, an auxiliary of the Women's Ministries

The Y's (Young Women's Group)



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y in pictures

The Ghanaian News

May 2014



The Ghanaian News May 2014

PEOPLE AND PLACES Madam Comfort Asantewaah's 72 birthday celebration at Presbyterian Church Toronto

Father Alex elevated by Pope Francis

Fr. Alex Osei being by Pope Francis in Rome

Father Alex Osei, appointed national Director of Pontifical Mission Societies in Canada, English sector works for Pope and 1st Ghanaian and African for this position.

Dr. Kwame Sarpong of Jane & Wilson Medical Centre held a health seminar during Women's Week at Living Word Assembly of God Church

24th birthday celebration of Denise Afia Owusua Donkor

Dr. Kwame Sarpong with some of the Church members

Lighthouse Assembly of God Women's Day 2014 T h e Wo m e n ’s M i n is tr i es o f L i g h t h o u s e Assembly of God celebrated their day on Sunday May 11, 2014, which also fell on Mother’s Day at their church premises in Toronto. Speaking on the theme, “Forgiven much, loves much” (Luke 7:36-50), captioned from the church’s theme for the year 2014 “Loving our Community”, Mrs. Olivia Takyi De-Graft said being religious could not produce the forgiveness that a woman needed, but experiencing Jesus’ love and forgiveness produces a changed heart and transformation. She added that the forgiveness by Jesus is what motivates us to love others and encourages the church to r efr ain f r om s elfrighteousness like Simon, because self-righteousness blinds us from realizing that we need the forgiveness of God for our sins. It was a day that all mothers in the church were honoured. Mrs. Alberta Asante Yirenkyi (WM President) and Ms Gifty Obeng (JOY Fellowship President)

Women's Ministry Group

The Ghanaian News

May 2014


Ghanaian Women's Fasting and Prayer Conference

By Jonathan Annobil, Toronto

The first of two Ghanaian Women’s Fasting and Prayer Conferences of 2014 was held on Monday, 19th May 2014 (Victoria’s Day Holiday) at the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church, 51 High-Meadow Place/Signet, Toronto. The theme of the conference was “Free gift to whoever may come” taken from Isaiah 55:1 and the guest speaker was Pastor Eric Amoah of Christ Redeemer Church who is also the Chairman of the Ghanaian Ministerial Fellowship of Toronto.

prayed over by the women at the 2012 conference when she was in wheel chair. She is now able to walk without a cane, her wheel chair and now drives her car! Rev. Raymond Baah Abekah of the Presbyterian Church offered the benediction. Many ministers from other churches in Toronto were also on hand to lend their support. Sussy and Bernice were presented with plaques by Wofa Yaw Nyarko and Rita Appiah on behalf of the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO). The conference was well attended as compared to last year.

The praise and worship section was led by 2 Gospel singers, Sussy and The moderator for the program was Mrs. Sussie Barning. Bernice from Ghana supported by the Presbyterian worship team. Mrs. Brobbey, aka Action Lady, another Gospel singer from Amsterdam, Holland as well as Sister Jennifer Owusu from Toronto also ministered at the event. It was a blessed conference as these 3 gospel singers electrified the hall with their powerful ministration.

Pastor Eric Amoah

Rev. & Mrs. Baah Abedah

In his sermon, Pastor Eric Amoah exhorted the congregation that God has offered everything we need for life and godliness free for all through the knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness. And that it’s imperative for us to accept that offer. He stressed the fact that God loves us to the extent that He sacrificed His son, Jesus, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. The speaker then led the women to pray for their children, families, churches, Canada, Ghana and the rest of the world. Madam Sophie Nsiah-Yeboah was at the event to thank the Lord for her miraculous healing after she had been

A cross section of participants in prayer mood

Mrs. Brobbey (Action Lady) Gospel Singer from Armsterdan, Holland From left, Rev. Mrs. Eleanor Adu-Anane, Rev. Fr. Gabriel Opoku-Ware, Rev. & Mrs. Amoah, Pastor Dennis Awuku Bernice and Sussie, Gospel Singer from Ghana with Jennifer Owusu

Some of the leaders for the Conference. From left, Mrs. Sussie Barning, Mrs. Comfort Ayiku, Ms Vivian Adom Adjei, Mrs. Janet Owusu-Ansah, Mrs. Kate Mensah, Mrs. Jennifer Owusu, Mrs. Comfort Antwi

Ms Sophie Nsiah-Yeboah (center) dancing to the glory of God supported by some of the women

Presentation by Wofa Yaw Edusei Nyarko, President and Rita Appiah on behalf of Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Ontario to Sussie and Bernice, Gospel Singers from Ghana

Praises and Worship Time


The Ghanaian News May 2014

Youth Forum at GarmischPartenkirchen, Germany Dr. Michael Baffoe of the Faculty of Social Work was among a team of five Faculty members and five students from the University of Manitoba

w h o p a r ti c ip a te d in the just-ended G20 YOUTH FORUM Held at GARMISCHPA RT E N K I R C H E N , GERMANY from

7 - 1 1 M A Y, 2 0 1 4 . The G20 Forum is the largest international ev en t o rg an iz ed f o r young leaders in 2014 and over 1200 young

leaders, students and academics, young members of parliaments, representatives of the business world and governments from more than 50 countries. Dr. Michael Baffoe was recognized by the Forum with a Silver Angel Award for his untiring organizing work with refugees and n ew im m i g r an t s over the past twenty- Prof. Michael Baffoe, University of Manitoba addresses the five years in Canada. Opening Plenary of the G20 Forum in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany on the need to protect refugees around the world

The G20 Youth Forum, 2014 presents. Michael Baffoe, University of Manitoba with the Silver Angel Star Award for his humanitarian work for refugees over the past twentyfive years in Canada

Group photograph of the Opening Plenary Speakers: Prof Michael Baffoe, third from left, Prof. Vladimir Okhmatovski, second from right, University of Manitoba

The African Delegation of Professors and students at the Forum pose with Prof. Michael Baffoe in congratulation of his award

Presentation of Ordination, Appreciation Certificates and opening of the new premises of I am Alpha & Omega Ministry Int'l Held on Sunday May 25, 2014 at 100 Penn Drive, Unit #6, North York, Ontario

Presentation of certificate to Mercy Gyamfi (church mother)

Mary B. Adjei ( Asst. church mother ) receiving her certificate

Elder Edwin Jeffer receiving his certificate from Bishop Mensah. Looking is Rev. Mrs. Kate Mensah (1st lady)

Bishop John Mensah presenting the certificate to Pastor Addae Boateng

Deaconness Margaret Persaud receiving her certificate

Elder Rose Attah receiving her certificate from Bishop Mensah

Evangelist Ava Scott receiving her certificate

Praying over recipients by Pastor Bryan and Dr. Henry

The Ghanaian News

May 2014


Frankly Speaking Borrowing till Thy Kingdom come By: Dr. Michael Baffoe, Winnipeg, MB

Once upon a time there was a country called Ghana which was under the colonial control of Her majesty’s Kingdom, Britain. This country called Ghana decided in 1957 that she had reached the age of maturity and could manage her own affairs. She therefore asked Her Majesty and her agents to pack off. Her Majesty granted Ghana what is called independence. As at the time that Her Majesty and her agents were leaving Ghana, they left the Treasury of Ghana lots of  money.  Our  first political leaders used and misused the financial legacy; some for the positive development of the country and but a greater part was misused to develop the personal “stomachs” of our political leaders through eating and drinking well, and stashing some of the money away in local and foreign private banks. No wonder from the time of independence till now, men with big stomachs in Ghana are associated with good living and wealth. This misusing of the c o u n t r y ’s r e s o u r c e s intensified throughout G h a n a ’s l i f e a s a n “independent” country. The stealing got worse especially between 1972 and 1979, and again between 1982 and 2000 during which periods a bunch of restless military guys forcibly took over power in Ghana and looted the country’s finances with their eyes closed. The greatest culprit in this slash and loot business was the company led by Jerry John Rawlings who ruled the country for close to twenty years. Therefore as at the end of the year 2000 when the rule of Jerry Rawlings ended with the election of the government of John Agyekum Kufour, Ghana’s economy had totally collapsed. In the process we had borrowed so much money from other countries to the levels at which the money we were using to pay interests on our debts was more than the total GDP (the total revenues and good produced in the country). Ghana was therefore admitted as a member of a shameful League of Irresponsible Economy Man ag er s k n o w n as Heavily-Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC).

When the Kufuor administration took over power in 2001, t h e c r ed i t o r s , t h o s e countries to whom Ghana owed so much money offered us a way out of the financial mess and crisis. We were given the opportunity to confess with our own mouths that we were indeed irresponsible debtors and in return our financial sins will be forgiven. This order was taken out of the Western Creditors Big Book, Chapter One verse one which read: “If thou shall confess with thy mouth that thou art a heavily-indebted debtor and agree to become a members of the League of irresponsible financial economy managers, thy economic sins shall be forgiven. In return thou shall commit to henceforth use the money that you were previously required to pay to us to undertake development projects in your country. Thou shall also commit thyself never to fall again into such irresponsible behavior and heavy debts”. After painstaking soulsearching and agonizing months of thinking and re-thinking, President Kufour and his Finance Min siter Yaw Osaf o Marfo decided that Ghana will accept the above edict of agreeing to join

the HIPC League. So Ghana’s financial sins were cleanly forgiven and as at the end of the 2001, almost ALL our debts owed to foreign countries were wiped out. The expectation therefore was that Ghana’s economy and finances  were  from then going to be soundly and responsibility managed. We did well for a while but after a few years, we forgot about our shameful admission to the HIPC League. We started borrowing again toward the end of Kufour’s regime in 2007 and 2008. The borrowing spree intensified under the government of John Attah Mills from 2009 and has reached frightening proportions under the government of John Mahama from J u l y 2 0 12 t i l l n o w. Up to 30 low-income sub-Saharan African countries had their debts reduced under the IMF and World Bank’s Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative, which was later supplemented by the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI). An estimated $100 billion of debt was wiped out, easing countries’ onerous debt burdens, often the result of loans taken on by corrupt regimes. These had meant more being spent on debt service payments than on health and education combined. A recent report by the World Bank shows that the debts of many Africa countries including Ghana are creeping up again, which could undermine the region’s growth boom. As African states line up to join the growing club of dollar bond issuers, economists and analysts warn of a slide back into

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indebtedness that could undo recent economic gains and create a “Eurobond curse” to match the distorting “resource curse”. In 2007, Ghana became the first African  beneficiary of debt relief to tap international capital, issuing a $750 million 10-year Eurobond. In Ghana, Uganda, Mozambique, Senegal, Niger, Malawi, Benin and Sao Tome and Principe, debt levels are creeping back up. If all continue to borrow and grow at current rates their debt indicators could be back to pre-relief levels within a decade . Ghana, which sold a new $750 million Eurobond and bought back a portion of the 2017 issue last year, shows how growing debt levels can threaten countries’ fiscal dynamics.  Ghana’s stability and roaring economic growth, reaching 14.5 percent in 2011, have made it an investor favourite. But the government’s inability to tame widening fiscal deficits has led to a deterioration in its debt ratios. Its debt now represents just over half of its GDP, from 32 percent in 2008. An expanding current account gap has hit the cedi currency, which has weakened more than 9 percent against the dollar this year, after a 24 percent slide in 2013. In a sign of waning market confidence, yields on Ghana’s sovereign debt are higher than for any other African country with an actively traded international bond, at around 9 percent for its 2023 Eurobond

and over 20 percent for domestic debt. This disturbing situation led to a very impressive analysis of the state of Ghana’s economy by the former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia on Tuesday March 25, 2014. Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, an eminent economist slammed the John Mahama government for the country’s spiralling debt situation and high interest payments on them. He maintained that the country’s debt situation has contributed to the cedi’s depreciation. His lecture titled “Restoring the Value of the Cedi” lecture at the Central University College Miotso Campus on Tuesday, revealed the country’s 9.5 billion Ghana cedis debt stock at 2008 had ballooned to 49.9 billion, representing an increase of over 40 billion in  five  years.  Dr Bawumia also warned that the country’s economic “crisis” could soon land Ghana at the doorstep o f th e I n ter n a tio n a l Monetary Fund (IMF) for a bailout. Further cr u nch ing d o wn th e numbers, Dr. Bawumia said the current debt stock represents 57.7 per cent of GDP, and predicted that: “Our debt stock will be 60 per cent to GDP ratio by the end of this year.” This is a very grave situation. In present day Ghana however, one does not even need the brilliant and expert analysis of Dr. Bawumia to see and understand that our economy is in deep crisis. However, instead of embracing these expert analysis and do something

about the state of the economy, officials of the Mahama administration have only resorted to insults on Dr. Bawumia. They have called him all kinds of names. It is very disturbing to always see President mahama and his officials refusing to admit the simple fact that every Ghanaian has a right to comment  on  significant issues affecting the nation. President John Mahama himself jumped shamefully into the fray on Wednesday March 26 when he addressed the Chiefs and people of Akyem Abuakwa at Kyebi. The president s a i d , “ We d i d n o t borrow to drink or to eat; we borrowed to bring facilities such as electricity and water to the people of Ghana”. He added that currently 75 percent of Ghanaians had access to electricity, an achievement that was chalked through borrowing. On a more serious note, President Mahama said: “Don’t let anyone deceive you. Th i s co u n tr y is n o t retrogressing. We are moving forward and we will stay on that course”, he assured the gathering at the durbar. To that ex ten t th er ef o re th e President sees no dangers and nothing wrong with continuous borrowing to increase our debt ratios even if that comes at the risk of economic collapse. This is serious indeed and Ghanaians should watch out for the total collapse of the economy if the current carefree attitude of President Mahama and his government on the economy continues.


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The Ghanaian News May 2014

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May 2014


Special Report The rifts behind Nigeria’s mass kidnap (Reuters) - When local people warned that hundreds of Islamist militants were heading towards his remote town of Chibok in northeastern Nigeria, Danuma Mphur hurried to summon help. As chairman of the Parent Teachers Association at the town’s school, Mphur feared for the safety of children who were staying there to take exams. The 15 Nigerian soldiers in Chibok were no match for the forces of Boko Haram, a militant group waging a campaign to create an Islamic state in the region. Reinforcements

were needed, fast. Mphur says he called the police and the local government chairman. In turn the local government chairman also called the police and contacted the military commander in Chibok between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. on that evening, according to Kashim Shettima, the governor of Borno state, which includes Chibok. “Can we go further than that?” said Shettima, suggesting there was little more local people could have

done than ask for help. Backup never arrived. The military said in a statement that it received no warning about the attack. It added that when reinforcements were sent, they were ambushed on the “120 km rugged and tortuous road” from Maiduguri, the state capital, and d e l a y e d . C h i b o k ’s local government chairman could not be contacted for comment. Either way, about three hours after Mphur rang for help, Boko Haram militants swept into

Chibok and abducted 276 girls from the school. While 57 escaped, according to the state government, most are still missing, and Boko Haram has threatened to sell them “in the market.” Though Nigeria’s military said on Monday that it now knows where the girls are, it has ruled out using force to try to rescue them. The mass kidnap on the night of April 14 sparked headlines worldwide – but it was far from the first misstep in Nigeria’s war against Boko Haram. Interviews with witnesses


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by his government. In Chibok, where the charred remains of dormitory bunk beds sit amid the rubble of the school, Mphur believes the mass kidnapping could have been prevented. He told Reuters: “What happened ... could have b een av oid ed if th e government had taken the necessary steps.” FROSTY RELATIONS In the Hausa language of northeastern Nigeria, Boko Haram roughly translates as “Western education is forbidden,” and in 2012 the militant group announced it would specifically target schools. Since then, Boko Haram militants have torched numerous schools and abducted or killed hundreds of children, according to a senior Nigerian military source. T h r e e We s t e r n intelligence sources in Nigeria estimate Boko Haram was holding between 200 and 300 girls as slaves even before the raid on Chibok. Dozens have escaped - but Nigeria’s security forces have failed to interview many survivors even though their information could help combat Boko Haram or assist in finding girls still held captive, kidnap victims and security sources said. One escapee was a girl abducted by Boko Haram in a mountainous region near Cameroon last year. “No one ever came to ask me questions after I escaped. I could help them find others,” she told Reuters. Political differences between regions and poor organisation of the security forces are two of the problems. Borno has some of the lowest economic indicators in the country, and investors shun the state because of poor security. Despite such problems, the president has visited the state only once during his four years in power. Jonathan and Shettima, the governor of Borno, have a frosty relationship. Shettima is a leading figure in the main opposition All Progressives Congress party and has been openly critical of Jonathan’s administration. According to sources close to the president, Shettima angered Jonathan in February by saying that Boko Haram was stronger and better equipped than the military. Though Nigeria allocates around 1 trillion naira ($6.5 billion) to security ev ery y ear, s o ld ier s in the northeast are stretched, several security sources said. Widespread corruption means a lack of investment in training and failure

to maintain equipment. Money is often wasted. Nigeria bought Israeli surveillance drones in 2006 that might have been used to hunt for the girls, but poor maintenance has left them grounded, the aircrafts’ manufacturer said. Boko Haram fighters, in contrast, are wellarmed and determined. In dozens of attacks by militants in the past year, soldiers were swept aside by militants arriving in trucks, motorbikes and sometimes even stolen armoured vehicles, firing rocket-propelled grenades looted in raids on military facilities. In pure numbers, Boko Haram is outmatched. It has an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 members, three security sources said, whereas a Nigerian task f or ce in Bor no state numbers around 12,000, including s o ldier s an d p o lice. But soldiers told Reuters that morale is low. Their commanders pocket some of their salaries, they often don’t have enough to eat, and they live in fear of Boko Haram attacks, some said. “They (Boko Haram) are better equipped,” one soldier told Reuters by telephone, adding that he couldn’t stand up to a Boko Haram attack at his security post. “I’m taking a knife to a gunfight,” he said. SCHOOL CLOSURE In December, Boko Haram mounted a large-scale assault on the Maiduguri air force base, putting two helicopters and three military aircraft out of action, the military said at the time. The remaining helicopter gunships were sub sequently mov ed to Makurdi and Port Harcourt airports, at least three  hours’ flight from Chibok, limiting the army’s ability to carry out surveillance and transport forces, two security sources said. The military’s weakness was evident again in February when dozens o f f i g h te r s lo y al to Boko Haram descended on a remote military outpost in the Gwoza hills, about 100 km (60 miles) east of Chibok. The fighters attacked using Hilux trucks mounted with machine guns over ground that offered little cover, a security source said. In a battle lasting hours, 50 insurgents and nine Nigerian troops were killed, the source said. Despite those losses, the militants succeeded in looting the base of its stockpile of 200 mortar bombs, 50 rocket-propelled grenades and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Tw o w e e k s l a t e r , Boko Haram fighters cont'd on pg. 60


The Ghanaian News May 2014

View Point Basic strategies for Parenting Exploring your natural and learned parenting tools By Golda Abena Quayson

Parenting is a tough job. There are no quick fixes, answers, or recipes for parenting, but I believe most of us have the tools we need to be good parents if only we could explore ourselves and rediscover them. We acquired or learnt these parenting from so many sources and from years of experience. Some of the sources may have been our parents, grandparent, siblings, and extended family, culturally as well as from the society we live in. Some of these tools may be good and appropriate whilst others are not.

moment to step into teens’ shoes, to learn how they perceive their situation. Then, empathize right away. This ability to truly hear and seek to understand them lead them to feel heard and values. Let your teen know you feel their pain or their joy. Experiencing empathy feels like receiving a hug. Without it, we feel empty and alone. Empathy enhances self-worth and builds harmonious and trustful relationships. Acknowledge - Acknowledge your teen’s thoughts, feelings, or complaints; this does NOT mean that you are agreeing with them! You are simply and effectively connecting to them by validating what you heard. Some of you might be tempted to skip this step, so strong is our “need to be right.” Don’t do it! Children need to feel heard so that they know it’s safe to talk to you. Empathy together with acknowledgement magically combines into a healing balm for the child in the “pain of anger.” Even out-of-control children will begin to let go of their resistance.

As a parent, to secure the strategies of good parenting we need to identify and be aware of the inappropriate, ineffective, or destructive tools that we are using. To identify the tasks of parenting one may question what is my parenting philosophy? You also need to have a goal in parenting which of course is to influence and empower your children or to control them and make them think and behaviour the way you want. I want us to pose a few questions to ourselves as a way of discovering whether our parenting tools or tactics are the appropriate Request - In coaching teens to success, ones. Our greatest parenting challenge there is an emphasis on making requests is with teenagers or early adults. vs. demands. A request is asking someone to do something. When you I wish to elaborate on five secrets ways demand, you paint yourself into a for handling difficult teen/young adult corner. If a demand is declined, it situations. The most common issues can cause damage to the relationship. between parents and teens arise due to Why? Because the biggest stumbling poor communication, power struggles block you’ll run into relates to being and a lack of empathy. You cannot controlling. Control leads to resentment use the same parenting methods that and resistance, not cooperation. you used when your teenage son or daughter was a child. Recognizing What happens when a child crosses into that they are no longer children shows the daunting territory of adolescence? them that you are showing them For too many parents, the answer is respect and giving them credit for their deeply troubling: the son or daughter intelligence. If you continue to treat they thought they knew turns into a them as children, you won’t get positive sullen stranger who criticizes their results. You’ll just be exhausting your taste, challenges their rules, and rejects energy.  There  are  five  secrets  to  help their values. Some parents react by y o u  m o v e  f r o m  c o n fl i c t  t o  c o o p e r a t i o n .laying down the law and punishing any transgression, however minor. Others Connect: Connection is everything. respond by throwing up their hands You do that by having rapport. It’s easy and hoping for the best. Sadly, either to be in rapport when you like your approach – “Do as I say” or “Do what teen. We know that teenagers are often you want” cuts off the possibility of difficult to like. Did you know that communication with the most significant liking someone is not a prerequisite for grown-ups in a young person’s life. rapport? The ability to find something likable, however, is necessary. To Parents will discover how rewarding develop rapport, focus on something it can be to listen helpfully to their you can appreciate about your son or teenager’s concerns. Parents should daughter. It can be a physical trait (eye express their own anger or irritation color or bright smile), character trait honestly but not hurtfully. Parents or talent you can admire. If that feels who use these simple strategies can hard, think back to when your child notice a significant difference in was an infant or toddler. Focusing the lives of families, through and on a positive aspect of your teen beyond the turbulent teenage years. will build connection and prepare you for your next interaction. Then, This supportive method will bring notice the difference as you feel more about more cooperation from children connected and in accord with each other. than all the yelling and pleading in the world. It is friendly, and best of all, Listen - Before you can be a good effective. It offers innovative ways to listener, you need to be willing to get solve such common problems as how more information. When you listen to listen to-and understand-your child’s without being attached to your own concerns, how to have cooperation point of view, you can become open and in your family-without nagging. less defensive. In dealing with teenagers you need to have what we call active As adults we need to be willing to listening skills. In having a discussion make the sacrifices necessary to ensure or even argument with teenagers, you that all the children in our care and need to listen consciously without community will be able to have what interrupting. Resist the impulse to they need: proper medical treatment; dismiss their feelings or give unsolicited food; clothing, and shelter; opportunities advice. Be interested in your teen; to explore, grow, and nurtured in a safe don’t make the conversation about environment. This is too much for one you. That would be a turn-off, and over individual to do, but it is definitely time, you would run the risk of turning possible if as a society or community your teenager further away, and he/she we believe that our kids are worth it, will eventually be looking for family worth the time, energy, resources, and and “love” in all the wrong places. the commitment necessary. Just saying we believe it is not enough; we must be Empathy - Many arguments and much willing to act on that belief as parents. strife would be avoided if you take a

Community Concerns Developing and maintain positive relationships with your Teenage Child(ren) Doris Osei Bonsu, Crisis Counselor, Toronto As teenagers become more independent, they often spend more time away from home. It might also feel like your child is less interested in talking to you. But there are plenty of things you can do to maintain a strong positive relationship and stay connected with your teenager. T The teenage years are known as the “Age of Adolescence” and this is a challenging time when parents and children begin to spend more time apart. This is partly because teenagers need to explore relationships with friends and others outside their family. It helps them: * develop a sense of independence * understand their place in the world as young adults * work out independent values and beliefs. But your teenager still needs a strong relationship with you to feel safe and secure as she meets the challenges of adolescence. Having a relationship with your child is being available and responsive to his or her needs. It’s more than just spending time around each other – after all, family members can sometimes share the same physical space without really being in a relationship. Having a relationship can be casual, which involves using frequent everyday interactions to build closeness. Or it can be planned – this is when you schedule time to do things together that you both enjoy. Casual Relationship Casual connecting is a way of using everyday interactions to build closeness. The best opportunities for casual relationships are when your child starts a conversation with you – this generally means he/she is in the mood to talk. Tips for casual relationship * When your child opens up to talk, stop what you’re doing and focus on the moment. Even if it lasts for just a few seconds, give your child your full attention. Connecting works best when you send the message that ‘right now, you’re the most

important thing to me’. * Look at your child while he/she’s talking to you. Really listen to what he/she’s saying. This sends the message that what she has to say is important to you. If the child sees that your attention is divided when he/she is talking to you, it may shut the door to future conversations. * Show interest. Encourage your child to expand on what he/she’s saying, and explore his views, opinions, feelings, expectations or plans. * Listen without judging or correcting. Your aim is to be with your child, not to give advice or help unless he/she asks for it. * Just be there – you might be in the kitchen when your child is in his/her bedroom. Teenagers benefit  from knowing that sources of support are available. You can also actively try to create opportunities for casual connecting, but don’t push it if your child doesn’t want to talk. Trying to force a conversation can lead to  conflict  and  leave  the two of you worse off. Planning to have time together Planned relationship involves scheduling time to do things with your child that you both enjoy. We are all busy. Busy lives and more time apart can  make  it  difficult  to spend fun time together. That is why you need to plan it. Teenagers aren’t always enthusiastic about spending time with their parents, but it’s worth insisting that they do – at least sometimes. Tips for planned time together * Schedule time together.  You  need  to  find  a time that suits you both. Initially, it can help to keep the time short. * Let your child choose what you’ll do, and follow his/her lead. This will motivate him/her to want to spend time with you. * Concentrate on enjoying your child’s company. Try to be an enthusiastic partner and actively cooperate with what your child is doing – the activity itself is less important than shared fun and talking with your child. * Be interested and accepting, rather than correcting your child or giv-

ing advice. It’s not easy to give up the teaching and coaching role, but this is a time for building and improving your relationship. So if you see a mistake or an easier way to do something, let it go without comment. * Keep trying and stay positive. At  first,  your child might not be as keen as you to take part in these activities, but don’t give up. Keep planned times brief to begin with, and your child will come to enjoy this time with you. * Your child avoids spending time with you Making the most of everyday opportunities to connect – such as chatting during the drive to school – can help you get over this hurdle. If your child is reluctant to spend scheduled time with you, you could try the following: * Keep it brief to begin with – a cup of coffee at a favourite café after school, for example. * Let your child choose the activity (even if you do have to sit through a teenage romantic comedy or action movie!) * Don’t give up – it might take a little while but the more time you spend together, the more you can both relax into it. * Your child refuses to talk with you about what he’s doing You and your child might feel closer if you make the most of casual conversations during the day. Every little chat is an opportunity to listen and talk in a relaxed, positive way. You feel you’re the only one who’s making an effort If you’re kind and considerate with your child, this can help create goodwill and positive feelings. Often, simple things make a big difference – for example, saying please, giving hugs, pats on the back, knocking before entering a bedroom, cooking a favourite meal, providing treats or surprise fun activities. This approach creates a more positive environment, even if your child isn’t joining in. Make a point of doing kind things, even when you don’t feel like it. If you wait to feel positive before you act positively, you might never do it.

The Ghanaian News

May 2014


Lifestyle Ask The Doctor By: David Yaw TwumBarima, MD, MSc, FRCPC

This column is devoted to answering your questions on health and discusions of diseases which are common among the African Canadians.

Weight loss: Ready to change your habits? Many disease states are affected or brought on by being overweight or obese. Many times we all decide that we need to lose weight and sometimes we plunge into a weight loss program. In this article, we will review some questions that you need to answer before you decide to lose weight. Are you motivated to lose weight? Is your weightloss goal realistic? Answer these questions and more to make sure you’re ready to start a weightloss program — and know what steps to take if you aren’t quite there. Your weight-loss success depends in large part on your readiness to take on the challenge. If you jump in before you’re r ead y, y o u r w eig h tloss plan might buckle under the first challenge. Us e thes e qu estions to assess your weightloss readiness. 1. Are you motivated to make long-term lifestyle changes? Successful weight loss depends on permanent lifestyle changes, such as eating healthy foods and including physical activity in your daily routine. That could represent a significant departure from your current lifestyle. B e

h o n e s t .

might not want to add the challenge of overhauling your eating and exercise habits. Instead, consider giving your life a chance to calm down before you launch your weight-loss program. 3. Do you have a realistic picture of how m u ch w ei g h t y o u ’ l l lose and how quickly?

Knowing that you need to make changes in your life and actually doing it are two different things. You might need to overhaul your diet so that you’re eating more whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products, for example. You’ll also need to find time for physical activity, ideally at least 30 to 45 minutes — or more — nearly every day of the week. Whether your motivation for undertaking these changes is better health, improved appearance or simply feeling better about yourself, find your motivation and focus on it. 2. Have you addressed t h e b i g d i s t r a c ti o n s in your life? If you’re dealing with major life events, such as marital problems, job stress, illness or financial worries, you

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong process. Start by making sure your weight-loss goal is safe and realistic — such as losing 10 percent of your current weight. Then aim to lose 1 to 2 pounds (0.5 to 1 kilogram) a week until you reach your goal. Th is m ean s b ur n ing 500 to 1,000 calories more than you consume each day — through diet, exercise or both. You might lose weight more quickly if you change your habits significantly. Be  careful, though. Radical changes that aren’t sustainable aren’t likely to be effective o v er th e lo n g ter m . 4. Have you resolved any emotional issues connected to your weight? Emotions and food are often intertwined. Anger, stress, grief and boredom can trigger

Liberals Investing in People; NDP Wants to Keep Students healthy and Conservatives are Chopping Jobs cont'd from pg. 33

New Democrats will hire 250 nurse practitioners to get emergency room p atien ts tr eated an d discharged more quickly. This plan would open up more spaces for those with urgent or complex needs. Eliminate the waitlist for acute long-term care beds is part of the NDP’s plan and that will come at an investment which will create 1,400 additional long-term care beds, which will eliminate the entire “crisis” wait list. “This will relieve considerable pressure from hospitals and inpatient beds, allowing for faster transfer from the ER for those who require hospitalization,” the party states. The Progressive Conservative Party is campaigning hard on its plan to destroy 100,000 public service jobs and have his corporate

friends create 1 million new jobs. But up to now he has not been able to provide real answers on how this will be done. His major plan is to reduce taxation for corporations which he boasts will result in the creation of jobs. But critics and labour leaders have charged over the years that reduced taxation never results in job creation. Ontario’s trades-regulating body is a job-killing bureaucracy that Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak would abolish immediately on becoming premier. Speaking in a hair salon east of Toronto, Tuesday, Hudak attacked the Ontario College of Trades as a self-serving creation of the Liberals to reward their union friends. “We don’t need an expensive government bureaucracy to tell people where to get their hair cut,” Hudak,

the PC Leader said. Hudak believes his opponents are vying for voters’ support by dangling costly promises the province can’t afford. He says there’s a need to get more people working in the skilled trades, which he plans to address if elected premier next month. As part of that rollout, Hudak said a PC government would revamp the rules for apprenticeships in Ontario, so that more people can g e t i n to t h e t r ad e s . As election day draws nearer labour unions and community organizations ar e m o u n tin g f ier ce campaigns against a Tim Hudak victory. The Ontario Federation of Labour headed by Sid Ryan is driving public opinion in the hope of countering Hudak’s plan to reduce public service workers by 100,000.

emotional eating. If you have a history of an eating disorder, weight loss can be even trickier. To p r e p a r e f o r t h e ch a lle n g es , id en tif y any emotional issues related to food. Talk to your doctor or a mental health provider, if needed. 5. Do you have support and accountability? Any weight-loss program can be difficult. You might face moments of temptation or become disheartened. Having someone in your corner to offer encouragement can help. If you don’t have friends or loved ones you can rely on for positive help, consider joining a weightl o s s s u pp o r t g r o u p . 6. Have you embraced the weight-loss challenge? If you don’t have a positive attitude about losing weight, you might not be ready — and if you dread what lies ahead, you might be more likely to find excuses to veer off course.

Instead, try to embrace the vision of your new lifestyle and remain positive. Focus on how good you’ll feel when you’re more active or when you weigh less. Picture yourself celebrating every success along the way, whether it’s en jo y in g a n ew food, finishing another exercise session or losing your first few pounds. Your results: Ready or not? Think about your responses to the questions above: Did you ans wer yes to all or most of the questions? You’re probably ready to make the lifestyle changes that’ll support permanent weight loss. Forge ahead with a healthy diet and regular physical activity — starting today! If you think you need help, consult a dietitian or enroll in a reputable weight-loss program. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, you might benefit from medically supervised weight loss with a team of health professionals — such as a dietitian, a therapist

or an obesity specialist. - Did you answer no to more than one of the questions? You might not be ready to embark on a weight-loss program right now - and that’s OK. Explore what’s holding you back and face those obstacles. Consider seeking help from your doctor or another professional, such as a certified wellness coach, to help you work through these issues. Then reevaluate your readiness for weight loss so that you can get started on the path to a healthier weight. If you couldn’t answer all o f th e q u es tion s with a simple yes or no but you feel generally p o s itiv e ab o ut m o s t of your answers and you’re upbeat about a weight-loss program, consider starting now. You might never have definitive answers in life. Don’t let that rob you of a chance to achieve your weight-loss goals. REFERENCES: Modified from M a y o C l i n i c Housecall, May 2013


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May 2014


An Avenger Danquah's Film Wind from Africa launched On Saturday May 17, 2014 at Hansa Haus 6650 Hurontario St. in Mississauga “Wind from Africa” an inspiring movie story based on traditional African beliefs was launched. “A disturbing story of Pastor Koomson, a well respected clergy of a community church in Toronto, Canada who sponsored his mother-in-law to Canada from Africa (Ghana) as a nanny to his ten year old daughter. A decision which marks the beginning of his woes and sorrows.” Many African community members were in attendance to support the launching event. The film was produced and directed by Elder Avenger Danquah of Church of Pentecost Toronto The cast of the movie: from right Evelyn Sarpong, Janet Aidoo, Charles Omeze, Christable Ntow, Percy Larbi, Michael AppiahKubi, Jen Astilla and Avenger Danquah (Producer/Director), Lucy Crentsil and Hilda Firempong, MCs

Praying over the movie by Clergy and Elders

Mr. & Mrs. Avenger Avenger with Gyamfuaa and her cultural dancers Danquah

Dr. Mary Ansong (2nd from right (chairperson) and some Audience

Endless Perfection


Album launch of Seth Kwabena Boateng's "A Bigger God" A glittering album launch of Seth Kwabena Boateng was held on Saturday, May 10, 2014 at the Apostle's Continuation Church International, 10 Belfield Road, Toronto.  It was supported by many local gospel artists and from Ghana, Suzzy & Bernice, Willie & Mike, and Adu Patrick who backed Seth Boateng on the album. Seth Boateng on stage with backup singers

Suzzy and Bernice, gospel artists from Ghana Praying over CDs by the Clergy Nana LaKumi Sasraku (center) guest speaker and Nana Afia Abraa Sika and other guests

From left: Apos. Charles AnokyeManu, Elder Ben Donkor, Very Rev. Dr. Emmanuel AsareKusi

From left: Evelyn Antwi, Ralph Debrah, Willie & Mike, Ike Wilson, Kwabena Boateng

Christiana Kyere Addo Chairperson (center) and some supporters


The Ghanaian News May 2014

Official inauguration of Ghanaian Ministerial Fellowship of Toronto (GMFT)

cont'd from pg. 1

the role of the Ministers” taken from Nehemiah 2:17-18 as the theme. The guest speaker was Rev. Joseph Osei Amoah of Living Word Assembly of God Church. The opening prayer was done by Pastor Dennis W. Aw u k u ( B e t h e l Prayer Ministries Int’l) with a welcome address by the Rev. Raymond Baah Abekah (Ghanaian Presbyterian Church). The chairman of the fellowship Rev. Er i c A m o a h ( Ch r is t Redeemer Church) in his remarks gave a brief history and vision of the fellowship. He said the G.M.F.T. is a network of Ghanaian ministers and churches with a dedication of touching the lives of people with the love of God and the gospel of Jesus. It is an inter-denominational and non-sectarian organization. He said that the fellowship was conceived and born out of the need for unity and support to the Ghanaian Ministers in Toronto. It began on 19th November

2011 with an initial prayer meeting organized by Rev. Fr. Gabriel OpokuWare with elders George Owusu, Francis Owusu,

Rev. Joseph OseiAmoah, main speaker

Robert Frans, Yaw Oduro and Job Asante. That was the beginning of this fellowship, which has also cont'd on pg. 66

From right: Very Rev. Dr. Emmanuel AsareKusi (Vice Chairman), Rev. Eric Mr. Joseph Annim Amoah (Chairman), Rev. Eleanor AduAnane (Treasurer), Very Rev. DeGraft Semie Ghana Consul-General Obiri (Secretary), Rev. Fr. Gabriel OpokuWare (Organising Secretary), rev. Isaac for Toronto Takyi DeGraft (P.R.O.), Rev. James Quainoo (Financial Secretary) not in picture

Group picture of Pastors and wives with Mr. Joseph Annim, Consul General


Silver Jubilee/25th Anniversary Celebration The family and members of the Ghana Calvary Methodist United Church, 65 Mayall Avenue,Toronto in gratitude to God invite all to the 25th Anniversary/Silver Jubilee celebration ThanksGiving Service of

The Very Rev DeGraft Semie Obiri Date: Venue: Time:

Sunday 8 June,2014. Ghana Calvary Methodist United Church, 65 Mayall Avenue, Toronto 12 am1.30 pm. Come and be part of this special Programe. God keep and bless you.

For more info call Very Rev. DeGraft Semie Obiri 6477705729 Very Rev. Samuel V. Mpereh 6477708440 Brother Kofi Asampong (Society Steward) 9054536247

The Ghanaian News

May 2014


Emmanuel weds Ivy Held at McKeown Worship Centre 2256 Sheppard Avenue W., Toronto Saturday May 3, 2014.  Officiating Ministers were Pastors Joseph FynnSackey (Host) Christian Popo Ola (rtd.), Richard Adjei, Ransford Obeng Gyamfi and Joseph Tieku.  Reception was at Madison Event Centre, 17 Vinyl Court, Woodbridge, Ontario

Pastor Richard Adjei officiating the marriage

Mr. Thomas Banahene (father) escorting Ivy to the altar

Cutting of cake

Mr. & Mrs Nimoh

Signing marriage certificate Couple with officiating ministers and wives

Groom's men

From left: Mr Thomas Banahen and Mrs. Ernestina Amaning (bride's parents) couple, Mr. Jacob Nimoh & Mrs. Georgina Nimoh (Groom's parents)

Bride's maids

The Couple, Mrs. Ernestina Amaning (left) and Ivy's co-workers


The Ghanaian News May 2014

Final Funeral Rites for Mad. Mary Akua Tawiah mother of Leticia SarfoBoateng and Mrs. Gladys Badu held at The Gore Meadows Community Centre, Brampton on Saturday May 3, 2014 Left and right Chief mourners

Representatives of Aglow Int't from Quebec

Presentation of handkerchief by the Husband Mr. Richard SarfoBoateng



The Ghanaian News

May 2014


Final Funeral Rites of Nana Kwadwo Okyere BaffourKantinka father of Rev. Nana Amoakohene of Trinity Baptist Church held on April 12, 2014 at the Jamaican/Canadian Banquet Hall

Rev. & Mrs. Amoakohene Chief mourners

Final Funeral Rites of Obaapanin A. Siaah, mother of Mrs. Cecilia Asare Bedako, a.k.a. Auntie Ceci was held on Saturday May 17, 2014 at the Apostles' Continuation Hall

The Life of Obaapanin Akua Agyapomaa a.k.a. Margaret Oti Prempeh mother of Gordon Prempeh and Sonny O'hara Prempeh held on Saturday May 10, 2014 at Ahinfie Banquet Hall

Home call of Opanyin Thomas Kwabena Yirenkyi father of Nana Yirenkyi Akuapimfo Krontihene held at the Luna Ballroom on Saturday May 10, 2014

Kwame Kyei Nketiah celebrated the life of his mother, Obaapanin Ama Serwaa a.k.a. Barima Ba at the Apostles' Continuation Banquet Hall on Saturday April 26, 2014

Celebration of life of Ebenezer Nii Mensah Akogyeram father of Jerry Akogyeram (Kokorokoo) held on Saturday 26th April 2014 at the Apostles' Continuation Church

Final Funeral Rites of Vida Alidu alias Afia Achia wife of Abdulai Isaach was observed at the Apostles' Continuation Banquet Hall on Saturday May 17, 2014


The Ghanaian News May 2014

FASHION By Beni Boo Styles LOOK GOOD FEEL CRAZY GOOD Time is going by, things are moving forward and so should your style. Looking like you did a few years ago is boring and doesn't inspire the kind of excitement that will draw good things your way. No matter your budget or how much time you have to spare, following these summer style tips (all or just some of them) will go a long way in updating your look. Let's start with 3 ...

tweed. Once temperatures start rising, it's time to store those blazers and pull out lighter weight options, like linen and seersucker varieties , cotton , some Beni Boo peplums blazers and some colors

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The President of the Apostolic Church Ghana Apostle Ebenezer Abebrese visits Canada By Jonathan Annobil, Toronto

.Apostle Ebenezer Nsesa Abebrese, the president of the Apostolic Church Ghana and the Apostolic Church International has paid a visit to Canada. He was accompanied by his wife Mrs. Comfort Abebrese. On Sunday May 10, 2014, Apostle Abebrese preached at the Church. He preached on the topic “Do not settle for anything less than what God has intended for you.” He exhorted the congregants that whenever God declares something, we have to hold onto it and expect it for what God has

for you will surely come to pass. Apostle Abebrese added that the spoken word of God (Rhema) should be received for bountiful blessings. We should also be bold to testify to the glory of God and not allow fear to swallow our testimony. He reinforced the fact that as Christians we have to maintain our identity to enable us to flourish.  He ended by saying that God in his providence has lofty things for us and such we have to receive it and not settle for anything less than what God has envisioned for us.

Apos. Nsesa Abebrese and wife Mrs. Comfort Abebrese (left) and Apos. Nii Aryee and wife Mrs. Mercy Aryee with Pastors' wives Deaconness

Apostle Ebenezer Nsesa Abebrese, President of the Apostolic Church of Ghana and the Apostolic Church International

Apos. Nsesa Abebrese and wife Mrs. Comfort Abebrese (left) and Apos. Nii Aryee and wife Mrs. Mercy Aryee with Pastors, Overseers and Elders

The Ghanaian News

May 2014


Conference on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD) held in Accra By Staff Reporter, Accra, Ghana

A two-day National Awareness Campaign and Research Pres entation s Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) was held in Accra, Ghana on Thursday May 29 and Friday May 30 at the Civil Service Conference Hall, at Ministries Complex. Dr. Jacqueline Pei The Conference was organized Dr. Michael Baffoe presenting from the University of by the Ghana Organization on at the FASD Conference at the Alberta, Edmonton, Civil Service hall, Accra Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (GOFAS) Canada presents at the conference in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada.

Dr. Eben Badoe of the Children health Department, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, left, Dr. Yaw AdusiPoku, District Director of Health, Offinso North, middle, and  Dr. Akwasi Osei, Ghana’s Chief Psychiatrist, second from right at the opening day of the conference

Ghanaian News Contributing Editor, Dr. Michael Baffoe was the Programs Coordinator for the conference and delivered a paper at the conference. The Conference which was aimed at creating an awareness among the Ghanaian population on the dangers of alcohol consumption by pregnant women was attended by a number of International and local researchers and presenters from Ghana and Canada. Participants were from a large section of the Ghanaian population including Health care practitioners, students and participants from Nigeria.

Conference Participants are presented with Certification Participation at the end of the conference

In attendance was the Australian High Commissioner in Ghana, HE. Joanna Adamson who pledged the support of the Australian Mission and government for these important initiatives. In attendance to deliver the KeyNote Speech was the Deputy Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Ms. Benita Sena Okity-Dua who pledged the support of her Ministry for these bold and important work of the Ghana Organization on Fetal Alcohol Synd rom e.

Kids from the Dzorwulu Special School, Accra join the participants at the opening day of the conference

Participants of the FASD Conference from Ibadan, Nigeria

A section of the conference participants at the closing day of the conference

A Section of participants at the FASD Conference

Participants discuss the” Way Forward” for the FASD Awareness campaign in Ghana, at the closing day of the conference

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The Ghanaian News May 2014

The Ghanaian News

May 2014


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The Ghanaian News May 2014

Exmilitary chief wins Egyptian election by landslide CAIRO, Egypt -- Nearly a year after he ousted E g y p t ’s f i r s t f r e e l y elected president, former military chief AbdelFattah el-Sissi was elected president by a landslide of 92 per cent of the vote, according to unofficial results released by his cam p ai g n Th u r s d ay. But questions over the authorities’ drive to boost turnout threatened to stain his victory.

condition of anonymity to discuss the incident.

New details emerged of a frantic government effort to get officials, town mayors and prominent families in southern provinces where voting was low to push up turnout during the three-day election amid a boycott by el-Sissi’s Islamist foes.

To ensure that happened, authorities declared the second day of voting a pu blic holiday to free people to vote and threatened to enforce fines on those who did not cast ballots. Then they took the extraordinary step of adding a third day to the election and gave free train and bus rides across the country to allow voters to cast ballots in home districts.

After a weak first day of polling on Monday, the prime minister held a video conference with governors and senior security and military chiefs in several of Egypt’s provinces, telling them to get out voters, according to three officials with knowledge of the call. Tuesday saw a flurry of free buses to polling stations in those areas. “People must get out. This will not do,” Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said in the call, according to one of the officials, who participated in the conference. The three spoke to The Associated Press on

El-Sissi’s victory was never in doubt, but the career infantry officer had pushed for a massive turnout as well to bestow legitimacy on his ouster last July of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi and the ensuing crackdown on his Muslim Brotherhood and other supporters.

A member of el-Sissi’s campaign told the AP that the threat of fines of $70, a hefty sum to most Egyptians, was particularly effective, causing a spike in voting Tuesday evening. But he said the third day of voting was thin and adding an extra day -- a decision the campaign itself publicly objected to -- did little to help. He spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the campaign’s internal research.

Interim President Adly Mansour, installed by el-Sissi last July, said Thursday that turnout was 46 per cent, proclaiming it showed “a broad consensus.” But the victor ’s sole rival in the race, leftwing politician Hamdeen Sabahi, said the figure was not credible and amounted to an “insult to the intelligence of Egyptians.” That figure was lower than the 52 per cent tu r no u t in th e 2 0 1 2 presidential election that vaulted Morsi to power. It also was lower than the bar el-Sissi himself set in his last campaign interview, when he said he wanted three-quarters of the country’s 54 million registered voters to cast ballots so he could “show the world” his support. Still, el-Sissi can genuinely claim he comes into office with an impressive tally of 23.38 million votes -significantly more than the 13 million won by Morsi two years ago. The results came from elSissi’s campaign, citing its own representatives from the polls. There was no official announcement from the election commission, but in past elections such tallies from campaign representatives have proven generally accurate.

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Sabahi, who received a meagre 2.9 per cent of the vote, conceded defeat at a news conference Thursday. He complained of a climate of bias by the media and the government in favour of his rival. He said many of his representatives at polling centres were intimidated, assaulted or arrested, prompting him to pull them out Wednesday in protest. “I respect the choice of the people,” he said. “We have lost an election but we won our selfrespect ... I hope we won

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Figures showed that turnout nationwide on Monday was an alarming 15 per cent and weakest in several southern provinces, where Islamists have strong influence, the three officials, who included security officials, told AP.

The call prompted lastminute negotiations with rural notables, village mayors and clan chiefs to see what could be done, the  officials  said.

That sparked an urgent conference call among governors and security officials Monday  night, followed by the video conference with Prime Minister Mahlab the next morning, said the officials,

Many of those figures were once members of the now-dissolved National Democratic Party of ousted leader Hosn i Mubarak, experienced in getting out the vote during his 29-year autocratic rule, the officials said. They bused voters by th e h u nd r eds to th e cont'd on pg. 61

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The Ghanaian News May 2014

Special Report The rifts behind Nigeria’s mass kidnap cont'd from pg. 43

attacked a college in Buni Yadi in Yobe state, which borders Borno. They killed 59 teenage boys, and two security sources said they also

kidnapped 11 schoolgirls. After that, the Borno state government closed all its schools. Simeon Nwakaudu, spokesman

for the Federal Ministry of Education, which falls under Jonathan’s jurisdiction, told Reuters the ministry had sent a written warning to the state governor advising

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that exams be moved t o a s af er l o c a t io n . Nwakaudu, who did not show Reuters a copy of the letter, said the Chibok attack “would have been averted” if Shettima had heeded the warning. Shettima denies he ever received such a warning. Instead, he decided to reopen the school at Chibok to hold exams. “We were completely at ease with the security situation in Chibok at the time we took that decision,” Shettima told Reuters. He said responsibility for security lay with the federal government, which controls security forces. “We have security forces in every local government across the state. They could have advised us.” At the same time the Education Ministry was without clear leadership. Jonathan had sacked education minister Ruqayyatu Rufai along with eight other ministers in a cabinet reshuffle in September last year, and has not filled the  position  since. The deputy education minister, Nyesom Wike, had other matters on his mind: He has spent the pas t s ix mon ths unofficially campaigning to be governor of a southern state. Jonathan is keen that one of his political allies wins the governorship against an incumbent who is one of the president’s rivals. To t h e p a r e n t s o f kidnapped children, both the federal and local authorities failed to do enough in Chibok. Esther Kabu, whose daughter Dorcas is one of those still missing, said there

was never any discussion of holding exams other than in Chibok. “What annoys me most is th at they did not consult us, the parents of the school, when they decided that the girls should come back to school for their exams,” she said. “I had this fear in me about her safety in the hostel. They should have pro vided mor e security to the school.” THE


On April 14, the Boko Haram fighters arrived in Chibok at 11:30 p.m., according to Mphur, the chairma n of the school PTA. Residents fled into  the  scrublands surrounding the town. The gunmen, dressed in military uniforms and carr ying AK47s and rocket-propelled grenades, made their way to the school about a mile outside the town, where they tricked the schoolgirls, saying they were soldiers protecting them from Boko Haram. Lydia Powu, 16, recalled the moment she realised the men who coaxed her out of bed were not soldiers: “They started burning the school, and surrounding us. They grabbed me and my sister and walked us out of the school to another v i l l a g e , w h e r e t h ey loaded us into trucks. “So I asked my elder sister, ‘What are we going to do now?’ We looked at each other and we knew. We jumped out of the truck. I hit my back as I fell but I forgot the pain and we ran and ran.” In the hours after the attack, no government or military officials

arrived to carry out an investigation, residents of Chibok said. “Government security people only came to ask us questions three days later, that is how much they care for us and our children,” Mphur said. That may partly be because the federal government had another incident to handle, closer to home. On the morning of the Ch ibo k attack, Bo k o Haram detonated a large bomb at a bus station on the outskirts of Abuja, the country’s capital. The blast killed 75 people. “ALL-OUT

WA R ”

The president took more than two weeks to speak publicly about the mass kidnapping. Only when international pressure mounted, driven by a social media campaign known as #BringBackOurGirls, did Jonathan finally accept intelligence and surveillance assistance from the United States, Britain, France and China. His understanding of the situation has been shaky. As recently as April, he said Boko Haram’s threat was only “temporary.” At an international meeting to discuss the issue in Paris on May 18, he appeared to change tack, describing Boko Haram as an “integral part of the al Qaeda.” Security experts believe the sect remains a largely homegrown insurgency. At the Paris meeting, West African countries promised to wage “allout war” against Boko Haram, while foreign nations pledged technical expertise and training for a new regional African effort against Islamist militants. Some 80 U.S. troops have deployed to Chad to help in operations against Boko Haram. But the Nigerian military remains distrustful of Western involvement. And the education ministry, as one Western official who works with the Nigerian government put it, remains disengaged. “The ministry should be mapping out a plan of how to avoid Chibok being repeated,” the source said. “But it is rudderless.” In Chibok, the reasons for the abductions take second place to the loss. At her parents’ house in the town, 13-year-old Happy Yakub still hopes her sister, one of those abducted, may return. “I will never go back to school until my sister comes back home,” said Yakub. “I miss her. She used to plait my hair and we played together. Now there is nobody to play with.” (With reporting by Joe Penney in Maiduguri, Pascal Fletcher in Johannesburg, Tim Cocks in Lagos, Bate Felix in Dakar, David Rohde in Washington and And rew Os bor n in London; Editing by Richard Woods and Simon Robinson)

The Ghanaian News

May 2014


Let's Think Family - By Rev. Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo THE VALUE OF A MOTHER (A WOMAN) God took time to create a woman after everything had been created, and after He had rested for a while. After that there was nothing more to create. A woman is therefore the best idea that God could conceive in all of his creative activities on the earth. Through women more men and women come into the world to constitute families, populate cities, form churches and ministries, form governments, exhibit remarkable talents and gifts to promote development, and occupy varieties of positions of responsibilities. Sometimes saying HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 2014! immediately after all the noise has subsided, will cause your voice to sound louder, and be heard more. Yes, it takes faith, love, patience, diligence, commitment, humility, learning, and godliness to be a real and a good mother --- and be a really good woman. I salute all mothers and all women, and wish them God’s rich blessings, abundant peace, contentment, and the joy of bearing and raising children. Unfortunately there are ladies who are rather sad and even depressed on occasions like Mothers Day, because they long to marry and bear children but have not been able to marry yet, or have married but have not succeeded in having a baby.

Other grieving mothers have lost their husbands, or have lost their children, or have sons and daughters who are estranged (gone away from home in the same country or abroad and never contact them, and don’t care for them). Some women have children with disabilities that give them extreme challenges etc. Single parents should open their hearts fully to the Lord Jesus, and allow Him to be their partner in spirit, and grant them all the grace to parent their children patiently, proudly, lovingly, hopefully, diligently, joyfully, and courageously. Families, churches, organizations, and society should also accommodate single parents and their children, find creative  and  loving means to assist them in their parenting efforts. But, whatever your situation, please take heart and cheer up. The love of God will never take you anywhere that His grace cannot keep you. If God brings you to it, then God will by all means take you through it. Give it to God in prayer, and believe that “In all things, God works

for the good of those who love (obey) Him; who are called according to His purpose (Rom. 8:28). Motherhood is the toughest job in the world --from the sexual process on the marriage bed (I tell you, it is ‘hard work’ Haha!), through uncomfortable pregnancy, hard labor to bring forth the baby, and the care of the child that can drive you to distraction! In addition to the multiple duties and care for the home, other children, family members, and the husband. Some are working mothers as well. The sacrifices of mothers are enormous. A few of the import a n t r o le s o f m o t h ers (and women) are: 1) LOVERS (who demonstrate their love with closeness  and  sacrifices just as Mary the Mother of Jesus, stood by the Cross even when the Disciples and other family members had disappeared (St. John 19:25). 2) COMPLETES HER HUSBAND (God’s designed special cooperative helper for a man in order for him to become complete in all aspects of life). 3) BEARER OF CHILDREN (channel through whom God brings m o re h u m a n b ei n gs into the world to fulfill God’s purposes). 4) NURSE AND TRAINER OF CHILDREN (she gives the child his or her first  lessons  and  practi­ cal examples in all the essentials for produc-

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tive and fruitful living). 5) SOURCE OF TENDERNESS (no one is as ten d er in th is w o r l d a s a m o t he r ) 6) NURTURER (cultivator and teacher; patient step-by-step teaching and guidance in domestic, spiritual and social affairs and the little details of life for a child, such as cleaning, washing, sewing, shopping, homework, behavior towards siblings and friends and visitors, hygiene, cooking, company for the child day and night, prayers, Biblical lessons, healthcare etc.; helping you to grow and flourish). 7) NOURISHING PERSON (feeding with the best and balanced diet; and feeding you both physically and emotionally). 8) PEACEMAKER (harmonizer and source of tranquility --- “As one whom his mother comforts…. Isaiah 66:13). 9) CAREGIVER (providing extra car e an d atten tio n ) . 10) BEAUTIFIER (decorator; splendor giver in the home, who also gives glory to her husband by her beauty, dressing, sweetness, spectacular body odors, appearance, smiles, courtesy, manners, and gracefulness). 11) PURIFIER --- (source of purity and holy living). 12) PRAYER WARRIOR (her special prayers for

her husband and family have no comparison, as ordained by God). 13) SUPPORTER (special help support for her husband which necessitated her creation by God in Genesis 2:18). 14) DOMESTIC MANAGER (specially-ordained manager of the h o m e w it h u n p a r al leled domestic skills). The Virtuous (Ideal) Wo m a n i n P r o v e r b s 31:10-31 depicts a typical mother; but it all began when “The heart of her husband safely trusted in her; and she was assured of never lacking any gain, which she responded by doing the husband good and no evil all the days of her life” (Prov. 31:11, 12). A mother can therefore fully flourish when the husband (who made her pregnant) initiates and supports the  flourishing process in the marriage and home, and not rather competing with her or suppressing her. Sometimes, it is the husband who rather stresses the mother out more than the child, by not giving to his wife the necessary love, verbal appreciation,  affection,  financial and other forms of support, domestic assistance, and spending of quality time with the wife. God says “Your obedience and fear of God as a husband

will cause your wife to flourish in YOUR OWN HOME” (Psalm 128:1) and not anywhere else. Written by Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo. E-mail: Website for resources: www. My first Facebook Account (DrSamuel Kisseadoo) is full, but there is space on my new Account (RevDr. Kisseadoo) for new friends; or you can like my Community Page: FM Int. Inc. Tune in to JOY 99.7 FM in Accra, Ghana to listen to Dr. Kisseadoo’s weekly broadcast “Hope For Your Family” on Sat. 5:30am-6am (Ghana time). Access on Internet with MYJOYONLINE. COM. Use my name to search RedLeadBooks. com and get a copy of my encouraging book: “Facing And Fighting Through The Storm”, and other books from or Call me in Virginia on 1-757-7289330 (or call 020-8126533 in Accra or 0275-353802 in Kumasi, Ghana) for free counseling, prayer, books, speaking engagements, and messages. In Ghana, call Tigo 545 and follow the prompts for daily inspirational messages of Dr. Kisseadoo. Permission granted to freely share but with acknowledgement.

Exmilitary chief wins Egyptian election by landslide cont'd from pg. 58

polls in the rural south. Some refused, complaining of a recent cour t ruling barring former NDP members from running for future parliament elections, the officials said.

During the day Tuesday, Tawadros gave a televised statement calling on people to vote. Security forces provided armed es co r ts to Ch r is tian voters in towns and villages where they are a sizable community, mostly south of Cairo.

Also, the government approached the Coptic Christian patriarch, Pope Tawadros II, in person to help, the officials said.

The turnout push raised some reservations from international observers of the vote.

Christians, who make up about 10 per cent of Egypt’s population and mostly support el-Sissi, were not voting in the high numbers which had been expected, partly becaus e they f eared retaliation by Islamists in their southern strongholds and because of the perception that el-Sissi was going to win anyway, according to the officials.

Mario David, the head of the European Union observer mission, said

the election was carried out within the boundaries of the law, with only minor violations like campaigning near polling centres. But a senior member of the mission, Robert Goebbels, noted that “high turnout is not necessarily proof of democr ati c elections.” He added that turnout in totalitarian states like North Korea in which there is only a single candidate has run as high as 99.9 per cent. CP24 News

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May 2014


FOOD FOR LIFE Bringing the Gospel to our Community By: Rev. Joseph Osei-Amoah Uniting for community transformation: The role of the Ministers On Saturday May 24, 2014, I had the privilege of sharing the word of God at the official inauguration of the Ghanaian Ministerial Fellowship of Toronto, and also gave the charge and prayed for the leadership of the fellowship at the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church, Toronto. Below is the transcript of the message: “I take this opportunity to thank the Chairman and the planning committee of the Ghanaian Ministerial Fellowship of Toronto, for asking me to bring the word of God entitled: “Uniting for Community Transformation; The role of the minister”, based on Nehemiah 2:17-18 at this historic gathering of God’s people. Nehemiah, a cupbearer of King Artaxerxes of Persia had received disturbing news from some Jews who had returned from Judah of the terrible condition in which the Jews who survived the Babylonian captivity and those who had returned to Judah lived. The report indicated that the wall around Jerusalem was broken down and the gates in strategic points were burnt with fire. That presented a serious problem in those days for any group to defend the city. The non-Jewish neighbors were happy Jerusalem, the capital of once a powerful Jewish nation, had deteriorated to the extent that its inhabitants were at the mercy of any enemy invaders since it was impossible to defend the city without wall.

Nehemiah did not give up and said, “Too bad for my people, but what I can do as an individual?” Instead, we read in Nehemiah 1: 4 that he wept and mourned for many days. His concern for the people of Jerusalem moved him to continue with fasting and prayer, confessing the sins of his people and admitted before the Lord that the destruction of Jerusalem by their enemies was the result of their national sin against the Lord. However, in his prayer, he reminded the Lord of His promise to forgive His people if they would repent and would bring them back to the land He gave them, no matter how far they had been scattered. We can also learn from Nehemiah that when we  are  in  difficult situations not just weep and mourn, but examine our life, repent of our sin and bring our problems to the Lord “Casting all your cares upon Him for He cares for you.” (1 Pet. 5:7) The answer to Nehemiah’s prayer came through the king of Persia who released him to go and rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. The king also provided a detachment of military escort for Nehemiah; wrote letters

to the authorities of regions along the route to Jerusalem to offer his servant safe passage through their territories and permitted Nehemiah to get wood from the king’s forest to make gates to install in the strategic points of the wall (Nehemiah 2: 7-9). The Lord has called us to stand in the gap for the people we serve in our churches many of whom are confronted with problems that have caused some to feel as hopelessness as the Jews living in Jerusalem without wall. The enemy of our soul attacks families creating poor marital relationship and causing couples to neglect their children thus depriving them of the parental care and supervision they need. Some of these children get involved with the wrong groups and find themselves breaking the laws of the land with terrible consequences. As ministers of the gospel, we have been entrusted with the care of the Lord’s people who look to us for guidance and inspiration in times of difficulty. When Nehemiah challenged the people of Jerusalem to join him to build the broken wall; they responded with a shout: ”Let us rise up and build. Then they set their hands to this good work.” (Nehemiah 2:18) Recently I was led by the Lord to talk to some the children of our church aged 8 to 15 years. I asked those who had accepted the Lord Jesus as their Savior to raise their hands. Many did but

some hesitated. I asked the next question: “In case there was an earthquake and this building falls on us and all of us die, who is sure of going to heaven? Some of those who responded earlier that they had received the Lord Jesus as Savior did not raise their hands and gave various reasons why they were not sure. I had the opportunity to explain the Lord Jesus’ statement in John 3: 14-17 to the children emphasizing that salvation from the Lord was a gift based on believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God; that He died on the cross in our place and was raised from the dead on the third day. Romans 10:9-10 states: “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” And Ephesians 2: 8, 9 affirms: “For by grace

you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” I led the children to confess the Lord Jesus as their Savior and I was excited to see the smile on their faces. At one of our prayer meetings I was excited to see one of the girls joining the worship team and her younger brother playing the drums; they were among 25 children recently baptized. This has encouraged other parents to bring their children to the special class on Sundays. When we do our part as the Lord promised through King Solomon in Proverbs 22:6 to “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”, His promise will be fulfilled. In spite of the threat by the enemies of the Jews, such as Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem, Nehemiah kept those working on the wall busy, while another group was fully armed and ready to fight should the enemy

Living Word Assembly of God Church (Affiliated with P.A.O.C.)

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Redemption Faith Church Invites you to worship with us at 1485 ALBION ROAD (Albion/Kipling) Tel: 905-495-1936 Fax: 905-495-1937 This is a loving and caring Church that preaches and teaches the whole counsel of God. A place where the word of God is backed by strong anointing to bring Salvation, Healing and Deliverance to all people who believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST Rev. Dr. Stephen Ofori-Darko

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attacked. As ministers we must be ready to deal with any opposition that may seek to hinder the work of God. The apostle Paul reminds us in Ephesians 6: 12, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” He again reminds us in 2 Corinthians 10:4: “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.” The prayer of God’s people is the most effective weapon against the forces of evil. As we Learn from Nehemiah’s leadership skill energized by a life of prayer and faith in God, we can also inspire our people to work for the glory of God just as he led the Jews to re-build the wall of Jerusalem in fifty two day (Nehemiah 6: 15) to the amazement of their enemies who confessed that the work was done by the Lord God of Israel. (Nehemiah 6: 16).

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Bethel Prayer Ministry Int'l Do you desire to experience the power and the presence of God demonstrated in your life? Do you want to experience the marvelous work of God's grace in your life? Then, Bethel Prayer Ministry International would like to invite you to visit their church where the word of God is preached powerfully to release the power of God in your life. Pastor Dennis Awuku COME AND YOU WILL BE BLESSED Senior Pastor


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It ’s H a r v e s t t

Im e

so r

ea c H

o u t a n d m a k e a d If f e r e n c e

It’s A Great Commission!

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The Apostolic Church Int'l. The Apostolic Church International (Toronto Assembly) is a Branch of The Apostolic Church in Ghana

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Official inauguration of Ghanaian Ministerial Fellowship of Toronto cont'd from pg. 50

been approved by Ontario government and accepted by Canada Revenue Agency. Its vision, says the chairman, is to mobilize all Ghanaian ministers in Toronto and beyond for the positive transformation of our community. The induction of the executives was done by Rev. Osei Amoah after his sermon on Nehemiah 2:17-18. He prayed for them with the help of other pastors. The Consul General of Toronto Joseph Annim also addressed the fellowship. In his remarks he said that he was pleased to be part of this inauguration and

most important to add his support. He promised the support of the Consulate to their initiatives. Closing prayer and benediction were offered by Very Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Asare-Kusi (Ghana Methodist) Rev. Dr. Chris Asman (Jesus of Bethlehem Worship Centre) and Apostle Eric Nii Aryee (Apostolic Church Int’l) respectively. The masters of ceremony were Pastor Isaac Takyi De-Graft (Lighthouse Assembly of God) and Rev. Fr. Gabriel Opoku-Ware (Ghanaian A n g l i c a n C h u r c h o f To r o n t o ) .

Rev. Raymond Baah Abekah

Transformation Centre Assembly of God Church, Mississauga Join us on Sundays for worship at: Venue: Meadowvale Community Centre, Mississauga

Address: 6655 Glen Erin Drive Main Intersection: Glen Erin Drive and Aquitaine Avenue Room: Youth and Seniors

Time: 10.00AM1.00PM Contact: Pastor Isaac K. Bonful Tel: 289-814-5482 Email: "...Be transformed by the renewing of your mind..." Romans 12:2a

New Light Chapel International 190 BOVAIRD DRIVE, UNIT 12 @ HWY 10, BRAMPTON You have been to Calvary for pardon, but you have not been to Pentecost for power. We invite you to worship with us and experience the Pentecostal power in your life.

WORSHIP SCHEDULE. Sunday Divine Worship 10am 12pm Wednesday Bible Study 7pm 10pm (Call ahead) Friday Prayer Meeting 7pm 10pm (Call ahead)

Rev. Kwaku Asare

For information call: Rev. Kwaku Asare



4162666787 4162666787 9059700824

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Christian Hope Ministry Int'l Invites You All To Come Worship With Us Apostleincharge:

Apostle Twumasi Ankrah

"And these signs will follow those who believe, in My Name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues, they will take up serpents, and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them, they will lay hands on the sick , and they will recover. Amen (Mark 16:17)

1796 Lawrence Avenue West (Jane & Lawrence) Sunday: Bible Study 2pm3:00pm Sunday Worship 3pm5:00pm Tuesday: Teaching/Prayer 7pm9:00pm Thursday: Prayer Meeting 10:30am12noon Friday: Prayer Meeting 7pm9:00pm Saturday: Group Meetings 3pm7:30pm Rev. Fr. Gabriel Opoku Ware Priest-in-charge

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Evangelistic Ministries Affiliated with the Evangelical Church In Canada

Snr. Pastor & Founder: Evang. & Prophetess Winnie Manu BRE, M. Div.

Worship Celebration Services

Senior Pastor: Rev. Peter Awuah

Tel: 416-836-9235, 416-667-8637

Sunday Worship Celebration: 10 a.m. Friday Prayer Meeting / Discipleship Group: 8 p.m. 10 p.m. Last Sunday of Every Month: Healing Service

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St. John's Anglican Church Ghanaian Congregation VENUE: 2125 WESTON RD., WESTON ONT. Priestincharge: Rev. Michelle ChildsWard , Incumbent 647-234-8229 Rev. Fr. Jojo Eduam Entsiwah, Associate Priest 647-400-7055

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May 2014

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Healing Service: Last Sunday of every month at Cheyne Middle School. 236 Queen Mary Dr. Brampton.

Glory Pentecostal Ministry of Toronto Pastor-in-charge: Rev. Rockson Owusu Atwima 416-708-7742

Invites all Christians and Non-Christians to join us to worship the Almighty God WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday Regular Service 11:00 am to 1:30 pm Tuesday Prayer and Healing Service 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Friday Prayer Night 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm

PLACE OF WORSHIP 230 Eddystone Ave., #207, North York, Ont. M3N 1H7 We are more tan our conquerors Romans 8:37 "Come and see the manifestation and the power of the Holy Spirit at work"

Praise Temple of Christ International Snr. Pastor: Apostle Osei-Bonsu 336 Gary Ray Drive @ Signet Worship Schedule Sunday Worship 10 am 12:30 pm Wednesday Bible Study 7 pm 9 pm Friday Prayer Meeting 8 pm 10 pm Second and last Friday of each month All Night Prayer Meeting 8 pm 12 midnight

For information call: 905-340-7387, 647-208-1093 647-860-2573 Pastor Appiah Jacob


The Ghanaian News May 2014

Around the Ghana Sports Scene Appiah names Black Stars stand-by list Ghana head coach Kwesi Appiah has announced a four-man stand-by list for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Goalkeeper Razak Brimah, K w a b e n a A d u s e i , Yu s i f Chibsah Rahman and Mahatma Osumanu Otoo, all on stand-by, are included in the provisional list of 30 submitted to FIFA by the Ghana Football Association. The four players will not train with the team in Accra or travel with the team their training tour of Holland and the United States of America. Appiah named his squad for the 2014 World Cup on Monday, releasing the 26 names set to begin preparations in Accra on May 20. And has until 2 June to trim down their selection to the  final  23man  squad  to compete at the tournament.

with Jonathan Annobil

Appiah impressed with Black Stars training effort Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah is impressed by the effort and attitude of his Black Stars players during the opening days of their World Cup training camp in Holland.

(Orlando Pirates) , Adam Kwarasey (Stromsgodset), Stephen Adams (Aduana Stars) Defenders: Samuel Inkoom (Platanias), Daniel Opare (Standard Liege), Harrison Afful (Esperance), Jeffrey Schlupp (Leicester), John Boye (Rennes), Jonathan Mensah (Evian), Jerry Akaminko (Kisehirspor), Rashid Sumalia (Mamelodi Sundowns)

In the event of a last minute change, any of the players on Midfielders: Michael Essien the stand-by can be drafted into (AC Milan), Sulley Muntari the final team for the World Cup. (AC Milan), Rabiu Mohammed (Kuban Krasnodar), Kwadwo Asamoah (Juventus), Ghana’s provisional 26-man Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu roster: (Udinese), Afriyie Acquah Goalkeepers:Fatau Dauda

( P ar m a) , C h ri s t ia n A t s u (Vitesse), Albert Adomah (Middlesbrough), Andre Ayew (Marseille), Mubarak Wa k a s o ( R u b i n K a z a n ) Strikers: Asamoah Gyan (Al Ain), Kevin-Prince Boateng (Schalke 04), Abdul Majeed Wa r i s ( Va l e n c i e n n e s ) , J o r dan Ay ew ( S o chau x) , David Accam (Helsingborg) Stand-by List: Razak Brimah (Córdoba CF), Kwabena Adusei (Asante Kotoko), Yusif Chibsah Rahman (Sassuolo) and Mahatma Osumanu Otoo (Sogndal)

Black Queens beat Ethiopia to take lead in AWC qualifying Ghana picked up a positive result in the first leg of the final round of qualifying for the 2014 African Wo m e n ’s C h a m p i o n s h i p after beating Ethiopia 2-0 in Addis Ababa on Sunday.

The Black Queens now need to avoid defeat in the return clash at home in a fortnight to reach the finals of the tournament to be staged by Namibia in October of this year.

Goals from Samira Suleman and Elizabeth Cudjoe handed Ghana all three points.

Seven winners after the return leg which will take place on the weekend of 6-8 June will join hosts Namibia for the final

tournament from 11-24 October. Coach Yussif Basigi will be pushing to return Ghana to Africa’s flagship women’s football tournament after missing out of the tournament for the first time in 2012 since the inception of the biennial championship in 1998.

Appiah and his 26-man squad are training at their base in Arn hem, where they are preparing ahead of the friendly match against the Netherlands in Rotterdam on 31 May. “I am really impressed with the performance,” Appiah t o l d w w w. g h a n a f a . o r g . “There is this kind of competition, no one is sure of himself a the moment. Everybody is attentive to whatever is taught in training. Everyone tries to do whatever he can and for me, it’s good for the team and I am really impressed.” The Black Stars coach, with no injury worries has been left delighted with the workouts and he believes their pre-World Cup preparations h a v e b e e n g o o d s o f a r. “Thank God, we’ve had no injury worries at the moment and everyone is doing so well.” Great work has gone on behind the scenes by the GFA to set up their camp and according to Appiah, that eases the pressure and helps the players to focus.

A p p iah b eliev es th at h e players have shown exemplary discipline in their quest for success as he finalizes his final 23-man team for the World Cup in Brazil. “I would say one year down the line, the unity is so great and discipline is very high. They show lots of respect and we also make sure we do what is right,” he said. “Most of the time, players have cause to complain when there are lapses in the way management prepares our camping before they come but the FA has done well, making sure everything they need is put in place. We’ve learned from previous World Cups and have made sure everything has been put in place so they don’t have cause to complain. The key to success is discipline. Discipline plays a big role, if you want to be successful, hundred percent lies with the players’ behaviour and so far it has been good.”

Ghana players practice with brazuca balls Ghana reach final round of 2015

AYC qualifying Ghana’s U-20 men’s national team beat Sierra Leone 2-1 at home to go through to the last round of qualifying for the 2015 Africa Youth Championship. The victory in Tamale on Saturday completed a 4-1 aggregate victory for the Black Satellites, who were silvermedalists at the last finals after winning the reverse game 2-0 a fortnight ago in Bo. The Black Satellites will now meet either Rwanda or Gabon for a place in the Championship. Ghana scored in either half

of the game at the Tamale Stadium to complete back-toback wins over the Shooting Stars in the second-round stage. Ishmael Camara scored for the Shooting Stars after 35 minutes but it only proved to be a consolation as Ghana rallied from a goal down to score twice. George Agyepong scored the equaliser with just two minutes remaining to end the first half. And after recess, it took the Black Satellites nine minutes to double their advantage which happened to be winner

th r o ug h Latif A b u b akar. Sellas Tetteh’s side will now join fourteen teams in the final stage of qualifying to compete for the seven slots available at  next  year’s  finals to be hosted by Senegal.

Ghana have started to practice with the official World Cup ball, the ‘Brazuca’ even before the tournament starts in Brazil. The Black Stars will face the United States, Germany and Portugal next month in Group G.

Kwesi Appiah’s players, who Ghana's U-20 men's national have gathered in Arnhem, team will meet Gabon in the final Holland since Sunday have stage of qualifying for the 2015 been using the Official Match Africa Youth Championship. Ball for their preparations. The twoleg third round qualifier will be played in August with the winner advancing to the finals to be staged by Senegal.

The brazuca’s colours and ribbon design of the ball panels symbolise the traditional multi-coloured wish bracelets worn in the country. It has a new structural innovation, with a unique symmetry of six identical panels alongside a different surface structure will provide improved grip, touch, stability and aerodynamics on the pitch.

The Ghanaian News

May 2014


Cost: Only $70/week per child Drop-off 8am - 9am Breakfast available 8 am - 9 am Recreational activities: field trips, science activites, arts and crafts, baking, sports and music classes and many more

Program 9 am - 3 pm Pick-up 3 pm - 6 pm


$100.00 SHOPPIN

NEW LACE REG. $60, NOW 5 PIECES FOR $100!(100 Design)


NEW LACE REG. $25, NOW 15 PIECES $200!!!! ETOBICOKE EET 101 WESTMORE DR, UNIT 119 416-745-2700



The Ghanaian News May 2014

The Ghanaian News

May 2014


Ghanaian news may 2014  

Ghanaian news may 2014

Ghanaian news may 2014  

Ghanaian news may 2014