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IndoLivestoc - A clear preference for a quieter show by Peter Parker, Milling and Grain


f we are to spread our latest milling technologies to where its needed most by livestock producers, then exposition organisers have to take a leaf from the portfolio of their counterparts at IndoLivestock 2019. Here, the feed industry reached parts of the country and addressed more local needs that more centralised venues fail to achieve. The 14th edition of IndoLivestock Expo and Forum, Indonesia’s leading International Livestock, Feed, Dairy and Fisheries event, took place from July 3-5th, 2019 at the Grand City Convex in Surabaya which is located at almost the opposite end of Java to Jakarta. IndoLivestock is organised by PT Napindo Media Ashatama and has, in recent years, alternated locations annually between Surabaya and Jakarta. The expo is a combination of IndoFeed, IndoDairy, IndoVet and Indo Fisheries. Indonesia is the largest country in South East Asia (SEA) in terms of both population (260 million) and land mass (1.9 million square kilometres). And while it might be one-fifth the land mass of the United States it reaches from California to beyond New York. While Indonesia consists of five major islands, there are over 17,000 islands in total, which are are spread across a wide area, as a result the greatest challenge for the food production industry is often the logistics in moving raw materials, ingredients, feed and livestock to where it’s needed.


The IndoLivestock 2019 opening ceremony began with a number of musicians taking to the stage to play the ‘angklung’, 106 | August 2019 - Milling and Grain

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