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October 2011

THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011



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October 03, 2011

Heat stress reduced in poultry with Acetic acid supplementation

Utilising acetic acid to supplement layer feed could be a cost efficient way of achieving good reductions in the negative effects of heat stress, improving egg laying production and quality, according to Anitox, a world leader in pathogen elimination and mould control products for the feed and milling industries. “High environmental temperatures can have a significant detrimental impact on laying hen performance, reducing feed intake, egg production and quality, as well as increasing mortality". Explains Alan Doyle, BVMS, MRCVS the company’s European Business Development Manager. Read more ...


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China moves towards GMO technology for corn production China is focusing on raising the domestic corn production to meet the rising demand, they are also testing genetically modified organism (GMO) technology to boost output. "We have approved one type of GMO strain and we're testing to see if they can be applied to boost production," Chen Xiaohua, a vice agricultural minister, said. Read more ...

Animal feed production stimulated in Armenia

At the end of 2011, a new large compound feed production plant is due to open. It is part of an ongoing investment aimed at stimulating the livestock industry in Armenia and its the first one to be built. The new plant will have a capacity of about 500 tons of feed per day. According to the chairman of the Union of Poultry Breeders of Armenia Sergei Stepanian "the high cost of imported feed hinders development of livestock industry in the country". Read more ...

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CB Packaging is a market leader of multi-walled paper sacks. With over 50 years of experience, we offer solutions for a wide range of industries, including animal feeds, pet food, seeds, milk powder, flour and root crops.

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THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011

October 04, 2011

China redrawing the global food landscape

20 years ago China abandoned its soybean self-sufficiency drive and began to import oilseed, feeding its livestock, with this move the Chinese changed the industry. Well its about to happen again with corn, in the near future China will triple its corn purchases. This will have an effect on the global market, at present Japan is the worlds biggest corn importer, farmers will start to plant more to cope with demand also the amount of corn used for biofuels could start to shrink. Read more ...

The EFIP participats in the 51 European Commodities fair

The European Feed Ingredients Platform (EFIP) will be attending the 51 European Commodities Exchange in Rotterdam 6-8 October. The EFIP team can provide you with an update on the latest developments and tell you more on what the EFIP schemes could mean for your feed ingredients related activities and manufacturing sites. SO the EFIP invites you to visit their stand. Read more ...

New stu]dy shows some wheat is more resistant to fusarium

New research from Aarhus University shows that various wheat varieties have shown resistance to the fungi belonging to the fusarium complex. About 30 wheat varieties were studied by scientists from Aarhus and the date showed there is significant difference between the varieties of wheat. Read more ...

October 05, 2011

Vita Plus donates $75,000 to Ifeeder

The Institute for feed education and research (Ifeeder), has received a large donation of US£75,000 (€56,416.425) from Vita Plus Corporation. Ifeeder a charitable foundation working to sustain the future of food and feed production through education and research. “Without pledges, Ifeeder would not be the success that it is in just two short years, already making a difference through a number of research donations," said Ifeeder corporate secretary, Richard Sellers. Read more ...

Dabeinong plans to expand pig feed production capacity

Dabeinong Technology Group a Chinese feed manufacturing company is planing to expand its pig feed production capacity using the excess funds from its initial public offering 128 million yuan (€15.2 million). The company plans to invest in three pig feed production facilities of about 120,000 capacity each. Construction is due to begin in the second half of the year and all three facilities will be operational in the first half of 2013. Read more ...

Ottawa legislates to open the farm belt's grain market to competition

Canadian farmers are bracing themselves, for what comes next when the farm belt's grain market is opened to competition. After decades of only being able to sell their wheat to the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB), Ottawa is set to introduce new legislation within weeks. This will be the first time since the Second World War that farmer will be able to choose who they sell their wheat too. This spells the end of the monopoly that CWB had on wheat purchases. Many that opposed this system are bidding it good riddance. Read more ...


THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011

October 06, 2011

Clenbuterol is banned totally in China

China has banned the production and sale of clenbuterol, after the recent problems in China, the decision was made to totally ban it after careful consideration of the risks drug abuse and its clinical value as well as the safety risk said the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). Any existing tablets will be destroyed under supervision, and medically anyone using the drug will have it replace with a substitute medication the SFDA said. Compound clenbuterol, as well as aerosol and powdered forms of the drug, do not fall under the ban, as they are considered safe to use as prescription drugs under a doctor's guidance. Read more ...

New USDA stocks data downgrades grain price estimates

The higher than expected US stocks data last week eased fears over corn supplies, Goldman and Sachs downgraded its grain price forecasts. Grain analysts Damien Courvalin have also slashed his estimates, "We expect these higher 2011-12 corn beginning stocks to more than offset our forecast for lower new-crop corn production and allow for both stronger demand and higher ending stocks than we had previously expected," said Courvalin. Read more ...

Provimi sells french site to ATM

Provimi has sold its factory in France to a rival company ATM as part of its plans to streamline its business operations across Europe. Attila Balogh, Provimi Pet Food's chief executive said "that they are already the number one producer of dry and wet pet food in Holland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. We expect to grow geographically in particular continuing the double-digit growth we are seeing in Germany, Poland and Romania." Read more ...

October 07, 2011

The International feed efficiency conference draws near

The International Feed efficiency conference in swine is set for November 8-9, Iowa United States. The conference is a two day affair and features 15 sessions presented by experts form five Countries. The conference is geared toward more technical aspects of pork production, with specific topics ranging from the influence of feed processing on feed efficiency to the role of dietary amino acids or energy on feed efficiency to the role of genetic selection on feed efficiency. Read more ...

GFMT attends the Grain Market Outlook Conference 2011

Poor weather conditions in the Northern Hemisphere, a tighter availability of maize and the return of export heavyweight Russia have given rise to expectations of a turbulent year ahead in global grain markets. Nicky Barnes, editorial manager of Grain and Feed Milling Technology attended the Grain Market Outlook Conference 2011 on the October 6, 2011 at the Churchill Auditorium, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center in Westminister, London. Over 200 delegates were in attendance. She heard that a surprising outcome that maize is now the dominant leader in the grains market achieving a three percent growth year-on-year, and that supply is now unable to keep up with demand. A look at the grains market shows that wheat outpout has stagnated, while maize and soy continue to grow. One of the reasons for wheat's stagnation is there is not enough acreage of wheat being planted around the world. Acreage is being lost to growing other crops; 75 percent of wheat in Germany for example, is for milling use only.


THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011

As well as supplying the first independent analysis of 2011 for UK crop production - and looking at the key drivers moving markets in the coming year - the conference examined the global economic environment including the impact of the EU and US financial woes and the world's seeming dependency on China to maintain growth and cash flow. Special guest speaker Shannon Schlecht, Director of Policy for US Wheat Associates, talked on biotechnology's place in global grain markets and its role in satisfying demand for productivity gains in wheat in the longterm. Other expert speakers include: Jack Watts, Senior Analyst, AHDB Market Intelligence; David Eudall, Senior Analyst, AHDB Market Intelligence and Mark Berrisford-Smith, Senior Economist, HSBC. Mrs Barnes found this year's conference to be interesting and very informative. Full reports of the event can be found by visiting the HGCA's website ( mspx).

October 10, 2011

Using smarter toxins to help crops fight pests

Protecting crops from infestations has always posed a challenge, one of the most successful ways has been to use genes from bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (BT), which codes proteins that kill pests attempting to eat them. Recently some insects pest have shown a resistance to BT, this new resistance is threatens the continued success of this approach. In the current issue of Nature Biotechnology, a research team led by University of Arizona Professor Bruce Tabashnik reports,"a given Bt toxin only kills certain insects that have the right receptors in their gut." Read more

UkrLandFarming the Ukrainian growing giant

The Ukrainian agricultural holding UkrLandFarming, has purchased Avangard the largest producer of shelled eggs and egg products. Mr Oleg Bakhmatyuk, owner of UkrLandFarming said that "the merger of the agricultural holdings will create a vertically-integrated company". Bakhmatyuk said that further development of the company in the next 2 to 3 years would require capital investment of US$700 (€518.4 million). Read more ...

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CB Packaging is a market leader of multi-walled paper sacks. With over 50 years of experience, we offer solutions for a wide range of industries, including animal feeds, pet food, seeds, milk powder, flour and root crops.

For more information, please call Tim Stallard: +44 (0) 7805 092067

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Nutrifair Denmark's new special exhibition

Nutrifair 2012 is Denmark's newest exhibition for suppliers and buyers from the animal production industry. It will be held for the first time on the January 25 and 26, in Fredericia, Denmark. The event organised by Fredericia Messecenter in cooperation with NutriDoc and backed up by a strong team of players in the industry. There will be topical themes of very different kinds, ranging from legislative issues and optimisation of operating processes to presentations of technological breakthroughs. Read more ...

October 11, 2011

Vietnamese and Swedish researchers work together

Vietnamese and Swedish researchers studying the influence of particle size and multi enzyme supplementation of fibrous diets on total tract digestibility and performance of weaning (8–20 kg) and growing (20–40 kg) pigs. The study was to see the effects of particle size and enzymes effect on growth and performance. The experimental diets were based on maize, fish meal, full fat soybean, soybean meal soybean oil and (cassava residue, CR and sweet potato vines, SPV) CR or SPV. Read more ...


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THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011

Adifo new enzyme calculator Adifo Belgium based least cost software specialist, has introduced its enzyme calculator in its bestmix feed optimising program at their recent conference. The new technology that Adifo has introduced means that its is now possible to visualise the added value of NSP and phytase enzymes its also means that the non linear mode of action of phytase should be easier to control. “Bestmix is the only tool that takes the ‘non-linear effect’ of phytase into account during the optimisation,” said Jean Broers, product manager Bestmix at Adifo. “Only in this way you get the highest possible profit out of your compound feed.” Read more ...

Future of enzyme use looks promising in recent review

Olayiwola Adeola (Purdue University, USA) and Aaron Cowieson (University of Sydney, Australia) recently reviewed enzymes and the opportunities and challenges in using enzymes to improve non-ruminent animal production in the Journal of Animal Science. The review was an attempt to summarise current thinking in this field, its also provided and suggested the opportunities to expand exploitation of this unique and valuable biotechnology. Read more ...

October 12, 2011

International workshop on safe feed at the Institute of Feed Technology

A workshop is being held at the IFF, Braunschweig on November 24. It will be looking at safe feed and healthy food. Food safety and quality are important issues in the chain of food production from animal origins. With compound feed production, mycotoxins and salmonella represent a significant risk for the animal health and because it can affect humans health too this can lead to major economic losses for compound feed producers. The workshop “Safe Feed for Healthy Food” , which takes place at the Research Institute of Feed Technology of the IFF in Braunschweig-Thune on 24 November 2011, includes the following findings of the FP6 research project “Biotracer IP”, presented by international accepted experts. Read more ...

Novus invests technical support in Asia for their customers

Novus Animal feed has recently invested in technical service support for their customers in with the appointment of Dina Joardar Poultry Team Lead and Technical Services Manager (Southeast Asia Pacific). Novus also announced further appointments of Xabier Arbe, Stuart Court and Patrapan Rungcharoen. Read more ...

October 13, 2011

Increased pressure to Cut palm oil from animal feeds

“Dairy farmers are likely to come under increasing pressure to remove palm oil from their cows’ diets following recent retail moves to cut the level of saturated fats in milk,” says Mark Townsend, sales manager of Ufac-UK. In a drive to reduce saturated fats from milk, by the supermarkets, there are considerable benefits to removing palm oil such as environmental and ethical issues as well as advantages to human health. Read more ...


THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011

NutraCea agrees distribution with Beneo-Remy

Two major international companies, NutraCea, a global company and Beneo-Remy have agreed on a distribution agreement and have announced an exclusive, co-branded sales and marketing agreement. NutraCea will produce stabilised rice bran (SRB) for exclusive distribution by BeneoRemy under the "RemyLive" brand in over 40 countries. Read more ...

UK dismisses EC CAP reform as inadequate

The government is to criticise the European commission Common Agricultural Reform (CAP) proposals as turning the clock back several decades. The new reforms announced on Wednesday has been classed by Whitehall as "greenwash". The environment secretary Caroline Spelman, said: "We're in a situation where there are global problems with food security, economic uncertainty and the loss of biodiversity. Reforming the CAP is the best opportunity in a generation to take a major step forward in dealing with all of these problems. But we're worried that the commission's proposals will be far too backward-looking and this precious opportunity will be lost." Read

October 14, 2011

GFMT 2012 Wallplanner/calendar now available

To get your copy of the 2012 GFMT wall planner/calendar please contact FDA recalls soy-meal suspected of salmonella contamination The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has recalled thousands of bags of soy flour that is used to make human and animal feed products because they could be contaminated with salmonella. This recall affects about 2,623 bags and totes of soybean flour, also 924 small loads of bulk soy meal. Thumb Oilseed Producer’s Cooperative of Ubly, Michigan, discovered this problem during a routine sampling. Read more ...

Feeding over 9 billion people the challenge looms large

The challenge of feeding over nine billion people by 2050, is on track, productivity is growing at the rate needed according to the Global Harvest Initiative in a report that was released at World Food Prize event in Des Moines, Iowa. It highlights the fact that some of the fastest growing regions like Africa and Southeast Asia are not keeping pace with the rest of the world, as they are failing to reach the 1.7 percent required. Read more ...

October 17, 2011

Almost one third of Russia's grain is sub standard

Specialists of the Center for Quality Assessment of grain carried out research has found that almost one third of Russia's grain is sub standard. The Center for Quality Assessment is accountable to Rosselkhoznadzor (the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanityary Surveillance). Which is supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture. During the inspections they found that about 987.2 thousand tonnes of grain for the domestic market (32 percent of total volume) didn’t meet requirements of normative safety and quality standards. This figure includes 983.4 thousand tonnes contaminated with pests. Read more ...


THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011


THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011

Symposium on antibiotic use in food animals hosted by NIAA


A full list of presenters, panellists and topics, along with registration information, can be found on the NIAA website.

Milling Industry Recruitment Specialist

The US National Institute for Animal Agriculture is to host a public symposium in Chicago called “Antibiotic use in food animals: A dialogue for a common purpose.” on October 26-27, 2011. The symposium will provide a broad view of antibiotic use in food animals, from a variety of presenters from both the public and private sectors. “Symposium presenters are going to take an in-depth, science-based look at the benefits of antibiotics to animals and to humans and zero in specifically on when antibiotics need to be used, what we all currently know and don’t know and what each of us needs to know,” Dr. Bull said. “I want to stress that the symposium will be a dialogue, not a debate.” Read more ...

Charoen Pokphand Food chooses Melbourne as base

Thai food processing company Charoen Pokphand Food has chosen Melbourne as its base in Australia to expand exports of primary produce from Australia to its factories in Thailand. CP Australia's general manager Richard Lewis said "the aim was to diversify operations and source produce directly from Australia rather than through intermediaries." Read more ... +44(0)161 427 2402

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October 19, 2011

Chestnuts cattle feed experiment

In Florida's Jackson County two groups of people are coming together in an experiment that could change the face of cattle feed. The Jackson County chestnut producers and the Marianna High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) are joining forces in an experiment that could make these students, American pioneers in an emerging beef market niche Read more ...

Amino acids show strong growth commercially

Generally referred to as the building blocks of proteins, amino acids are currently used in the animal feeds and food additive industry. The US commercial amino acid market accounts for around 20 percent of the global amino acids market, which is worth in excess of US$9 (€6.496 ) billion. The usual applications that amino acids are used for are still showing growth, but there are new applications and with costs declining this makes them a more viable option for some companies. Read more ...

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Australian and Norwegian scientist study the method of grinding sorghum

Australian and Norwegian scientist from the University of New England and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences co operated to study if the extent and method of grinding sorghum prior to inclusion into complete pelleted broiler chicken diet affects broiler gut development and performance. Read more ...

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THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011

October 20, 2011

China to import more wheat from the US

Guangzhou Huaren Grain Trading Co, Ltd has sent a team of executives to the US from October 19 to 28, to get an understanding of the US wheat handling and export system. The Chinese team is sponsored by the US Wheat Associates (USW) and will meet with various organisations during its visit. "This organisation holds import/export rights for cereal and feed grains," said USW People's Republic of China/Hong Kong Regional Vice President Matt Weimer, who is leading the team. Read more ...

Harmonised EU feed safety assurance called for by EFI

The European Feed Ingredients Platform (EFIP) has ask for a harmonised European Union feed safety assurance in the feed chain, part of this will be a pan European reach with harmonised approach and effective reduction of audit operators. Didier Jans Chairman of EFIP said, “In this sense, mutual recognition of schemes with comparable design and objectives remain a necessity for well functioning markets and for enhancing cost efficiency for operators.” Read more ...

New wholegrain analyser from Perten

Perten Instruments unveiled its new wholegrain analyser the IM 9500 NIT, the new analyser is based on industry standard scanning grating transmittance technology. This is the first major change in the technology of grain analysers for a long time with modern electronics and signal amplification for unsurpassed accuracy, and a large colour touch screen to meet today’s expectations of easy handling, the IM 9500 sets a new standard. Perten Instruments recently won a tender in Turkey issued by the Turkish Grain Board (TMO). Read more ...

October 21, 2011

FMS announces new solution partner for China

An award winning developer of software solutions for global commercial animal feed manufacturing industry Feed Management Systems (FMS), has announced that Asian Agribusiness Consulting is a new FMS Solution Partner of China partner. Asian Agribusiness Consulting (AAC), is to provide (FMS) with software solutions and services to meet the growing needs of animal feed manufacturing. Read more ...

Ruminant professional say protein cost will remain high

The current high protein costs will not change according to four out of five top ruminant industry professionals was said at the Alltech's Ruminant Solutions Seminar. “It’s time to move away from choosing between performance and profit, towards new technologies that will allow us to achieve both. “This includes pushing physiological limits through feeding the genetic potential of the herd, as well as practical options such as securing the herd’s future with good calf management,” said Sylvie Andrieu, Alltech’s European technical manager for ruminants and chairperson of the Ruminant Solutions Seminar. Read more ...

International Dairy Nutrition Symposium

The final program of the International Symposium on Dairy Cattle Nutrition, to be held November 17, 2011 in Wageningen, The Netherlands is now available online. During the symposium, eight acknowledged experts from various countries will present their view on the subject of "Nutrition and fat metabolism in dairy cattle". The symposium is divided in three consecutive sessions: 12

THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011

1)    From feed fatty acids to milk fatty acids 2)    Fatty acids and gene expression 3)    Fat metabolism in early lactation The symposium is organised by the Netherlands Centre for Animal Nutrition, in which the expertise on animal nutrition of the Animal Sciences Group of Wageningen UR and Utrecht University has been gathered. Read more ...

October 24, 2011

Ajinomoto Heartland LLC changes name

Ajinomoto Heartland LLC has announced as from November 1, 2011 they are changing their name to Ajinomoto Heartland, Inc. The change is part of a global reorganisation of the animal nutrition business of Ajinomoto Co, Inc and they will be wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo based Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Group, Inc. In addition under the new structure several other business units of Ajinomoto USA, Inc are to be consolidated under the newly established company named Ajinomoto North America, Inc. Ajinomoto Co, Inc is recognised as a world leader in the food, pharmaceutical and feed amino acids markets. Also Ajinomoto Animal nutrition constitutes the worlds largest global network of feed grade amino acid manufacturing facilities as well as supply and distribution network.

Iraq gets its first animal feed plant

Iraq opened its first animal feed plant last week, the plant has a production capacity of 200 tons a day, it will provide animal, fish and poultry. The plant opened by local investors and costing US$6 (€4.338) million, Ta'if Abdul Hussein told the first independent newspaper Aswat al-Iraq that the "investor is from Diala province". The new plant has been supplied with modern Turkish machinery. Read more ...

Australian wheat crops in some regions on for record crops

In the Northern areas of Western Australia's wheat belt, they are on track for record crop production. The Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd. (CBH) who deal with the marketing and dominates the storage and export logistics in the region estimates the total production this crop year of 12.5 million tons. This figure is down from the government's Department of Agriculture estimate range of 13 to 14 million tons, but will still be the second highest on record. Read more ...

October 25, 2011

Fifth feed premix plant completed in China by DSM

DSM has just completed the fifth feed premix plant in the city of Chengdu, China. This new plant will have the biggest capacity of all DSM's feed premix plants in China. “The completion of our fifth premix plant in China further strengthens DSM’s leading role in the rapidly evolving Chinese animal nutrition & health industry,” said Nathan Bird, Vice President DSM Nutritional Products China. Read more ...

The EU has approved probiotics for broilers

Norel, who manufacture and market Probotic Fecinor has just received approval for use in broilers in the European Union. Fecinor is a probiotic, a live microorganism that positively affect the intestinal balance, consisting on a non GMO Enterococcus faecium strain isolated from the ileum of healthy animals. Read more ...


THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011

Cargill Polska gets feed safety approval

An audit carried out by the Bureau Veritas on Cargills Polska starch processing plant in Wroclaw Poland, was evaluated and found to be in compliance with the European Feed Ingredient Safety Code certification (EFISC) requirements. This makes its Cargill 13 production site in Europe to get the European Feed Ingredient Safety Code certification. Mr Maciej Klimowics Quality Manager said “We are very happy with the outcome of the EFISC certification process. The EFISC certificate is a strong achievement reflecting our efforts to produce safe feed materials for the European market. The EFISC certification, providing harmonised EU requirements, will make it easier to do business with our trading partners in other EU countries”. Read more ...

October 26, 2011

South East Asia suffers devastation from floods

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The floods that have caused damage and left hundreds dead in south east Asia has also destroyed nearly 2.5 million hectares of crops warned the United Nations. Intense monsoon rain, typhoons and tropical storms have flooded areas in Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Also millions of animals have been killed and millions more are at risk from flood waters already spilling over dams. The FAO said "Loss of livestock and poultry is reported and significant numbers are considered to be at risk." Read more ...

Distinguished Service Award for Dr Dave

Dr David Downey founder and executive director of the Center for Agricultural Business (CAB) at Purdue University has been honoured receiving the Distinguished Service Award at the American Feed Industry Association Board of Directors meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. “AFIA is grateful for all Dr. Downey has contributed over the years,” said AFIA president and CEO, Joel G. Newman. “He was one of the major forces behind the association’s redesign, focusing on core member values and developing AFIA’s Four Promises to Members.” Read more ...

October 27, 2011

UK feed millers benefit from safety and milling technologies

UK feed millers benefit from the latest feed safety and milling technologies into its feed manufacturing processes. These new technologies have generated significant benefits for County Durham-based farmers’ cooperative Feedco and its customers throughout the North of England and Scotland. Their decision to treat most of the feed produced at its Piercebridge mill with Anitox Termin-8 has provided the customers with reassurance of greater safety, ensuring the feed is pathogen free. Read more ...

Cofco signs deal with Adifo

China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation (Cofco) has chosen to use Adifo bestmix to improve its feed safety and quality. The agreement signed in Beijing between Cofco and Adifo was to form a strategic cooperation, and was signed by Liu Xiaoyu (left vice president of Cofco Agri-Trading & Logistics) and Adam Sneep (CEO at Adifo). “Cofco is the first enterprise in China that introduces the Bestmix feed optimisation software together with the Lab Data Management System. I believe the partnership with Adifo will help us realise safe and quality feed production,” commented Liu. Read more ...


THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011


THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011

Cargill's new website for feed and animal nutrition customers

The animal feed and nutrition company Cargill's has launched a new website, designed specially to serve current and future customers in the feed and animal nutrition industries globally. “We’ve focused on providing relevant information to feed manufacturers, animal producers, and feed retailers,” said Saskia Korink, vice president and director of marketing, Cargill Animal Nutrition. “We wanted to make it easy for them to learn and ask questions about how Cargill can help their businesses.” Read more ...

October 28, 2011

Soy-fed fish promoted by the Soybean Export Council

The Soybean Export Council (USSEC) have launched a revamped website for its global aquaculture program at to communicate the benefits of soy in aquaculture to both consumer and global seafood industry. The new website was partly funded by the United Soybean Council, the soybean checkoff, to show how the US soybean farmers and the US soy industry helps to make aquaculture more sustainable. Read more ...

Upgrade effort for whole wheat flour

Whole wheat flour, a new research effort is to investigate the composition of whole wheat flour, looking at the milling methods that affect particle size and processing quality. This research effort is hoping to develop new novel ways to process whole wheat flour. Ultimately, they intend to develop a protocol for selecting wheat varieties most suitable for making whole wheat products with more desirable sensory properties. Read more ...

Chinese research study enzymolytic soybean meal

At the Henan University of science and technology, a study was carried out to investigate the effect of enzymolytic soybean meal on growth performance, nutrient digestibility and immune function of growing broilers. The trail set up was a total of 336 female Cobb chicks at one day old were randomly allocated to 4 treatments with 6 pens per treatment and 14 chicks per pen. Read more …

October 31, 2011

Kanses US, grain elevator explosion. leaves three dead and three missing

In Atchison, Kanses, an explosion rocked a grain elevator on Saturday evening, three workers were killed and three are missing and two were hospitalised and in critical condition. Atchison City Manager Trey Cocking says "officials are weighing whether it's safe to send fire teams into the facility, which sustained significant damage". Witnesses said the enormous boom resulted in a fireball shooting up so high from the Bartlett Grain Co. that it could be seen across state lines in Missouri. The explosion also shook homes and businesses miles from the facility. Read more ...


THE GLOBAL MILLER | October 2011

Two day conference focuses on the whole chain for animal nutrition A two day conference taking place in Brussels, Belgium, will focus on the whole chain for animal nutrition rather than individual livestock animal sectors. With increased competition in all agricultural markets, the amount of material left for animal feed is decreasing along with the quality. On November 23 and 24, delegates can listen to and discuss with key people from European retail, legislation and agriculture organisations on how to capitalise on the increasing demand for improved animal nutrition through product innovation within changing EU regulations. Read more ...

Danish research looks into beet pulp for feed

Danish researchers have been evaluating the nutritional value of biofuel residues from beet when used in sow and sheep. the objective of the experiment was to evaluate the fresh pulp of top and root from sugar (Angus) and fodder (Colosse) beets as feed for pigs and ruminants.The pulp was prepared by a cold mechanical pressing. Read more ...


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The Global Miller - October 2011  

The Global Miller - October 2011

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