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February 2012

THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012



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February 01, 2012

100 years of vitamins highlighted by DSM

The year 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of vitamins. In 1912, a scientist named Casimir Funk coined the term “vitamins” to describe bioactive substances essential for human and animal health. In the years that followed, a series of scientific breakthroughs were made that identified 13 vitamins and explored many of their functions in the body. The last century has witnessed remarkable discoveries and research that have advanced understanding of vitamins and their vital role in health and wellness. In 1912, the Polish biochemist Casimir Funk isolated the first vitamin (B1) from rice bran. At that time, European rice hulling machines were brought to Asia to process rice. However, the hulling process stripped the rice of its vital nutritional elements. As a consequence, new health problems began emerging among the people and animals who relied upon rice as a staple food. Read more ...

Alltech's Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium focus on Smart

The Alltech 2012 Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium will focus on the SMART Revolution - springing from SMART ideas, SMART industry leaders, SMART use of resources, SMART business practices, and SMART nutritional solutions. SMART is management jargon and an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound five criteria that a business case should encompass to increase the chance of success. Over 100 speakers, all leading experts in their respective fields, will converge at the Symposium. Topics include: Global grain grab in a growing industry: Smart alternatives to scarce ingredients Fish meal replacement in a rapidly expanding industry – The algae revolution 3


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CB Packaging is a market leader of multi-walled paper sacks. With over 50 years of experience, we offer solutions for a wide range of industries, including animal feeds, pet food, seeds, milk powder, flour and root crops.

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THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012

Smart starts start where? Foetal programming for optimizing meat quality North of 30,000 kg of milk per cow per year: Smart strategies for enhancing milk quality The most influential name in food you’ve never heard of Creating Raving Fans – Marketing excellence Keeping your companion animals healthy: Genetic factors and nutritional solutions for maintaining a healthy body condition and preventing obesity Getting closer to customers: Understanding generational differences for successful messaging and media The YUM experience in China: Successfully transforming a global brand for local success First mover advantage: Emerging consumer trends What consumers want - flavour! Evolution or revolution: Revisiting pig weaning age, NRC, productivity gains through genetic insights More with less – Where profitability and sustainability converge: The power of Nutrigenomic Read more ...

APK-Inform announces about holding of the international conference "Ukrainian soybean market – 2012"

APK-Inform Agency announces about holding of the international conference "Ukrainian soybean market - 2012", which will focus on the market of soybean, and takes place in Yalta on May 16-18, 2012. It should be noted that for the first time in Ukraine there will be held the major event devoted to the most dynamically growing segment of the domestic oilseed market. Only during several years the Ukrainian market of soybean made rather powerful leap: during recent 4 seasons soybean sowing areas increased two times (from the level of 558.5 thousand ha in 2008/09 MY to 1.13 million ha in 2011/12 MY), and soybean production volumes increased in almost three times (in the current season the volumes exceeded the milestone of two million tons!). At the same time, processing capacities of the country are not keeping up with the boom of production to date production of soybean in Ukraine far exceeds the volume of the oilseed processing. According to estimations of APK-Inform Agency, in the current year the Ukrainian enterprises will process nearly 300,000 tons of soybean. What is the main reason for this situation? In order to answer this and other important questions it is required to estimate the current market situation, make an analysis of the prospects for development of the market of soybean and by-products, and identify new ways to develop the market of soybean industry. The business climate of the event will allow discussing current trends on the markets of soybean and by-products of Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries, and various medium-term forecasts for the market of soybeans. The main concept of the conference to provide the maximum volume of high-quality and unbiased information to market participants concerning the condition and development of the Ukrainian, Russian and world markets of soybeans and by-products in 2011/12 MY, and ways for further effective development of the industry.


THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012

The conference covers organisation of seminars on technological aspects of soybean processing, ways to improve the efficiency of soybean production in Ukraine taking into account all market requirements, and the issues of genetically modified soybean. Taking into account the high interest of market participants to these issues, the event will assist in promotion of fruitful and constructive dialogue between representatives of the fat-and-oil companies, trading companies, scientific-research institutions, producers of technical equipment for the fat-and-oil industry and government bodies. Increase of the world soybean prices to boost Ukrainian areas under the oilseed. Read more ...

International Grain Trade Conference & Exhibition “Asia – Russia

The Russian Grain Union is partnering with Japan-based Sojitz Corp.  to organise  the  February 21-23, 2nd International  Grain  Trade  Conference & Exhibition  “Asia – Russia.”  The event, which will be held at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, has become a key event for the development of grain export relations between Russia and South East Asian countries. The 1st International Grain Trade Conference “Asia – Russia,” (please see the results) which was held in February 2010 in Singapore, had more than 200 participants from 21 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Philippines.

February 02, 2012

Spanish feed production dominated by pig feed

During 2010 the Spanish feed production reached a total 29.7 million tons, an increase of 0.11 percent over 2009. According to the final report by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment pig feed production share of the production was 46 percent and is the main feed manufactured on the Iberian Peninsula. Total feed production in 2010 in Spain reached 29,736,319 tons, more or less stable compared to 2009 with a slight increase of 34,000 tons or 0.11 percent. However, if we simply compare the production of feed for animal production, production reached 28,9 million tons, which is 107,000 tons less than the production of feed for farmed animals in 2009, i.e a slight decrease of 0.37 percent, approximately. Read more ...

Feed design lab gets new chairman

The board of the Open Innovation Center Feed Design Lab in its meeting of January 30, has appointed Ir. Yvan Dejaegher (Belgium) as the new independent chairman of the Foundation Board. When setting up the Feed Design Lab in The Netherlands an international organisation has always been the starting point. It is an important principle the appointment of an independent chairman of the board with knowledge of the total protein and feed column, FDL writes in a press release. Yvan Dejaegher, is Director General of Bemefa, Vice President of Ovocom, member of the Core Group EUFETEC and is agricultural engineer by training and specialised in marketing. Dejaegher started his career at Bemefa in 1988. Bemefa is the professional association of approximately 170 Belgian manufacturers, they represent 99 percent of the Belgian national feed production. Read more ...


THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012

Russian wheat pounded by Arctic blast

The wheat-growing areas of Ukraine and central Russia are suffering as Arctic blast batter the region. There's not quite enough snow cover to insulate the region's winter wheat and barley and the crops are starting to suffer from winterkill, says MDA EarthSat Weather senior ag meteorologist Don Keeney. "Snow cover is sufficient in many areas to insulate and protect the crops from damage," he says. "However, snow cover is a bit thin in far southeastern Ukraine and southern Russia, and we estimate about 15 percent of the winter wheat and 20 percent of the winter barley will suffer from winterkill damage." Read More ...

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CB Packaging is a market leader of multi-walled paper sacks. With over 50 years of experience, we offer solutions for a wide range of industries, including animal feeds, pet food, seeds, milk powder, flour and root crops.

For more information, please call Tim Stallard: +44 (0) 7805 092067

February 03, 2012

2012 Grapas Conference in Bangkok


I am inviting you personally to attend a unique event that looks at milling in general and rice milling developments in particular. Where else would you get specialist knowledge, insight and contacts in rice milling technology than at this event?


The count down has started! Victam Asia 2012 is just TWO weeks away. So too is the 2nd one-day GRAPAS Conference, which will be held above the exhibition area (in Meeting Room 222-223 on the second floor) of the BITEC centre in Bangkok.

The GRAPAS Conference (which starts at 09:30 on February 15, 2012 in Bangkok's BITEC Centre) is part of the GRAPAS Exhibition hosted and co-located with Victam Asia 2012. Conference Theme "Guaranteeing food and feed safety through greater use of technology in the control of

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product quality at each step of the milling process, from raw material collection-through processing-to-product dispatch." Places are limited to 200. The Conference will be in English and translated simultaneously into Thai. The Conference fee is US$25 (or Baht 770 or UK£15). You can register and pay using our secure service below. Review the draft program here Go right to Registration now! Sorry, I can't make it this time Perendale Publishers Limited (PPL) is pleased to be patron of this important event for Asian milling industry representatives. PPL's Grain & Feed Milling Technology magazine (the event's Media Partner) is also proud to announce that it will once again be sponsoring the GRAPA Milling Award 2012 at Victam Asia. Thank you for your attention. We look forward to seeing you at GRAPAS Conference on February 15, 2012. Your sincerely

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THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012

APK a Ukrainian pork producer invest in feed production

A Ukrainian pork producing company APK-Invest Company (Donetsk region), one of the largest in the Ukraine , plans to invest €28.4 million (US$37.3 million), in compound feed production by 2015. According to the company’s report of January 26, it expects to reach an annual output level of 200,000 tons of compound feed by 2015. This would be twice the production of 2011, APK has been boosting compound feed product by 50 percent year on year in 2011 to 90,000 tons. The company points out that this expansion was achieved due to expanding production capacities of its existing feed mills. Read more ..

Welsh developing a natural feed supplement

An additive aimed at producing healthy premium milk all year round is currently under development in Wales with the support of the Welsh government. Scientists at the Aberystwyth-based Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS), believe this could provide a financial boost for dairy farmers and feed manufactures. “The technology we have developed is novel, meets an industry need and promises economic benefits to feed manufacturers, dairy farmers and retailers,” says Dr Michael Lee, who is leading the project. Welsh Government funding of more than UK£126, 000 (€ 150,000) will enable IBERS to validate the technology by way of field trials and it is working with three industrial partners, including one of the UK’s leading UK supermarkets and an animal feed manufacturer. Read more ...

Press Release: AGENTIS INNOVATIONS – Providing Technology Solutions For You At Victam Asia

Well known feed industry personality Yiannis Christodoulou recently founded Agentis Innovations to provide and develop technologies that automate manufacturing, feed mill and premix, processes and integrate data collection for the livestock, aquaculture, petfood and associated industries (grain milling and premix, food and biofuel plants Yiannis explained that “Agentis Innovations is the exclusive international partner for the state-of-the-art automation technology for TAT Energy and Engineering. Being based in Thailand, Agentis Innovations can rapidly respond to the needs of our regional Asia Pacific customers and provide a level of on-time service.” Yiannis invites you to visit their booth (C035) at VICTAM ASIA on February 15-17, to find out more about the solutions they provide for; Upgrading automation process controls for existing feed mills  Designing process control software for new feed mills Demonstration of our new smart phone app for remote monitoring of Mill Plus Agentis Innovations comprehensive product range includes; Fully integrated and complete solutions for automation of the mill process control and data analysis system allowing for full traceability - Mill Plus. Full selection of stand-alone process modules, where complete mill control software is not required, including Smart Batching and Smart Pellet. Agentis Innovations look forward to meeting with you during VICTAM and discussing any automation requirements and how we can work together to maximise your feed mill or premix plant operational efficiencies. For further information please contact marketing@agentisinnovations. com or visit


THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012

February 06, 2012

US organic farmers sue Monsanto on GM seeds

A class action law suit has been filed by the US Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association against Monsanto, which manufactures most of the world’s genetically modified seeds and pollens. In a written statement, Monsanto spokesman Thomas Helscher said "Monsanto never has and never will sue a farmer if our patented seed or traits are found in his field as a result of inadvertent means.” But Gianni Ortiz, founder and director of Farm Assist Productions, a nonprofit advocacy group for small farms, says she is aware of nearly 900 court cases in which Monsanto won damages from farmers because their crops contained plants grown from its genetically modified organisms. Read more …

A new report estimates the compound feed market at US$308.5 billion by 2017

A new report published by Transparency Market Research "Compound feed market and feed additives market: Global analysis and forecast (2007 - 2017), the global compound feed market is estimated to be US$257 billion (€197.063 billion) in 2012 and expected to reach US$308.5 billion (€236.553 billion) in 2017 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 3.72 percent over the period 2012 to 2017. Compound feed grew significantly worldwide over the past five years with the growth rate of 3.94 percent. North America is consistently maintaining its leadership in compound feed market with revenue market revenue of US$72.3 billion (€55.438 billion) in 2010. Asia has the most promising growth potential for the compound feed industry as the consumption of animal derived products is increasing on account of their rise in disposable income. Read more …

Grain railway cars banned from leaving country

Ukraine's State Railway Administration has banned its grain railway cars from leaving the country, a spokeswoman for the body said on Friday, effectively halting railway grain exports. "It is a temporary restriction which was introduced in a bid to secure domestic shipments," she said. She added that the ban had come into force on February 1 and would remain until a special decision by the railway authority. The spokeswoman said Ukraine operated about 11,000 grain cars and around 1,000 of them were outside of Ukrainian territory as of February 3. "Our service is relatively cheap and traders prefer to keep our cars for as long as possible," she said. Read more ...

February 07, 2012

New generation of products that helps the broiler industry reduce feed costs

Danisco's Axtra XAP is a new generation feed enzyme product, that allows the inclusions of lower cost feed ingredients such as Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS). While DDGS is potentially a cost-effective and valuable feed ingredient for the broiler industry, its use is often limited by the high content of fibrous anti-nutrients such as arabinoxylans, and the low and variable digestibility of amino acids and other nutrients. The unique enzyme combination targets the indigestible fibrous components, Axtra XAP releases starch and amino acids, thereby enabling higher inclusion levels of these lower cost ingredients. The triple enzyme combination is also very efficient in releasing nutrients from conventional ingredients such as corn and soybean meal. Read more …


THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012


THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012

IPE see the latest research from bioresource

Scientists from the Agricultural biotechnology company BioResource International, Inc. presented their latest research at the International Poultry Science Forum held in conjunction with the International Poultry Expo in Atlanta from January 23-26, 2012. The poster, presented by BRI Nutritionist Dr Patrick Biggs, was entitled “Effect of a protease on phytase when fed to broiler chickens.” According to BRI CEO Dr. Giles Shih, “Some potential customers of our feed enzymes have asked if BRI’s novel proteases are compatible with other feed enzymes such as phytase. “We are glad to be able to present our latest research that shows our innovative enzymes play well with other enzymes.” Read more ...

Biotechnology developer receives patent for xylose

A California based biotechnology developer Verdezyne has been granted a US patent titled “Engineered microorganisms with enhanced fermentation activity” for an engineered yeast and class of enzymes it developed which can be used to ferment the abundant, but hard-to-process, xylose found in cellulosic feedstocks. According to Steven Picataggio, chief scientific officer at Verdezyne, xylose is the most abundant pentose sugar and can comprise up to 40 percent of cellulosic feedstocks being considered for biofuels and biochemical production. “Unfortunately, yeast is naturally unable to ferment this xylose, and robust xylose fermentation remains a key bottleneck for commercialising the next-generation cellulosic ethanol process,” he said. Read more …

February 08, 2012


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Livestock firm in Vietnam opens large feed factory

The Hong Ha Nutrition Joint Stock Co, a private Vietnamese firm, has opened an advanced animal feed plant with a capacity of 400,000 tonnes per year, and thereby becoming the largest feed processor in Vietnam. The factory is located on a total area of 7 ha, at the Dong Van Industrial Zone, Duy Tien District, in the northern Hanam Province. Last year, the enterprise decided to invest more than VND150 billion (US$7.1 million) in the new production line to reach its current capacity, nearly ten times more than the initial capacity of 48,000 tonnes seven years ago. The event marked a significant milestone as a local private firm reaching such a great capacity, said industrial analysts. Read more ..

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... find it with IMD

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15/03/2010 12:4

Work starts on algae-based feed plant in Iowa

Shenandoah's BioProcess Algae and Green Plains Renewable Energy broke ground last week on the construction of its five-acre (1.2 ha) production plant at Green Plains in Shenandoah, Iowa, USA.

PALM VIEW TRADE “Your Reliable Supply Chain Manager”

The project's Grower Harvester bioreactors, or ponds, have been effectively running outdoors since late August 2011. This groundbreaking marks the third phase in the project to commercialise algae for feed and high-value nutraceutical markets.

Products we produce and Export:

Phase one of algae production was launched in October 2009.

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"The incredible success of this project, from its conception in 2008 to this groundbreaking today, is a result of a combination of great partnerships, great science, great engineering and great leadership," said Shenandoah Chamber and Industry Executive Director Gregg Connell. "Moving forward into the five-acre production facility, we have successfully brought algae directly into the sunlight to increase growth rates," said Tim Burns, CEO of BioProcess Algae. Read more ..


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THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012

How do you get to the GRAPAS Conference

How do you get to the GRAPAS Conference for a 09:30 start on February 15, 2012 in a city you are not that familiar with? Especially when it’s located alongside an exhibition that is at a new location for the first time. BITEC, the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre, is on the Bangkok Rapid Transit Systems’s network. You can reach BITEC by Skytrain – Bang Na Station - on the E line to E13. If you arrive at BITEC from the Skytrain, you will enter BITEC on the 2nd floor and will pass the entrance to the conference areas. If you enter via the trade show on the 1st floor, you can reach them by escalators, lifts and stairs. The conferences are well signed.

February 13, 2012

Hungarian pellet mill operators trained by CPM Roskamp

CPM Roskamp suppliers of grinding, pelleting and cooling process technology for the animal feed, oilseed, biofuels and human food-processing industries, trained 15 operators from Hungary’s Pannonia Ethanol on the CPM Roskamp Champion hammermill. The plant will convert roughly 575,000 tons of corn annually. “CPM was happy to welcome the Pannonia operators from Hungary to receive training on our machines,” said Ryan Dietzenbach, CPM Roskamp Champion assistant sales manager. “We have several goals with our new ethanol plant,” said Ferenc Mak, Pannonia Ethanol plant manager. “We want to provide a source of domestically produced animal feed; produce some of the cleanest ethanol within the European Union (EU); and help Hungary take an active, leading role in ongoing EU efforts to decrease carbon emissions.” Read more ...

The first US-China agricultural symposium in Iowa

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), secretary Tom Vilsack has announced the first joint symposium on agriculture between the US and China. Government and industry leaders from both countries will gather in Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday February 16, for the US-China Agricultural Symposium. The symposium will focus on current and future cooperation between the two nations in areas including food safety, food security and sustainable agriculture. "I'm honoured to welcome China's Vice President Xi Jinping and Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu to the United States, where we may continue our in-depth dialogue on issues of mutual concern," said Vilsack. "Thanks to the productivity of American farmers, ranchers and producers, consumers in China recognize the United States as a reliable supplier of highquality food and agricultural products. Strengthening our partnership with China's growing market is integral to the strength of the US economy in the decades ahead." Read more ...

Mexican cattle deaths caused through Urea poisoning

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (SAGARPA) in Mexico has confirmed that the 600 head of cattle in Actopan was caused by Urea poisoning thought to be from poultry manure. Poultry manure contains large amounts of urea, which is transformed into ammonia inside the stomach of the animal and generates amino acids or proteins, substances that cause excessive intoxication.


THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012

The delegate of SAGARPA, José Vicente Ramirez Martinez, said“After conducting a study of dead animals, it was discovered that cause of death was the consumption in excessive quantities of a feed comprising a cheap and shoddy chicken litter which poisoned the animals that died". “The results showed traces of urea, which involves a pattern of intoxication, however, independently of this we are awaiting the outcome [of the investigation] of the manure," explained the federal official. Read more ...

February 14, 2012

EPA failed to update Dioxin regulations as deadline passes

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was all set to release new recommendations for the regulations of Dioxins on January 31, but so far they have not managed to meet the deadline date. The new reassessment and the updating of the regulations for dioxins come after many years of reassessing and advising US consumers and public policy makers since 1985. Since the 1980's the use of dioxins have been scaled back, but even with the tighter regulations and control dioxin still contaminate meat and dairy products being principally emitted from waste incinerators, paper pulp producers, and copper smelters. Read more ...

Jamaican Newport Mills, way out in front over safety ratings

With its first year in production at an end, the Nutramix animal feed producer, has show they are ahead of the game and competition when its comes to the International safety rating. The company, based in Kingston and supplying Jamaica and the Caribbean, has shown what dedication and good work ethics can achieve. With investments totalling more than US$10 million (€7.6 million), over a five year period, and a strong quality management system, has garnered the company the ISO Quality Management systems (ISO 9001:2008), Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality and safety certifications. "The safe feed we are offering Jamaican farmers and consumers is helping to secure the future of our livestock sector," says Dr Velton Gooden, quality systems manager at Newport Mills Ltd. Read more ...

Wenger Extrusion Group Announces Purchase Of Source Technology A/S Inline sampling and real time analysis becomes key to full integration

The Wenger Extrusion Group (comprised of Wenger Manufacturing, Inc, Extru-Tech, Inc, and Corporate Project Services) has announced the acquisition of Source Technology A/S, the leading provider of inline analysis systems used in food and feed manufacturing. Headquartered in Kolding, Denmark, Source Technology supplies inline sampling and analysis systems to four key industries involving pellets and powders. Source Technology leverages its innovative expertise to help manufacturers enhance product quality, improve energy and operational efficiencies and increase food safety regulation compliance. Typical applications for Source Technology inline analysis devices include measuring of bulk density, tap density, moisture content, product sizing, particle sizing, NIR analysis, burned particle detection, color intensity, dust testing, durability testing, floating test and much more.


THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012

The Wenger Extrusion Group, headquartered in Sabetha, Kansas, is a global designer, manufacturer and full service provider of extrusion processing systems. The acquisition of Source Technology will strengthen their ability to provide a full scope of automated extrusion technology systems with enhanced process control. Wenger systems are installed in over 90 countries, and are supported through 330 extrusion-specific professionals based in twelve global locations. Wenger manufactures and supports the industry’s most comprehensive series of extruders, dryers and controls for the commercial production of pet food, human food, aquatic and livestock feeds. For more information: Lafe Bailey, Wenger Vice President of Sales and Services Thomas Jorgensen, Source Technology President

Silo Construction & Engineering

SCE Maximum bulk storage +32(0)51 723128

February 15, 2012

Nutreco has had a very good year in 2011

The global feed company Nutreco, has reported an EBITA at €241 million (US$317.048 million), for the end of 2011, this was an increase of 8.3 percent on the year ending 2010. Wout Dekker, CEO Nutreco: "The past year was important in the history of Nutreco for several reasons. It was the final year of our Re-balancing for Growth strategy and we achieved targets financially. We made advances in our nutritional solutions - creating value for our customers -, reached sustainability objectives and we made commitments for the future. The excellent result in 2011, with a €241 million (US$317.048 million), EBITA, means Nutreco exceeded the target to double the 2006 EBITA of €115 million (US$151.288 million). In November the Executive Board presented the strategy update 'Ambition 2016 - driving sustainable growth'. At the same time we announced our intention to sell the Hendrix compound feed business to ForFarmers, where it can be a core activity with a leading market position. Read more ...

Saskatchewan crop input facility closed by Cargill

Cargill Limited announced the closure of its Langbank, Saskatchewan crop input facility, effective February 15, 2012. The company will cease production at the ageing facility, which no longer serves to most effectively meet the needs of the company and its customers. “Cargill is committed to operating safe, efficient and cost-effective networks of farm service centers across Canada,” said Sheldon Spearman, Cargill Farm Service Group Manager. “While the Langbank facility no longer meets our current needs, we will continue to offer our valued customers the exceptional direct-to-farm service approach that they have come to expect from Cargill. Our customers will not be impacted by this change,” he said. Read more ...

China and Canada agree on canola and grain trade

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz was pleased to join Prime Minister Stephen Harper on a successful trade mission to China which resulted in a series of new agricultural agreements between the two countries. "China is an important market for Canadian farmers and by working together with Chinese producers and processors we can open new windows of opportunity in both countries," said Minister Ritz. "Strengthening the Canada-China agricultural trade relationship with these agreements is the result of the strong trade relationship we have built with our Chinese partners over many years." Read more ... 14

THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012


THE GLOBAL MILLER | February 2012

February 16, 2012

USDA underestimates crop loss in South America

A Brazilian grain analyst believes that the US Department of Agriculture has underestimates the growing crop losses in both soybeans and corn that are taking place now as a result of the sever drought in Southern Brazil and Argentina. The USDA's recent report estimated Brazilian corn production at 61 million tons, which would be close to last year's actual production level. "I don't see this corn being harvested. I completely disagree with this number," says João Carlos Kopp, a market analyst and consultant working with farmers in Brazil. Kopp's own estimates, working with several farmers around the country, come to 50.9 million tons, including expected losses of 30 percent in Rio Grande Du Sol and 30 percent loss in Paraná, the country's leading corn state. Read more ...

Victam Asia 2012 get off to a promising start

Victam Asia, Fiaap Asia and Grapas Asia saw a promising start unaffected by bombing accidents as was seen elsewhere in Bangkok on Tuesday before the show started. More than 2,800 visitors entered the BITEC exhibition centre on the first day of Victam, Fiaap and Grapas Asia in Bangkok, Thailand. More than a third of the visitors came from outside Thailand and from 66 countries in total, said Victam Managing Director Henk van de Bunt. In total 166 exhibitors from 29 countries, of which 12 from Asia, welcomed the visitors. All together they acquired 30 percent more space individually and built larger stands.
 Read more ...

Mannanase enzyme sold to BASF

Mannanase enzyme sold to BASF by Direvo, an industrial biotech company based in Cologne, Germany. Direvo developed a mannanase enzyme to meet the needs of the feed industry. Direvo´s feed enzyme is an improved mannanase. It displays superior temperature stability and efficacy. This novel enzyme will complement the existing range of feed enzymes that BASF currently markets. "There is no comparable enzyme on the market," said Dr. Jorg Riesmeier, CEO of Direvo Industrial Biotechnology GmbH. "We are pleased that our unique enzyme with optimal characteristics for the animal feed industry is enabling BASF to accelerate work on efficient and sustainable nutrition" he added. Read more ..


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