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GY Sept 2016 Issue 01

Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Dedicated to those that share the joy of riding!

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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01


GetYonder EDITOR IN CHIEF Stephanie Hampton CONTENT EDITOR Kimberly Newman SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER Yolanda Darnell CONTRIBUTORS Various Users of Get Yonder Website

MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR Don’t just ride for the miles, be sure to capture the memories! I wanted to personally thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown to Get Yonder and for always sharing in your personal journeys. It is my intent to continue to celebrate the joy of riding and making memories while saluting those that share the same passion. Get Yonder was created to dissolve the boundaries that separate those sharing the love of hitting the highways. So, thank you for sharing, ride safe and continue to GET YONDER!!

Stephanie Hampton Editor-In-Chief

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CONTENTS Fast Harleys Only................................................. 06-07 The Man Behind the Movement

So You Think You’re A Ground Pounder......... 08-09

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Meet the Lady that Celebrated Her Birthday On the Road

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At The Bottom...................................................... 14-15

Cover photo: Provided by Delshateki Izquierdo

Rarebreed Ride Harleys...................................... 16-17

People Who Use the Title Prematurely

48 States To Celebrate 50 Years.......................... 12-13

Mile Marker Zero at Key West, Florida

Meet Some of the Men of Rarebreed MC

48 States Hall of Fame......................................... 18-19 Each of Them Rode To The Lower 48 States

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GY Sept 2016 Issue 01

Dedicated to those that love to ride!




A couple’s journey riding to the lower 48 states.


The Man Behind The Movement


She rode to 48 states for her birthday.


Riding with the one you love.


A sixteen year old crossing state lines.


Catching State Signs............................................ 20-21 See Who’s Crossing State Lines

Couples That Ride................................................ 22-23 Couples That Enjoy Riding Together

Ground Pounding At Sixteen............................ 24-25


Meet the Sixteen Year Old Riding With Family

More Than Just Miles.......................................... 26-29 A Couple’s Journey To 48 States

Who’s Getting Yonder......................................... 30-31 See Who’s Getting Yonder

Women That Twist Throttle............................... 32-33 These Ladies All Ride Their Own


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GY Sept 2016 Issue 01

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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Dedicated to those that love to ride!

GY Sept 2016 Issue 01


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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01

The Man Behind The Movement By: Stephanie Hampton


e rides a Harley Davidson. That’s what he loves! That’s what he lives by! So, when asked if Fast Harleys Only movement is specific to Harley Davidson riders, his answer was NO!


had the chance to speak to the man behind Fast Harleys Only, Marcell Tillman, AKA Big Cell of Kingz of the South MC in Atlanta, GA. I wanted to know exactly what was Fast Harleys Only, what inspired it, and what he attributes to the large following.

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ast Harleys Only or FHO, was started some five years ago as a means to bring back the fun to the Atlanta Motorcycle Set. Big Cell stated that things had changed from the way it was “back in the days”, and he wanted to do something that would make being a part of the community exciting again. He wanted to do something that would also bring other riders from other states together. He would use this forum to connect with other bikers from different areas of the country that shared a love for riding.


s he frequently traveled to other states, it was his goal to bridge the gap, aligning other bikers to a similar cause. Fast Harleys Only started as his connection to out of state bikers, allowing him to meet new people as he traveled. Big Cell states that he has met people through FHO, that he would not have otherwise met and have created many lasting friendships. He also stated, because of the FHO Movement, he now gets paid to do what he loves, and that’s ride his motorcycle.

Dedicated to those that love to ride!


ast Harleys Only catered to just that-Fast Harleys. From its initial start, it was all about who had the fastest bikes and the biggest motors, which coincided with the FHO slogan, “Run What You Brung.” It created camaraderie within the motorcycle community, as this was something new and exciting that many enjoyed. The trash talking, the friendly bets, the competition.....all largely played a part in what has now become a nationwide movement.


hen asked what attributes to his large FHO following, Big Cell states that his presence on social media has played a large part with his fan base. His Youtube channel, Facebook group, and Instagram page have all contributed to his success and loyal following. Big Cell states that he tries to be consistent with his videos to keep the fans engaged and he continuously support those that support his endeavors. He expressed that he was initially criticized because FHO was specific to Harleys, which left out a number of riders that may have been interested, however, the movement has grown to mean so much more than racing Harleys. FHO is bridging a gap amongst all riders, no matter what they ride and has brought the attention to common causes within the motorcycle community. Big Cell also mentioned, since the start of FHO, many have switched to riding Harleys.

“I was criticized for FHO being only about Harleys”

GY Sept 2016 Issue 01



s for the future of Fast Harleys Only, Big Cell states that he wants to work on branding FHO, wanting it to be known internationally. He states that his goal is to be known worldwide for his movement and eventually want to create a reality show. He seeks to show the world that bikers are every day people, with real professions, and to dispel the negative stigma that surrounds biker communities.


ig Cell also wanted to thank his fans for all the support they have provided to FHO. Whether it be through viewing his videos, or wearing his paraphernalia, he appreciates the love. He also wanted to thank his parents, who are his biggest supporters and his wife, Queen (VP of Harleys Angels MC) for their continued support. In addition, he wants to thank his friends, Randy Hogan (Snowman), Deshea Hickson, Josie Johnson and King Rover (VP of Kings of the South MC) for their support.


hat started as a Harleys only past time, has now grown into a country wide movement, connecting bikers from all walks of life. We look forward to the future of Fast Harleys Only and hope that Big Cell continues in his endeavors.

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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01

So You Think You’re A Ground Pounder? I

n the past few years, especially in

owners of motorcycles just enjoying

You can’t wake up, plan a trip, ride

the Urban Motorcycle Community,

riding their bike when time permits.

for 10 or 15 days and now consider

there has been an influx of motorcycle

They have no desire to earn patches

yourself a Ground Pounder. Especially

riders utilizing the word GROUND

or titles………they simply ride as a

when you’ve never seen a state sign

POUNDER! Some are self proclaimed,

hobby, and ride when either their job,

before the trip, and probably won’t

some deemed by others, yet the title

money, or time allows. This doesn’t

see another one, unless you ride by it

has grown to be as common as pop up

mean that their love of motorcycles are

in a car. However, please don’t get me

motorcycle clubs.

more or any less than anyone else,they

wrong, riding across country and even

simply choose not to participate in the

around the country to different states,

extreme facets of the lifestyle.

by no means is an easy task. I know,


he word GROUND POUNDING, has become a relative term, and

depending on who you are speaking to, the definition will differ……but this article isn’t about it’s relativity.

page 8


because I’ve done both! However,

ut……back to these pop up

it still doesn’t make you a ground

Ground Pounders, that use one

pounder, just as riding half-way across

trip to justify their new found title!

country once a year to an anniversary

This article is about motorcycle riders

If you are not known for riding,

party doesn’t make you one either,

that take one trip, whether it be across

then you probably coined yourself

especially when you arrive by air to

country or three states over, and

prematurely. Your ONE trip to earn

all other yearly events. Of course, this

now consider themselves GROUND

a patch does not constitute you as a

doesn’t mean that a Ground Pounder


GROUND POUNDER, any more than

won’t ever fly to an event, or ever be

me riding on the back of my husband

seen driving a vehicle to one, because

o, before I start, I’d like to say,

motorcycle constitutes me as one. It

things happen, and it’s not realistic,

that not all riders want to be

takes more than one trip to earn that

however, I would say that it wouldn’t

considered a Ground Pounder; some

title. Ground Pounding is a lifestyle.

be a common practice for one.


Dedicated to those that love to ride!


here are some riders that are ALWAYS on their motorcycles. They

ride to different states, they ride cross country, but more importantly, they ride for the love of the sport. Their main objective for riding is not due to patches,

Brotherhood: What’s Your Definition?

GY Sept 2016 Issue 01


not due to titles or accolades. They simply enjoy the journey, the memories, and the wonderful experiences you encounter when you ride out of love. They are the true GROUND POUNDERS. They ride to reflect, to appreciate, and even to pray. They don’t need specific events, competitions, or certifications to influence their riding. They ride for the love of it, and funny enough, most times they would be the last to consider themselves as Ground Pounders.


nother quality that I’ve recognized among real Ground Pounders are

the fact that they don’t put other riders down because they don’t ride as much as them. They are encouraging, and always promoting the love of riding. They are helpful in sharing experiences and vital tips to other riders. Their willingness to

Actions always speak louder than words! It’s easy to say, “I am

embrace other riders that they meet along

my brother’s keeper”, however, do your actions show that? Here

their journeys also sets them apart from

above is Rarebreed MC and Next Level MC on the side of the

common riders.

highway under a bridge trying to stay cool from the heat. So why


o unless you have some experience,

are they there..........because they act on what it means to show BROTHERHOOD!

time and miles under your belt, just

continue to ride your ride (or not) and

A member of Rarebreed MC caught a flat tire on I70 and in return

stay away from titles that others have

pulled over on the highway. Next Level MC came riding by, and

rightfully earned. Too often we get caught

stopped after seeing them pulled over. Not only did Next Level

up in securing a title, that we lose the

MC contact a member of their Indianapolis chapter to come with a

true meaning behind the action. It doesn’t

trailer, but they also stayed there and waited with their Rarebreed

matter how many patches, trophies, or

brothers until the trailer arrived.

titles you’ve received, if you aren’t doing it for the enjoyment, the memories and love

This is what true BROTHERHOOD is all about! Shout out to Next

of the ride, then you have missed the most

Level MC!

important aspects of the journey! page 9



Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01

HAVE YOU CHECKED OUT THE GET YONDER SITE & MOBILE APP? A full site dedicated to those that enjoy riding! STATE SIGNS


t ate signs are a favorite

on the Get Yonder site. Post a photo of you or a group in front of a state sign that you captured while on your journey!

page 10



a dy riders are taking

over the highways. This category is for the women that ride and hold their own. Hats off to you ladies for hitting the highways!



andmarks are essential to the enjoyment of any trip. This category was created to share in those beautiful or historical landmarks along your journey!


GY Sept 2016 Issue 01

Dedicated to those that love to ride!

A PLACE TO SHARE YOUR PHOTOS! Celebrate your journey by sharing your photos! GAS & GO


as & Go was created to share photos of you or a group gasing up during a trip. It is dedicated to those that enjoy the moments between the miles.



couple that rides together, stays together! This category was created for the lovers that enjoy getting miles together!



hether it be a group of club members or friends, this category was created to share photos of large group rides!

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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01

Fifty years of anything is certainly a blessing! Whether it be fifty years of marriage, fifty years of business, or simply fifty years of existence! In celebration of her 50th birthday, Sunshine Rogers decided to ride to the lower 48 states on her motorcycle Fatty, in hopes of gaining a stronger relationship with God, through prayer and conversation.

She Rode To 48 States To Celebrate 50 Years! A Journey With Faith and Prayer To 48 States! Q: What inspired you to ride to the lower 48 states on your motorcycle? A: I wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday. I have done so much in life, so I wanted to use the time to have a conversation with God and talk about what he wanted me to do with the rest of my life. I wanted to connect to him spiritually and do something that I love doing at the same time. Q: How did you prepare for the long trip?

page 12

A: To help prepare, I spoke to Highway Smiley to plan a route for the trip. Once I had my route together, I was ready to go. I spoke

to him again before I left to make sure I had the route correct. I didn’t use any apps or anything. I took two cell phones with me so I could use one for the GPS but one of the phones went out. Q: When did your trip start and ended and what kind of motorcycle did you ride? A: I rode a 2004 Fat Boy Soft Tail, Harley Davidson. I started on June 3rd from Houston, Texas and ended in Redding, California on June 24th. Q: To do a trip of this nature solo is impressive. How long have you been riding motorcycles?

A: I have been riding for about 15 years. My Softail that I rode on my trip had 106,000 miles when I started my 48 states. Q: Did you encounter any bad weather or issues that delayed your trip? A: At the beginning of the trip, I was stuck in Alabama for two days due to the weather and bad storms. I also had a flat tire once and other minor mechanical issues. But thanks to God, he continued to send people to help me right when I needed it. I was praying my entire trip, and I knew that he would work it out, so I wasn’t worried.


GY Sept 2016 Issue 01

Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Q: What was the most memorable for you on your trip across the country? A: I was amazed at all the angels that God kept sending my way. I was stopped in Kansas by a state police, and didn’t realize that he was following me. When he pulled me over, he asked why didn’t I stop for him. I told him that I was just deep in prayer. I told him the truth. He let me go with a warning. My entire trip was about me growing closer to God. I learned as I rode and my faith in God continued to grow. Q: What was the total number of miles for your trip? A: In total, I rode 9,139 miles. Q: Even though your purpose for the trip wasn’t for the patch, how does it feel to be the first female to receive the red star Highway Smiley patch?

A: I didn’t know at the time that I was going to be the first female until you told me about when I talked to you after my trip had started. I appreciate everything that Smiley does for our community and I appreciate earning my patch. Q: Anything else you would like to add? A: I wanted to thank all those that followed me and prayed for me. God truly blessed me. He allowed me to meet new people along the way that I wouldn’t have met. I want to thank the Afro Dogs in Youngstown, Ohio. They took my bike and serviced it from tire to tire. They found a few things wrong but they made sure that they checked everything. The changed my oil and realigned my tires and also had to replace a screw in my primary. Editor Note: Sunshine Rogers is gearing up for her second run to the lower 48 states.

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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01

At The Bottom

Mile Zero

At the very bottom of the map, Key West Florida!


oughly 90 miles north of Cuba, sits the most southern part of the United States, Key West, Florida. As part of the Florida Keys, it’s actually closer to Havana, Cuba than it is to Miami, Florida. The entire island is roughly 4 miles in length.


here on the island sits a concrete replica of a buoy painted with the words, “Southernmost Point in the Continental U.S.A.” This landmark has become a major attraction to tourist and motorcycle enthusiasts.


nother landmark that has grown popular in the motorcycle community is the Mile Marker Zero sign. It sits at the corner of Whitehead and Fleming St. in Key West. It is also where U.S. Route 1 ends, which is the highway taken from Miami to Key West. The highway is also known as Overseas Highway, and is approximately 113 miles long.

page 14

Dedicated to those that love to ride!

GY Sept 2016 Issue 01


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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01

Rarebreed Ha D

on’t ’call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years! To be exact, they have been in existence for twenty-seven (27) years, as one of the elite, all Harley Davidson motorcycle club. Whether you love them or hate them, you have to respect that Rarebreed Motorcycle Club is taking the country by storm. In recent years, they have gone from just a few chapters in their organization, to twenty-one current chapters, and counting. Rarebreed MC is currently led by long term members, Fast Fred (National President) and Big E (National VP). Both men are responsible for the leadership and guidance of what is internally known, as THE EMPIRE!.

page 16


GY Sept 2016 Issue 01

Dedicated to those that love to ride!

d Ride

Harleys T

he men of Rarebreed MC are known for having some of the baddest Harley Davidson motorcycles around, but more importantly, the organization is known for riding their motorcycles. It’s not uncommon to see them pounding across country, in any given weather at any given time of the year. Seasonal riding is nonexistent in this club. As members of the organization, they are rewarded for ground pounding through the presentation of various patches. This is one way that the men stay motivated and committed to upholding what it means to be a BREED! They are most known for their motto “EARNED NOT GIVEN” and it is a statement that they don’t take lightly at all! page 17



Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01







48 STA



page 18



Dedicated to those that love to ride!



GY Sept 2016 Issue 01










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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01


page 20

Dedicated to those that love to ride!

GY Sept 2016 Issue 01


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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01

Nate & Shannon

Doing What You Love With The One You Love!

page 22

Tee & Kyla

Raglin & Josie

Lisa & Jason

Shareef & Joyce


GY Sept 2016 Issue 01

Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Dre & Virginia

Conrad & Shantez

Adam & Miranda

Hugh & Sandra

Mike & Brooklyn

Trent & Leah

page 23



Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01

At Sixteen: Riding Is A Family Affair

My parents were my gateway to riding motorcycles. They have been doing it for so long. I am glad to be apart of something that they love!

By: Stephanie Hampton


s a child, our parents are our heroes. We look

up to them, often imitating and wanting to be and do exactly as they do. They share with us, their passions and most times, it either ignites a fire or persuades us to go in another direction. Either way, we ultimately decide…...


elshateki Izquierdo, known to most as Dirty Bird, has been surrounded by motorcycles all of her life. She states that her parents were the gateway to her love for riding. Her father, Big Hump, a member of Sons of Solomon MC and mother, Thunder Kat, president of Blaque Pearls MC in Killeen, Texas, both introduced Dirty Bird to riding at a very early age. As an avid biker, Thunder Kat would ride to events with her on back, not wanting to exclude her from one of the things she loved most. Dirty Bird enjoyed riding, however, she often became bored being on the back. She decided instead of being a passenger, she would learn to ride her own.

page 24


er parents purchased her a Harley Davidson 883 Sportster. Because she started riding prior to her endorsement [around the neighborhood], the name “Dirty Bird” was given to her, symbolizing riding “dirty”. However, before her first official trip, at the age of sixteen, she obtained her driver’s license and then her motorcycle endorsement. She was now ready for her upcoming trip.


er first trip would be with her mother, Thunder Kat, and a group of women riders. They rode roughly seven hours, to Little Rock, Arkansas from Killeen, Texas in celebration of International Female Ride Day. The ladies would stop every 100 to 110 miles, ensuring that Dirty Bird was ok and that she was taking breaks as needed. The trip was a success as Dirty Bird was able to return home safely the following day. With her first trip under her belt, she was already excited to start planning her next trip, which would be taken with her dad within the next few months.

GetYonder For her second trip, Dirty Bird, along with her father and uncle, Big Hump and Papi Chulo, also a member of Sons of Soloman MC, rode to the most southern point of the United States…….Key West, Florida. From there, they would ride up to Deals Gap, North Carolina to visit the Tail of the Dragon. Prior to arriving to Key West, they stopped in Orlando, to visit family members, also allowing Dirty Bird to take a break from the highway. They stayed there for a day or so before heading south to Key West, Florida. The trip from Orlando to Key West would be roughly six and half hours one way. Once they arrived at Mile Zero, they took a few photos, ate and headed back to Orlando. Surprisingly, Dirty Bird was able to handle the quick turn around, and arrived back safely.

After leaving Orlando, they headed to Atlanta, GA where I was able to meet the three of them. I was excited, as it was my first time seeing Dirty Bird. While in Atlanta, they were able to get a good night’s rest, and continue their trip the next morning to Deals Gap, North Carolina in hopes of tackling the Tail of the Dragon. The Dragon consists of 11 miles of continuous curves, 318 curves to be exact. Nonetheless, Dirty Bird, her father and uncle made the trip safely and headed back to Atlanta, GA for another night of rest before heading back to Texas.

GY Sept 2016 Issue 01

Dedicated to those that love to ride!

both parents. They would ride from Killeen, Texas to New Mexico to visit the monument that shows the geographical location where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado all meet. In addition to visiting the Four Corners Monument, they would also ride to visit the Grand Canyon. This was one of the most exciting trips for Dirty Bird, as she was able to share these moments riding with both parents. To this day, Dirty Bird has traveled to 10 states via motorcycle. When asked what she enjoys the most about riding, she states she enjoys the scenery, riding, listening to her music, but most of all, she enjoys the memories with her family. She expressed that it’s something that her family has always loved to do and she’s grateful to be able to ride her own motorcycle and share these moments with them. When asked, where she wanted to ride to next, she replied, “Delaware”, because it’s similar to her name, Delshateki!

Dirty Bird’s third trip would be to the Four Corners Monument, which was one of the places she was excited about visiting. This time, it would be with page 25



Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01

So Much More Than Miles I wanted this trip to be one of many memories we shared. Instead of counting the miles, we decided to count the memories! Luckily for us......we lost count!


Written by: Stephanie Hampton

’ve always enjoyed riding with him. Whether it

Rarebreed brother, Leroy Smith, or Smitty as he is known.

be a quick trip around the city, or one of our out

Smitty had the food laid out for us when we arrived.

of state adventures, being right there with him,

We were able to eat and get a good night’s rest before

being able to hold onto him, means everything

starting our “Anniversary Poundcation”. We left early the

to me. Dirty and I had already completed a cross

following morning, headed north towards Washington,

country trip the previous year, riding to 27 states, but

DC where we stopped to visit the first place on our list,

this time, he wanted to travel to the lower 48 states.

the White House.

to our route, we made a list of all the


exciting places we wanted to visit.

until we reached Connecticut where we stopped for the

Our list would include visiting the

night. We continued riding north, stopping in Newport,

White House, Niagara Falls, Times Square, Hampton

Rhode Island to enjoy the beach briefly, then going up to

Beach (because of our name), The Civil Rights Museum,

Maine. We came back down to New Hampshire to stay

Bourbon Street in New Orleans, the Four Corners

on Hampton beach for the night. Of course, the beach was

Monument and a few other places. We also made

absolutely beautiful!

Then one day he walked in and asked, “babe, how would you like to celebrate our five year anniversary riding across country again? I think I answered before he could even complete his question!


s we started to plan our trip, we begin researching a route to use. In addition

stickers with our photo on them, to leave on each state sign. Our scheduled time frame would be 18 days or less, and we would start on June 12th, leaving from Atlanta,

W GA around noon.

e were greeted at the Rarebreed clubhouse in Atlanta, by a few of our friends that came to see us off. In fact, a few of them escorted us out of the city. Our first overnight

stop was in Fayetteville, NC where we stayed with our

page 26

e continued north riding on I95 straight up to Manhattan, New York, where we stopped at Times Square. The view at night was amazing. There were so many

people on the streets, especially for a Monday night. My husband and I ate dinner, then continued riding


GY Sept 2016 Issue 01

Dedicated to those that love to ride!

T “Niagara Falls was amazing! We took a boat tour on the Maid of the Mist and even visited Goat Island. ”

he weather had been

additional sunburns, and even though

almost perfect. With the

I tried to keep my face covered, the

exception of a broken

sun and wind took a toll on it. He

shifter on Dirty’s 2012

also allowed us to take a quick nap,

Harley Davidson, we

took us to lunch afterwards and even

couldn’t have planned a more perfect

escorted us out his city when it was

trip. After leaving Seacoast Harley

time to leave. We appreciated the

Davidson, we started heading across

love we received from the Columbus

the top of New York, making our way

chapter as a few of the other brothers

to Niagara Falls. We stopped and

stopped by as well, however, again, it

purchased a five hour tour package,

was time to get a few hundred miles

parked the motorcycle at the travel

in as we headed to Kentucky and then

agency and took the shuttle bus to the

back up to Indiana, where we would

Falls. We spent the entire day there.

stay the night with our brother Trent

We took a boat cruise on Maid of the

Williams and his wife Leah.

Mist and even visited Goat Island. It was one day that we would remember for as long as we lived, but it was time to put some miles in. Next stop was Columbus, Ohio, where we would visit our Rarebreed brothers, but before heading to Ohio, we would stay the night in Pennsylvania.



t was pretty late when we arrived in Indiana. Even so, Trent was up waiting on us. Not only did he have the guest room waiting, but he also went

out and grabbed us something to eat. We stayed up talking for a while and then crashed. The next morning, Trent

he next morning we

had taken Dirty motorcycle into his

arrived at the Rarebreed

shop and checked it for any issues. He

clubhouse in Columbus,

changed the oil, but he also changed

where we were greeted

his brakes, as he noticed they were a

by our brother Darrell

little worn. To top all of that off, he

Martin, VP of the chapter. He took

refused to be compensated when Dirty

really good care of us. He switched

tried to pay him. Afterwards, he and

my helmet shield to a smoke shield

his beautiful family took us to brunch

provided by Adam Garcia, president

at one of their favorite breakfast spots.

of the chapter, to help prevent any page 27



Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01

meet him so that he and his vice president Tank could


bring us in. We stayed the night at Ghost’s house and

Arizona and Utah meet at one geographical location,

also met up with a few other Breed brothers from the

but before visiting the monument, we wanted to stay the

Fayetteville chapter. We decided since we were all

night at a Navajo reservation. We stayed in Kayenta, AZ

going the same direction, we could ride together. The

for the night. The next morning, we visited the Four

next morning, Ghost escorted us out of the city and

Corners Monument for about twenty minutes at most,

even hit the Wisconsin state line with us.

and continued our journey. It was extremely hot, so we


fter our day with the Williams’ and Garcia family, and our fabulous meal at the Blue Bird restaurant, we decided to leave and head towards Illinois. We spoke to Adam Cavitt, Ghost, president of

the Rarebreed Indiana chapter. He gave us a spot to


was time to head east towards Atlanta. We still had a few more places on our list to visit, and a number of states to hit before

we complete our 48. Our next stop would be the Four Corners Monument where New Mexico, Colorado,

stopped more frequently than normal to be sure we were or the next few days, we rode as a group with Chief and Rob from the Fayetteville chapter, through the Midwest, the northwestern states and then to Los Angeles, CA. We had a great time riding through the mountains

and battling the forever changing temperatures. Dirty really enjoyed being able to ride with both his wife and brothers at the same time. Once we reached Los Angeles, we headed straight to the LA Rarebreed clubhouse. Afterwards, we met up with Hugh and Sandra Smith, (Highway Smiley and Dimples). We were invited to stay at their home during our visit to California. We had a great time dining at their favorite restaurants and even went out for an evening of fun and competition racing go-carts. Of course the men cheated to win!

page 28

e left that Sunday morning as it

drinking plenty of water.

Dedicated to those that love to ride!

t was finally our wedding

Atlanta by Wednesday night to attend

anniversary, and we were on

the TGIF weekly bike night, however,

our 38th state. We didn’t do

we still had one more stop prior to

anything special because our

ending our trip. We were headed to

entire trip was a celebration of

Selma, Alabama to visit the Edmund

our union together. Besides, we still

Pettis Bridge. It was the last stop on our

had places on our list to visit and our


Tate, also known as Yogi with the


#1 Stunnas MSC. After leaving his

to drizzle, lasting only a few minutes,

house, we visited the Lorraine Hotel

which was actually refreshing due to

and paid for the tour of the Civil

the temperatures. We completed our

Rights Museum. The museum did

trip in 17 days, traveling to the lower

an awesome job in bringing all of the

48 states for a total of 10,157 miles.

historical events under one umbrella

We ended our trip at the Georgia

in the form of exhibits. We visited the

state sign. I was a little emotional just

room where Martin Luther King, Jr

thinking about what my husband and

was assassinated, the jail cell where

I had done together and how our trip

he wrote a letter, the Montgomery

would be one that we remembered

Boycott bus and so much more.

for our lifetime. We kissed, and took a

time was starting to wind down. We had just completed Texas and still had to hit Oklahoma and Arkansas, before heading to Tennessee to the Lorraine Hotel and the Civil Rights Museum. While In Memphis, we stayed with a friend of ours, Mario


GY Sept 2016 Issue 01



uring the course of our entire trip, the weather was perfect. Though it got cold in some areas, we didn’t

run into any storms or rain. However, once we arrived in Selma, it started

photo as it was time to bring it on in. ext on our list was

We were greeted by Lyric, a friend of



ours that volunteered to escort us into

we drew closer to

Atlanta. Bloc Burnaz MC invited us to

coming home. We

their clubhouse to celebrate being back



home. When we arrived home later

Street as planned. We ate dinner and

that night, we said a prayer thanking

even went to a day party. We listened

God for his covering, blessings, and the

to music, danced and had a great time.

many memories we’ve gained!


We were trying to make it back to

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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01


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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

GY Sept 2016 Issue 01


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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

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Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01


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GY Sept 2016 Issue 01

Dedicated to those that love to ride!









Dedicated to those that love to ride!

Sept 2016 Issue 01


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