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I gave up on guilt a long time ago when it comes to being a working mother as the only person feeling guilty made miserable was myself.

WORK LIFE A day in the life of Tracey Vieira, Chief Executive Officer of Screen Queensland

eople often think as CEO of Screen Queensland Tracey Vieira’s life is all glamorous red carpets and celebrities, but it’s rarely that. The mum to six-year-old son Denham and wife to husband Joey sheds a little light on her life. MY ALARM GOES OFF AT… I have a cat called Pickles who is my alarm clock. She gets me up at the first signs of light by sitting on my pillow and scratching my expensive linen bedhead (which makes me get up immediately) or by walking backwards and forwards on me until I give up on sleeping. Usually 5.30am is a sleep in. I’M RESPONSIBLE FOR… Delivering the Strategic Plan, setting the culture and reporting to all stakeholders. We develop Queensland writers, producers and directors, and invest in their screen productions across all platforms. We also attract production to the state such as Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok and support more than 30 film festivals across the state. HOW I GOT THE GIG… Prior to Screen Queensland I was based in Los Angeles for 10 years as the Executive Vice President of International Production for Ausfilm where I worked closely with US Studios. I also worked with Australian filmmakers coming to the US to find financing partners or distribution. THE MOST REWARDING PART IS… Seeing filmmakers finally get a break when they have worked years to get their project onto screen. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE INDUSTRY… Every day is different and it’s always surprising. I’ve been able to do things like get a family

with a child who was palliative onto the film set to meet his hero, Captain Jack Sparrow, and I’ve also been able to do deals that no one else had which always makes me thrilled. WHAT I DON’T LOVE… There are some amazing Australian films that don’t get to reach a big audience as their budgets are low compared to the big Hollywood films. I think it is so important as a country we see our own stories and accents on screen, and I’m disappointed there are not easier ways to get these stories in front of audiences. I also wish we did better when it comes to gender in our business, both behind and in front of the screen. We are failing in this regard, like most industries, and we need to become more conscious about the choices we are making to ensure we increase diversity in our industry and our stories. CAREER HIGHLIGHT… Winning the 2016 Queensland Telstra Business Woman of the Year was such a surprise and one of my personal career highlights. I also met Chris Hemsworth when he first came to LA (before he was a super star!). WORST PART OF THE JOB… The hours can be brutal as I am often on calls to the US, UK and also working Australian hours and travelling so I can have some very longs days and weeks.

HOW I BALANCE IT ALL… I gave up on guilt a long time ago when it comes to being a working mother as the only person feeling guilty made miserable was myself. I had to reframe it in my mind and realise that being a working mother is setting a great example, and it teaches my son that work is important and why we have the roof over our heads. When I am at home, I work hard to be really present and not on my phone or computer. I also married the most awesome man on earth who always supports me, never complains about me constantly being away and is my biggest cheerleader. I think we have to treat ourselves the way we would treat our children — with kindness, forgiveness and understanding.

Plan B: I love business and would likely start my own in another area I have an interest in. November 2017


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