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wine and cheese — just earn it! That's what I do. I run or walk an hour to justify my wine and cheese. It sounds a bit silly but it works for me.” PRACTISING BODY POSITIVITY Charli felt like she grew up with her Hi5 audience, as many of them were only a few years younger than her. They would write letters asking her for advice and she would help them out. Once social media came along Charli found much younger teenagers began contacting her for advice on bullying/ self-esteem and so she regularly spoke about the topic on SeaFM. “I realised how so many young adults (and us grownups!) struggle with these issues. I had a voice on SeaFM that allowed me to say my thoughts and feelings which is an honour when you're talking about issues affecting people,” she says. “I hate trolls and online bullies, they are not brave; they hide behind a keyboard and usually have never met the person or know who they are. So many people wrote nasty things about me and you have to get a thick skin — but it's their issue, not mine! “Next time you're saying nasty comments about someone else (girls about girls, this counts the most!) stop and think why does that make you feel better to say it? It's your insecurities. The person may be going through more than you can imagine so it’s better to think a positive thought in your mind, rather than a negative one. “I've chosen to live with my heart and not my head, full of emotion and honesty rather than an exhausting spiral of bullsh*t.” THE HARDEST LOSS We asked Charli what was the hardest thing she has overcome and this was her response. “The loss of both my grandmas was hard (years apart). Being there with each of them on their final day. Holding my Nan's hand and telling her we loved her with every inhale and telling her it's all going to be okay with every exhale for hours,” Charli says. “Life is only measured in love. It's really that simple. Love for yourself, a pet, a parent or friend. It sounds a little weird maybe, but love is the answer to any life question. Why do we do things? Why do we feel something? Why do we wake up each day? It's only that.” SINGLE LIFE AND MOVING ON Following the split from her partner of six years, Charli went through a tough but necessary process of moving forward with life. “Being single is such a fun time, at times.

Friday nights in my PJs with wine and romantic comedies! More time with family. But at times at home you can feel lonely, however, on reflection, it's such a really special time… the only time you'll make your own decisions and do what you choose without compromise,” she says. “This is the time you find out who you really are and learn to love yourself and your own company. That means when someone comes into your life (like Liam for me), you're already whole so you don't need anything from them. “A partner just enhances experiences

and leave. Fake it ‘til you make it. And when you meet someone new, trust can be the hardest thing, but you may as well. What do they say? ‘You'd rather have loved and lost than never loved at all!’ They are right. “Oh and what's the worst thing? You breakup? Great excuse for a girls' night to make you feel better! Win/win really haha. Oh one last thing, when you're single and feeling down, play Beyoncé, trust me.” THE LOVE OF CHARLI’S LIFE Charli and boyfriend Liam Talbot are a recent match made in heaven with him as a race car driver and her as a rev head. Now with the love of her life the one behind the wheel, it adds a new level to her favourite sport. “He is the love of my life! (Yes, I'm aware how lovey-dovey that sounds!) It took us a while to find each other, me 36 and him 35, but definitely worth the wait!” Charli says. “When I was single I always went to Supercar events because it's what I wanted to do, it's my sport. So now travelling with him to races, I enjoy it so much more! Car racing is awesome but when you're in love with someone behind the wheel, it's a whole new

I've chosen to live with my heart and not my head, full of emotion and honesty rather than an exhausting spiral of bullsh*t.

and gives you a wing man, a best friend, and it's awesome to be that for someone too. I love a quote from RuPaul’s Drag Race, ‘If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love anyone else?’” CHARLI’S ADVICE FOR SINGLE LADIES “If you are single, it does not define you. It's the most empowering moment in your adult life. You now have time to find out who you really are, and I bet she's a fun, interesting warrior woman with so much to offer! We all are! Woman are amazing! But we easily give it all to others and leave no time for ourselves or forget what makes us passionate. This is your single time,” Charli says. “My advice? Say yes to everything! Get out of your comfort zone. Go to a party or event alone, and smile even when you'd rather run 15

level. I think I'm borderline stalker as I'm at all the events, but he calls it supportive so you know he's a good one when he says that! “Liam is happy to be in a onesie with me watching movies at home, or attending a black tie event I'm hosting; he's a big kid, he's just a big kid that likes fast cars, so it's perfect for me!” THE POSSIBILITY OF CHILDREN Charli has done so much work with children through her career so for her last question we asked if she sees herself having children of her own one day. “Yes for sure! I saw a photo of Liam as a chubby baby and said to him, ‘Yep I want one just like you!' Not right now though, we travel a lot, but in the future!” November 2017

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