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3 Chris Westrich When he’s not excelling in the

classroom at St. Piux X High School, Chris Westrich is volunteering his time at school as well as in the community.

6 Uncharted Waters Get tips on how to properly take the ACT. We give you the pros and cons of taking the writing section.



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Student of the


Chris Westrich

St. Pius X High School

By: Amber Malusky Faculty and staff at St. Pius X High School describe high school senior, Chris Westrich as an All-American kid who holds true to the Golden Rule, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” For his outstanding character and 3.8 grade point average, Westrich was chosen as April Student of the Month for “Get In The Game Saint Louis” magazine. “It’s nice to be awarded for being involved and keeping up good grades,” Westrich said. Keeping up good grades is an understatement when considering his 3.8 grade point average is before adding his weighted classes. Otherwise, his grade point average is over a 4.0. St. Pius X High School Principle, Kevin Halley, nominated Westrich for the honor. “Chris is one of those guys who is very involved,” Halley said. “He is a leader in all activities that he’s involved in.” Westrich is considered to be a model student and athlete for the St. Pius X Lancers. He prides himself for being able to maintain an excellent grade point average while playing soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring.

Strength and determination never fails to exist in Westrich. Halley laughed as he described a moment earlier this year when Westrich was very sick and continued to practice hard in the field and gave his best in the classroom. “Chris has a great work ethic and personality that makes him such a great kid,” Halley said. In addition to his academic achievements and athleticism, he takes part in school activities. Westrich is Secretary of Student Council, in which he played vital roles in helping to prepare a successful 2009 Homecoming as well as taking part in the planning of St. Pius X High School’s 50th Anniversary. Westrich is also an active participant of the school’s National Honor Society. In the past, Westrich participated in the St. Vincent De Paul Society, which is an organization he joined through the school. The mission of this club is to help those in need. Westrich along with his peers, gathered to help feed the homeless. Maintaining a high grade point average, displaying athletic talent, and participating in various activities, Westrich can look back at his high school career and say he did everything

he could to make his time as a Lancer successful. Westrich is definitely proud to be part of the St. Pius X family. He said part of his success should be credited to the help and motivation of the wonderful faculty and staff at St. Pius X. He said teachers go the extra mile to always help the students and make them feel comfortable. “From day one they have a welcoming attitude,” Westrich said. “Everyone is nice to everyone.” One teacher in particular that Westrich admires is St. Pius history teacher Ron Navratil. “He’s the one teacher that has challenged me the most,” Westrich said. “He keeps you involved in the class and he’s helped me look at the world differently.” Navratil said it’s an honor for a student to recognize him as being an inspirational teacher. He said it’s the goal of most teachers to inspire their students. “Teachers generally strive to have an influence on the kids they teach,” Navratil said. Westrich not only got a lesson on the world around him during his history classes, but with graduation rapidly approaching, he admits that he’ll miss

the easy and safe life of high school. At this point Westrich is 95 percent sure he will be going to Missouri State University in Springfield, next fall. He plans on majoring in business management and after much more schooling, he said in ten years he will hopefully fulfill his dream in becoming a sports agent. With a supportive family who has always encouraged him to succeed, Westrich has no doubts that he’ll reach his goals. Not only does he have the encouragement from his family, but faculty and staff at St. Pius X High School also expects Westrich to do well. “I expect he’ll be successful for two reasons,” Navratil stated. “One, because of his wonderful parents and two, because he gets along with people so well, which is important in becoming successful.” As Westrich looks back at his four years of high school, he is happy to say he made the most of his time. He hopes underclassmen heeds his advice. “Don’t let the four years pass you by,” Westrich said. Have an idea of what you want to accomplish, and do it.”




Name: Liz Sinclair School: Cor Jesu Grade: Senior • GPA: 4.3 Sports: Basketball & Soccer Hobbies: Hanging With Friends & Reading Favorite Class: Calculus Favorite Restaurant: T.G.I.Fridays Favorite Movie: How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days Favorite Actress: Kate Hudson Last Song Downloaded: Hey, Soul Sister – Train Favorite Sport Drink: Gatorade Future Plans: Going to the University of South Carolina next year and majoring in business with a concentration in accounting.

Name: Dan Cimicata School: Trinity Grade: Senior • GPA: 3.4 Sports: Baseball & Soccer Hobbies: Playing sports Favorite Class: Western Civilization Favorite Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory Favorite Movie: Cinderella Man Favorite Actor: Russell Crowe Last Song Downloaded: The High Road Broken Bells Favorite Sport Drink: Gatorade Future Plans: Play soccer at Dominican University and study biology. Then attend medical school afterwards.

2010 Soccer Stats Position: Midfielder Goals: 3 Assists: 2 Points: 8 Game Winning Goals: 2

2010 Baseball Stats Position: Catcher Batting Average: .295 Runs: 11 Hits: 13 Doubles: 2 Home Runs: 1 RBI: 11

2009-10 Basketball Stats Position: Guard Points Per Game: 10.4 Rebounds Per Game: 2.5 Assists: 143 Steals: 76 Blocked Shots: 3

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2009 Soccer Stats Position: Goalkeeper Record: 7-5-1 Shutouts: 4 Goals Against Average: 1.41

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Name: Nick May School: St. Mary’s Grade: Senior • GPA: 3.78 Sports: Baseball Hobbies: Fishing & Hunting Favorite Class: Mathmatics Favorite Restaurant: 54th Street Grill Favorite Movie: Liar Liar Favorite Actor: Jim Carrey Last Song Downloaded: Ridin’ Solo Jason Derülo Favorite Energy Drink: Monster Future Plans: Going to Missouri State and major in accounting.

Name: Mandy Rood School: St. Dominic Grade: Senior • GPA: 4.2 Sports: Soccer Hobbies: Hanging Out With Friends Favorite Class: Calculus Favorite Restaurant: Loco’s Grill & Pub Favorite Movie: Stand By Me Favorite Actress: Tom Hanks Last Song Downloaded: OMG Usher Favorite Sport Drink: Gatorade Future Plans: Playing soccer at Maryville University and majoring in Pre-Medicine.

2010 Baseball Stats Position: Pitcher Games Started: 2 Record: 0-2 Earned Run Average: 2.15 Walks: 4 Strikeouts: 8 Opponents Batting Average: .222

2010 Soccer Stats Position: Midfielder Goals: 5 Assists: 5 Points: 15

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UNCHARTED WATERS DeSmet’s Michael Schonhoff Looks To Lead The Spartans Their First State Championship By: Stephen Glover If there is one goal that DeSmet senior Michael Schonhoff would like to accomplish before he graduates later this month, it would have to be helping the Spartans win their first state water polo championship. The senior two-meter/center has helped lead DeSmet to an impressive 23-3 record overall and is considered by many as the top team in the area. “This is probably the best team at DeSmet ever,” Schonhoff said. “This season we beat SLUH for the first time ever in water polo and we’re ranked #1 in the area and we’re undefeated in St. Louis. We’ve got a lot of guys who have a lot of talent and are dedicated to the sport.” 6

While Schonhoff is considered one of the best players in the area with 104 goals and 31 assists, DeSmet head coach Miguel Figueras knew that they had an offensive powerhouse in the making during Michael’s sophomore season with the Spartans. “We knew we has something special in him during his sophomore year when we had a player go down with a shoulder injury and we decided to bring him up,” Figueras said. “We then went up to Chicago and he scored like 30 goals in five or six games and he always seemed to be putting himself in the right place at the right time. He’s a very smart player.” Schonhoff was inspired by his


older brothers to play water polo after watching them play at DeSmet while he was grade school. “I had two older brothers who played water polo and one of them is in New Zealand right now playing professionally,” Schonhoff said. “So I got interested in it from watching them and got started during the summer between sixth and seventh grade and I’ve been playing ever since.” Schonhoff is much more than a scoring machine in the pool for the Spartans. He currently carries a 5.0 grade point average and is ranked fourth in his class. After graduating from DeSmet, he plans on joining the Jesuits to become a priest.

“This past summer I went on a retreat and I felt as if this was what I was suppose to do,” Schonhoff said. “I’ve been praying about it and looking into it ever since and I got accepted into the Jesuits this past February.” But before his senior year is over, the Spartans head coach is hoping that Schonhoff’s leadership both in and out of the pool will help lead them to a state championship. “We’ve really benefited this year from his leadership and his knack for getting the ball,” Figueras said. “He’s always determined in getting the ball and scoring.”


Red Steel 2

Rating: T for Teen Score: 9.0 Review: Red Steel 2 is a refreshing sequel to a dull action game for the Nintendo Wii. The Original Red Steel had a strange story line, less than acceptable graphics and clunky motion controls. However, the developers at Ubisoft Studios didn’t let the complaints fall on deaf ears and were able to repair nearly all of the flaws of Red Steel 2’s predecessor. Red Steel 2 utilizes the Wii Motion Plus which increases game play controls and makes the game exponentially more entertaining! The ability to switch quickly from Katana to gun makes it easier to throw together decimating combos. There are many different firearms which can be purchased throughout the game, but you will most likely find yourself using the lightning-fast katana of the Kusagari to take down your foes! Whether you prefer to take out the enemy from a distance or get up close and personal, this “wild west meets rising east” gun-slinging FPS is an action-packed game of revolutionary standards! Review By Jake Shuster

Red Steel 2 Credit: Ubisoft

Mega man 10

Rating: E for Everyone Score: 8.5 Review: I personally believe that Mega man is one of the strongest franchises to ever hit the console! Once known as Rock Man in Japan, its country of origin back in the early 80’s, the story of Mega Man has graced our consoles with new and ever changing adventures. Mega Man 10 is the second “Throwback” Mega man game to hit the next-gen console, its precursor being Mega Man 9 which was met with an enormous amount of praise. The Nostalgic 8-bit experience is gaming at its finest, bringing pure side-scrolling, platform jumping, robot blasting fun back to the forefront of the industry! Capcom has released Mega Man 9 and 10 with updated music, sounds, and color which give the “Blue Bomber” a new look (even though he’s back to square one). Capcom has also introduced a cast of new villains, some of which have a comedic twist, such as “Sheep Man” and “Pump Man”! Whether this is just a new look to an old game or a foreshadowing of New Age Mega Man games to come, Capcom’s “Blue Bomber” has made his mark once again! Review By Jake Shuster Megaman10 Credit: Capcom

Monster Hunter Tri

Rating: T for Teen Score: 8.5 Review: For all of you hardcore gamers out there who have been waiting for Nintendo to prove itself as a worthy contender, pray no more, for Monster Hunter Tri has arrived! Though initial perceptions of this franchise make Capcom’s decision to release it on the Wii look like a mistake, the game play would say otherwise. Monster Hunter Tri has been equipped with a slew of massive creatures and has an increased level of difficulty, not to hide a lack of creativity, but to add a sense of accomplishment after each victory. Character leveling has been tossed aside and replaced with equipment crafting and tiered sets of armor and weapons created from the remains of slain beasts. Tri offers both an online and offline experience, but focuses mainly on the online aspect to emphasize teamwork and battle strategy. Everything from the climate of the battlefield to the condition of your equipment must be taken into account before tempting fate in a battle with a massive dragon. So steel yourself and prepare for the battle ahead, there are monsters to be hunted! Review By Jake Shuster Monster Hunter Tri

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Credit: Capcom

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Get In The Game Saint Louis (April 2010)  

The April edition of Get In The Game Saint Louis

Get In The Game Saint Louis (April 2010)  

The April edition of Get In The Game Saint Louis