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May/June 2010 • Volume 1, Issue 8

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May/June 2010 • Volume 1, Issue 8

3 ACT ACES Saint Louis University High’s

Bobby Lux, Luke Hellwig and Matt Genova lead the class of 2011 with perfect scores on the ACT.

6 HAIL TO THE CHAMPS! The Westminster Wildcats cap-


Students Of The Month Page 3

Boy’s Golf Championships Page 6


ture the Missouri Class 3 state championship in boy’s golf while the Whitfield Warriors also win a state championship in Class 2.


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Students of the Month Bobby Lux, Luke Hellwig

and Matt Genova Saint Louis University High School By: Amber Malusky Three juniors at St. Louis University High School have three things in common: work ethics, down-to-earth personalities, and perfect scores on the ACT exam. In honor of this excellent achievement, “Get In The Game Saint Louis” Magazine selected all three boys, Bobby Lux, Luke Hellwig, and Matt Genova, as the May/June Students of the Month. Saint Louis University High School Principal, John Moran said he is very proud to have a high school filled with ambitious and intelligent young minds. “SLU High School has many talented kids,” Moran said. “It’s hard for any one kid to stand-out.” For the past five years, SLUH has had an average composite score of 30 on the ACT. Moran said ACT preparation is very important and the school takes necessary steps to help students prepare. All three boys confessed that the key to their success was taking ACT prep courses as well as studying hard on their own. Although getting a perfect score on the test is a wonderful accomplishment, these amazing young men are more than just their ACT scores. Bobby Lux’s hard work is obvious; a perfect ACT score and a 3.6 grade point average. However, Lux is also

very busy working part time. Lux works about five hours a week in the school’s theater as part of a work grant, as well as working as a gymnastics coach and summer camp counselor for the YMCA. “I know the value of hard work,” Lux said. Knowing the value of a dollar is important to Lux, as well as learning how to give back to the community. Lux participates in community service organizations that help cook and serve food to the homeless. In addition to his hard work, Lux also keeps busy as a cartoonist for the school newspaper. Lux is looking forward to the next stage of his life, and he hopes to attend either Stanford or Bryce University and major in medical technology, physical science, or politics. From playing the piano to playing video games, Matt Genova loves to relax and listen to music when he’s not busy studying and working to maintain his 4.0 grade point average. However, these days, he can relax a little more now that he has his perfect ACT score. Genova said besides studying, he is very into playing the piano. Between going to school and studying, Genova makes time for weekly piano lessons as well as practicing daily and getting ready for competitions twice a year. With his difficult schedule, Genova

said he is blessed to have such a supportive family. Genova is looking forward to his senior year and is relieved that he no longer has to worry about taking the ACT exam. Genova’s advice to anyone stressing about the test is this: “Hard work is just as important as being hard.” At this point, Genova isn’t exactly sure where he will be attending college, but he is confident that he will stay in the midwest. Genova is still deciding on a major, but he is most interested in engineering, computers, or medicine. Luke Hellwig was excited and honored to be selected as a May/ June Student of the Month along with his classmates. Just like Lux and Genova, Hellwig has an excellent work ethic and is a self-motivated student. Hellwig demonstrated his motivation by retaking the ACT exam after scoring a 34 the first time. Hellwig wanted a perfect ACT score, so he studied, worked hard, and retook the test to finally get his well-deserved perfect score of 36. With a grade point average of a 4.4, Hellwig is very busy around school and in the community. His main extracurricular activity is working as an editor for the monthly periodical, “Gadfly,” which is a student-run pop

culture, satire, and opinion magazine, which is most known for satirizing people’s opinions of pup culture. Hellwig is also very involved with Pax Christi, which is SLUH’s peace and justice organization, as well as being an active member of the school’s Environment Club and National Honor Society. Hellwig also enjoys playing racquetball and drums for the school’s symphonic band. In addition to his school activities, Hellwig also enjoys being an active member of the community. Every fall, Hellwig rides in the MS150, a bicycle ride to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Hellwig even traveled with his school down to Reynosa, Mexico, to help build houses for families living in desperate poverty. “I like giving back to the community,” Hellwig said. Hellwig hopes to attend Yale University to major in either Spanish, environmental science, or English. Principal Moran said these boys have a lot of potential and he anticipates great things from them their senior year, and after they graduate. “They are excellent (students),” Moran said. “They are three very bright boys with endless opportunities.”




Name: Curtis Strubinger School: Duchesne Grade: Senior • GPA: 4.5 Sports: Baseball Hobbies: Reading Favorite Class: Intro To Literature Favorite Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption Favorite Actor: Morgan Freeman Last Song Downloaded: Over Drake Favorite Sport Drink: Gatorade Future Plans: Going to Mizzou to study Economics

Name: Julia Kohnen School: Incarnate Word Academy Grade: Senior • GPA: 4.0 Sports: Soccer & Basketball Hobbies: Hanging Out With Friends Favorite Class: Mathematics Favorite Restaurant: Cannoli’s Favorite Movie: How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock Last Song Downloaded: Airplanes B.o.B Favorite Sport Drink: Blue Gatorade Future Plans: Going to the University of Southern Indiana to study Business Administration and Management and play soccer.

2010 Baseball Stats Position: Shortstop/Pitcher Batting Average: .461 Runs: 22 Hits: 41 Doubles: 4 Triples: 2 RBI: 26

2010 Soccer Stats Position: Midfielder Goals: 4 Assists: 5 Points: 13 Game Winning Goals: 1

Games Pitched: 11 Record: 2-5 Saves: 1 ERA: 6.08 Strikeouts: 33

Nomin A Stude Athle Toda

2009-10 Basketball Stats Position: Guard Points Per Game: 5.6 Rebounds Per Game: 3.5 Assists: 76 Steals: 54 Blocked Shots: 1

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Name: Devin Dreste School: Notre Dame Grade: Senior • GPA: 4.35 Sports: Soccer & Golf Hobbies: Biking Favorite Class: Mathematics Favorite Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings Favorite Movie: The Sandlot Favorite Actor: Jim Carrey Last Song Downloaded: Not Afraid Eminem Favorite Sport Drink: Gatorade Future Plans: Attending Maryville University to study Physical Therapy.

Name: Nick Montero School: Bishop DuBourg Grade: Senior • GPA: 4.125 Sports: Baseball and Soccer Hobbies: Hanging Out With Friends Favorite Class: English Favorite Restaurant: Applebee’s Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers Favorite Actor: Will Ferrell Last Song Downloaded: Tears Don’t Fall Bullet for My Valentine Favorite Sport Drink: Gatorade Future Plans: Going to Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville and major in Pharmacy.

2010 Soccer Stats Position: Forward Goals: 8 Assists: 5 Points: 21 Game Winning Goals: 2

2010 Baseball Stats Position: Left Field Batting Average: .354 Runs: 30 Hits: 29 Doubles: 4 Triples: 4 RBI: 11 2009 Soccer Stats Position: Defender Goals: 1 Assists: 1 Points: 3 Game Winning Goals: 1

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Westminster and Whitfield Capture Stat

When the Westminster boy’s golf team won the Missouri Class 3 state championship this past May, it marked the end to a yearlong quest for the Wildcats to improve on last year’s third place finish at state. The Wildcats captured the Class 3 state championship this season with a combined score of 599 points at Island Green Golf Club in Republic, Mo. “Last season we felt like we didn’t play as well as we would have liked to at state,” Westminster head coach Brian Burkey said. “This year we came in and accomplished all of our goals. We didn’t lose a match all season and in every tournament that we played in, we won. So to see them actually accomplish all of their goals was just incredible.” The Wildcats possessed a lethal 1-2 6

punch at state this season with Kevin Bell and Kevin Van de Kamp tying for first place with a two-day combined score of 145. Van de Kamp shot a 75 on the first day of competition and then proceeded to shoot a 70 on the second day, for a two-day total of 145. “Kevin actually did not make our top 5 last year,” Burkey said. “So he went to districts and went to state and saw those guys compete and he really wanted to compete on the course rather than watching. So he worked like crazy over the summer and really made a ton of improvements. Bell shot a 70 on the first day of competition and proceeded to shoot a 75 on the second day. As a junior last season, Bell shot a 156 for 11th overall at the state championships.


“The fact that we got third last year, I think really propelled the guys,” Burkey said. “They were really hungry because winning state was one of our goals last year and we didn’t accomplish it. I think that to not have won it really helped them in wanting to accomplish that goal this year.” Westminster’s Ryan Haxel also cracked the Top 10 with a 10th place finish overall. Haxel shot a 76 on Day 1 and a 77 on Day 2 for a two-day score of 153. Alex Cusumano placed 34th overall with a two day combined score of 160 while Tim Reed placed 59th with a combined score of 165. For The Whitfield School, last month’s Class 2 State Golf Championships marked an opportunity to bounce back from last season’s disappointing 11th place finish at state. With that being

said, the season essentially started last summer for the Warriors as they honed their skills on the links and proceeded to win the 2010 Class 2 state championship with a combined team score of 635. “The season in general really started from the end of last season for us,” Whitfield head coach Harold Barker said. “We had kind of a disappointing state tournament, but we also had some promise because we had everybody coming back. Every day we just tried to get better and once we got into match play this season, we realized that we could compete with just about anybody and we were excited for our chances as the season went along.” Sophomore Mitch Rutledge placed 5th overall at state by scoring a 78 on the first day of competition at Silo Ridge

2010 MSHSAA Boy’s Golf Championships Class 4 State Championships 1 Rockhurst 2 Rock Bridge 3 DeSmet High 4 Poplar Bluff 5 Parkway South 6 Glendale 7 Chaminade 8 Liberty 9 Francis Howell 10 Washington 1 Ryan Buerk

Blue Springs 73 70 143

17 Samuel Migdal


76 76 152

17 Adam Welch


81 71 152

23 Scott Hamel


77 77 154

33 Kyle Felts


78 78 156

42 Brent Cushman DeSmet


“Those guys really accepted their role and we need something around 80 each day from them during the last day, Wright shot a 79 while Steve shot an 81,” Barker said. “It was such a perfect balance from those guys while letting Mitch and Jake handle all the fireworks up front.” Junior Alex Sarr rounded out Whitfield’s presence at state with a 56th place finish overall and a combined score of 175. “Alex had a real up and down state tournament,” Barker said. “If he could have played the front 9 four times, he would have been an all-stater. To have Alex as well as Mitch and Jake coming back next season, right there you’ve got a lot of firepower in your lineup.”

77 81 158

44 Alex Doneff

Chaminade 84 75 159

52 Spencer Lane

Chaminade 84 76 160

52 Alexander Staskiel Chaminade 77 83 160 52 Brandon R. Straeb Chaminade 82 78 160 58 Daniel Wagner III DeSmet

80 81 161

66 Nicholas R Arman DeSmet

85 77 162

83 Zachary Harris

84 80 164


115 Michael C Kotthoff Chaminade 90 85 175

te Golf Titles

Golf Club in Bolivar, Mo and then a 73 on Day 2 for a combined score of 151. “Mitch is a very explosive player that’s extremely long and has a great short game,” Barker said. “He’s just an all around really good player that’s a tenacious competitor.” Another sophomore that played well at the state championships this season was Jake Andrews, who placed sixth with a combined score of 155. “Jake is like the exact opposite in Mitch in that he’s not a lot of fireworks, but he’s very steady,” Barker said. “He’s the kind of guy that will reel off six or seven or eight par’s in a row. Jake’s just a very steady fairways and greens kind of guy.” Seniors Wright Sibbald and Stephen Topping each tied for 25th place overall with a combined score of 165.

616 620 621 621 622 623 639 641 642 654

Class 3 State Championships 1 Westminster 2 Warrensburg 3 Dexter 4 St. Francis Borgia 5 Pembroke 6 Notre Dame (Cape) 7 Kearney 8 Helias 9 Webb City 10 Warrenton

599 625 634 634 640 642 645 651 652 682

1 Kevin Bell Westminster 70 75 145 1 Kevin VandeKamp Westminster 75 70 145 7 Parker Goldman MICDS 74 75 149 10 Ryan Haxel Westminster 76 77 153 10 Christopher Johnson MICDS 78 75 153 8 Timothy Price Borgia 79 77 156 23 Bryce Dolan Borgia 77 80 157 26 Scott Sullivan Borgia 79 79 158 34 Alex Cusumano Westminster 78 82 160 44 Adam Schmuelling St. Mary’s 79 83 162 44 Stephen Theisen Priory 82 80 162 52 Tyler S. Hart Borgia 81 82 163 52 JOHN HIGGINS St. Mary’s 83 80 163 59 Timothy Reed Westminster 87 78 165 59 Jacob Siwak Burroughs 83 82 165 65 Ryan Glisson St. Dominic 87 79 166 74 Mason Meiners Priory 79 89 168 81 Nicholas A. Eggert Borgia 85 86 171 92 Jake Leonard Burroughs 85 89 174 96 Kyle Adamson MICDS 84 91 175 100 Ethan Muffett Duchesne 80 96 176 103 William Byrne St. Dominic 89 88 177 105 William Brown Lutheran S. 92 86 178

Class 2 State Championships 1 Whitfield 2 Lutheran St. Charles 3 Willow Springs 4 Belle 5 Maryville 6 Mt. Vernon 7 Springfield Catholic 8 Mountain Grove 9 Warsaw 10 Arcadia Valley

635 660 669 587 675 687 690 695 621 732

1 Samuel F. Deitte Lutheran SC 71 77 148

56 Alexander Sarr

5 Mitchell Rutledge Whitfield

78 73 151

72 Matthew Niewald Lutheran SC 94 87 181

6 Jake Andrews


77 78 155

102 David Withers

Lutheran N. 98 93 191

19 Justin Wrozier

Lutheran SC 82 82 164

106 Michael Green


96 96 192

25 Wright Sibbald


86 79 165

118 Benjamin Nord


98 109 207

25 Stephen Topping Whitfield

84 81 165

119 Chris Sheeran

St. Pius X 104 106 210

33 Blake Edler


85 90 175

Lutheran SC 82 85 167



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