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4 SITO SASIETA While Sito Sasieta is known for being one of the area’s top soccer talents, the Chaminade senior is also known as an excellent student that volunteers his time to local charities.


6 SPORTS BRIEFS We’ve got the all-state volleyball team results as well as a rundown on who recently signed their National Letters of Intent, and what school’s they’ll be attending next fall.

7 the south butt Chaminade graduate Jimmy Winkl-


emann pokes fun at today’s fashion statements with his, The South Butt brand, which led him into a battle that he never dreamed of being in.

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10 TRADITION As one of the oldest high school clubs in the country, Priory’s Kwai Nyu Rugby Club continues to build on its noble heritage.

13 MADAME BUTTERFLY MICDS senior Hallie Stupp looks to


grab back-to-back state championships in the 100-yard butterfly this month.

14 GAME ON! When you’re not in the classroom or on the field, who doesn’t like to flip on the Xbox or PS3 and hammer out a few hours of Halo or Madden 2010? Get reviews on some of the sickest games to hit the market.



Student of the


Sito Sasieta Chaminade College Prepatory School By: Amber Malusky From displaying skills on the soccer field to feeding the hungry, Chaminade College Prepatory School senior Sito Sasieta uses his talents and time to not only better himself, but everyone around him as well. Sasieta was selected as “Get In the Game St. Louis” Magazine’s February Student of the Month. Sasieta’s excellent 4.0 Grade Point Average and his outstanding character and citizenship in and outside of school earned him this achievement. I’m honored and privileged,” Sasieta modestly said. “It’s a blessing and I’m thankful.” Although he was very honored to have been chosen as Student of the Month, Sasieta was sure to say he was no better than anybody else, and many kids at his school could have been chosen for this honor. Chaminade’s Associate Principle of Student Development, Phil Rone nominated Sasieta for the honor. Rone described him as one of the senior class leaders. “He has good grades and is a good athlete,” Rone said proudly. “He has great spiritual growth and is very grounded.” One of Sasieta’s many talents is displayed on the soccer field. He has 4

played soccer all four years of high school and also plays for the St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club. Sasieta’s talent doesn’t end on the soccer field. He demonstrates his creativity by writing for the school’s Tarmac Newspaper. This is his fourth year writing for the school newspaper and his second year working as one of the editors. With a combination of creativity and his strong faith in community service, Sasieta started a new “Service Club” at Chaminade. The Service Club has now been in the works for about a month. Sasieta said the twenty-five member club volunteers every Saturday at Father Dempsey’s Charities in St. Louis. Every Saturday, members of the club bring different food items to prepare and cook. When the food is finished, they serve the warm meal to homeless people. Sasieta said he enjoys seeing the thankful expressions on the faces of the people they feed. One of Sasieta’s goals in starting the Service Club at Chaminade is to get his classmates to view community service as more of a privilege rather than an obligation. Sasieta said Chaminade is a great school and has truly shaped him into


the young man he has become. He gives credit to all of his teachers, but he wanted to give special credit to Chaminade educator and coach, Mike Massa. Sasieta said Massa was an excellent role model and really helped him mature into a young man. “It makes me feel good,” Massa said. “Many teachers want to inspire kids.” With the positive experience he has gotten from Chaminade, Sasieta is considering a career in teaching or becoming a pastor. He said he enjoys helping and teaching others, but he is still unsure of the career path he will choose. Massa said he believes that Sasieta will be successful in anything he wants to do. He said Sasieta has a lot of qualities, and utilizes all of them. “Sito is extremely intelligent and a competitive young man,” Massa said. “He responds to challenges well.” Associate Pastor, Phil Rone said Sasieta is a very mature young man. Rone said Sasieta goes above and beyond to accomplish his goals, and never takes credit for his achievements. Just like the expression, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Sasieta gives a lot of credit to his family for

teaching him good values. “My modest personality comes from my mom,” Sasieta said. “She never takes credit, she works day and night to support me and my two sisters, and she’s an excellent role model.” Sasieta’s parents own a pizza restaurant in Illinois. He said he works a few hours during his summer breaks. Sasieta said having a job has helped him get a sense of the real world and has opened his eyes to all of the blessings he’s been given in life. “Some kids have to work and they work like 25 to 30 hours while going to school,” Sasieta said. “I admire these kids because it has to be hard to work and go to school at the same time.” Sasieta is preparing to end a chapter of his life, come this May. He said graduation will be a bittersweet moment; bitter because he has made so many wonderful memories at Chaminade, and sweet because he’s ready to begin a new chapter in his life. At this point, he is looking into continuing his education at St. Louis University, but he will be making a final decision soon. In the meantime, Sasieta is holding strong to his faith. “I put God first,” Sasieta said. “Everything else will take care of itself.”


After a much-needed break, the holidays have passed and it’s time to get back to work preparing to “ace” the ACT test. This month, we will discuss some ways to attack and hopefully concur the English portion of the test. The English test consists of five prose (non-poetry) passages with 75 multiple-choice questions in which you will be given 45 minutes to complete. The trick is to pace yourself! Since you only have a limited amount of time, it will take some strategic moves to get through it efficiently. It’s important to know you are not penalized for incorrect answers so be sure to answer ALL the questions, even if you cannot read each thoroughly. There are several types of questions you will encounter in the English test. The first will ask you to read a passage and decide if the underlined portion is correctly written in terms of grammar, usage, punctuation and mechanics. These will usually offer four choices, one of which is “no change.” This simply means that the underlined part of the passage is correct in its structure. Another type of question may ask you to evaluate writing, and if necessary, chose a more appropriate and concise way of writing the underlined portion. The goal is to choose the best answer that follows rules you have been taught about writing. The next type of question will ask you to consider a sentence or paragraph within a piece of writing and ask you to choose which is the most logical and sequential order. Options may consist of where the particular paragraph should be placed within the writing such as at the beginning, or before/ after another paragraph. The 75 questions are broken down into two categories: 40 short questions over punctuation, grammar and sentence structure AND 35 questions over writing skills. These are the questions you need to pace yourself with in order to get through all of them. Some tips to successfully attacking these questions include: • Instead of reading each passage slowly, quickly skim over the first few sentences in each passage. Look for any style issues, particularly basics

such as verb tense, point of view (first, third person), order of sentences/paragraphs within a passage. • While skimming each passage, try to do some editing as you go. When you decide if the underlined part is correct or not, THEN look at the answers to see if any match what you thought it was. Each of these passages contains underlined and numbered parts that you have to consider as answers. There are 40 usage and mechanics questions that cover basic grammar usage such as sentence structure, and punctuation. The key to getting through this part is a basic grammar review. You should review the following grammar categories: • Punctuation rules including commas, semi-colons, colons, dashes, parentheses, and end marks. Be sure you are also well versed on possessive issues, as this still gets me today! • Pronoun/Antecedent agreement and Subject/Verb agreement. • Parallelism and misplaced modifiers. As far as the writing or “rhetorical” questions, there are several things you need to look out for. • Beware of “wordy” questions. When in doubt, choose the shortest answer. • “Correct word choice” and “best word choice” are similar, expecting you to choose which answer makes most sense. Look for vocabulary substitutions. If you are not sure, replace with a synonym to match so it means the same thing. • ”Delete” underlined part asks you to see if the section is removed, does it make sense? If so, that’s your answer. • Questions including “illustrate” or “example” require a specific example of the underlined portion in the correct answer. • Any “least acceptable” question should be treated as a true/false question: the correct answer is the FALSE answer so always choose “except,” “not” or “least.” The key is to pace your time and prepare for the test. Remember to answer all questions, even if you are running out of time! Until next time, study hard and good luck!

• Educating Young Men in Grades 6-12 • A Catholic School in the Marianist Tradition • Over $1.6 Million in Financial Aid Available • Day and Resident Students • 25 AP/College Credit Courses offered • Student Laptops


425 S. Lindbergh Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63131 314-993-4400 •

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2009 Missouri Class 4 Girl’s Volleyball All State First Team Helen Boyle Jr. St. Joseph’s Emily Keaton Jr. Incarnate Word Second Team Tessa Blood Sr. Nerinx Hall Taylor Masterson Jr. St. Joseph’s Aubree Smith Jr. Cor Jesu 2009 Missouri Class 3 Girl’s Volleyball All State Katie Polite Faith Rolwes Frankie Vain Sarah Hall

First Team Jr. Borgia Jr. Villa Duchesne Sr. Villa Duchesne Jr. Westminster

Second Team Sarah Hall Jr. Westminster Krissi Fitzpatrick Soph. Borgia Kelly Penning Sr. Westminster Honorable Mention Bridget Boyle Soph. Villa Duchesne

Incarnate Word Academy Alexandra Suess Soccer Spring Hill Lutheran North Martin Hill Football/Track NW Missouri State St. Louis Priory Billy Busch Football U. of San Diego Zach Ross Football U. of Chicago St. Dominic Natalie Bialka Jacey Boyko Tracie Geile Andy Lock Signe’ Novak Bryan Powers Logan Ream Mandy Rood Ryan Seifert Brittany White Mike Yuede

Soccer Central Methodist Soccer SEMO Soccer Avila Soccer Westminster Soccer SEMO Soccer Lewis Soccer Drury Soccer Maryville Soccer Quincy Soccer Drury Soccer Drury

Saint Louis University High School Griffin Lowry Football Columbia U. Pat Macauley Soccer Bellarmine U. Joe Bettger Soccer Bellermine U. Matt Odem Soccer Bellermine U. Trinity High School Marquise Hill Football Minnesota

The Ursuline Cheerleaders take time to show who’s #1 in covering the private schools in St. Louis

Ursuline Academy Hayley Bollwerk Soccer Truman State Kristen Schildz Soccer Williams Woods

Let us know when your student athletes sign a National Letter of Intent so we can get it into YOUR MAGAZINE!

Student Athletes who have signed National Letters of Intent Chaminade College Prep Kevin Wilson Soccer Drake John Fernandez Soccer American U. Ryne Baer Soccer Bellarmine U. Austin Lage Soccer S. Indiana James Meyerkord Soccer Lehigh U. Alex Weber Soccer N. Kentucky Tony Auck Soccer Quincy Tyler Wood Baseball Furman Alex Staskiel Golf Trinity Andrew Mower Lacrosse Lehigh DeSmet High School Ryan Isom Football Tenn-Martin Stephen Kaiser Football Southern Methodist Kenny McClendon Football Central Mich. Justin Snorton Football Coe College Duchesne High School Rachel Baronovic Soccer Benedictine


Four members of the DeSmet football team signed National Letters of Intent as (left to right) Kenny McClendon (Central Michigan), Justin Snorton (Coe College), Steve Kaiser (SMU) and Ryan Isom (Tennessee-Martin) all signed on the dotted line to play ball this coming fall.


Trinity running back/wide receiver Marquise Hill signed his letter of intent today with the University of Minnesota. Hill led the Titans this past season with 74 carries for 652 yards rushing and a total of 12 touchdowns. He also racked up t wo touchdowns on 32 receptions for 340 yards receiving. On kick returns, Hill averaged an impressive 42.36 yards per return while also averaging 29.75 yards on punt returns. The Titan football team went 8-4 overall with a 4-2 mark in AAA play this season before losing to Bowling Green 41-0 in the Missouri Class 3 sectional game.

Going The Distance To Get The Best Shots

Chaminade alum attracts international attention with The South Butt brand When Chaminade alum Jimmy Win- South Butt LLC as well as Winkelmann kelmann started his apparel company and Williams Community Pharmacies, The South Butt a couple years ago, it which sells the brand in all four of its was meant to poke fun at the fashion stores. The lawsuit has in turn, sent craze surrounding the popular The sales of The South Butt brand through North Face brand. What he never ex- the roof. pected was a lawsuit by that has sub“The lawsuit actually gave us a sequently spiked sales of the once chance to get The South Butt brand fledging brand with customers now out there where people can actually from around the globe. hear about it,” Winkelmann said. “BeWinkelmann, cause before then, who currently atno one really knew tends the Univerabout us. Thanks sity of Missouri, to The North Face started The South lawsuit, a comButt brand as a pany that was on way to go against its last legs, might current fashion actually turn into statements. a long-standing “The idea came company.” about from seeThe South Butt ing so many kids brand received wearing The North even more atFace jackets,” tention after beWinkelmann said. ing banned by Chaminade alum “The North Face the Mary Queen advertises their of Peace Parish Jimmy Winklemann product as being for extreme mountain School after school principal Gerry climbers, but everyone that’s buying Kettenbach deemed the apparel line it seems to be wearing them to Star- as “inappropriate” back in January. bucks or the mall, and it was starting to “They banned The South Butt bereally drive me crazy.” cause the word butt is considered inOn The South Butt web site, the appropriate for young minds,” Winkelcompany clearly states that it’s “cloth- mann said. “It’s actually great for us ing and accessories have not been ap- because kids are going to want what proved for exploration purposes. They they can’t have and we’re encouraging have been approved for relaxation pur- schools to ban The South Butt brand. poses only!” Also it proves that you can discern the In a lawsuit filed on December 10, difference between the two brands be2009 by VF Corporation, which owns tween The South Butt and The North the The North Face brand, the com- Face clothing.” pany is seeking damages from The

Extra Innings Photography 573-468-2118



FEBRUARY STUDENT ATH Name: Madison Reinker School: Visitation Academy Grade: Sophomore • GPA: 4.0 Sports: Swimming Hobbies: Listening to music Favorite Class: Chemistry Favorite Restaurant: Chevys Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde Favorite Actor: Chris Pynes Last Song Downloaded: We Are The World Favorite Sport Drink: Gatorade Future Plans: To swim in college

Name: Espen Conley School: Saint Louis University High Grade: Junior • GPA: 3.0 Sports: Wrestling & Baseball Hobbies: Jogging & Working Out Favorite Class: Psychology Favorite Restaurant: Fitz’s Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers Favorite Actor: Will Smith Last Song Downloaded: Beautiful Eminem Favorite Sport Drink: Gatorade Future Plans: To wrestle in college and major in psychology

2010 Missouri State Championships 4th in the 200-yard Freestyle 2nd in the 500-yard Freestyle

2010 Stats Placed 4th at 145 lbs. at the Missouri Class 4 State Championships

2009 Missouri State Championships 9th in the 500-yard Freestyle 11th in the 200-yard Freestyle

Nomina A Stude Athlet Today

2009 Stats Placed 5th at 152 lbs. at the Missouri Class 4 State Championships

send your nom editor@getinthe

We Were At

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ent te y!

Name: Joe James School: Vianney Grade: Senior • GPA: 4.1 Sports: Basketball & Baseball Hobbies: Hanging with friends Favorite Class: History Favorite Restaurant: PJ’s in Kirkwood Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers Favorite Actor: Will Ferrell Last Song Downloaded: Forever Chris Brown Favorite Sport Drink: Gatorade Future Plans: Play basketball in college and major in business

Name: Keyana Lewis School: Saint Elizabeth’s Academy Grade: Senior • GPA: 3.4 Sports: Basketball Hobbies: Listening to music & hanging with friends Favorite Class: Math Favorite Restaurant: Ruby Tuesday Favorite Movie: Juno Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington Last Song Downloaded: Party In The U.S.A. Miley Cyrus Favorite Sport Drink: Gatorade Future Plans: Play basketball at MacMurray College and major in nursing.

2009-10 Stats Points Per Game: 11.9 Rebounds Per Game: 5.3 Free Throw Percentage: 80.8 Assists: 91 Steals: 21 Blocks: 2

2009-10 Stats Points Per Game: 12.6 Rebounds Per Game: 2.8 Assists: 16 Steals: 20 Blocks: 1

minations to

The Game!

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TRADITION Priory’s Kwai Nyu Rugby Club Is One Of The Oldest In The Nation

When it comes to high school rugby, most people think of a sport being played at historic academies in Great Britain, as schools battle each in century-old rivalries. What most people don’t know is that Kwai Nyu Rugby Club at Saint Louis Priory School is one of the oldest in the United States with roots extending across the Atlantic Ocean. The Kwai Nyu Rugby Club began in 1956 under the direction of Fr. Timothy Horner, one of several monks from Great Britain who taught students the game and thus; a tradition began. “Rugby is a part of our tradition because we’re an English Benedictine school,” Priory coach Fr. Augustine Wetta said. “Traditionally, these English Benedictine monasteries have had rugby teams going back a couple hundred years, so I think our players feel connected to their roots. Rugby is, of

course, the stereotypical prep school sport.”


Wetta has coached the Kwai Nyu Rugby Club for the past 15 years. He actually received his first taste of rugby as a student at

Rice University, although it wasn’t until he studied theology at Oxford University that he truly began to appreciate the sport. “No one plays rugby the way they do at Oxford,” Wetta said. “Some of my fondest memories are having a mouth full of grass, looking up from the bottom of a pile and seeing the streaming spires of Oxford.” Wetta believes that what draws most students to rugby is that literally anyone can play the game, and everyone has the opportunity to catch and carry the ball down the field. “There’s a place for every size player,” Wetta said. “If you’re a short squat guy, a tall lanky guy, a speedy short guy, a soccer player or a wrestler by nature, there’s a position for you, depending on how you play. Plus, everyone has their shot at glory because everyone gets the ball

tually...there’s a lot of excitement on an are a lot of rules, it’s a sport that you already had a bunch of friends on the 10 season. individual level, which makes it a play- can really get into, and I definitely want rugby team, so I decided that this year, “Above all, rugby’s just plain fun,” ers game.” to play when I get into college.” I would come out and give it all a try.” Wetta said. “Rugby doesn’t have the For Priory senior Filip Swat, the adAnother first year player this season Over the course of the next few pressure that high school football and diction to rugby came during his soph- is senior Tim Davies. years, Wetta believes that more public the more mainstream sports have. It’s omore year as he enjoyed getting out “I got caught up in that awful sport and private schools will add rugby as a the one sport at Priory where the kids on the field and finding ways to take called wrestling, but this is my senior club sport. In fact, Parkway, Kirkwood can simply play for the fun of it.” down his opponents. year and I decided to try out for rugby and Fox Senior High School in Arnold “I thought it would be cool to play and for the heck of it,” Davies said. “I had started their rugby clubs for the 2009started playing my sophomore year,” Swat said. “It’s fun to just get out there and hit people. It’s a good feeling.” Another senior who’s been playing since his sophomore season is Zach Ross. “I got involved because I heard that it was fun and I was given the opportunity to start as a sophomore,” Ross said. “It’s a good excuse to run around and jump in the mud, and get your jerSAINT LOUIS PRIORY SCHOOL sey dirty.” Senior Zach Kraus is in his first seasonGET with IN Kwai and MAGAZINE while many - FEBRUARY 2010 ISSUE THENyu GAME would think that the enormous amount PRINT AD (5.6” high x 10” wide) HALF-PAGE (HORIZONTAL) of rules would overwhelm a first-year player, Kraus says that’s not always the case. In fact, Kraus is looking to play in college, if at all possible. “I’ve seen rugby played in the past and it’s a lot more complex than you think it is,” Kraus said. “The best part Fr. Augustine Wetta addresses his players at halftime in a recent win at home over Kirkwood about rugby is that even though there


Home Of The


Live, learn, pray and play as children of God. SAINT LOUIS

PRIORY SCHOOL 500 South Mason Road Saint Louis, MO 64141

Please contact the Admission Office for further information on the School or the application process.


Spiritual formation in the 1500 year-old Benedictine tradition by the Monks of Saint Louis Abbey

Outstanding record of college placement

Highest percentage of religious teaching faculty of any high school in Saint Louis

Situated on 150 acres in West Saint Louis County

Generous tuition assistance program, with over 25% of the student body receiving some form of aid

Early Decision Program for Fifth Graders

314-434-3690 x101

The oldest high school rugby team in Saint Louis, founded in 1956


GOTTA GET THE GADGETS Duracell myGrid Gadget Charger

Now you can charge your gadgets without ever plugging them in with the myGrid Gadget Charger that lets you charge your iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry and some Nokia and Motorola phones, all in one convenient location. We’ve found them for as low as $69.99, but then again, it may be cheaper to find the old charger to your phone!

Palm Pixi Plus (Verizon)

With the addition of Wi-Fi, the Palm Pixi Plus now has another means of connectivity. The Wi-Fi gives you the ability to cruise the web at faster speeds and stream video with ease when you’re outside of 3G coverage. Currently, the Pixi Plus retails at Verizion for $99.99, which means that you get a solid smart phone for a handful of sawbucks.

GADGET OF THE MONTH Duracell myGrid Gadget Charger. Credit: Duracell

Apple iPad

In most cases, we admire how Apple sets the trend with new technology like the iPhone and the iPod, but we’re afraid to say that the iPad will be one of Apple’s disappointments, just like the iCube, and the infamous “hockey puck” mouse. Think of the iPad as nothing more than a giant iPod Touch. ($499)

Apple iPad. Credit: Apple Computer


Flip Video Mini 2GB Flash Drive Camcorder

Palm Pixi Plus Credit: Palm

Motorola Brute i680 (Sprint)

WOW! We are amazed with this easy to use camcorder that can fit in your pocket. It plugs Just a quick glance at the Motorola Brute i680 and right into your USB port and there’s no question that it practically begs you to you can then upload videos try and rough it up. The i680’s thick rubberized skin is immediately to YouTube. not stylish by any means, then again you won’t freak We found this for out every time you drop it hoping and praying that you $129.99 at Sears. haven’t ruined your phone. We like the i680’s 6 hour talk Flip Video Mino 2GB Flash Drive Camcorder time, as well as its solid call quality, but are disappointed Credit: Cisco to see that it does not have more smartphone technologies to compete with the Blackberry, iPhone and Palm phones of the world.

Casio G’zOne Rock. Credit: Casio

Madame Butterfly MICDS Senior Hallie Stupp Tries To Capture Back-To-Back State Championships In The 100-yard Butterfly When Hallie Stupp steps onto the blocks to defend her state championship in the 100-yard butterfly this month, the MICDS senior will look to enter an elite club of high school athletes that have recorded back-toback state titles in the same event. The first thought that comes to the minds of many athletes is the pressure that someone would undertake in attempting to repeat as a state champion. Stupp though, takes it all in stride as she tries to stay as balanced as possible. “I’m not really feeling any pressure from anyone else, it’s more about the pressure that I’m putting on myself,” Stupp said. “I’ve been training really hard, but I know that I can’t control everything that happens.” A lot has changed since last year

as Stupp strengthened her versatility in the pool by qualifying for the state championships in a wide variety of events. She has also signed a National Letter of Intent with the University of Arizona to swim for the Wildcats this upcoming fall. MICDS head coach Kristen Kaiser believes that Stupp’s ability to compete in a variety of events is possibly the biggest improvement that she’s made during the off-season. “I think that Hallie now has a much broader spectrum of events that she can now compete in,” Kaiser said. “She’s always been talented in the I.M. (individual medley), but I think that as a whole, she’s become a much more versatile swimmer in that she can win any event from the 50-yard free to the 100-yard butterfly or the 100-yard

backstroke.” Stupp also excels in the classroom with a 3.2 grade point average, which helped lead to a recruiting frenzy by some of the best collegiate swimming and diving programs in the country. “I looked at going to USC, Georgia and Florida and I just felt that after my Arizona trip, the team was what I wanted and was the best overall fit for me,” Stupp said. “My sister also swam there for a year, so I felt very comfortable being there. Plus they swim outdoors all year round, which is definitely a bonus.” What may ultimately separate Stupp from many of the area’s elite high school athletes is the fact that she is still focused on doing whatever she can to help her team succeed in dual meets or at the state championships.

“The thing about Hallie is that she’s willing to do whatever it takes for the team,” Kaiser said. “She’s always willing to step up and switch events and twice this year, I had to pull her out of one event and put her into something else during a meet, and she’s always the first one to say “sure, I’ll do whatever you need me to.” Kaiser is hoping that Stupp will lead this year’s talented MICDS squad to a state championship with not one, but possibly two individual state titles. “Hallie can be kind of quiet at times and during those times, people look up to her because of the way she carries herself on the deck and in the water,” Kaiser said. “But other times she can be very vocal and cheering, so she carries a presence that other people really look up to.”



Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars


Rating: T for Teen Systems: Nintendo Wii Release Date: Available now! Score: 9.0 Review: If you’re getting tired of destroying your friends in head-to-head matches of Super Smash Brothers, then Tatsunoko VS Capcom may be a healthy alternative! Most of your average gamer’s know very little of the Japan based super hero anime known as Tatsunoko. Tatsunoko productions made their debut in the 60’s with masterpieces such as “Space Ace” and, unbeknownst to most, “Mach Go, Go, Go”, otherwise known as “Speed Racer.” Ultimate All-Stars is riddled with the strange and unusual characters from Tatsunoko such as Karas the Demon Hunter, and some of Capcom’s greatest creations including Mega-man and the cast of Street Fighter. Nintendo has struck awe into its faithful users once again with this amazing display of creativity and action, blending great game play with topnotch graphics. Tatsunoko VS Capcom is a must-have, old-school, style fighting game for the Wii, and will not disappoint anyone looking for hours of bone-cracking fun! Review By Jake Shuster

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. Credit: Capcom

Rating: T for Teen Systems: PS3 Release Date: Available Now! Score: 8.5 Review: For all of you gamer’s out there who love the Call of Duty line of games but are looking for something fresh and new, you may want to get your hands on a copy of M.A.G (Massive Action Game); a remarkable Playstation exclusive. M.A.G takes cooperative FPS’s to a whole new level with massive 256 player battles! M.A.G. also makes the FPS world more personable by allowing you to further customize your character with various faces and different voice styles, along with a ranking system that requires you to work to attain leadership status. Although I would love to type you a multiple page essay on how awesome M.A.G. is, I think you should go try it for yourself! Review By Jake Shuster

M.A.G. Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Rating: T for Teen Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Release Date: March 3, 2010 Score: Not rated Review: If you were a fan of the first Bad Company, then you are in for a treat! Though it hasn’t yet been released, Bad Company 2 is said to be a FPS to reckon with! Bad Company 2 offers a whole slew of new and deadly weapons, including throwbacks such as the Thompson machine gun and the Colt 1911. Another addition to the game is an advanced vehicle combat experience, never before seen in a modern day FPS! With a quirky and exciting story line and a cast of lovable characters carried over from the first game, you will feel right at home with the second adventure of “B-Company”! Review By Jake Shuster

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Credit: Electronic Arts

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6197-B Telegraph Road St. Louis, MO 314-293-2727

Purchase Photos For As Little $ As 2.99 We were at the following games: CBC vs. McCluer Basketball CBC vs. Chaminade Basketball CBC vs. DeSmet Basketball Lutheran South vs. Lutheran SC Basketball Incarnate Word vs. Ursuline Basketball St. Pius X vs. Herculaneum Basketball Priory vs. Kirkwood Rugby

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