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Distinctive. Ingenious. The Major German Brands.


The diversity of German design


Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy

“German Design”: A Global Brand


Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Minister for Foreign Affairs

Major brands, made in Germany


Ulrich Grillo, President of the Federation of German Industries (BDI)


Distinctive. Ingenious. Prof. h.c. Dr. h.c. Peter Pfeiffer, President of the German Design Council

Superb brand management makes B2B companies unmistakeable.


Prof. Dr. Karsten Kilian, Initiator of Markenlexikon.com

Brand management and digitalization: is a strong brand enough? Andrej Kupetz, General Manager of the German Design Council




Employer brands: competing for the best.


Lutz Dietzold, Managing Director of the German Design Council


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The Major German Brands 2016

A Word of Welcome

The diversity of German design

s i g m a r g a b r i e l f e d e r a l m i n i s t e r f o r e c o n o m i c a f fa i r s a n d e n e r g y

Product design is the deďŹ ning identity of any brand and of the company behind it. A company’s design strategy is a key factor in whether or not it becomes successful. The biggest brands always have a high-quality and distinctive design. And this design plays a crucial role in communicating the brand to potential customers. It is the designer who reconciles the needs of the consumer with the production set-up that a particular company has. Product design can markedly raise the innovativeness of a certain product and can also being people together and create networks. Product design is a decisive factor whenever a new brand is launched. For all of these reasons, it is commensurably important for the German economy.

a wo r d o f w e l c o m e


Sigmar Gabriel

In Germany, the design industry – from the industrial sector, to the fashion industry, right through to advertising – and the 140,000 people it employs generate an annual turnover of €19 billion. The Federal Government has set up the Cultural and Creative Industries Initiative to foster and support the design industry and to promote cooperation with the traditional industries. We are using this initiative to highlight the innovation potential of design, and are encouraging SMES in particular to use the competitive advantages associated with design. Product designers also have a responsibility for ensuring the right production conditions, environmental standards, and for sustainability. The communication aspect of design also has an important societal dimension to it. This can particularly be seen in the popular approach of design thinking. This method of design draws together specialists from different sectors who work together to solve problems and develop solutions tailored to the needs of the user. It brings the creative and analytical procedures together with one another. I wish all readers of this current edition ‘Distinctive. Ingenious. The Major German Brands’ stimulating reading and interesting insights into the diversity of German product design. Sincerely yours, Sigmar Gabriel

a wo r d o f w e l c o m e


A Word of Welcome

“German Design�: A Global Brand

d r . f r a n k-wa lt e r s t e i n m e i e r m i n i s t e r f o r f o r e i g n a f fa i r s

Germany has a lot to oer with regard to brands and design. Our brands and our design are creative, innovative and contemporary, and thus greatly enhance the positive image of Germany around the world.

Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier

a wo r d o f w e l c o m e


Design is not merely the creation of an attractive product, but means consciously exploring the function of an object and its interaction with the user and the environment. In Germany this is a long-standing tradition, not least thanks to the work of the Werkbund (German Association of Craftsmen) and Bauhaus. Bauhaus in particular established the principle of continuously rethinking design anew and considering the impact of design on individuals and society. Design influences our economic and cultural interaction with each other in our everyday lives – across borders and across generations as well. It takes up social issues and responds creatively to them. For this reason as well, it is an important part of our foreign cultural policy that we actively promote and develop. To be successful, design requires one thing first and foremost: innovative companies and entrepreneurs. That is why we have made design a focal point in our international support for the creative industries. The global success of many German companies and their products is based in large part on recognized and soughtafter design. And it shows that our German brands have ensured that “German design” is well-positioned and competitive. Design is an ambassador for the power of German innovation – and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to contribute to making “German Design” as a brand even better known throughout the world. Yours, Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier

a wo r d o f w e l c o m e


A Word of Welcome

Major brands, made in Germany

u l r i c h g r i l l o p r e s i d e n t o f t h e f e d e r at i o n o f g e r m a n i n d u s t r i e s ( b d i )

I promise you that when you browse through this book , you’ll encounter many familiar and trusted companies. They come from a wide variety of sectors, including consumer and investment goods, technological products and furniture, but they all have one thing in common: they are great German brands, with an inspiring and exciting diversity. Ulrich Grillo

a wo r d o f w e l c o m e


Years of hard work and extensive expertise distinguish the work of a master craftsman. A great deal of experience and skill in handling the material lead to genuine competence, which then becomes a factor in success. And those who work with the artistry of a master develop their own unique signature style that makes their work distinctive. What is true for seasoned tradesmen applies to companies in exactly the same way. The major German brands benefit from their decades of experience – a basis on which genuine credibility can develop. In our society, which is based on the division of labour, it is a huge challenge to coordinate the many and varied disciplines involved in success so that they work closely together on a common brand image. Neither strategy alone, nor technology alone, nor design alone can create lasting success. Only the congruent interaction of all of these factors leads to the development of a consistent brand experience. It gives life to brands whose charisma radiates far beyond our borders and which function as ambassadors of German industry around the globe. The distinctive feature of German industry is surely that small and mediumsized companies as well as large corporations have achieved international renown as brands. Excellent product design and outstanding communication are important distinguishing characteristics and make existing values visible and tangible. When we speak of German brands, it is no longer merely a matter of consumer products – in B2B business a strong brand is a genuine competitive advantage. Manufacturers of investment goods and suppliers are not selected solely on the basis of price; rather, the focus is on the costs of the entire product life cycle. With regard to this topic, quality and service play an important role, which in turn can be persuasively communicated via a strong brand presence. Enjoy this book – it is full of unique branded companies that deserve our respect and our admiration. Kind regards, Ulrich Grillo

a wo r d o f w e l c o m e


A Word of Welcome

Distinctive. Ingenious.

p r o f. h .c . d r . h .c . p e t e r p f e i f f e r p r e s i d e n t o f t h e g e r m a n d e s i g n c o u n c i l

Why are major brands successful? The principle is simple: we trust what we know. Branded companies have an advantage in the trust of their customers that competitors cannot take for granted. This is an advantage that is very beneďŹ cial to German companies. Prof. h.c. Dr. h.c. Peter Pfeier

a wo r d o f w e l c o m e


Successful brands use their unique identities to captivate consumers. These identities are usually developed over years or decades and are constantly cultivated and further enhanced. Whether automobiles, sports products or sweets, German products and brands are renowned and loved around the globe. The essential elements of every German brand identity are quality, design and the unique history of the relevant brand. A legend isn’t created on paper, but is given life and made visible only with hard work and outstanding craftsmanship – and this is what makes it distinctive. Products are merely the basis of successful brand work. Corporate communication at all levels has an immense influence on the brand image. Digital communication has made it especially clear that brand management exists in much faster cycles today. The right blend of consistency and change is currently important for German brands in particular, so that they can build on their history of success on the one hand, but are flexible enough to move with the times in order to remain viable on a sustained basis. It must never be forgotten that the most important brand ambassadors are the customers. They have daily contact with the products they love and about which they tell authentic stories. They are the ambassadors for Germany as a nation of design. Since its founding in 1953, the mission of the German Design Council has been to provide optimal support to German companies in the creation of well-designed products and compelling brands. We are thus all the more pleased to have created a genuine treasure trove of German brand identities with this publication, the fourth issue of which we are proud to present to you. I hope that this book, which unites the excellence of German branded companies in concentrated form, will be a source of great pleasure, entertainment and inspiration for you!

a wo r d o f w e l c o m e



Superb brand management makes B2B companies unmistakeable. p r o f. d r . k a r s t e n k i l i a n i n i t i at o r o f m a r k e n l e x i k o n .c o m

Many large German brands are nearly invisible. This mostly concerns B2B brands (e.g. mechanical engineering and plant manufacturing) which enjoy worldwide success as hidden champions. Many of these have matured into true brand champions in recent years. But mustn’t brands first be widely known in order to be successful? This is definitely the case for B2C brands, but definitely not for B2B brands. Most B2B brands have a clear focus. Their target audience is small and spread out around the globe. They require only a few hundred or thousand clients who know their brand in order to generate profits in the millions or billions and be highly profitable. The latter results from the distinctiveness of their superb services which find expression in a distinct brand profile. Getting B2B brands on TRACK A clear brand profile requires carving out two to four brand values which are as concrete, causal, relevant and specific as possible – values which are on TRACK. Meaningful brand values speak for themselves and simultaneously provide employees with inspiration and motivation. It is through these values that B2B brands make their way into the feelings, thoughts and actions of employees and become perceptible to clients. TRACK brand values are meaningful and inspirational. They are established within the company, carry significance for clients and are characteristic of the company's own brand in comparison with the competition. What many B2B companies take as a matter of course today was not the case a decade ago. For example, ten years ago at the Würzburg B2B Brand Conference, strategic brand management was still relatively

e s say


Prof. Dr. Karsten Kilian

new to many B2B companies. Most companies were still using operational brand communication. A strategic element was virtually nowhere to be found. In the world of B2B, brands were mostly put on the same level as design. Design, in turn, was put on the same level as styling office equipment and trade show presentations. For some B2B companies this is still the case today. Design is an important part of brand management. It gives brands expression and form. For a long time B2B brand profiling was not necessary Compared to their B2B counterparts, most B2C brands have always been managed and designed strategically. Upon closer inspection, this is especially true of international consumer goods companies such as Henkel, Mars, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble and Unilever. Even mid-sized German companies such as Bahlsen, Haribo, Jägermeister and Krombacher have been conducting strategic brand management for a long time. While, until a few years ago, technological innovations were enough for B2B companies to keep the international competition at a distance, this has only seldom proven sufficiently productive for consumer goods brands. This is why additional differentiation at the brand level has always been seen as necessary. Much has changed since then. Brands have taken on a massive increase in significance during the last ten years, even for B2B. And they will become even more important in the future. The main reason for this is that industrial products and services are increasingly being imitated by competitors and replaced by other solutions. Advances in know-how have also decreased considerably in recent years, as Asian competitors have caught up in a big way, having already patented numerous innovations developed in-house. B2B brand profiling is considerably more difficult Not only have consumer goods companies been using strategic brand management for much longer, but branding work is much easier for them than it is for industrial goods and services companies (apart from stiff retail competition). Brand managers for detergents such as Ariel or Persil, for example, are largely able to control brand perception centrally. Small teams make decisions on packaging design, appropriate sales channels, point of sale placements, and how brand values should be presented in the media (e.g. in television commercials or on their Facebook fan page). Successful brand profiling is much more difficult for B2B brand managers for two reasons. Firstly, sales departments continue to dominate in most B2B companies. By comparison, brand management – assuming it exists at all, even in name – is often assigned to the marketing and communications department, which is often of minor importance. This department is primarily responsible for operational communications and design tasks as opposed to being a strategic

s u p e r b b r a n d m a nag e m e n t m a k e s b 2 b c o m pa n i e s u n m i s ta k e a b l e


business division that reports directly to company management. Accordingly, corporate design is equated with corporate identity in many B2B companies. A value structure for brand profiling typically does not exist or is merely described in terms of run-of-the-mill brand values such as quality, innovation and tradition. Secondly, it is considerably more demanding to manage B2B brands. While, as already mentioned, B2C brand managers are able to control almost the entire brand image themselves, this is not possible with B2B brands. In most cases, hundreds or thousands of employees significantly influence how a brand is perceived. This includes sales and service employees in particular. In principle, however, almost the entire company is involved, as many employees are more or less in direct and frequent contact with clients (e.g. over the phone, at trade shows, factory tours, workshops and meetings). B2B brand profiling is done by employees In addition to brand profiling, establishing the brand within the company itself plays a central role. Successful B2B companies practice comprehensive internal branding. And not just once, but all the time. The importance of employees as brand ambassadors is set to increase, as even more complex solutions need to be conveyed to clients. Given all the euphoria surrounding Big Data and Industry 4.0, we should be aware that even in ten years time demanding client questions will need to be answered first and foremost by proficient employees. These are the people that make technology usable and comprehensible. They make the advantages of in-house solutions understandable and desirable. Brand values and employees are crucial for B2B It is now clear that brands are more than just attractive print advertisements and stylish trade show stands. This is true even – and especially – in B2B. Brands tell us what a company stands for and what makes it special. And they do this very successfully. For this reason, it will become increasingly important for B2B companies to use the uniqueness of their own brands as a compass when faced with important decisions. Brands make significant contributions to ensuring the long-term economic success of a company. In order to generate preferences in the market, B2B companies must be able to provide superior products and services: superb performance and an unmistakable image. This is what makes many German B2B brands major German B2B brands.

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s u p e r b b r a n d m a nag e m e n t m a k e s b 2 b c o m pa n i e s u n m i s ta k e a b l e



Brand management and digitalization: is a strong brand enough? What brand customers buy will determine the algorithm in future

a n d r e j k u p e t z g e n e r a l m a nag e r o f t h e g e r m a n d e s i g n c o u n c i l

The impact of digitalisation on brands and products is huge. Regardless of the industry and line of business, companies face completely unfamiliar challenges. The brand is only one aspect of this, because many firms must rethink their entire business model. Companies such as Erco and Viessmann have long viewed the brand as the primary factor in success. They believe that consistent and rigorous brand management has always been an important component in corporate strategy, from the product design to communication activities. One could therefore assume that when the brand is strong, everything is just as it should be. However, Erco, for example, underwent a profound technological transformation several years ago. In order to remain viable in the future, the company turned its back on all hitherto conventional forms of lighting and converted its product portfolio completely to LEDs. This affected nearly 5,000 items, which naturally had far-reaching consequences. Instead of skilled metalworkers, the company needed plastics experts. The machinery and the entire production system had to be converted. And finally, in the wake of all this, the brand itself was re-oriented and the communication adapted step by step. The result of the re-orientation: previously, Erco’s rather cool and businesslike brand image had relied on the design school of Otl Aicher. Today, all of their communication is much more emotional. For example, in 2014 Erco produced portraits of various people from the world of

e s say


Andrej Kupetz

lighting in short brand films. In early 2015, the lighting manufacturer launched a brand campaign that ran exclusively in the digital media, thus relying on completely different methods and channels in brand management than in the past. At Viessmann, in contrast, the technological and digital transformation had a very different impact on the brand. For years the company had designed its products, such as boilers so attractively that one would have loved to put them as designer objects in one’s living room or bathroom. In the meantime, the design focus has shifted to the control unit of the heating system, which in the future could be replaced by a smartphone or a tablet as the universal operating element with which all building technology can be controlled. But at this point in not earlier, the question that drives all of these companies has to be asked: where will my brand, my product, even be physically visible to consumers in the future? What brand will actually be visible on the display, the human-machine interface? Will it be Telekom, RWE, Samsung, Google, Amazon or Viessman after all? Another critical issue for brand management is that of new sales channels and marketing agents. For example, the activities of the start-up Thermondo are being watched with great interest throughout the plumbing and heating industry. On its website, which is aimed at end consumers, the company promises “Just five minutes to get your offer” for a new heating system, with a fixed-price offer instead of a cost estimate and up to € 2,000 cheaper than comparable products. This means that as on comparison portals, the customer enters his requirements in an online form and, based on an algorithm, receives his offer from among one million solutions. Whether Buderus, Bosch, Vaillant, Viessmann, Junkers or Wolf, Thermondo’s algorithm determines the brands that will be proposed to the customers for their new heating systems. Here as well, the brand is shifted into the background at an important point during the process of making a purchasing decision. Not all companies will undergo such a profound transformation as Erco did. However, digitalisation has had and will continue to have far-reaching consequences for brand management in a large number of companies. What will stay the same – and what will change? The focus, clear differentiation from competitors and the involvement of the employees who holistically understand and implement the brand are and will remain the most important factors in the success of strong brands, even in an increasingly digitalised world.

b r a n d m a nag e m e n t a n d d i g i ta l i z at i o n : i s a s t r o n g b r a n d e n o u g h ?


In contrast, at the implementation level, the changes are obvious, as the „German Brand Monitor“ of the German Design Council and GMK Markenberatung reveals. While the majority of decisionmakers, in responding to the question of the future importance of individual tools of brand management, assumes that digital brand management (71 per cent) and brand-compliant behaviour of the employees (69 per cent) will become even more important in the future, half of the surveyed brand experts believe that the importance of classic forms of advertising such as print adverts or TV commercials (48 and 38 per cent, respectively) will further decline in the future. However, the increasing importance of digital brand management requires a complete rethink of the operational implementation of brand communication. For a long time and up to the present, brand management was relatively easy to plan. Advertising media, formats, target groups and user behaviour hardly changed over the past few decades. But now, with digitalisation, companies are experiencing major changes in consumer behaviour, an increase in interaction and a dramatic rise of digital channels and contact points. Particularly the latter factors are inducing many companies to establish their presence on every social media network as quickly as possible in an effort to be considered innovative, but these ventures are often poorly conceived and executed. But the points of customer contact which are actually relevant to a company’s success depend heavily on the industry, the product, the goal and the target group. To ensure a consistent brand experience both in the digital and the real world and thereby make optimal use of existing resources and budgets, the customer contact points should be regularly reviewed with regard to their relevance to the company’s success. For example, Unilever Germany has now discontinued its activities on Twitter (@Unilever_Talent). Apple does not have an official Facebook page to date. It is much more important that the contact points and their design match the company’s own brand and that the right content is produced for each individual channel. In summary, as a result of digitalisation, brand management is becoming faster, more transparent, more complex and less plannable and controllable due to the dynamics inherent in social media networks. Consequently, brand managers will need more digital knowledge but also more freedom to be able to try out new ideas and respond faster to trends. Companies should also see digitalisation particularly as an opportunity to improve and simplify the interactive dialogue with the customer. For example, Adidas recently live-streamed the football player James Rodriguez signing his contract directly on the Web via Periscope.

e s say


b r a n d m a nag e m e n t a n d d i g i ta l i z at i o n : i s a s t r o n g b r a n d e n o u g h ?



Employer brands: competing for the best

l u t z d i e t z o l d m a nag i n g d i r e c t o r o f t h e g e r m a n d e s i g n c o u n c i l

Thanks to digitalisation and demographic change, the employer brand is becoming a key factor in the future viability of companies. Despite the fact that roughly two million highly skilled specialists will retire in the next 15 years alone, 68 per cent of companies do not have a clearly defined strategy for their employer brand. Moreover, the majority of the brand managers believe that the brand strategy has too little influence on the areas of staff marketing (57 per cent) and staff development (69 per cent) in their companies. This is the result of the “German Brand Monitor” study conducted jointly by the German Design Council and GMK Markenberatung, a brand management consultancy. This explains the interchangeability of many employer branding campaigns that are inconsistent with the brand, the brand values and the corporate culture and thus give potential employees a false impression of the companies. The lack of a strategic orientation for employer branding and negligible brand orientation in human resources departments means that opportunities to present the companies as attractive employers are wasted. In particular, small and medium-sized companies such as the numerous hidden champions know their industrial environment well and clearly distinguish themselves from their competitors with their products, brands and communication styles. However, in the search for skilled professionals, especially with an eye to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, the same companies

e s say


Lutz Dietzold

are competing for employees who are much sought-after by firms in other industries as well as by more renowned companies and corporate groups – for example, by Audi. The automobile manufacturer has rolled out a major employer branding campaign to recruit 1,200 highly skilled professionals for its electromobility and digitalization units. The intensified competition and lack of strategic planning causes human resources departments to send promotional messages and make promises in the course of employer communications that do not reflect reality and, not least via social networks and employer rating websites, are quickly revealed as hollow. A study by LinkedIn shows the information on which job-seekers actually rely to form opinions of companies they are not familiar with. 60 per cent place their trust in the opinion of industry experts/insiders and 46 per cent in the judgment of their friends, while 42 per cent base their opinions on media reports. The website of the company concerned is ranked only in fifth place (31 per cent). And yet just under 70 per cent of students and young people just starting their careers could imagine working for a hidden champion, according to the results of a study conducted by the agency Serviceplan. The entry-level professionals and graduates even assume that the hidden champions offer particular advantages compared to large corporate groups, such as a family-style work environment, flat hierarchies and better prospects of promotion. Thus, instead of copying the employer communication styles of companies such as Audi, Apple, Facebook or Google, SMEs should develop an individual, industry and site-specific employer branding strategy that matches the company and the types of talented employees they are trying to recruit. During this process, it should not be forgotten that the employer brand does not include any new brand promises, but rather specifically defines the core elements of the company brand in relation to the job market. This is the only way to develop a consistent overall impression of the company at all points of contact and exploit synergies with corporate communication. In doing so, the basic rules listed below should be followed: 1. The corporate brand and the employer brand should be developed together and dovetailed. This requires close collaboration among management, marketing, corporate communications and human resources. 2. The employer brand must deal with issues relevant to employees and do so in a credible manner.

e m p l oy e r b r a n d s : c o m p e t i n g f o r t h e b e s t


3. These characteristics are rarely distinctive per se, but generally become so via a brandspecific interpretation. 4. Potential employees must be able to experience the employer promise consistently via the major internal and external points of contact. 5. The employer promise must be kept. Where a need for action with regard to fundamental requirements of the target groups exists, corresponding measures must be defined and implemented. 6. Particularly for companies with a limited communications budget, the focus on employer branding activities and the linkage of the employer branding to corporate communication is absolutely essential. Before companies begin with external communication, the employer values must be firmly anchored in the organisation and made tangible for all employees. External employer communication should commence only when this implementation process has been successfully completed. Only a holistic implementation of the employer brand at all internal and external points of contact will improve the company’s image as an employer on a sustained basis and help the company to distinguish itself in a positive manner from competitors in the job market.

e s say


e m p l oy e r b r a n d s : c o m p e t i n g f o r t h e b e s t


Distinctive. Ingenious. The Major German Brands.



t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s



t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Moon Dance, developed exclusively for Aliseo GmbH by sieger design, 2015.



Company Aliseo GmbH Gengenbach www.aliseo.de

Founding year – 1985 –

The Fine Art of Hospitality.

Aliseo Inspiration arises when we travel and change our perspective so that we depart from the conventional patterns of the mainstream, resulting in a new culture of hospitality. Aliseo GmbH, headquartered in the Black Forest, is a trailblazing designer of innovative products developed specifically for use in hotel bathrooms and guest rooms. Based on more than three decades of experience in the international hotel business and more than one million installations, Aliseo possesses a unique understanding of worldwide trends as well as the special cultural and geographic features of the international hotel industry. High safety standards as well as international industrial standards are integrated in product design from the development stage onwards. Aliseo is a trendsetter that uses, further develops and adapts innovative technologies and materials to optimize and enhance product durability and efficiency. Aliseo products fit beautifully in contemporary interior designs, acting as visual and functional highlights that heighten the attractiveness of the rooms and convey feelings of luxury and comfort to guests. The exclusive Moon Dance developed by sieger design expands the earlier functionality of the cosmetic mirror to include another dimension: Moon Dance is simultaneously a lighting object and a cosmetic mirror. The satinised, translucent acrylic housing has a softly contoured, convex form. The light generated by SMD LEDs radiates in all directions, providing subtle ambient illumination. The Moon Dance design is reduced to the essentials and creates a sculptural effect of harmonious unity.



Aliseo hotel hair dryers: Engineered for excellence.

ASA Selection collection: Ã table Ligne Noire.

a sa s e l e c t i o n


Company ASA SELECTION GmbH Höhr-Grenzhausen www.asa-selection.com

Founding year – 1976 –

Porcelain and ceramics.

ASA Selection

Contemporary – simple – timeless! These terms describe the company ASA Selection, founded in 1976. With more than 60 international awards and design prizes, the brand is among the most successful in its industry. In addition to its collections of accessories for the home, the global brand from Höhr-Grenzhausen delights customers with high-quality tableware collections and fine dining accessories. “Simple things are beautiful” is an integral part of the word and design mark, and much more — it is an attitude that has inspired the company's collections and corporate culture for decades. It is the passion for developing products to a point where nothing more can be taken away, as well as the culture practised on a daily basis by the family-owned company. The interaction with each other is simple, honest and open. Respect, loyalty, reliability and social responsibility towards suppliers, business partners and especially our employees are the values represented by ASA Selection. National and international awards for our brand management and products underscore the reputation of the brand.

a sa s e l e c t i o n


ASA Selection headquarters in Höhr-Grenzhausen.

Powered by its impressive 27 inch spherical horn, the DUO XD Series is the epitome of performance and dynamic beauty. Technical perfection is swathed in elegant designwork for a unique sound experience that is most exhilarating, uncompromising, natural and thrilling.

ava n t g a r d e ac o u s t i c


Company Avantgarde Acoustic Lautsprechersysteme GmbH Lautertal/Odenwald www.avantgarde-acoustic.de

Founding year – 1993 –

Purity meets performance via bionic horn technology.

Avantgarde Acoustic Using a horn to amplify sound is not a new idea. This simple but ingenious device was employed back in ancient times. Even today, the horn is still regarded as unbeatable in loudspeaker technology. Music is produced by making a membrane vibrate in time. The bigger the membrane, the greater its weight and the less capable it is of reproducing the subtlest complexities of music. “The horn enables the drastic reduction of a loudspeaker’s membrane area and eliminates distortions almost entirely as a result of this,” explains Holger Fromme, Managing Director of Avantgarde Acoustic. The latest scientific laboratory tests by the University of Aachen confirmed this outstanding benefit: Avantgarde horn systems have eight times the dynamic range with 90 per cent less distortion. As Professor Anselm Goertz stated, “Compared to conventional speakers, there’s a world of difference!” The family-owned company based in the town of Lautertal in the Odenwald region was founded by Holger Fromme in 1993. Since then it has been producing horn loudspeakers that thrill the hearts of music lovers all over the world. Fromme sets high standards for his products: perfect sound and simple, yet sophisticated design. In the meantime, Avantgarde Acoustic has blossomed into one of the world’s leading companies for audio systems, serving customers globally. The joy in music, design and distinctively impeccable sound knows no bounds.

ava n t g a r d e ac o u s t i c


“We are very proud of the laboratory test results, as they provide impressive proof of our brand promise: Purity meets performance!” Holger Fromme

B. Braun promises constructive dialog and collaboration with customers and partners to ďŹ nd forward-looking and innovative solutions.

b . b r au n


Company B. Braun Melsungen AG Melsungen www.bbraun.com

Founding year – 1839 –

System partner in healthcare.

B. Braun The family-owned B. Braun Group based in northern Hesse is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical products and services. With over 55,000 employees in 64 countries, B. Braun develops high-quality product systems and services for users around the world. Every solution provided incorporates the entirety of our knowledge and skills, the company’s deep understanding of users’ needs – and 177 years of comprehensive expertise. With its constantly growing portfolio of effective healthcare solutions, B. Braun makes a substantial contribution towards protecting and improving people’s health. In developing its own products, product systems and services, B. Braun considers itself to be a companion who knows its counterpart and always aspires to do its best for them – a companion who is motivated to improve things and who thus drives development through constructive dialog with its clients and partners. In doing so, B. Braun enables solutions that are both evolving and progressive. The Braunüle® is one of the Group’s classic examples which impressively demonstrates how it sets and continually advances standards in the healthcare system. Safety in application and process optimization for the client take top priority. In total, the B. Braun product range comprises 5,000 products, 95 percent of which are manufactured by the company.

b . b r au n


Vasofix®, Braunüle®.




t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s



t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Unique, personalized kitchens.

b au - f o r- m at k Ăź c h e n


Company Bauformat Küchen GmbH & Co. KG Löhne www.bauformat.com

Founding year – 1929 –

Welcome to the kitchen Family.

bau-for-mat Küchen In our home region of East Westphalia, quality that lasts is what counts. We are a company with an 80-year tradition of putting our hearts into the soul of the home: the kitchen. But because nothing is more constant than change, we design and build contemporary kitchens that match the current lifestyles of our customers — just as we have in the past. Thus, we at bau-for-mat focus intensively on researching trends and materials so that we can meet the needs of our partners and customers down to the tiniest detail and give them everything they value in kitchens. With unusual trends such as industrial-style kitchens, we continuously provide fresh ideas to enhance the individuality and flair of the most important room in your home. Our many years of experience in the use of form and design enable us to meet even the most sophisticated demands in achieving perfect interaction between forms and materials at any time. State-of-the-art technology, exclusive surfaces and meticulous craftsmanship are integral to our work at bau-for-mat. We are very particular about maintaining the “Made in Germany” quality in all of our activities and production, so we not only use our time wisely, but also invest in efficient production technologies and reliable suppliers in a targeted manner. Our quality is always created from the interaction of the best — the best people and the best machines. We and our partners enjoy producing a sustainable product without losing sight of the people involved. The core of our work is shaping the future together in a spirit of community and consciously taking responsibility for doing so. Because what’s true of our home region is true for us as well: what counts is what lasts. We look forward to seeing you!

b au - f o r- m at k ü c h e n


Industrial design.

BetteLux Shape – the design concept based on an exquisite combination of steel/enamel, which are coupled with an open steel frame to bring the innermost elements to the fore.



Company Bette GmbH & Co. KG Delbrück www.bette.de

Founding year – 1952 –

Specialist for exclusive bathroom products in steel/enamel.


Bette specialises in manufacturing baths, showers and washbasins in an elegant combination of steel/enamel. Wherever the joy of water is experienced in the bathroom, Bette offers bathroom products in consistently coordinated materials to create an inherently harmonious design. The Bette brand is renowned for its high quality, outstanding design expertise and premium materials. The family company with more than sixty years of tradition specialises exclusively in steel shaping and enamelling, and manufactures all of their products at its plant in the East Westphalian town of Delbrück. Bette’s production unites state-of-the-art high-tech processes with genuine manufacturing: today, more than half of its products are customised to meet customer specifications. Bette uses the natural raw materials glass, water and steel to create high-quality products in an extensive range of shapes, sizes and colours, finishing them with BetteGlaze to ensure durable steel/enamel creations you'll enjoy for decades. The Bette steel/enamel material is ideal for use in the bathroom, as it unites durability with sustainability. Excellent stability is combined with a flawless, durable and hygienic surface. The outstanding hygiene: the BetteGlaze has been tested by TÜV Rheinland and certified as having outstanding hygienic properties and being extremely easy to clean. The complete Bette range is verified in accordance with ISO 14025 according to the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) concerning to materials and products.



Steel/enamel in a contrasting steel frame: The concept makes excellent use of both materials, which complement each other perfectly and open up entirely new possibilities in bathroom design.

The vision: the end of the extractor hood.



Company Bora Holding GmbH Niederndorf www.bora.com

Founding year – 2007 –

The end of the extractor hood. We revolutionise behaviour and architecture in the kitchen.

BORA A great vision stands at the heart of our brand: “The end of the extractor hood!”. This vision drives us every single day and is further specified in our mission statement: “We revolutionise the design and function of kitchens.” BORA develops cooking systems which form a single unit with our cooktop extractors. Attractive, customised designs and the combination of individual hobs within the scope of the BORA Professional and BORA Classic product lines as well as their outstanding functionality differentiate our systems from the competition. The end of the extractor hood is made possible by the BORA hob extractors, which are based on a principle of physics: instead of letting cooking vapours and odours rise in the first place, we extract them where they are created, drawing them directly away at the hob, from the pot, roaster or pan. We do this using a cross flow that is greater than the speed at which the vapours rise. As a result of this physical principle, the BORA systems provide seven advantages and a brand new lifestyle in the “feel-good room” of the kitchen, with planning and design freedom, simple cleaning and efficiency. Where cooking vapours, hoods and noise used to diminish the joy of cooking, BORA is now quietly, efficiently and subtly revolutionising the kitchen and enabling users to breathe fresh air. BORA was founded in 2007 and launched its first product, BORA Professional, in 2008. Today, BORA sells its products in 28 countries, including through its own subsidiary in Sydney, Australia.



One idea changes the kitchen. Enjoy the new freedom.

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t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s



t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Tangible perfection in every sense: the Series 8 generation of built-in appliances.

bosch design


Company Robert Bosch GmbH Stuttgart www.bosch.de

Founding year – 1886 –

Engineering and life in perfect synthesis.

Bosch Design For over eighty years, household appliances from Bosch have embodied the integration of advanced technology and practical use in trailblazing design. This is a company tradition: At the beginning of the twentieth century, founder Robert Bosch recognized the value of “good design” for daily use. He provided intensive support to the Werkbund, founded in 1907, an organisation that promoted artistry in the trades, industry and business as well as new architectural principles and paved the way for contemporary industrial design. The Bosch company itself was a pioneer in implementing these principles — and created a sensation in 1933 with its first electric refrigerator in the shape of a drum. The rounded form would later give way to the more practical and even more successful rectangular form. In 1949, Bosch created a model with rounded corners that became a design icon which still influences the archetypal refrigerator today. No wonder the reinterpretation of the Classic fridge has once again become a coveted designer piece more than 60 years later. Today, the latest generation of appliances by Bosch — the Series 8 built-in ovens — is distinguished by its intuitive operation as well as its award-winning, timeless design. Technological highlights such as sensor-controlled programs or the networking and control of all appliance functions via app fulfil the Bosch promise of designing “technology for life”.

bosch design


The Bosch Classic refrigerator was launched in 1949, and it’s been a style icon ever since.

Silk-expert IPL, 2016.

b r au n


Company Braun GmbH Kronberg www.braun.com

Founding year – 1921 –

Outstanding design meets technical innovation.

Braun In the 1950s Braun revolutionized the design world with its minimalistic, functional product design. Since its founding, the Braun brand has represented technological innovation and products that transform the market, such as the first foil shaver, the first modular hi-fi system and the first oscillating toothbrush, to name just a few examples. The camera flash units by Braun are less well-known today. The EF1 rechargeable flash unit from 1958 was not only a milestone in design, but revolutionized amateur photography with its rechargeable batteries and the flash lamp with a long service life. Sixty years later, Braun has launched a hair-removal product that likewise uses flashes of light. The Silk-expert, equipped with the innovative IPL technology used in beauty salons and dermatology clinics, enables permanent hair removal for home users. Rapid, consecutive flashes of light interrupt the cycle of hair regrowth efficiently and virtually painlessly. The advanced skin tone sensor continuously scans your skin tone and adjusts the light intensity automatically, ensuring safe, effective hair removal. The required technology has been integrated in a compact, feminine design distinguished by its aesthetic yet streamlined appearance that embodies the Braun brand values. The ergonomic design enables a wide range of grip positions and the large activation switch is always easily accessible. High-quality materials and lovely colours enhance the unit’s beautiful functionality.

b r au n


Rechargeable camera flash EF 1, 1958.

attitude Sofa + muskat armchair.

b rĂź h l


Company brühl & sippold GmbH Bad Steben www.bruehl.com

Founding year – 1948 –

Authentic, with a passion for design and respect for nature.

brühl brühl is internationally renowned as a manufacturer of upholstered furniture with the highest standards in design, sustainability and eco-friendliness. Our premium chairs and sofas are manufactured with traditional craftsmanship as well as state-of-the-art, eco-friendly technologies and are characterised by their internationally understandable signature style paired with durability and versatility. They have been awarded numerous national and international design prizes. Creative Director Kati Meyer-Brühl designs models such as attitude, muscat and grace that are examples of her unmistakeable handwriting – innovative, graceful and expressive chairs and sofas that can be used in individual arrangements or serve as distinctive soloists. Colours, materials and other details can be chosen from a wide range of options and combined according to personal preference. Most models are fitted with removable covers that allow their appearance to be easily changed while at the same time retaining their basic load-bearing elements, thus helping to conserve natural resources. All wood comes from sustainably managed forests: the fabrics either comply with the Oeko-Tex® Standard or are EU Ecolabel certified. Our leather covers come from carefully chosen European tanneries with high environmental standards. The overall production process is shaped to guarantee a maximum of sustainability and eco-friendliness, including delivery with particularly low-emission, company-owned vehicles. In 2009, brühl became the first German manufacturer of upholstered furniture entitled to use the Blue Angel label as proof of their particular environmental friendliness.

b rü h l


Two grace armchairs.

Innovative tradition.

b ru n e


Company BRUNE Sitzmöbel GmbH Königswinter www.brune.de

Founding year – 1945 –

Quality made in Germany.

BRUNE For more than 70 years, BRUNE has proven that a traditional corporate culture is not an obstacle to innovation and modernity. BRUNE is committed to uniting traditional craftsmanship with the use of state-of-the-art technology in order to implement innovative design in products of outstanding quality. Simple elegance with clean forms and lines recurs throughout BRUNE’s product design. At BRUNE it is obvious that form and design are not only intended to please the eye, but are absolutely essential to functionality. By reducing things to the bare essentials and strictly avoiding creative excess, BRUNE has won numerous design awards. In the knowledge that motivated and competent employees are indispensable in creating firstclass products and providing excellent service, BRUNE has retained the sound structures of an owner-operated family company. With its responsible environmental management, the company makes an important ecological and social contribution to the protection of our natural environment. We focus on the principles of “Quality made in Germany” in everything we do. Our desire not only to serve but to thrill our customers with outstanding products and services has made BRUNE the successful company it is today. Every single piece of furniture unites clever functionality with first-class design. BRUNE doesn’t just make furniture – BRUNE is “Quality made in Germany”.

b ru n e


Industry Excellence in Branding.


bu l l m e r


Company bullmer GmbH Mehrstetten www.bullmer.de

Founding year – 1933 –

Cutting room technology.

bullmer For over 80 years, bullmer GmbH has been taking on the challenges of its time and setting standards in cutting technology and material handling. Many innovations which make up today’s state of the art were developed, patented and made marketable by bullmer. This company, with headquarters in Mehrstetten on the Swabian Alb, is one of the world’s largest internationally active partners in industrial cutting. Its five-meter-wide single layer cutter, PREMIUMCUT, is a unique cutting system developed for the super wide sector. PREMIUMCUT is available in working widths starting at 1.40 m. Whether working with material rolls or sheet materials, the PREMIUMCUT cutting system allows you to remain flexible. The system can process sheet materials for graphic and advertising purposes just as easily as coils. Even material rolls with weights up to 1,500 kg and roll diameters up to 1,400 mm can be easily processed with the unrolling device. PREMIUMCUT also features a modular tool system and can handle jobs ranging from cutting, V-cutting and grooves to kiss-cutting and milling. PREMIUMCUT is the master of its trade. Even solid materials are no problem for the 2.1 kW milling spindle. The pneumatic bit exchange is a breeze to handle. Materials such as cardboard, acrylics, alu dibond, carpet, textiles, carbon fibres, MDF and many more can be worked using the corresponding tool. Its continued development of existing technologies, as well as solutions customized to meet the needs of clients and specific industries, is what makes bullmer GmbH a reliable partner.

bu l l m e r



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t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s



t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Office Light, Project Light, Living Light.

byo k


Company BYOK GmbH Rellingen | Hamburg www.byok.lighting

Founding year – 1996 –

K.B. Form is now BYOK. We love light.

BYOK The creative heart of Kai Byok and his team has been located in Rellingen in the northwest of Hamburg, Germany since 1996. This is where the designer drafts, develops and produces expressive lights that feature clear lines and a simple, timeless design vocabulary for living, office and object spaces. Kai Byok studied product design in Milan. The city’s Mediterranean influences inspired the designer’s formal design signature, which can now be seen in the precise north German material aesthetics of his lights. His understanding of the production process has given him unique insight into the needs and demands of architects, planners and developers. The formal stringency and modular structure of his collections enables a wide range of application possibilities during lighting design – in both business and private settings. The company’s internal production process provides a crucial advantage. Quick and easy modifications and refinements as well as completely new products can be realised efficiently and at short notice. Solutions are custom developed to meet the needs of clients. The BYOK brand stands for innovative lighting based on the latest technologies. The company’s products are not the result of current trends, but of function-oriented design and near technical perfection accompanied by high-quality materials and highly accurate workmanship. A host of awards – from the Aluminium Award and the iF Design Award to the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award – speaks for a unique and unmistakable design language.

byo k


Kai Byok Founder & Creative Director BYOK GmbH.

The B10 experimental house – Sobek – Weissenhof residential estate, Stuttgart. “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” Seneca



Company Candela Lichtplanung GmbH Stuttgart www.candela.de

Founding year – 1994 –

Planning good lighting requires experience, skill and intuition.

Candela Good lighting cannot be reduced to luminaires as an object, although this belief seems to be widespread. No other medium has the emotional qualities of light. It can transform naked architecture into places that are much more than the sum of their structural components. Thus, Ettore Sottsass said, “Let us talk of places instead of spaces. The word SPACE is defined by physics, mathematics and geometry, while the word PLACE has to do with time and existence.” Candela has set itself the goal of transforming spaces into places with an emotional use of light. Places that fully exploit the potential of a genius loci. Places where people feel comfortable. Since 1994 Candela has been putting life in the best possible light — across a wide range of places, including private homes, company buildings and offices, clubs and restaurants, showrooms and shops as well as public spaces. Originally in the business of design, today Candela focuses on creating atmospheres, but the company consciously avoids using a uniform language of design. Each project is unique and requires an equally individualised lighting plan — nothing is off-the-rack. Candela develops holistic lighting concepts from initial conceptualisation to execution planning, including technological and logistical implementation upon request. After all, lighting should not be an afterthought, but rather an integral part of the architecture of a place, and merits implementation with sensibility and experience.



Colour as the sister of light.

Innovative and prize-winning products set Canyon apart as one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in the world.

c a n yo n


Company Canyon Bicycles GmbH Koblenz www.canyon.com

Founding year – 1985 –

Pure cycling.

Canyon From selling bikes and parts out of a garage to competing as a global player in the bike industry, the last 30 years have seen Canyon rise to the top. Since the humble beginnings of Radsport Arnold GmbH, the company has transformed itself into an internationally renowned technology pioneer that is always at the cutting edge. Today, Canyon attracts the most talented engineers and designers to Koblenz with the goals of pushing boundaries and setting new standards while working to meet the ever-growing global demand for Canyon bikes. The company currently employs over 600 people who are responsible for every step from design to delivery. Canyon’s direct sales model and commitment to innovation set it apart. Customers simply order their dream bike at Canyon.com and then have it delivered directly to their doorstep. This revolutionary business model doesn’t simply allow for fairer prices – it also creates a direct connection between the customer and the people responsible for developing and building their bike. Due to its success, Canyon now sells direct not just within Germany but in countries all over the world. The completion of the new Canyon.Factory in 2015 marked another milestone in the history of the company. This groundbreaking production and logistics facility is one of the most advanced in the cycling industry and sets a new benchmark for the competition. Roughly 450 bikes per day can be assembled on the line and then make their way from Koblenz out into the world. With the opening of the new factory, commitment to innovation and prize-winning products, Canyon has secured a spot as one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in the world.

c a n yo n


The new Canyon.Factory in Koblenz is one of the most advanced production and logistics facilities in the cycling industry.

Above all, comdirect is a digital brand. The style elements such as the font and colours can be functionally used in the desktop, in print and in apps which are visually attractive – and give the brand its distinctive appeal.

comdirect bank


Company comdirect bank AG Quickborn www.comdirect.de

Founding year – 1994 –

Rethinking banking. Redesigning banking.

comdirect bank Founded in 1994, comdirect bank AG is now one of the leading online banks and online broker in Germany, with more than two million customers in 2016. The website www.comdirect.de is one of Germany’s most popular financial websites. Innovation plays a leading role at comdirect. In accordance with the motto “Rethinking banking”, we develop innovative solutions for customers that frequently anticipate their wishes. The result: our positioning as a preferred financial partner. Even with all of its expertise and innovative power, comdirect communicates in clear, plain and easily understandable language with our customers. This is also reflected in our products and services, reducing the complexity of the world of finance and ensuring transparency, authenticity and credibility – and enhancing trust. Our new corporate design implements a creative language that is contemporary, accessible and intuitive, and which also clearly expresses the specific message that comdirect is different from other banks. All of the basic elements offer optimal conditions for a strong, distinctive brand image across all media. The new image showcases comdirect even more emphatically as a digital brand and also presents the website in a new, intuitively accessible design. The logo was completely reworked, while the typography, colour and image worlds as well as pictograms were redesigned as contemporary, aesthetic style elements with a particular focus on functionality in an online context. Thus, comdirect impressively demonstrates not only how to rethink banking, but also how to redesign it.

comdirect bank


Optimal functionality and brand presence in the smallest of spaces: the app icon.



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t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s



t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Linear drainage CeraFloor, world premiere from Dallmer, 2015.

da l l m e r


Company Dallmer GmbH + Co. KG Arnsberg www.dallmer.com

Founding year – 1913 –

Drainage by design. Since 1913.

Dallmer The development of our company can be described succinctly as the transformation of a master craftsman’s business into an architectural brand. However, it must be noted that this trend has accelerated sharply in the last couple of decades. Prior to that – Dallmer was founded in 1913 as a manufacturer of engraving tools and dies – no matter how innovative our products were, they were simply known as “installation fittings”. All this has changed. Today, sheer functionality that precludes an attractive design is not enough. The bathroom used solely to wash has become an oasis where body care is ritually celebrated. With an increasing emphasis on individuality and a growing desire for self-actualisation backed by rising standards of living, people have begun to invest far greater value in the design of the rooms they live in. For us, this opens up a wide variety of opportunities to develop innovative and more attractive solutions for the task of efficiently removing water from inside and around buildings. We believe that perfect products are created from an interplay of outstanding functionality, highquality materials and good design. We are satisfied with the results only when all of these criteria have been optimally fulfilled. The very first glance at our products often reveals just how much time and effort we’ve invested in them. That's what makes all the difference for us. The design of our shower channels is a result of this evolution and another milestone in our ongoing history. Today, the fourth generation of our family manages Dallmer – a modern, forward-looking, and innovative company that reinvents itself on a daily basis.

da l l m e r


Classic Grate from the 1960s.

The BrandSpace – the forum for the brand.

deutsche bank


Company Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt/Main www.deutsche-bank.de

Founding year – 1870 –

A bank for Germany with a global network.

Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank was founded in 1870 to support the internationalization of German trade. At first, the “Imperial Eagle” and later the initials “DB” stood for the Bank. In the early 1970s, the current logo was developed by the German-based design pioneer Anton Stankowski. Today the “slash in the square”, as it is known, stands for growth in a stable environment and has become the symbol of a global megabrand. For more than a decade, the three-dimensional, physical Deutsche Bank logo has travelled the world as the carrier of Deutsche’s brand messages, attitude and ambitions. In 2011, the unique BrandSpace opened it’s doors at the headquarters in Frankfurt – a publicly accessible area that was designed and implemented to put the Deutsche Bank brand and its logo, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014, center-stage. The BrandSpace allows for an interactive brand experience – a first in the financial industry. Since its opening, it has fascinated more than 100,000 visitors and has won numerous awards, including the Golden and Silver Lion in Cannes, the Red Dot Design Award and the Best of Best of the Iconic Awards of the German Design Council. With its “Strategy 2020”, Deutsche Bank has set itself ambitious goals to strengthen its positioning as a strong partner for German and European clients around the globe. It leverages its outstanding capital market expertise to manage assets and to best serve demanding private clients. As a responsible corporate citizen, Deutsche Bank acts to enable communities and economies to prosper.

deutsche bank


The slash in a square, 1972.

Design requires passion and determination: it languishes when subjected to hierarchy and control. That’s why we’ve united several strong characters and created an environment where they can work closely together as a team to help make Deutsche Telekom the leading European telecommunications company.

deutsche telekom


Company Telekom Design Bonn | Berlin | Darmstadt www.telekom.design

Founding year – 2007 –

TELEKOM DESIGN. We design simplicity.

Deutsche Telekom

Our world has become digital. Everything is connected, and each day our surrounding world is becoming more complex. So naturally, people seek orientation, and look for solutions that simplify and enrich their lives. That’s why design is such an important part of our innovation strategy. We blend design with technological advances in order to build relevant products and services for our customers that serve as bridges between them and technology. For us, design means that no matter what we do, we put human needs first. We think design, we do design, we live design. As we work towards becoming the leading European telecommunications company, design plays an increasingly significant role for our customers as well as for our company. Thus, we focus on designing future customer experiences across all touchpoints. This creates value for our customers, which in turn creates value for Deutsche Telekom. Design is essential for customer experiences that differentiate us from our competitors. It is equally essential that we foster creative and agile collaboration within our organisation – because design supports the digital transformation of our products, brand, and company.

deutsche telekom





t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s



t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Set of Silicano+ cooking pots with integrated oil-dosing system. The inner ring corresponds to a teaspoon, while the outer ring corresponds to a tablespoon.

e l o s ta h lwa r e n


Company ELO-Stahlwaren GmbH & Co. KG Spabrücken www.elo.de

Founding year – 1934 –

Cooking with joy.

ELO Stahlwaren As a specialist for pots and pans, ELO offers the perfect cookware for everyone who loves to cook. The company’s love of and passion for its products is reflected in the many innovations as well as the various awards they have won. ELO was founded in 1934 by Karl Grünewald in the town of Spabrücken in the Rhineland Palatinate. A tradition of innovation and organic growth were key to the company’s success. Numerous design prizes and awards acknowledge the attractive design and outstanding functionality. However, prizes were not only awarded to individual products – the company itself was also honoured. ELO received the TOP 100 Award four times in a row in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, making it one of the 100 most innovative small and medium-sized companies in Germany. Also honoured as Brand of the Century, it belongs to an exclusive group of 250 German brands that have been included in the renowned compendium. True to the motto of “Cooking with Joy”, their product range includes pots, frying pans, roasting pans, pressure cookers and kitchen equipment. Innovations such as the new Smart frying pan or the Silicano+ line of pots with the unique oil dosing system, the Granit Evolution frying pan with its innovative non-stick coating or the Steam glass lid attest to their leading market position. With virtual innovations such as the Web-based pan and roasting pan configurator or the Flappp app, ELO has skilfully transported the analogue kitchen to the digital world, thrilling cookery fans in both worlds.

e l o s ta h lwa r e n


The Granite Evolution range: revolutionary pans featuring thermo-touch technology. The distinctive rough surface allows for remarkably crisp and even frying.




t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s





t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Training programs and learning systems for Industry 4.0 / Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).



Company Festo AG & Co. KG Esslingen www.festo.com

Founding year – 1925 –

Automation technology and technical education.

Festo What makes a brand truly unique? To start with, a product range that no other company offers anywhere in the world. Then there’s the ability to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow – such as those posed by Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Digital and networked production, also known as Industry 4.0, and the IIoT, present the global market with immense challenges. “The technological standards and expectations in local markets are rising. With our investments throughout the world, we intend to meet these requirements while simultaneously continuing to tap the potential in the global market to further increase our market share,” explains Dr. Claus Jessen, CEO of Festo AG. In particular, the technical training and continuous professional development of skilled employees play a significant role in this regard. The demand for technical training with a practical emphasis is rapidly increasing. One of the benefits of Festo’s solutions for technical training is that they enable specialist employees to get to grips with the rapidly developing technologies, which in turn creates the best possible working conditions for employees. Festo Didactic is the leader of the pack with its new educational concepts and learning systems in the context of Industry 4.0, and it collaborates with companies, organisations and universities to develop the most effective training and education programmes possible. The training programmes and systems offered by Festo are a true reflection of the company’s mission statement: “We work with our customers to increase their productivity. We combine our knowledge with a passion for detail, never losing sight of the big picture. We foster sustainable growth and keep the world moving.”



Industry 4.0: Fully-networked, adaptive production. Festo develops decentralised intelligence, intelligence, control technology, sensors, software modules and apps, apps that help to make Industry 4.0 possible.

Model Leya Wingback with matching ottoman.

f r e i f r au s i t z m รถ b e l m a n u fa k t u r


Company Freifrau Sitzmöbelmanufaktur GmbH & Co. KG Lemgo www.freifrau.eu

Founding year – 2012 –

The manufacturer of favourite pieces.

Freifrau Sitzmöbelmanufaktur The Freifrau Sitzmöbelmanufaktur company stands for all aspects of well-being — design, functionality, materials and trusted service. The company was founded in Lemgo in 2012 by Hansjörg Helweg and a small team of staff members who supported his initial efforts. Within a year, they created the first collection, which included the now-classic models Leya and Amelie. Freifrau’s team of renowned and up-and-coming designers work with a love of meticulous detail to transform designs into prototypes ready for series production. The pieces in the collection are always timeless, elegant and thrilling. In its production, Freifrau relies on traditional meticulous craftsmanship in a variety of disciplines, via which each member of the team contributes to the distinctive character of the regionally produced furniture that will last for generations. The close collaboration with the suppliers and workshops is the key to the incredible individuality of the pieces within the collections. The furniture from Freifrau is intended to be experienced with all the senses – products must not only be visually attractive, but must also appeal to the senses of touch and smell. Scented wood, supple leather and soft fabrics complement the designs of Leya, Amelie, Stella & Co. The use of exquisite, carefully selected and durable materials underscores the company’s values and ensures that future generations are also able to enjoy their products.

f r e i f r au s i t z m ö b e l m a n u fa k t u r


Craftsmanship in perfection.

TOP CLEAN entrance matting systems – the symbiosis of design and functionality.



Company FUMA Hauszubehör GmbH Karlsbad www.fuma.com

Founding year – 1974 –

Representative entrance matting systems in perfection.

FUMA The brand world of FUMA unites individualised design and outstanding functionality to create efficiently cleaning entrance matting systems. The design-oriented application solutions are manufactured individually according to customer specifications. Whether round, angular, oblique or with recesses, the aluminium profile mats can be optimally adapted to entrance architecture. Another crucial factor in the success of the wide variety of cleaning systems is the combination options with various profile inserts. These include an extensive range of materials with ribbed, brush and rubber profiles in numerous colours. Since 1974, the specialists at FUMA have been designing individualised system solutions tailored to the requirements of the different areas in which they are used. Moreover, the customized perfection is accompanied by special customeron site service. With this strategy, the Karlsbad-based company has positioned itself as a market leader. The high quality standards of the family-run company are reflected particularly in outstanding sustainability, accessibility and safe, reliable noise protection. Developments with recyclable material components contribute to environmentally compatible construction and modernisation. A sound-absorbing rubber pad is integrated in each aluminium profile. “Compared to foam sound insulation, this technology is especially durable”, explained Ralf Geggus, the CEO of FUMA. This unique selling point gives the company a competitive advantage in the market.



FUMA headquarters in Karlsbad.

Brand design underscores the value and unique characteristics of the products.



Company gantenhammer GmbH & Co. KG Meerbusch www.gantenhammer.de

Founding year – 1993 –

A brand that works.


German brands enjoy an excellent international reputation. German brands stand for product quality and excellent design. German brands have enormous potential. Through our work for numerous top brands, our company has itself become a brand. Since 1993 we have been involved in developing brands for well-known German enterprises. We develop brands, products and images. And we make sure that our customers’ brands are effective. Our latest project is the collaboration with Zeitschild Skin Aesthetics – a developer and manufacturer of the latest generation of anti-aging skin care products that has its headquarters in Leichlingen in the Rhineland. Decades of experience in the research and development of holistic dermatological solutions in the skin barrier field underpin this company’s exclusive, highly effective products. The objective of our collaboration is to develop international brand recognition and increase brand value in Europe and the Far East.



”The positive feedback of our customers both in Germany and abroad shows us that we are on the right track with the Zeitschild system and image“ Britta Richter, CEO, Zeitschild Skin Aesthetics GmbH.

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t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s




t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Shower toilet SensiaÂŽ Arena.

g r o h e ag


Company Grohe AG Düsseldorf www.grohe.com

Founding year – 1948 –

Shower toilet Sensia® Arena.

Grohe AG

Sensia® Arena by GROHE Design team combines technological intelligence with humanized design, elevating the standards for the performance shower toilet category. The new GROHE Sensia® Arena combines high-performance features in a pure and sleek profile, giving it the appearance of a normal toilet. Designed it with clean lines that leave dirt nowhere to hide, its smooth shape a model of discreet elegance. It includes details that will provide a subtle sense of comfort, from the nightlight that guides you through the bathroom after dark to the automatic open and close feature of the lid, each one carefully thought out to make you feel looked after and secure. From its sleek silhouette to its technologically advanced finish GROHE Sensia® Arena sets the benchmark for the future of personalized, clean comfort. Sensia Arena® is based on the concept of “Intelligent care” and aims to redefine the standards our most private ritual. We believe technology has and will even more in the future dramatically improve and change our lives in all areas of the home, including how we care for ourselves. GROHE Sensia® Arena, technologically intelligent design for consumers who expect the uppermost care for their body and mind.

g r o h e ag


Shower toilet Sensia® Arena.

HAFI Premium Design Line Design 248 – designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte with a green/red light signal indicating the “Free” or “Occupied” status.



Company HAFI Beschläge GmbH Elchingen www.hafi.de

Founding year – 1978 –

Certified fittings for commercial and public properties across all sectors and trades.

HAFI HAFI stands for certified building fittings of the highest quality with timelessly elegant design across all sectors and trades. Founded in Ulm 38 years ago and still headquartered there as a medium-sized company, HAFI focuses consistently on stainless steel as a durable material. The product range encompasses both classic forms of renowned designers such as Walter Gropius or Max Bill as well as creations by contemporary designers and architects such as Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The Design 248 door handle, created in intensive collaboration with Wilmotte, has undergone further modification and is now being launched on the market in a new version – with a green/red light signal that indicates the “Free” or “Occupied” status in an unusual manner. In all of its products, HAFI – committed to the ideals of the legendary Ulm School of Design – strives to achieve a comprehensively persuasive unity of function and form. HAFI pairs this design approach with state-of-the-art technology. As a market leader in the domestic and international property sector, HAFI produces consistently designed mechanical and mechatronic building fittings for all trades. All relevant standards and statutory building requirements are met and documented by product certificates based on the highest quality criteria (ISO 9001). HAFI always focuses on the needs of builders and architects in designing and manufacturing its wide range of products. Moreover, individual wishes with regard to form or surface finish can be implemented for all trades.



Design sketch by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, architect and designer.

Pure elegance – the latest generation of waste bins from Hailo.

h a i l o -w e r k


Company Hailo-Werk Haiger www.hailo-home.de

Founding year – 1947 –

Design and Innovation.

Hailo-Werk For decades Hailo has been a brand icon associated with a classic product: the aluminium ladder. First introduced in 1954, the ladder launched the family company from Haiger, Germany to international success. This leading manufacturer of access equipment, waste bins and kitchen accessories now sells its products in over 60 countries. The brand with the red dot has continued to reinvent itself to this very day, having come to represent high-quality, ”made in Germany“ products and pioneering innovation that sets standards in functionality and design. On the hunt for new product ideas, Hailo is no stranger to the path less travelled: Visionary studies that provide a look into the living environments of the future serve as an impulse for innovation. The brand’s focus lies on a modern design vocabulary and clever detail solutions in which people remain the standard against which new ideas are measured. The framework for this approach is provided by the company’s guiding principle: ”Hailo makes working safer, easier and more attractive.“ A current example of this is the new Pure generation of waste bins, which features a straightforward design that consistently communicates the brand’s values. Pure has been reduced to the essentials. It captures the spirit of the times with its clear lines and balanced proportions – a challenge which Hailo successfully undertook in cooperation with a renowned design bureau. Numerous awards speak for the company’s achievements. Achievements which can be found in each and every Hailo product.

h a i l o -w e r k


Hailo ComfortLine XXR – safety in a premium format.

Highlights of HAN: Smart-Line – A perfect symbiosis of analogue and digital desk organisation; Delta – Desk accessories – Unique and distinctive design. i-Box – Design meets function.

h a n - bü r o g e r ät e

1 00

Company HAN-Bürogeräte GmbH & Co. KG Herford www.han-online.com

Founding year – 1957 –

Design meets function.


The owner-operated company HAN-Bürogeräte was founded in 1957 in Bielefeld and is currently managed by the second generation of the Niehaus family. With the HAN brand we’ve been bringing a new vitality into offices and home offices as well as children’s and adolescents’ rooms for six decades. Thanks to continuous innovation and a timeless look, all of our organisation products are ideal companions that enhance all areas of daily life, provide solutions and add a contemporary flair to your lifestyle. Living and working with HAN-articles means that thanks to permanent further development of the innovative range we are in the position to offer office and organisation articles for all occasions while addressing all target groups, including letter trays for daily organisation, the stylish smartphone stand for the modern office or classic secure waste-paper bins for confidential papers for the restaurant and hotel industry, to name just a few examples. Each product embodies our philosophy and proclaims it to the world. “We live plastics in new shapes”.

h a n - bü r o g e r ät e


HAN-Bürogeräte (office equipment) headquarters in Herford, where HAN’s philosophy is brought to life.

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t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s



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t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Hansgrohe Rainmaker Select 580 overhead shower with ShowerTablet Select 700 thermostat, Phoenix Design, 2015.

hansgrohe se

1 04

Company Hansgrohe SE Schiltach www.hansgrohe.com

Founding year – 1901 –

The Original from the Black Forest.

Hansgrohe SE Hansgrohe, the mixer and shower specialist from the Black Forest, has been researching and developing products for harnessing household water for 115 years, and has played a crucial role in the history of the modern bathroom. Outstanding architects, interior and product designers and product designers collaborate to develop pioneering solutions for bathrooms and kitchens that focus on the well-being of the people who use them. While the bathroom was long viewed as a purely functional place to shower, Hansgrohe began to enhance it with good design early on – for example with the coloured Tribel showerhead from 1974, the first multi-spray hand shower with a rotating shower head. The Rainmaker Select shower series was developed by Hansgrohe in collaboration with their long-standing partner Phoenix Design. The Hansgrohe Select technology offers outstanding ease of use: Simply by pressing the large “Select” button, you can start and stop the flow of water or select the desired spray jet. The glass surface of the range is beguiling – a sustainable material and an eye-catcher for an attractive bathroom ambiance. Moreover, glass is robust, scratch-proof, hygienic and cleanerresistant. The matching ShowerTablet Select offers an additional advantage: it is shower control and spacious shelf simultaneously. Customer-oriented benefits, durable quality, outstanding, ergonomic design paired with water conservation and energy efficiency: Hansgrohe has always understood how to use innovation to its own advantage and set standards in the industry.

hansgrohe se


A design classic: the Tribel shower head, 1974.

The new HEWI colour concept oers innumerable possibilities for design with colour.


1 06

Company HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH Bad Arolsen www.hewi.com

Founding year – 1929 –

Design icons. Made in Germany.


The legendary 111 door lever handle wrote design history. Since the 1970s it has been a synonym for brilliance. Today the system not only includes door lever handles but also handrails, cloakroom products and signage systems. system 111 is supplemented by sanitary range 477/801. Unlimited functionality and a puristic form characterise sanitary range 477/801. Due to its timeless design and comprehensive range of products, range 477/801 is one of the most frequently used barrier-free sanitary ranges. Characteristic HEWI colours put an end to monotony in the sanitary room. The colour concept of the HEWI polyamide systems and ranges has been given a contemporary update. The new HEWI colour concept not only offers 16 coordinated colours but also the possibility of individual planning. It is an all-inclusive system encompassing hardware, handrails and sanitary accessories as well as barrier-free products. The modular principle enables design consistency to be maintained from the front door of the house or apartment through to the toilet and bathroom.



For more than 45 years System 111 door lever fittings have made their mark on architecture.

Hirschmann Laborgeräte celebrated 50 years in business with its trade show stand at analytica 2014.

h i r s c h m a n n l a b o r g e r ät e

1 08

Company Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG Eberstadt www.hirschmannlab.com

Founding year – 1964 –

The Hirschmann brand.

Hirschmann Laborgeräte

Hirschmann Laborgeräte (Hirschmann Laboratory Equipment) is known for its outstanding performance and technological leadership. The Hirschmann brand stands for design and recognition, applied to the products and brand recognition, both with regard to the products as well as in the communication of its corporate identity. Visual design, user interface design, recognition via the language of colours and unique style elements breathe life into the brand. These features are complemented by the functionality and high quality standards used in all marketing activities. This is made possible by our collaboration with partners renowned around the globe, such as our long-standing partner Phoenix Design, who has assisted Hirschmann Laborgeräte with premium product designs and concepts for many years.

h i r s c h m a n n l a b o r g e r ät e















now! by hülsta is the brand for young people with ultra-flexible, trendy furniture, while the design collection is the luxury line of contemporary designer furnishings – and hülsta is the traditional brand.

h ü l s ta-w e r k e


Company hülsta-werke, Hüls GmbH & Co.KG Stadtlohn www.huelsta.com

Founding year – 1940 –

Premium furniture, made in Germany.

Hülsta-Werke The family-owned company hülsta, based in the Münsterland region of Germany and now run by members of the third generation, produces quality furniture of the highest standard. Since 1940, hülsta has combined its love of sophisticated craftsmanship in furniture production and its passion for innovative design to create premium products made in Germany. This expertise, acquired over seventy years, makes the difference, and each hülsta product carries a good deal of it into the world. At hülsta, everything starts with natural and thus unique materials — for furniture that makes its owners feel good. The materials are selected by experienced professionals according to stringent criteria and then masterfully processed to show their unique features to their best advantage. To us, quality “made in Germany” means trust in the skills and knowledge of our staff members and trust in a network of suppliers and sales partners developed over time. Our strictly monitored emission values are always far below the required statutory limits. hülsta is a member of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (DGM) (German Furniture Quality Assurance Association). All of our product groups bear the category A DGM emission label, which adheres to the highest standards. Since 1996, all of our modular units and base frames have borne Blauer Engel the independent quality seal for low-emission products. hülsta also refrains completely from using tropical woods out of respect for our precious rainforests.

h ü l s ta-w e r k e


The hülsta-showroom in Stadtlohn offers an overview of the entire product range of hülsta and now! by hülsta.

IKA RET control-visc white.



Company IKA-Werke GmbH & Co. KG Staufen www.ika.com

Founding year – 1910 –

Laboratory equipment designed for scientists.

IKA IKA is a global leader in the fields of laboratory, analytical and processing technology. With more than a century of experience, the company has proven its expertise in developing innovative products for practically all of the laboratories throughout the world. IKA is committed to developing innovations that make the work of our customers safer and easier as well as more proactive and foresighted. Thus, the owner-operated company from Staufen offers a comprehensive portfolio of products in the areas of laboratory, analytical and process technology. This distinctive profile makes IKA a valuable and respected partner. From small laboratory appliances to large machines and systems for process engineering, IKA develops decomposition systems, magnetic stirrers, dispersers, overhead stirrers, shakers and mills as well as heating baths, hot plates and thermostats, centrifuges, rotary evaporators and laboratory reactors along with the software required for the laboratory equipment. Both the diversity of the product range and the variability of the equipment with regard to the quantities processed are impressive — the latter range from 0.1 ml to 50,000 l throughput per hour. The heart of the company is the research and development department in Staufen, where the technicians and engineers are continuously expanding the product portfolio. In addition to the plant in Staufen, the company has manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, Malaysia, India and Brazil. IKA also sets new standards in design, and has won numerous design awards in the past.



IKA magnetic stirrer RET control-visc.

TANGRAMis5. Just connect. Product design: Andreas Krob / B4K Schweiz Design Bureau.



Company Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG Meßstetten-Tieringen www.interstuhl.com

Founding year – 1961 –

Enjoy Seating Performance.

Interstuhl “Enjoy Seating Performance” says nearly everything about Interstuhl. The brand stands for high-performance seating furniture that promotes a sense of well-being while working. What is the secret behind Interstuhl performance? Helmut Link, Managing Director of Marketing and Sales, says: “High-performance seating furniture is not only the result of a designer’s imagination, but arises out of a dialogue with the customer and a certain curiosity for finding out how seating furniture can help people work better. Innovation comes from an ability to listen and the proximity to the market that our family-owned company enjoys. Our product performance is also driven by an outstanding ecological and economic efficiency, sophisticated aesthetics featuring a technical appeal that is typical of Interstuhl, and our passion for professional German engineering. Our products proudly feature the “Made in Germany” seal of quality. This is how we produce highperformance seating furniture of value. Furniture that enables people who spend much of their time sitting to work in a healthy, relaxed and efficient manner.” Tracing its origins back to a local smithy, Interstuhl – along with its Bimos and Interstuhl brands – is today one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality seating furniture for use in industry, offices, seminars and the service sector. Through its collaboration with research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute as well as renowned architects and designers, Interstuhl has been able to surprise the market time and time again with innovative and well designed high-performance seating products. This recipe has produced products such as the intelligent, innovative and efficient TANGRAMis5 soft seating solution for use in offices, lounges and waiting areas.



TANGRAMis5 Just connect.

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t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s



t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


The classic JuCad design. Perfection right down to the smallest detail – JuCad drive SL Travel eX.



Company JUTEC Biegesysteme GmbH Limburg an der Lahn www.jucad.de

Founding year – 1980 –

The exclusive golf trolleys – handmade in Germany.

JuCad JuCad is a German success story in golfing. JUTEC Biegesysteme GmbH, based in Limburg, has enjoyed decades of international success with its luxury trolley brand JuCad. As an innovative global company, JUTEC relies on top-quality craftsmanship – handmade in Germany. The manufacturer, based in the German state of Hesse, produced the first designer electric trolley made of stainless steel, with the motors and wiring invisibly integrated in the axle, and simultaneously developed the invisible placement of the battery and electronic controls in the golf bag. The luxury brand JuCad almost instantly established the trolley as the luxury caddy in the designer class. All JuCad trolleys are manufactured directly in Limburg using titanium, stainless steel and carbon – the materials that prevail in the market today. Technical precision and meticulous craftsmanship of the highest quality make every JuCad a unique, precious and durable original. Cutting-edge technology such as the intelligent placement of the high-tech motors in the trolley axle, the ultra-light weight, the wide range of packing options available – the trolleys are collapsible or can be disassembled into extremely compact packages – as well as the timelessly elegant design make JuCad trolleys the equipment of choice for every golf game. With the introduction of the unique single-spoke full-carbon rim in 2014, JuCad once again set new standards in the golf industry. The extensive JuCad product portfolio also includes carefully coordinated golf accessories and a wide range of functional and stylish golf bags.



Passion, innovation, durability – top quality your whole life long!

LS ZERO as a reďŹ nement of a true classic: the design constants of LS 990 in a ush-mounted reinterpretation.

albrecht jung


Company Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG Schalksmühle www.jung.de

Founding year – 1912 –

Innovative building technology – sophisticated design.

Albrecht Jung For over 100 years, JUNG has been a premium provider in the field of electrical installation technology. Since it was founded in 1912, the medium-sized family company from Schalksmühle in the Sauerland region of Germany has established itself as a specialist for switches and systems. Its state-of-the-art solutions are distinguished by comfort, convenience, safety and energy efficiency. The current executive board consists of Harald Jung, grandson of the company’s founder Albrecht Jung, as well as Michael Eyrich-Ravens and Martin Herms. With 1,200 employees, its own branch offices and numerous agencies, JUNG is firmly established in its sector both domestically and on an international scale. The company has production plants in Schalksmühle and Lünen which manufacture products at a consistently high level of quality that customers all over the world rely on, so that JUNG received the certified proof of origin “Made in Germany” for its products from TÜV NORD. The subsidiary and electronic technology centre INSTA located in nearby Lüdenscheid develops and manufactures building automation equipment and systems. JUNG’s portfolio ranges from classic electrical installation to wireless retrofitting to networked high-end technology in the smart home. The company’s superior design and spirit of innovation have been honoured with various prizes. Most recently, JUNG’s indoor video and audio stations have received the ICONIC AWARDS: Interior Innovation 2016, the flush-mounted LS ZERO switch range was given the innovation award at Architektur + Technik 2016 while the classic LS 990 switch – in different versions – won the German Design Award 2016. JUNG was also presented with “Trade Award of the Year 2016” – a special prize at the Plus X Award.

albrecht jung

1 21

Smart Control 7”: intelligent, elegant, versatile.

Perfect match: CONO.



Company Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG Ahlen www.kaldewei.com

Founding year – 1918 –

Worldwide partner for iconic bathroom solutions shaped from superior steel enamel.

KALDEWEI KALDEWEI is your global partner for iconic bathroom solutions made of high-quality steel enamel. With a product range encompassing more than 500 shower trays, bathtubs and washbasins, this premium manufacturer offers beautifully coordinated solutions for project business and residential builders. The unique KALDEWEI steel enamel material is the core of the KALDEWEI brand and the decades-long success story that has made it synonymous with high-quality, perfectly designed bathroom products. Production at KALDEWEI along the entire value chain is based exclusively at the corporate headquarters in the town of Ahlen in Germany – from the mixing of the enamel to steel forming and finishing with KALDEWEI enamel. The premium manufacturer exports its trend-setting, “made in Germany” bathroom solutions from Ahlen to the entire world. The successful development of the company is inseparably linked to the KALDEWEI brand. KALDEWEI recognized the value of a rigorous focus on the customer, consistent brand management and distinctive communication very early and has implemented these principles continuously over the decades. As a provider of high-quality bathroom solutions, KALDEWEI has clearly positioned itself in the luxury segment, based on the consistent introduction of product innovations and genuinely iconic design. The brand image consciously and clearly differentiates itself from the usual industry standard and works effectively with the distinctive brand codes of luxury brands. Moreover, it is consistently adapted to individual sales channels and various target groups. Thus, KALDEWEI sets standards with its unique communication and rigorous brand management.


1 23

CONO Washbasin.

The ideal renovation solution: “shower replaces bathtub”. The two-part WALK-IN XB with the full-length mirror on the barrier-free, floor-level LINE E70 shower space was honoured with the German Design Award 2016.



Company Kermi GmbH Plattling www.kermi.de

Founding year – 1960 –

Aus Liebe zum Duschen.


Your Kermi shower is a special place where you can replenish your energy, leave the daily stress behind or simply catch your breath. We create the perfect space that gives you all of these benefits. We endeavour to offer you the perfect shower experience. We have a wide range of different shower enclosure and shower space product lines, so you’re guaranteed to find the solution that’s right for you. Top-quality design and material, optimal functionality and extraordinary ease of installation are just as important to us as good relationship with our customers. All of our products are completely developed and manufactured in Germany, enabling us to offer our international customers the highest standards of quality and safety. As a specialist in cross-generational shower solutions for new building and renovation, we have decades of experience and a unique expertise in this field. True to our guiding motto “Aus Liebe zum Duschen.” (for the love of showering), we create innovative, barrier-free product solutions that are highly valued by our private customers as well as the planners and operators of renowned large-scale projects at home and abroad.


1 25

Cross-generational shower solution with the floor-level accessible shower space LINE E70.

EDITION 400 – a bathroom concept that allows you to create the rooms of your dreams.



Company KEUCO GmbH & Co. KG Hemer www.keuco.com

Founding year – 1953 –

The bathroom brand. Complete bathroom solutions of the luxury class.

KEUCO The medium-sized family-operated company KEUCO, now run by members of the third generation, offers first-class, innovative solutions for bathrooms. KEUCO, headquartered in Hemer, has been globally established as a German brand-name manufacturer for many years with an international reputation as a design-oriented full-service provider of complete bathroom concepts. Since its founding in Hemer in 1953, the company has continuously expanded its range of products. From the original specialist and market leader in high-quality bathroom accessories and mirror cabinets, KEUCO has developed into a full-service provider of bathroom solutions. These include accessories, fittings, mirror cabinets, bathroom furniture and washbasins that are manufactured at the plants in Hemer, Gütersloh and Bünde. The innovative brand and product policy is an integral part of the company’s philosophy. KEUCO is on a never-ending search for new forms, new materials and new technologies with which to create the perfect synergy of sense and sensuality. That’s how renowned designers develop bathroom furniture with a consistent design, such as the EDITION 400 series, which has won numerous awards. The exquisitely designed bathroom furniture concept focuses on a high degree of individualisation. All products in the series, including bathroom furniture and washbasins, fittings and accessories, mirror cabinets and light mirrors, beguile their users with their uniquely delicate, almost sculptural forms.


1 27

With its outstanding craftsmanship and perfect chrome surfaces it is a visual delight for discerning aesthetes.

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t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s




t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Küppersbusch home appliances – for kitchens with style.

k ü p p e r s bu s c h


Company Küppersbusch Hausgeräte GmbH Gelsenkirchen www.kueppersbusch.de

Founding year – 1875 –

For kitchens with style.

Küppersbusch The name Küppersbusch has been synonymous with innovation and tradition for more than 140 years. In 1875 Friedrich Küppersbusch founded the first stove factory in Germany: F. Küppersbusch & Sons began producing handcrafted coal-burning stoves in the Schalke district of Gelsenkirchen. The company’s headquarters remain in Gelsenkirchen but its premium kitchen appliances are now sold throughout the world. A look back at the Küppersbusch success story is simultaneously a look into the future – you’ll see innovative ideas and impulses with only one goal: to combine cutting-edge technology and premium quality with precise functionality and exceptional design. For decades Küppersbusch has made itself at home wherever professional chefs prepare their culinary delights – i.e., where individuality and reliability are in demand on a daily basis. Küppersbusch has set these extremely high standards for itself – and used these standards from the very beginning in its development of built-in kitchen appliances for residential use. The result of all this is a range of innovative products that allow chefs to unleash every ounce of their culinary passion without the need to compromise on reliability, safety or quality. For the last 40 years, German designer Klaus Keichel has been in charge of designing the Küppersbusch products. Among other things, he created the Küppersbusch Individual design concept, which facilitates the creation of customised, integrated solutions for built-in kitchen appliances. Küppersbusch regularly wins national and international design awards for its kitchen products.

k ü p p e r s bu s c h


Küppersbusch Individual Plus with Swarovski® crystals.

THE MASHUP Collectors edition: iconic temporary floorwear.



Company kymo GmbH Karlsruhe www.kymo.de

Founding year – 2005 –

Contemporary floorwear.

kymo kymo is a contemporary floorwear label from Germany. Originally founded in Karlsruhe in 2005 by a group of creative thinkers from a range of backgrounds, the kymo label is now sold in leading interior design stores around the globe. kymo also represents a trusted and flexible partner for ambitious architects looking for something special to accent product presentations, shop projects and premium brand and luxury business locations. The kymo brand philosophy revolves around the tagline “GO ON. AND CREATE.” The kymo collection reflects this philosophy through its design-centric, young and vibrant approach. The company derives its guiding themes from music in all its forms. Each floorwear item is like a score, an individual composition marrying harmonies and rhythms with melodies. A defining feature of kymo style is individuality – a style in which there is no predictability. Head of design, Eva Langhans, exploits this creative credo for all it’s worth. Her designs make bold statements – against industrial, standardised mass production. Each carpet is able to meet the specific aesthetic challenges offered by each client. And each carpet delivers on a promise to provide the best possible quality. Since materials and finishing require coordinated craftsmanship, each model is manufactured in a unique way. This is how quality is created. This marriage of excellence, innovative design and outstanding quality has won kymo a number of international awards, including the German Design Award, the Red Dot design award, the iF Award, the Good Design Award, and others.



Nearly its own trademark: THE MASHUPs stitching. Hand-crafted, expressive and always unique.

In 1996, LAMY 2000 laid the foundation for the clear, functional design language of the brand. As a timeless classic, the model is still one of Lamy’s most successful series of writing instruments today.



Company C. Josef Lamy GmbH Heidelberg www.lamy.com

Founding year – 1930 –

Design. Made in Germany.


The Lamy brand stands for high-quality designer writing instruments defined by their timeless modern aesthetics and perfect functionality. Its success story began 50 years ago with the LAMY 2000: in 1966, the model established the clear and unmistakeable design which still defines the style of all the brand’s products today – the Lamy design. As an independent family business, Lamy has been associated with Heidelberg since it was first founded in 1930 and therefore guarantees consistent high quality, “Made in Germany”. With an annual production of over 7 million writing instruments and turnover of 90 million euros, Lamy today is not only the market leader in Germany but has developed to become an internationally sought-after brand. The company continues to set trends, not just through its annual special editions and has inspired writing enthusiasts around the world with its innovative colours and surface finishes. In this way, Lamy continues to reinvent itself and proves that a writing instrument is more than just an everyday object: it is a genuine lifestyle accessory which expresses the pleasures of writing by hand and highlights the individuality of the owner.



“Made in Germany” is both the declaration of origin and the quality promise for Lamy. Production takes place entirely in Heidelberg, from creating the original design to the final assembly. The vertical integration level is 98 per cent.

Light, design and passion: the VarioLED™ Flex AMOR is a flexible LED design light line with homogeneous light output.

led linear


Company LED Linear GmbH Neukirchen-Vluyn www.led-linear.com

Founding year – 2006 –

The linear lighting brand.

LED Linear You need three people, a garage and good idea to create a brand. After this ”known“ pattern LED Linear emerged in 2006 – with the vision, to become the leading manufacturer of innovative linear lighting solutions. Through excellence in products, in the processes and application management LED Linear became a global brand in the segment of linear lighting. Light as a linear lighting fixture, light as a modular system and light ”infinite“: endless configurations and applications. With this founding principle and its “made in Germany” products LED Linear was able to convince customers since day one. The young company was growing rapidly and now employs more than 150 employees worldwide. The luminaires are distributed around the globe via an extensive network of partners and distributors. The company’s projects include façades, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, schools, industrial warehouses, shops and malls, private homes and ships. On all important fairs in the world lighting designers and architects can experience the multiple design awards winning product variety and high quality. Production facilities, product portfolio and therefore also the applications of the versatile lighting solutions have grown constantly during the past ten years. In 2016, the brand took on a more grown-up and confident design as part of a new step in the company’s evolution. The brand’s entire public image – image, text and sound – is now part of a holistic approach to customer relations: from the new configurator app to detailed project consultation. LED Linear – a brand made of light, design and passion.

led linear


Linear lighting fixtures, modular systems and “infinite” light: the configuration options and applications are endless.

LEONARDO product portfolio: Life Interior, Fashion, Living & PROline.

l e o na r d o


Company glaskoch B. Koch jr. GmbH & Co.KG Bad Driburg www.leonardo.de

Founding year – 1859 –

Experiencing glass anew.


The family-owned company glaskoch was founded in 1859 and is run today by members of the fifth generation. Since 1972, when the LEONARDO brand was created, we’ve been bringing the Italian lifestyle into people’s homes. Continuous innovation and a timeless look are incorporated into all of our products. Products that add beauty to your everyday life in so many different areas, offering solutions and creating a contemporary joie de vivre. Life with glass – thanks to ongoing development of the brand and the product range, LEONARDO offers glass for every occasion that delights all of your senses: glass for every day and for your own home; glass that sparkles with the Jewels by LEONARDO and glass for restaurants and hotels with PROline, while LEONARDO Living offers a range of furniture and glass. Each product has a soul of its own which embodies our company’s philosophy and presents it to the world. We love glass – LEONARDO per sempre!

l e o na r d o


The LEONARDO glass cube at the brand headquarters makes the brand’s vision tangible.

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t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s




t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


More than just a fridge: BluPerformance, the new dimension in freshness.



Company Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH Ochsenhausen home.liebherr.com

Founding year – 1954 –

BluPerformance represents a new dimension in freshness.

Liebherr With more than 60 years’ experience, Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH specializes in manufacturing refrigerators and freezers for domestic and commercial use. The production includes freestanding refrigerators, fridge-freezers, freezers and built-in appliances. In addition, its unique portfolio exudes breadth and diversity with chest freezers, multi-temperature wine cabinets and other customer-oriented refrigeration solutions. The company’s innovative spirit is a key part of its long-standing success as a premium manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers. Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH consistently develops and produces compelling solutions that offer even greater user friendliness, even longer lasting freshness and even higher energy efficiency. Liebherr’s innovation is also reflected in its extensive range of energy-saving appliances in the top efficiency classes. With its new BluPerformance appliance range, Liebherr is presenting a series of particularly energy-efficient, future-oriented refrigerators and freezers. Premium quality materials, perfect workmanship down to the finest details and optimal energy efficiency define the new appliance range. All BluPerformance appliances belong to the A+++ energy efficiency class, or are A+++/ -20 %. Appliances in the latter “category” are 20 per cent more economical than the threshold value for the A+++ category. Refrigeration technology is compactly integrated in the appliance’s base, freeing up more space for food storage. The domestic appliances division is one of eleven product divisions of the global Liebherr Group. Founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr, the company now employs around 42,000 people in over 130 companies around the world.


1 43

The new 7-inch, high-resolution touchscreen display with a widerange of preset programs, all of which are easy to use, offers maximum daily convenience.

Customer Center, Schwarzenbek, Germany.

lmt group


Company LMT GmbH & Co.KG Oberkochen www.lmt-group.com

Founding year – 2009 –

Efficiency through innovation.

LMT Group The LMT Group is a management holding with joint operative tasks: As a corporate umbrella, the service organization provides services for central functions. The LMT Group is based in Oberkochen in Germany, while its largest production and technology centre is located in Schwarzenbek near Hamburg. The management operates independently of the family and is overseen by a Supervisory Board in which not only the owners, but also independent and experienced experts are represented. The LMT Group provides production and administrative facilities for its subsidiaries as jointly used resources. For stakeholders and customers, the LMT Group sees itself as a guarantor of continuous outstanding performance. The corporate policy of the LMT Group aims to achieve lasting, sustainable and fair international cooperation. In the 2015 business year the LMT Group employed more than 2,200 people. The companies of the LMT Group: Fette Compacting is the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions for industrial tablet production. LMT Tools brings together the expertise of leading specialists in precision tool technology. As a central service provider, the LMT Finance & Shared Services division is responsible for strategic purchasing, IT, logistics and materials administration, personnel and accounting, and quality management, among other things.

lmt group


Olaf J. Müller, CEO LMT Group, Division President Fette Compacting.

evolution plus – Good design makes quality visible.

m ag n e t o p l a n ÂŽ


Company HOLTZ-OFFICE-SUPPORT GmbH magnetoplan® Wiesbaden www.magnetoplan.de

Founding year – 1956 –

For 60 years, magnetoplan® has been living up to its promise “making good things better” with its visual presentation and communication products.

magnetoplan® Today, magnetoplan®, a brand of HOLTZ OFFICE SUPPORT GmbH, is known as “the original” among visual communication tools. It is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in this segment. This unique success story began 60 years ago with the invention and patenting of the first magnetic whiteboards by the company’s founder, Hermann Holtz. Today, more than 120 patents and utility patents underpin the company’s excellent reputation and high level of brand awareness. Currently, the magnetoplan® product range encompasses 4,000 items, including classic and interactive whiteboards, flip charts, magnets and magnetowand, moderation equipment, presentation walls and room partitions, planning boards, wall rail systems, display cases, etc. Now run by members of the third generation, the family-owned SME remains committed to “making good things better”. One example of this is the redesign of the classic whiteboards via the evolution plus designer line. The “new” whiteboards feature innovative aluminium frames with elegantly mitred corners in a contemporary, minimalistic design. Further innovations by magnetoplan® include digital presentation technology such as the easyboard by magnetoplan®, which equips classic whiteboards with additional interactive functionality. In recognition of its continuous transformation and ongoing development, magnetoplan® was honoured with various design prizes as well as the Großer Preis des Mittelstandes (the top award for small and mediumsized companies) in 2011.

m ag n e t o p l a n ®


The evolution plus designer flip chart – the showpiece of the flip chart portfolio.

Designed by mauser / Vauth-Sagel: element.x as reception and display furniture; quadero+ multifunctional care bed; storage solutions for the kitchen.

t h e vau t h - sag e l g r o u p

1 48

Company Vauth-Sagel Gruppe Brakel-Erkeln | Paderborn | Korbach | Beverungen www.vauth-sagel.com; www.mauser-moebel.de

Founding year – 1962 –

mauser, a member of the Vauth-Sagel Group. Two strong brands “made in Germany”.

The Vauth-Sagel Group mauser einrichtungssysteme is one of the leading manufacturers of steel furniture for office and archive, factories and social institutions. mauser furniture creates spatial structure, ambience and order in the areas of home, office, archive and social care. mauser always knows how to get a head start, either through highly innovative design concepts such as element.x or wellthought-out archive solutions like elegant move. Since 2004, mauser has been a member of the international Vauth-Sagel Group. The owner-managed Vauth-Sagel Group has been developing, producing and marketing multi-material system components and products for over 50 years. These products are used in medicine/social care, the automotive industry and caravanning, as well as for innovative storage systems for the kitchen and furniture industries. The Vauth-Sagel Group’s products are a testament to its particularly longstanding expertise with the wire, steel, wood and plastic as construction materials. Around 900 employees produce well over 90 million high-quality products every year. Production takes place in the heart of Germany, guaranteeing planning security with a partner that consistently operates at the highest level when it comes to processes and with “added value made in Germany”. The in-house logistics and the globally operating sales team complete the individual service offering for clients throughout the world.

t h e vau t h - sag e l g r o u p


mauser barrel-shaped executive desk: high-quality materials meet first-class design.

Mercedes-Benz design: the world of modern luxury.

mercedes-benz design

15 0

Company Daimler AG Stuttgart www.daimler.com

Founding year – 1886 –

The World of Modern Luxury.

Mercedes-Benz Design Design sets brands apart and is instrumental in defining the brand’s image of Mercedes-Benz. The designers at Mercedes-Benz are involved between the poles of tradition and modernity to evolve the cars of the future. Their work centres on sensual purity as the definition of modern luxury, encapsulating an essential aspect of the Mercedes-Benz brand – the bipolarity comprising intelligence and emotion. The aim of the design philosophy is to create pure and sensual forms and surfaces that showcase high tech while radiating emotional appeal. For Mercedes-Benz, good design must be beautiful and intelligent. It has to be both “hot and cool”. “Hot” means falling in love with something — it is emotional and irresistible. On the other side, “Cool” is extremely technoid and reduced, something completely new, never seen before, a surprise. With this philosophy, the Mercedes-Benz designers create not only automobiles but a world of modern luxury. Their goal is to have the company perceived as an international luxury label. Thus, with their design they create a total experience and thus all points of contact via which a customer encounters the brand. In their eyes, luxury is not merely an automotive statement, but a lifestyle as well.

mercedes-benz design

15 1

“hot and cool” as the expression of the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy.

Inspired by the vibrant forms and colours revealed under the microscope: the visual identity of Merck.


15 2

Company Merck Darmstadt www.merckgroup.com

Founding year – 1668 –

Vibrant Science and Technology.

Merck Merck is a pioneering company that continuously furthers the development of technologies to improve and enhance people's lives. In the fields of healthcare, the life sciences and performance materials, we supply specialised, high-quality products ranging from biopharmaceutical therapies to treat cancer or multiple sclerosis and cutting-edge systems for scientific research and production as well as liquid crystals for smartphones and LCD televisions. Firmly rooted in science, we approach our research with a clear and open mind together with vibrant energy and a passionate interest in the world around us. We take a closer look at things and discover solutions that serve as the foundation for groundbreaking products and technologies that ultimately enrich people's lives. Founded in Darmstadt in 1668 by Friedrich Jacob Merck, we are the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company. Over the course of nearly 350 years, we have developed into a truly global company. We have a workforce of around 50,000 employees, all of whom share a passion for new ideas and the possibilities of technology as well as the belief in the potential to make a meaningful difference in the world. As we developed the look and feel of our visual identity, we found inspiration in the shapes and colours revealed under the microscope. This explains the colourful cells and strings appearing in our branding, which recall the organic and synthetic patterns found in the scientific world. Even the letters in our Merck typeface are derived from the same shapes. The Merck brand is thus a vibrant expression of passion for and fascination with our research and development. At the same time it shows the joy our work creates when one of our products actually improves a person’s life.


15 3

The new Merck logo created in October 2015.

m →

t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s



müller möbelwerkstätten


t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s



m i n ox

15 6

Company Minox GmbH Wetzlar www.minox.com

Founding year – 1936 –

Cutting-edge technology – Competence certified by progress.

MINOX Since the invention of the famous spy camera, MINOX has been the synonym for the perfect miniaturization of cutting-edge technology. Today the name equally represents exceptional innovative energy in the field of long-distance optics. The essence of this expertise flows directly into the development of MINOX sport optic products, offering a high-tech experience for the eye with extensive features and first-class quality to satisfy the highest of demands. These products are uncompromising in design and manufacturing for maximum possible performance and precision. Highest quality, precision, solidity and longevity – these are the achievements of German engineering, Made in Wetzlar. The new binocular MINOX BL 8x33 HD stands out with its compact design and low weight of just 650 g. The practical open bridge ensures comfortable handling and a reliable single-handed operation, giving the user freedom to move and an excellent hold, even under extreme conditions. Thanks to the innovative optical calculation with powerful HD optics the MINOX BL 8x33 HD excels with a brilliant imaging performance. In binocular design MINOX can look back over years of successful cooperation with the Volkswagen Design Team. The presentation of many renowned national and international design awards underscores the efficiency of this fruitful teamwork.

m i n ox

15 7


The brand message: “Design in harmony with nature and price� expresses the values of next125. The contrast of historic rooms with a rustic charm and aesthetic kitchens of the highest standard. The animal protagonists are very friendly and add a natural touch.


15 8

Company Schüller Möbelwerk KG Herrieden www.next125.de

Founding year – 1966 –

Design in harmony with nature and price.


Design in harmony with nature and price — that’s what next125 represents. This philosophy is simultaneously linked to the objective of creating international design that moves and fascinates people, implemented with outstanding craftsmanship and passionately innovative. The design of the premium brand from Schüller focuses on international architecture, clean lines and spacious concepts. Particular attention is paid to the high-quality front materials that make next125 especially distinctive. The designers of the next125 kitchens are passionate about independent products that lend the collection a unique character. Whether in worktops, handles or the modular Cube system, next125 design is simply fascinating, as is the technology. Moreover, next125 stands for strikingly beautiful details and a wide range of planning options. Whether it’s two carcass heights, the clean lines of the Primus frame or the two carcass colours, everything in the next125 series is designed to meet the expectations of premium customers.


15 9

The next125 worktop facilitates a smooth transition between cooking and dining areas.




t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


o →

t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


The NOMOS GlashĂźtte brand with its simple, elegant timepieces stands for traditional craftsmanship and the best of German engineering united with outstanding German industrial design.

nomos glashĂźt te

1 62

Company NOMOS Glashütte/SA Roland Schwertner KG Glashütte www.nomos-glashuette.com

Founding year – 1990 –

The best of times.

NOMOS Glashütte Glashütte: a town nestled among the forests and hills of southeastern Germany, halfway between Berlin and Prague. This is where NOMOS Glashütte builds its watches. The watchmaking company, one of the few owner-operated of its kind worldwide, has been producing mechanical timepieces of the highest quality for more than 170 years. Its watchmakers are amongst the best in the world. NOMOS Glashütte works according to the principles of the Deutscher Werkbund (German Association of Craftsmen), the predecessor of the Bauhaus movement: Watches of the finest quality are created through a combination of traditional craftsmanship, in-house research and development, and advanced engineering of the highest level—all of which is enhanced by state-of-the-art technology whenever its necessary. Only movements developed and produced in-house are used in these watches – which is extraordinary. Since 2014 NOMOS movements incorporate a proprietary escapement—or NOMOS swing system, as this component is known within the watchmaking company. Only very few watch manufacturers have mastered the production of this component, which sets and keeps the pace in a mechanical watch. The designers at the NOMOS subsidiary Berlinerblau in the German capital give the watches their distinctive appearance. Straightforward German industrial design in the tradition of Bauhaus, Werkbund and Ulmer Schule (Ulm School of Design) is accented by a hint of contemporary Berlin flair. An expert team of well-known designers collaborates with first-class up-and-coming designers on “the best of times”. All NOMOS watches feature uncluttered dials, elegant hands and the slender bezel – in short, a quintessentially clean, spare design. Many models have become classics. More than 130 international design awards testify to the high design and functional quality of the products of this exclusive, traditional brand.

nomos glashüt te


High-quality materials, exquisite designs and precision: “At Glashütte we try to make the best watches possible,” explain Uwe Ahrendt, CEO of NOMOS Glashütte and Brand Manager Judith Borowski.

Nurus redeďŹ nes workspaces to meet the varying needs of dierent generations.

n u ru s

1 64

Company Nurus GmbH Munich www.nurus.com

Founding year – 1927 –

Emotional intelligence in design.


Founded in 1927, Nurus is amongst the leading professional and contract furniture manufacturers, serving customers in more than 50 global locations. Linking technology with innovative design and giving priority to people’s well-being, Nurus has been honoured with many international awards. In today’s world where space plays an important role, Nurus is redefining workspaces and living places for unique minds with its agile and flexible solutions. In this sense Nurus’ aim is to support creativity, improve motivation, enable socialization and flatten hierarchies, and to bring different generations together. Nurus empowers people by means of its design and products, integrated with the latest technology in connectivity. “Nurus Links”, exclusive to Nurus products, is a fine way to match your electronics to your furniture. Quick and accurate charging functionality coupled with multimedia extensions make daily operations faster and easier. As spaces become more social, this combination enables continuous and uninterrupted information transfer. Nurus uses such innovative ideas to bring a new atmosphere to working areas and to create intuitively connected, fulfilling environments.

n u ru s


Nurus creates innovative and smart solutions for business life with the integration of the latest technology.

Occhio io giro spotlights.


1 66

Company Occhio GmbH Munich www.occhio.de

Founding year – 1999 –

light is evolution.

Occhio Occhio stands for intelligent, consistent lighting design that can be precisely coordinated to the respective ambient requirements. The modular Occhio lighting systems unite professional lighting technology and superior design standards, combining optimal efficiency with outstanding light quality. The concept of sustainability is an integral part of Occhio’s DNA, for the company has created a long-term, comprehensive system concept in design and technology that is continuously evolving. This credo is shown to perfection in the two new spotlight lines io spotlights and lui spotlights: As an evolutionary expansion of the successful 3d system, the recessed and surface-mounted spotlights captivate users with their independent designs and innovative, sophisticated lighting. Their minimalism is fascinating: The flexibility of the spotlights comes from their geometry, and the articulations are not visible so that their pure design is perfectly displayed. In the modularity typical of Occhio, they form multifunctional systems for precise, situational lighting design. Equipped with the latest LED technology, the spotlights offer outstanding lighting quality and are thus an innovative enhancement for both commercial and residential properties. Designing architecture with light: that’s what gives Occhio fresh inspiration on a daily basis, because the quality of light means quality of life.



Occhio lui volto spotlight.

The typical OLYMP design outlasts short-lived trends, highlights fashion inspirations and sends a quality signal to customers and employees. A brand promise is sensually experienced.

o ly m p

1 68

Company OLYMP GmbH & Co. KG Stuttgart www.olymp.de

Founding year – 1901 –

One of the leading brands for hairdressing equipment with trademark protection in more than 40 countries around the globe.

OLYMP As a market-leading company and product brand, OLYMP has represented four generations of experience and close ties to the international hairdressing trade since 1901. With the OLYMP brand, functional rooms become an inspiring experience. Salon furnishings of the highest quality make a designer brand promise visible with their design and architecture. The owneroperated corporate structure gives the brand development a framework that creates space and continuity to foster innovation. Since the turn of the millennium, the quality brand focused on function has developed into a design brand inspired by creativity. In-house product development, engineering, procurement, sales and logistics make the brand extremely independent and clearly distinguish it from the competition. Decades of a firmly established focus on quality conveys fashion, lifestyle and sex appeal as added values via excellence in design. Design prizes bear witness to the successful design brand positioning. The brand management is oriented to the brand’s core as a quality brand with lifestyle elements. The product portfolio is characterized by an unlimited promise of professionalism for the buyers. Ergonomics, function, quality and space are combined with outstanding design, thus recreating the uniqueness of the brand over and over again. OLYMP product design and OLYMP architecture underscore buyers’ high expectations of their own service and employer brand and make these externally visible. Design excellence thus becomes an economic added value for both customers and the company.

o ly m p


The company headquarters in Stuttgart.

The designs by Ehsan Aghdami bear his signature style of minimalism and emotion down to the ďŹ nest detail — a symbiosis that lends the OP-8 SHARK a distinctive, timeless character.

ophardt maritim

17 0

Company Ophardt R+D GmbH + Co. KG Duisburg www.ophardt-maritim.de

Founding year – 2006 –


Ophardt Maritim As a modern, family-owned company headquartered in Europe’s largest inland harbour, Ophardt Maritim has focused on the development of boats via a modular construction kit. In doing so the naval architect Hermann Ophardt used marine grade aluminum, setting out to implement this material as a high-class and sustainable alternative to fiberglass on the market. The state-of-the-art factory with its innovations has revolutionized construction in shipyards and attracts ambitious boaters throughout the world. With Ehsan Aghdami, the company’s head designer and winner of numerous awards, Ophardt’s latest vision has become reality. The unique OP-8 SHARK aluminium recreational motorboat is a result of the unorthodox thinking of the young designer. Emotion and logic, harmony and dynamism, manufacturability and aesthetics inspired by the Shark, the “ruler of the seas” are united in a spectacular design. A game changer in the boating industry. In order to give the “FULL METAL BEAST” an appropriate and worthy environment, Aghdami also developed a new corporate design. The compelling redesign with his clean and puristic lines emphasizes the unique capability of Ophardt Maritim. Moreover, the image consistently conveys all of the values of the Duisburg-based company: tradition, innovation, perfection and the ambitious goal of continuously setting new standards in shipbuilding.

ophardt maritim

17 1

Industrial design is an unpredictable path to a predictable goal.




t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


r →

t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


The multi-award winning Regubox cabinet serves the housing and protection of technical components for the supply of potable and heating water. Its design is reduced to the essentials.

ov e n t r o p


Company Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG Olsberg www.oventrop.de

Founding year – 1851 –

Valves, controls + systems.


Oventrop is a family-owned company with a long tradition. Not only is it one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of valves, controls and systems for the building services industry, it is also a strong brand with a positive reputation. This is due to a number of factors, including the commitment of its employees and high level of product sustainability, quality and innovation. Its products feature a technical design intended to give them a unique and unmistakable aesthetic quality befitting their functionality and value. Compared to their surroundings, Oventrop products are not particularly striking. Nonetheless they feature a distinctive design which is characteristic of the brand and creates the appearance of natural integration. The brand’s consistent geometric product design generates high recognition value. The ecological compatibility of its products is taken into consideration early in the design and development phases and continues through to production, use, maintenance and recycling. The company is firmly committed to social and cultural matters.

ov e n t r o p


Design classic: the Uni D thermostat (1975).

The company buildings at Raschplatz 1 in Bramsche.


17 6

Company Tapetenfabrik Gebr. Rasch Gmbh & Co. KG Bramsche www.rasch-tapeten.de

Founding year – 1861 –

The secret to life lies in the search for beauty.

Tapetenfabrik Gebr. Rasch The rasch brand has been devoting itself to the secret of a comfortable home and has been setting its very own standards in wallpaper design since 1861. It is the combination of personal favourite pieces with stylish elements that creates a totally unique haven through the art of integrating living and design. At Tapetenfabrik Gebr. Rasch we have chosen to work in an especially beautiful field and are among the fortunate who can enter the privacy of people’s homes through our products and support them in creating lovely interiors. For more than 150 years, we have been committed to creating different worlds of style from all over the globe. In doing so, we lovingly continue what once started on a small farm in Schleptrup near Bramsche in Germany. In 1861, Johann Heinrich Luecke and Hermann Wilhelm Gottfried Rasch laid the foundation for a successful and internationally renowned brand. Since then, the family has been expanding the business using pure passion, a special touch for style and a keen sense for trends. Today, the company’s success story continues in the fifth generation as Dr. Frederik Rasch and Dario Rasch-Schulze Isfort lead a strong team of 430 employees at the headquarters in Bramsche. The Rasch Group also has production sites in Poland and the Ukraine as well as offices in Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the UK, China and the Ukraine. Signaling our passion for our work and our product, our wallpapers carry the rasch seal. The stylised tower, which is part of the company building, symbolises the courage to do something new, to stay determined and to believe in our products. It also represents combining the traditional and the modern, which has always been a cornerstone of the company’s success.


17 7

Being highly aware of consumers’ needs, rasch has set itself the task of beautifying people’s homes. In doing so, the brand sets unique standards in the art of wallpaper.



t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Ingenious Design by RECARO: the Sportster CS, the child seat Optia and the business class seat CL6710.



Company RECARO Holding GmbH Stuttgart www.recaro.com

Founding year – 1906 –

Feel Performance.

RECARO RECARO is a family-owned company with more than a century of history behind it. It all began with the Karosseriewerk Reutter founded in Stuttgart in 1906, which became the seating specialist RECARO (REutter CAROsserie) in 1963. The core competence of the RECARO brand is the combination of ergonomics, function and aesthetics. This triad, which RECARO designates as “Ingenious Design”, has long been an essential part of RECARO products. The CL6710 business class aircraft seat is a trailblazer. With its unique combination of longhaul comfort in sitting and lying down, optimal living space and innovative lightweight construction, as well as outstanding ease of maintenance, it is far ahead of its time. Another current milestone in RECARO seating development is the RSSP Sport Seat Platform for sports cars, which is distinguished by the unprecedented combination of reduced-weight construction, the use of alternative materials and ergonomic properties. The child seats in the RECARO Optia line are the perfect follow-on seats to succeed the baby carriers and guarantee maximum protection and comfortable handling. In addition to their contemporary design, their safety is especially welcome, as current test results from the German automobile club ADAC and the magazine Stiftung Warentest show. An ergonomic sitting position and a nearly unrestricted view of the outside environment enable the small passengers to relax and enjoy even longer trips. With its pioneering solutions, RECARO makes performance tangible. The core brand message gets straight to the point: Feel Performance.


1 81

The RECARO sport seat from 1965 revolutionized automotive seating.

The Squall vase, designed by CĂŠdric Ragot, is reminiscent of a whirlwind, whose elemental force is cast and immortalised in porcelain.


1 82

Company Rosenthal GmbH Selb www.rosenthal.de

Founding year – 1879 –

Award-winning porcelain and interior design.


From its original founding over 135 years ago until today, Rosenthal has been developing products that stand out through exceptional form, function, quality and craftsmanship – products that represent a piece of the “made in Germany” cultural heritage and never cease to combine innovation and creativity. Established figures from the worlds of architecture, design and art, but also the hottest newcomers and talents design avant-garde dinner table collections, foster a joy of giving and create sophisticated furnishings. The collections are manufactured in the Rosenthal porcelain factory Rothbühl in Selb and the “Thomas am Kulm” porcelain factory in Speichersdorf, which offer some of the porcelain industry's most advanced production facilities anywhere in the world and deliver sustainable manufacturing with careful use of resources thanks to the forward-looking investments that have been made. The new Rosenthal interior furniture collection – with tables, chairs and sofas inspired by the fine aesthetics and quality of Rosenthal porcelain – along with accessories such as coat hooks made of coloured porcelain and elegant watches, enriches the Rosenthal world with designer objects that go far beyond the limits of conventional tableware and function as truly emotive accent pieces.



Complements the Rosenthal interior collection 2016: the Fin Chair.

Copper Chalet cookware by Rรถsle.



Company Rösle GmbH & Co. KG Marktoberdorf www.roesle.de

Founding year – 1888 –

Welcome to the wonderful world of kitchen and BBQ.

Rösle Products for every day that are anything but everyday products: this has been the idea behind the Rösle brand of premium cookware for private and professional kitchens since 1888. The family-owned company based in the Allgäu region of Germany manufactures top-quality kitchen tools, cookware, grills and barbecue accessories. Despite the diversity of the product range, it is restricted to practical and useful items — superfluous items are excluded. This streamlined concept is also reflected in the product design: it is quiet and reductionistic, with clean lines and a tasteful elegance. In the past 20 years alone, the company has won more than 70 design prizes, including renowned honours such as the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award. At Rösle, every item should express the brand philosophy, which is committed to a focus on the essentials. Yet the company always makes it a priority to put value, intelligently designed functionality and durability at the service of those who work with its products. Thus, the tools and equipment made of cool stainless steel, iron and copper radiate a great warmth and possess great sentimental, as well as practical, value. Rösle knows how to unite rationality and emotion. This extraordinary positioning is one of the unique selling points of the brand. Today, the global player, which is still owned by the family that runs it, can look back on more than 125 years of a history rich in tradition. In 2012, the company based in Marktoberdorf launched a comprehensive barbecue range in which the experience gained in the kitchen is consistently implemented. Many Rösle products are classics that guarantee one thing first and foremost: pure joy in preparing meals.



Rösle has also enjoyed success with its BBQ range in recent years.

RUF I COCOON Design: Thomas Althaus

ru f- b e t t e n


Company RUF-Bett International GmbH & Co. KG Rastatt www.ruf-betten.de

Founding year – 1926 –

Specialist for box-spring and upholstered beds.

RUF-Betten We make the nearly impossible possible — the “perfection of the senses”. For the German bed specialist RUF-Betten, this brand philosophy is simultaneously a promise and a source of inspiration to create exclusively products that offer creative freedom and individuality, innovative design and remarkable comfort. To accomplish this, the company works with a team of nationally and internationally renowned designers that transform trends into forward-looking RUF design. RUF beds are meticulously designed down to the tiniest detail and largely assembled in a modular system in order to fulfil even the most unusual customer wishes — from classic sleeping comfort with sophisticated functionality to deluxe box-spring beds for the utmost in relaxation. They provide the stylish, formal setting for everything you don’t see on the surface, but certainly feel: perfect comfort whenever you wish to lie down or sleep. All of our products have been certified by independent testing institutes and naturally “made in Germany” at our sole business and production location in Rastatt, in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Since the late 1990s, RUF-Betten has been part of the Hüls Group, an alliance of the most famous interior design labels, including such brands as HÜLSTA itself and ROLF BENZ. Consequently, RUF-Betten has not only become the market leader in the upholstered and box-spring bed segment — the company, founded in 1926, is one of Germany’s most renowned furniture brands today.

ru f- b e t t e n


RUF-Betten Headquarter and exhibition in Rastatt.


r s


t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s




t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


The essence of light and aesthetics: Less is more KristallÂŽ / design by RZB / Helmut Heinrich.


19 0

Company RZB Rudolf Zimmermann, Bamberg GmbH Bamberg www.rzb.de

Founding year – 1939 –

Smart Technology. Excellent Design.


For more than 70 years, RZB has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of top-quality lighting. Every product we develop is based on the two principles of Smart Technology and Excellent Design. RZB believes that a product acquires its raison d’être only when it fulfils the highest standards of energy efficiency, functionality, quality and aesthetics. Only then do we add it to our portfolio of interior lighting, exterior lighting and safety lighting products and systems. Reduction to the essentials is an art. But how do you arrive at the essence of things? When do you reach the point at which nothing more can be added and nothing more taken away? What constitutes good lighting and good design? Elementary questions – and an immediately persuasive answer: Less is more Kristall®. The minimalistic design, the numerous optional features, the high quality of the lighting: Less is more Kristall® is an especially beautiful example of the art of reduction — and the extremely successful linkage of design and functionality. The power supply is provided invisibly via the suspension cable, which gives the lamp an even more graceful appearance. Thus, it not only radiates soft, indirect light upwards and strong light downwards, but also makes a clear design statement on a continuous basis.



Oval luminaire RZB classic from 1966.

Lamps at the centre of living spaces: Curling Ceiling M · Cylindrical reflector, opal shell. Curling creates an ideal light distribution throughout a room as well as a brilliant downlight. The lamp was designated as “Best of Best” at the ICONIC AWARDS: Interior Innovation in 2016.


19 2

Company serien Raumleuchten GmbH Rodgau www.serien.com

Founding year – 1985 –

Living the Light.

serien.lighting serien.lighting reveals its fascination with light in the perfect interplay of design and technology. The claim “Living the Light” accurately reflects the attitude that governs the work of the company and is anchored in its authenticity. Its new brand image places the company’s products at the centre of living spaces — the naturalness of the light, cutting-edge technology and timeless design fuse into a living unity. The new Curling LED lamp sets the course for the innovative approaches that the company is consistently implementing as one of the leading German lighting manufacturers, proving that innovation and tradition are not mutually exclusive. Curling unites the sustainability of the latest LED technology with timelessly elegant design in a perfect whole. The complex interplay of the intelligently creative design details creates the desired lighting atmosphere for every interior situation. Thanks to different glass bodies, reflectors and sizes, Curling can be individually matched to the specific area of use, whether in private homes or commercial properties, individually or in rows, as ceiling-mounted lamps or with suspension cables. The development of innovative design solutions that capture light holistically intensifies the individuality of the lamps and the brand in a perfect response to the challenges of the future.



A living unity of light, technology and design: Curling Suspension Rope M · Cylindrical reflector, opal shell.


19 4

Company Siemens AG Berlin | Munich www.siemens.com

Founding year – 1847 –

Ingenuity for life.

Siemens To coincide with the 200th birthday of its founder Werner von Siemens, Siemens is enhancing its global positioning with a new brand image in which the company is combining its trademark with a slogan. The central component of this composite mark is the claim “Ingenuity for life”, which will appear below the Siemens logo in the future, while the design and colour of the logo itself remain unchanged. “Ingenuity for life” sums up what Siemens has represented ever since its founder produced his trailblazing inventions. “Ingenuity” stands for innovation, the art of engineering and genius.“For life” relates to the Siemens role in society. “Ingenuity for life” secures the foundation for a strong economy and assists in meeting the challenges of today’s energy landscape. For example, intelligent technologies ensure a stable power supply by managing fluctuations from wind and solar energy sources. “Ingenuity for life” takes our industries industry into the future by making mass production so flexible that it can fulfil even individual requirements. Both process and manufacturing industries are benefitting from the seamless integration of data from product development, production and the supply chain. “Ingenuity for life” makes our cities more livable and appealing by making them more efficient and environmentally friendlier, and improving punctuality. Sensors, software and control systems are the hallmarks of intelligent infrastructure: they enable traffic to flow more smoothly, reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, and ensure that our cities are attractive places to live and do business in.



The SmartHandle 3062 digital door ďŹ tting from SimonsVoss.

s i m o n s vo s s

19 6

Company SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH Unterföhring www.simons-voss.com

Founding year – 1995 –

The key-less world of SimonsVoss: a new dimension of access control.

SimonsVoss Combine a mechanical locking cylinder with the intelligence of access control systems and batteries for a self-sufficient source of energy – and what you have is a new product developed from the best of two worlds: the well-engineered mechanics of classic locking systems and the limitless functionality of digital electronics, stylishly packaged in a classic and elegant form. This was the idea behind the 1995 foundation of SimonsVoss. Three years later a breakthrough came with the world’s first wireless digital locking cylinder. Thanks to our innovative technology, today we are able to call ourselves one of the world’s leading providers of electronic locking and access control systems. In September 2015, we were acquired by Allegion. The resulting synergistic effects have once again given the SimonsVoss brand new momentum. With the System 3060, our goal is to offer our clients technology that makes their lives and work safer, more comfortable and more efficient. We intend to achieve this goal by means of continuous product improvements, certified quality management and products that meet the individual needs of our users. The design of our products is particularly important to us. The SmartHandle 3062 digital door fitting is a good example of this: the fitting features wireless snap-in mounting with a single screw, as well as the ability to be directly networked and centrally configured. In 2016, the SmartIntego version of this product was awarded the German Design Award in gold.

s i m o n s vo s s


The 3061 digital locking cylinder from SimonsVoss.



t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


t →


t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Circle Concept – revolutionising the way food is presented.



Company SPIRIANT GmbH Neu-Isenburg www.spiriant.com

Founding year – 1996 –

Where inspiration meets performance.

SPIRIANT SPIRIANT, a subsidiary of the world’s largest provider of in-flight products and services, LSG Group, is a leading supplier of in-flight service equipment and global logistics in this field. As an independent brand, SPIRIANT focuses primarily on in-flight equipment and draws upon the wealth of experience it has gained over nearly 20 years in business. By adopting a proactive attitude and harnessing the expertise of its global team of experts everywhere from Hong Kong to Sao Paolo, SPIRIANT has succeeded in establishing itself as the global innovation leader for inflight equipment. As well as inspiring passengers and providing support for cabin crew, the products from SPIRIANT also help to optimise the entire in-flight supply chain from design to logistics. The company aspires to use every innovation to sustainably improve the passenger experience. This dedicated approach is exemplified by the products in the Facet Series – a modular collection of light-weight porcelain items intended specifically for use in airlines’ onboard services or lounges. Its rounded contours and special composition of porcelain create a unique symbiosis of practicality, durability and classic elegance. Together with the culinary team of LSG Group, SPIRIANT is constantly developing and designing unique menu and equipment concepts. The “Circle Concept” is revolutionising the way food is presented, combining inspiration and efficiency to impressive effect. In recent years, SPIRIANT’s inhouse design studio and global network of experts have won numerous international design prizes, including the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award.



Facet Series – for use on board flights or in airport lounges.

Shelf Tojo – hochstapler.



Company Tojo Möbel GmbH Schorndorf www.tojo.de

Founding year – 2000 –

Furniture + Design.


Tojo Möbel GmbH is a dynamic, innovative company founded in June 2000. Our goal is to produce furniture distinguished by its timeless design as well as its functionality, environmental compatibility and economy. The sales success of design-oriented products at affordable prices shows that Tojo Möbel GmbH has captured the spirit of the times. The minimalistic products possess a beguiling, natural simplicity and elegance paired with outstanding functionality. Collaboration with different designers facilitates the continuous expansion of the Tojo product range. A number of our products have won multiple design awards for their attractive designs.



Bed Tojo – parallel.

senseBook – The notebook that stimulates your senses.


2 04

Company HOLTZ OFFICE SUPPORT GmbH transotype® Wiesbaden www.transotype.de

Founding year – 1964 –

Graphic tools with a unique design and enormous emotional appeal since 1964.

transotype® transotype®, a brand of HOLTZ OFFICE SUPPORT GmbH, was founded in 1964 to manufacture contemporary art and graphic design materials. transotype® became known for its transfer letters, self-adhesive grid and coloured foils and other art materials that were exported around the globe. The company’s most famous product is the revolutionary COPIC alcohol layout marker, which became the market leader shortly after its launch in 1987. Today, transotype® is a full-service provider of professional art materials. In addition to the globally popular COPIC markers, the current product range includes fineliners, marker pads, light tables, cutting mats and knives, scribble and sketching pens and pencils, lightweight foam boards, etc. The team at transotype® always pays close attention to quality, functionality and extraordinary design. From the very beginning, the transotype®-team has been guided by the principles of making the impossible possible and trusting their intuition in the search for new products and markets. Their philosophy has proven them right: the senseBook notebooks, senseBag folder cases and wallets, and the brilliant red aluminium straight-edge cutting ruler have won numerous design awards in recent years. Creative professionals have loved the unique design and the huge emotional appeal of the products for over 50 years.



New: senseBag lifestyle accessories.

t →



t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s




t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


VW bus (T1, Samba Bus, 1962), desk design object and multitasking pen CONSTRUCTION.



Company TROIKA GERMANY GmbH Müschenbach www.troika.org

Founding year – 1992 –

Innovative designer gifts for men.


Giving the gift of joy – since 1992, this has been the main theme guiding the thinking and actions of TROIKA. Joy which arises from creativity and enthusiasm for good design. Joy which manifests itself in functional, emotional and innovative designer gifts for modern men. In times when gift decisions are often made based on price, TROIKA has developed a brand supported by products that represent universal inventiveness, good design and assured trendiness. All TROIKA products carry the promise of a good decision. There are no reservations when it comes to product development. Both external design teams and TROIKA customers are crucial elements of the design process, from the first idea to the finished product. They supplement and stimulate the work performed by the TROIKA development team and the young teams in TROIKA’s own idea modules. Design competency is therefore part and parcel of the idea of TROIKA from the very start. The company’s ongoing cooperation with roughly twenty renowned developers and design teams has continued to produce product ideas worthy of both national and international design awards – an amount totalling more than seventy to this day. The consistent harmonization of function, innovation and design serves as a marker of identity both internally and externally and protects what the TROIKA brand stands for: transforming trends into products that give the gift of joy.



TROIKA head office, Müschenbach/Westerwald, Germany.

Viega ProďŹ press with patented SC-Contur, the Advantix Vario shower channel (continuously adjustable in length), and the Viega Visign ush plate with its award-winning design.



Company Viega GmbH & Co. KG Attendorn www.viega.com

Founding year – 1899 –

Family-owned company, innovation driver, global market leader.

Viega With ten locations and over 4,000 employees throughout the world, the Viega Group is one of the world’s leading installation technology providers. Their success story that began in 1899 when Franz-Anselm Viegener founded the family-owned company. Originally a producer of fittings for beer taps, the factory moved on to the manufacture of installation material for water pipes. Over time, Viega developed its range and now offers system solutions for pipe connection technology for plumbing and heating as well as drainage and pre-wall technology. Milestones such as the invention of copper press technology and SC-Contur contributed to the company‘s success and revolutionised the market. From the very beginning, the high standards the company set for quality, its own work and its innovative power have been the drivers of success. This has enabled Viega as a single-source provider to offer solutions for hygienic drinking water and safe gas and heating installations, efficient radiant heating and cooling systems as well as award-winning design products for the bathroom. The product range includes more than 17,000 optimally co-ordinated products that can be used to create comprehensive systems of the highest quality and always set the standards even higher than before. Viega also fulfils its responsibilities as a global market leader. Maintaining drinking water quality is one of the company’s core areas of expertise as well as a global challenge to which it responds with innovative solutions, its own Hygiene+ product line and a range of seminars. As in the past, the company remains committed to these goals today and in the future. Viega. Connected in quality.


21 1

Headquarters of Viega GmbH & Co. KG and Innovation Centre, Attendorn.

The reversible DUO from the patented QuickClick system by Wagner is the first furniture glider with two gliding surfaces for flexible use on any type of flooring.

wag n e r


Company Wagner System GmbH Lahr/Black Forest www.wagner-system.de

Founding year – 1977 –

Imagination. Determination. Doing.

WAGNER “Success can be summed up in a single word: DOING.”. This paraphrase of the quote ascribed to Goethe is also a guiding principle at Wagner, because it expresses succinctly what makes the Wagner – design yourself brand and the company uniquely present and uniquely successful: imagination, a pioneering spirit and drive – in other words, “DOING.” The result is a distinctive corporate culture, a distinctive brand image and a distinctive product portfolio. At Wagner, the idea of not being satisfied with something that’s “always been done that way” is put into daily practice. It is imperative to question things, take a critical look at them over and over again and to develop new approaches and solutions. Sometimes it’s only small changes that make an everyday product more practical, more comfortable or simply more attractive — to the benefit of the manufacturers, sellers and users. Sometimes it’s visionary thinking and ideas that lead to radical new developments. Wagner combines all of this, with the goal of achieving mastery in its own work by utilizing curiosity, enthusiasm, energy and determination. The result: a unique product range that is unprecedented in its diversity. It encompasses numerous practical everyday products for use at home, in the garden, in the workshop and in the office. Under the umbrella brand Wagner – design yourself, the product lines “Castors and Wheels”, “Furniture Legs”, “Furniture Gliders”, “Door Stoppers”, “Transport Helpers” and “Plant Trolleys” reach customers in industry and business around the globe. The success: Wagner is the leading European brand manufacturer in its segment — and the winner of the German Brand Award 2016.

wag n e r


The StarCarrier SUPERIOR transport helper features a special non-slip coating on its loading surface made of FSC®certified birch plywood, floorsaving ultrasoft castors and folding drawbar.

w →

t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


Wanzl is the global market leader for shopping trolleys and one of the retail sector’s biggest partners worldwide.

wa n z l


Company Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH Leipheim www.wanzl.com

Founding year – 1947 –

Display and transport.

Wanzl Wanzl stands for dynamism, progress and reliability. Founded in 1947, the company pioneered self-service shopping in Germany with the first shopping trolleys. Since then, Wanzl has been setting standards for comfort and convenience in shopping and selling as a responsible quality leader in close collaboration with regional and international retailers. The result is a range of shopping trolleys and aesthetic, emotional shop worlds for merchandise presentation that generate strong sales. This commitment makes Wanzl one of the leading global brands for trailblazing innovation in the retail sector. As a system provider, Wanzl is also an international leader in innovation and quality in the logistics, airport, security and hotel sectors. The focus is on individual trolley systems including fleet management as well as customized warehousing and security concepts along with extensive accessories and services. Wanzl supplies appropriate new ideas, creativity and personal service in every situation. Our range of services also includes planning and project management. In all of these areas, Wanzl always delivers top quality, attractive aesthetics and unique design combined with outstanding ergonomics. Wanzl employs more than 4,500 people and has 21 sales offices, 11 production plants and numerous business partners around the world. The high-performance sales network guarantees outstanding knowledge of the local markets, proximity to customers and on-the-spot service.

wa n z l


The source of inspiration: The Wanzl Creative Center.

Live out, feel in. With WAREMA awnings.

wa r e m a


Company WAREMA Renkhoff SE Marktheidenfeld www.warema.de

Founding year – 1955 –

The sun can’t be controlled, but it can be managed.

WAREMA WAREMA is the world’s leading sunlight manager with more than 60 years of experience and an extensive knowledge base. A traditional family company, WAREMA develops, produces and sells customized, technical sun shading solutions. Through an intelligent combination of technical sun shading products and control systems, the company is able to produce custom solutions that create an ideal indoor climate. And in this way, WAREMA contributes to the quality of life of its customers, as well as improved energy efficiency and increased real estate values. The HumboldtHafenEins office complex in Berlin, for example, was fitted with radiators, vertical blinds and control systems from WAREMA. The complex was the first office building in Germany to be awarded the DGNB’s platinum certificate. With WAREMA, the living space within a single family home can be expanded out into the open – live out, feel in. An awning perfectly tailored to fit the house gives rise to a relaxing atmosphere for parties, talks, laughing and living. At WAREMA, expertise not only means offering a complete range of sun shading solutions and control systems for indoors and outdoors. WAREMA is also a successful player in the market for plastics technologies and mechanical engineering. WAREMA plastics technologies and mechanical engineering, under the WAREMA umbrella brand, is the right partner for when it’s more than just a matter of plastics, but a matter of finding the perfect solution. The WAREMA group currently employs 3,400 workers. In 2015, the group’s revenue reached nearly 419 million euros. The company is internationally active and maintains a total of six production facilities and just under 30 sales locations worldwide.

wa r e m a


HumboldtHafenEins, Berlin.

Weidmüller is heading towards Industry 4.0 – Industrial Connectivity goes into the network.


2 20

Company Weidmüller Gruppe Detmold www.weidmueller.com

Founding year – 1850 –

Partner in Industrial Connectivity.

Weidmüller For more than 160 years, our brand name has embodied performance, competence and reliability in mechanical engineering, process and energy industry, transportation and device manufacturing. We support our customers and partners in more than 80 countries with solutions and services in the industrial environment of power, signals and data and have won their trust in partnerships of equals. There are very few industries today that do not require electronics and electrical connectivity. Whether in automobile manufacturing, power generation or water treatment, there are always new challenges arising in the industrial connectivity sector. We have been meeting these challenges for decades with high-performance products, precisely customized solutions and sustainability implemented in practice. We are proud that our knowledge and expertise has enabled us to shape the industry. We are now enjoying making major contributions to the present and future, setting further trends and standards, providing guidance and implementing Industry 4.0 on a sustainable basis for our customers. With exciting technologies, the growing opportunities of digitalization and the promise to remain the way people value us: as a family-owned company and partner that knows and understands its customers and their applications and provides competent, flexible service in supportive partnership around the globe. And it is precisely this committed connection to our customers that counts for us in a world full of connections. Let's connect.


2 21

FreeCon Contactless – Contactless transmission technology opens up new automation opportunities.

Product ranges: Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry, Living.



Company WENKO-WENSELAAR GMBH & CO. KG Hilden www.wenko.de

Founding year – 1959 –

The better idea.

WENKO “The better idea” is the practically implemented motto and the consistent goal of the medium-sized family-owned company WENKO-WENSELAAR GMBH & CO. KG, founded in 1959 and based in Hilden.WENKO makes products for your bathroom, kitchen, laundry and daily living that always pursue “the better idea” with ingenuity and innovative power and that truly make your life easier and more comfortable day after day, offering excellent value for money. The WENKO-merchandise range encompasses 5,400 products that are used everywhere in the household. Trend scouts, inventors and designers team up to develop 480 new products every year. More than 320 patents and intellectual property rights granted in the past two years testify to the incredible innovative power of the company. WENKO is the leading supplier of numerous “fixing systems without drilling” for the bathroom and kitchen. Moreover, in addition to trendy laundry hampers and multifunctional cooker cover plates made of glass, the company offers everything that makes your daily life more pleasant, beautiful, and comfortable. Responsibility for the environment, sustainable business and continuous education and advanced training of our employees are also key factors in our success and are firmly integrated in our business processes. WENKO also enjoys great success at an international level, with five subsidiaries in more than 79 countries and a total of 420 employees. Numerous awards bear witness to the success of the company, whose philosophy is based on providing end users with innovative and practical products that make their lives a little easier and more comfortable every day, always in pursuit of “the better idea”.


2 23

P. Köllner, H.J. Köllner, N. Köllner. Management, owner.

Stable, environmentally friendly ďŹ breboard is transformed into trendy, durable everyday products such as stools or side tables.

w e r k h au s

2 24

Company WERKHAUS Design + Produktion GmbH Bad Bodenteich www.werkhaus.de

Founding year – 1992 –

Sustainable everyday products with an iconic character.

WERKHAUS WERKHAUS has proven since 1992 that the combination of sophisticated design and environmental compatibility is a winning combination. In the Luneburg Heath, environmentally friendly wood-based materials and non-toxic, non-polluting paints are used to create functional and contemporary items that catch your eye with their unique WERKHAUS style. WERKHAUS utilizes state-of-the-art CAD development, precision CAM production and high-quality digital printing to creatively transform plain fibreboard into products that are both useful and decorative. The product range includes solutions for your home, office and garden. WERKHAUS personalises more than half of their orders to fulfil their customers’ particular wishes, including sales displays and trade show stands. The innovative solutions for everyday use and special customer needs have already won various design awards. After more than 20 years, several items have now become modern classics and are exhibited in museums. The people who collaborate at WERKHAUS are as diverse as our range of environmentally friendly products: twelve per cent of our 160 employees, who come from seven different countries, have psychological or physical disabilities, and their workplaces are optimally adapted to their abilities. With social commitment as well as climate-friendly and resource-conserving production, WERKHAUS uses renewable raw materials to produce contemporary, functional articles with unique designs that give them an iconic flair – 100 percent made in Germany.

w e r k h au s

2 25

Simply put them together and take a stand for sustainability – the unique WERKHAUS style.

IN 3D-dynamic oďŹƒce chair, designed by wiege, in front of the roofs of Wilkhahn's production pavilions, which were designed by the architect Frei Otto. Form and function – in a class of their own.


2 26

Company Wilkhahn Wilkening + Hahne GmbH & Co. KG Bad Münder www.wilkhahn.com

Founding year – 1907 –

Design made in Germany – “We believe in the power of good design.”

Wilkhahn Wilkhahn was founded as a chair factory in Bad Münder, north Germany, in 1907. After the Second World War it became a pioneer of modern furniture design based on Bauhaus and Ulm University of Design principles. Ground-breaking innovations, enduring quality and timeless design formed the nucleus of the company's product design. Wilkhahn specialises in office chairs and conference furniture. Developing, making and marketing these superior products worldwide has been the company’s mission until today. Because what’s more important than superbly comfortable seats when in working environment 4.0 we’re spending more and more time in front of computer screens? And it’s hard to think of a better way of encouraging communication in businesses than with furniture concepts that foster well-being, health, appreciation, loyalty, creativity and productivity. The results are multi-award-winning items of office furniture that become milestones due to the innovative functions, durability, first-class design and eco-friendly concepts they offer. Examples include 3D dynamic seating, or the conference workshop. The ability to make working environments better is also evident in the architecture of the company's own plant. The production pavilions created by architect Frei Otto (1988) and the ecologically designed factory premises by Thomas Herzog (1992) stand for corporate culture that focuses on people, nature and technical progress and has won awards like the German Marketing Prize and the German Environmental Prize. With up to 73 per cent of its products exported to 90 countries and excellent international references, Wilkhahn has become a global synonym for design made in Germany.


2 27

Conference culture and appreciation in one – Graph chair and table range, designed by jehs & laub.

A strong brand as a competitive advantage – the result of the right mix of strategy and consistency.


2 28

Company WILO SE Dortmund www.wilo.com

Founding year – 1872 –

Pioneer of the pump industry. Since 1872.


Making. Life. Easy. Starting from this triad, we develop products and solutions designed to make people’s lives easier in many ways – an ambitious standard by which we measure our success. We take our customers’ needs into account early on and consider their requirements from an all-encompassing perspective. At Wilo, successful innovations are developed based on sound knowledge and a sure instinct for the future demands of technology and the market. Combining these two factors takes the utility of the product to a whole new level of quality, so our customers get exactly what they expect from our company: innovative power, added value and greater advantages. Essentially, “Pioneering for You” is what we do. We do our utmost to deliver on this promise, and we do it with intelligence, inspiration and innovation. As a pioneer in the pump industry, we have a hand in all areas of water movement technology. We have what it takes to continue setting higher standards in the industry with Wilo developments, products, systems and services: this includes our international team of experienced, creative employees and our cutting-edge technology systems.


2 29

Blazing trails for innovation in 1928: the world’s first circulation accelerator.




t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s



t h e m a jor g e r m a n b r a n d s


ZEISS VR One: The virtual reality headset gives you a unique, mobile VR experience. Image source: ZEISS

zeiss group


Company Carl Zeiss AG Oberkochen www.zeiss.com

Founding year – 1846 –

ZEISS has been contributing to technological progress for 170 years with solutions for the semiconductor, automobile and mechanical engineering industries, biomedical research and medical technology as well as eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and planetariums.

ZEISS Group A footprint on the moon, a virtual flight to a neighbouring solar system, close-ups of hobbits and the mapping of the human brain all have one thing in common: ambitious people who push beyond conventional limits and place their trust in outstanding optical technologies. All of the familiar images of the moon landing were taken with the most powerful ZEISS optics, Hollywood blockbuster producers rely on brilliant ZEISS lenses, Nobel prize-winners carry out research with high-performance microscopes by ZEISS — and new virtual worlds can now be explored by everyone with ZEISS virtual reality headsets. ZEISS is a story of success that spans the history of Germany, its partition and reunification. It is a foundation-owned company rich in tradition, shaped by the beliefs and values of its founders and driven by a vision of the future. The brand encompasses the entire portfolio of optical technologies from micro to macro — from scanning electron microscopes to the simulation of the starry heavens in planetariums, from chip production technology in nanostructures to medical technology. This philosophy comes alive when the brand's identity takes shape, when fascination, form and function unite and become tangible, as in the innovative ZEISS VR One virtual reality headset (IF Design Award) or at the ZEISS Museum of Optics (Iconic Awards) — a place where the brand and customer aspirations can be explored. After all, the real heroes depicted there are first and foremost our customers, who use the optical technologies to make their ambitions reality — and thus redefine the limits of knowledge over and over again.

zeiss group


“Earthrise”, NASA, 1968 Earthrise — seen from the moon. Captured with a ZEISS Biogon lens Photo credits: Photos used with the kind permission of NASA.

Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum), Vienna.



Company Zumtobel Lighting GmbH Dornbirn www.zumtobel.com

Founding year – 1950 –

The Light.

Zumtobel Whether it's in a museum, a public space or a private setting, the interplay among a work of art, the lighting and the space in which it's exhibited creates a union which we experience as a whole. The way the overall impression is choreographed has a fundamental effect on how the work of art is perceived. For instance, anyone who has seen the works of the Baroque masters in a church setting with its dramatic changes in lighting throughout the course of the day will be well aware of the huge potential staging has when it comes to creating an impact. The works of the old masters would originally have been viewed by candlelight or in daylight, so they have a different “light history” than contemporary art, for example, which blazes forth under the glare of fluorescent tubes and first emerged in the setting of industrial halls. The opportunities for creating accents and context are illustrated by the different types of staging employed today, making light both a curator and a scenographer. With increasing responsibility for the architectural, curatorial, social and economic relevance of cultural buildings, the demands on the performance of lighting concepts and lighting systems also increase. The interplay of perception and construction, staging and orientation, exterior and interior elements and daylight and artificial lighting requires a precise and holistic range of light tools for different tasks. In close collaboration with architects, planners, builders and exhibition managers, Zumtobel has developed lighting systems that offer crucial support when it comes to the implementation of sophisticated lighting concepts in museum architecture. The new Zumtobel SUPERSYSTEM – Winner of the German Design Award in 2016 – is our latest innovation that will forever change the way we use and experience light in art and culture.




Foundation Members

Foundation members

a A.S. Création Tapeten AG AdHoc Entwicklung und Vertrieb GmbH adidas AG Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG Aliseo GmbH Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG Armaturenfabrik Architektur & Wohnen Jahreszeiten Verlag GmbH Architonic AG ASA Selection GmbH ASSA ABLOY Branding Sàrl

BHF Bank Aktiengesellschaft

COOP HIMMELB(L)AU Wolf D. Prix & Partner ZT GmbH

BLANCO GmbH + Co. KG blomus GmbH BMW AG

Dyson GmbH COR Sitzmöbel Helmut Lübke GmbH & Co. KG creative inneneinrichter GmbH & Co. KG

BORA Holding GmbH Braun GmbH Brühl & Sippold GmbH BRUNE Sitzmöbel GmbH BSH Hausgeräte GmbH bullmer GmbH Bulthaup GmbH & Co. KG Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH Buschfeld Design GmbH BYOK GmbH


Avantgarde Acoustic Lautsprechersysteme GmbH

b B. Braun Melsungen AG bau-for-mat Küchen GmbH & Co. KG Bene Büromöbel GmbH Berker GmbH & Co. KG Bette GmbH & Co. KG


Erco GmbH Expotechnik Heinz Soschinski GmbH dan pearlman markenarchitektur GmbH DAW SE Caparol DEMAT GmbH designaffairs GmbH Deutsche Bank AG Deutsche Telekom AG

Die Gestalten Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

Canyon Bicycles GmbH

dorma + kaba Holding AG

Carl Mertens International GmbH

Dr. Ing.h.c. F. Porsche AG

Carl Zeiss AG

Draenert Studio GmbH

Carpet Concept Objekt-Teppichboden GmbH

DuPont de Nemours (Deutschland) GmbH DuPont Corian


EGGER Holzwerkstoffe Brilon GmbH & Co. KG

Dallmer GmbH + Co. KG

Candela Lichtplanung GmbH

f o u n dat i o n m e m b e r s

EDAG Engineering GmbH

ELO-Stahlwaren GmbH & Co. KG

Dibbern GmbH

comdirect bank AG

e15 Design und Distributions GmbH

Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz

C. Josef Lamy GmbH

Centigrade GmbH



Atelier Markgraph GmbH Audi AG


f Factor Design AG Ferdinand Holzmann Verlag GmbH Festo AG & Co. KG Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG FREIFRAU Sitzmöbelmanufaktur GmbH & Co. KG FSB Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH & Co. KG FUMA Hauszubehör GmbH

g gantenhammer GmbH & Co. KG Ganter Interior GmbH Gebrüder REINER GmbH & Co. KG

Hülsta-Werke Hüls GmbH & Co. KG Hund Möbelwerke GmbH & Co. KG


Hüppe GmbH


Kermi GmbH

Mauser Einrichtungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Kettnaker GmbH & Co. KG

Merck KGaA


Merten GmbH


Koelnmesse GmbH

merz merz gmbH + co. kg

Konrad Knoblauch GmbH

Messe Frankfurt GmbH

Küppersbusch Hausgeräte GmbH

Miele & Cie. KG

iconmobile GmbH

kymo GmbH


hw.design gmbH Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH

GEZE GmbH glaskoch B. Koch jr. GmbH & Co. KG Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH Grohe AG

h H.-J. Müller GmbH & Co. KG Hadi Teherani AG

id aid GmbH

mode...information GmbH

IKA-Werke GmbH & Co. KG

Modulor GmbH

Indeed Innovation GmbH


Interbrand AG Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG

Müller Möbelwerkstätten GmbH Landor Associates GmbH LED Linear GmbH

HAFI Beschläge GmbH Hailo-Werk Rudolf Loh GmbH & Co. KG Halbe-Rahmen GmbH


mono GmbH

Leica Camera AG


LEICHT Küchen AG Naber GmbH Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH

HAN Bürogeräte GmbH & Co. KG

NCS Colour GmbH Juno GmbH + Co. KG

Links der Isar GmbH

JUTEC Biegesysteme GmbH (JuCad)

LMT GmbH & Co. KG

Hansa Armaturen GmbH

Netvico GmbH

Hansgrohe SE Loved GmbH

Neuhaus Einrichtungen GmbH & Co. KG

HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH Nimbus Group GmbH Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG

NOMOS Glashütte/ SA Roland Schwertner KG

Holtz Office Support GmbH Nurus GmbH Nya Nordiska Textiles GmbH

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o Occhio GmbH OLYMP GmbH & Co. KG Ophardt R+D GmbH + Co. KG Ophardt Maritim Oranier Heiztechnik GmbH Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH

Robert Bosch GmbH

Storck Bicycle GmbH

Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG

Studio F. A. Porsche

Rosenthal GmbH

Stylepark AG

Roset Möbel GmbH Rösle GmbH & Co. KG RUF-Bett International GmbH & Co. KG RZB Rudolf Zimmermann, Bamberg GmbH

w W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH WALTER KNOLL AG & Co.KG


Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH WAREMA Renkhoff SE Weidmüller Holding AG & Co. KG

Tapetenfabrik Gebr. Rasch GmbH & Co. KG


Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG

p PAPSTAR GmbH PETER SCHMIDT GROUP GmbH Phoenix Design GmbH + Co. KG PLEX GmbH Poggenpohl Möbelwerke GmbH


The Store Designers Silvia Talmon Beratungs GmbH

Werkhaus Design + Produktion GmbH

Tojo Möbel GmbH

WGSN Worth Global Style Network Limited


Wilkhahn Wilkening + Hahne + Co. KG

S. Siedle & Söhne Telefon- und Telegrafenwerke OHG



Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH

TROIKA Germany GmbH

WINI Büromöbel Georg Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG

Schramm Werkstätten GmbH wirDesign communications AG Schüller Möbelwerk KG serien Raumleuchten GmbH


WMF Group GmbH wodtke GmbH

Siematic Möbelwerke GmbH & Co. KG


Siemens AG SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH SMA Solar Technology AG



RECARO Holding GmbH

Steelcase Werndl AG

Reisenthel Accessoires

stilwerk GmbH

V-ZUG AG Verlag form GmbH & Co. KG Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG

Zumtobel Lighting GmbH Vitra GmbH VOLA A/S Volkswagen AG Vorwerk & Co. KG

Reliance Industries Limited (JIO) Resopal GmbH Richard Lampert GmbH & Co. KG

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Institutional members

Personal members

Presiding commitee

Honorary member

Bauhaus Archiv e.V.

Olaf Barski

Prof. h.c. Dr. h.c. Peter Pfeiffer (President)

Prof. Dr. h.c. Dieter Rams

BDI – Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V.

Christoph Burkardt Kai Ehlert

BDIA – Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekten e.V.

Prof. Dr. Gerdum Enders

DDC – Deutscher Designer Club e.V.

Prof. Achim Heine

Design Center Baden-Württemberg

Jörg Heithoff

Deutscher Designertag e.V.

Albrecht Hotz

Deutscher Werkbund e.V.

Armin Illion

Deutsches Design Museum

Michael Knuf

DIHK – Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag

Stephan Koziol Prof. Stefan Lengyel

IDZ – Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin e.V. IHK Industrie- und Handelskammer Frankfurt am Main

Prof. Hansjerg Maier-Aichen Reiner Moll Nils Holger Moormann

Institut für Neue Technische Form e.V.

Dr. Michael Peters Managing Director, Peters’ Projects GmbH (Vice President) Robert Klanten Managing Director and Creative Head, Die Gestalten Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (Treasurer) Roland Heiler Managing Director, Porsche Design GmbH Dr. Annemarie Jäggi Director, Bauhaus-Archiv e.V. Museum für Gestaltung Leo Lübke Managing Director, COR Sitzmöbel Helmut Lübke GmbH & Co. KG Philipp Mainzer Managing Partner and Creative Director, e15 Design und Distributions GmbH

Thomas Nagel Markenverband e.V. Christian Sieger Mia-Seeger-Stiftung

Nils Holger Moormann Managing Director, Nils Holger Moormann GmbH

Prof. Dr. h.c. Erik Spiekermann The Design Management Institute Eckhard Tischer VDID – Verband Deutscher Industrie Designer e.V. VDM – Verband der Deutschen Möbelindustrie e.V.

Philipp Thonet Roland Wagner Prof. Dr. Othmar Wickenheiser

VKI – Verband der Keramischen Industrie e.V.

Prof. Mike Richter Design Faculty Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Co-founder of iconmobile group Caroline Seifert Chief Brand & Design Officer JIO, Reliance Industries Limited (JIO) Prof. Dr. h.c. Erik Spiekermann Partner Edenspiekermann AG

WFB – Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH

Prof. Dr. h.c. Gorden Wagener Head of Design, Daimler AG

ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik und Elektronikindustrie e.V.

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Profile for German Design Council

Distinctive. Ingenius. The Major German Brands.  

4th volume in the series "The Major German Brands". Published 2016

Distinctive. Ingenius. The Major German Brands.  

4th volume in the series "The Major German Brands". Published 2016