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Ramblin' Recruitment Guide 2018-2019

Contact Information Carrie Arnson, President Emily Farrow, Recruitment Vice President Natalie Schaeffer, Recruitment Programming Vice President Abby Rogstad, Financial Vice President Nicolette Mehran, Director of Recruitment Amanda Fishman, Collegiate Panhellenic Council Advisor

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"CPC has allowed me to be a part of a diverse group of women that inspire me every day"

Table of Contents What is CPC? .....................................................................................................  4 Our Narrative  ....................................................................................................  6 Circle of Sisterhood  ..........................................................................................  7 Letter from the President  ..............................................................................  8 Letter from the Recruitment Team  ............................................................  10 It's All Greek to Me  ..........................................................................................  12 Formal Recruitment Information  ...............................................................  14 Bid Day  ................................................................................................................  17 Formal Recruitment Rules  ............................................................................  18 PNM Bill of Rights  ...........................................................................................  19 MRABA Information  ......................................................................................  20 Associate Recruitment Information  ..........................................................  22 Associate Recruitment Rules  .......................................................................  24 Financial Obligations  ......................................................................................  25 Code of Ethics  ...................................................................................................  26 Meet Our Chapters  .........................................................................................  27 "It's awesome to see the impact that we have on campus and in our community"


What is CPC? CPC, or the Collegiate Panhellenic Council, is the governing body of the eight National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) chapters and two Associate chapters on Georgia Tech's campus; we are one of the four Greek letter councils on Georgia Tech's campus. The NPC Chapters participate in Formal Recruitment each August prior to the beginning of school. The Associate Chapters host their individual recruitment within the first several weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters. As you learn more about each of our chapters, you will find several key aspects that bond our community together: ACADEMICS: Our CPC community understands that academics should be a student’s main focus; therefore, numerous resources are offered to enhance a new member’s academic experience. New members can be supported through major mentors, tutoring, and study groups. Academic support goes hand-in-hand with career opportunities and connections. Whether it be pursuing an internship opportunity abroad or considering a new major on campus, CPC women are supported throughout their academic experience. INVOLVEMENT: The CPC community is filled with members from all different area of campus, allowing our women to be introduced to countless organizations on campus that are able to compliment their academic experience. Recruiters show that they are looking for well- rounded candidates who not only show academic success but also extracurricular involvements. Therefore, our women are encouraged to follow their unique passions to find organizations that help them to pursue their interests and grow as individuals and future professionals. PHILANTHROPY: Being involved in CPC provides a valuable opportunity to make an impact within our  surrounding Atlanta community. Each chapter supports a specific philanthropic organization and is passionate about raising funds and increasing awareness through community-wide philanthropy events and chapter activities. Additionally, the CPC community supports Circle of Sisterhood, a national philanthropy that provides support for women’s education across the globe. SISTERHOOD: CPC at Georgia Tech allows for members to be surrounded by empowering women of all different majors and ages. One of the recurring themes spoken about throughout recruitment is sisterhood. It is a life-changing bond formed between women within our community and within each chapter. Our community prides itself on having chapters that support the activities of one another. Within individual chapters, women are given an older member (a big sister, or “big” for short) to mentor them throughout their time at Georgia Tech which helps create a tight-knit sisterhood. SOCIAL: Women within our community enjoy the opportunity to take part in social events planned by their individual chapters. From formals, to semiformals, mixers, and date nights, women are able to take a break from the rigor of school and make memories with their sisters. Events are also the perfect way to meet new people while having a special occasion to explore all that Atlanta has to offer.


"Being involved in CPC has allowed me to make great friends in other chapters"

Collegiate Panhellenic Council Our NPC Chapters: Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Phi Alpha Xi Delta  Kappa Alpha Theta Phi Mu  Zeta Tau Alpha

Our Associate Chapters: Alpha Delta Chi Alpha Omega Epsilon


Our CPC Narrative SHE IS POWERFUL. By herself, she shines with potential and radiates possibilities. But when she plugs into a network of other supportive women, her confidence, strength, and capabilities are ignited. She is a Georgia Tech sorority woman. She isn’t like what you’ve seen in the movies. She isn’t confined by anyone’s expectations. She is powerful. Her sorority experience has catalyzed her abilities, and the support of her sisters charges her confidence fully. She is a Georgia Tech sorority woman. She is powerful. EMPOWERED: The sorority community at Georgia Tech enhances the academic, social, and personal potential of each of its members. We believe in our women’s potential. We prepare our women for success as professionals. And we celebrate the unique and diverse gifts each of our women have to contribute to our global society. CONFIDENT: The sorority community at Georgia Tech produces confident women with remarkable communication and leadership skills. An encounter with any of our chapters’ members will leave a lasting impression of a driven achiever who is poised to shape her future. SUPPORTED: The sorority community at Georgia Tech supports its members as they experience the opportunities and challenges that college – and a dynamic career –throw at them. Throughout life, our members benefit from the feeling of always having a loving home full of sisters who care about them and believe in them. 6

"No matter where you end up, you are accepted"

Circle of Sisterhood Our Story

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is a mechanism by which all sorority women can stand together across affiliation, age, color, and creed to make a difference in the lives of millions of girls and women around the world. As CPC’s official philanthropy since 2016, Circle of Sisterhood at Georgia Tech strives to make education a reality for women everywhere through educational awareness and financial support.  

Our Mission

As women at Georgia Tech, we are privileged enough to pursue a world-class degree surrounded by other brilliant and talented women. However, the rest of the world is not as lucky. Two thirds of all illiterate adults in the world are female, and not even seven percent of the world’s population (both men and women) has a college degree. Research has shown that the more educated a young girl, the more she invests in herself, her family, and her community. We have partnered with The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation to remove the current barriers to education for these young girls to help them impact their communities, their countries, and the world.  

Our Impact

Since 2010, The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation has been able to support organizations working to remove barriers to education in 22 countries on 4 continents, including funding the construction of 15 school builds in five countries – Nicaragua, Malawi, Nepal, Senegal and Haiti. The Panhellenic community at Georgia Tech personally funded a school build to Sass-Mack, Senegal in March 2018, sending 18 sorority women to work alongside the local community.

"I love how encouraging and uplifting this whole community is"


Letter from the President Congratulations on becoming a Yellow Jacket! Georgia Tech is an amazing place to make memories over the next 4+ years. There are many different opportunities to get involved on campus, and the Panhellenic sorority experience is one way to make Georgia Tech feel like home! Sorority women on Georgia Tech's campus are nothing short of amazing! Our community is comprised of driven individuals who constantly strive to become the best versions of themselves. Whether it is through pursuing academic, professional, or personal goals, CPC women can accomplish anything they set their minds to while always knowing that they have a reliable support system found through their chapter. Our community is comprised of 10 member organizations, including 8 National Panhellenic Conference chapters and 2 Associate chapters, each offering a unique and exciting sorority experience. Each sorority has values and traditions upon which it was founded that create a unique bond between individual chapters across the nation. My sorority experience has introduced me to many great role models who have helped to mold me into the woman am I today! The 2018 Executive Board has worked hard to ensure that we have a strong Panhellenic community, and I hope that you all will see that during both your recruitment and membership experiences! You will quickly find that “Greek Life� at Georgia Tech is different from most schools, so I encourage you to look through both our website and social media for more information. And as always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!

In White & Gold,Â

Carrie Arnson, President 8

"CPC is full of inspiring and active women who genuinely work together to grow each other"

CPC Executive Board

From left to right: Natalie Schaeffer - Recruitment Programming Vice President Poonam Patel - Communications Vice President Emily Farrow - Recruitment Vice President Hannah Orr - Executive Vice President Carrie Arnson - President Abby Rogstad - Financial Vice President Ashley Fleck - Philanthrophy Vice President Miwa Katamura - Programming Vice President "it didn’t matter that we weren’t sorority sisters; we were still going to be bonded through CPC"


Letter from the Recruitment Team We are so excited to welcome you to Georgia Tech, and to our current students, congratulations on your success thus far! Your determination, hard work, and academic excellence are what make you the perfect candidate for Georgia Tech and for our Panhellenic community. Here at Georgia Tech, each sorority prides itself on the values upon which it was founded. Recruitment is a time for you, as a Potential New Member, to meet women from each sorority and find out if these values align with your own. You might just find that one of our ten incredible groups of women could be your home away from home! We encourage you to sign up for Formal Recruitment or attend Associate Recruitment and provide yourself with an opportunity to meet our incredible women and to become a new member of our Panhellenic community!

In White & Gold,

Emily Farrow & Natalie Schaeffer


"CPC has changed the ways in which our sororities impact the women on campus"

Our Recruitment Team From left to right: Victoria Massaro, Head Recruitment Counselor Nicolette Mehran, Director of Recruitment Maddie Campbell, Head Recruitment Counselor Olivia Cote, Head Recruitment Counselor

Recruitment Counselors A Recruitment Counselor (RC) is a member of a NPC chapter within the Georgia Tech Panhellenic community. They have chosen to dissociate from their own chapter to unbiasedly lead Potential New Members (PNM) through the Formal Recruitment process. Each PNM will be a part of an RC group with other PNMs and two RCs. The RCs will also discuss the schedule for the week, what to expect for the remainder of Formal Recruitment, and answer any questions the PNMs may have.

"This community gives me the confidence to get out of my comfort zone and reach my goals"


It's All Greek to Me Associate Chapter Recruitment: the time period in which sorority recruitment events for Associate chapters are held; both Associate chapters have the opportunity to hold recruitment in the fall and spring semesters, which is different from Formal Recruitment   Bid: an official invitation to membership in a sorority or fraternity; bids are received during Bid Day, the day following Preference round of Formal Recruitment of National Panhellenic Conference chapters Chapter: the local group of a national organization, sometime designated by its own Greek name (i.e. Alpha Beta chapter of XYZ Sorority) Continuous Open Bidding (COB): an opportunity for chapters who are not at quota or total to extend bids to women who did not join a sorority during Formal Recruitment Collegiate Panhellenic Council (CPC): the governing body of the eight National Panhellenic Conference chapters and two Associate chapters on Georgia Tech's campus; CPC is one of the four Greek letter councils on Georgia Tech's campus and governs Formal Recruitment Formal Recruitment: the week in which sorority recruitment events for the National Panhellenic Conference chapters are held; this week occurs in August, prior to the start of the fall semester Letters: Greek initials that stand for sorority's Greek name New Member: a woman who has been offered and has accepted a bid to a sorority; after a period of education on the history, ideals, and traditions of the organization, a woman may be initiated into the chapter to become an active member National Panhellenic Conference (NPC): a conference body composed of delegated from the 26 women's national sororities, each of which is autonomous as a social, Greek letter society of college women,        undergraduate and alumnae; Georgia Tech has eight NPC sororities on campus Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life (OFSL): an official Georgia Tech department that houses three professional, full-time fraternity and sorority advisors for the four Greek letter councils; this office falls under the Division of Student Life and is located in the Student Center Commons on campus Potential New Member (PNM): an undergraduate woman who is eligible to participate in Formal Recruitment Preference: the final night of Formal Recruitment in which a PNM decides which sorority to join; also called Pref Night Quota: the minimum number of new members that a chapter may offer a Bid to in Formal Recruitment Recommendation: a letter written by an alumna of a chapter, which recommends a PNM for membership; also called a rec letter or a reference letter; this does not guarantee a PNM membership to the organization; letters can be written with or without the knowledge of the PNM; the alumna should be aware of the process of how to submit this letter (i.e. online or by mail); if mailed, they can be sent to the sorority directly or to the OFSL for distribution *There may be other terms that you hear throughout Recruitment, so please refer to our website for more guidance:


"Every woman here has a passion or purpose that drives her to set and reach her goals"

The Greek ABC's Γ


Β Beta







Η Eta













Ξ Xi




Ρ Rho



Τ Tau















Formal Recruitment Formal Recruitment is conducted by the eight National Panhellenic Council chapters within our CPC community. It takes place each August prior to the start of the fall semester. All Formal Recruitment logistics, invitations, and rules are overseen and organized by the CPC Executive Board, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, and the designated Recruitment Counselors. The recruitment process allows for all women who are registered for Formal Recruitment to visit each sorority and have conversations with current members. The selection process for joining a sorority is a “mutual selection” process. At the end of each day of recruitment, PNMs will rank the chapters that they would like to return to and chapters will extend invitations to women who could be a good fit in their respective chapter. PNMs will have the opportunity to discuss their decisions  with Recruitment Counselors at the end of each day. Due to the large volume of women attending Formal Recruitment, prior registration is required. There is a non-refundable fee associated with registration which includes a t-shirt that is worn for Day 1 of Formal Recruitment, lunch provided for three days of Recruitment, campus facilities usage, along with other associated costs. This price also includes a $5 donation towards Circle of Sisterhood. The registration fee for Formal Recruitment is $80 prior to August 1st and increases in price to $90 beginning August 1st. For any questions that were not answered here and for FAQs, visit our website:  You can register for Formal Recruitment by visiting our website or by using the link below.

Registration Form: Expectations for Each Day

Kick-Off: An opportunity to learn more about the days ahead and to meet your fellow Potential NewMembers, the CPC Executive Board, and your 2 Recruitment Counselors. You will also be given your Day 1 shirt and general schedule for the week ahead. This is a casual event where you will not be meeting women from the chapters. Please dress comfortably and come excited for recruitment to begin! Day 1: Leadership and Involvement. You will meet with your Recruitment Counselor group prior to the start of the day and will visit all eight sororities. Lunch will be provided. Day 2: Philanthropy and Finances. You will meet with your Recruitment Counselor group prior to the start of the day and will visit up to six sororities. Lunch will be provided. Day 3: Sisterhood. You will meet with your Recruitment Counselor group prior to the start of the day and will visit up to four sororities. Lunch will be provided. Day 4: Preference Night. This round takes place in the evening following the first day of school. You will visit up to two sororities and will rank your preference for sororities at the end of night and sign the MRABA (see “MRABA” section for more information). Please eat prior to attending Pref Night as food will not be provided. Bid Day: Tuesday, the 21st! See “What Happens Next?” for more information.


"Each sorority has a great blend of strengths and personalities"

Formal Recruitment Schedule Kick-Off: Aug. 16 Location: Ferst Center

PNM check-in: 7:15PM - 8PM Kick-Off & Associate Chapters Presentation: 8PM - 9:15PM PNMs meet with RCs: 9:15PM

Day 1: Aug. 17

Day 2: Aug. 18

25 Minute Parties PNMs arrive: 8AM Parties 1-5: 9:05AM - 12:30PM Lunch: 12:45PM - 1:25PM Parties 6-11: 1:40PM - 5:50PM PNMs meet with RCs: 6PM

35 Minute Parties PNMs arrive: 8AM Parties 1-4: 9AM - 12:20PM Lunch: 12:35PM - 1:15PM Parties 6-9: 1:30PM - 5:45PM PNMs meet with RCs: 5:55PM

Day 3: Aug. 19

Day 4: Aug. 20

40 Minute Parties PNMs arrive: 7:30AM Parties 1-4: 8:30AM - 12:10PM Lunch: 12:20PM - 1PM Parties 5-6: 1:15PM - 2:55PM PNMs meet with RCs: 3:05PM

55 Minute Parties PNMs arrive: 5:30PM Parties 1-4: 6:20PM - 11PM PNMs sign pref cards: 11PM


What to Wear Day 1

Day 2 A white t-shirt will be provided at Kick-Off for the first day of recruitment. A cute, casual pair of shorts or a skirt are preferred. Be sure to wear a comfortable pair of sandals or shoes as there will be lots of walking!

This is the perfect day to show off your favorite summer outfit! Skirts, nicer shorts, or sundresses are recommended. Sandals and shoes without a heel are appropriate for Day 2.

Day 3

Day 4 Skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, or rompers are common on Day 3. An outfit that you would be comfortable wearing to a religious event or banquet is recommended. Sandals, flats, and wedges are appropriate, but keep in mind that you will still be walking long distances! Preferential Round is the dressiest of the four rounds and the most meaningful night! Nice dresses or fancier outfits commonly worn to a wedding or special occasion are recommended. Homecoming/Prom or floorlength dresses are too dressy for this occasion. A maximum of 2 houses will be visited this night, so heels can be worn if comfortable!


"We are a group of women that come together to celebrate the power of each other"

What Happens Next? The first week of school in August is filled with many exciting firsts! If you choose to attend Formal Recruitment and receive an invitation to join a chapter, your first week will have several key, exciting moments. All events take place in the evening and will not conflict with class schedules.

Bid Day: Tuesday, Aug. 21

PNM Party: Tuesday, the 21st is the day that new members receive their bids. PNMs will coordinate with their Recruitment Counselors to open their bid card in the Student Center. Following the reveal of their bid card, new members will have a PNM party in the Student Center Ballroom until their chapter comes to pick them up. Food, music, and a photo booth are just a few of the features to look forward to! The PNM party is a great way to relax and enjoy meeting other new members who will be your future sorority sisters! Bid Day Reveal: Following the PNM party, new members will receive a chapter T-shirt and other spirit wear. The new members will walk to Tech Green to be introduced to their new chapter! Each chapter celebrates and welcomes their new member class with a chapter event following bid reveal.

CPC New Member Education: Wednesday, Aug. 22 New members will attend an introductory, educational event planned by the CPC executive board and directors. CPC will discuss risk management, campus safety, and expectations for the semester. This event allows for new members to meet women in their new member class, reunite with women from their Recruitment Counselor group, and learn helpful information to ensure a safe semester ahead.

Run for the Roses: Thursday, Aug. 23

Our fraternity and sorority community takes part in several unique traditions. Run for the Roses is a community tradition that has taken place for over 40 years. Each sorority visits each fraternity house to introduce their newest member class and the fraternities introduce their newest member class. The fraternities hand out roses to sorority members as the women move from house to house, and thus came about the name “Run for the Roses!”

"Being part of the CPC community is about being part of something bigger than yourself"


Formal Recruitment Rules Potential New Members A woman must be a regularly matriculated student at Georgia Tech to participate in Formal Recruitment. A woman shall not be, or have ever been, an initiated member of a National Panhellenic Conference group and join another National Panhellenic Conference group. A Potential New Member must have registered and paid her non-refundable Recruitment fee in order to participate in Formal Recruitment. Recruitment registration will conclude at 4:00 PM on Thursday, August 16, 2018. A Potential New Member may register for recruitment in person at Kick-Off on a case-by-case basis, per the discretion of the Recruitment Vice President and Recruitment Programming Vice President. A woman shall attend all Formal Recruitment events to which she has accepted invitations. In case of illness or an emergency, the woman shall notify the Collegiate Panhellenic Council, who will excuse the woman and then notify the chapters involved. Any woman who misses a Recruitment event and is unexcused will be withdrawn from Recruitment by the Collegiate Panhellenic Council. Any Potential New Member wishing to withdraw from Recruitment must speak to a Recruitment Counselor or Panhellenic Executive Board Officer and must sign a Formal Withdrawal form.

Summer Procedures & Acceptable Contact

All incoming and summer freshmen women and any upperclassmen women known to be participating in Formal Recruitment are to be treated as Potential New Members. In the case that a current sorority member is approached by a Potential New Member during the summer through extracurriculars, classes, or in a social setting, the two women should not discuss Recruitment activities or specific chapters. No sorority woman participating in the following: FASET, Stamps President’s Scholarship First Year Retreat, athletics, or other organization working with freshmen in any form, is allowed to reveal or display her Greek affiliation on the day before, during, or the day after a session. No sorority woman is allowed to contact the women they have met unless for the above organizational purposes. Sorority members may declare a close personal relationship with a Potential New Member to CPC to be referenced in case any questions arise regarding contact with a Potential New Member and a current sorority member during the summer. From the beginning of Formal Recruitment until bids are received, a silent period will be enforced. During this time, sorority members shall only talk to Potential New Members during Formal Recruitment events. In the spirit of Panhellenic, all women may briefly greet each other in passing. Any women who have normal daily contact in the form of official academic, family ties, or extracurricular activities may maintain contact, during which Panhellenic recruitment/specific sororities shall not be mentioned. At no time during the summer or the Formal Recruitment Period is any sorority woman or Potential New Member allowed to reveal the affiliation of any Recruitment Counselor, Panhellenic Executive Board Officer, or the Director of Recruitment. Potential New Members and sorority women may not visit one another during the Formal Recruitment period. No Potential New Members, including biological sisters, are allowed on sorority property starting the Saturday after Spring finals.


"CPC is women looking out for women in all aspects of education, leadership, and life"

PNM Bill of Rights Every PNM has the right to... Be treated as an individual Be fully informed about the recruitment process Ask questions and receive true and objective answers from Recruitment Counselors and members Be treated with respect Be treated as a capable and mature person without being patronized Ask how and why and receive straight answers Have and express opinions to Recruitment Counselors Have inviolable confidentiality when sharing information with Recruitment Counselors Make informed decisions without undue pressures from others Be fully informed about the NPC Unanimous Agreements implicit in the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) signing process Make one's own choice and decisions and accept full responsibility for the results of that decision Have a positive, safe, and enriching recruitment and new member experience


Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement Form (MRABA)


"It is incredible to see women from all chapters come together and empower each other"

Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) After visiting the last chapter on your schedule of Preference Night, you will head straight to the Student Center Ballroom to begin the process of ranking the chapters you visited. This process is slightly different than how you will have had to input your selections following the rounds on the previous days. This form will be explained to you in more detail throughout the recruitment process, but here are some basics we think you should know now: By signing this document, you as a Potential New Member agree that you are willing to accept a bid for membership from any sorority that you rank. You may choose to list any sorority whose preference event you attended and from whom you are willing to accept an invitation to membership. Please note that you should not rank any sorority on your final selection that you are absolutely not willing to accept a bid for membership. Only the PNMs who maximize their options (listing all chapters they attended) are guaranteed to receive a bid. You may list only one or two, but understand that if you chose to only list one despite having attended two preferential events, then you are not guaranteed to receive a bid.  If you were invited to attend only one preferential event, you may only list that chapter and you will be considered as having maximized your options. Once the MRABA has been turned in, it cannot be altered or changed. You may choose not to complete the MRABA, thereby withdrawing from recruitment and making you eligible for the Continuous Open Bidding (COB) process.   If you receive an invitation to membership (a bid) from any sorority that you ranked, you are bound to that group for one calendar year. If you receive a bid from any sorority that you have listed, and you choose NOT to accept it, you are not eligible to participate in COB. If you do not receive an invitation to membership to a chapter that you have listed, you are eligible for COB. Regardless of if you drop your membership, accepting a bid through the formal recruitment or COB process is a binding agreement through the start of the next formal recruitment period. Prior to signing the MRABA, you will have several options to consider, sand we will give you time to thoroughly reflect and talk with a Recruitment Counselor.

"The CPC community is full of women making strides toward a world of equity and acceptance"


Associate Recruitment Associate Recruitment is conducted by the two associate chapters within our CPC community. These two chapters, Alpha Delta Chi and Alpha Omega Epsilon, participate in their own separate recruitment due to their specific membership requirements. Alpha Delta Chi is a Christian sisterhood, and Alpha Omega Epsilon is a STEM-focused sorority. You can learn more about each chapter specifically and what makes them unique in the “Meet Our NPC & Associate Chapters!” section. Each chapter participates in recruitment in the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. This year, both chapters’ fall recruitment will take place the second week of school (August 27-30). Kick-off for Associate Recruitment will take place on Sunday, August 26. You can visit each of their websites to learn more about the requirements for membership and for FAQs.

Alpha Delta Chi

You're welcome to come to any of the first three nights of Recruitment even if you can't come to the others. It is not mandatory that you attend all nights of Recruitment, though we highly encourage you come to as much as you can so that we can get to know you and you can get to know us better!

Alpha Omega Epsilon

You must submit a membership application prior to attending Recruitment. You also are required come to at least Day 4 of Recruitment to be eligible to be considered for membership. We are so excited to meet you! 22

"It's a community where you can be surrounded by strong women from diverse backgrounds"

Associate Recruitment Schedule FALL 2018 Kick-Off: Aug. 26

Location: Student Center Room 321 5PM - 8:30PM

Alpha Delta Chi:

Alpha Omega Epsilon:

Day 1: Aug. 27

Day 1: Aug. 27

Location: Student Success Center President's Suite D 7PM - 9PM Dress: Casual

Location: Student Center Piedmont Room 6PM - 8:30PM Dress: Business Casual

Day 2-3: Aug. 28-29

Day 2-3: Aug. 28-29

Day 4: Aug. 30

Day 4: Aug. 30

Location: Student Success Center Press Room A 7PM - 9PM Dress: Casual

Location: Alpha Delta Chi House 7PM - 9PM Dress: Business Casual

Location: Student Center Piedmont Room 6PM - 8;30PM Dress: Casual

Location: Student Center Piedmont Room 6PM - 8:30PM Dress: Pajamas


Associate Recruitment Rules Potential New Members

A woman must be a regularly matriculated student at Georgia Tech to participate in recruitment. Starting the Saturday following spring finals, when the Acceptable Contact Form is released, all women with the ability to participate in Formal Recruitment are considered to be Potential New Members. Starting at Formal Recruitment Kickoff, a Potential New Member becomes defined as a “Formal Recruitment Potential New Member” (FRPNM) if they are registered for Formal Recruitment. See "Acceptable Contact" section for reference.

Summer Procedures & Acceptable Contact

No sorority woman participating in the following: FASET, Stamps President’s First Year Retreat, athletics or other organization working with freshmen in any form, is allowed to reveal or display her Greek affiliation on the day before, during, or the day after a session. No sorority woman is allowed to contact the women they have met unless for the above organizational purposes. At no time is a sorority woman allowed to persuade a Potential New Member against any  other sorority. There will be no attempt by any sorority or its members to influence Formal Recruitment Potential New Members towards a particular sorority at any time until the end of the Formal Recruitment Period, defined as until midnight on Bid Day.  No sorority woman shall ask unassociated people (men, independents, etc.) to carry information between herself and a Potential New Member. At no time during the predetermined disaffiliation period is any sorority woman allowed to reveal the affiliation of any Recruitment Counselor, Formal Recruitment Director, or Panhellenic Executive Officer. The predetermined disaffiliation period will be made known to chapters by the end of spring semester. No Potential New Members, including biological sisters, are allowed on sorority property starting the Saturday after spring finals.


"CPC works together for a Greek life that is happier, safer, and brighter"

Financial Obligations  PER SEMESTER NPC Chapters: Average New Member Dues (first semester only): $2,050 Average In-House Dues (including rent): $3,890 Average Out-of-House Dues: $1,760

Associate Chapters: Average New Member Dues (first semester only): $390

Average In-House Dues (ADX only, including rent): $2,460 Average Out-of-House Dues: $380 *Member dues can include meal plan costs, housing upkeep, social fees, and national dues. The new member cost tends to be more expensive due to one-time fees such as an initiation fee and new member dues. Though this may seem extensive, we view it as an investment in each member's experience and future.


Recruitment Code of Ethics We, the members of women’s sororities at the Georgia Institute of Technology, agree to promote honesty, respect, sisterhood and cooperation within the Collegiate Panhellenic Council and our respective chapters, and in our daily lives. This code of ethics is designed to inspire our members, reinforce exemplary conduct and values-based leadership, and perpetuate lifelong membership to enrich the sorority and Panhellenic experience. We, as Panhellenic women of the Georgia Institute of Technology, agree on and commit to... Uphold and demonstrate the Panhellenic spirit in thought, word and action through our chapters as well as individual members. Demonstrate ethical behavior and conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the mission and values of the College Panhellenic, each inter/national organization and our institution. Respectfully adhere to the Unanimous Agreements and all policies established by the National Panhellenic Conference. Avoid disparaging remarks about any sorority or collegiate woman and refrain from discussing Panhellenic matters with nonmembers, in accordance with the dignity and good manners of sorority women. Recognize friendly relations with all collegiate women, both sorority members and nonmembers, realizing the importance of creating and building friendships. Plan recruitment events that provide opportunities for the greatest possible number of women to become sorority members while protecting the rights and privileges of individuals and the chapters. Provide a safe, positive and enriching recruitment experience, understanding that membership is a social experience arrived at by mutual selection. Strive to be truthful, honorable, open and friendly to all potential new members during all recruitment events. Be respectful of the rights of every potential new member to make her own choices, including the right not to join the women’s sorority community. Refrain from limiting a potential new member’s chances of becoming a member of the Panhellenic community by encouraging her to make a single intentional preference or to limit her choices. Support the goals of Recruitment as being the following: to give each Potential New Member maximum opportunity to join a chapter; to provide the fraternity experience to as many as possible; and to maintain adequate strength within and amongst our chapters. Discourage “dirty recruiting” within our chapters, as well as any other behavior that would not be beneficial to our individual members. Deter our members from encouraging men to influence Potential New Members in any way. Disassociate our chapter’s Panhellenic Counselors (Recruitment Counselors), not using them in any way as a liaison from chapters to Potential New Members or to the advantage of our individual chapters.


"I am surrounded by motivated, driven women who are role models and inspirations to me daily"

Meet Our NPC & Associate Chapters!

"No matter your letters, this community lifts you up and helps you reach your fullest potential"


Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega was founded on October 15, 1885, at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Professor James Hamilton Howe, dean of DePauw's School of Music, encouraged our seven founders to form a women's society within the school. Our national founders came together to form the sixth women's fraternity in the country. Alpha Chi Omega now includes more than 200,000 collegiate members in 139 collegiate chapters nationwide. It is an organization built by and for Real. Strong. Women. In 1975, our chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, referred to as Epsilon Phi, was the third Panhellenic sorority founded at Georgia Tech. We are real. We accept and celebrate each other for who we are. We build each other up. We strengthen one another to do incredible things. Our presence and impact on campus is undeniable. Alpha Chi Omega will never tell you to settle for an average, effortless, blending-into-the-background college experience. We are strong. We stand up for each other and always remain steadfast in our values. We will always encourage each other to climb higher, to work harder, and to step out of our comfort zone. That’s Alpha Chi Omega! We are involved. Our open motto is “Together Let Us Seek the Heights,” and there are no heights the women in this chapter don’t reach. If there's an organization on campus that you're interested in joining, chances are there's going to be one of our sisters who's in it, who is president of it, or who started it. Our sisters do everything from driving the Reck to aiding in the research that discovered gravitational waves. We serve on the executive boards of the Women’s Club Basketball Team, Georgia Tech Ambassadors, Women’s Recruitment Team, and a variety of other organizations. We strive to grow by being involved and having an active role on and off of Georgia Tech's campus. At the heart of Alpha Chi Omega is our commitment to community involvement. Our dedication to our national philanthropy, Domestic Violence Awareness, is evident in each sister’s compassion and commitment to this cause. Alpha Chi Omega supports our local Atlanta domestic violence shelter, Partners Against Domestic Violence (PADV). This shelter provides survivors with protection, resources, and assistance no matter what they may be facing. Each spring, we host “Let’s Taco Bout It,” a fundraising taco dinner to start the conversation about domestic awareness and raise awareness on campus. Our members are also passionate about serving with  many other local and national organizations including Dance Marathon, Trees Atlanta, Relay for Life, and Campus Kitchens.

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"Rushing as a second year with friends in Greek life, I had a general idea of each chapter and its values. Alpha Chi Omega, however, stood out to me from the very beginning as being full of genuine, unique, and independent women who are unapologetically themselves in all things." - Lauren Moye; Literature, Media, and Communication; 3rd Year

"I can't imagine my college experience without being an Alpha Chi Omega. The women in this sorority have pushed me to come out of my shell and have created a supportive environment to allow me to make mistakes and learn from them. Older girls and younger girls alike inspire me to be a smarter, more confident, and more dedicated student and sister. We are all very unique, but passion and ambition are the traits that unite us." - Rachel Luckcuck, Business Administration, 3rd Year


"The women of this chapter support each other to be the very best versions of yourself and stand at each other’s side through all the highs and lows of life." - Sydney Blanche, Biomedical Engineering, 4th Year


Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi was founded on May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. It was the first secret society for women, hence the saying, “First. Finest. Forever.” Our open motto is “We Live For Each Other.” Our diamond badge represents four words, one for every point: Self, Sisterhood, Scholarship, and Sorority. In 1979, Alpha Delta Pi adopted Ronald McDonald House Charities as its national philanthropy. The Zeta Omicron chapter of Alpha Delta Pi here at Georgia Tech was founded on November 19, 1971. We are located very close to our Executive Office and two different Ronald McDonald Houses. Here at Zeta Omicron, we strive to better our own character, hold ourselves to high educational standards, and strengthen our bonds of friendship through faith and loyalty. Alpha Delta Pi welcomes you to Georgia Tech, and we look forward to meeting you! Sisters of Zeta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi enjoy working actively with their national philanthropy, The Ronald McDonald House. Their events include a new Silent Auction Gala in the fall, as well as a Pie a Pi fundraiser and an annual Run for Ronald 5K in the spring. They collect the tabs off of cans, called “pop tabs,” around campus and volunteer at both of the Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses by hosting Activity Nights and serving brunches and dinners. Sisters at this chapter raised over $40,000 for families staying at Ronald McDonald House in 2017. Sisters of Zeta Omicron Alpha Delta Pi also actively volunteer with organizations on and off campus, such as GT For the Kids, Enchanted Encounters, Tech the Halls, Engineers Without Borders, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the Humane Society, YoungLife/WyldLife, and more.

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"Coming into Tech can be nerve racking especially when you do not know anyone like I did, but having my sisters to lean on and older girls within ZO to mentor me made the transition and life at Tech just that much more enjoyable." - Olivia Fulmore, Economics, 2nd Year

"The sisterhood I've found in ADPi is so fulfilling and heartwarming. I know I can turn to anyone for support at any time, whether we're the best of friends or just chatting at dinner. I also know I can have an awesome laugh and great time with everyone!" - Paige Meierhofer, International Affairs, 4th Year "Being a part of ADPi has pushed me to be my best self. The girls in our chapter are my best friends, my biggest supporters, and my biggest inspirations. From celebrating a job well done to going on ice cream runs when you fail a test (it happens, people) to having a dance party in the chapter room, since becoming a member of ADPI I have never felt alone in anything I do. The older girls in our chapter are some of the smartest, most driven, and talented girls I know, and being surrounded by them pushes me to achieve the best that I can." - Mary Win Ligon, Business Administration, 3rd Year


Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta is an international women’s fraternity founded on May 30, 1904 by 11 influential women at Syracuse University who wanted to find opportunities for personal development through sisterhood. Guided by our Purpose, Alpha Gamma Delta sisters strive to inspire women and impact our communities. Through the motto “Inspire the Woman, Impact the World,” the sisters of the Gamma Phi chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta are continuously striving to improve themselves and the community. Alpha Gams are women who lead organizations, earn scholarships, and give back to the community. Over 40 sisters in our chapter serve in executive positions for student and philanthropy organizations such as Student Government, For the Kids, and beyond. With all collegian members involved on campus, involvement is an integral part of any true Alpha Gam. Beyond our on campus involvements, our sisters are exemplifying scholastic achievement by winning scholarships, presenting at conferences, and getting new co-ops and internships. Through it all, we always have each other. Our sisterhood events provide the perfect outlet for our sisters to grow closer whether that’s at a safari, SkyZone, or a Braves game. The women of Alpha Gamma Delta live out the fifth line of our Purpose that reads, “to welcome the opportunity of contributing to the world’s work in the community where I am placed, because of the joy of service thereby bestowed.” Our chapter illustrates these values by serving others in Atlanta’s community by fighting hunger. We work closely with Meals on Wheels Atlanta, Feeding America food banks, and Campus Kitchen. Through fundraising events like Grilled Cheese with AGDs and Alpha Gam’s Annual Hoops for Hunger our sisters provide meals and support to food insecure areas in Atlanta. Being able to see the impact that our service has on Georgia Tech students and community members motivates each sister to help in the fight against hunger! Women worldwide have found their home in Alpha Gam at Georgia Tech. They’ve found sisters who make them laugh til their stomachs hurt, who can lift them up on their toughest days, and who help them be the best version of themselves. From our social and sisterhood events to graduation and beyond, Alpha Gams live their lives with purpose and promote lifelong sisterhood. Alpha Gam welcomes you to Georgia Tech and we hope you find your home during recruitment!

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"I can say with a thousand percent honesty that every single person in this chapter would help a sister in need, no questions asked and to me that's what true sisterhood is." - Shaefali Padiyar, Biomedical Engineering, 2nd Year


“Being an Alpha Gam is more than wearing a gold pin, learning our rituals, and living in our house on 5th Street – though that’s a plus. Our sisterhood is about cherishing these friendships through the laughter, tears, and stress of Georgia Tech.” - Kimberly Fulton, Industrial Engineering, 3rd Year "Being in this sisterhood has been really special to me because it has challenged me to grow in the best ways possible. My Alpha Gam sisters encouraged me out on my comfort zone and helped me to grow without me even realizing it. I would not be the woman I am today if not for my sisters inspiring me to be who I always dreamed I could be. I look back at who I was when I started college and I barely recognize that girl but I think she would be really proud of the woman I have become." - Kaitlyn Shipskie, Materials Science Engineering, 4th Year


Alpha Phi Alpha Phi International Fraternity was founded at Syracuse University by ten of the first nineteen women to be admitted to the university in 1872. Ever since, we have stood as a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in life long achievement. Alpha Phi is dedicated to promoting sisterhood, cultivating leadership, encouraging intellectual curiosity, and advocating service. In Alpha Phi, we stand together as a sisterhood of exceptional women dedicated to supporting one another from bid day to graduation and beyond. Throughout the year, we hold sister bonding events, socials, philanthropy events, and we have many service opportunities.  We seek the highest ideal of womanhood by cultivating not only the power and passion for seeking intellectual development but also the spirit of love and charity. We are thus united under our solemn pledge, “Union Hand in Hand.” One of the most important aspects of being a sister of Alpha Phi is our unwavering support for women’s heart health through the Alpha Phi foundation.  We work yearround to better the future for women needing cardiac research and care.  This past year, we raised over $40,000 through our annual Red Dress Gala and King of Hearts, our annual male beauty pageant. 

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“Alpha Phi is my home away from home. Going to college so far from my friends and family was very hard on me in the beginning, but I joined Alpha Phi because I instantly felt like I belonged here. My sisters are my second family and I don’t know what I’d do without them.” - Kayla Perry, Biochemistry, 2nd Year

“Being in Alpha Phi means surrounding yourself with passionate, strong, and confident women. These women have challenged me to grow as a leader and as a person. They encourage me to be my best self everyday, they support me in everything that I do, and I’d be lost without them.” - Alexis Copeland, Business Administration, 3rd Year

“Alpha Phi has given me the opportunity to be part of something much bigger than myself. With hundreds of chapters internationally all supporting Women’s Heart Health, our sisterhood is truly making a difference. As Director of Philanthropy, I am so honored to be a part of the work that we do and I am amazed by what we are able to give fellow women in need.” - Elise Holland, Industrial Engineering, 3rd Year


Alpha Xi Delta Founded on April 17, 1893 at Lombard College in Illinois, Alpha Xi Delta inspires women to realize their potential by providing opportunities for sisterhood, leadership, knowledge and service. One of the oldest women’s fraternities in the United States, Alpha Xi Delta is the only sorority with Xi in its name, setting the stage for the hundreds of thousands of bold, talented women that have followed their dreams and found life-long membership as a part of our organization. With more than 130 active collegiate chapters across the country and an extensive nationwide alumnae network, Alpha Xi Deltas can find support and connections in any field or interest wherever life takes them. As the first sorority founded at Georgia Tech, we have decades of deep traditions, accomplishments, and a strong presence on campus. Our sisterhood is comprised of beautiful, talented, involved, and trailblazing women. Not only is each sister involved in an organization outside of Alpha Xi Delta, but many hold leadership positions that help shape the future of Georgia Tech. Our GPA is higher than the overall campus GPA, which we reinforce through numerous resources such as academic mentors, study room rooms, and GPA awards. We also pull together as a team for competitions like Greek Week and intramural sports. Some of our favorite social events include crush parties, date nights, formals, and mixers. Through all these activities, we have developed strong bonds of sisterhood and friendship that will support us at Tech and beyond. Our Alpha Xi Delta sisters are committed to positively impacting the lives of others in our community, across the nation, and around the globe. Nationally, Alpha Xi Delta is a proud partner of Autism Speaks, contributing more than $7 million nationally in the past nine years to help increase understanding and acceptance of individuals with autism spectrum disorders, as well as furthering the research of causes and treatments. While not every sister has an immediate connection to autism prior to joining Alpha Xi Delta, our activities provide an opportunity for our members to positively impact children and families around the world. Our chapter hosts events and programs throughout the year to raise awareness and support for Autism Speaks, including our Step It Up 5K on the Georgia Tech campus. Whether it’s scholarship or service, sisterhood or socials, each of our members has found a place where they can realize their potential. They have truly found a home in Alpha Xi Delta!

Website: Facebook: Instagram: @gtalphaxi Twitter: @axid_gatech Tumblr: 36

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ΑΞΔ "One of my favorite Alpha Xi Delta memories was coming back to Tech after eight months of study abroad programs and being nervous that I would feel disconnected after being away so long, only to get tackled to the ground with hugs from my sisters. It was good to be home!" - Sarah Blust, Materials Science Engineering

"For me, Alpha Xi Delta made my college experience the best it could be— a balance of social life and academics, life-long friendships, outlets for campus involvement and leadership positions, and a support system I can always turn to." - Sonika Finch, Computer Science

"Alpha Xi Deltas come from a long line of trailblazing women at Georgia Tech—from the first women graduates to the first female astronaut, and we love carrying on this legacy. We are proud to be First at Tech and First in Sisterhood." - President Molly-Kate Gavello, Nuclear and Radiological Engineering


Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta was founded by four women at Indiana Asbury in 1870 as the first Greek letter fraternity for women. Theta's total living membership currently exceeds 270,000 sisters from over 145 college chapters across the United States and Canada. Kappa Alpha Theta is comprised of Leading Women on campus and in their communities. The Theta Nu chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was chartered at Georgia Tech in November 2016. Members take pride in creating our own sisterhood and traditions. Theta women are leaders who share broad interests across campus, and strive to create the widest influence for good. As we build friendships, strengthen our sisterhood, and make memories that will last long after we graduate from Tech, we become the best versions of ourselves. For over 25 years, Theta has supported Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), which gives foster children representatives in the court system. We have contributed to our local CASA chapter through multiple events, including a 'Capture the Kite' tournament, our KATs and Dogs cookout, and Thetapalooza music festival.

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“From California to Vietnam, from New York to Jamaica, our sisters have found a home at Theta. It is amazing to find a home filled with such diversity, but with the same intrinsic values.” - Kathy Joseph, Biomedical Engineering, 4th Year

"Each sister has such a diverse range of interests, passions, and experiences that it's never a dull day hanging out with any Theta, and we never run out of things to share with each other." - Karinne Bernanke, Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year

“Theta sisterhood is having a community of women who have loved, accepted, yet transformed me without ever asking me to compromise who I am. It simultaneously inspires me to excel and grounds me in what is truly important. Theta sisterhood is having faith that someone will always be there to cheer me on whether I am facing life's challenges or celebrating a success.” - Carmela Chaney, Mechanical Engineering, 4th Year


Phi Mu Phi Mu Fraternity was founded in 1852 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Initially founded as the "Philomathean Society", Phi Mu's founders -Mary Dupont Lines, Mary Myrick Daniel, and Martha Hardaway Redding -formed the chapter as a literary society for women. As the second oldest Greek-letter sorority in the nation, Phi Mu has chartered over 247 chapters and continues to serve over 175,000 women. Phi Mu is a place where girls are able to become more well-rounded, learn from others, and be themselves. Phi Mu constantly does its best to foster a culture of acceptance and inclusion of our members and those outside of our chapter. We encourage each individual member to explore their individuality, while learning to respect and appreciate those who may be different than them. Phi Mu has no specific mold that you have to fit into, and this allows each sister to feel empowered and become the vibrant individual they want to be. We celebrate each other’s differences, championing one another to take leadership roles both within and outside of the chapter. While we all come from different backgrounds, the ties of sisterhood and our high ideals of “love, honor, truth” bond us together through our time in college and beyond. Phi Mu's national philanthropy is Children's Miracle Network, which allows us at Georgia Tech Phi Mu to directly serve Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Phi Mu has many opportunities to raise money for CHOA, such as our campus-wide Tea Party and strong participation in Georgia Tech's Dance Marathon, this year raising over $100,000 as a chapter. By being close to CHOA, sisters have the opportunity to participate in both hospital tours and hospital parties, allowing us to have a first-hand view of our philanthropy. In addition to contributing to our national philanthropy, sisters invest their time in other philanthropic passions, such as serving at The Atlanta Mission, participating in Alternative Service Breaks and Engineers without Borders, and volunteering their time at local hospitals.

Website: Facebook: Instagram: @gtphimu Tumblr: 40

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"When coming into college, I thought I had myself so figured out and that I knew exactly what I wanted. Phi Mu has shown me a whole new side of myself that I would not have discovered otherwise. The love I have for my chapter and the love I feel everyday when I come into our house allows me to be unapologetically who I am, and I could not be more thankful for that." - Sam Myers, Industrial Engineering, 2nd Year


"As an incoming freshman, I was so insistent against going through recruitment. Thankfully, my freshman roommate convinced me to sign up, and thanks to her, I became part of the most intelligent, strong, and resilient group of women I know." - Katie Pittelkow, Industrial Engineering, 5th Year

"The women of Phi Mu have helped my explore my own passions and also introduced new passions to me. Whether it’s getting some girls together for a game of intramural soccer, exploring Atlanta, or volunteering to help with kids at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, I can always find Phi Mus who are excited and driven. They push me to be a better version of myself, and they make me so incredibly proud to be a part of this chapter." - President Caroline Heller, Biomedical Engineering, 4th Year


Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha was established at Georgia Tech 34 years ago on the precept of devotion to the right, the good, and the true—which brought together our 9 original founders back in 1898. Here at Tech and around the country, Zeta sisters continually strive to intensify friendships, promote happiness, and live by our motto, “Seek the Noblest” in every aspect of our lives. ZTA is a bright, diverse group of women who support and respect each other. Within our chapter there is a variety of personalities and aspirations, yet we remain united with a common goal: to become noble women with love for each other and our community. We truly believe that love is the greatest of all things, and we strive to embody this in all we do.  Think Pink is the registered trademark of Zeta Tau Alpha’s national philanthropy, Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. Through local and national partnerships, campus and community initiatives, and the distribution of pink ribbons, our sisters are dedicated to raising awareness and supporting education on breast cancer. Each year we have 2 large fundraisers to raise money for the ZTA Foundation as well as hold many Think Pink events throughout October and our Think Pink week in April. By spreading the message of breast cancer education and awareness, ZTA sisters are determined to diminish this disease. Along with dedication to philanthropy, our members are also involved in a plethora of organizations across campus. This includes but is not limited to GT Athletics, For the Kids, Student Government Association, Kids at Kollege, and various Ambassador Programs. Through leadership, involvement, and service, we dedicate ourselves to causes we hold dear to our hearts, with the ultimate goal of bettering our community and ourselves.  

Website: Facebook: Tech Instagram: @gtzta Twitter: @ZTA_GeorgiaTech Tumblr: VSCO: gtzta


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"During the past four years, Zeta has impacted my college experience in a profound way, shaping me to become the woman I am. I am grateful to this organization that brought me women I will be friends with for a lifetime, a strong passion for service and outreach, and memories that I will cherish forever." - Claire Tacy, Business Administration, 4th Year


"'Zeta Love' means being honest with one another and holding each other to the standard of what it means to be noble women. Already, I have had experiences through ΖΤΑ that I would not have found in any other non- greek campus organization. Without Zeta Tau Alpha, I would not have found friendships that I know will last a lifetime, or the leadership potential this chapter provides." - Cara Doll, Psychology, 2nd Year "Throughout my week of recruitment, I found Zeta Tau Alpha to be a house filled with women who genuinely wanted to invest in my college experience, and I knew this chapter would push me in becoming a better woman. The moment I fell in love with Zeta Tau Alpha was when I was told that the last line in our creed states 'Love, the greatest of all things.' Love is such an important value in my life, it was an incredible feeling knowing that this chapter understands the power and strength love holds, and I could not have found a better home than this sorority.” - Gabi Morris, Biomedical Engineering, 2nd Year


Alpha Delta Chi The goals of Alpha Delta Chi are to provide spiritual, social, and scholastic support to our sisters across the nation. What was founded in 1925 on the campus of UCLA has developed into a nationwide sorority that has touched the lives of countless women on over 20 college campuses. We strive to strengthen the spiritual lives and testimonies of the members of the National Fraternity, resulting in service and outreach to others; to promote higher scholastic standards among the members of the National Fraternity; and to provide social fellowship among university students. The Georgia Tech chapter of Alpha Delta Chi is unique because of our strong dedication to not only our Christian faith, but also to our academics and personal and professional development. Our chapter is consistently recognized by our national organization for our outstanding academic performance and wide-reaching impact on campus. We believe that the foundation of sisterhood is community, and we strive to build that community through everything we do -- whether that’s late-night study rooms, date nights, long talks around the kitchen table, spontaneous adventures, movie nights, and more. Our sisters are different and unique in our interests and beliefs, but what grounds us and brings us together is our faith in and relationship with Jesus.  Our chapter philanthropy is Atlanta Mission, a local nonprofit dedicated to ending homelessness in Atlanta. Each sister participates in at least 1 hour of service to Atlanta Mission each semester, from fundraising for and running in their annual 5K, to helping out at their thrift store in Marietta, to serving at their shelters. Our sisters are also heavily involved in other areas of service both on campus and in the surrounding Atlanta community. With a diverse range of interests and talents, sisters are involved in several facets of campus life, from leadership organizations to campus ministries, research to creative outlets, service organizations to athletics, and so much more!

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"I was looking for a group of girls on campus to ground me and support me in a time full of change, and I've found it here every step of the way." - Esse Togbenou, Psychology, 2nd Year


“ADX is my family. They are there for me when I’m struggling or ridiculously happy. I know that I can count on at least one sister to be able to make time for me at any moment of the day.” - Amy McGaughey, International Affairs, 4th Year "My sisters never fail to challenge me in the best possible ways, from my faith to my leadership skills to my relationships, and so much more. I have grown so much over the past few years, and I owe so much of the woman I am today to the women who have stood by me." - Madison Kelley, International Affairs, 4th Year


Alpha Omega Epsilon Alpha Omega Epsilon was originally founded in 1983 to give women in engineering and science fields a sense of community and support in a maledominated industry. Alpha Omega Epsilon now has expanded its mission to promote and support all women passionate about the STEM field, regardless of her major. What began as a sense of hope in 27 founding members has rapidly grown into a international organization with 40 active chapters and over 6 thousand members in North America. In 2006, the Sigma chapter of A.O.E. was founded by 30 strong female engineers. In only our 12 short years on campus, our chapter has provided a home for over 200 sisters. The Founders decided on the motto “Friendship, Leadership, Professionalism” to embody all that the organization hopes to provide for its members. Our chapter size gives every woman the opportunity to create a personal connection with each sister in the organization. Our members work actively to provide a sense of community where women can grow as individuals and as well as future leaders in our fields. We host weekly TEDtalks, resume workshops, professional seminars, and info sessions with Alumnae in order to provide unique professional opportunities for our members. Active sisters and alumnae from the Sigma Chapters form a vast network in the workforce. We can be found at companies such as NASA, GE, GM, The Department of Defense,  Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Google, Jacobs, SpaceX, and ExxonMobil, just to name a few.  As much as we take pride in giving our sisters opportunities to grow, we also enjoy sharing our passion for STEM with the community. Members raise money and donate professional work attire to women in need through our Dress for Success philanthropy, and raise money for children interested robotics and STEM through our second philanthropy First Robotics. Sisters of Alpha Omega Epsilon are very active on Georgia Tech campus and within the Greek community. Sisters are involved in Relay for Life, Order of Omega, Greek Advance, Derby Days, Greek Week, the CPC executive board, Teaching Assistants, the Counseling Center, the Athletic Association, SWE mentoring programs and so much more. Alpha Omega Epsilon welcomes you to Georgia Tech and hopes you enjoy Recruitment. 

Website: Facebook: Instagram:@gtaoe Twitter: @AOE_Sigma_Chap 46

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"I have met my best friends though A.O.E. - women who have become my roommates, my support system, and my home away from home." - Grace Mulcahy, Materials Science Engineering & Aerospace Engineering, 4th Year


"ΑΩΕ gave me a great support network, not just on campus, but in the professional world. I had multiple internships with sisters from other chapters and alumni are always helping each other find new jobs." - Holly Parish, Computer Engineering, 2016 Graduate

"A.O.E. has been invaluable in improving both my general confidence and ability to network and interview comfortably and competently. I carry myself differently now directly as a result of our professional development programs and the opportunities I have had to learn from our alumni - many of who are now recruiters for major companies." - Maddy Shelton, Materials Science Engineering, 4th Year


Georgia Tech Collegiate Panhellenic Council - Ramblin' Recruitment Guide 2018-2019