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Interfraternity Council

Our Chapters Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi Chi Psi Delta Chi Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha Order Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi

Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Theta Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Psi Upsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi Theta Xi Triangle Zeta Beta Tau

Contact Us President - Jack Corelli 215-906-3544 president@ifc.greek.gatech.edu

VP of Recruitment - Graham Ely 484-683-1216 recruitmentvp@ifc.greek.gatech.edu

Staff Advisor - Dr. Jamison Keller 404-894-9192 jamison.keller@studentlife.gatech.edu

Table of Contents 3 Fraternities Today 3 About the Interfraternity Council 5 Rush Schedule 6 Finances 7 Before You Start School 8 Tips & IFC GPA Rankings 9 FAQs 10 Greek Sector Map 11+ Chapter Information

Fraternities Today Academics At Georgia Tech, the Greek Community consistently maintains a higher GPA than non-Greek undergraduates. Fraternities provide their members with programs such as study hours, major mentoring, and tutoring.

Costs New students are often worried about the monetary costs of a fraternity. This is something you should discuss with each fraternity individually. Many times it is possible that joining a fraternity can lower costs over the course of your college tenure.

Hazing Prevention


Athletics Fraternities compete against each other in fraternityonly leagues in intramural sports but also compete against other groups, particularly in playoffs. Most of the time, the competition is fierce, but more importantly, it is always fun and a great way to relieve stress.

Friendship College represents an opportunity to make friends that you will have for the rest of your life. Whether or not you join, the Georgia Tech IFC community offers you an awesome opportunity to make new friends, both freshmen and upperclassmen, through the experience of Rush Week


Every fraternity has outlawed hazing in any form. In the State of Georgia, hazing is a criminal offense. IFC and the Georgia Tech administration are unconditionally opposed to any situation created to produce mental and/or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule.

Fraternities offer both internal leadership opportunities because they themselves need strong leaders, but also external leadership opportunities. Greek men & women represent the vast majority of campus leadership positions. As such,Greek Life can sometimes be a springboard for other involvement opportunities on campus.


Social Responsibility

The fraternal values of our community lead us to many philanthropic and service endeavors within the Georgia Tech and Atlanta community. Fraternities provide a great outlet to continue or build a passion for serving others and making a difference in the world.

During the week of Rush, all fraternity houses and events are required to be free from any alcohol and IFC patrols each chapter to ensure compliance with this rule. If you do join, you can look forward to a rewarding social life integrated with the culture and traditions of the Institute. IFC fraternity parties are regulated by clear and reasonable policies that keep our community safe.

What is IFC? The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at Georgia Tech leads and directs the 32 member fraternities on campus. Each of the thirty-two chapters represented are members of the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), an national governing body. The Interfraternity Council promotes the interests of fraternities in general, and insures cooperation among the different fraternities on campus. The members of these 32 fraternities make up the IFC and represent the largest population of students within the Georgia Tech Greek Community by a substantial margin. These men come from all across the country and the globe to study at Georgia Tech, and have found the fraternity experience a welcome complement to their academics. For more information, please visit fraternity.gatech.edu!

What is Rush? Rush is a week-long opportunity to learn about the Georgia Tech community and meet many of your fellow Ramblin' Wrecks. You might already know you want to join a fraternity. You might have never even considered joining a fraternity, and that's OK. Rush begins with a kickoff event in Ferst Theater, after which you will have the opportunity to meet all of the chapters at a tabling event. After this, and for each night afterwards, you are free to walk around and visit each of the chapters individually. This is time for you to get to know the brothers of each chapter, and you are free to spend as much time as you like at each chapter location and visit as many chapters as you like. Most chapters will be serving dinner, and you can expect casual conversation and chapter-specific activities to give you a chance to meet the brothers and vice versa. Of course, with 32 chapters, there is a lot of variety in the Greek community at Georgia Tech. When you find a fraternity you like, and that fraternity likes you, you might receive a bid (an invitation to join their brotherhood).


Rush Schedule

August 16th 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Move in assistance from Fraternity members.

August 17th-18th 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Formal Recruitment

5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Rush Kickoff @ Ferst Center Theatre. Opportunity to meet all the chapters in one location before formal recruitment. 7:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Formal Recruitment (Rush) begins

August 19th-21st 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Formal Recruitment (abridged for school nights)

August 22nd Greek Peer Education*, evening (time TBD)

August 23rd Run for the Roses*, evening (time TBD)


*Events for those who join a fraternity

Finances Fraternity Georgia Tech Cost Housing (Semesterly)



Meal Plan



Meals per week



Average cost per meal









This table is an average breakdown of Georgia Tech cost versus of a fraternity student in their second year and beyond. As you can tell, on average, fraternity members' cost are on par with Georgia Tech's while enjoying the benefits of a fraternity lifestyle.

Savings of: $800 over the course of a semester $4000 over the course of 3 years Please remember that this table only shows averages. Individual chapter prices may be higher or lower than listed. On average, the first year cost of joining a fraternity is higher than the costs listed above. Fraternity averages are accurate as of the self-reported information from the 2017 annual report.


Before You Start School Recruitment Events If you are in or near the Atlanta area this summer, you may be invited to formal recruitment events by fraternities. This is a great way to get a head start on Rush Week and start getting to know some fraternity men. We encourage all potential new members to meet multiple fraternities before making a final decision. Please note that it is strictly against IFC bylaws for these events to have alcohol or illegal substances in any way.

IFC @ FASET You can meet IFC and learn more about us, and all of Georgia Tech Greek Life, at FASET Orientation. Come to our "Fraternity & Sorority Life" breakout session to learn more background information and helpful statistics. You will hear about GT Greek Life right from the source! Also, please visit our tables at the involvement fair and during class registration. This will give you the chance to meet us on a more individual basis and ask us more specific questions.

Required Registration You are required to register for Rush Week online at fraternity.gatech.edu. It is completely free and it can only help you by giving fraternities a way to learn more about you and potentially contact you. There is no obligation to participate after you have registered, but is a great way to get information and updates about the process.


Tips for Rush Week

IFC GPA Rankings

1. Keep an open mind. Many people end up joining a fraternity when they did not plan on it before they came to college. Rush is a great opportunity to see if joining a fraternity is a good fit for you.

1 Alpha Sigma Phi 2 Sigma Chi 3 Triangle 4 Sigma Phi Epsilon 5 Delta Chi 6 Theta Xi 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 7 Beta Theta Pi 9 Delta Sigma Phi 10 Phi Gamma Delta 11 Phi Kappa Psi 11 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 13 Phi Sigma Kappa 13 Pi Kappa Phi 15 Kappa Sigma 15 Phi Kappa Theta 17 Sigma Nu 18 Kappa Alpha 19 Tau Kappa Epsilon 20 Chi Psi 20 Delta Upsilon 22 Phi Delta Theta 23 Delta Tau Delta 23 Phi Kappa Sigma 25 Chi Phi 25 Psi Upsilon 27 Lambda Chi Alpha 28 Theta Chi 29 Alpha Tau Omega 30 Pi Kappa Alpha 31 Zeta Beta Tau 32 Phi Kappa Tau

2. Be yourself. Each fraternity wants to get to know the real you. Don't feel overwhelmed if they ask you a lot of questions. They want to get to know you as much as you want to get to know them. 3. Do your homework. Check out fraternity.gatech.edu, this Guide, & individual chapter websites. Being prepared for Rush will help you get the most out of the week. 4. Don't get discouraged. There are 32 IFC fraternity chapters. If you haven't found one that you like, keep looking. You do not have to make a decision this week or even this semester. 5. Use the narrow-down approach. First, select 10-15 chapters through research & the Kickoff tabling event. Then, visit between 5-10 chapters during the first two days of rush. In days three and four, invest more time with the ones you really connect with. This will help you narrow down your choices for the last few nights of rush.

Non-Greek Men's Average GPA

Interfraternity Council Average GPA




Frequently Asked Questions How does the bid process work?

What if I don't have time?

A bid is an official invitation to join a fraternity as an associate member. A fraternity can give a bid at any time of the year according to their policy. Chapters will generally give a bid if they feel you could be a good fit for their organization. You may receive bids from many fraternities and then decide where you fit best. Do not feel pressured into accepting the first bid you receive! You don't have to accept a bid if you don't feel a particular fraternity is right for you, and you do not need to accept a bid right away (even if you plan on accepting later).

While you are expected to become involved and participate in events with the fraternity, they realize that you are also adjusting to college life. If anything, a fraternity will help teach you valuable time management and study skills to adjust to life at Tech. Fraternity members can offer you help with your classes and will make sure you are studying to get the grades equivalent to your abilities. After investing time and effort into you as a new member, the fraternity is committed to helping you succeed.

Do I have to become a brother if I accept a bid?


What if I can't afford it?

No! The new member process is a time for you to get to know a fraternity and for them to get to know you more. Both have options of ending the new member period at any time if the fit is no longer working out. New member periods vary in length, but are generally two to three months long. During that time, you will learn the history of the fraternity, bond with the brothers and other new members, and participate in service projects, intramurals, socials, date nights, mixers, and other aspects of fraternity life.

It is important for you to make sure you can fulfill the financial obligations of new member process and being a member, However, being in a fraternity is usually cheaper than living on campus after your first year. (Information regarding finances can be found on page 4). Chapter Presidents and treasurers are also generally willing to work out payment options for members. Talk to the fraternities you are interested in about how their dues work and how it can work into your budget.

Will I get hazed?

What should I wear to rush?

No! If a fraternity new member process involves hazing, chapters face serious consequences for hazing new members or brothers. IFC and Georgia Tech Administration have developed strict guidelines to make sure new member process is as safe as possible.

Rush is very informal, so wear whatever you feel comfortable with. Most chapters will be dressed in business casual—a collared shirt and khakis— but you aren't expected to wear anything in particular.

1. Pi Kappa Alpha 2. Pi Kappa Phi 3. Phi Kappa Theta 4. Sigma Phi Epsilon 5. Phi Gamma Delta 6. Kappa Sigma 7. Zeta Beta Tau 8. Theta Chi 9. Psi Upsilon 10. Phi Sigma Kappa

11. Tau Kappa Epsilon 12. Alpha Sigma Phi 13. Delta Chi 14. Delta Upsilon 15. Kappa Alpha 16. Lambda Chi Alpha 17. Phi Kappa Sigma 18. Theta Xi 19. Sigma Chi 20. Delta Sigma Phi

21. Phi Kappa Tau 22. Alpha Tau Omega 23. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 24. Delta Tau Delta 25. Beta Theta Pi 26. Sigma Nu 27. Phi Delta Theta 28. Chi Phi 29. Alpha Epsilon Pi 30. Chi Psi


ΑΕΠ Alpha Epsilon Pi (A. E. Pi) www.aepizeta.com; 714 Techwood Drive President Zach Getty; zagetty@gmail.com; (404) 313-7212 Rush Chair Josh Rubin; rubinjoshua4@gmail.com; (571) 449-1176 Motto Opportunities for Jewish Men Seeking College Experiences Chapter Zeta, est. 1920 Philanthropy AEPi raised over $400 through our annual event Paws for a Cause in support of FurKids animal shelter. Brothers also raised over $5,400 to shave their heads in support of St. Baldrick’s Foundation for childhood cancer research. Accomplishments & Awards -New House Opening August 2018 -Top 10 IFC GPA -Top 10 IFC Greek Week About our Brotherhood With a brand-new house at the corner of Bobby Dodd and Techwood, the brothers of Zeta Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi at Georgia Tech are excited to grow as a brotherhood. While Georgia Tech can be tough, an unconditional support network lifelong friends can make graduating from one of the nation’s most rigorous schools a truly rewarding experience. AEPi at Georgia Tech brings together Jewish men from very diverse backgrounds, and instills principles such as mutual helpfulness, honesty, and perseverance in its brothers from Day One. Upon “getting out” of Georgia Tech, the bonds built in AEPi Zeta will last well into adulthood and the memories made while an undergraduate will last a lifetime.


ΑΣΦ Alpha Sigma Phi (Alpha Sig) gatech.alphasigmaphi.org, 171 5th Street President Zach Hess; gtalphasigpresident@gmail.com Rush Chair Kristof Kovacs; gtalphasigrecruitment@gmail.com Motto To Better the Man Chapter Zeta Eta, est. 2012

Philanthropy We participate in numerous service events such as Tech Beautification Day, Trees Atlanta, Team Buzz, and many more! We proudly support our philanthropic partners, RAINN and the Humane Society. Last year, Alpha Sigma Phi contributed 1997 hours of service and raised $1883 for philanthropy. Accomplishments & Awards -Won the Grand Senior Presidential Trophy in 2016 for being the best Alpha Sigma Phi Chapter Nationally -Since our founding in 2012, we have consistently been top 5 in fraternity GPA and top 3 for 8 semesters. (Out of 32 IFC fraternities) The average Alpha Sig starting salary is $20,000 above campus average About our Brotherhood Named Best Chapter in the nation! We have consistently had one of the best GPA's on campus since our founding in 2012. A powerful alumni network (Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Facebook, CapitalOne, Deloitte) helps our brothers find great employment after college. A full social calendar including mixers, date nights, and parties helps our brothers network every semester. We also hold philanthropic and service events to benefit our partners. On top of all this we are involved in the Mental Health Student Coalition, RHA, FAB, Honors Program, Investments Committee, and more. You are sure to find an Alpha Sig anywhere on campus!


ΑΤΩ Alpha Tau Omega (A. T. O.)


www.gtato.org, 205 4th Street President Andrew Jacon; andrewjacon15@gmail.com Rush Chair Mike Eberle; mike.eberle26@gmail.com; 770-289-5690 Motto Love and Respect Chapter Beta Iota, est. 1888 Philanthropy "We raise over a thousand dollars every semester that we donate to CURE, an organization that funds research to cure childhood cancer. This organization is especially important to us because it was founded by one of our alumni. We raise money for CURE by hosting Battle of the Bands in the Fall semester and 3 Points for CURE in the Spring semester. For Battle of the Bands, we have local bands come and play in our front yard one night while we enjoy their music, have a good time, and ultimately crown a winning band. 3 Points for CURE is an NBA style three point competition that we host at the basketball court in our backyard. Accomplishments & Awards -2017 schoolwide intramural soccer champions -4th in campus leadership -IFC Top 5 Best Fraternity Overall 2015 About our Brotherhood Chartered in 1888, our chapter has played an intricate role in the operations and development of Georgia Tech. Being the first fraternity on campus, ATΩ prides itself on its high standards of achievement and campus involvement. We hold leadership positions on IFC, GT Ambassadors, ROTC, Career Fair, SGA and more. ATΩ's philosophy is to produce great leaders with strong character, while also providing a well-balanced college experience. Our house focuses on academics, intramurals, campus leadership, and social events, and we continue to rank among the top in all of these categories. ATΩ constantly looks for the best and brightest. Our fraternity considers itself to be unlike any other on campus. With such a diversity, our brothers hail from all over the nation and the world. Each person brings their own unique perspectives and ideas, broadening each other’s views of the world and challenging each other to be better. The bonds as brothers made here outlast the college career. Socially, we strive to be one of the most involved on campus with plenty of planned events such as multiple date nights, mixers with sororities, themed and band parties, a weekend in the mountains, our formal event, as well as other social functions.


Beta Theta Pi (Beta) www.gtbeta.org, 764 Fowler Street President Nick Sherrard; president@gtbeta.org; 440-799-2706 Rush Chair Grant Lancaster; grant.lancaster@gtbeta.org; 770-241-1681 Motto Learn to Lead Chapter Gamma Eta, est. 1916 Philanthropy Each brother completes at least 15 hours of community service each semester through our local partners such as Trees Atlanta. We also sponsor a section of the Beltline. Accomplishments & Awards -Won 30 of last 41 Dean Dull awards -Won the top two awards from the national fraternity within the past year -Won last 3 Mini 500 homecoming races About our Brotherhood Founded a century ago, Beta is dedicated to making good men better. We take pride in recruiting members who will be leaders of the community, dedicated scholars, athletes, and well-rounded contributors to Tech. It is our goal that over the course of a member's time here, he will advance his professional, social, and academic capabilities. We are proud of our heritage and seek new brothers who will live out their values while enjoying everything college has to offer.


ΧΌ Chi Phi gtchiphi.org, 720 Fowler Street President Dom D'Amico; damicod2015@gmail.com Rush Chair Shresttha Dubey; devdubey88@gmail.com Motto Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity Chapter Omega, est. 1904 Philanthropy Towards the end of the spring semester we hosted an event at our house: Comedy for Kids. We sold tickets so that people could come to our house and enjoy listening to some local Atlanta comedians. We also regularly volunteer at PAWS Atlanta and City of Refuge and we are hoping to launch a new event in the fall: Chi Factor. Accomplishments & Awards Men's Soccer Champions - Fraternity Conference 2018 About our Brotherhood We are diverse group of motivated young men who are focused on making sure our brothers are the best version of themselves. We are very involved on campus with many of our brothers involved in programs such as FASET, Wreck Camp, and Alternative Service Breaks. We also like to stay involved in the community and regularly volunteer with organizations in the metro Atlanta area. We also have many brothers who play intramural sports such as socer, basketball, and dodgeball.


ΧΨ Chi Psi gtchipsi.org, 150 4th Street President Drew Teachout; gtchipsi.president@gmail.com; 4047025238 Rush Chair Pavan Bharadwaj; gtchipsi.rush@gmail.com; 6789073360 Motto A Family of Gentlemen in Pursuit of Excellence Chapter Iota Delta, est. 1924 Philanthropy Our Alpha holds an annual Unlimited Cookies, Ice Cream, and Hot Chocolate event, as well as a Dessert Duel in order to raise money for the Atlanta Community Food Bank. We also hold an annual Toys for Tots Drive during the holiday season. Accomplishments & Awards -Finalist for the Founders Trophy (National Chi Psi Award given to the most improved Alpha) -Financial Excellence Award -Finalist for the Goodbody Award (National Chi Psi Award for Academic Excellence, and use of the Educational Trust) About our Brotherhood Since our founding in Georgia Tech 95 years ago, Chi Psi has been a diverse family that has our roots in friendship and the personal betterment of each man in our brotherhood. Whether the support comes from helping fellow brothers develop skills to get jobs in Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, or cheering on our peers in autocross, our brotherhood wants to support our members in every facet of their lives, even if their passions defy the Greek stereotype.


ΔΧ Delta Chi www.gtdeltachi.com, 170 5th Street President Chris Draper; Chrisd9809@gmail.com Rush Chair Vishesh Ramesh; vishesh.ramesh@gmail.com; 203-979-6169 Motto The Brotherhood of a Lifetime Chapter Georgia Tech, est. 1991 Philanthropy In 2017, our chapter raised over $4,000, half from our annual Pig Roast and Casino Night events, in support of the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Additionally we volunteered over 350 hours on campus and for a local homeless shelter, in addition to service weekends outside Atlanta. Accomplishments & Awards -Homecoming Champions 2017 -Interfraternal Academic Excellence Award 2018 -Twenty Time Best Delta Chi Chapter in North America (1993-2017) About our Brotherhood The bond of Delta Chi represents a unified brotherhood of diverse individuals. Each brother brings a new perspective to the chapter and to the Georgia Tech community. Delta Chi promotes personal growth and leadership development in each of its members, while simultaneously encouraging its brothers and associates to serve the campus and greater community today as a student and tomorrow wherever our brothers may find themselves. Life at Georgia Tech can however get stressful, and in response all brothers of Delta Chi strive to be personal resources in each other’s lives. A close bond between brothers is promoted by semiannual brotherhood retreat, monthly brotherhood outings, and a constant presence at the house.



Delta Sigma Phi (Delta Sig) www.godeltasig.com, 165 4th Street President Kyle Zeitler; kzite29@gmail.com Rush Chair Adam Hayward; achayward1@gmail.com; 603-247-8988 Motto Better Men, Better Lives Chapter Alpha Gamma, est. 1920 Philanthropy Each semester, we host a campus-wide blood drive for our national philanthropy, the American Red Cross. As a chapter, we strive to reach 500 hours of community service per semester, and last fall we raised nearly $3,000 for Hurricane Irma relief in Puerto Rico. Accomplishments & Awards -New house opening Fall 2018" About our Brotherhood Founded in 1899, Delta Sigma Phi boasts over one hundred chapters across the US, and our Alpha Gamma chapter is a proud representative. Our values as a chapter are encompassed by our motto, "Better Men, Better Lives", as we aim to develop our brothers socially and professionally into more well-rounded men. We place a strong emphasis on having a tightly knit brotherhood, and we take pride in cultural diversity and a balanced approach to the collegiate experience. If you are looking for a close brotherhood, getting involved across campus, and balancing this all with a strong social experience, we encourage you to stop by!


ΔΤΔ Delta Tau Delta (Delt) www.gatech.deltsconnect.org, 227 4th Street President Godwin Chan; president.gtdelt@gmail.com; 404-655-2747 Rush Chair Tyler Curl; rush.gtdelt@gmail.com; 678-451-4762 Motto Committed to Lives of Excellence Chapter Gamma Psi, est. 1921 Philanthropy "Nationally, we support JDRF's diabetes research and partner with College Diabetes Network. We host an annual American Heroes Week benefiting the Wounded Warriors Project. We raised the most money for Alpha Phi's King of Hearts two years in a row. We participate in service projects and philanthropy mixers with sororities." Accomplishments & Awards -2018 Award for Chapter Growth from Delta Tau Delta Nationals -2018 Winner of Alpha Omicron Pi's Kickball Tournament at Georgia State -Fall 2017 Intramural Cornhole Champions About our Brotherhood Delta Tau Delta’s motto is “Lives of Excellence”. This means that as Delts we strive for excellence in every aspect of life, be it school, career, social relationships, leadership, or philanthropy. Our chapter has an exceptionally strong sense of loyalty and brotherhood, transforming the traditional fraternity experience into a connection that will last a lifetime. Our brothers take pride in active campus involvement and leadership. We have many of the school’s most successful alumni, all of whom love to give back to Georgia Tech and the brothers of our chapter. We utilize our connections to prestigious companies and graduate schools all across the country to achieve excellence during our college years and beyond.



Delta Upsilon (D.U.) gtdu.org, 154 5th Street President Hal Jarrett; president@gtdu.org; (678) 773-4859 Rush Chair Priyesh Shah; recruitment@gtdu.org; (678) 458-0793 Motto Building Better Men Chapter Georgia Tech, est. 1957 Philanthropy Our brothers have raised over $70,000 in the past three years for the St. Baldrick's Foundation to support childhood cancer. We also have strong ties with Trees Atlanta, DKMS (Delete Blood Cancer), and TEAM Buzz. Accomplishments & Awards -Greek Week 2015 & 2017 Winner -Greek TUG 2014–2018 Winner -IFC St. Baldrick's Competition 2015–2018 Winner About our Brotherhood We pride ourselves in our founding principles of non-secrecy and non-hazing. Along with each brother's heavy involvement in campus life, we as a fraternity also participate in school-wide events and traditions. We have a strong focus on academics and diversity, and an all-encompassing priority on the betterment of each brother.


KA Kappa Alpha Order (K.A.) www.fraternity.gatech.edu/?q=node/34, 801 Techwood Drive President Rush Chair Motto Building Men Into Strong Leaders for Tomorrow Chapter Alpha Sigma, est. 1899 Philanthropy Raised over $8500 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, our national philanthropy. Accomplishments & Awards -National Fraternity's Outstanding Scholastic Excellence Award -Samuel Zenas Award for Chapter Excellence About our Brotherhood The Alpha Sigma chapter of Kappa Alpha Order was established at Georgia Tech in 1899. KA seeks to create a lifetime experience with a focus on excellence, service, leadership, reverence, and gentility. We are very proud of our strong brotherhood, and strive to excel in academics, athletics, philanthropy, and campus involvement. Our social calendar consists of a variety of events, including band parties and date nights, as well as our annual Cowboy Ball, as well as our winter and spring formal celebrations. Nowhere else on Georgia Tech’s campus will you find an establishment with more heritage and circumstance; if tradition interests you, then you’ve certainly come to the right place.



Kappa Sigma (Kappa Sig) gtkappasig.com, 182 6th Street President Will Scott; wwscottiii@gmail.com; 912-506-3513 Rush Chair Nick Worthington; nworthington16@gmail.com; 443-928-4140 Motto Not for a day, or an hour, or a college term only, but for life. Chapter Alpha Tau, est. 1895 Philanthropy This year, our annual Coffee House raised more than $1500 for the Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign. We also had our strongest participation ever in the yearly St. Baldrick’s fundraiser for childhood cancer research, with our brothers raising more than $4000 for the cause. Accomplishments & Awards - Top 10 in 2017 Dean Dull Award for best overall fraternity - 2017 Most Improved GPA in IFC - 2017 Southern Stalwart Cup for Best Kappa Sigma chapter in Georgia and Alabama About our Brotherhood At Kappa Sigma, our brotherhood is based upon four pillars: Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. We take pride in forming bonds that last a lifetime. Having been on campus since 1895, we have become a staple of Georgia Tech’s Greek Life through continued academic success, philanthropy, and campus involvement. Our brothers are FASET Leaders, GT Tour Guides, and representatives in Student Government, just to name a few. Kappa Sigma is the longest continually active fraternity on Georgia Tech’s campus, and our brothers uphold over 120 years worth of traditions.


ΛΧΑ Lambda Chi Alpha (Lambda Chi) www.gtlambdachi.org, 792 Techwood Drive President Rush Chair Motto A Lifetime of True Brotherhood Chapter Beta Kappa Zeta, est. 1942 Philanthropy Over $13,000 raised through St. Baldrick's Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research Over 1,000 community service hours last semester Accomplishments & Awards -IFC Academic Excellence -Top 3 Homecoming Pomps -Top 3 2017 Intramurals About our Brotherhood Lambda Chi Alpha continues to uphold its reputation as one of the largest, most involved, and most diverse fraternities on Georgia Tech's campus. We take pride in our athletics, with brothers competing in numerous intramural and club sports. While heavily involved with on-campus organization, we take academics very seriously and use the ABAS program to aid our members in their studies. Yearly, we support our national philanthropy, the North American Food Drive, as well as the St. Baldrick's Foundation. Our social calendar is one of the most noteworthy on campus, including our annual "Pumpkin Bust," our week-long party "Magic Carpet Ride," and various mixers, date nights, formals, and band/dj parties throughout the semester.


ΦΔΘ Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt) facebook.com/gtphideltatheta, 734 Fowler Street President Rush Chair Motto Be the Best Version of Yourself Chapter Georgia Delta, est. 1902 Philanthropy Phi Delta Theta supports ALS as its national philanthropy. In 2015, Phi Delt raised over $10,000 to put towards finding a cure for ALS. Accomplishments & Awards -Alumnus inducted into Greek Hall of Fame each year since its inception -National Fraternity's Ritual & Scholarship Award in 2017 About our Brotherhood Installed at Georgia Tech on June 11th, 1902, Phi Delta Theta is a brotherhood with emphasis on friendship, sound learning and moral rectitude.


ΦΓΔ Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) www.gtfiji.com, 841 Fowler Street President Rush Chair Motto Gentlemen of Quality Chapter Gamma Tau, est. 1926 Philanthropy Raised $15,000 for St. Baldrick's Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research in 2017. Also raised $10,000 for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta in 2017. Accomplishments & Awards -2015 Cheney Cup for Most Excellent Fiji Chapter Nationally -2017 Dean Dull award, winning 5 out of the 7 from 2010 to 2017 -2015 & 2016 Intramurals Award winning chapter About our Brotherhood The Gamma Tau Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, founded in 1926, is based on the values of Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality and Excellence. The brothers of Phi Gam are held to the highest of standards and serve as leaders across campus. Along with leadership, Gamma Tau maintains outstanding philanthropy, athletics, and brotherhood.


ΦΚΨ Phi Kappa Psi (Phi Psi)

www.gtphipsi.org President Rush Chair Motto Live Ever, Die Never! Chapter Georgia Beta, est. 2000 Philanthropy Currently, we have many off campus involvements such as "Trees Atlanta," "Books for Africa," & "Adopt for a Day." Accomplishments & Awards -2017's "Most Diverse Fraternity" About our Brotherhood "The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity is a private association of educated men who endeavor to live honorably and humanely. Its Brotherhood is open to men of character, but especially those gentlemen who feel an affinity with one another and in the pursuit of excellence. Although Brothers in Phi Kappa Psi may differ in their backgrounds and beliefs, they are united in their dedication to the highest standards of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual integrity. Phi Kappa Psi encourages its Brothers to express the true measure of their abilities through the great joy of serving others. "


ΦΚΣ Phi Kappa Sigma (Skullhouse) gtskulls.org, 783 Techwood Drive President Eddie Cochell; alpha@gtskulls.org; 704-641-5509 Rush Chair Satchel Holmes - Williams; sthw3@gatech.edu; 912-272-8703 Motto Brotherhood is More than Skin Deep Chapter Alpha Nu, est. 1904 Philanthropy Serving our community is what makes us Men of Honor. During the 2017-2018 school year, every brother contributed at least 18 service hours. In addition, our chapter held eight events that benefited the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, raising over $4,000 for the organization. Accomplishments & Awards - Placed 6th in Greek Week - Spring 2018 - #3 Overall GPA & #1 New Member GPA among Fraternities - Fall 2017 - Phi Kappa Sigma Most Improved Chapter Award - Fall 2017 About our Brotherhood Phi Kappa Sigma is the Breakfast Club of Fraternities on Georgia Tech's Campus. Our brothers come in different flavors, molds, and have different motives and goals. Despite these variations, we all strive to be Men of Honor, guided by seven core values. We seek to nourish and water our brothers like delicate plants to build them into people in which THEY can thrive. Phi Kappa Sigma's power lies in its ability to cultivate an environment of love, brotherhood, fun, service and respect that brings together even the most opposite of individuals. Young men walk into our doors with baggage and struggles but leave with light loads and hearts filled with a sense of unity and brotherhood.


ΦΚΤ Phi Kappa Tau (Phi Tau) www.pikapp.net, 220 Ferst Drive President Cameron McIntosh; cmcintosh33@gatech.edu; (404)-220-9244 Rush Chair Walker Smith; wsmith330@gatech.edu; (229) 325-4793 Motto Developing Men of Character into Men of Distinction Chapter Georgia Tech Colony, est. 2017 Philanthropy Accomplishments & Awards About our Brotherhood Established last fall, Phi Kappa Tau is the newest addition to Georgia Tech's Greek community. This being the case, the Alpha Rho colony presents the opportunity to form a unique identity and to build something that will last far beyond your time at Tech. Backing this up is one of the largest alumni bases on campus, with over 1,000 alumni in the Atlanta area alone. Our goal, as stated in our motto, is "Developing Men of Character to Men of Distinction." The Alpha Rho Colony is currently set up to quickly become one of the top chapters in the nation. All we need is you. For more information, visit www.phikappatau.org. For information about recruitment and our Rush schedule, please contact one of our members listed below.


ΦΚΘ Phi Kappa Theta (Phi Kap) www.gtpkt.org, 800 Fowler Street President Bradley Argauer; president@gtpkt.org; (443) 745-3546 Rush Chair Rohan Mathew; rush@gtpkt.org; 804-873-7951 Motto Give, expecting nothing thereof Chapter Gamma Tau, est. 1969 Philanthropy Our chapter actively fund raises for the Children's Miracle Network of Atlanta, Phi Kappa Theta's national philanthropy Accomplishments & Awards -Founder cup 2013 -Founders cup 2014 About our Brotherhood A very important word that I feel like has been thrown around in a lot of fraternities is diversity. Given how powerful the word is, it really isn't that surprising a lot of organizations use it, but Phi Kappa Theta is genuinely embodying it in a lot of ways. Greek organizations tend to attract members by having a sort of homogenous group of people that can be very desirable to befriend due to common interest. Phi Kapp does maintain this to a certain level, but where it really shines is by how many different perspectives each brother brings to whole chapter. The brothers span across different cultural, racial, and sexual identities encompassing many different interests/hobbies allowing for new members to find a place very easily. From personal experience as an LGBTQIA+ member, I have never found a greek organization so supportive of who I am, and it was even better to learn that it was a similar experience for a lot of the other brothers. Every moment feels like there is something new to explore, and there isn't dull moments around with the brothers.


ΦΣΚ Phi Sigma Kappa (Phi Sig) www.gtpsk.org, 825 Techwood Drive President Preben Are; psk.kd.are@gmail.com; 770-689-9549 Rush Chair Mark Frank; psk.kd.frank@gmail.com; 630-940-7384 Motto Do Unto Other As You Would Have Them Do Unto You Chapter Kappa Deuteron, est. 1923 Philanthropy We host events throughout the year benefiting our national philanthropy partner, Special Olympics. Brothers are also involved with Campus Kitchens, Trees Atlanta, and the Humane Society of Atlanta. Accomplishments & Awards -National Chapter's Chapter of Honor Award (2017) -Special Achievement Award for Campus Involvment -Community Involvement, and Technology (2017) -2nd in Greek Week and Homecoming (2017) About our Brotherhood We are a diverse group of men striving to fulfill our cardinal principles of brotherhood, scholarship, and character. We have made great strides over the past decade, and recently won our National Fraternity's Outstanding Chapter award (2016). Brothers are active on campus, with involvements in New Student and Transition programs, Alternative Service Breaks, the Interfraternity Council, honors societies, research, and more. We have an active alumni base as well, including former Coca-Cola CEO John Brock.



Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) www.gtpikes.org, 260 Ferst Drive President Rush Chair Motto Chapter Scholars. Leaders. Athletes. Gentlemen. Philanthropy The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity supports a number of philanthropies such as Wounded Warriors, Cycle for Life, Relay for Life, and local firemen. In our annual Firetruck Pull, the chapter raised over $2,000 for the local fire station. In our annual Fireman's Challenge Sorority Competition, we raised over $2,500 for the local fire station. For our annual Cycle for Life, the chapter raised over $3,000 for blood cancer research. As a chapter, we completed over 800 hours of community service a semester at pet shelters, soup kitchens, community cleanup projects. Accomplishments & Awards Pi Kappa Alpha National Fraternity Scholarship Award - 2015 Whiffleball Fraternity Champions - 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011 Top 3 in IFC Intramurals - 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 About our Brotherhood Currently the largest international fraternity, PIKE was founded in 1868 on the premise of recruiting Scholar, Leaders, Athletes, & Gentlemen. Each brother seeks to excel in every aspect of his life, whether it be work, on the field, or in the classroom. Brother are very involved on campus, holding exec positions in organizations such as Order of Omega, Consult your Community, & Habitat for Humanity, in addition to having one member with Mr. GT in 2014.


ΠΚΦ Pi Kappa Phi (Pi Kapp) www.pikapp.net, 220 Ferst Drive President Vishnu Rajendran; president@pikapp.net Rush Chair Ryan Trickett; vicepresident@pikapp.net; 440-539-4199 Motto Men of Class Chapter Iota, est. 1913 Philanthropy Pi Kappa Phi seeks to better the lives of people with disabilities. Our chapter contributes to this vision by holding philanthropy events on campus and by volunteering at camps held for people with disabilities. We also had 3 brothers raise a collective $16,500 and participate in a crosscountry bike ride to raise awareness. Accomplishments & Awards -National Fraternity's Champion Master Chapter Award 2017 -Brothers winning the Capstone Design Expo for best in both ME and MSE. -Consistently ranked among the best intramural teams with recent school championships in indoor soccer, sand volleyball, and CoRec sand/indoor volleyball About our Brotherhood The Iota Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi is a diverse and engaging brotherhood, bound together by our common pursuit of academic achievement and campus leadership. The influence of Pi Kappa Phi brothers is widespread, with many brothers active in GT Athletics, New Student & Transition Programs, The Student Government, Research, and many other organizations.



Psi Upsilon (Psi U.) www.psiugt.org, 831 Techwood Drive President Caitlin Bowles; president@gtpsiu.org Rush Chair Bayne Grubb; nicholasgrubb@gmail.com; 706-255-6301 Motto Unto us has befallen a mighty friendship Chapter Gamma Tau, est. 1970 Philanthropy Our chapter raised $3000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for the annual Out of the Darkness walk and 346 hours of service for the 2017-2018 school year. Accomplishments & Awards -Garnet and Gold award of Academic Excellence at 170th Convention -Psi Upsilon Award of Academic Distinction About our Brotherhood Psi U is truly a place to call home. As Georgia Tech's only co-ed social fraternity, we are a truly unique institution on campus that welcomes brothers of all genders. Come by Psi U to find a group as dedicated to individuality as they are to brotherhood.



Sigma Alpha Epsilon (S.A.E.) www.facebook.com/Georgia.Tech.SAE, 221 4th Street President Thomas Jahde; tjahde@gmail.com; 303-818-8053 Rush Chair Isaac Weeks; isaacweeks46@gmail.com; 706-473-0518 Motto The True Gentleman Chapter Georgia Phi, est. 1890 Philanthropy Our chapter raised over $8,000 this year for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta through Dance Marathon, our annual Golf and Poker Tournaments, and a Philanthropy Casino Night. In addition, SAE brothers contributed over 1,600 hours in volunteer work. Accomplishments & Awards "2018 Fraternity League Champions in Basketball and Kickball Top 11 IFC GPA National Fraternity's Chapter Achievement Award for Excellence 2015-16" About our Brotherhood Men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon come from all walks of life. We vary by backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. However, central to all our values is ""The True Gentleman"", our creed, which inspires us to help our community and humble ourselves before each other every single day. We focus on our members being well-rounded, from scholarship, where our chapter GPA is top 11 in IFC at a 3.41, to philanthropy, where our brothers help raise thousands of dollars for charity, to socially, where we plan formals and events in places like Gulf Shores, Savannah, and New Orleans. “The True Gentleman” inspires us to be the best version of ourselves and our members truly strive toward that every day.


ΣΧ Sigma Chi www.georgiatechsigmachi.org, 770 Techwood Drive President Hunter Podlin ; hunterhpodlin@gmail.com ; (912) 230-4435 Rush Chair Andrew Duncan ; awduncan29@gmail.com ; (404) 754-6145 Mike Saia ; michaelsaia97@gmail.com ; (731) 217-6885 Motto Cultivate the Ideals of Friendship, Justice, & Learning Chapter Beta Psi, est. 1922 Philanthropy Sigma Chi proudly supports the Huntsman Cancer Foundation in its goal for our generation to be the generation that ends cancer. Over the past year, we doubled our fundraising efforts from the previous year to raise over $17,000. Each brother participated in at least one fundraising event and raised anywhere from $50 to $1,225. Accomplishments & Awards - #1 GPA of All Greek Organizations (Fall 2017) - Intramural Flag Football Champions (Fall 2017) - J. Dwight Peterson Significant Chapter Blue Award (2017) - Intramural 3v3 Basketball Champions (Spring 2018) About our Brotherhood The Beta Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi focuses on recruiting the most outstanding leaders, scholars, athletes, and well-rounded men to continue its long-standing tradition of excellence on Georgia Tech’s campus. For men who meet these standards, Sigma Chi offers them the opportunity to become a part of something bigger than themselves. The core values of Sigma Chi are Friendship, Justice, and Learning. The brothers of Sigma Chi strive to exemplify these values by maintaining a high standard of academic excellence while being leaders not only on campus but also throughout all aspects of life.


ΣΝ Sigma Nu gtsigmanu.com, 750 Fowler Street President James Blyth; president@gtsigmanu.com Rush Chair Ryan Ciez & Ben Cook; rush@gtsigmanu.com; 404-993-1090 Motto To Believe in the Life of Love and to Walk in the Way of Honor Chapter Gamma Alpha, est. 1896 Philanthropy Our brothers partake in a variety of community service and philanthropic endeavors. Every summer, we volunteer at the Lake Lanier Poker Run, which raises upwards of $500K for Camp Sunshine. Our other efforts include Georgia Tech Campus Beautification, Georgia Steeplechase, Trees Atlanta and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Accomplishments & Awards -Rock Chapter Awarded by Sigma Nu Nationals (2016, awarded every 2 years) -Men's Fraternity League Basketball Runner-Up (2018) -Largest Pool on Campus (2018) About our Brotherhood Founded in 1896, the Gamma Alpha Chapter of Sigma Nu is one of the oldest on Georgia Tech’s campus. Our brotherhood is a close-knit group of guys with diverse backgrounds, brought together by the common values of love, truth and honor. We take pride in our philanthropic endeavors, academic success, brotherhood functions and lasting traditions. We are a brotherhood that is active in all sectors of campus life with many brothers holding leadership positions in various organizations. We strive to mold young men into leaders within their communities and prepare them for a successful post-graduate lifestyle. Many Sigma Nus from all over reside in the Greater Atlanta Area post graduation, creating the largest Sigma Nu alumni network in the country.



Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) www.sigepgt.com, 190 5th Street NW President Pearson Van Horn; gtpearson1@gmail.com; (706) 951-3221 Rush Chair Booth Vogel; boothvogel@gmail.com; 404-889-4591 Motto Building Balanced Men Chapter Georgia Alpha, est. 1907 Philanthropy This past year, our chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon combined for 1000 total hours of service with organizations such as For the Kids, 7 Bridges Central, and Night Shelter. We also raised $5000 through our annual participation in St. Baldrick’s, a program supporting childhood cancer research. Accomplishments & Awards -Buchanan Outstanding Chapter Award -Certified Healthy Organization -Balanced Man Scholarship Sponsor About our Brotherhood The Georgia Alpha chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity is a top leadership, philanthropic, and social organization on Georgia Tech's campus. Our brotherhood is extraordinary because of the diverse spectrum of backgrounds and interests. This diversity encourages the exchange of ideas between brothers and fosters a culture of mutual respect and belief in one another. A centerpiece of our brotherhood is the Balanced Man Program, which prepares our brothers for success during and after college by emphasizing continued growth. Through the diversity of thought and the Balanced Man Program, an environment at Sig Ep is created that encourages the growth of successful men, who can become the best version of themselves.



Tau Kappa Epsilon (Teke) www.gttke.com, 159 5th Street President Rishi Patel; rishippatel21@gmail.com Rush Chair Nick Bell; nnbell97@gmail.com; 770-990-6779 Motto Better Men for a Better World Chapter Beta Pi, est. 1948 Philanthropy In 2017, the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon collectively raised $9,000 for St. Baldricks in support of childhood cancer research. Accomplishments & Awards -Top TKE (Named a top TKE chapter in the country) -Top 6 Intramural Fraternity -Top 16 Overall Fraternity About our Brotherhood TKE is the largest fraternity nationwide, and our chapter here has staked its claim as one of the finest branches it has to offer. Not only do we enjoy the strongest social calendar on campus (band parties, mixers, date nights, formals, etc.), we also have an overall gpa above 3.0. Given TKE's success in intramural sports and the number of leaders it places in organizations throughout campus, it's easy to see why TKE offers the most well rounded fraternal experience at Georgia Tech.



Theta Chi gtthetachi.org, 840 Techwood Drive President Aarij Abbas; aarijabbas11@gmail.com Rush Chair Max Rafferty; maxrafferty97@gmail.com Motto Alma Mater First. Theta Chi for Alma Mater. Chapter Alpha Nu, est. 1923 Philanthropy In the last year we raised over $1000 and fostered four dogs for Lifeline Animal Services, and sold 240 pounds of peanuts at tailgates to raise money for students with cancer through the Shirlock Foundation. We had the highest participation of any organization in Greek Week philanthropy, and served a combined 1,560 community service hours in the last two semesters. Accomplishments & Awards -Greek Week Overall Champs -Phil S. Randall Excellence in Recruitment Award About our Brotherhood Theta Chi is a brotherhood of men with diverse backgrounds and interests. We enjoy annual mountain and beach weekends, formals in cities like New Orleans and Charleston, and many other date and brotherhood events. In our free time brothers play intramurals, explore the city, and host cookouts by our pool. Our brothers hold campus leadership positions for club sports, networking and professional organizations, and philanthropic clubs and are always looking to help new members get involved!


ΘΞ Theta Xi www.gttx.org, 777 Techwood Drive President Pierce Heintzelman; president@gttx.org; (210) 701-5282 Rush Chair Marshall Todd; rush@gttx.org; (706) 616-3430 Motto All True Men Chapter Beta Alpha, est. 1951 Philanthropy We received the Habitat for Humanity Service Excellence Award from our national Fraternity organization in 2017. Brothers serve through their churches, mission trips like the Amigos for Christ program, Georgia Tech service organizations such as Team Buzz, tutoring programs, and more. Accomplishments & Awards -North-American Interfraternity Conference Chapter of Distinction 2017 -Placed Top 3 in Homecoming 10 Years Running -Greek Sing and Pomp Winners 2014, 2016 About our Brotherhood As Georgia Tech’s only Christian fraternity, Theta Xi offers a unique community of Christian brothers, emphasizing spiritual growth and meaningful relationships. We value academics, athletics, social ties, and spiritual growth. We are highly involved on campus through SGA, Team Buzz, campus ministries, the Invention Studio, and many other groups. Theta Xi is also competitive in Homecoming, excelling in all Wreck Parade events and Pomp. Through social events such as band parties, date nights, formals, and retreats, Theta Xi aims to develop strong bonds between its brothers. Even if you don’t think a fraternity is for you, come meet us at Rush and learn about the fellowship offered by the authentic Christian community of Theta Xi.


Triangle Triangle triangle.org President Rush Chair Motto Truth Conquers All Chapter Georgia Tech Colony, est. 2014 Philanthropy Our Chapter supports Habitat for Humanity through service days and Children's miracle network through a massive campus gaming marathon. Accomplishments & Awards -Highest National New member GPA - 2015 -Highest National Campus Involvement - 2015 -GTSF Funding Award - 2016 -Greek Attend Challenge - 2016 About our Brotherhood Triangle men are heavily involved in campus leadership, be it academically, professionally or socially, as it serves as the only organization that forms the connection between a social fraternity, academic honorary, and professional society. This only strengthens our brotherhood, as we constantly seek to build each other up, regardless of circumstance.


ΖΒΤ Zeta Beta Tau (Z.B.T.) www.techzbt.com, 160 6th Street President Justin Richard; president@techzbt.com; (912) 674-3505 Rush Chair Adam Berlinghoff; recruitment@techzbt.com; (845) 522-1562 Motto A Powerhouse of Excellence Chapter Xi, est. 1916 Philanthropy As a part of our mission, ZBT seeks to reach out to its community and help others through community service projects, fundraisers, and philanthropy. Our official charity is the Children's Miracle Network. In 2017, we raised over $10,000 through our annual event, Get On The Ball. Accomplishments & Awards N/A About our Brotherhood The driving power behind ZBT is our brotherhood. Our chapter, founded in 1898 and established at Georgia Tech in 1916, has a strong background of brotherhood. Today, our chapter is undergoing a surge of growth. Each semester, as we accept new men into our brotherhood, we become even stronger. The brotherhood is a group of quality gentlemen who, through the execution of our mission, create a Brotherhood For A Lifetime. The improvement of our character by the brotherhood allows us to share a bond unlike any simple friendship. In joining our chapter’s brotherhood, you join a national brotherhood of over 110,000 members established at 90 campus locations worldwide.


Profile for Fraternity and Sorority Life at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech Interfraternity Council Guide 2018  

A guide to the IFC recruitment process at Georgia Tech, including sections on each of GT's 32 IFC fraternities.

Georgia Tech Interfraternity Council Guide 2018  

A guide to the IFC recruitment process at Georgia Tech, including sections on each of GT's 32 IFC fraternities.