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Sports Biggest Morning Tea High Tea for Mums There will be Drama Cross Country Shark Bay Tour HASS Week Tomorrow Man Marine Engineering Middle School Leaders Tuart Forest Planting



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Cover image: Lincoln (Year 5) performing in Music in May TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7



W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU



WELCOME This edition of the Fairlawn gives an

enriching their lifelong learning

insight into the many activities and

experiences in such ways.

events that constitute a holistic approach to a student’s education.

We are fortunate to have escaped

So much takes place outside of the

the pandemic having a major

classroom physical space that it’s

impact on our schooling to date

often a tale of two timetables that

and as such we should give thanks

students’ need to deal with.

for the opportunities that our students have been able to engage

The majority of our students are

in, opportunities now, benefits for

often involved in more than one


co-curricular event a term and they are to be commended on

Mr Ted Kosicki Principal

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7


l o o h c S y r a m Pri MOTHER’S DAY SPOILING MUM May 7 was a chilly morning on campus but that didn’t stop us celebrating all our GMAS mums, mother figures and guardians for a delightful breakfast.

Students could also purchase items during the day from our P&F stall to surprise mum with a gift.


W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

N AT I O N A L S I M U LTA N E O U S STORYTIME VENTURING INTO SPACE Our Early Learning students were in for a treat when Principal, Mr Ted Kosicki, delighted them with his reading of ‘Give Me Some Space’ by Philip Bunting, which tells the tale of Una who dreams of life in space. As part of this annual Australian Library and Information Association event, an Australian children’s book is read simultaneously around the country to promote the value of reading.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

YEEHAW ITS PARTY TIME! P&F DISCO BEST YET The P&F Junior School Disco was held on Friday 28 May and what a hoot. Western themed cupcakes, whip craker demonstrations, best dressed prize packs, raffles and of course lots of dancing along with our DJ’s. The Disco simply could not happen without a wonderful team of volunteers - thank you!

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7


JUMP ROPE FOR HEART GOING THE DISTANCE What a day! Over $15,000 was raised for the Heart Foundation and everyone had a blast. The music was pumping and our Primary School students were jump, jump, jumping.

On the day GMAS came 2nd in Australia for our amazing fundraising efforts. Friday 7 May 2021

A special shoutout to Mia from Pre-Primary who raised $1374!

What an outstanding effort


W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7



Mrs Margaret Mableson has been volunteering with GMAS for at least 9 years! The Year 1 kids think she is pretty awesome and look forward to her weekly Wednesday morning cooking classes.

As well as cooking some very tasty treats, the class encourages the children’s thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. They get to put into practice counting, measuring, following directions, and mostly it builds self confidence.

What have the Year 1’s enjoyed cooking (and eating) the most? Mothers Day Biscuits - Addison Cupcakes - Samantha Sausage Rolls - Starla Cheesy Twisties - Dante The egg mixture - Jude

Friday 24 May 2019


W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7





impressed by the efforts put in by students of


all abilities, as well as the sportsmanship and

On Friday 14 May we held the Primary School

camaraderie that is on display.

Cross Country on our spacious grounds. Cross

Congratulations to all of our champions and

Country is an opportunity for our long-distance

runner-up champions, as well as every student that

runners to shine, but also a wonderful display of

pushed hard and tried their best to cross the finish

grit, determination and resilience. We are always


W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU


A SPECIAL VISIT FROM ST MARYS Thursday 20 May a group of parishioners from St Mary’s Anglican Church led by Reverend Rose and Mrs Eleanor Lewin were picked up by Fr Earle in the school bus and brought out to GMAS. Our guests visited the Stephanie Alexander Gardens with our Year 6 Leaders, Daley and Zane, grabbed some delicious snacks from the Year 9 ‘Biggest Morning Tea’ and then assisted in the Early Learning Centre by helping out with classes and getting to know the ‘little people’. For the finale of the visit all the students were brought out into the open area and with Reverend Rose on her guitar and everyone sang ”Jesus Loves Me This I Know”. The students thoroughly enjoyed showing the parishioners around their classrooms and explaining what they were working on.

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7


l o o h c S y r a d n o c Se SPORTING ACTION TAKING








HIGH-QUALITY COMPETITION Secondary students enthusiastically competed for their Houses in relays, track races, long jump, tunnel ball, hurdles and many more activities as part of their Interhouse Athletics Carnival. Flinders House made it through as the overall winners. Thursday 13 May 2021

P 1 4 W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

BIGGEST MORNING TEA MORNING TEA RAISES FUNDS FOR CANCER The GMAS School Community was out in full force supportng the Biggest Mornng Tea on Thursday 13 May. The morning raised over $1500 plus online donations were received, totaling $2036!! Our Year 9 students donated all the delicious food and ran the stalls.

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD HIGH TEA FOR MUMS Our Year 10 amazing young chefs treated their Mums to a yummy High Tea on Wednesday 5 May for Mothers Day. The Year 10 Food Class went above and beyond with their baking and cooking skills and an assortment of sweet and savoury foods were made and served up.

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7



W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

THERE WILL BE DRAMA INCREDIBLE TALENT ON DISPLAY Mrs Thompson’s Performing Arts students put on a spectacular show on Tuesday 11 May. The Year 11 and 12 ATAR Drama students unveiled their monologues and the younger students showcased confidence and creativity.

Congratulations to the cast and crew for a successful night!

SAVE THE DATE Not to be missed.....

Sheer Luck Holmes Murder, Mayhem, Mystery, and more bodies than ‘Hamlet’ Coming to GMAS August 4 to 14 Book via:

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7 P 1 7


INTERHOUSE CROSS COUNTRY O UT S TA N D I N G R E S U LT S Cross Country is a sport that requires speed, stamina, endurance, and above all, positive and strong mental endurance. Finishing a race always rewards our students with a sense of self-pride and achievement no matter where they come. We had some outstanding results across all year levels, and so close to breaking the school records. Congratulations to the winning House Flinders. Wednesday 23 June 2021


W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

SHARK BAY ADVENTURES SEA TREK, A WEEK TO REMEMBER The year 11 Outdoor Education class set off on the 12 June for a 7-day camp jampacked with sailing, funny memories and adventures. We were thrown straight into the experience arriving in Denham, Shark Bay, where we packed for our voyage and planned for the days ahead. Nerves were high and our eyes wide when we arrived at the Denham boat ramp, which only grew whilst watching a certain someone crash into the jetty. We quickly recovered and our confidence grew every second. The days that followed were challenging. We spent the days sailing and nights huddled together watching the stars, slowly feeling at ease on the boats, some more than others, as napping was a common excuse to get out of jobs on the boat. Our skills in navigation, leadership and teamwork were developed, pushing everybody out of their comfort zones. Over the experience we witnessed things some of us had only imagined, visiting and staying at many of Western Australia’s most serene spots. Our class learnt so much about the skills of Outdoor Education, Western Australia’s coast, ourselves and those around us. Sea trek 2021 will be an experience we will never forget. Year 11 Outdoor Ed Class 2021

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7 P 1 9

DIGGING UP BONES, A MEDIEVAL FEAST AND POLICTICAL SAUSAGE SIZZLE HASS Week is a week of activities and celebrations of all things HASS. The HASS Department had a wonderful week working with students doing an archaeological dig, ‘Who Am I?’ Quiz Competition, the Year 8 Medieval Feast, match the staff member with historical faces quiz and the Annual HASS Quiz Cup (which the Year 12’s won!) HASS Week celebrations culminated in the Democracy Sausage Sizzle on the last Friday of Term 2. Invited guest Ms Libby Mettam MLA for Vasse, began by welcoming students and reminding them of the importance of voting. She acknowledged the support of electors of Vasse for her win in the last election. Ms Mettam also encouraged students to speak with her on any issue but especially if they were considering a career in politics. Congratulations to the HASS Teachers on a fantastic HASS Week 2021, which was enjoyed by all the staff and students.

P 2 0 W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU



Tomorrow Architects have delivered workshops to our Year 10 to 12 male students for the last 6 Years.

They create a safe space for young men to share what’s going on for them and build tighter relationships within their own

· The challenge when working with a group like this is that when I ask

cohort. The Tomorrow Man team are all

someone to talk with gravity about his own experience with mental

relatable, charismatic examples of what

health, it can feel unsafe. That’s why I was surprised when one young lad

men can be when they choose not to be

volunteered almost immediately to get up and talk.

defined by old school man rules and are able to build rapport with teenagers fast,

He sat in front of a room full of his peers and described what depression

leaving lots of time for real and honest

feels like for him, “Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed. There

conversation amongst participants.

is a bit of it in my family and I’m worried about the future.” All the banter immediately stopped. The loudest boys in the room fell silent, empathising with this young lad.

Some workshops feel harder than others. In some I can

I asked how he felt talking about it in front of the group. “Worried,” he

spend a fair bit of time on crowd control. It isn’t why I’m

said nervously, “Worried that I’m going to cop it for talking about this.” I

there, but it’s a natural part of working with young men,

threw it open to the group, “What does it take for him to talk in front of

and it’s typically worse in the afternoons.

all of you, like he’s just done?” Bravery and courage.

I remember after lunch at school, feeling tired and

They were right. These boys hadn’t heard someone talk like this before,

bored, but still needing to expend some energy. We

so they knew it took courage to open up. The silence in the room told

used to challenge each other who could say the most

me they respected him for talking. They felt empathetic and wanted to

vulgar thing or fart the loudest. It’s nothing new to me.

help. There was no way this young lad was going to ‘cop it’.

Getting guys to sit down for two hours and chat about

Later in the workshop, other boys shared their own experiences with

mental health can be a hard slog some days. On this

mental health. They had seen that opening up was courageous and

day, it felt like an up-hill battle. The Year 10 boys at

they wanted to try it too. More and more of the guys started talking with

Georgiana Molloy Anglican School are a vocal, fun-

gravity, building on the confidence from the rest of the group. That’s the

loving bunch, and they just wanted to mess with the

kind of crowd control that I actually enjoy.

facilitator (me). I don’t blame them. I remember doing the exact same thing at their age.

Rhett Corker - WA Programs Manager + Facilitator

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7 P 2 1

A PLACE TO CALL HOME We are so lucky to live in a beautiful coastal part of the world. We need to look after our amazing marine environment and our Year 9 students are doing just that.

P 2 2 W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU


3D PRINTERS On the sunny winter afternoon of Thursday 17 June, forty-five Year 9, Marine Engineering Students, ventured out to the Busselton Jetty. Accompanied by teachers, Mr Steven Riddell, Fr. Earle Chamberlain and assisted by Jetty Marine Scientists Sophie Teede and Amy Gornall the students made their way to the end of the Jetty. The excursion was the culmination of 2 Terms of work. Students were tasked with researching, designing and constructing a Marine Growth Tile to create an artificial reef for marine creatures to build their homes. “Students completed research, then used Tinkercad software to create 3D models which assisted them to visualise their tiles before creation,” said Mr Riddell. “They then used a variety of different mediums including wood, metal, textured holes and colours as well as 3D printing.” The Artificial Reef Pyramid covered in the tiles was lowered into the ocean by divers. So what happens now? “The pyramid, which can be seen from the fishing deck, will be regularly checked between now and November. The Marine Growth Tiles that show the most growth may be replicated in mass and used as part of the Jetty’s Pile Rehabilitation Program”. Mr Riddell said. Ms Teede, an award-winning expert in marine biofouling said that it was wonderful to work with the students, encouraging their thoughts about marine structures existing in harmony with the environment. “As a coastal nation, man-made structures are prevalent in the marine environment, but there is no need for this to be negative if we utilise available technologies and knowledge”

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7 P 2 3

We asked our Middle School Leaders... WHY DID YOU WANT TO BE A LEADER? Pippa: This year I wanted to become a leader for many reasons. Some of which includes: becoming more confident when talking to people of all ages, trying new things, learning how to be responsible and a role model, having new experiences,


and being a leader encourages me to stay motivated and productive. Elizabeth: I wanted to become a Year 9 leader so I would have the chance to help other people and help out the school. I also wanted to be a great role model, especially for the younger years. I was excited to develop leadership skills and participate in all the experiences that came with being a leader. I like working as a team and especially with my friends. Georgia: I wanted to become a sustainability leader for many reasons. Firstly, I was concerned that people in power aren’t doing enough. Secondly, I wanted to start making changes and wanted to change the world that we are currently living


in. Lastly, I am passionate about showing others what changes we can make to save our planet.

Arts Portfolio WHAT HAS BEEN ACHIEVED SO FAR THIS YEAR? Jaslyn: As a leadership group in Semester 1, we went to an all day leadership conference. We have also been able to raise school spirt by attending many Junior School carnivals. Ava: We helped out at the Year 7 Orientation Day and Year 7 Beach Day we also helped out at the Junior School Swimming Carnival which was a lot of fun but was

TOBEN CO LT O N School Spirit Portfolio

a lot of hard work. Two big events, the Biggest Morning tea, which was a great success donating around over $2000 to the cancer council; and the Tuart tree planting excursion, where the Year 9 and 12 Leaders went out for the day to plant some tuart trees in part of the Tuart Forest. Charlee: The ability to work with new people from all ages and have input on some decisions that were made, such as the pizza and punishment (points are earned by keeping a clean area throughout the term. This means no rubbish under or around lockers. Over the term, points will accumulate and at the end of Term 3, the group with the most points will be gifted pizza from Dominos!). We


have helped many people to the best of their ability through schoolwork right through to friendships. The Year 9 Leaders have: planted trees, helped at The


Biggest Morning Tea, camped with the year 12’s, walk new students around the

School Spirit Portfolio

school, cross countries and sport carnivals and leadership conference at GRIP.

P 2 4 W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACHIEVE IN SEMESTER 2? Georgia: In Semester Two we will put our pizza and punishment plan into action and we will start releasing the Green Bunch series (helping the Year 6 Green Team film

ELIZABETH GROSSE Service Portfolio

videos about sustainability). Something that I would like to have a large focus on, is that sustainability matters. Sustainability is often pushed aside and is frequently told that is not important. This our war, that we need to fight! We need people to understand that if we keep doing what we are doing, our time will soon be up. We have no idea what our world can become, and frankly, I don’t want to know. Let’s focus on the planet we have and take care of it. I hope we can get our message across and encourage people to understand. Charlee: For the pizza and punishment to work and reduce the amount of rubbish that we currently have in our school. I also want to be the type of leader that people


can look up to and ask us anything if they are ever unsure. My goal this semester is to


encourage people to do anything they set their minds to. To encourage the year 8’s to

Service Portfolio

apply for these leadership opportunities because so far it has been amazing working with my fellow team, getting the opportunity to work with the Year 12 leaders as well and working with Mrs Ness and Mr Treloar has been a blast. Ava: As a leadership group, we would like to achieve successful results from our pizza or punishment program. We would also like to see our school environment improve both: sustainably, via the clearing of litter, and emotionally, by treating each other with kindness and having a safe anti-bullying environment. We would also like to achieve


more service opportunities and encourage students to participate in group activities such as discos or any of the school activities.

Sustainability Portfolio “Overall I just want to be able to improve little things in the school to keep a positive and clean place while influencing the future Year 9 leaders to prepare for the role. It’s a very fun and exciting opportunity and they


will learn lots of things like I am.” Elizabeth

Sustainability Portfolio


J A S LY N ATTWOOD Student Representative TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7 P 2 5

“I would say

about sustain

the forest bec

lifetime it wou

it’s really good

restoring what


P 2 6 W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

y I’m passionate

nability. Imagine if

came extinct in our

uld be horrible. So

d to see that we are

t used to be here,”

ua Weed.

REPLANTING OUR FUTURE On Friday 18 June the Middle and Senior School

to firstly help out community groups such as the

Leaders were invited by the Ludlow Tuart Forest

LTFRG in achieving what they believe in, but secondly

Restoration Group (LTFRG) to help restore the Tuart

contributing to the larger goal of conserving the

Forest which is only found on the coastal southwest

entire natural environment of our world.

strip of Australia. The only way to inspire any sort of widescale global Over 2000 seedlings were planted on rehabilitating

changes is to ‘first do what we can in our own

land that was previously used for farming.

backyard’. This day of tree planting was a perfect opportunity for us to do something ‘hands on’

The leaders noticed the previous year’s seedlings

which will have an effect on our local community

which had grown to around 2 meters in height, which

and provides us with a place to come back to in the

showed how quickly these groups and initiatives can

next few decades to see the positive impacts of our

make a difference.

actions in the Tuart Forest.

Revegetating the Ludlow Tuart Forest is a very

Macklin O’Reilly and Joshua Weed

important task in conserving our local environment

(Year 12, Sustainability Portfolio)

for future generations. We believe it is very important TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7 P 2 7

STAFF SPOTLIGHT MATTHEW BRAID Year 2 Teacher WHAT IS YOUR ROLE AT GMAS? To educate the future citizens of the world. After 4 years in the Junior School working with my mentor and friend Fiona Pates, I am now working with the Year 2 cohort in Early Childhood alongside Ms May and Mrs Davey. TELL US ABOUT YOUR CAREER Growing up I had challenging school experiences and felt that no child deserves a bad teacher. This inspired me to enter the education profession. During university I went on exchange to Stockholm and worked in a Swedish speaking early childhood centre for 6 months. After that I was blessed enough to gain employment at WA remote school, Yakanarra, who are the Walmajarri people. This is where I met my beautiful wife and we are fortunate to work at GMAS together! WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR FONDEST MEMORIES WORKING AT GMAS? My favourite memories always involve year group camps, daily fitness- especially (accidental) dodgeball headshots at my Year 6 classes, hockey and cricket coaching, and seeing student academic progress throughout the year. Although one specific memory that comes to mind is when our class celebrated ‘International Carry Your Chair Day’ on the 1 April and we walked the crosscountry track with our chairs held above our heads! TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW? If I wasn’t married, my Ninja Turtle and footy card collections would be on display around the house.

E T H I C S O LY M P I A D Under the coaching of Mr Taylor, 2 teams of Year 10 Students competed in the online Ethics Olympiad. As of 2020 the event was moved online. Participating schools use Zoom to link up with other schools. The advantage of this format is that regional and remote schools can now participate. Students engage with each other and with other schools on interesting and relevant ethical questions based on the cases previously provided to schools. Students work as a team to respond to the questions and critique their own and others arguments. Judges award points on the basis of clear, concise, critical and collaborative thinking. GMAS came 5th out of 31 teams!

P 2 8 W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

BRAD TAYLOR Secondary HASS Teacher Middle School Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator WHAT IS YOUR ROLE AT GMAS? I am a Secondary School HASS teacher and the Middle School Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator. TELL US ABOUT YOUR CAREER After finishing university, I worked in government, finance, management consulting and IT. During this time, I also lived and worked in a number of places including the UK, Victoria, NSW and Tasmania. After returning to WA, I had the opportunity to undertake a teaching degree and was fortunate enough to land a position at GMAS, where I have been ever since.

WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR FONDEST MEMORIES WORKING AT GMAS? My fondest memories at GMAS always involve the classroom and Prep 2 office. The classroom because the students are engaging, positive and extremely funny. Prep 2 because the people in our office are always kind, supportive and absolutely hilarious. TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW? I like to go surfing as early as I can in the morning. My motto is: If I can see my feet, it’s light enough to paddle out!

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7 P 2 9

It all began with Monday’s positive chalk drawings on the pavement which lasted throughout the whole week thanks to no rain. We also painted the enormous white chair blue (to be a part of the Shades of Blue Project that is changing the stigma around mental health). The week continued with


some friendly competition on the oval with the longest footy kick competition won by Lacey Heys (Year 7) and Ben Taylor (Year 12). At Just Dance “let it go” nearly lifted the MAC roof! The dunk tank was a massive hit (literally) seeing students

Colour, fun, dancing, laughter and craziness! Students and staff from all parts of GMAS joined in on the fun throughout this entertaining and exciting week.

get payback on their teachers for all the homework this term! Finally, Friday topped it all off on crazy sock and tie day.

All the activities were filled with laughter and joy from all. We thank all who participated. All funds (we raised over $1,000!) have been sent to Beyond Blue who help spread awareness and improve mental health around the community and more broadly the whole country.

Molly Kiernan and Taya Johnson (Year 12 Student Representative Council)

P 3 0 W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7 P 3 1

From Our

Old Georgians


informed me that the volunteer spots in Fresh were taken but encouraged me to apply for Youth Council.

Youth Council began at the start of 2020. We discussed different ways we could advocate and plan events for youth in our local community. Creating things like Kindness Kits, Fun Runs and even ways to incorporate having an environmentally friendly community. I enjoyed every moment of it. After one of the meetings, I was told there was an open spot on the Fresh team, and I immediately jumped on the opportunity. But you know where the story leads. Lockdown!

I hadn’t even planned or attended a Fresh gig by this stage. I found myself quickly falling back into the same state of depression that I was in at the start of 2019. But during the After graduating High School in 2018, I had no idea what

month of June, Cristina (my facilitator) asked me to join in

I wanted to do. I didn’t feel inspired to study and I wasn’t

on a meeting with her and a lady named Desiree. Desiree

quite sure what I wanted to pursue as a career. All I knew

is a part of Lonely Lands Agency, who has artists like Tones

is that I wanted to move to Melbourne. I packed my bags

and I, Tash Sultana, Ocean Alley, Ash Grunwald and many

in January of 2019 and moved across the country, not

more signed on. We had a Zoom and discussed ways we

knowing anyone other than my Dad. This proved to be a

could create online, COVID safe events. I felt like there were

difficult situation however: I began to struggle with feelings

too many live streams happening at the time, so I wanted to

of loneliness and started to fall into a state of depression.

create an original, creative alternative. That’s when I thought

This led me to reach out to Headspace, who guided me

of a podcast. Both Des and Cristina were keen on the idea,

towards local organisations that fit my passions. One day,

so I got to work creating budgets, promotional plans, design

one of the OT’s took me too my local Youth Service, where

briefs, visual boards etc. November of 2020 is when I started

they introduced me to Cristina, and I inquired about Fresh

recording and interviewing the artists. I got to chat with Ash

Entertainment, a subsection of the FReeZA program. In

Grunwald, The Pierce Brothers, Darcy Spiller, Matilda Pearl,

their words: “The FReeZA program is an innovative youth

The Grogans and some local musicians Emma Jury and Velvet

development program that provides opportunities for young

Bloom on my podcast ‘Fresh Produce’. It became very well

Victorians… to enjoy live band gigs, dance parties and other

known amongst the FreeZA groups and the sister company

cultural, recreational and artistic events that are drug, alcohol

‘The Push’.

and smoke-free in supervised and safe venues”. Cristina

P 3 2 W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

I found the work involved so rewarding because I was allowed

I was offered a role as a Workshop Facilitator which is a huge

the freedom to create anything I wanted. After channelling my

step forward in my career. I am now going to study Youth Work

passion into it, I was given the opportunity to present my work

at Uni next year to further progress my capabilities within the

directly to The Push and the reception was extremely positive.

industry. I am so excited that I finally found something that

The presentation opened the door to many contacts within the

brings me joy, happiness and the freedom to express myself

organisation and after maintaining a relationship with them,



to meet new students and facilitate their journey into the university life, including teaching undergraduates’ skills in management, reducing stress, and creating a work-life balance, as well as providing other mentors the tools and advice needed to help their fellow students. In doing so, I learnt valuable skills in communication and leadership, and am actively involved with the university community and environment.

Currently in my last year of studies, I have worked hard to maintain a high-grade average, which has been recognised by several awards and scholarships for achieving the highest results in my units across all campuses. As a result, many opportunities have opened for me, including a position at Etax Accountants which involves completing tax returns and Since graduating from GMAS in 2018 I was accepted into

interacting with clients. Wanting to improve my practical

the ECU’s Bachelor of Commerce program at the Bunbury

experience in accounting, I inquired about work experience

Campus, where I decided to double major in Accounting and

with the Accounts Department at GMAS, where I assist with

Finance after undertaking the ATAR course in year 11 and 12.

the preparation of budgets, financial reports, journal entries,

As the world entered lockdown from the pandemic and the

and other necessary tasks.

Bunbury Campus only offering selective units, I moved my studies to online.

I am looking forward to continuing my career towards becoming a Managerial Accountant after completion of my

Throughout my second and third year of university, I decided


to participate in the Peer Mentoring Program as both a Mentor and then a Mentor Leader. This has allowed me TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7 P 3 3

Music in May

Music in May

Senior Music Day Tour

Senior Music Day Tour

Devoted toMusic We were once again treated to wonderful musical

The Music in May Concert was a huge success.

entertainment with an array of talented performances in

Featuring our ATAR Year 11 and 12 soloists as well as

Term 2.

performances from each of our major music ensembles, the Senior and Junior Orchestras, Senior and Junior

Leading the charge was the 2021 Music Day Tour. Our

Choirs and Jazz Bands. It was a fabulous night of fun and

students visited Vasse Primary School, had a lovely lunch


in Margaret River and then to Rapids Landing Primary School for an afternoon performance. It was a fantastic

The ASC Piano Competition took place in the Allan Shaw

opportunity for our Senior Students to share their music

Centre of the Peter Moyes Anglican Community School.

and inspire more kids to play an instrument.

The competition had a record 214 competitors from eleven of the fourteen ASC Schools entered. GMAS had 9

We were very fortunate to host the West Australian Youth

students particpate “This is a reflection of the dedication

Jazz Orchestra in May. GMAS Middle and Senior School

and quality of our Music Students.” Director of Music,

Jazz Band Students were invited to play with the talented

Mrs Kate Telchadder said. The competition had seven

visiting musicians and workshop one of their own tunes.

categories adjudicated by three specialist adjudicators. 3rd place went to GMAS’s talented Xavier Blair, Sydney

P 3 4 W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

Blair and Christian Blair.

Jazz Workshop

Music in May

Xavier, Sydney & Christian Blair at the ASC Piano Competition

Opportunites were continuing for our budding musicians as we

audience and gain real-life performance skills, including our up

received news from the recent WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod

and coming little entertainers, as we celebrated Year 2 String

at Bunbury that we came 1st in the instrumental awards for both

Graduation and Year 4 Band Graduation.

the Junior and Senior Orchestras. With the skilled guidance of Mrs Kate Telchadder, Director of A full calendar of music and performance events provide

Music, and Head of the Arts, Mr Philip Watts, GMAS are certainly

countless opportunties for students to perform in front of an

leading the musical way.

Junior String Concert

TERM 2 2021

I S S U E #0 7 P 3 5

Junior Orchestra at the Eisteddfod

Rising Stars SHAUN TAN AWARD A YOUNG ARTIST SHINES Lili Comito’s (Year 7) artwork ‘The Weird Things’ will be exhibited in the 2021 Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists! The judges have selected Lili’s piece to be within the top ten entrants in her category of lower secondary. Lili’s artwork will be displayed at Subiaco Library from 13 July to 8 August. The piece will be professionally mounted and Lili will receive a certificate of congratulations once the exhibition is over. With over 1,100 entries from all across the state in her category this was a huge achievement!

THE SCHOLARSHIP! THE TUCKWELL SCHOLARSHIP The Tuckwell Scholarship Program is the most transformational undergraduate scholarship program in Australia. Only 25 Scholarships are on offer each year and offer talented and motivated students the opportunity to realise their potential by providing financial support, personal enrichment and development opportunities. Harrison Bowden (Year 12) was one of the 25! A wonderful opportunity awaits him and the Scholarship is well deserved for all his hard work.

P 3 6 W W W.GM A S .WA . E D U. AU

PADDY DEE A STAR IN THE MAKING Patrick (Paddy Dee) Doyle a Year 12 ATAR Music Student, has released his EP ‘Out of Milk’. The 4 songs on the EP are about the struggles of lockdown and teenage problems “what I saw going on really inspired me to create music” Patrick said. All of his music is recorded at home and all instruments are played by Patrick! His music is a mixture of pop, rock and indie genres and is gaining a very impressive following. Patrick released his first single ‘The Beach’ in 2020. The cover art work is by his talented sister Bridget who is in Year 9. If you would like to hear his work it’s available on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.



TABLE TENNIS BOUNCE INTO TABLE TENNIS Year 8 student, Drew West, took out the inaugural South West Table Tennis School Kids Backyard singles event. Drew did this with an injured arm! He challenged students from Vasse Primary School, Mackillop College, Busselton Senior High and other GMAS students. Well done to Year 9 student Levi Moyle who competed in the ranked U/15, U/19s, C grade and Country doubles. Congratulations to Year 10 student Obie Herring for winning the U/15s, runner up in U/19s, runner-up in Country doubles and making the

Want to give it a go? Geographe Bay Table Tennis Club is open to all ages, beginners, intermediates and advanced players

semis in Country singles against top WA state table tennis players!

TERM 2 2021

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The word vision has many meanings; however, on this occasion I am only going to name two.

Vision: the faculty or state of being able to see, and the ability to think FR. EARLE CHAMBERLAIN SCHOOL CHAPLAIN

about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. A vision is a practical guide for creating plans, setting goals and objectives, decisions, and coordinating and evaluating the work on any project, large or small.

Chaplain’s Reflection The feeding of the 5000 In that gathering of the 5000 there were Jews, Gentiles, Slaves, and the free, meaning people from great distances different towns and places, different classes and different races all there not with the same agenda but with different Agendas.

A vision helps keep organisations and groups focused and together, especially with complex projects and in stressful times. I quote the words of Fr Tom Wilmot (now Bishop Tom, retired) when he formed the Steering Committee in 1997 at St Mary’s Church here in Busselton to “build an Anglican School here in the Capes Region”. Fr Tom and the Steering Committee met with the then CEO of the Anglican Schools Commission, Mr Michael Bromilow, who briefed them with a constitution, his vision and a timeline for development. This year in March our school celebrated 18 years of the combined vision of Fr Tom and Michael Bromilow, certainly an example of planning

And yet in there gathering they were all fed, the story of the feeding of 5000 is a miracle because, they shared what they had and there was enough for everyone with plenty to spare a miracle of generosity and a miracle of what can be achieved when we love our neighbours as ourselves. Jumping forward 2000 years, highlights what a miracle it was. A moment in time when differences of class gender and race were put aside, A metaphor gathered on a hillside.

the future with imagination and wisdom. At the beginning of this year Mr Kosicki said, “Our vision for 2021 is to be a positive learning community that builds on quality relationships and developing inquiring minds. We will continue to promote the aim of being informed, safe digital citizens across the school as well as set out usual targets in literacy, numeracy and well-being.” We are most fortunate to have School Leaders with great vision, our School Executive headed by Mr Ted Kosicki, Ms Jo Burns, Mr Pablo Sandor and Fr Earle Chamberlain are all visionaries who serve our school. All of these leaders assisted by the Heads of School/Curriculum and Heads of Departments lead our school and assist in maintaining

Look to the divisions that exist against anyone

Our Vision.

we don’t consider to be our neighbour. Our Vision: as a community we are committed to upholding the Who are we not loving as ourselves?

Anglican Ethos and nurturing students to reach their full potential through service, excellence and enjoyment of learning. Our school is a place in which we can all grow and thrive, realising our full potential as a whole person, emotionally, socially, physically and

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intellectually fulfilling our vision.

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TERM 2 2021

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Thursday 19 August

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Friday 10 September





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Friday 24 September

Our community is coming together to provide opportunities for children of different abilities and their parents to come together on a monthly basis. Afternoon tea will be provided for parents and children. Learning support staff will available to supervise children in the playground while parents meet in the staff room. For more information email Teresa Uchanski, Head of Learning Support

TERM 2 2021

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Opportunities now...benefits for life

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