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editor's note

This is the final issue of the GVA Star for the year. I am disheartened to announce this because I had so much fun this go around! This final issue is a bit animal-centric, but who doesn’t love animals?

We’ve got an interview piece with a volunteer from the KC Pet Project, so hopefully that will give you plenty of information about a great local cause! We’ve also got a piece on a more global topic, along with an interactive piece we reached out to the GVA community for a response to, and we definitely got some.

With the last issue arriving, we also have the end of the school year fast approaching. This means graduation for many, and we haven’t forgotten you! The end of the school year also means time for the summer, endless heat that makes you wish for winter again, and fun This could mean going to the beach or vacationing. It could also mean taking refuge indoors with the A/C cranked up and a nice nap in the future. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy your free time over the summer months as well as I hope you enjoy the final issue of the GVA Star for the year

I would also give some thought into signing up for the Journalism Club for next year; it is seriously so much fun!

Journey C.

Thisisasegmentwherewetalkandreviewthings,which couldbeanything,rangingfromvideogamesandshows tomusicandbooks,andevenpopculture.Inthisedition, wearegoingtodiscussaseriesnearanddeartome.


KeeperoftheLostCitiesisastoryofitsown. ItwascompletelyuniquetoanythingIhad readbefore.Themaincharacterwasn’tan ordinarygirluntiloneday.No.Shewasn’tled tobelievebyanyonethatshewasdifferent Shejustknew.ThisstoryislikeHarryPotter onanotherlevel.Magicisabundant;butso istech.UnlikeHarryPotter,youaren’tjust transportedtoanotherworldofthemagical DarkAgesseparateofthemodernworld Youwouldbemistakentocometothatblind conclusion,miamigo.Instead,theworldof KOTLCworksintandemwithtechnologyand, thoughintheshadows,thehumanworld. Ifinishedthisseriesinlessthanayear,from bookonetothecurrentone,Stellarlune.That shouldimmediatelytellyouhowmuchofa bookwormIam Eachbookeasilyranges anywherefrom500-800+pages.ButitisSO WORTHIT!!



SophieFosteristwelveyearsoldinbookone. Sheages,andI’dsayshe’sroughlysixteenby Stellarlune.Anyways,Sophieknowsshehas alwaysbeendifferent Aphotographic memory,beingapre-teeninhighschool oh, andbeingatelepath.Allthenormalstuff.One dayonaclasstriptoamuseum,aboy catcheshereyeandvice-versa.ThisboyisFitz Vacker,whoopenshereyestothetrueworld, theelvenworld Atfirst,shedidn’twantto believehimandwantedtothinkhewas insane,butthensheaccidentallyused telekinesisonhimandwaskinda’veforcedto acceptthetruth.Inamatterofdayssheleft herhumanfamilyandwaswashedfromtheir memories Sophieisreallyanelfwhowas hiddenamongsthumans. Background: Chan, Jason; Various Title Covers

Chan,Jason; Art From Keefe’s Memory log/notebook; Keeper of the Lost Cities: Unlocked; Shannon Messenger; Simon & Schuster; 2020 Chan,Jason; Picture of Sophie Foster; Keeper of the Lost Cities: Unlocked; Shannon Messenger; Simon & Schuster; 2020

ThissimplefactisenoughtomakeSophieFostervery differentfromotherelves,butthedifferencesdon’tend there Allelveshavesomevariationofblueeyes,whether theybemorenavyortealorbabyblueorgrayish,they arealwayssomekindofblue.Sophie,however,hasbrown eyes.Elvesdon’teatmeat/animals.Sheisunusedtoelven clothing,likethecapes,tunicsandpins/pendantsthey mustwear.ShehastowearaNexustokeepfromDYING whenlight-leaping,whichishowtheelvestravelpretty mucheveryday.Butbecauseofherhumanupbringing, Sophiealsoseeshowtheelvenutopiafronthasmany cracksunderneath.IntheLostCities,nothingisjustasit seems…

I’llenditthere,butman,thisseriesissoamazing! Unicornsandalicornsexist.Fluffy,featherydinosaurslive onanimalsanctuaries.Impsareathing. AndKeefeSencenwillstealyourheart.Alltheother charactersarefantastictoo,andalltheDexphiesand Fitphiesandwhateveroffshootshipsexistafterthatare funtoseeunfurl,buthonestly?TeamFoster-Keefewill alwaysbebetter!

Also,evenjustfromdescription,thefoods(especiallythe sweetsandbakedgoodies!)soundsoamazingIget hungrythinkingaboutMallowmeltsandCustardbursts. IfyougothroughKOTLCUnlocked,whichisbook8.5,there areactuallysomerecipesforelvenfoodsmadebythe author,ShannonMessenger.

In Review

KeeperoftheLostCitiestakestypicalimaginings offantasyandthenflipsahugetablesaying: “Nah.We’lldoyouonebetter.Wegotyou covered.”

Notonlythat,buttheintricacieswithinthe worldsareimpressive.Thisisobviouslyalaborof lovebyShannonMessenger.Thegoblinshavean affinityforgold,butnotatallinagreedyor negativeway They’reaverynoblerace They remindmeinawayoftheElite/Sangheilifrom theHalofranchise.Gnomessharesome characteristicsfromoriginaltales,buttheyare alsosomethingoftheirown.Theylooknothing likeyoumightimagine,butareaverypassive racebynature Theyloveplantsandrarelysleep sincetheyphotosynthesize.Theelvesareoneof myfavoriteculturestodissect,though.Their abilitiesandpowersaresocool!Someofthem include:










That’sjusttonameafewoffthetopofmy head.Someoftheabilitiesmayseemmore obviousthansome,buteventhosehavelayers tothem.Othersinstantlyhavemoretothe surface.Theywillallbeexplainedandtoldin time AsI’vetypicallydonewithallthingsIlove andenjoy,IgiveKOTLC100/10.It’sdefinitelya run-do-not-walk.Youwon’tbesorry.Thestory, characters,andlorearetotallyworthit!

“Sometimes,ittakesthedarkness toappreciatethelight.”

—KeeperoftheLostCities “I'dratherbepunishedformaking therightdecisionthanlivewith theguiltofmakingthewrongone fortherestofmylife.”


“Ihaveafeelingyoucando prettymuchanythingyouput yourmindto.Sostopdoubting yourselfandgoprovemeright.


—KeefeSencen “Ithinkwecouldallusea littlemoreweirdinourlives.”

S M WE WANT YOU! F i l l O u t T h i s I n t e r e s t F o r m t o R e a d y U p f o r N e x t Y e a r : h t t p s : / / f o r m s . g l e / g x u S D w C w K J t Z F i f J 6

Interview questions

KC Pet Project is the ‘biggest’ no kill shelter in Kansas City. Thanks to my connections, I was able to contact someone that volunteers at KC Pet Project, and i interviewed them.

Question: How long have you been volunteering

Answer: ‘About 8 years’

Question: What kinds of animals does Kc pet project take in?

Answer: ‘Any and every kind: Dog, Cats, Pigs, Chickens, Reptiles, Bird, Mice, ect..’

Question: What do you do when you volunteer?

Answer: ‘I walk dogs, and I transport dogs and cats.’

Question: What kinds of breeds are there?

Answer: ‘Every breed imaginable’

Question: When did you start volunteering?

Answer: ‘May of 2015’

Question: How many hours a day do you volunteer?

Answer: ‘About 8’

Question: How many days a week (MondaySunday) do you volunteer?

Answer: ‘Average 3’

Question: How old do you have to be?

Answer: ‘16 years old or age 7-15 and accompanied by a legal guardian’

Art by GVA student -GL

This is Dark, he is my cat, he will wrap around your neck and jump on you.

This is Stitch, He is a corgi-chihuahua. He is my dog. He loves getting pet, he will bark at you but then he doesnt bite, hes only lick. He is very cautious around men

This is stormy, She is my cat, she will interrupt you while your gaming or playing on a device.

This is Oreo, She is my cat, she hates being picked up and pet, She will bite your feet.

Pets within the GVA Community

GVA students filled out a survey about their pets, these results are in this following issue.

Cattle dog, egg producers

- M.N

My entertainment and enjoyment -L.N 05

Well, some pets may be for hunting or protection, but ours, shes a little goofball, shes support to make us happy when we're down, or just a ball of energy

- L.T

Mostly for companionship and just for fun. The cows however I am planning to start business with.K.K

T h pets 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35
Cats Dogs Reptiles

My two older dogs had puppies and we got to keep one And they like to play outside together . Here is the newest puppy to our family. ZeusC.M

Sleeping with me - S.G

When i first got my cat as a kitten, she was so clingy and she would always try to sleep on my back or head c:D.B.G

Photography by [YOUR NAME]

I have 2 dogs, a girl named Stormi and a boy named Bruiser. A special memory I have with Stormi is the night we got her she crapped in my sisters bed. A special memory I have of Bruiser, he is only about 4 months old so yesterday he lost his first baby tooth and it was gross. - J.P

(top) (bottom)

I just love animals!A.K

Training my cat Mel, to be more loving and responsive - L.K.V


Number Of pets

Students 70.5% Teachers 25% Parents 4.5% 2 33.3% 1 25.6% 3 25.6% 4 7.7% 5 7.7%

Thank You GVA students for filling

out the pet survey


We’d Love More Voices
JournalismClub: Fill out the form above to get ready for more Journalism next year!

PeoplefortheEthical TreatmentofAnimals

An Introduction to PETA

PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and I think everyone agrees with that sentiment. But there are some that still see monetary gain and exploitation from the animals of the world as a means to an end Everyday animals have to be rescued by PETA, and everyday thousands are.

There are many that are skeptical of the benefits PETA has to bring to the table. And rightfully so there are organizations that have hardly championed their message honestly. But PETA has an honorable goal they are trying to reach, and I’ve see their tireless efforts win out many times.

[GVA Star]


PETA: treat animals ethically and respectfully PETA goes beyond that They go boots on the ground to uncover unethical practices employed in animal-related businesses, such as cashmere harvesting, meat-making, and the pet market. They achieve much. In the very least opening eyes and convincing people to boycott until changes are made

As mentioned before, they also save many animals

There have been undercover PETA members who have saved suffering animals like birds, rodents and reptiles from popular pet stores across the world. They offer many ways that you yourself can be proactive in the mission without getting so involved

Some ways include going vegetarian/vegan, avoiding clothing made from animals and/or derived from them, avoiding chains or companies known to disregard, abuse, or taking advantage of animals.

Always keep an eye out for animals; we may not be able to understand them, but they are always thankful when we help and save them. Not only does doing this directly help animals, but it also helps in the fight against climate change* and helps the environment *

Examples of PETA’s Good Work

A dog named Kolyasik from Ukraine was rescued. He was in poor condition inside the war zone. Thankfully, a Ukranian soldier found him and contacted PETA-supported rescuers. Kolyasik‘s transformation is awe-inspiring. To read more about PETA‘s heroic efforts in Ukraine, visit: https://headlines peta org/ukraine-updates/#rescues Wally the dog was not doing well due to a severe case of mange. Fortunately for him and many other animals, PETA fieldworkers were able to nurse him back to health and was adopted. If you want to hear more about 2023 rescues like Wally, visit:


PETA has also has many victories over unethical corporations under their belt, too. Recently, they shut down a terrible dog blood bank and saved many dogs that were confined to life in a barren crate. To view more of these amazing triumphs, visit:

https://www peta org/about-peta/victories/ You don’t always have to plan a day of action to help animals in need or prevent an animal of becoming in need. It’s much easier than you think to help. Although it helps, it isn’t always necessary to completely change your habits to do good. To find out what brands you might already be familiar with are accidentally vegan, visit: https://www peta org/living/food/accidentally-vegan/


doesn’t discriminate; wild animals, farm animals, and companion animals are all helped


Hopefully this article, in the very least, has given you something to think about. It doesn’t have to be PETA to help an animal, and helping them is the most important thing surrounding this topic Not everything is terrible, either some zoos around the world are esteemed institutions that are integral to the conservation efforts that go on globally.

The Omaha Zoo in Nebraska, for example, have multiple highly endangered species such as tigers, rhinos, and elephants as part of their conservation programs. Institutions such as this also aim to educate people on the animal itself and what you can do to help. Again, hopefully this piece has given some food for thought.

PETA. https://www.peta.org/features/fight-climate-change-with-dietchange/#:~:text=Anyone%20who%20cares%20about%20the,times%20as%20many%20as%20vegans.


Student of the month for February-March



Alex D


Lucille A


Thalia C



Colton H


Jackson R Harrison H


Antonia M

Coconut Macaroons Recipe

You want something sweet, but you don’t have something ready. This dessert is the best. It only takes 30 - 45 min and it makes 20 servings.


14 ounces sweetened shredded coconut

14 ounces sweetened condensed milk

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

2 extra-large egg whites, at room temperature

1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Combine the coconut, condensed milk, and vanilla in a large bowl. Whip the egg whites and salt on high speed in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment until they make medium-firm peaks.

Carefully fold the egg whites into the coconut mixture. Drop the batter onto sheet pans lined with parchment paper using either a 1 3/4-inch diameter ice cream scoop, or 2 teaspoons. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, until golden brown. Cool and serve.

GVA Graduates 2024

Our Graduates After Diploma Completion Will


go on to....

The following students have either completed or have almost completed the requirements for graduation.


Claryssa A - USD 500

Tiffany A - USD 250

Jaden A - USD 204

Melissa B - USD 500

Antonia BM - USD 250

Karen B - USD 500

Aaron B - USD 475

Ethan B - USD 250

Thalia D "China" C - USD 500

Thalia N C - USD 500

Ana C - USD 500

Hunter C - USD 250

Emily C - USD 204

Daniel C - USD 202

Victoria C - USD 500

China D - USD 250

Keeba D - USD 475

Maria DR - USD 204

Yuridia DTV - USD 202

Tyler D - USD 500

Patricia EW - USD 500

Alyissa F - USD 500

Angela F - USD 202

Kivona G - USD 500

Jalisa G - USD 250

Alfredo G - USD 202

Kylan H - USD 500

Alexis H - USD 475

Meagan H - USD 202

Saray H - USD 500

Mercury H - USD 202

Shadiamond K - USD 500

Kobe K - USD 500

Alyssa K - USD 202

Priscilla M - USD 500

Nicole M - USD 202

Renee M - USD 500

Keri MW - USD 475




















Military WorkForce 2YearCollege 4YearUniversity


AMadison A - USD 377

Riley A - USD 261

Lourdesn A - USD 500

Sergio A - USD 470

Liana AD - USD 500

MarcusA - USD 500

AlakimA - USD 500

DellmenA - USD 500

DevinA - USD 500

Aiden A - USD 250

EmelinA - USD 500

Micheal A - USD 204

Julia A - USD 204

Robert (Carter) A - USD 345

Audrey A - USD 343

Samantha A - USD 470

AngelinaA - USD 500


Natthan B - USD 500

Ava B - USD 261

Jesus B - USD 500

Brandon B - USD 500

Davianna B - USD 261

Eric B - USD 343

Van B - USD 500

Brian B - USD 500

Tanner B - USD 404

Tucker B - USD 404

Evelyn B - USD 343

Jahvon B - USD 500

Makenna B - USD 101

Adam B - USD 343

Regi'na B - USD 500

Angel B - USD 500

Cristofer B - USD 261

Danielle B - USD 337

Faith B - USD 500

Myleah B - USD 500

Tanner B - USD 336

Amadahy B - USD 470

Shamia BW - USD 500

Mackenzie B - USD 500

JaKayla B - USD 203

Jarrelle B - USD 500

Giovanni B - USD 500

CChloe C - USD 345

Tanya C - USD 500

Breanna C - USD 470

Allie C- USD 499

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Harlie C - USD 500

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Domingo CR - USD 470

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Isabel C - USD 261

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Marco FF - USD 500

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Bhumika K - USD 500

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Genesis L - USD 261

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Mattea P - USD 333

Yaskin Aylin P - USD 500

Jason P - USD 500

Alexa P - USD 500

Anastasia P - USD 500

Jose Adrian PB - USD 500

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Alyssa P - USD 234

Benjamin P - USD 261

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Kinberlin RV - USD 500

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Kristina RM - USD 500

Aryana R - USD 500

Natalye R - USD 500

Dayana RG - USD 500

Esmeralda RV - USD 500

Lars R - USD 261

Keisy R - USD 204

Kristopher R - USD 456

UBrylee U - USD 345

Emma U - USD 368

Michelle UI - USD 500

Kimora W - USD 500

Emily W - USD 469

Dustin W - USD 500

Nathaniel W - USD 462

Farriah W - USD 500

Fre'erah W - USD 500

DeMario W - USD 500

Ciara W - USD 500

Joshua W - USD 500

Janiya W - USD 500

Ca'Rron W - USD 500

Dylan W - USD 348

Jaden W - USD 440

Emily W - USD 261

Jake W - USD 229

Chelsea W - USD 500

Day'a W - USD 500

Cayson W - USD 345

Montez W - USD 500

Telia W - USD 500

Mai Pata Y - USD 500

Jonathan Z - USD 500

Emily Z - USD 500

Amaiyiah Z - USD 362 S R P


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Being a journalism sponsor to these beautiful humans is one of my favorite things. I love helping students learn to express themselves through writing and providing opportunities for connection!

My other favorite things are my husband and my 8 tarantulas, 4 turtles, 2 cats and 1 lizard. Also, Ireland.

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Sources: Luebering,J.E.“PeriodsofAmericanLiterature.”Encyclopedia Britannica,www.britannica.com/list/periods-of-american-literature. Lorcher,Trenton,andTrentonLorcher.“AmericanLiterature: ColonialPeriod,1607-1783|ELACommonCoreLessonPlans.”ELA CommonCoreLessonPlans,Dec.2016, www.elacommoncorelessonplans.com/american-literature-colonialperiod-1607-1783.html.

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Wearecurrentlyintheprocessingofremodeling a1900seraBaptistChurchintoourdream “Chouse.”



Last November my father in law ( a Vietnam veteran) was honored with a memorial veteran’ s quilt. Last October we took a trip to Eureka Springs, AR so that pic was taken the Crescent Hotel which is supposedly haunted

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I’mJourneyC.!Ihavebeenthe2023-24editor-in-chiefoftheGVAStar. Ialso(sofar)havewrittenalloftheInterestPiques.Ilovevideogames, anime,drawing,readingandwriting,alongwithmusic.Myfavoritecolor isredandmyfavoritedrinkiscoconutwater.MyZodiacsignisAres. Ilikelywillhavemyfirstjobthissummeratmylocallibrary.

About Me

I’m a 6th grader. I live in overland park with my parents and older brother. This is my first year in journalism club. My hobbies include photography and baking. My favorite book series is One of Us is Lying. My favorite movie is Gran Turismo. I’m a first generation American. I know four languages. My favorite food is sushi. In journalism I get to use my creativity. In this role I interview people and get to learn from their perspective. I never get judged about my ideas and the team is very caring.

Hibba Q

Favorite Quote

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change
-Wayne Dyer

“Never stop chasing” -Reed Timmer-

Grace L.


Hello!IamGrace!I’min8thgrade, I’vebeeninthisjournalismclub forayear.Iliketodrawandcolor inmyfreetime.Ialsoliketoplay videogames.Ialsoloveanimeand motorcycles!


Myfavoritepetismy catdark,helikesto smotheryourneck. My favoriteanime characterisItachi.

GVA Star editorial board

Hibba Q


Emily Divis

Linda Prior

Cindy Nickelson

Susan O’Brian

about the cover

This image captures the perfect end of the year. When you see it, you think of celebrating. You have a right to celebrate for such in amazing year This is the perfect picture for any type of celebration I hope you enjoyed this final issue and hope you have an amazing summer

photo by Getti Images


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