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GB promo - Specialists in licensed and personalised promotional products GB promo offer officially licensed high quality products for promotional use, incorporating the biggest movie, sport, music, TV and gaming brands worldwide! GB promo can also create something amazing for your own personalised brand or promotion. GB promo’s offer is unique; your promotions can be too! Use GB promo products for; Promotions // Premiums // Cover Mounts // Gift With Purchase // Bespoke projects Use GB promo products to:

Add a Unique Selling Point to products or promotions Increase the visibility of your product or brand in store, online or at an event Create a higher perceived value Increase the impact and effectiveness of promotions Quality products at low prices GB promo is a bespoke branch of GB eye Ltd. By incorporating over 25 years of experience in the licensed products industry, GB promo is pleased to offer you quality products at competitive prices in line with GB eye’s ongoing success and growth. Experienced designers GB promo have a talented in-house design team who specialise in creating innovative designs from licensed images or unlicensed brand guidelines. Variety in finishes and packaging GB promo can not only offer you unique products, but is also experienced in providing various finishes and packaging for promotions, enabling them to be tailored to your needs in size, quality, variety and price. Delivery logistics GB promo understand that not every project is straight forward and is pleased to help you to look into the logistics of your promotion from concept to delivery to establish the best way forward within your required budget and time frame.

Product Range Posters // 3D Posters // Badges // Tattoos // Stickers // Prints // Framed Photographic // Canvas // Frames // Bespoke

Bespoke Formats and Finishes Mix and match products from GB eye’s standard range to create a fantastic promotional pack, or request something unique for an innovative promotion tailored to your requirements!



As well as offering standard product formats, GB promo can offer items in bespoke sizes and shapes to make your promotion exclusive! GB promo can produce fantastically different designs, from posters in a bespoke size, to extra large badges, square badges, 3D effect business cards, or collectable ranges for something special!

Folded posters are perfect to bag, use in a bundle offer, add as a cover mount, insert into DVDs and games, packaging or mail out! We can fold all poster sizes and work on creating a product that fits with your promotional needs. Cover mount

Folded & bagged poster

Small to large badges, round and square.

Folded poster inside envelope

Collectable Pack

Folded poster inside DVD case



Our merchandise and folded posters work perfectly when grouped together as a bundle. You can mix and match any products from the GB promo range to create the perfect pack for your promotion, bagged, shrink-wrapped, boxed or inserted into another product!

As well as decorative and gift products, GB promo produce items for a range of uses. 3D products can be food graded to create amazing cake-toppers; stickers and badges can be sold as interactive activity sets; bespoke products can create collectible and commemorative gifts, and high end products can be offered as prizes or limited edition prints.

Limited Edition

Prints; exclusive gift set High end Folded poster & merchandise bundle

Previous Promotions GWP Collect all 8 Posters

Argos & Disney’s Cars 2 A successful online and in store promotion for the UK’s largest general goods retailer Argos, offering a selection of 8 collectible poster designs as ‘gifts with purchase’ for a limited time only in association with the Disney’s Cars 2 Movie. The Daily Star, WH Smith & ‘The Muppets’ Movie A fun redeemable, ‘The Muppets’ Tattoo Pack promotion in connection with WH Smith, Daily Star on Sunday and Disney’s ‘The Muppets’ Movie cinema release.

Free Muppets Tattoo Pack

Xtra-vision with Barcelona FC & Star Wars Film and gaming retailer Xtra-vision utilised their interactive online social media channels by running competitions and pre-sale promotions, featuring fantastic licensed posters and badge sets, most recently with a great Messi Door Poster and Star Wars Poster and Badge sets in conjunction with the gaming releases of FIFA Street and Kinect Star Wars.

Social media competitions & promotions

Argos & Transformers Movie An innovative ‘Gift with Purchase’ offer of a folded 3D effect Poster and 3D Glasses set for the Transformers toy range available to customers purchasing Transformers toys in line with the Movie release.

GWP- 3D Poster & 3D Glasses Set

Mc Cambridge Group & Transformers Movie A ‘Special Edition’ Cake Topper promotion using a food graded 3D Lenticular Cake topper and incorporating the Transformers design for cake manufacturers McCambridge Group in line with the Movie release.

3D Poster Cake Topper

Batman ‘The Dark Knight’ & Warners An exclusive double sided poster promotion for HMV & Warners in line with ‘The Dark Knight’ Movie DVD release.

Double Sided Maxi Poster

Ben 10 & Cartoon Network/Turner Broadcasting System An international promotional give-away of Ben 10 Badge Packs for screenings of the ‘Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens’ Movie.

Ben 10 Badge Pack

Promotional // Premiums // Cover Mounts // GWP // Bespoke // Posters // 3D Posters // Merchandise // Prints // Canvas // Frames

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GB Promo Brochure  

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