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Green Star - Custom Everything you need to know


Green Star Custom – Everything you need to know

McDonald’s South Kilsyth 4 Star Green Star - Custom Design

Green Star Custom – Everything you need to know

Prior to 2003, most of Australia’s buildings were planned, designed and constructed to meet state based planning policies and minimum national building code standards. Australia’s property and construction industry was keen to go green, but developers had no green building assessment tools to apply to their projects, and no best practice benchmarks to help them assess their results. Enter Green Star, which has challenged the industry to improve environmental performance by going beyond building codes and taking an integrated, holistic approach to building design and construction. Since then, hundreds of offices, retail centres, schools and hospitals, multi unit residential dwellings, public buildings and industrial facilities have achieved Green Star ratings and reaped the benefits of Green Star certification.


Restaurants previously fell outside the scope of the Green Star rating system, so the collaboration with the GBCA now means that McDonald’s can join the league of Green Star leaders. We understand the importance of adopting environmentally friendly initiatives and procedures for the benefit of the communities in which we operate and are thrilled to achieve the first Green Star rating for a restaurant in the country. Howard Armitage South Kilsyth Restaurant Licencee McDonald’s Australia.

But what about those projects that are complex, specialised or require extra attention? With the introduction of Green Star - Custom, the Green Building Council of Australia’s new rating tool development service, projects of any use, type or complexity can now apply to achieve a Green Star rating.

McDonald’s South Kilsyth 4 Star Green Star - Custom Design

WHY CHOOSE GREEN STAR? There are many benefits to achieving a Green Star certified rating for your project. Green Star allows you to: Obtain independent, third-party verification A Green Star rating gives your project the independent, third-party verification you need to demonstrate that you’ve met or even exceeded best practice benchmarks across a range of environmental criteria. A Green Star rating not only provides proof that you live up to your environmental claims, but can also foster confidence in your product or service. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability across eight holistic environmental benchmarks A Green Star rating can help you to demonstrate commitment and accountability across eight environmental impact categories. Your Green Star rating is proof that your company cares about the environment and is committed to operating sustainably.

Chadstone West Mall

5 Star Green Star – Retail Centre Design v1

Work with the industry-leading sustainability rating system Green Star is designed for Australia’s unique conditions and is widely-recognised across the Australian property and construction industry. Hundreds of projects have achieved Green Star ratings, with many more registered for certification. Companies, consultants, builders, owners, tenants, students, patients, homeowners and governments are increasingly turning to Green Star as a proven method of achieving better results for the buildings they own and occupy.

Green Star Custom – Everything you need to know

Demonstrate leadership A Green Star rating is a clear expression of your commitment to sustainable building practices. Increasingly, people around the world are perceiving sustainable buildings as the only ethical choice – and corporations, governments and community organisations with Green Starrated buildings benefit from these perceptions through community pride, satisfaction and wellbeing. By integrating Green Star principles into your projects, you’ll leave your community with a lasting legacy of your sustainable leadership. Gain competitive advantage A Green Star rating can deliver a competitive edge in today’s crowded marketplace. The BCI Green Building Market Report (2008) found that one of the main drivers for committing to sustainable building was the competitive advantage of green projects. A Green Star rating can enhance not only the marketability of your project, but that of your entire organisation. Realise higher returns Green Star-rated buildings deliver consistently higher returns on investment than their nonGreen Star counterparts.

The achievement of a high Green Star rating in the new office market has been perceived by the office developers as an essential part of marketing to attract long term tenants, preserve the value of the office and provide healthier environments for the building’s occupants. Green Road to Property, Davis Langdon, 2011

The Building Better Returns report (2011), published by the Australian Property Institute and Property Funds Association, found that Green Star-rated buildings are delivering a 12 per cent ‘green premium’ in value and a five per cent premium in rent. According to IPD’s research manager, Peter McGuinness: “lower cap rates… indicate that Green Star-rated assets have less investment risk.” Save money Green Star-rated buildings and communities are good long-term investments, delivering savings on energy and water costs year after year.


Chadstone Shopping Centre 5 Star Green Star – Shopping Centre PILOT


Green Star Custom – Everything you need to know

Attract tenants and buyers Tenants and buyers are increasingly demanding Green Star-rated buildings to ‘future proof’ their businesses against escalating energy and water prices, help them attract and retain top talent, and to demonstrate that corporate social responsibility starts at home.

Retain and attract staff Attracting and retaining talented employees is vital to any business’ success – and working within a Green Star-rated building is an attractive employee benefit. Future proof assets Governments and large corporate organisations are increasingly incorporating green principles into their property ownership or tenancy requirements, and a number of state governments have already mandated minimum Green Star benchmarks for their office buildings – with similar mandates expected to follow for other building types. Obtaining a Green Star rating now can help you to future-proof your building and your business for changes in the market and regulatory environment. Daniel Grollo, Chief Executive of Australia’s largest privately-owned development, funds management and construction company, told the Australian Financial Review in 2011 “it is a liability to have too few Green Stars.” Increase capacity Seeking and achieving Green Star ratings can increase the capacity and skills of the local supply chain.

Surf Coast Shire Civic Building

5 Star Green Star – Office Design v3 Photography: Tremayne Atwell

Victoria’s Surf Coast Shire, for instance, is leading the way for regional local governments with its new 5 Star Green Star – Office Design v3 Civic Building. Building contractor, Cockram Construction Projects Limited, used local subcontractors for 70 per cent of the work, providing a boost for the local economy, and equipping the local workforce with the green skills and experience needed for the region’s future.

Green Star Custom – Everything you need to know


WHAT IS Green Star - Custom? Green Star - Custom is the GBCA’s new member-exclusive rating tool development service. Through the Green Star - Custom process we work with your project team to adapt Green Star to suit your project(s). Using your customised rating tool, you can register your project(s) for Green Star assessment or use your specialised rating tool for internal benchmarking purposes to improve sustainability outcomes across your portfolio. The Green Star - Custom rating tool development process ensures that your rating tool meets the high standard of performance common to existing Green Star rating tools, while ensuring that the environmental impacts that are specific to your project(s) are also identified and addressed. There are many great advantages to developing a rating tool through Green Star - Custom: You’ll get a rating tool to suit your needs Your rating tool will be customised specifically for your project(s). It will allow you to use your own documentation and procurement practices, where possible modelling requirements will be minimised, and the finished rating tool will reflect your design intent and methodology.

You’ll gain specialised support The Green Star - Custom team will give you one-on-one guidance throughout the rating tool development process, helping you to achieve the best possible outcomes for your project and your business. You’ll shape your customised rating tool The Green Star - Custom process allows you to bring your entire project team together to provide input, and shape a Green Star tool that’s right for your asset class. You’ll fast track your team’s understanding of Green Star The Green Star - Custom team will work with your team to ensure they understand how to apply Green Star, ensuring you get the best possible certification outcomes.


Green Star Custom – Everything you need to know

Stockland Retirement Living has been really impressed with the Green Star - Custom development process. Being able to bring a project team together that included internal stakeholders like design, development, operations, marketing and sales along with consultants such as architects to provide input and shape a tool that is appropriate for our asset class was invaluable. It fast tracked the understanding our team has of Green Star and, really importantly, created a sense of ownership over the tool. Ramana James National Sustainability Manager, Retirement Living Stockland

Which projects are eligible? The Green Star - Custom rating tool development service is available to all current GBCA members. A rating tool can be developed for: • a single project in a specific location (such as a mixed use development in Sydney);

Green Star can be customised for any building or fitout for example: • large healthcare facilities; • industrial warehouses; • laboratories; • mining villages; • retirement living villages; • retail tenancies and fitouts; • mixed-use projects; • hotels or resorts; and • data centres. The selection for Green Star - Custom is based on: • your company’s GBCA membership status; • the timing of your development schedule. The development of a Green Star - Custom rating tool must be completed within 12 months of being selected. The Green Star - Custom rating tool development service is only open to a select number of GBCA members at any one time, so if you are interested in being involved, please contact us to discuss your timelines. Deliverables At the end of the Green Star - Custom process, your project team will receive your customised rating tool package which includes a: • Green Star - Custom Technical Manual;

• a project type in a specific location (such as visitor centre in a state’s national park); or

• Green Star - Custom Rating Tool Scorecard; and

• a project type across Australia (such as a clothing store fitout, or an industrial warehouse).

• Green Star - Custom Calculators, and Calculator Guides.

Green Star Custom – Everything you need to know

Participating in Green Star - Custom The Green Star - Custom tool development service is exclusively available to GBCA member organisations. If you’re interested in being involved, or would like to know more about becoming a member of the GBCA, please contact us.


Fees The fee for participating in Green Star - Custom varies depending on project type. A fee estimate can be given upon request. The Green Star Custom fee includes the development of your specialised Green Star rating tool but does not include certification fees for any subsequent Green Star rating assessments.

Metcash NSW Distribution Centre 4 Star Green Star – Industrial Design v1


Green Star Custom – Everything you need to know

THE RATING TOOL DEVELOPMENT PROCESS OVERVIEW The development timeline for your Green Star - Custom rating tool is between eight - 16 weeks, depending on a scope and complexity of your project. The rating tool development process is detailed within the Green Star - Custom Handbook and can be summarised as follows: Selection Upon expressing interest your project team will receive a copy of the Rating Tool Development Agreement and Scope of works. Workshop Once this Agreement is signed, a workshop will be organised with you and your project team to discuss and identify the unique aspects of your project. The workshop allows the Green Star - Custom team to determine which existing Green Star credits best address the issues relevant to your project, and lay out a plan for the development of any new credits that may be required for your rating tool. Development After the workshop, the Green Star - Custom team will assemble a first draft of your rating tool’s technical manual. This first draft will be delivered to you within two weeks of the workshop. Feedback Your project team will have the opportunity to provide their feedback on this draft which will inform the development of your rating tool’s calculators, scorecard and calculator guides.

Approval Upon completion of the Green Star - Custom rating tool development process, your draft rating tool will be peer reviewed by a member of the Green Star Independent Assessment Panel. Any feedback from the peer reviewer will be addressed in consultation with your project team before your rating tool is finalised and submitted for final approval. Once we’ve worked with you to develop a Green Star - Custom rating tool, it is exclusively available for your use. The rating tool cannot be used by other organisations, as your rating tool is adapted to your unique project type, documentation requirements and site conditions.

We’re pleased to be setting benchmarks and leading innovation in the retirement industry. This is a great opportunity for Stockland to further demonstrate its support for sustainable planning, design and construction David Pitman Chief Executive Officer Stockland Retirement Living

Green Star Custom – Everything you need to know

Having met with the GBCA we realised there wasn’t an appropriate Green Star rating tool that accommodated our vision for loop and the buildings within the sustainable community we are developing in the heart of the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets. After working with the GBCA, we can now obtain Green Star certification for loop and realise our vision of sustainable mixed-use developments supporting urban density Maria Efkarpidis Managing Director Rock Development Group


NEXT STEPS Interested in participating in Green Star - Custom? • Find out more by completing the Green Star - Custom online module, or train your whole team on Green Star - Custom by organising an In-House course. • Request a copy of the Green Star - Custom Handbook – your guide to Green Star - Custom. • Contact us to discuss how Green Star can be customised just for you: Jorge Chapa Manager - Green Star Development (02) 8239 6200


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Green Star - Custom: Everything you need to know  

Green Star – Custom is a revolutionary new Green Star rating tool development service allowing GBCA member companies to build specialised, e...

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