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Township of Ocean Historical Museum 163 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst New Jersey 07755 (732) 531-2136

February 10, 2004 Volume 19, No. 1

Calendar Tuesday, February 24

Annual Meeting,

7:15 p.m.

Auditorium, Old Oakhurst Schoolhouse. Dave Kochel, Township Manager, will give our members an update on the status of the Woolley House. Mark your calendar for this important date.

Saturday, May 1

Spring Tea

Seating 12:30 – 2:30 p.m.

West Park Recreation Center

Tuesday, May 25

Ocean Township History Slide Show

7:15 p.m.

Old Oakhurst School Auditorium

Monday, May 31 September

Memorial Day Parade 20th Anniversary Dinner

(date to be announced)

Notes DUES

Our recent dues notice encouraged approximately half of our members to promptly send in their 2004 dues. It was heartwarming to open the mail and see that SEVEN OF OUR MEMBERS ARE NOW BENEFACTORS, ($100.00) AND THAT 30 ARE PATRONS, ($25.00). PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE NOT YET PAID YOUR DUES, DO SO TODAY AND SAVE YOUR MUSEUM THE POSTAGE FOR A SECOND NOTICE. Dues are: Individual/Household, $10.00; Patron, $25.00, Benefactor, $100.00 _________________________________________________________________________


All 3rd grade classes in Ocean Township are taken on an historic tour of the township with Marge Edelson early in the school year. The bus tour is followed later with a visit to our museum where they learn more about our history. A big thank you to our docents: Joan Berzansky, Lois Landis, Maryann Farry, Lesley Dorsett, Ann Stiles, Peggy Dellinger, Kathy Parratt, Marge Edelson, and Ginny Richmond. A warm welcome and thank you to Toby Kochel who has recently volunteered to be our newest 3rd grade museum docent. We encourage more of our members to come forward and volunteer in some area of our museum.

DECEMBER “Before the Malls: Shopping in Asbury Park” 2003 EXHBIT You may remember that our December exhibit weekend was snowy. However our exhibit was a success largely due to many of our dedicated members. Raffle sales topped all other years with total sales of 3,656 tickets! Again, thanks to Jim and Felicia Serano for sponsoring our tickets.

Thank you to each and every member who sold or bought raffle tickets; many of our members sold multiple books. A special thank you goes to the 19 members who sat at various grocery stores, Boscovs, craft shows, and Archives Day selling raffle tickets. We had 54 time slots to fill and 19 people did it all. We hope some new faces will join us in 2004. We did have some new members who baked goodies for our sale and who helped during the exhibit. And of course, we will not forget our dedicated quilters who work all year to produce our annual quilt and crafts. The exhibit committee put together a professional, nostalgic exhibit under the able direction of Peggy Dellinger. Thanks to each member who did his or her part to make our major fund-raiser a big success. Our exhibit and the presentations by the Ocean Township Intermediate School Forensic Team was videotaped by our new Ocean’s 77 TV Channel. These videos were featured for a couple of weeks on our township’s Ocean 77. We encourage those of you who have cablevision to tune in frequently for new programs, messages, and township news. Larry Iverson, Administrative Assistant, Township of Ocean, and his mostly volunteer staff are doing a great job.

20th ANNIVERSARY KICK OFF CELEBRATION Our anniversary cake we shared with members & guests in Oct. 2003 at the kick-off of our 20th anniversary. (1983-2003) Our celebration continues this year with SPRING TEA SAT, MAY 1, WEST PARK RECREATION CENTER SEATING FROM 12:30 – 2:30 Craft & quilt items & spring flowers for sale $15.00 per ticket $50.00 for table of 4 Advance sales only Make plans now to celebrate spring with a relaxing pot of tea at the Museum’s, “Spring Tea.” Circle Sat., May 1st on your calendar and encourage your friends to join you for a delightful “stress break.” Co-chairmen Katy and Lesley Dorsett and their committee will prepare gourmet teas, finger sandwiches and delectable desserts. There will be unique crafts and gifts, and spring flowers for sale just in time for Mother’s Day. The committee is looking for volunteers to bake (recipes provided) and help serve. If possible, reserve Friday, Apr. 30 to help make finger sandwiches at Lesley’s house. They also need to borrow card tables, teapots, tea sets for 4, sugar & creamers, and 3 tier pie racks. Also needed are sets of flatware—spoons, knives etc. Do you have any that you could donate permanently to our Museum? Call Katy at 732-222-5289 or Lesley at 732-229-0510. _________________________________________________________________________


Memorial brick orders and money continues to come in and has been placed in an interest bearing account for future use at the Woolley House. To date approximately $11,000 has been received in brick orders. Bricks sell for $100.00 each. Call the Museum for order forms. Phone number is 732-531-2136 _________________________________________________________________________

OCEAN TWP Mark your calendar, bring your friends, and come to our slide show depicting the history of HISTORY Ocean Township. This event is scheduled for May 25 at 7:15pm in the Old Oakhurst School SLIDE SHOW Auditorium. Refreshments will be served.


OUR In November our playhouse was scraped and newly painted along with the surrounding fence. HISTORIC Since that time, the two signs explaining its origin and the origin of the small brick walkway PLAYHOUSE have also been restored. The signs will be hung again when the weather improves.

2004-02 - TOHM Newsletter  

Newsletter of the Township of Ocean Historical Museum.

2004-02 - TOHM Newsletter  

Newsletter of the Township of Ocean Historical Museum.