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Booster Shots Now Available from Pfizer

October 25, 2021

Garvey Elects new ASB Officers as in-person learning resumes

Zeny Tran ___________________ The CDC has reported that recipients of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine can now receive booster shots, and that further doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine are recommended for health care workers, teachers, and other at-risk professions. Citizens who are six months out since their last dose of the Pfizer vaccine are now eligible for booster shots if they fall into one of three high-risk categories: one, being 65 or older, two, having a medical condition that puts you at a higher risk of Covid, and three, working in an environment with a high exposure of Covid. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients are not yet eligible for the booster shot because the vaccines have not been approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, the Food and Drug Administration is working as swiftly as possible with the intention of making booster recommendations for Moderna and J&J recipients in the coming weeks.

Pfizer boosters are now available, with CVS Health reporting on Friday that roughly 6,000 of its stores have begun scheduling appointments for the Pfizer vaccine’s third dose. Those who opt for the booster shot, however, will be required to self-certify their eligibility as defined by public health experts, as well as have received Pfizer’s initial two doses, according to CVS. According to the CA Department of Health, as of September 29 in California, the age group that is at the highest risk of death from COVID-19 is 80 years and older (25,889 deaths). The age group that is at the lowest risk of death from COVID is 17 years and younger (37 deaths/ 40 million people.

Students return to school after over a year of at home distance learning. Face masks are required at all times.

Havon Ha & Staff _________________ On September 10, during seventh-period, nearly 500 students voted in the ASB Election through Google Forms. Eighth grade Mustangs elected Havon Ha for president, Connor Cheung for vice president, Safia Young for secretary, Jessica S for treasurer, and Jordan Murrieta and Zhao Yu Yao for eighth-grade directors. The seventh-grade students elected Aidan Andrews, Grace Chan, Dylan Duong, and Uma Sofia Rizo for

seventh-grade directors. The ballots were counted by election organizers Ms. Ngeth (ASB Advisor) and Ms. McDonald (Asst. Principal). To be an engaging, upbeat, successful school, a school campus needs a strong administration and student leaders who are willing to support the student body and serve as role models for their fellow peers. That is exactly why Garvey Intermediate is preparing for ASB elections on September 10th, in a hurry to pull together a board of exceptional leaders to serve the

students throughout the 2021-2022 school year. There are many students who are interested in running for an ASB position. Each of these candidates will need to undergo a rigorous application process which includes meeting application academic requirements and collecting numerous signatures from teachers and peers. Once the candidates are approved to run, they will need to write a speech, declaring why they are the best candidate for the position. ♞ visit for full article ♞

Growing Closer to my Family During a Pandemic Linda Xie _____________________

Like this bizarre year, this summer was just as unusual. Even though I didn't do much and just stayed at home, I found it really comforting and interesting. I mainly just stayed at home and watched K-dramas while painting or drawing digitally. The thing I liked the best this year was that I got to spend more time with my family. One of my fondest memories of this summer was going to the park with my family. After dinner, my whole family went out to the park and we played basketball. No, we didn't actually play basketball seriously because I have no idea what the rules are, but we were just fooling around. My siblings and I also wanted

Linda Xie (‘22) and her brother enjoy family day in Santa Barbara (by Linda Xie)

to get Boba Ave 8090, so we split into Team Mom and Team Dad and whoever lost would have to pay for the drinks. We were laughing so much that our tummies hurt. We played for about an hour before we became so exhausted and thirsty. At last, our team lost (Team Mom) so my mom had to pay for the boba. Although this memory seems sort of irrelevant and might not be the most interesting, I think that it’s these small special moments that make life worth living. I just like seeing other people smile and on this occasion, my entire family was smiling and no one was arguing. I definitely grew so much closer to my family and learned some more things about them.

“The summer of 2021 was a summer that I'll remember for the rest of my life. I hung out with my friends and family and visited places I've never been to before.” Fiona Wang

“I went to Las Vegas to see family and celebrated my birthday with my cousins at a waterpark.” Lexie Flores

“During the summer I got to see family members who live far away. We went to the mall and shopped for clothes.” Jordyn Roberson


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NEWS Oct 25, 2021

Twenty Years after 9/11 America Remembers the Fallen

SpaceX Inspiration4 safely returns to Earth Jayleen Azpeitia __________________________

The Starbucks in Rancho Cucamonga honors the fallen heroes of Afghanistan, including Los Osos High School graduate, Marine Lance CPL Dylan Merola (provided by Mustang Staff)

Katelyn Lee & Julianne Tan ____________________

In 2001 Al-Qaeda terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York in a coordinated aircraft hijacking, consisting of crashing airplanes into three separate key targets along the East Coast.Tragically, two planes were deliberately flown into the Twin Towers in New York, causing them to collapse and kill numerous Americans. As a way to memorialize this event survivors, the nation’s leaders, and news organizations used social media platforms to commemorate a day that forever changed America. This year is the

Dodger defeat Giants in a Historic Victory Rennie Chi

__________________ Baseball fans, specifically Dodgers fans, are all too familiar with the hated San Francisco Giants and the intense but entertaining rivalry between the two National League West competitors. The first time they faced each other was all the way back in 1890 when the Dodgers were called the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Giants were the New York Giants. The Giants are leading the face to face game rivalry having defeated the Dodgers 721 times and losing 670 times. They have tied 17 times in their long baseball history. The rivalry between the Dodgers and the Giants can be considered one of the greatest sport rivalries of all time. 2021 is a special year for both teams, because it is actually the first

20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. Recent presidents like Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and current President Joe Biden attended the 20th Anniversary commemoration. They visited downtown Manhattan, the field in Shanksville where United Flight 93 crashed, and the Pentagon. According to The New York Times, over 3,000 lives were lost in the Al-Qaeda terrorist attack, including killings at the Pentagon and United Flight 93, where the heroics of Todd Beamer, Tom Burnett, and Jeremy Glick crashed the plane into an empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania instead of its potential target: the White House. On this 20th Anniversary

time they met in a winner- takesall postseason game. Retired hall of fame broadcaster, Vin Scully tweeted that Game 5 of the NLDS was the most important game between the two ball clubs. The Boys in Blue defeated the Giants to win the series to the joy of thousands of Dodger faithful. In LA there are many families that have split loyalties. Julissa Avalos is a huge Dodger fan, while her husband, Anthony Avalos, is a big Giants fan. Their home gets ugly when the teams play each other. Though their political views are identical, there are some very glaring differences between SoCal and Norcal. Los Angeles is home to Hollywood and the entertainment industry and music, and incredible tacos and dim sum, along with stunning sunsets along the beach. San Francisco is home to Silicon Valley and Google, Apple, Facebook, and other mega high-tech companies. Most of the year it is foggy and sweater

of the attack, many Americans took extra time to pause in moments of silence to remember family members, friends, and fellow Americans who were impacted by this terrible event. At the memorials across the nation, family members of the victims read the names of their loved ones who were killed during the attacks. Today a 9/11 memorial site at ground zero New York pays tribute to the lost lives of the terrorist attack. Thousands of Americans visit the memorial every year to honor the fallen. President Biden believed that 9/11 showed us, "that at our most vulnerable ... unity is our greatest strength.”

SpaceX’s Inspiration4 travelled 367 miles above Earth, making history as the farthest any non-astronaut civilian crew has traveled from Earth. 38-year-old billionaire and certified pilot Jared Isaacman, funded the flight with $220 million of his own money. Also on the crew was Hayley Areceneau, a physician assistant and bone cancer survivor. From space, the Inspiration4 crew spoke with actor Tom Cruise about exploring space and using the flight to fundraise for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The Inspiration4 was 100 miles above the International Space Station, making more than 15 orbits around planet Earth. Their journey was live-streamed through video conference, where viewers could see the crew somersault in the cabin. On Twitter, Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon posted “the world is inspired by the recent entrepreneurial, exceptional, tireless efforts for the furtherance of Human SpaceFlight. I am with you in thoughts and spirit.” After three days in space, the Dragon capsule splashed down off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida. The crew gathered key medical information on how their bodies reacted to zero gravity. Isaacman pledged to give $100 million to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and SpaceX owner, Elon Musk, promised an additional $50 million to St. Jude.

Fans wave rally towels (Provided by NY Times)

weather suited for Ghirardelli hot cocoa and clam chowder. The Dodgers victory over the hated Giants was tempered by a devastating defeat to the Atlanta Braves in the NLCS. The Dodgers will have to watch the Braves play the other hated orange team, the Astros, in this year’s 2021 World Series.

Gas Prices are now $4.46 in LA Mustang Staff

The average price of a gallon of regular, self-serve gasoline in Los Angeles County is currently $4.46, according to CBS Los Angeles. This is the most expensive gas price so far for 2021. In fact, drivers are paying more for gas now than they have in the past nine years. AAA spokesperson, Jeanette McGee claims that the rising costs at the pump are due to rising global oil prices around the world.

Far left: Temperatures for the week of October 17 in Rosemead (by AccuWeather) Left: The Dow Jones shows steady growth, rising from 34,200 to 35,294 from April 2021 to October 2021 (courtesy of Yahoo Finance)

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NEWS Oct 25, 2021

Indoor dining in the cafeteria is forbidden during school hours

Eyes on the Prize: Players battle to be Champions

Selina Tang __________________________

Due to COVID safety measures, the cafeteria dining room is closed to students during regular hours. Students can pick up their school breakfast in the morning and eat in the outdoor dining area under the metal roof and white plastic canopies. Only four students can sit together at one table, while remaining six feet apart during the dining periods of breakfast and lunch. Incidentally, the cafeteria is open to students enrolled in the after school Woodcraft Rangers program. Pizzabolis, chicken smackers, and taco nadas are among the favorite selections for students. Entrees are served with fresh fruit and vegetables and your Alex Chen (‘22) leaps for a rebound in the Championship match on Thursday (by Alvin Giang)

Alvin Giang & Brandon Phan ____________________ Beginning Monday, October 4, students represented their Period 1 classes and competed for the title of Intramural Basketball Champion. Two separate conferences played simultaneously during eighth- grade lunch and seventh- grade lunch. The format is single- elimination with wild card exceptions as determined by Ms. McDonald and Ms. Liza. This means if a team wins, it advances, if the team loses it may be eliminated from the tournament, unless they are placed in the wild card game by officials. Ms. McDonald and Ms. Liza will serve as game officials,while ASB officers will serve as score- keepers. The first team to score 11 points

A Message from Principal Alarcon Mr. Alarcon

__________________ Hello, my name is David Alarcon and I’m the principal of Garvey Intermediate School. I grew up in Rosemead and it is a pleasure to serve the community in which I grew up. I have been principal at Garvey Intermediate School for over the last two years, however, I’ve made a home in the Garvey School District for over 19 years. I am proud to lead such an excellent teaching staff that creates a welcoming, supportive environment for all students to excel. We provide numerous after school enrichment and competitive programs such as

or more points than their opponent when time expires will win the game. All baskets will count as 1 point. Fouls will be called by the players themselves based on the honor system. Each team must have one female player or they will only be allowed three players. Tournament champions will win a champions t-shirt, a champion’s trophy, and treats for champions. The Tamuranators were crowned Intramural Champions for eighth-grade in a controversial match that came down to the final seconds. Tamura captain, Eian Nery, celebrated with fellow team mates Connor Cheung and Jonathan Flores on the outdoor court. The opposing Dollar Tree team captain, Tarah Cazun, expressed frustration about the

decision by game officials to remove the top players from Dollar Tree in the middle of the game. Seventh-grade stars Henry Liu and Kayden Nguyen led the Manciwees to a victory over a scrappy Zaitian squad. Winning Team Records Grade 8 – Tamuranators (2-1), Dollar Trees (2-1) Grade 7 – Manciwees (3-0), Zaitians (2-1) Tamuranators: Eian Nery, Connor Cheung, Jon Flores, Susana Qui+ Dollar Trees: Tarah Cazun, Alex Chen, Nathan Noyola + Manciwees: Henry Liu, Kayden Nguyen, Nicholas Ruybalid +

choice of chocolate milk (fat-free) or regular milk. Mai Truong (’22) complimented the Garvey pizza giving it an 8/10 rating, however, Audrey Tamanaha was not as generous. “5 out of 10,” she remarked. Allisson Sanchez commended the staff for doing their best to provide nutritious meals for the student body, but she said that she was not the biggest fan of the Garvey cuisine. ​Allisson was not the only one who lacked enthusiasm for the school food at Garvey. “It seems that most students eat the school lunches here only to stay energized, rather than for the taste. If school lunches were more enticing, more students would be eager to eat them,” said Reyna Guan (’22) “The food here is always hit or miss,” remarked Shayla Tran. Perhaps a new school year will bring new enthusiasm for the meals at Garvey.

Associated Student Body, Science Club, Music Club, Drama Club, Cooking Club, History Day, Math Field Day, and our new competitive Robotics Club. At Garvey Intermediate, we try to build relationships with all of our students. We help support students so that they can learn in a safe environment through our PBIS and Safe School Ambassadors programs. Garvey Intermediate boasts a dedicated faculty that challenges students to excel via a rigorous, standards-based curriculum. Electives in music, the visual arts and computers and our outstanding physical education program provide a well-rounded education to the students of Garvey Intermediate School. In

addition, Garvey offers extended day tutoring opportunities, a variety of clubs that meet after school and extended library hours. We have an active associated student body, noontime organized sports and a character

sports and a character development program that provides service to the school. Please visit the various sites - if you have any questions about Richard Garvey Intermediate School. (Written in 2019) Above: Inside the school cafeteria (by ZhaoYu Yao)

My Favorite entree on the School Menu is:

“Definitely the chicken smackers. They are finger smacking good!” Brandon Phan

“Not gonna lie, I actually look forward to the corn dogsthey are a hearty treat” Keith Bach

“Pizzabolis are quite good - 4 out of 5 stars (chef’s kiss)” Grace Chan

“Honestly, I wouldn’t know. I bring my own lunch every day” Reyna Guan


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FEATURES Oct 25, 2021

Spooky Movies for a fantastically frightful Halloween

Halloween Time delivers thrills at Disneyland

Mustang Staff ___________________ Dressing up in bizarre costumes and COVID safe trick or treating is back again. Here at The Jackson Street Journal, students are nostalgic about favorite Halloween movies to get them in the mood for the season of fall surprises. Here are some of our Halloween favorites for your consideration:

Hocus Pocus (1993) Bette Middler, Sarah Jessica Parker

Halloweentown (1998) Debbie Reynolds, Judith Hoag

Hotel Transylvania (2012) Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez

Caspar (1995) Ghostbusters (1984)

Jack O Lanterns have taken over the Haunted Mansion (provided by Lexie Flores)

Lexie Flores _________________

Pumpkin Goofy and Minnie greet guests in Anaheim

Disneyland’s Halloween Time kicked off on September 3rd and the thrills will continue until October 31. The world famous Anaheim theme park is decorated in leafy fall colors and spooky ghoulish decorations. Many of the family friendly rides are re-themed to fit the October holiday and they look fantastic. For instance, The Haunted Mansion ride is now filled with characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, creating a more fun and engaging park attraction.

Thriller - Michael Jackson

Bottom left: YouTube Gamer PewdiePie’s first take on Squid Game (by Dexerto)

Monster Mash - Bobby Picket This is Halloween - Danny Elfman (Nightmare Before Christmas)

In Love with a Monster - Fifth Harmony

Katelyn Lee & Staff

According to CNBC, this year the TikTok platform reached 1 billion active users, but still trails Facebook in user count. In June, President Biden revoked and replaced President Trump’s executive orders that banned TikTok in the US. This year the TikTok videos with the most views included video clips from social media influencers like Charlie D'Amelio (126M followers), Addison Rae, and Zach King. In honor of Halloween, musician Halsey cosplayed as Lord Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender, posting her face paintings on Twitter and other platforms. YouTube gamer PewdiePie accused the Netflix series Squid Game of plagiarizing from anime shows. Dexerto’s Brent Koepp reports that Pewds asked, “Why is no one talking about how Squid Game is

Bottom right: The Omegalul, PepeHands, and Kekw emotes continue to rank highest among Twitch users (by FrankerFaceZ) Bottom middle: Halsey cosplays as Lord Azula (by Halsey)

Remember Me - Miguel


They tried to make conversation with fans from a safe six feet away. At night is when Disneyland lights up and really becomes beautiful. I visited the Haunted Mansion attraction again at night, with the colorful lights draped around the mansion and glowing pumpkins and jack o’lanterns everywhere. There were tombstones with funny names on them and it just made for a very memorable day at the happiest place on earth.

Left: Jack & Sally by Camilla Rodriguez (‘23)

Halloween Songs that Howl

Trending on Social Media

The Disney imagineers updated the ride music and sound effects to produce a real authentic Halloween vibe. Around Disneyland, I spotted Jack and Sally standing outside of an attraction. Sally looked just like she did in the movie, but Jack fell short of impressive. During a normal year, visitors would be allowed photographs with the Disneyland characters, but due to the COVID Delta variant, photos with characters are not permitted. Jack and Sally and other Halloween ghouls waved at their fans and posed for pictures from afar.

like ripping off all these animes. Kaiji and Liar Game, ain’t nothing new! Right?!” TikTok influencer Bella Poarch will be the new face of HyperX’s Quadcast S Microphone. In August Poarch released her “Inferno” music video starring numerous streamers including Valkyrae, Pokimane, Tommyinnit, Lily Pichu, and Quarterjade. Mike Tyson stated that he might consider fighting Logan Paul if offered Floyd Mayweather money (around $100 million). This summer Paul lost to Mayweather in an entertaining exhibition fight where Paul boasted of his mint condition Charizard card valued at $1M. Schools across California were warned about the Devious Licks pranks promoted on TikTok, where students tried to steal from and prank teachers and staff. At Garvey, one teacher’s doorstop was reported to be stolen, but later returned.

Above: Logan Paul steps into the ring with a mint condition Charizard card. (by Logan Paul) Left: Lord Cheems devious licks the Earth (by Lord Cheems)

FEATURES Oct 25, 2021 Chang’e and the Moon Festival Julie Phan

Jackson Street Journal


The Summer of 2021 Students look back fondly at a summer of slowly returning to normal life again

__________________________ In China, during the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节 Zhōng qiū jié) people celebrate by gathering for dinners, worshiping and admiring the moon, lighting lanterns, and eating mooncakes. The celebration date of the Mid-Autumn Festival can be different every year. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 21, 2021, when the moon is at its brightest. Eating mooncakes is one way to celebrate the Moon Festival. Mooncakes can either be baked or fried and filled with various numbers of sweet pastes including red bean paste, lotus seed paste, black sesame, mixed nuts, coconut, and egg yolks. There is a popular myth told during the Mid-Autumn Festival that goes like this: Long ago, there were ten suns in the sky. It was always sunny and there was no such thing as night. The ten suns made the weather extremely hot, and due to the extreme heat it was impossible to farm crops which endangered populations. One day, a skilled archer named Hou Yi (后羿) shot down nine suns leaving only one sun. The goddess Xiwangmu (西王母) rewarded Hou Yi with a pill of immortal life. If Hou Yi consumed the pill, it would make him immortal and live forever. Hou Yi felt conflicted and didn’t want to leave his beautiful wife Chang’e, so he decided to hide the pill under his bed. One night, Chang’e had found the pill and consumed it herself. Hou Yi woke up and realized his wife was nowhere to be found. Hou Yi went outside only to see Chang’e floating up towards the moon. Chang’e became the goddess of the moon and Hou Yi was left alone and miserable on Earth. From that day forth, he would often stare up at the moon and leave out his wife’s favorite desserts and fruits. He performed this ritual until the day he died.

A relaxing July afternoon in Hermosa Beach with friends (provided by Reyna Guan)

Rennie Chi _________________ Surprisingly, this summer of 2021 has been relatively peaceful, filled with mostly peaks, but also some valleys. One highlight of my summer was being able to visit my friends after such a long period of separation and isolation. Seeing friends in real life and being with family topped the list of enjoyable moments this summer. Our family made a trip to Avalon, Catalina Island where we went parasailing, riding golf carts along a cliff, and zip-lining. Despite the pandemic, I was able to keep healthy as I had to walk my dog, Clover, on a daily basis

around my neighborhood. My dog enjoys running on the grass more than anything, so we'd always take him to the park and play fetch. Another enjoyable aspect of the months leading up to school was staying up late at night and sleeping in during the mornings. Even though I love my family, sometimes they would get on my nerves. For instance, my eight-year old brother would rather throw a temper tantrum than do his reading homework. I noticed that my grandpa never stops working and he enjoys

every minute of it. At the end of the day this pandemic summer brought my family and dog closer together in front of the TV watching Netflix shows and our favorite YouTubers.

Clover is a loyal companion

Watching Sports Together Julianne Tan __________________________

The Moon Festival in Chinatown, Los Angeles (Provided by Emily Smith )

Summer this year was really difficult to enjoy because of the coronavirus. It mostly consisted of me staying at home and going on boba runs with my mom. The highlight was when my family and I went to the Orange County Fair festival. Even though we had to wear a mask and sanitize, I still really enjoyed it – Samantha Nguyen

We went to Oahu, Hawaii for five days in early August and stayed at the Sheraton in Waikiki. We had the best view of both the city and the ocean because we were on the 29th floor! I had so so much fun there and made so many good memories. We went to the beach every day, got so much yummy food, and walked around. – Audrey Tamanaha

We were all excited when they announced that school would be cancelled for two weeks. Then it became a month, then a few months, then a whole year. Many people got used to this isolated non-social life, sitting behind a screen all day. I was one of those people. I did not have any motivation whatsoever to do anything until my mom convinced me to start getting into more hobbies. When the pandemic rules loosened, we went over to my cousin’s house and went swimming for the first time in forever.The cool water hitting my skin was the best feeling ever! One thing I learned about my mom’s family is that they LOVE football and basketball. They place bets on who’s going to win the NFL championship. Everyone gathers in the living room to watch the teams run back and forth. My parents always go against each other and yell very loudly when their team wins. I could tell that they were bummed when we couldn’t visit each other for a long

time. One thing I learned from my dad’s side of the family is that they love to eat Korean barbecue. After being separated from my grandma for a long time, we enjoyed an outdoor feast of Korean barbecue at my cousin’s house.

My favorite summer experience was celebrating my birthday when I went to the mall with friends. Two of my friends from San Francisco came to visit LA and we went to the beach together. I hope my next summer is as great or even better than this one – Reyna Guan

Reyna pals around with Julie, and Audrey, while Mai is bundled under her hoodie

I was able to hang out with my friends more often and I was happy being able to go out once in a while. I’d take walks to get my mind off things that stress me out and I would play badminton with my cousin or my mom. I learned that my family can be quite annoying, but there are happy memories I made with them – Mai Truong

Audrey watches the sun set over the San Gabriel Mountains (by Audrey Tamanaha)


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LIFESTYLE Oct 25, 2021

Taylor Swift is at her best in Folklore

The Legend of the Ten Rings Makes Marvel History

Annie Huang ___________________ As the biggest Swiftie on the planet, it was hard to pick a favorite out of the nine studio albums that Ms. Swift produced in the 15 years of her career. Her eighth record, Folklore, (released July 24, 2021) however, topped the charts both in my Taylor-obsessed brain and on Billboard. The songwriting and production of this album were top tier, since she produced a perfect indie-styled album while fusing pop elements with her astounding songwriting. Folklore was the reason why I got back into her music again, after two years of not being interested. This album--as the title suggests--is the different retelling of folk stories, although most of these she created a storyline by herself. An example of this is the love triangle between Betty, Augustine, and James (fictional characters created by Swift.) Their different perspectives are embedded in the songs cardigan, betty, and august.

To me, a good album is like a puzzle that is completed. As we know, every piece of the puzzle has to fit with one another to create the grand picture. This is what Taylor excelled in on this album; every song on it shined individually and it was cohesive as one record. My favorite tracks on the album are august, mirrorball, and my tears ricochet. These three songs stand out to me as I personally relate to the meaning of the lyrics and the arrangements are simply majestic.

Marvel’s Shang-Chi earned over $200 million in the US since its release (Courtesy of Marvel Studios)

Zeny Tran ___________________ Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, was historic in many ways. It is a movie about the first ever Asian superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This film does an excellent job of portraying Asians in the entertainment industry, and is a major step toward seeing more Asian representation on the big screen. Not only is the movie filled with tremendous action and emotion, but it also features a fantastic cast that is able to express the story with a wonderful performance. Going deeper into the movie,

Shang-Chi is the MCU’s twenty-fifth superhero film. It is the most recent addition to the Marvel film franchise, following in the footsteps of previous Marvel films that provided a vision and went on to become standards. This film, on the other hand, fits into the Marvel universe in its own unique way and offers a remarkable amount of emotion that other MCU films, superhero films, and action films in general should take note of. The film begins in ancient China, when the power hungry Xu Wenwu (played by Tony Chiu-Wai Leung) discovers the magical ten rings which gives him superhuman powers.

Wenwu creates the Ten Rings, a vigilante organization that overthrows governments through the ages. Eventually, Wenwu and his wife, Ying Li (played by Fala Chen) will give birth to a son, Shang-Chi (Simu Liu), and a daughter, Xialing (Meng’er Zhang). Wenwu forces his son to become a martial arts expert through rigorous discipline. After undergoing a life-changing experience, Shang-Chi becomes alienated from his father and flees to modern day San Francisco. ♞ visit for full article ♞ Left: Folklore (Provided by Rebeca Gimenez)

The New and Improved Brandy Melville

BTS is coming to Los Angeles

Audrey Tamanaha __________________________

Brandy has been seen as a very controversial retailer because of their perceived tendency to hire predominantly White girls who are blonde and thin to serve as models and employees. This has angered many consumers and some shoppers have even decided to boycott the store. Although I think that their clothes and fashions are very appealing, I don’t agree with their hiring practices. However, the last time I visited a Brandy, I was pleasantly surprised to see it full of POC employees and models. This came as quite a relief, considering that Brandy has been one of my favorite stores. Their outfits fit me perfectly and everything is usually super cute, versatile, and unique. Consider fall collection favorites: Agatha denim jeans ($40), cozy Anne wool sweater ($35), and the Christy Hoodie ($42). Jung Kook is one of the lead singers of the BTS music group (designed by Linda Xie )

Samantha Nguyen __________________________ The South Korean superstar boy band BTS is coming to Los Angeles for a special four day engagement at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. Live shows are scheduled to begin on Thanksgiving weekend (November 27 and 28) and the following weekend (December 1 and 2). On October 9, the Ticketmaster Fan Support page announced that all tickets were sold out. The pricing scale for seats ranged from $463 to $2,225 each. Earlier this year, on March 14, BTS performed Dynamite at the Grammy Awards ceremony, which

was recorded in Seoul and aired on American networks. When Dynamite was first released to the public it recorded 101 millions views in 24 hours. Previously at the 2020 Grammy Ceremony, BTS collaborated with Lil Nas X on Old Town Road to great public fanfare. The BTS music group, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan (translated to “Beyond the Scene”), debuted in 2013, with performers Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok, Min Yoongi, Kim Taehyung, Park Jimin, and Jeon Jungkook. Their first hit

songs “No More Dream” (200M views) and “We are Bulletproof, Pt.2” (100M views) were warmly received by fans on their YouTube channel, BangtanTV. Fans of BTS are members of their “Army,” which also stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. The music group has maintained a wholesome image and perhaps this has contributed to their continued success. BTS is active on numerous social platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In 2020 BTS was named TIME’s Entertainer of the Year.

Social Media influencer, Lily Chee, with 1.6M followers on Instagram poses for Brandy Melville. (Provided by Lily Chee)

LIFESTYLE Oct 25, 2021

Jackson Street Journal


Most Viewed on Netflix

The Enchanting World of Genshin Impact

Catherine Zhu __________________________

Netflix has released a list of their most popular shows and programs of all time. On the list is teen favorite, Stranger Things – Season 3 (2019) with 67 million accounts and The Queen’s Gambit (2020) with 62M accounts. This year the breakout adult thriller from Korea, Squid Game, is expected to lead the most viewed on Netflix list. This show is not recommended for children, while He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated show appears to be an intriguing reboot for a new generation of fantasy adventure fans. Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, a Netflix documentary was released in September. Genshin Impact earns $2 billion in revenue after its first year of release (provided by miHoYo)

Katelyn Lee ____________________ Genshin Impact is a mobile and PC game. It is an open-world story game where you are the main character. There are two main characters you can select: Lumine or Aether. They are siblings, and the goal in the game is to go through all of the nations to gain knowledge about the surroundings, meet new characters, and eventually find your lost sibling. In the beginning, a cutscene happens where an “Unknown God” is battling you and your sibling, and you have to pick which sibling you will save and become and sacrifice the other. For the open-world gameplay, you can control one

character, but you have a party of four. Every character in-game has elements: Pyro, Dendro, Cryo, Electro, Hydro, and Anemo. You can obtain characters from events that give them for free, or use the wishing system. There are three types of levels for characters/weapons. 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star. Your characters gain strength from leveling up talents, weapons, and artifacts. Artifacts are important; they’re the main thing needed to boost up your damage and power. You get leveling up materials by fighting bosses, domains, and exploring. In addition, there is an ability to co-op; you need to get your friend's UID and be Adventure Rank 16 to unlock this feature.

Boba at Sunright Tea Studio Fiona Wang

Since the map is so big, there are definitely many places people haven’t explored completely. This gives us time to enjoy beautiful sceneries and admire the game graphics. Genshin isn’t just about leveling up characters; it’s much more than that. The Genshin community has a bunch of people who share the same interests and are always available to join your world and play with you. There’s always new events coming out and things you can do that don’t require you killing mobs and grinding materials. For example, the hide-and-seek event, fishing, and hangouts. ♞ visit for full article ♞

Stranger Things Season 3 tops Netflix most watched shows of all time list (By Dean Hostager)

Expensive Tastes on Sunset Boulevard After the ASB election results were released, my family wanted to go out and celebrate


During the hot September days in California a cup of cool refreshment could save the day. For a lot of people like me, boba tea is something that we can’t live without. One popular local boba cafe is Sunright Tea Studio, across the street from Gabrielino High School in San Gabriel. Sunright is well known locally for its high- quality ingredients and precise production process. They take tea seriously and they use a variety of different teas including Ceylon black tea, jasmine green tea, roasted oolong, and a special oolong varietal called Four Seasons. All the tea leaves being used are gathered from mountain top farms where the plants soak in the sun and absorb the nourishment of the rain, which later is carefully picked and processed by the master farmers. Besides being a fantastic boba cafe, Sunright is also a great hangout destination where you can share time with friends and family. My go-to drink here is probably taro milk tea and grapefruit jasmine tea. At Sunright they have a system called “Shake 17 Times” which is how customers can fully appreciate the perfectly blended flavor and texture of the beverage.

Exquisite Wagyu tacos at BOA on the Sunset Strip (provided by Havon Ha)

Havon Ha _________________ Every month, my dad receives dining credit for any restaurant in the company he works at (IDG, Innovative Dining Group). We had our options, but most of the restaurants in the company are higher end Japanese restaurants. We chose to go to BOA Steakhouse, located in West Hollywood. This restaurant is very, very close to where my dad works. He works at Katana, which is pretty much around the corner from BOA. I always find it interesting that whenever we visit a restaurant in the company, everyone seems to know my dad. I think after we sat down, at least three people stopped by to say

hi. We get a lot of free, off-the -menu items too. No complaints from me though. On this particular visit, we got Wagyu tacos. Even my brother loved it, and he’s incredibly picky. The best part of everything is the fact that with my dad’s dining credit, our dinner is pretty much free. My family orders the same dishes every single time, but it never gets old. However, something new that we tried last night was the cauliflower tempura. According to the manager, this item was off the menu for a while, but once it was put on the menu, it immediately became a hit. Another dish that my little brother loved was the truffle fries, simply because if you gave him any type of fries, he’d eat it.

I think it’s safe to say that my siblings and I have expensive taste. I mean, what kind of four year old eats Wagyu? My brother, apparently. I’m just very grateful for my dad and all of his hard work. He works so hard to make sure that my siblings and I have all of these diverse experiences at a young age, and we’re all very fortunate for that.


Jackson Street Journal Trust the Facts, Get the Vax

OPINION Oct 25, 2021

California Voters reject the Recall with 62% voting NO

Samantha Nguyen __________________________ On October 14, the San Francisco Department of Health shut down the In-N-Out hamburger eatery in Fisherman’s Wharf for refusing to follow the city mandate to check customer proof of vaccination. Arnie Wensinger, In-N-Out’s chief legal officer stated, “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government.” Since the incident, the Fisherman’s Wharf In-N-Out has closed indoor dining reports CBS News. Like San Francisco, Los Angeles also approved a new mandate to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor restaurants, hair salons, gyms, and other indoor venues starting November 1. I believe this is what needs to be done to stop the Delta variant from spreading further. Americans who are eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine should get vaccinated because they are not only protecting themselves but everyone else around them. The CDC states that they are effective and can keep us from getting seriously ill. The vaccines support our immune system and help us produce antibodies needed for defense against Covid-19. Once the majority of society is vaccinated, Americans can resume life as it was pre-pandemic. Vaccinated individuals are not required to quarantine for two weeks after being exposed to a person with COVID-19. Recently the FDA approved of the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, showing that the vaccines are safe and effective. By getting the vaccine you are choosing to protect yourself, your family, and your community. Trust the facts and get the vax.

Above: Gavin Newsom survives the Recall, pictured here with Replacement front-runner, Larry Elder (Courtesy of NBC Bay Area). Right: A map of the 2020 General Election indicating a strong Democrat majority

Jayleen Azpeitia ___________________ California voters rejected the Recall and showed their support for Governor Gavin Newsom with almost 8 million votes for “NO on the Recall” (99% of votes counted). According to Politico, the NO vote was 62% and the YES on Recall vote was 38%. Replacement candidate front runner Larry Elder received over 3 millions votes. California residents who were active registered voters were able to vote by mail for the recall election, September 14, 2021. The ballot posed two questions: 1.) Should Governor Gavin Newsom be replaced? 2.) If Newsom

is recalled, who should replace him? Because over 50% of the electorate voted no, the governor avoided the recall. Forty-six candidates, including nine Democrats and 24 Republicans, ran in the recall election. Almost 7 million voters selected a candidate for the second question. During the campaign, Newsom and Elder shared very different perspectives on pressing issues such as facing COVID-19. Newsom pushed for mask and vaccine mandates while Elder wanted the people to decide for themselves regarding masking and vaccination. Since 1911, there have been 55

Should LA Enforce the Anti-Camping Ordinance? Mustang Staff

iPhone 13 vs Galaxy S21


Julie Phan

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti signed a city ordinance to restrict the homeless from camping on sidewalks and public places. Garcetti, who is waiting for Senate confirmation to become ambassador to India, stated, “We don’t need to choose between keeping our public spaces safe and clean, and connecting Angelenos experiencing homelessness with the services and housing they need. We can and will do both ” (ABC 7 LA). The anti-camping law bans camping within 500 feet (length of a football field) of schools, parks, libraries, and freeway ramps. In addition, under the new ordinance, homeless people are prohibited from obstructing the public right of way within five feet of a doorway and within a street. Successful enforcement of these ordinances has not been reported. If you have visited the urban centers of Los Angeles recently, you will understand the frustration of residents who live near the homeless camps. From Echo Park, to MacArthur Park, to Venice Beach, the homeless situation is awful for the homeless people and the residents who live in the neighborhood. Indeed, the homeless do need medical treatment and housing. However, they should not have their tents and belongings near schools, parks and freeway ramps which endanger the public.

__________________________ The annual Apple-Samsung phone competition presses on with the new release of the iPhone 13 this year. The iPhone 13 has a battery that lasts 2.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12. The new camera has a cinematic mode with auto focus for high quality videos. The ultra wide lense which captures up to 2.2x more light than the 12. Now night mode is available on every phone model. The 128 GB phone is $799, the same price as the iPhone 12 and about the same price as the Samsung Galaxy S21. The iPhone 13 has a 6.1 inch display come in the colors pink, blue, midnight, starlight, and red. The highest capacity available is 512 GB. The Galaxy S21 has a 64MP telephoto lens that can provide a triple zoom. Single take allows you to take more than one photo and videos in one take. The maximum for Single Take is 10 photos and 4 photos. The S21 uses the Snapdragon 888 chip which is not as fast as Apple’s A15 Bionic processor. After comparing both phones, it seems that the best choice is the iPhone 13 which offers a faster processor and better reliability with the Apple brand. Other students at Garvey, like Jordyn Roberson and Reyna Guan seem to agree that the iPhone 13 is the better phone.

From left: by Apple Insider, Homeless camps in Echo Park (by CBS LA), Stop AAPI Hate (by USA Today)

attempts to recall a California governor and the only successful recall campaign was in 2003, when Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced incumbent Democratic Governor, Gray Davis. Now that Governor Newsom has survived the recall, he should push for stricter vaccine requirements and mask rules for all Californians. LA County’s new rules regarding showing COVID vaccine passports for indoor dining and retail is a step in the right direction in ending the COVID risk once and for all. If employees want to work in indoor spaces, they should be required to be vaccinated or be tested every week.

Stop the Hate Havon Ha __________________________ When the pandemic first hit America in December 2019, many Americans all over the country placed the blame on China for causing the virus. Hate crimes against Asian Americans have increased significantly which doesn't make any logical sense to me. Attacking innocent Americans who are not to blame for causing the pandemic is an ignorant way of expressing one’s anger. Ever since the beginning of the Covid- 19 pandemic racism and acts of hate towards Asians have become more prominent. Even our country's president at the time, showed an example of this racism by calling the virus, “The China Virus.” President Trump’s behavior and words encouraged his supporters and rationalized the attacks on innocent Asian Americans who were not to blame for the virus in the first place. Based on my personal experiences, I have observed that Asian Americans are the first to get vaccinated. On the other hand, those who are anti-vax, are putting society at risk by rejecting the vaccine. According to Los Angeles Times, anti- Asian hate crimes in California increased by 107 percent after the pandemic first began. The advocacy group Stop AAPI Hate says that it received over 2, 800 reports of hate crimes last against Asian Americans in 2021. Some examples of these reports include an 84 year old Thai immigrant in San Francisco who was killed in February after being shoved to the ground during his ♞ visit morning walk.

OPINION Oct 25, 2021

Jackson Street Journal


Ups and Downs at Universal Studios

Southern California theme parks, like Universal Studio are seeing large crowds again after two years of being shut down due to COVID protocols. (provided by Annie Huang)

Annie Huang ____________________ My friend ShanShan and I went to Universal Studios on Sunday, September 19. I had visited the Hollywood theme park two times before and this was her first time, which was what made the key difference between our perspectives. This theme park includes an excellent selection of subthemes, with sections including Harry Potter, Transformers, and Despicable Me. We went on every ride except one, since we agreed that the Studio Tour was not worth our time. This is because when I went the second time, I did not find the attraction amusing. With a variety of rides, each gave us a different experience,

although we both agreed that the Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey, Revenge of the Mummy, and The Simpson Ride were the best ones. While we thoroughly enjoyed every ride and attraction there, we wish that some of them could be longer and more worthwhile. The ride Flight of the Hippogriff was the most disappointing, as what looked like a long and exciting roller coaster ride turned out to be a 15 second kids show. We understand that each ride is supposed to give a different experience, but was that really it? Jurassic World – The Ride was also disappointing since we had expected the water ride to soak us, but it was merely like an inflatable

pool for children to jump into. However, along with disappointment there came great satisfaction. Harry Potter TFJ, Revenge of the Mummy, and The Simpson Ride gave thrilling visual experiences while also keeping the physical experience riveting. Fans of these franchises can ensure that these rides give a complete experience in making a dream come true. The myriad 56 food choices at Universal made it difficult to decide on where to eat. We settled for lunch at Luigi’s Pizza, located at the Simpsons section of the park. This restaurant served pizza, salad, and pasta, and all three were worth the price. ♞ see

Top: The Secret Lives of Pets attraction Bottom: cool refreshments at Harry Potter section

Why We Love Latino Heritage Month Allisson Sanchez, Lexie Flores, Jazleen Zavala __________________________ Latino Heritage Month, also called Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, was celebrated from September 15 – October 15. Americans of Mexican, Salvadoran, Guatemalan, Costa Rican, Spanish descent and more celebrate this occasion by reflecting on the culture and contributions of Latinos in the US. Jazzy Zavala (’22) and her family celebrated by making delicious tamales, listening to Folklorico music, dancing, and spending quality time together. Jazzy’s family visited Downtown Los Angeles and admired the artwork and murals completed honoring this special time. Many artists feature the great Chicano civil rights activist and labor leader, Cesar Chavez. Chavez with activist Dolores Huerta formed the union that would later be called the United Farmer Workers. Murals and tributes of Chavez and Huerta are hallmarks of the Latino Heritage Month. Seeing the wonderful works of so many talented local Latino artists gave Jazzy great pride in being Latina American. ​ Also on display was artwork inspired by Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso. Frida’s self portraits reveal a determined woman facing a troubled world. Her painting “On the Borderline Between Mexico and the United States” (1932) juxtaposes the two neighboring nations. On the Mexico side the sun and moon are in the sky, temple ruins and ancient statues are on the ground along with various flowers. On the American side is a Ford Motors factory clouding the American flag in the sky. Robotic shapes and pipes stretch out to mechanical inventions with wires buried under the soil. In Hollywood today, Latinos continue to make important movies about issues concerning the Latino community including stories about crossing the border to America for greater opportunities. Among the most accomplished and notable Latino actors and entertainers are Edward James Olmos, George Lopez, Mario Lopez, Christina Aguilera, America Ferrera, and Selena Gomez. Many of these talented artists honored Latino Heritage month in their own personal way.

Selena Quintanilla Mural at Westfield Santa Anita CARTOONS Top Left: Mask Scares by Selina Tang Bottom Left: Teacher Time Out by Jadyen La Bottom Right: To Vax or Not to Vax by Reyna Guan


Jackson Street Journal

Drama Class Rehearses for Peter Pan and Our Town performances

GARVEY Oct 25, 2021

Costume Contest, Pumpkin Carving, Door Decorating & more

Jasmine Suchite & Staff ___________________ Coming Soon: LIVE Double Feature – Peter Pan and Our Town performances during Lunch! Take a wild journey back to Neverland with Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Wendy, and the Lost Boys as they match wits with the dastardly Captain Hook, sidekick Smee, and the pirates of the Jolly Roger. Special appearances by the Neverland mermaids and the Crocodile, Tick Tock Drama class gets real with touching scenes from Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, Our Town. Join George, Emily, Howie, Wally and the gang at Grover’s Corners where, “You’ve got to love life to have life, and you’ve got to have life to love life.” Students will need to reserve tickets to watch the performance at both lunches on November 10. Tickets are free but are required for entry. Performances for parents are scheduled for November 17 after school from 4pm-5:30pm. Proof of vaccination or a recent negative Covid test is required to attend the in-person event.

All actors and audience members will be required to wear masks and stay at least three feet apart. Performances will be held outdoors near the auditorium for students and under the solar panels for parents. Those who are unable to attend the in-person event can watch the performance on the Mustang Media video channel on YouTube.

Below (from left): Uma Sofia Rizo rehearses for Peter Pan, Sage Lin rests in the emptied Vernal Pool. Far Below (from left): Henry Liu guards the inbound, Eian Nery defends Tarah Cazun

ASB President Havon Ha (‘22) announces the fun activities planned for Halloween Spirit Week at Garvey starting on October 25 (FlipGrid videos by Ms. Ngeth and Ms. McDonald)

Havon Ha & Staff ___________________ Halloween Spirit Week, the first big celebration of Middle School begins on Monday October 25. Students will continue decorating their doors with a spooky theme or make a statement against drug abuse. The artists of door decorating homeroom favorites, Mr. Cardenas and Mr. Naka are hard at work creating amazing doors for the contest. Poster activity was observed outside of Ms. Tang-Quick, Ms. Tang-Quick, and Mr. Cheung’s class as well. Students should wear red on Monday, October 25, to speak out against drug abuse on Red Ribbon Day. On Tuesday, students can wear a shirt or jersey representing their favorite sports team. Perhaps there will be more Lakers and Rams shirts, now that the Dodgers have been eliminated from World Series contention. Wednesday is a normal dress day, but there will be a

Goosebumps movie (starring Jack Black) watch party at lunch for seventh graders in Ms. Ngeth’s room (506). The eighth-grade watch party is on the day before, Tuesday. Complete the Google Form registration to attend. Students can carve pumpkins from home and send the photos to Ms. Ngeth by Wednesday to win prizes. On Thursday 10/28, ASB members will judge the door decorating contestants and vote on first, second, and third place. On Friday, first period classes will vote on two students to represent them in the costume contest. These two students will report to Ms. McDonald for photos and the winners will be announced later that day. The categories are: most original, most scary, and most funny. Costumes must comply with the rules in the contest memo released earlier this month.

7th Graders stun 8th Graders Aidan Loc Coming off a dominating win over the Zaitians, the 7th grade Manciwees basketball squad went toe to toe with an older and taller 8th grade Tamura team. The Tamuras led in rebounds, but they struggled with scoring and defense, allowing the Manciwees to pull ahead late in the game. Henry Liu continued to show great skill as a two way player with solid defense and consistent offense. Eian Nery and Connor Cheung fought hard to avoid a 7th grade upset, but the 7th grade ballers would not yield. Nicholas Ruybalid and Kayden Nguyen exhibited tremendous hustle, snatching loose balls and reaching hard for rebounds.Playing with heart and with nothing to lose, during eighth-grade lunch, the 7th graders won a contest that will be remembered for a long time.

GARVEY Oct 25, 2021

Jackson Street Journal

Science Club Prepares for Olympiad and Fair


21st Century: Learning for the Future Havon Ha __________________________

Science Club Head Advisor, Mr. Naka, set to make sparks with steel ball bearings. Mai Truong is stunned by the demonstration

Linda Xie ____________________ The Alliance of Science Club at Garvey is a fun and enriching class for all students of varying science levels. Here, students will learn more about science through after school “LIVE” demonstrations from other peers and watch science movies and documentaries. Not to mention, students will have a chance to enjoy fun activities such as field trips, fundraising, and social events. Some of these events include a Griffith Park Field Trip and an

end of the year potluck. Students will also be diving into the world of science competitions with events such as the Science Field Day at Mark Keppel High School and the Los Angeles County Science Olympiad. On October 8th, 2021 one of the first meetings of the Alliance of Science Club was held in Room 401, the science lab. On this day, members were given an overview of the club rules that are to be followed. Club advisors discussed exciting upcoming events and

Getting familiar with the Campus

When people think of the future, many people think of one concept: technology. The world revolves around technology, and we (as the younger generation) need to work to fully understand it. That’s why Mr. Cardenas’s 21st Century Learning class is such a beneficial resource for the students of Garvey Intermediate. As Mr. Cardenas says, there are many careers that can come out of an interest in technology, and sometimes taking part in the class can help students discover that interest. Currently, Mr. Cardenas’s students are learning about computer hardware. Understanding why and how these pieces of technology work is so crucial to the students’ learning journey. It’s important to know this information before branching out into other areas of technology. After giving a thorough presentation all about computer hardware, Mr. Cardenas allowed his students to take a look at the computer parts, to give them a better visual for their upcoming test. Students will be tested on their understanding of everything that was taught in class, and are highly encouraged to study.

competitions and Garvey’s aspirations at the California state competition at the end of the year. To conclude one of the first meetings, club advisors Mr. Naka, Ms. Tang-Quick, and Mr. Castroll demonstrated the incredible carbon snake. Please contact Mr. Naka if you would like to join the Science Club. ♞ visit for full article ♞

Mr. Cardenas disassembles a PC as students take notes

First Takes on Back to School in person Mustang Staff __________________________

Emily Amezcua: One of my favorite classes is 21st Century Learning. Eighth grade is so much better now that things are opened up again Anthony Pollerana: I enjoy Social Studies class and I like coming to school in person like we used to do before the pandemic. Daphne Alvarez: I was a little worried about Covid outbreaks at first, but now two months into school I feel better about being here.

Mr. Alarcon greets Maggie Zheng (‘23) in the morning with an infrared thermometer (by Safia Young)

Students have three minutes to go from one class to the next during passing period

12 Jackson Street Journal Tales from a Woodcraft Ranger

PROFILES Oct 25, 2021

Meet the Candidates of the ASB Election

Jayden La __________________________ This is my first year as a member of the Woodcraft Ranger after school program and so far it’s been an enjoyable experience. Woodcraft enrolls over 100 Garvey students in their program which starts at the end of Period 7 and ends at 6:00 pm.Woodcraft provides students with academic support and extracurricular activities including sports and arts and crafts. It’s a great place to make new friends and socialize with other Garvey students after a long day at school. Mr. Seth, the WR Director, organizes the events and numerous clubs like skateboarding club, basketball club, dancing, soccer, and visual art. I signed up for the skateboarding club and I had no skating experience, but my club advisor,

Mr. Anthony was very helpful and patient in teaching me how to maneuver and do tricks on the skateboard. You can try different clubs at the start of each month. The most popular club is probably basketball and this club often uses the gymnasium. I think that Woodcraft is more focused on recreational activities but they have homework time. You can bring your own computer to complete online homework. The homework time is about thirty minutes, but you can have more time if needed. WR provides snacks, however, they are often pre-packaged snacks. Many of my friends and I at Woodcraft agree that WR could improve their snack menu. In the summer, Woodcraft hosts a very engaging summer program that includes elementary students from all over the Garvey School District.

AVID Personality Crest Grace Chan Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) class designed a personality crest in Ms. Zaidi’s class to show their values and interests. Julie Lu (‘23) designed a crest with symbols representing her love for learning as well as her interest in music, basketball, and roller skating. Julie is a competitive person who strives to always do her best. Another symbol on the crest shows students collaborating together on a class project. Julie thrives on group work and enjoys the exchange of ideas when it comes to accomplishing a shared goal. On the crest are positive words that describe her including: loyal, calm, and joyful. However, she also wrote down “stubborn” because she acknowledges that she is not always open to the advice and suggestions of others. Julie and other AVID students have created a Google Site where they keep their school assignments organized. AVID students have researched various prospective colleges suited to their talents and interests that they would like to attend after high school.

This year a fourth director was added to the seventh-grade ASB leadership. Students elected: Aidan Andrews, Grace Chan, Dylan Duong, and Uma Sofia Rizo (FlipGrid videos by Ms. Ngeth and Ms. McDonald)

Selina Tang & Rennie Chi ___________________ A Closer Look at new Vice President, Connor Cheung Q: Why are you interested in serving in ASB? I wanted to run for ASB again since it is my last year at Garvey so I wanted to go out with a bang. Also, I thought it would be fun to do it. Q: What is your past leadership experience? I was the Class President at Monterey Vista Elementary as a sixth-grader and Class Secretary in fourth-grade.

Left: New VP Connor Cheung wants to organize an e-sports tournament Middle: Katelyn Lee’s Pom, Tofu Right: Jarrick and friends as a human starfish Bottom Left: Julie’s Personality Crest for AVID Bottom right: Eighth- graders bonding at lunch

Q: If you are elected what changes & improvements are you hoping to make at Garvey? If I [am elected] I will try to make Garvey a more fun place like bringing back intramural sport tournaments at lunch and organizing e-sport tournaments from home. I was born here in California but I lived in Florida [until the third-grade]. Some hobbies of mine include playing sports, video games, and watching anime. I think [that serving in] ASB could allow me to support Garvey school clubs and being an officer will provide

valuable experience for high school next year. I have a positive outgoing personality, I am responsible, and I want to have fun at school. I hope to make a positive impact at Garvey and I am serving ASB to make Garvey a better school.

“I hope to make a positive impact at Garvey [and help] make Garvey a better school” - Connor Cheung

PROFILES Oct 25, 2021

Jackson Street Journal

The Jackson Street Journal

From the Desk of the Editor in Chief Greetings Mustangs,

Editor in Chief Annie Huang Opinion Editor Havon Ha Lifestyle Editor Linda Xie News Editor Selina Tang Lead Opinion Julie Phan Samantha Nguyen Lead Lifestyle Fiona Wang Lexie Flores Rennie Chi Lead News Zeny Tran Katelyn Lee Jayleen Azpeitia Illustrator Reyna Guan Opinion Reporters Catherine Zhu Audrey Tamanaha Andru Martinez Emily Guan Mai Truong Jayden La


The Jackson Street Journal is a print publication of Garvey Intermediate School in Rosemead, California. It is a student run and staff advised publication that seeks to provide newsworthy information about our school, our city, our nation, and our world in an engaging way. We want to be a voice for the students and staff at Garvey. All content decisions are made by the newspaper staff and are subject to prior review by the Journalism Class advisors and the Garvey Intermediate Administration. Opinions and letters represent the personal views of the author and not the school or this publication. Letters to the Editor can be submitted to the Garvey newspaper account, which will soon be available. The newspaper editors may edit letters for length and to conform to the style of the publication. Insults, libel, obscenities, and calls for disruptions or violence will not be permitted.

As the Editor in Chief of our school newspaper, I have great hopes about the future of our publication. We have selected Mustang Media as our permanent name for our news site as well as deciding on an official logo designed by Lifestyle Editor, Linda Xie, for the news site and print edition.Many well written articles from our staff have been published for viewing and are accessible with a few clicks. Even though it’s only the beginning of our newspaper, we are working towards our goal of being a newspaper for every student at Garvey. Whether you’re visiting our site to be informed about the latest news about school or looking for fun new music for your playlists, our staff reporters are committed to providing something for everyone. As Editor in Chief, I want to be able serve our entire student body. I have always loved writing and helping others in my own way. Whether it be a human interest feature or a serious news report, I try to excel in all fields of writing and I want to use my talent for good. This is precisely why I wanted to serve as Editor in Chief, to have the opportunity to help us all remember this school year as an unforgettable one. - Annie Huang

Editors from left: Havon Ha, Linda Xie Selina Tang

Lifestyle Reporters Alvin Giang Zhao Yu Yao Jovie Duong Allisson Sanchez Safia Young Jordyn Roberson Jasmine Suchite Sage Lin News Reporters Julianne Tan Scarlett Tran Sana Yan Aidan Loc Brandon Phan Jazleen Zavala Jarrick Liu Contributors Mr. Alarcon Ms. McDonald Ms. Ngeth Grace Chan Jacob Chau Advisers Mr. Michael Cheung Mr. Mark Valdez Photos/Illustrations by Jayleen Azpeitia, Samantha Nguyen, Julianne Tan

14 Jackson Street Journal

BACK PAGE Oct 25, 2021

Top: Winged Mustangs by Selina Tang Middle (from left): Mustang to the Moon by Linda Xie, Chocolate Mustang by Reyna Guan Bottom (from left): Moon Runner by Allie Giang, Mustang Express by Zeny Tran