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On the first day of school I woke up and surprisingly I wasn’t tired The first bell rang, and I went to Math class with Ms Tamura and she described the class syllabus and the rules and expectations of the class. Second Period was Language Arts with Ms. Kasababian and she gave us a Grammar IQ assignment Mr Moy introduced himself in Social Studies class and Mr Naka asked us to observe his room and guess his interests based on how his room was decorated. Lunch is different this year.

Students are allowed to eat in the cafeteria, but not under the solar panel area Cell phones are not allowed to be used on campus this year so I had to socialize with friends without technology After lunch was Journalism class with Mr. Cheung and Visual Art with Ms. Dale. Seventh period is Physical Education class with Mr. Celis where we completed a survey and played basketball and badminton

It was astonishing to be assigned homework on the first days of school but I just go with the narrative that school gets more challenging as we get older. After school I participate in the Woodcraft Rangers program with friends They’ve added two new clubs – guitar and remote controlled cars – to the original clubs – art, dance, skateboarding, and basketball. I joined the guitar club and in the first two days of school I learned E minor and E major. My club leader Mr. Alex is a good mentor We practice guitar playing in Room 301, which is the school band room I was surprised how prepared Woodcraft was because on the first day everyone got a guitar and that requires a large budget. So far I have enjoyed Woodcraft and I look forward to attending it everyday At Woodcraft we are allowed to use our phones

News from the Students of Garvey Intermediate

Back to School Night Returns to Campus

Although Back to School Night officially began at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 14, students and their families arrived earlier to mingle and support the Science Club and ASB The Science Alliance earned over $500 selling snacks, beverages, and Dippin’ Dots ice cream cups Some students even took the opportunity to sell their World’s Finest Chocolate bars to raise funds for our school. At 6:00 p.m. parents checked into their child’s first period class and spent about 12 minutes in each class. Most teachers created slide shows with a class overview of objectives and expectations


This summer I went to the Philippines for a month with my family. In past summers spending quality time with both of my parents on vacation was not possible because they both work long hours to provide for me and my siblings My cousins joined us and we sat next to each other on the plane for 14 hours on the way to the Philippines Upon arrival, the heat and humidity was overwhelming and this was just not for me After a three hour delay in Manila, we reached Mindanao and went directly to my childhood home which was filled with

many photos of my mom and my aunt as children We enjoyed the lovely beaches of Samal Island and stayed at my great grandmother’s home for several days and celebrated my cousin’s 18th birthday Later on in the trip we visited Eden Nature Park and went to SM Lanang to watch Thor: Love & Thunder We also stayed at a hotel called the Japanese Gardens and enjoyed the swimming pool all to ourselves The day before we returned to America, my siblings and I joined our uncle at a local arcade and we ate waffle tacos. My summer vacation to the Philippines was a trip I will never forget. It brought my family closer than ever before and strengthened our bond. I was able to see new places and enjoy new experiences unlike anything I’ve experienced in America.

The Jackson
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Vol. 11 No.1 October 25, 2022
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Keith Bach & Long Nguyen
opened up a question and answer time at the end The traditional Garvey BTSN music performance was cancelled due to Covid concerns and parents were told to wear face-coverings at the event.
KaitylnSan,AngelaNguyen,AlainaLy,andCamilla RodriguezraisefundsfortheScienceAllianceClubat BacktoSchoolNight(byLongNguyen)
Students are eager to learn about science in Mr Naka's eighth-grade homeroom class PrestonChenexploredthecavesofFijiwithhisfamily thissummer (byPrestonChen)

Court Challenges Student Loan Forgiveness

are eligible for loan forgiveness reports Aimee Picchi of CBS News

It is of utmost importance to relieve some of the stress inflicted on poverty stricken families by the pandemic and this program has the potential to change lives – or better yet, save them 22 million borrowers have already signed up for college loan forgiveness, and there is no shame in joining them.



On October 21, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay to President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program. This does not cancel out pending applications, though, and applicants can still seek debt relief at the Student Aid Debt Relief website States like Missouri, Kansas, and South Carolina stated that this program would “irreparably harm” their state student loan programs. The nonpartisan CBO estimates that this program will cost more than $400 billion.

Earlier in the month, the Biden administration authorized a plan for college students to apply for up to $20,000 in debt forgiveness. 95% of Americans with college loans (40 million college students)

Newsom Supports Abortion Amendment

If Proposition 1 passes in California, a new amendment in the state constitution would declare that the state “shall not deny or interfere with an individual’s right to choose to have an abortion ” A UC Berkeley IGS poll found that 71% of registered voters will vote yes on the abortion amendment. Opponents of the measure state that a fetus could be aborted late in pregnancy. CA Governor Gavin Newsom used $100,000 of his reelection fund to rent billboard space promoting proabortion views in Texas and other Republican-led states Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone spoke out against

Opponents of the program argue that this is an unconstitutional giveaway of taxpayer money Sen Roy Blunt (R-MO) argued that this relief program will increase inflation and increase the cost of college because future lenders will borrow more money, assuming that they won’t have to pay it back

More than 2.3 million Floridians lost power and running water as Category 4 Hurricane Ian devastated the Fort Myers area. At least 120 people have died in the storm with winds blowing up to 150 mph. Most of the deaths were due to drownings. ABC25 reports that the Red Cross can shelter up to 30,000 people in the 40 local shelters More than 1,400 Red Cross workers are helping those displaced and injured by Hurricane Ian.

The storm prompted the closing of local schools for a week Collier County imposed a mandatory curfew from 10 p m to 6 am to deter looting in the evening hours In the midst of the terrible destruction of the storm, local humanitarians like Robert Arrington volunteered their time and money to help victims of Hurricane Ian Arrington, host of YouTube channel Dear Meat for Dinner loaded his truck with 500 pounds of chicken and prepared meals for those impacted by the storm. He also used his boat to transport people to dry land.

In Florida, more than 2,700 Red Cross disaster responders have been busy operating shelters and distributing food to storm survivors.

AcarisabandonedinafloodcausedbyHurricane IaninOrlando(byPaulHennessy-GettyImages)

Prop 1, stating that Prop 1 would allow third-trimester abortions.The CDC reported that there were about 630,000 abortions performed in the US in 2019 (the latest count) The Guttmacher Institute reported about 930,000 abortions in the US in 2020. 56% of legal abortions in clinical settings occurred through surgery, while 44% were medication abortions with pills In 2000 the FDA approved abortion pills for legal abortion procedures

Guttmacher declared that in 2020 over half of all abortions were with pills such as mifepristone and misoprostol.

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Certain online gambling content will now be banned on Twitch starting October 18 “Unlicensed slots, roulette games, or dice games that don’t provide sufficient consumer protection are prohibited on Twitch,” reports NPR The popular live streaming service owned by Amazon made the move after the streamer Abraham “ItsSliker” Mohammed confessed to borrowing over $200,000 from followers and other Twitch streamers he called his friends over several years to pay off gambling debts (Washington Post). Supports of the ban feel this will protect younger viewers from developing harmful gambling addictions. Twitch streamers Pokimane, Mizkif, and Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker all approved of the ban. Along with Stake, Rollbit, Duelbits, and Roobet also have been banned, but poker and sports betting are still allowed on the platform

2 Jackson Street Journal NEWS Oct 25, 2022
Kylie Lee & Catherine Lo byShawnThew(TheNewYorkTimes)

A Teacher's Journey

World's Finest Fundraiser

Eighth-grade math teacher Ms. Tamura has served at the Garvey School District for over 20 years She has taught at Bitely and Emerson Elementary schools and she is a teacher who is kind and caring of each individual student in her classes. Before becoming a teacher, Ms. Tamura considered becoming an astronaut, a beautician, or a physical therapist Once she started teaching she fell in love with it and became committed to being an excellent educator She feels that teaching is most rewarding when students overcome their struggles and grasp once difficult concepts and “truly get it ”

She said that she appreciates “students who can be talkative but also know when [to listen]” because these students help create a more engaging learning environment.Ms. Tamura has been married for 22 years and she has two children, including a daughter and a son Her daughter currently attends the University of Hawaii and her son is a Junior in high school.

The World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser is a fun way for Garvey to raise money to help the school Students were required to have parent and guardian consent to sell chocolates The chocolate bars are a dollar each and there are 60 bars in each box: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel, wafer, crisp, and almonds. The money earned, is used for school dances, field trips and other activities The top class will receive pizza and drinks while the top sellers will receive tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm and gift cards to Target and Amazon

Milk chocolate bars were the first to sell out, while no one wanted the caramel bars Some parents helped their children by selling chocolate to friends before the September 28 deadline. ASB Director Layloni Davis was disappointed that excitement to sell among eighth-graders did not match that of the seventh-graders Rules forbidding the sales of chocolate during school hours made it more challenging for students.

The top student fundraisers: Alyssa Canizal (’24) – 25 boxes, Ronnie Jurado (’23) – 17 boxes, Ocean Cao (’24) – 15 boxes, Kayden Nguyen/ Bryan Wang -13 boxes. Top selling class: Ms. U. Funds earned for Garvey Intermediate: $10,000+

School Photo Day

Smile! You are on camera! Most people say “CHEESE”, but some people say “FISH.” Sometimes we forget that this picture may last forever in the school yearbook and in the future this could summon fond memories of middle school Some day in high school, college, or beyond we will see our middle school picture day photo and recall exactly who we spoke to, what we saw, and what we did. On September 14, the three Studio One photographers snapped photos of the nearly 600 students and staff members of Garvey Intermediate ASB President Riyana Padillo stated that she woke up earlier than usual on Picture Day to do her makeup and hair. The night before, she selected her outfit to save time in the morning

Stephanie Duong (’23) had a more casual approach to Picture Day wearing her usual comfortable t-shirt and jeans. Despite the ending of the mask mandate at schools, most students at Garvey continue to wear face coverings all day on campus Students were required to remove their masks for official school pictures.

Jackson Street Journal 3 NEWS Oct 25, 2022
Ms.TamurawithMr.ValdezandMr.Cardenasat theeighth-gradePromotionof2022 Angela Nguyen & Mandy Phung GiovanniRabagocan'twaittostartraisingfundsforGarvey(byMandyPhung)
Emily Li & Natalie Delgado StudentsgatherintheScienceLabforthefirstScience
RiyanaPadilloandSarahDin('23)arealwaysdressedto impress

For the past few years my family would start preparing for Halloween at the beginning of September, finding costumes and collecting decorations My dad decided on the theme of our party and decorations and each of us in the family would choose our costumes. Each year we had a different theme. One year was a Halloween “burial” party and another year was a Halloween “butcher” party My mother found interesting recipes that fit the theme of the party We invited our family and friends to the house and everybody dressed up according to the theme. At the party my friends and I mingled while the adults spent time with each other. Mariah Thomas of Good Housekeeping has a list of interesting activities that you can use to liven up your Halloween party Some of these activities include: pin the spider on the

web, make a pumpkin punch bowl (hollow out the pumpkin), and pumpkin roll (roll pumpkins across lawn with brooms).

When I was younger I always looked forward to trick-or-treating around my grandma’s neighborhood For many years I dressed up with my cousins and friends and collected bags of candy. We returned to my friend’s house and dumped the candy on the table and traded candies with each other My parents lets me store my candy in a “candy drawer.” The next school day I would bring my Halloween candy to school for sharing When is it too old to go trick-or-treating? Leave your comments in the Comment Section at garveynews com ♞

Be a Good Brother Matthew Phan

Do you fight with your brother or sister? No one can annoy you like a brother or sister, but on the other hand, no one else can have the ability to lift your spirits when you feel alone and miserable Tension is greatest among siblings when it seems like parents favor one child over another One way to improve sibling relations is by sharing Share your stuff with your brother. Also, if you are going to the movies with your friends, take your brother along with you. In my opinion, you can be a better brother if you try to put yourself in your sibling’s shoes If your younger brother is having a bad day, sometimes it is best to give him some space Dr. Nina Howe of Concordia University observes that as people get older they depend more on their siblings for comfort. Brothers and sisters are the people “you have known longest in your life, and you have a shared history, remembering, what was mom and dad like [in the old days]?” notes Joshua Krisch of Fatherly.

The Skills of a Scout

Being a Boy Scout in Troop 443 in Covina has challenged me to learn valuable life skills This summer I was able to develop these skills to earn several merit badges including: first aid, life saving, fishing, and rifle shooting. Last summer I was able to go to Camp Big Horn in Lake Arrowhead and this summer I spent a whole week at Camp Cherry Valley on Catalina Island We sailed on a boat to the island and once we arrived, we hiked about two miles to the camp site. The camp was filled with many fun activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and shooting sports

Hocus Pocus
Preston Chen & Kylie Lee
4 Jackson Street Journal FEATURES Oct 25, 2022
Aidan Andrew Mrs Chen prepares Halloween treats for the family party (by Preston Chen) I learned many new things and spent quality time with my scout friends The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has over 2 million members from ages 5-21 in the USA. The Scout Mission is "to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Left: Halloween illustrations by Mandy Phung and Emily Li

DALL-E-2: The Future of Art?

DALL-E-2, a machine learning model that generates digital images, is a recent innovation from the creative minds at OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research company They have created what is essentially a text to picture AI, which generates images based on text prompts. The algorithm creates high quality images so impressive, that the AI art has been been compared to the art of professional artists Besides photorealistic images, DALL- E-2 can also recreate art styles such as watercolor and oil paintings DALL-E-2 is quite impressive, but how does it measure up to real artists? In a recent art contest at the Colorado State Fair, Jason Allen used AI generated technology to create digital art, winning the top prize of $300

Text-to-image bots, such as stable diffusion and DALL-E-2’s predecessor, DALL-E, was first introduced last year. DALL-E-2 uses a modified version of GPT-3, which is an autoregressive transformer language model algorithm also created by OpenAI This technology can edit images and display how how elements behave and should be placed in the real world.

Luck of the Goose

The Dodgers dominated their “little brother” all year long (14-5) during the 111 win regular season, but they lost three games when it counted in the postseason. After surprising a 101-win Mets team in the Wild Card series, Padres pitching, behind Yu Darvish, Blake Snell, Josh Hader, and Robert Suarez, neutralized the Dodger bats of Betts, Turner, and Freeman LA pitchers Kershaw, Heaney, Kahnle, and Almonte could not limit the damage of the Padres’ offense behind Machado, Grisham, Cronenworth, and Soto

During Game 2 of the NLDS a white fronted goose landed in shallow right field in front of 56,000 cheering LA fans at Dodger Stadium Fans had less to cheer about when the Padres won the Goose Game and then won Games 3 and 4 in San Diego to advance to play the Phillies in the NLCS. Not since the Rally Monkey of Anaheim in 2002 when the Angels won the World Series, defeating the SF Giants, has an unofficial mascot received so much love from its fanbase The Rally Goose hosted Philadelphia on October 18, but would lose to the Phillies (4-1).

Girls Generation and the Evolution of K-Pop

On August 5 the Korean pop music group Girls’ Generation (SNSD – So-nyuh Shidae in Korean) released their seventh Korean-language studio album Forever 1. Girls’ Generation is one of the most decorated groups in K-pop history When they broke into the Seoul music scene in 2007, Girls’ Generation won Best New Female Group (Mnet Asian Music Awards) and the Popularity Award (Golden Disc). Since 2007 they have collected over 120 awards in Asia and around the world The groups founding members include Taeyeon, Yoona, Sooyoung and sisters –Jessica and Krystal Jung (both born in San Francisco). Gee (Song of the Year 2009), Genie, Oh, and Run Devil Run are among their top songs According to Sportskeeda, K-pop’s early years began

After losing a momentum-changing Game 3, Dodger star right fielder Mookie Betts told reporters that, “the regular season doesn’t mean anything, [the Padres] have been playing very well and we haven’t. ” (Spectrum LA) Betts’ 142 regular- game season came off to a shaky start after he suffered a fractured rib when colliding with CF Cody Bellinger on June 15 This year Betts had 87 RBI in the regular season and 1 in the postseason. The offense of Freeman (100 RBI regular season / 3 postseason) and Trea Turner (100 RBI regular/ 2 postseason) was not enough to defeat the Swinging Friars

in the 1990s with groups like Seo Taeiji & Boys, H O T , and S E S Popular music groups out of Korea today are referred to as “fourth generation” music groups. Girls’ Generation, along with TVXQ and Bigbang are classified under the second-generation of music groups (most of the members are in their 30s today) Girls’ Generation was the first Asian girl group to receive 5 songs with over 100 million music video views This had a major impact on listeners in North America. BTS stands on the shoulders of Girls’ Generation who paved the way for other Korean musical groups to shine

Jackson Street Journal 5 LEISURE Oct 25, 2022
Textprompt:"ApaintinginthestyleofMonet" (byJiajunShen) Matthew AwhitefrontedgooseinterruptsGame2oftheNLDSby DavidCrane-(LADailyNews) Keith Bach
Above:Petdogsareagreatcomfortafterahecticdayat school (byCoraZhou) Right:Girls'GenerationreleasesForever1,theirseventh

Ban on Gas Powered Car Sales

environment, humans will not survive on Earth When gas is burned, it makes the atmosphere hotter, contributing to deadly climate change, which could lead to the extinction of humanity. By banning Californians from purchasing gaspowered vehicles, consumers will be forced to turn to clean vehicles to help the environment. If the Earth is no longer inhabitable, worries about the economy or the struggles of working families are meaningless

In August California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) voted to ban the sale of new gaspowered vehicles in California by 2035. Gov. Gavin Newsom introduced this as an executive order in 2020 and this will require sales of all new vehicles to be zero-emission CARB stated that gas-powered vehicles produce emissions that damage the environment and public health Simrin Singh of CBS News reports that California’s transportation sector accounts for 50% of state greenhouse gas emissions. Currently 16% of all state car sales are plug-in hybrids or zero-emission vehicles Students at Garvey gave their opinions about the upcoming statewide ban on gas-powered vehicles

For: This ban will take great steps toward protecting the environment and public health Without a clean environment, humans will not survive on Earth Without a clean

Prisoner Swap Proposed

Russia is prepared to discuss a prisoner swap with Washington The White House has proposed a deal with Russia for the release of US Olympic basketball gold medalist Brittney Griner and US Marine Paul Whelan. CBS News states that there is no official confirmation that Washington would exchange Russian arms trafficker, Viktor Bout for Griner and Whelan. Bout has earned the nickname the “Merchant of Death” for his role in supplying weapons to both sides of bloody conflicts in Angola and Sierra Leone In 2011 Bout was convicted in federal court for conspiring to commit acts of terrorism against the US Griner was sentenced to nine years in a Russian penal colony for “possessing and smuggling narcotics.” In February Griner was detained in Moscow

Against: The proposal to ban gaspowered cars is very misguided. Do you really expect working people, living paycheck to paycheck, who need gas-powered cars to get to work and the grocery store, to afford an expensive electric car? A new electric car on average costs $66,000 compared to $48,000 for a new combustion engine car This new law will lead to an entire industry of workers losing their jobs. How will families who live in apartments charge their cars? Travel time for road trips will be much longer because it takes much more time to charge EVs.

Left: Gov Newsomproposestobanthesaleof gas-poweredvehiclesby2035(byForbes)

Right:TheBidenAdministrationaimstoallow collegestudentstoapplyforupto$20,000in loanforgiveness(byShawnThew-NYTimes)

after she was found carrying vape cartridges with cannabis oil. “I want the court to understand that it was an honest mistake that I made while rushing, under stress, trying to recover from post-Covid and just trying to get back to my team,” Griner claimed before the ruling. It is clear that Russia is using Griner as a tool to release Russian prisoners like Viktor Bout The US should do everything they can to bring Griner home, but not at the cost of releasing Bout. This move could make the US vulnerable to future incidents where Americans are wrongfully detained to be used as bargaining chips in future prisoner swaps. Former FBI hostage negotiator, Rob Saale stated that a Griner/Bout prisoner swap would send a message to other countries that “if you want something from the U S government you just take some Americans and trump up some charges.” (USA Today)

Combating the Climate Change Crisis

During the Labor Day heat wave communities throughout LA County saw temperatures rise to 110 degrees for about a week, causing power outages and great discomfort. Many scientists today attribute these dramatic weather patterns to climate change Humans can affect the planet’s climate simply through transportation, electricity usage, and food disposal By changing how we commute (use public transportation, carpool, bike), use energy at home, and throw food out, we can take greater steps toward ending climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions Some practical things people can do at home is use LED light bulbs and turn off the lights when they are not needed. Using an electric heat pump instead of a gas furnace can reduce one’s carbon footprint by up to 900 kilograms (1,984 lbs) of CO2e

Top: BrittneyGrinerissentencedto9yearsinaRussian penalcolony(byEvgeniaNovozhenina-Reuters)

Bottom: JennyNguyen('23)encouragesMustangstohelp theplanet(byJennyNguyen)

Nicole Hsu & Jiajun Shen
6 Jackson Street Journal OPINION Oct 25, 2022

Small Part of the World Show

Parents, students, and special guests were invited to Garvey’s production of A Small Part of the World, a show about the unique qualities of the different nations of the world The show was performed by the Mustang Choir and the Mustang Drama team with decorations created by the Mustang Art Team. Students from the classes of Mr. Drange, Mr. Cheung, and Ms Dale collaborated on a special evening of art and entertainment in the Garvey Theater at 6:00 pm Tickets were $1 00 and were purchased at the door or by contacting Mr. Drange on campus. The plot of Sally Albrecht’s A Small Part of the World (Alfred Music) follows a group of tourists traveling around the globe and experiencing the diverse cultures and customs from around the world. The tourists begin in Ireland and make their way through Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and North America The show will feature the singing of folk songs and choreography of the Mustang Choir as well as acting and dancing from the Mustang Drama team The Mustang Art team has created decorations for the show

Basketball Tournament Concludes

The Garvey Intramural Basketball Tournament kicked off with big wins for Mr Cardenas’ homeroom class (Ctrl Alt Delete) and Mr. Castroll’s first period class (Casseroles). Also victorious were Ms. Tamura’s class and Ms. Alvarez’s class at eighth-grade lunch Teams are competing for the class trophy, bragging rights, and pizza with drinks For seventh grade, Ms U’s Ateam and Ms Wong+’s teams are at the top of the standings. “I’m glad to see students being more involved this year and seeing students work as a team excited about our school activities,” remarked a proud Ms U cheering on both of her basketball squads at

Kiwanis Builders Club is Ready to Serve

An informational meeting for the Garvey Kiwanis Builders Club was held on October 20 with the approval of ASB. The Builders Club was active at Garvey around 2014 when students served the campus and local community by volunteering their time and labor to help others In past years, Builders Club activities included caring for animals at shelters, cleaning the beach, reading to elementary school students, and building floats for parades like the Rose Parade in Pasadena Students joind the Garvey KBC by attending club meetings every Monday and Thursday in Room 403 (2:45pm3:30pm) unless noted otherwise. Mr. Cheung and Mr. Naka are the club advisors. t the first meeting 60 students expressed interest in joining the club by signing the Club Petition form including 44 seventh-grade students and 16 eighth-grade students

lunch. Woodcraft players Henry Liu, Kenji Leos, Kayden Nguyen, Hongze Liu, David Nunez, and Austin Szeto are the early scoring- leaders at eighth-grade lunch In this tournament, all teams must have at least one active female player. Kaitlyn San (’23) was encouraged to see more females participating in the basketball competition “We work together [with the boys] to get a win and we hope this encourages other girls to participate at lunch ” Grace Chan played a key role in her team’s victory by scoring the winning point. Other students including Amber Luo, Katy Xu, and Catherine Lo offered their enthusiastic support by cheering on the sidelines

Ms Tamura emphasized the importance of being involved “It’s all about effort and trying your best, no matter if you’re good at it or not.” Other teachers like Mr. Naka also stressed the value of student participation over being the best team out there “I am hoping to see students have fun and interact with each other more Instead of putting our competition down, we will be lifting our competition up.” Games have been officiated by Ms. Liza and Coach Rayhon. So far the students playing in the tournament have shown how basketball can bring Garvey together in its own unique way

At Playa Del Rey Beach near the LAX Airport, members of the the Builders Club joined Heal the Bay to learn about how humans impact the shoreline Participants signed a medical waiver and were chaperoned by their parents They were given HTB buckets and protective gloves and set about collecting bottles and trash on the sand. Together with 600 volunteers, Builders club members Jenny Nguyen ('23), Liz Lee, and Natalie Delgado collected 300 pounds of garbage in two hours to keep the beach clean.

Jackson Street Journal 7 GARVEY Oct 25, 2022
Keith Bach & Long Nguyen TheDramateamjoinedtheChoirandArtteamsto presentanightofentertainmentintheGarveyTheater (byLongNguyen) Layloni Davis & Bryan Wang DavidNunez('23)eludesdefendersonthewaytotherim Above:JayleneMa('24)bringsherHealtheBaybucket forthegarbageweighingattheendoftheproject Right: JennyNguyen,Tracy,Lisa,andJaylene volunteeratthebeachcleanup

ELD teacher Ms Mak is one of the hardest working teachers at Garvey Intermediate School She is often one of the first staff members to arrive to school and one of the last to leave. She responded to several questions from news reporters Preston Chen and Ashleen Chen regarding her views of Garvey Intermediate and her journey as a teacher

Ms Mak believes that Garvey is a great school because of the caring staff members who work here. She stated that Mr. Alarcon and Ms. McDonald are doing a great job keeping Garvey a safe learning environment Science teacher Mr Castroll has learned new languages to communicate with the parents of students who may struggle with English School counselor Ms. Venegas is someone

Garvey Staff ride in Long Beach Bike Tour

students can always turn to for advice and guidance Ms Mak does her best to help her students reach their goals Some students are seeking reclassification to exit the EL program. Others hope to earn top grades in class Ms Mak supports students during after school tutoring for those who need additional help on their studies

She is inspired by her sixth grade teacher Mr. Jung who showed that learning can be fun. He was a teacher who always stood up for his students Ms Mak's master teacher, Ms Wu, is another mentor who taught her that a teacher's first goal should be to "understand your students" and that student learning is secondary. Ms. Mak wants to continue to encourage her students to participate in school activities like clubs, intramurals, and art contests She noted that her class is filled with talented individuals, but often they lack confidence because they are still learning English.

In her free time, Ms Mak enjoys gardening which relieves the burdens of a stressful week

Left: Ms Makguidesherstudentstowards reachingtheirgoalsoftopmarksand reclassification

Right:AidanAndrewattendsaTroop443meeting inCovina(byAidanAndrew)

Be Prepared

Being a Boy Scout in Troop 443 in Covina has challenged me to learn valuable life skills This summer I was able to develop these skills to earn several merit badges including: first aid, life saving, fishing, and rifle shooting Last summer I was able to go to Camp Big Horn in Lake Arrowhead and this summer I spent a whole week at Camp Cherry Valley on Catalina Island We sailed on a boat to the island and once we arrived, we hiked about two miles to the camp site The camp was filled with many fun activities like kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, and shooting sports. I learned many new things and spent quality time with my scout friends.

Garvey music teacher and avid bike enthusiast, Mr. Drange began inviting fellow Garvey staff members to weekly bike rides in March of 2022 Mr Alarcon, Mr Naka, Mr Grau, Mr Huerta, Mr Habibi, Mr Ramirez, Mr Kenny, myself and others have all joined the group rides. Mr. Drange has led us through a variety of bike trails from the mountains near the Santa Fe Dam to the coast around Long Beach and Seal Beach It is no small thing Mr Drange has accomplished, encouraging Garvey staff to join together for weekend and Wednesday rides. Deserving of extra recognition, no rider has been more faithful about attending these meet ups than Mr Patrick Grau, our custodian On October 9, Mr Drange,

Mr. Grau, Mr. Naka, and I participated in the 20.4 mile Long Beach Bike Tour. The Bike Tour is a part of the annual Long Beach Marathon weekend of festivities Most of the riders completed the tour in 90 minutes, starting from the Queen Mary Area of Shoreline in Long Beach, circling the campus of California State University Long Beach (CSULB), and finishing the tour in the Queen Mary area

Most major streets in the city of Long Beach were closed for the marathon and bike tour which had up to 16,000 participants who gathered in the dark at the starting line at 5:00 am 1,000 cyclists took off from the starting line at 6:00 am sharp. Starting in about the middle of a pack of 1,000 cyclists was a first for most Garvey cyclists It looked like a freeway full of red tail lights, both blinking and solid, as a column of 20 riders wide and a mile long flowed up Shoreline Drive and turned right on to Ocean Blvd in the dark. Thank you Mr. Drange!

Top: GarveystaffatthestartinglineoftheLongBeachBike Tour

Bottom: AngelaNguyenandBrookeCrawfordatthestarting lineofMarioKartGP(byAngelaNguyen)

A Conversation with Ms. Mak Preston Chen & Ashleen Chen
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A Sister's Love

When I grew older I learned how much my sister means to me. The moment I was born, my sister told me that she wanted to see me right away, but the doctors stopped her because she was just a child My mom was so busy at work, that my sister often stepped in to feed and care for me at home. Before she had her driver’s license, and did not use DoorDash or Amazon, she walked me home after school, cooked for me, and brought me places for fun When she got an entry-level job she shared that money with me Today she has the job that she wants and she is fulfilling her goals in life. She is benefiting from good karma, and living a life full of good friends and exciting travels To this day, my sister picks me up after school, gets me food and spends quality time with me on the weekends

I am who I am today because of her. I value her opinions of me, not the opinions of people out there who are quick to judge and insult me My sister taught me to accept others as they are, whether they wear goth, pastel, or other styles Her love and support has helped me feel comfortable being me.

Meet the Editors

Jiajun Shen - Editor in Chief

I enjoy model making with Blender and other 3D software. I have built the Trumpet US T26E4 Pershing Heavy tank and the Tamiya M1A2 Abrams among other models Moreover, I like reading

books about coding (Java, Python, C++) and browsing through Reddit for interesting news and information I play games like CS:GO, HOI4, and Team Fortress 2 I'm in advanced band and I play the alto saxophone I'm interested in being an AI developer or a game dev

Layloni Davis - News Editor

Hi, my name is Layloni and I'm proud to serve as an ASB Director at Garvey this year I am a creative person who enjoys working on new projects, painting, and dancing. I have traveled across America visiting Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. I have collected over 20 snow globes I am passionate about fashion and pursuing a career in this field

Keith Bach- Leisure Editor

Hello, my name is Keith and I enjoy listening to music like NewJeans and other K-pop music groups. I have collected over 20 music albums. My older brother and sister also attended Garvey Intermediate years ago I have five cats and love being with them I'm the type of person who refuses to give up and this attitude helps me complete school projects.

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AyoungKeithBach('23)spendstime withhissister Alsopictured,Layloni DavisatDisneylandwithherfamily
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Top (from left): Samantha Huynh and Nicole Hsu Right: Changheng Lay, Jessica Li, and Chloe Luong ('23) Left: Rain Zhang ('24) for Kiwanis Builders Club Above: Evelyn Lee invites you to consider adopting a friend from a shelter today Follow @garveynews
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