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New Product Directory for 2022 Pet Accessories:

Evergreen Trade Website & Training Academy Evergreen Garden Care

West Paw Seaflex – Drifty, Sailz and Snorkl Collarways Ltd RRP £21.99 – 23.99

Academy, a free resource to upskill the shop floor and management staff. Providing an

When we think like a dog, we see something worth digging into‚ safe and sustainable

extensive asset library of product shots and information, how-to guides and more, the site

material that's 100% recyclable. Made from 88% zero-waste Zogoflex, 12% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic, and 0% bad stuff. No latex. No Phthalates. No BPA. Cat Tin (French Grey) Gardening Naturally Ltd RRP £15.99 Our elegant metal cat food tin is perfect for keeping your cat biscuits or treats stored away safely. Made from galvanised powder coated steel, these tins will last for many years. Stylish design which will add a lovely touch to any kitchen/utility side.

The Evergreen Trade Website is an industry-leading resource which includes the Evergreen

gives customers the tools they need to list products effectively. The Miracle-Gro Greenhouse (POS) Evergreen Garden Care Evergreen wanted to build a deep connection between the brand and younger homeowners. The display is a stunning example of what can be achieved using only cardboard. Exceptional structural design, creative attention to detail, unmissable in-store impact and versatile practicality. Having won awards for its predecessor (the Miracle-Gro Shed), this unit raises the bar even higher.

Dog Tin (Midnight Black) Gardening Naturally Ltd RRP £15.99

OpSuite Loyalty Scan & Go App - Garden Connect Garden Connect

Our stylish metal black dog food tin is perfect for keeping your dog biscuits or treats

The innovative OpSuite Loyalty Scan & Go App allows shoppers to create a digital shopping

stored away safely. Made from galvanised powder coated steel, these tins will last for many

cart, scanning items on their phone whilst walking around the garden centre. Once ready,

years. It's an elegant design which will add a lovely touch to any kitchen/utility side.

they simply pay via their phone or at a till. This avoids queues, minimises contact and

Pup's 1st Cracker - The cracker your pup can pull Goodchap's RRP £6.95 A puppy Christmas cracker filled with our sustainably sourced puppy friendly training treats and 2 built-in rope toys for you and your pup to pull. Pup's 1st gift Box Goodchap's RRP £12.5 Perfect for any new puppy or smaller dog. Goodchap's new Pup's 1st Gift Box is packed with toys and treats, perfect for welcoming any new puppy to the family. The Friendly Squid - Cleaning up our coast Goodchap's RRP £12.5 The Friendly Squid is a new, handmade, 100% cotton rope toy from Goodchap's. Purchase this toy and you'll be helping supply equipment and aid to litter picking volunteers all

enhances the shopping experience Shine A Light Camping Lamp Mercer Agencies Ltd The Shine A Light Explorer Camping Lamp comes with a flexible handle, is versatile and bright. It has a smart collapsible design which allows you to easily adjust for the required amount of light. It can be used as a white LED flashlight or a warm white COB LED camping lamp. Shine A Light Emergency Light Mercer Agencies Ltd The Shine A Light Emergency Light is versatile, portable and durable, offering a brighter everyday life. It is 24 COB LED and has 3 light settings, is fully rechargeable and can charge your phone. It comes complete with various hanging solutions such as magnets and hooks so it can hang anywhere.

across the UK.

Tri-Star Adbags Tri-Star Packaging

Petface Planet - Toucan Leisure Grow RRP £10.99

images to help your garden centre stand out from the crowd. Recyclable and compostable,

The Toucan is part of the Petface Planet range - eco-influenced pet products, carefully sourced from natural and recycled materials. The Run Wild Cat Box & The Woolie Cat Box - Giftsets Mimis Daughters RRP £24.99 The cat gift box sets contain a selection of natural, fun, exciting toys, cats love to play with. Very popular among customers interested in purchasing gifts for their feline friend and loved one with pets.

Adbag is a high quality digitally printed paper carrier bag. Featuring photographic quality the customisable design can be updated throughout the year. Water Journey - Labyrinth Ustigate Ltd Inspired by nature's flowing streams, Water Journey Labyrinth is a low flow rate concept with a water pump, channels and weirs. Small children learn the cause and effect of their actions by stopping and starting the flow of water. Water can be collected after play and repurposed for irrigation. Water Journey - Race Ustigate Ltd

Glove My Dog Deluxe Bamboo Towel Glove Sniffe & Likkit Ltd RRP £24.00

Our Vortex Water Journey Race features a water pump and two channels for children to

Our deluxe natural bamboo towel glove is super lightweight & silky soft to touch. Made of

bring along their rubber ducks and boats to race! Water Journey Race is a low flow rate

a special blend of natural bamboo fibres using a patented technology Tamboocel. Unlike

concept that can be serviced from the mains water supply. Water can be collected after

some fabrics, bamboo has an ultra-fine microporous structure that gives it superior

play and repurposed for irrigation.

benefits over cotton. Wippet Paw-kit Cleansing Wipes Sniffe & Likkit Ltd RRP £7.00 Fabulously fragrant and conveniently packed to grab & go on the move. Box of 10 biodegradable sachets to stay fresh. Made with gentle cleansers and bark friendly

Water Journey - Tide Pool Ustigate Ltd Inspired by nature,Tide Pool features a water pump and differing stepping stones enabling children to explore and discover ways in which water travels and collects according to space and depth. Water levels rise and fall. Water can be collected after play and repurposed for irrigation.

ingredients‚ quillaja bark soap and white willow bark extract. Bonus soothing aloe vera leaf

Honeyfield's Floor Display Unit WHM Pet Group

juice and Wiff Patrol odour neutraliser!

Perfect for adding a point of difference into retailer’s wild bird care areas with bright and

Retail Services & Experiences

colourful POS, in order to elevate features and benefits of the products being displayed, which are sure to strike a chord with environmentally minded wild bird enthusiasts.

Block Blitz Eco Cleaners Block Blitz Ltd Mineral and plant based cleaning powders. Contains 0% water, 99% less plastic and 100% recyclable. - online shop redesign Online Shop (accessed via: is the only online channel in UK and Northern Ireland that offers such a wide and extensive range of biodegradable coir-based products to consumers in the horticultural and erosion control sectors, under one platform. Ultra Air Ellipse Fabrication Retractable roof vent offering up to 50% open roof space, unique registered design can be retrofitted between structures. Automated or manual control will help to let fresh air in and the hot air out.

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