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New Product Directory for 2022 Emma Bridgewater by Woodmansterne Woodmansterne RRP £2.85

The MuttCracker - Fragrant Grooming Duo Sniffe & Likkit Ltd RRP £7.50

We are delighted to be working with Emma Bridgewater, the well-loved and quintessentially

The Muttcracker is a fun & fragrant grooming gift to treat your hound this season. No one

British pottery maker, to bring you a range of beautifully colourful, embossed cards.

wants a smelly hound so keep them fragrant all year round. Packed into a fun Muttcracker

Fred from Woodmansterne Woodmansterne RRP £2.60 Rupert Fawcett's Fred cartoons are as topical as ever and now available to enjoy on greeting cards, where the bald, braces-wearing Fred and his wife Penelope are joined by their friends Mr and Mrs Nesbit, the long-suffering Pip, cousin Frank and Anthony the cat. Sanderson from Woodmansterne Greeting Card Woodmansterne RRP £2.85 Woodmansterne is delighted to collaborate with Sanderson to reimagine their iconic designs as greeting cards for the very first time. Famous for their unrivalled wallpaper and

you can hang from the tree, contains Give a Dog Cologne Furcoat conditioning perfume mist and a Wippet fragrance wipe! The Woof Pack - Deluxe Doggy Bag & Grooming Kit Sniffe & Likkit Ltd RRP £24.00 A marvellous collection of natural aromatherapy scented grooming products all packed in a satin zip up doggy bag filled with travel size Give a dog Cologne deodorizing conditioning mist, a Fragrant Furcoat 3 in 1 brightening shampoo & 4 sachets of Wippets cleansing wipes. Pawfect for on the go.

their floral designs, this range encompasses all that Sanderson is: Timeless, elegant and

Hemp Seed Oil For Pets Voyager RRP £9.00


Hemp seed oil is high in Omega 3, 6 and 9 and its many potential benefits for your pets

Pet Health & Beauty Anti-Bacterial Dog Shampoo with Hosepipe Applicator Aqueos RRP £14.99 Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal & Anti-Itch Dog Shampoo that attaches to a hosepipe and automatically dilutes. This is a versatile shampoo that can be used as an everyday shampoo and will help with dogs that are smelly or dirty or that have skin conditions. Environmentally friendly. Bugalugs Oatmeal Shampoo Bugalugs Pet Care RRP from £5.99 The new Bugalugs oatmeal easy pump PH balanced shampoo soothes dry, itchy, irritated

include helping joint movement, improved coat condition, reducing anxiety, aiding sleep and strengthening their immune system. Hemp seed oil is a natural alternative to tablets and other supplements. Paw and Nose Balm Voyager RRP £10.00 Our Paw Balm combines organic hemp seed oil with cooling aloe vera and the uplifting scent of coconut oil. Apply to dry or cracked paw pads and noses to soothe and relieve as well as providing a protective barrier against harsh weather conditions and rough surfaces.

Pet Food

skin. The unique formula contains colloidal oatmeal, aloe Vera and essential oils. This

Churu Bites for Dogs Collarways Ltd RRP £7.25

shampoo is also vegan and made using water from the lake district.

Bite Sized fresh chicken pieces with an irresistible gooey centre. Each pack containers 8

Peak Pets - Calming Supplements Collarways Ltd RRP £26.99 A powerful formula - stress relief from a variety of anxiety related behaviours. Specially formulated to suit your dog, whether you have a Dachshund or a Great Dane, a puppy or a pensioner!

generous portions of Churu Bites which are individually sealed for freshness and pocket friendly. Available in 4 delicious flavours. Churu for Cats Collarways Ltd RRP £2.7 These creamy lickable cat treats boast a luxurious 30% meat content. They're totally grain

Peak Pets - Hips & Joints Supplements Collarways Ltd RRP £26.99 High Quality, Advanced joint support your dog. To maintain and improve mobility, and to help reduce discomfort from arthritic conditions. Using only the best ingredients, this

free and include the powerful antioxidant Green Tea Extract as well as Collagen for healthy bones, joints and shiny coats. Available in 9 amazing flavours including farm raised chicken and dolphin safe tuna.

product contains high strength Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Green Lipped Mussel,

Churu Pops Collarways Ltd RRP £2.99

Turmeric, Bee Propolis, and Vitamin C.

An innovative meaty jelly stick that cats cannot resist. There's nothing like Churu Pops! Just

Peak Pets - Probiotic Supplements Collarways Ltd RRP £19.99 Peak Pets probiotic supplement for dogs is designed with your pet's health and safety as

tear the top and squeeze up the Pop to create a special moment between owner and pet! Available in 3 amazing flavours including farm raised chicken and dolphin safe tuna.

our primary concern. This probiotic has been developed to enhance the functionality of

HOWND Plant Powered Superfood with Hemp & Moringa HOWND RRP £2.95 - 59.95

your dog's gut and promote overall wellness.

100% Nutritionally Complete, plant-based Superfood for dogs with organic hemp and

Furrish Cordless Pet Clipper FurrishRRP £49.99

antioxidant moringa. Available in 375g wet tins and 2kg and 10kg dry bags.

This easy-to-use rechargeable cordless clipper is perfect for keeping your pet's coat trim

Scoff Paper Edible Greeting Cards for Dogs Scoff Paper RRP £5

and tidy. with snap-on comb guides to ensure the perfect length and a 3-hour run time, this

Edible greeting cards for dogs - for every doggy occasion!

is a must have for at-home grooming. Home Barking Kit Sniffe & Likkit Ltd RRP £15 Sicura Pet Bed Deodoriser & Sanitiser Sicura RRP £6.00

Whip up a treat with our celebration pup-cake kit. A tasty chicken liver, coconut, chia seed

Sicura Pet Bed Deodoriser and Sanitiser is a broad spectrum Anti-Bacterial, fabric spray

& turmeric dry mix and bonus reusable silicon paw & bone baking mould. Easy to make &

that is used to sanitise all pet bedding.

bake! Specially developed with 100% natural wholesome ingredients, nutritionally balanced

Sicura Pet Dog Care Kit Sicura RRP £15.00 The Sicura Pet Dog Care Kit has everything you need for your loyal companion. The kit contains dog shampoo, dog conditioner, dog stain remover and dog chew deterrent, all neatly boxed. Fab Paw Soothing & Conditioning Paw Protection Balm Sniffe & Likkit Ltd RRP £14.00

Super rich & nourishing, this magnificent melting butter balm has been

specially formulated with natural ingredients to calm, soothe and condition dry cracked skin and minor irritations as well as protecting paws from sores. Give A Dog Cologne Fur Coat Conditioning Mist Sniffe & Likkit Ltd RRP £14.00 Fabulously fragrant, this fine fragrance inspired perfume mist has been specially formulated with our Woodland Wonder-fur blend of 100% natural aroma-therapeutic essential oils, fur conditioning agents and botanical ingredients to refresh fur fast. Helps calm & soothe as well as deodorise. No Rinse Charming Dry Shampoo Powder Shower Sniffe & Likkit Ltd RRP £14.00 Fast, fabulous and wonderfully fragrant, this 100% natural (no-rinse) powder shower

for a dog's healthy diet. Paw-kit Treats - Tasty Chicken Liver Button BitesSniffe & Likkit Ltd RRP £3.5 100% natural biscuit treats for hungry hounds, specially created by a canine nutritionist and baked by hand in the heart of the English countryside. Tasty bite-sized button treats made with a special nutritionally balanced mix of sweet potato, split pea & chicken liver. Buffalo Horn The Buffalo Co RRP £7.99 Long lasting 100% natural dog chew, promotes dental health, high source of Omega 3. Buffalo Lung Steaks The Buffalo Co RRP £3.99 A leaner alternative to beef and pork. The Buffalo lung steaks packs a high amount of omega 3 & 6 to support brain development and growth in puppies and adult dogs. Buffalo Tripe The Buffalo Co RRP £2.99 A leaner alternative to beef, low fat, high source of Omega 3. 100% Recyclable packaging. A long-lasting treat. Flat Jerky The Buffalo Co

contains a special blend of skin and fur friendly organic powders to help draw out dirt and

Leaner alternative to beef, high protein, low fat, high source of Omega 3. 100% grass fed

impurities, cleansing & refreshing to leave a smooth, silky soft fur-coat.

buffalo. 100% recyclable packaging made from sugar cane.

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