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New Product Directory for 2022 Planter Cascade Deco-Pak RRP £399 A calming decorative water feature combining plants and the tranquil sound of cascading water. The 'Grow-Dome' Ergrownomics Limited RRP £995 A complete, contemporary & ultra-productive growing system - occupying a compact space and replacing the need for polytunnels or greenhouses. Equipped with two interchangeable cloches (mesh & PVC), drip-irrigation, filter-drainage, and our patented plant-training. Available in 3 ergonomic heights. ONDULINE EASYLINE Onduline Building Products Ltd RRP £9.00 - 10.00 The ONDULINE EASYLINE range is a compact and lightweight roofing system which can be used for sheds, studios, pet shelters and other garden buildings and annexes. Easy to fit into the boot of a typical family car, the range is a popular choice for its ease of transportation and installation. Homegrown Chilli Kitchen Garden Westland Unwins RRP £6.99 An expertly chosen Demon Red Chilli variety, perfect for windowsills - a dwarf variety producing abundant fruits. From sowing the seed to picking the last chilli, this kit has everything our consumers need. No need to repot, our compost is enriched with feed to give your chilli everything it needs. Unwins Favourites Seed Tower Westland Unwins RRP £1.99 - 3.99 Contains a variety of seed favourites, including herbs, vegetable, flower & pea & beans. The towers are 100% recyclable & come fully pre-merchandised - great for driving impulse sales in store & maximising sales per sq.m. They provide on fixture education for consumers to get top tips on growing. Unwins Herb & Salad Express Stand Westland Unwins RRP £1.99 - 3.99

Carolina Borders Primeur Ltd RRP £18.99 Made from recycled rubber tryres, these borders are made to flex around the curves of your garden. All weather resistance means these borders will keep their colour and design for years to come. Will not crack, rot, or fade. MultyDeck Primeur Ltd RRP £24.99 The MultyDeck plate features 3 channels where the deck boards are laid & held in place, bypassing the need for a wooden framework and allowing a deck to be installed in a matter of minutes. No specialist equipment required; simply level the surface, cut the boards to size and secure in the channels. Ferrous X The Patio Black Spot Removal Company Ltd RRP £67.2 Ferrous X will completely remove orange spotted rust staining, caused by overspray of lawn fertiliser, from any natural or composite garden stone patio or terrace, in 4 - 6 hours

The Express Stand focuses on education & offers a core range of bestselling varieties.

without damaging the surface. Also removes rust staining left by old BBQ's, garden pots or

This pre-merchandised display arrives flat packed, to minimise environmental impact of

a central heating drain-down. Price per 2L.

shipping. It is simple to assemble & offers a brand-new instore presence, with educational wings and bright point of sale.

Landscaping & Garden Buildings Altico XL Value Packs Altico RRP £5.99 The XL Value Pack allows consumers to ‘Buy more and Save more’ (2 for £10.00) on bestselling Cotswold Stone Decorative Aggregate and Blue Slate 40mm chippings in a new, XL pre-packed bag. Premium Pot Toppers Altico RRP £6.99 Beautiful, premium decorative stones that are the perfect for topping plant pots and can

Wild Bird and Wildlife Products WildPod Bioscapes RRP £249.95 WildPod is an easy way to attract more wildlife into a garden. With houses, refuges, nooks and crannies perfect for supporting hedgehogs, small mammals, amphibians, insects, and invertebrates combined with planting areas to provide an ample source of nectar. Compact, sustainable, for all the family. Butterfly Hotel Anthracite Capi Europe RRP £16.49 The Butterfly Hotel is specially designed to help butterflies during winter. This way we can contribute to nature but in a nice and design kind of way.

be used alone or mixed together to create homely accents in both interior and garden

"Name That Mix" - To be named by GLEE attendees Copdock Mill RRP £5.99

decor applications.

An enticing exotic mix, blended with our secret ingredient to attract even more birds to

Croard panel 180x180 ante GmbH & Co. KG RRP £209 Croard panel 180x180 made of Croard creative board

your garden. Our most popular blends containing small seeds with the added X factor. Caramel Crumble Copdock Mill RRP £7.99 A signature mix oozing with caramel flavouring for those birds with a sweeter beak.

Transforming Pergola Black & Stainless Creative Metalworks RRP £3750

Contains protein rich Mealworms and Suet pellets for energy appealing to a wide range of

The Transforming Pergola is a steel framed Pergola designed and built in the UK. The


design is a slot together frame with removable roof and side panels, meaning you can enclose and weatherproof the space in the Winter and have an open air terrace in the summer.

Winter Berry Fears Copdock Mill RRP £4.99 Our classic mix blended with both scarce and hard to cranberries and rowan berries to provide winter long goodness.

Primeur for 2022

Best Friends Bird Feeder Creative Products Ltd RRP £7.99

Exciting new planter designs, multi-purpose decking and updated border designs all join Primeur’s multi-award-winning Eco Garden line-up for 2022 – all made exclusively from recycled rubber tyres. Highlights include smaller planter sizes created in response to the ongoing houseplant boom, plus the new Flamenco planter, which draws its inspiration from Greek urns for a more classic style, contrasting perfectly with the sleek lines of the ever-popular Sonata range.

Best Friend Feeder is the perfect haven for our much loved small bird species like tits,

Tel 01274 518800 Email

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wrens, sparrows and finches that prefer to cling when they feed. This great little feeder deters larger birds such as starlings and pigeons who find it difficult to get an easy foothold. Drinker for birds and insects Firma Handlowa i Produkcyjna Antoni Wnuk RRP £3.35 Handmade drinker for birds and insects, done from wicker or birch twigs. Handcrafted Stoneware Leaf Bird Feeder Dishes GaleabelStudio RRP £30 Our hand-crafted ceramic leaf art bird feeders start their journey as a real leaf, harvested from our local woods. This is impressed by hand into wet stoneware clay, then shaped, moulded, and fired to be fully weather hardy. Finished in seasonal colours and shades and hung on steel chains.