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New Product Directory for 2022 Burgon & Ball Indoor Watering Can Burgon & Ball/ Corona Tools RRP £15.99

Kent & Stowe Eversharp Secateurs Westland Unwins RRP £34.99

Moulded steel watering can with smooth FSC beech wood handle, durable powder coating

Eversharp secateurs have the sharpest, hardest blade available. The blade is made with a

and slender spout for a targeted pour. Just 14cm high, this can has been designed for

unique aerospace coated technology, tested by CATRA and is 100 times harder than the

precise indoor watering. Offering attractive margins, the design is already a top-selling line

average blade. Boasts a superior chassis which will stand the test of time and suitable for

in existing colour options.

left and right-handed users.

It's Magic Extendable Hose 5/8'' 15MT Euroequipe srl RRP £25.00 - 43.00

Kent & Stowe Perennial Spade Westland Unwins RRP £29.99

15M extendable hose kit, 5/8" diameter idroeasy. Innovative & patened structure with antikink & anti-torsion system that grants constant water flow. The only extendable hose on the market with 5/8'' diameter. 3X extension. Extremely light and compact. Made in Italy. It's Magic Extendable Pastel Hose 5/8 Euroequipe srl RRP £31.00 - 38.00 20M extendable hose kit, 5/8" diameter idroeasy, presented with a stylish light blue plastic bag. Innovative & patened structure with anti-kink & anti-torsion system that grants

The Perennial Spade is ideal for splitting up perennials & border plants with its pointed head to easily slice through the roots. Mid-sized for comfort and power, with a stainlesssteel head for excellent rust resistance & minimum soil adhesion & an ash wood handle, contoured for a perfect grip.

Garden Decoration Colour Tree of Life Creekwood RRP £29.99

constant water flow. The only extendable hose on the market with 5/8'' diameter. 3X

Colour Tree of Life is a beautiful piece of garden wall decor. Colourful and bright, its style is

extension. Extremely light.

stunning and eye catching. Its design is laser cut so create a beautiful piece of wall art.

EasyMix 2-in-1 Composter Hozelock RRP £169.99

Toscana Mirror in Brushed Copper Creekwood RRP £29.99

The new tumbling composter allows gardeners to easily recycle their kitchen and garden

Light-weight stunning mirror in brushed copper. Creating space in gardens and home, the

waste, helping to prevent food waste whilst improving soil quality. The enclosed lockable

perfect wall decor.

lid prevents pests and unpleasant smells and the design enables users to roll the drum to distribute compost with ease. Multi Spray Gun Hozelock RRP £24.99 Hozelock's best-selling spray gun has a new design, increasing comfort and making it easier to save water. The smooth flow control means users can change the amount of water being sprayed at the simple push/pull of a button using their thumb - allowing water usage

Handcrafted Stoneware Toadstools GaleabelStudio RRP £14.5 These hand-crafted stoneware toadstools look good out of doors, 'planted' in borders, in containers, on patios or balconies, or as interior decoration features. Use as single items or in clusters to add colour and interest all year round. Resin Hippo Statue Green Tones RRP £59 A fun and quirky hippo statue with a clean, contemporary finish. Extremely durable and

to be reduced by up to 50%.


Select Plus Controller Hozelock RRP £74.99

Pot BuddiesJardinopia Ltd RRP £9.99

Ideal for those looking to start enjoying the benefits of automatic watering, is the new

Our Pot Buddy Range continues to grow & we are launching our dinosaur range at GLEE

Select Plus Controller. With the ability to programme at any time, any day and for any


duration, gardeners can create daily watering schedules for up to three times per day giving ultimate control. EyeSonic Loud & Clear Safety RRP £15 A combination eye protection and hearing protection product for use by gardeners, farmers, construction workers, and factory workers. Professional Anvil Secateurs VA series Sorbus International (ARS UK) New curved anvil secateurs with hybrid effect of anvil and bypass. RootSlayer VENTEO SAS RRP £49.95 The Award-Winning Root Slayer is a multi-purpose shovel that can eliminate the need for other tools, such as hatchets, pry-bars, and saws, when simply digging around the home. Flopro Never Kink Hose 25m + coupling connector Westland Unwins RRP £29.99 A premium quality hose with a unique 6-layer structure, made from 25% recycled PVC. It has a patented inner knitted mesh to prevent kinks and twists, as well as a special anti-UV formula for extra-long life. It also has an anti-cut & abrasion surface for smooth handling

Dino Bells Primus (A.Perry) RRP £12.99 These bright, colourful spring hangers are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike! A light breeze will generate a gentle tinkle. Full range of colours and designs available. Feathers McGraw Primus (A.Perry) RRP £34.99 From the immensely popular films and TV shows Wallace & Gromit, this sculpture is crafted from steel and hand painted for an expert finish. Dartington Solar Centre RRP £29.99 A modern and stylish take on a Victorian lantern, this solar-powered post light features a sleek curved top and stunning cylindrical light fitting in a timeless black shade. Group these together or perfect on their own to illuminate any pathways, entranceways, or flower beds in a warm white glow. Large Reindeer Solar Centre RRP £249.98 Our ground-breaking limited edition Lumify DualWhite Christmas range brings the convenience of solar power to large festive display pieces that were previously only available as mains-powered fittings. This stunning Large Reindeer light stands at 1m and

and is pressure resistant.

includes 960 Lumify DualWhite LEDs.

FloPro SmartFlo No Kink Hose System Westland Unwins RRP £49.99 - 69.99

Neon Flamingo Solar Centre RRP £14.99

The first hose that naturally unkinks as water flows through pushing out any kinks & twists.

Bring your garden alive for that special occasion with our UrbanSolar Neon Lights!

This hose is flat when not in use making it 75% thinner vs traditional PVC hoses & 2x as

UrbanSolar Neon Lights are wireless, fully automatic, and completely solar-powered.

light. Fully PVC free & recyclable kerbside as part of our sustainability program. Comes with a 30-year guarantee. Flopro SoftFlo Advanced Gun Westland Unwins RRP £19.99 Perfect for watering plants & flowers with a unique setting that mixes water & air to provide a gentle water flow that does not harm the plants. It waters the soil, not leaves so roots can absorb the water. Suitable for all watering jobs with 4 spray settings. One hand flow and on/off control. Kent & Stowe Capability Trowel Westland Unwins RRP £14.99

Peter Rabbit Garden Ornaments Treadstone Products RRP £19.99 An expanded range of garden ornaments under the Peter Rabbit brand featuring 7 different characters. Artemis Water Feature Woodlodge Products RRP £569.99 Artemis is a stylish plug-in-and-go water feature set to drive outdoor living sales in 2022. Made from the finest materials and designed to bring authentic detail to outdoor spaces, Artemis comes with a 10-metre cable, allowing consumers to position the unit where they want for effect.

This trowel has the functionality to endure many gardening tasks. It has a multitude of

Bird Metal Tree Stake Art Woodlodge Products RRP £12.99

functions including a hammer for hammering canes & posts, as well as a serrated edge for

Inspired by the countryside, the metal bird tree stakes bring stunning avian silhouettes to

weeding & opening compost bags. The pointed tip is great for tough soils & it also has an

any garden landscape. Can be fixed into a tree or garden wall for a decorative element that

accurate planting depth scale.

looks superb against an open sky.

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