GTN November/December 2021 - Garden Trade News, UK

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More profitable styles join Primeur’s Eco Garden line-up in 2022 Since 2016 Primeur has been se#ng the benchmark for innova!ve material usage with its Eco Garden collec!ons. Featuring self-watering planters, stepping-stones, borders and decking solu!ons, the offering has helped to repurpose millions of end-of-life rubber tyres; tyres which would otherwise take upwards of 80 years to decompose in landfill, poten!ally also posing a risk to the ecosystem as harmful chemicals leech out during the decomposi!on process. It is this responsible material management, coupled with Primeur’s ability to create highly appealing, trend-led designs, that has helped the Eco Garden brand to gain the ongoing support of the garden retail sector with mul!ple industry awards and loyal stockists located across the country.

Planters to drive houseplant sales Primeur’s awardwinning Tierra Verde self-watering planter collec!on sees new smaller sizes join the line-up, opening the collec!on up to increased poten!al within the houseplant category. Benefi!ng from all the same virtually indestruc!ble characteris!cs as the wider Eco Garden por"olio – UV-fade, rot, stain and crack resistant, as well as super lightweight. Joining the Tierra Verde offering will be the all-new Flamenco planter. Drawing inspira!on from the tradi!onal urn shape but with a contemporary twist, the Flamenco planter represents an en!rely new style within the Tierra Verde offering.

The new name in decking MultyDeck™ MultyDeck™ – an all-new mul!func!onal deck board installa!on op!on - extends not only Primeur’s recycled rubber collec!on, but it also enables garden retailers, DIY retailers and builders’ merchants to expand their offering to consumers with a foolproof way to create new decking areas. Designed to be a cost-effec!ve alterna!ve to tradi!onal decking, the innova!ve design allows for decking to be laid quicker and much more easily, giving users a mul!tude of applica!ons. Ideal for genera!on rent, as well as around the garden to create new sea!ng areas, paths, greenhouses and allotment floors to name but a few uses.

Award-winning border designs

Drawing on the success of the award-winning Carolina border design, the 2022 season will also see the introduc!on of the new Maryland design. This new border will be available in grey and earth colourways and draws its design inspira!on from tradi!onal log roll with a more geometric edge.

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