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TISCHI TOSCHI SICILY ON THE PLATE WHERE Taormina (ME) vico Paladini, 3 3393642088 POINTS IN 2021 GUIDE THE TEAM Fervently passionate for cooking, chef and owner Luca Casablanca is now the soul of Tischi Toschi. In 2005, he began his exciting adventure putting his Sicilian character at the centre of his cuisine. With the same care of an artisan shop, he chisels traditional dishes through a careful search for ingredients, strictly respecting the seasonality and territoriality of the products. The comfortable and welcoming environments exude an all-Mediterranean warmth, accompanied by an impeccable welcome from Luca and his entire staff. THE PRODUCTS Here we select mainly short supply chain ingredients, from small dairy producers, farmers who pay attention to sustainability, growers of tiny plots of land as well as fresh fish from the island. All this gives life to a refined but substantial menu, with dishes that represent the gastronomic history of Sicily in contemporary form. THE HIGHLIGHT DISHES Do not miss the caponata, the wild fennel meatballs, the stocco fish salad, the ravioli "alla carrettiera," the spaghetti with tuna roe, the swordfish with salmoriglio, the Messinese chops, the ricotta-filled cannoli, and the gelo di limone.


ingredients for 4 people For the tagliatelle 250 g Timilia flour 150 ml water 25 powdered carob pulp 8 g salt 1 egg

For the sauce 200 g fresh sardines, deboned 150 ml water 80 g spring onion 60 g cherry tomato concassé 50 g wild fennel pollen, minced 40 g salt-preserved sardines 10 g passolina raisins (AKA nera di Corinto) 8 g capers 6 g pine nuts Extra virgin olive oil from Tonda Iblea DOP Toasted breadcrumbs black pepper

Prepare the pasta dough for the tagliatelle by mixing all the ingredients and kneading into a ball. Let it rest for 2 hours in the fridge wrapped in cling film. Finely chop the spring onion and sauté it over very low heat with the extra virgin olive oil. Add the cherry tomato concassé, capers, raisins, pine nuts, chopped wild fennel and sardine fillets (previously soaked in water to remove the salt). Continue cooking for 3 minutes and then dilute everything with boiling water, raise the heat a little, add the fresh deboned sardines and cook over low heat until cooked through. Roll out the pasta dough to medium thickness, cut into tagliatelle and cook in plenty of salted water, drain and gently sauté in the sauce. Garnish each plate with toasted breadcrumbs and a pinch of black pepper. .

PAIRING CANTINE SAN MARZANO WINE SUSCO ‘19 iMade with 100% Susumaniello, a historic grape of Salento, this wine has a floral and fruity nose, spiced with delicate balsamic notes. A good tannic texture also predisposes to aging. In the mouth it is structured and elegant thanks to the interesting acidic note. Pairings: succulent pasta and main courses, grilled meats and oily fish, aged cheeses.