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Let’s make up for lost time, green light for in-person Gambero Rosso events Berlin, St. Petersburg and Moscow: here are the first stages of the world tour by Giuseppe Carrus


t is not a restart, it is not a new beginning. It is something more. It’s clear in our minds what happened in March 2020. Gambero Rosso concluded a beautiful tour in the United States, with the last stages in California. Together with the International Team there were dozens of producers, happy with how the various events had gone, but worried about the news coming from the East of the world and especially from Italy. The rest, unfortunately, is known. Now that we are preparing to draw up a new calendar, starting from Europe, passing through Russia and returning to the United States, there is great excitement and euphoria, charged by the incredible desire, of the entire wine sector, to start over. We have never stopped talking 