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SEASONAL SEASONAL COCKTAIL COCKTAIL byPaola Paola Mencarelli Mencarelli by

WOOD IN THE AIR Leonardo Filippini 2,5 cl Select Aperitivo infused with apple and basil 2 cl Port infused with Pomegranate 3 cl Hennessy VSOP Cognac 2 dash Orange Blossom Tincture

Glass: Old Fashioned Technique: Stir and Strain in Rock Glass Garnish: Fresh basil


he month of October has always been one of my favorites. I love autumn, with its colours, its intense scents of chestnuts and burnt wood in the air, and memories of cool late summer evenings. I tried to bring all these nuances into a very intense drink with seasonal fruit and a small note of freshness, almost like a Negroni but richer and fuller. Pomegranate, which gives roundness to the primary flavour of the drink, goes well with Port, while apple and basil pair with Select Aperitif to counterbalance acidity and freshness. Everything is ennobled by the aromatic intensity of cognac."

BARTENDER: Born in Pisa in 1993, Leonardo Filippini grew up with two great passions: music and the world of hospitality, from cookery to beverage. He approached mixology at age 19, working in a cocktail bar in his city. But he immediately felt the need to gain experience abroad. The destination was London, where he arrived at Sketch, a Michelin star French cuisine restaurant in the Mayfair district, initially as a barback then as junior bartender. In September 2017, the big opportunity: he was hired at the Beaufort Bar of the Savoy Hotel, an icon of London hotel mixology, together with the more famous American Bar. From barback to lounge, and finally Senior Bartender. At the beginning of 2020 he returned to Italy, with an important background and ready for new experiences.