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THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET AT THE CORE OF THE WEEK OF ITALIAN CUISINE IN THE WORLD by Lorenzo Ruggeri Preparations are underway for the fifth edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World. The Italian Government promotion campaign will be broadcast from 23 to 29 November, for a week of meetings, including virtual ones, which will see the value of post-Covid nutrition as the protagonist: the Mediterranean Diet as a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, a defense tool against the possibility of getting sick. As a reminder, the Mediterranean diet is a nutritional model and a lifestyle inspired by the

habits of the European countries of the Mediterranean basin, including Italy, created in the 1950s. The main ingredients of this diet are: fruit and vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, wine; but also fish (mainly oily), white meats, dairy products and eggs. The discovery of the Mediterranean diet is due to Ancel Keys, an American biologist and physiologist who lived for over forty years in Pioppi, Cilento, testing theories on the link between the eating habits of local populations and the low




incidence of cardiovascular diseases. Gambero Rosso is the official partner of the event and there are many events scheduled for those days. Among the many, we highlight the appointment with the Top Italian Restaurants guide on the 24th. Special prizes 2021 will be announced, the result of an extremely difficult year but which saw Italian dining around the world as resilient, capable of new formats adapted to the circumstances of the moment. A lively cuisine, growing both on a technical lev-